The sigh of Surrender continued, “A Run for the Border”.
Shelly exclaimed, “I love your cum Robert. I love you too Robert, I do, I do and you said you love us too.” I did, I did say I loved them in the height of passion and then knowing it was true, my heart swelled at these two angels, “I do love you Shelly, I love you too Sam.” They both rushed into my arms exclaiming their love for me, they snuggled deeply into my arms, sleep approaching their happy little faces… Oh what to do now, what to do? I must have them always, I must keep them.

The sun had passed over our little hide away in the woods, it must be near 3:00 or 3:30 I thought as I held my little angels naked bodies close to mine. 11 year old Shelly, a true olive skinned beauty with long dark hair, dark soulful brown eyes, pouty lips, and just the beginning signs of her entrance to puberty noted by 6 sparse pubic hairs on her puffy little pussy. Her sweet dark nipples rising and falling against my chest showed the merest signs that her breasts were about to begin turning into little mounds in the coming months. Shelly’s little hips had already started to widen giving hints that she would one day have breeder hips down to a super fine ass, shapely firm legs on top of dainty little feet. Sam on the other hand, the tallest of the two, had long flowing strawberry blonde hair that reached the top of her perfect pre- goddess ass. Her tiny boy like hips and long thin legs accentuated her firm, bouncy, bulbous ass cheeks. The small of her back naturally arched forwards presenting her entire butt like a shelf you could rest a full glass of water on without spilling a drop as if resting on a shelf. Her skin a perfect milky white in contrast to Shelly’s olive skin created a mixed joy of beauty my eyes drank in. This little girl all of 10 could be in commercials for child hair care products, a true waif, an elf to be sure in any fantasy novel. Sam’s puffy nipple little titties had begun to form about 2 inches in height from her chest and about an inch and a half in diameter. Sweet soft and firm little mounds that fit perfectly in my mouth just moments ago.
My mind began to scramble as they slept on my chest. What the fuck am I going to do now? I have fallen in love in only a few hours. A deep ache radiated in my heart more present than the fear that I was going to jail, yet there it was. I had been seduced by these tiny devilish angels, brought to a point I judge no one could have fought off, the only answer was surrender to their plot. I had given over to myself the fact that I was a pedophile two years ago and the joy of that admittance to self was freeing and the pain of knowing I would never get to have what my heart desired was part of a double edge sword. Love should not be a crime! These two perfect little angels gave me more love in a few hours than I have ever experienced throughout my life. I wanted them forever.
I could not see my future without them, so it’s get on with dying or… Shelly’s voice broke my thoughts. I hadn’t noticed she was staring up at me, her eyes full of concern. “What’s wrong Robert? You look so sad, didn’t we make you happy?” “Oh my little dear one, you have made me so happy but I am sad because, because, I don’t want this to ever end. I am sad because it’s ending right now. Soon you and Sam will have to go home with our little secret and my heart will ache not having you both in my arms, you will be lost to me forever.” “Why will it end forever”, Chimed Sam. “You’re not going to come here and be with us again? Don’t you, don’t you love us anymore?” Her southern accent thick and sweet drove the pain deeper in my heart. I ran my fingers through Sam’s hair, brushing it back away from her face lovingly over her ear. “Dear hearts I love you both so much it hurts, but I know I will have to go away. I cannot stay here even though you both swear you can keep our secret, sooner or later it will come out as all secrets do and I would go to prison, because the law says that I am too old to love little girls your age. You are too young for us to share our love.” “Stupid law”, barked Shelly. “You can’t go away” she continued wrapping her slim arms around my neck, Sam pulled in tighter with slender arms around my waist. We stayed embraced silent for two or three minutes, it must be near 4:00 by now, in the distance we heard someone yelling Shelly’s name.
My heart stopped from the fear that seized it, kicked back only by a rush of adrenaline. Fight or flight wanted to take charge, “breathe and keep your head” my mind screamed trying to quell the instinct to run. “Shit” Shelly said “my stupid brother! It must be time for chores then dinner.” “Saaaaam, Shelly!” The voice screamed again, yet far off somewhere near the park we had exited to hide in the woods for my surrender to their tantalizing wills. “Hurry, get dressed” I said. The two tarts leapt from me scrambling for their swim suits, I couldn’t help but marvel at their cute butts jiggling and the gyrations of their hips as they fought to get dressed. “Shelly come here sweetheart” she scurried over and I wiped some cum globbed in her hair, “that wouldn’t do” I said showing her the goo. Shelly smiled while taking my hand pulling it to her mouth bringing my goo covered fingers past her pouty lips sucking them clean. My cock leaped, filling with blood driven by desire from the erotic sight. I began to speak and Shelly put her hand to my mouth as I knelt saying “don’t go away Robert” tears filling her eyes, “Sam and I will think of something, please meet us here tomorrow. Pleeeease, pleeeease, don’t leave us. Swear you will meet us tomorrow at 11, we will come right here after church won’t we Sam?” Sam just nodded her head emphatically, so cute I thought. “Ok, my sweets, tomorrow, 11 o’clock at the swings.” I smiled, “hugs and kisses before you go”, and both their little faces gleamed with accomplishment getting me to agree. Shelly leaned into me hugging me ferociously followed by a deep passionate kiss. “I love you Robert” she whispered. “I love you too Shelly”. Sam raced over nearly knocking me down with her hug, our lips met and parted, the sweet taste of her saliva with a slight taste of my cum was nearly overwhelming. “I love you Sam”, I said. “I love you too Robert, so much”, she said with an extra squeeze, and they were off running down the trail, bikes in tow. I soaked in the last images of their exquisite beauty knowing this would be my last sight of a dream come true.
I watched from the tree line as they disappeared over the hill on their bikes with a grumpy older brother of maybe 13 spatting cruel words at them as they went. It was time for me to get the fuck out of here!
When I was sure the coast was clear I exited the woods at a quick pace remembering my water bottle by the bench, I snatched everything up not wanting to leave behind any finger prints. I picked up 4 old cigar butts that I had left over the last several weeks taking no chances I wiped down the bench with my shirt as well. I started towards my place at a quick jog. I could feel the satisfaction of empty balls swaying with my gate, my mind focused on getting to the ATM for some added quick cash. When I hit the sidewalk I slowed my pace to a purposeful walk reaching my ATM in just under 3 minutes from the park. I hit the max daily take out knowing I had my poker card wad of 3,000 and an emergency stash of 10k back in my apartment as well as the trunk of my car for Vegas runs. $23,000, enough for a start in Mexico I thought.
I knew in my head the worse they had was my real first name, a description, and possible dna traces on the girls, which wouldn’t serve any purpose finding me as I had no record, but could convict me later. I estimated I had 4 to 5 hours to get the fuck gone. I reached my apartment in 4 minutes from the bank and went straight for my get gone bag I kept for last second Vegas trips and put it in the trunk. I pulled my car to the back side of the apartment building fence in a gas station parking lot next to the fence gate in case a hasty escape would be required. My mind kept flashing back to Shelly and Sam’s gorgeous bodies, of how they seduced me from the moment they arrived. Flashes of remembered flavors from Sam’s tight little pink rosebud hidden by her perfect ass cheeks with its clean salty sweat taste and hint of fresh earth reeled from the day’s events through my brain along with my load exploding past Shelly’s lips when they were wrapped around my engorged shaft. FUCK my cock was HARD again. Begging for my attention I tried ignoring the temptation to jack off while filling trash bags with clothes. “Shit, I’ve got pictures!” I pulled my phone out and ran through the pictures stopping to gawk at Shelly’s perfect form wrapped in her over tight one piece, I groped for my cock as I scrolled to the photo of Sam with the heel of her foot in her hand and leg straight up over her head, I zoomed in on her exposed little pussy shining with wet preteen dreams of teasing me, my load exploded all over my tile floor. Pulse, after orgasmic pulse, shot from my man meat, my knees were weak and trembling. I yearned for their pussies, and my heart ached to hear their sweet moans. Well, at least I have mental fodder to last me a life time! “Back to work Robert”, I said aloud to myself. Tucking my dripping cock into my shorts, I stepped with earnest to collect my hidden stash of cash and slipped on my cum juice pooled on the tile floor. Both my legs lurched forward through mid-air as the top of my back and shoulder along with the back of my head came crashing down on to the tile floor with a sickening thud. The fluorescent light flashed into my startled eyes, dimming…dimming, swallowed by darkness.
(((BANG! BANG! BANG!))) (((BANG! BANG! BANG!))) Pain and noise broke through the mist. The realization of what happened slowly walked to me in a dimwitted understanding. My hand reached to the back of my head to find a nice lump and something crusty, pulling my hand up so I could see what I expected to be dried blood only to discover dried cum. My head landed directly into a self-lain slip trap that sent me hurtling into the air. (((BANG! BANG! BANG!))) My heart stopped, kicked back again only by another rush of adrenaline. Fight or flight brought me to my feet I moved to my back sliding door glancing outside, no one there. I moved quietly for my front door peeping out the spy hole to see how many cops were here so I could calculate my odds only to be greeted by the smile of another degenerate gambler pal! “Come on Robert open up!”
“I’m going to tow your fucking car if you don’t open up!” “Hold on, hold on” I said, I must have been out for hours as I realized the morning sun was blazing at my east facing door. I popped my door open and Carl stood there with his partial tooth smile. “Hey, what’s up with your car in the parking lot next door? You’re damn lucky I got the tow call, you owe me phat!” Following his thumb indicating over his shoulder I see my car attached to his raggedy tow truck. “Is it broke down, you want me to haul it to the shop?” “No Carl, just drop her, I forgot all about it. So thanks man, what do I owe you?” Carl rubbed his scraggly beard, “normally $225 plus storage but $50 will do for saving your ass and the use of my time.” I shelled out a $100 and said, “have it dropped down and help me load up my laundry in under 10 minutes and I’ll call it $100!” “Deal” he said as he blasted past me into my apartment grabbing three trash bags then chucking them over the rail towards the parking lot. Carl was not a highly intelligent type but freaking efficient he was. I was in my car with the motor running under 5 minutes watching blue smoke spew from his truck as he sped away.
“What time is it?” I spoke out loud glancing at my radio, 10:42am. I had been out for hours I thought speeding out towards my bank ATM to max hit it again on a withdrawal. 10:43, I inserted my card, maxed the take and was rolling as my clock ticked 10:44. I hate leaving behind my checking account with 15k in it but freaking bank is closed on Sunday. The ATM didn’t keep my card so no holds on my account yet, this could be good. 10:46 I passed the park looking every which way for signs of undercover cops or out of place people, no cars, and no people. Empty as a graveyard it was and I was rolling towards the interstate when my mind flashed memories of Shelly all tearful eyed begging me not to go away, pleading for me to give them a chance to come up with an idea and so far, so good. No cops, an empty park, 10:50, the memory of Sam and Shelly’s glee that I agreed meeting them rose to the forefront of my mind.
My tires squealed as I made a u turn back towards the park, I just couldn’t shake their pretty little faces. 10:54 I rolled past a still empty park turning left down a Water Company well access service road knowing that there was a back entrance to the clearing in the woods that lined the park, 10:56. I stopped over the hill pulling into the grass exiting my car in swift measured movements breaking into a run down the path towards the clearing. I was a fairly healty guy for 37, 6’, 210lbs, and my Ranger training still at my full command, my body answered to the training. Fast and silent I came up on the clearing stopping about 70 feet away listening and looking for any signs that I wasn’t alone. My ears and eyes were greeted by the silence of the woods, nature undisturbed for hours. I moved though the clearing noticing a brown blanket near the tree we rested at covering several small lumps. I moved to the blanket pulling it back to uncover two small duffle bags, one with Barbie fabric, one with frogs and lily pads, the other a small bright green luggage tote with wheels. I grabbed the Barbie duffle and inhaled deeply, my nose filled with the unmistakable smell of Shelly! My body surged forward moving with intent, and then my mind sent me a brief message, “what are you doing? You’re running the wrong way! Go back to your car and get the hell out of town, out of the State, out of the Country!”
I came within 40 feet of the tree line. Knowing from Shelly’s disclosure yesterday she knew where I would look out from the bushes to watch her and her little friends play, I cut to the left moving to an unexpected part of the tree line I came close to edge. My eyes darting, surveying the landscape. No humans, no cops, no traps! I laid flat pulling the brown blanket over my head as camouflage greeted by the sweet odor of Sam. I glanced at my watch, 11:00 o’clock ticked as I glanced down. My eyes fixed on the hill, the direction she always came from. I quieted my mind, my heart rate, my body ready for immediate action, 11:01.
Time moved at a snail’s pace, I had been in place for 8 minutes and with each ticking second the feeling of disappointment and doom crept up around my chest, I moved to my right knee and saw a strawberry glimmer bob above the hill line and another, SAM and a dark shape appeared in unison, SHELLY. My heart pumped madly at the thrill of them pumping up and down on their bikes as they came tearing over the hill. I lowered myself back down, waiting, watching, and listening for any sound other than theirs. Ripping my eyes from them I scanned the area again looking for any sign of betrayal. Sam moved from her bike with a quick easy grace wearing a pretty bright pink ruffled skirt and white half shirt that showed her cute tummy and budding breasts, she allowed her bike to speed away on its own path crashing near the swing set. Shelly bringing hers to a stop, wearing a pair of white tight short-shorts and yellow top, straddled the bar of her bike looking about as if in terror. “He’s not here, moaned Sam. He promised, he promised he would be here.” “Do you think he left already, we’re late”, exclaimed Shelly. Shelly dismounted her bike walking softly towards my usual place of observation, “bright girl, I thought, so sweet, so pretty!” I looked across the area one more time assuring myself no one else was around as I moved up and out of my spot, “Hi my loves!”
Each girl was on me in seconds pouncing into my arms I clutched them both swinging them around as they giggled and squealed in little girl delight at my appearance. “We thought you hadn’t come or had left us behind”, Shelly blurted out. Sam whispered in my ear, “We have a surprise for you!” Dropping from my arms they dragged me towards the woods. “You have my blankey” squealed Sam. We darted through the woods to our clearing and both girls stood proudly with their arms behind their backs and pretty little chests out. “You found our stuff Mr. Sneaky pants” they said in unison. “What is all this stuff”, I said. “That’s our surprise”, Sam spurted out with uncontrollable glee! “We’re going with you” Shelly giggled. “Huh?” Once again my mind took an unexpected blow to the dimwitted section. Shelly and Sam both raced leaping into my arms again, Sam’s mouth kissing my neck with fury as Shelly explained. “We love you and just like you love us we cannot live without you. We need to be with you forever. We want to have your babies, we want to take care of you, and we want to make love to you the rest of our lives Robert. You are a beautiful sweet man and we know you love and want us too. Sam did some research after we decided we had to be with you, we can go through Mexico and then travel to Argentina. There are so many lovely places there we could live.” Sam’s kissing on my neck had turned into nuzzling and sucking, my cock was raising to full staff as my heart sang with the possibility of having my tiny angels every day.
“Look Sam, he loves the idea” as Shelly reached down and grabbed my cock through my shorts. “I don’t know girls, what about your family? Won’t they be terribly upset?” Sam explained further that Shelly being so smart wrote a letter for both of them to their parents explaining everything and they mailed it on the way to the park, “that’s why we were late, she stated.” “Now” Shelly said, “now we want your cock inside us. We licked and teased each other all night and dreamed of having you inside us. I could hardly stand it at church this morning, I want you to fill my little kitty with your cum juice like you did my mouth yesterday, and I won’t have no for an answer, so be a good lover and get naked for us.” I didn’t know what to say so I set them down from my arms and began following her order, as I dropped my shorts Sam’s dropped to her knees and took the head of my cock unceremoniously into her mouth, she popped my head from her lips with the audible sound only to gulp it back down deep down her throat taking almost all of my 9 inch cock, her little nose pressing against my abdomen. “God Sam you can suck dick baby!”
Shelly was busy spreading the blanket out then began a luxurious strip tease first taking off her pretty yellow top then slowly unbuttoning her tight white short-shorts exposing white cotton panties, the evidence of her wet little pussy clearly defined by the pure white fabric. Sam continued working my cock slurping and sucking like a starving actress. Her delicate fingers of one hand caressing my clean shaven balls, the other between her legs and up her skirt. She was defiantly fingering her preteen twat as her curved hand palm up had extended fingers wet with her cunny juices.
I looked back at Shelly as she lay down on the blanket, “please come put your cock in my kitty Robert, come fill my love hole.” “If you really want my cock honey and be a big girl you are going to start calling your kitty by a big girl name. Tell me you want me to come fuck your pussy Shelly”, I said. Shelly cooed, “Robert please come here and make love to me, fuck my pussy, pleeeease, take my cherry, come stretch my cunt with your beautiful cock!” I nearly lost my load! There isn’t a way to explain how erotic it is to hear such a sweet young girl speak that way. Sam sensing I was close eased off my cock taking my hand walked me to Shelly. Her gorgeous little pussy was swollen and so wet her thighs were even soaked. I knelt down bringing one of her dainty feet to my mouth. I kissed the top of her foot then slowly licked down to her toes taking her beautiful pink painted toes into my mouth. She squealed with glee, writhing on her hips she arched her back. Her intake of breath was a hiss past her teeth as I explored her delicate flesh. So pure and sweet was the taste of her, her hand went between her thighs as Sam engulfed Shelly’s mouth with an incredibly passionate kiss. “Houston, we have a problem!” Shelly’s tiny finger was only going slightly past her first knuckle into her sweet little puffy pussy, guessing the progress being halted by her hymen.
Growing up entering Jr. High athletics and due to locker room exposures I became known as pencil dick or noodle cock. My penis was very long and thin. It would dangle and swing about like a wet noodle causing me much embarrassment. Later though it caused me great pride as puberty hit with a satisfactory vengeance, some things got longer as I got taller, but mostly I got thicker. My nick name soon changed to horse cock. My flaccid cock back then was sometimes thicker than most boys’ forearms hence the nickname change to “Horse Cock” or “Horse” for short. This new nickname earned me much interest of the female persuasion including a couple light footed boys. My taste for young pussy developed there late in 7th grade losing my virginity to a sweet big breasted tart named Michelle. I got passed around like a hat in High School as my reputation preceded me. Mom’s, daughters, sisters, more of moms, daughters AND sisters, as I quickly learned my way around the female form and all its goodies. The difficulty is a lot of women had trouble taking me. Some could take all of me after 5 to 10 minutes of sliding in and out pressing deeper, stretching walls of their flesh as my girth was slightly smaller than the width of a beer can.
As I slowly worked my way licking, nibbling, and kissing up Shelly’s beautiful legs an idea began taking shape. I took her fleshy mound into my mouth, Shelly moaned loudly with the delight of my mouth and tongue work. As I pressed my tongue deeper past her swollen lips my tongue met resistance, suspicion confirmed! My fingers lightly opened her pussy exposing a beautiful pink barrier of flesh, her hymen fully intact. She quivered and trembled at each touch as I worked saliva into her not neglecting her clit that was large for a girl I thought for her age. I pulled back the sheath of her swollen clit exposing her completely to my mouth and flicking tongue. She bucked and arched her back as wave after wave of orgasmic build up rushed through her tiny body. I took her to the edge 5 times knowing that what I was about to do would require her pent up release to bring my cock into her.
Sam had been fingering herself deeply while sucking and biting Shelly’s nipples. I pulled up and spoke gently and smoothly to the girls. “Shelly do you still want me to fuck your tiny pussy?” Her face flushed, eyes slightly open, she cooed “yes please, oh please fuck me. Fill my tiny pussy!” “Ok girls listen carefully, I have a very large cock and your pussy Shelly is so sweet and tiny I may not be able to sweetheart but we will try. Shelly it will hurt. It will probably hurt very bad but only for a little while if I can get it in. Do you know what you hymen is? She nodded, “It’s still there baby and I will have to push and tear past that, but after that things will slowly get better.” Sam, I want you to straddle Shelly’s face and place your pussy over her mouth, your hands on her arms and as I enter her cover her mouth with your whole cunt. Whatever you do, no matter how bad she fights and screams keep your pussy over her mouth no matter how long it takes.” Sam’s face had a look of knowing concern as she nodded, she moved over Shelly’s face and trembling pouty lips, Shelly’s cheeks flush with passion and fear. Sam lovingly brushed Shelly’s hair back from her face whispering “I love you Shelly”.
Shelly’s mouth came up to greet Sam’s dripping pussy, I watched awe struck as her hard little tongue darted up Sam’s cunt, her nose pressed out and up near her clit. “Ok”, she should still be able to breathe, my plan was taking shape. With my left arm already hooked under her right leg I edged her thighs outward as I scooted up with my thick cock in hand placing the head at her entrance nuzzling against the hottest pussy I ever experienced. The heat of her was beyond explanation, my head pressed less than a ¼ inch into her swollen lips feeling as if I had opened an oven door. I rubbed my cock head up and down her slit luxuriating in the wet silky heat of her. Her body arched as I looked down seeing her flat chest and rib cage expand taking in a deep breath. Glancing downwards I could see that barley my piss hole of my cock had pressed between stretching lips. The sight of her tiny entrance wrapping around my swollen purple head was nearly enough to make me explode right then.
“This might be impossible” I thought as I pushed harder, Shelly squirmed forcing more of me into her as she exhaled. Then I met the resistance of her hymen. I slid back out, the tip of my cock soaked in her juices and my saliva glistened in its hardness. I steadied my cock, and spat a huge load of saliva down for good measure, taking aim I shoved hard into her. The muffled scream was of excruciating pain was evident as my cock had rammed brutally past her hymen sinking my helmut and thick shaft 3 inches deep into her tiny pussy, stretching her tiny pussy past all logic. I could feel her walls so silky soft, hot and tight clamping down on my cock like a hydraulic vice bending my cock back like a branch of tree about to snap. Tears mixed with Sam’s pussy juice flowed down Shelly’s red flushed face. I eased back two inches preparing my effort to shove my entire cock into her. I was instantly in a mad frenzy. Never had I wanted to bury my cock fully so much before. I began to ruthlessly pummel that tiny twat, slamming my cock deeper, stretching her pussy wider and wider. Bringing the near full strength of my body to bare I pulled out almost to my head as I thrust 6 inches of my meat crashing into her cervix wall. Shelly’s body flailed about as she tried with no success to pull away from my brutal attack, her screams muffled by Sam’s pussy were short of nothing but horrific and then her body went limp. “Did I kill her? Did she pass out?” Her body shuddered as Sam leaped from Shelly’s face, a slow long moan escaped Shelly’s slime covered lips her legs slowly rose up wrapping around my waste pulling me down to her as hips rose to greet my body. She began bucking up and down riding me upside down, her entire body quivering. I renewed my efforts sliding in and out of her brutalized pussy. Her breath became frantic, panting and hissing, my balls tightened, cum frothing up and building. Her tight little cunt gripping my cock, I could feel my skin pulling back and forth along my shaft she was so tight. Shelly’s breathing and screams began getting shorter and shorter with impending orgasm that had taken over her tiny body. “Take my cock Shelly”, I commanded. “Fuck my dick you little cum whore! Fuck me! Fuck me!” I said as I slammed in and out of her. I began fucking her harder and harder, banging and slamming into her cervix. Her arms above her head were flailing about with each slam of my forceful fucking.
Shelly’s legs had fallen to our sides as I pounded her violated pussy ruthlessly without a sliver of kindness. My animal instincts had completely taken over. I pounded and pounded her, rocking her body with earth shattering thrusts. Shelly’s moans became a constant song of ecstasy, her cute child voice twisting throughout my mind. The sight of her small body underneath me shuddering with each thrust more powerful than the last was more than I could take. My cock erupted, spunk filling every tiny depth of her bruised pussy with my first enormous load. Pulling up and back in releasing my second, third and fourth loads as I continued drilling her now cum filled tightness. My cock gliding in and out with more ease, my cum was sloshing out of her, I almost expected it to squirt out her ears. I continued to pound and fuck that tiny angel watching her face, listening to her moans of yet another orgasm exploding within her. Shelly had strands of sweat soaked hair covering her flushed face, her head bobbing side to side, her body fully surrendering to mine. I reached around her waist, sitting back I pulled her limp body to mine, we kissed deeply as the last pumps of joy goo escaped my cock into her. Her face snuggled into my neck, “I love you Robert. I love you, I love you” she panted over and over again. “I love you too dear heart”.
Opening my eyes I reached my arm out for Sam, she scurried into my arms. I held them tight, rocking them both in my arms, my cock still firmly implanted in Shelly’s pussy Sam and I kissed. “I love you Sam, we love you”, I said. Tears were flowing down her cheeks as I kissed her repeatedly about her face, the salty taste of her tears on my lips. Our lips met, her tongue pushed deep into my mouth, our kiss was deep and long. Shelly began to roll over off my lap onto the ground sliding off my still stiff member curling up in the fetal position cupping her bruised pussy in her hands. Sam straddled my cock guiding it with her hand she poised her pussy over me and as she slid onto my slippery cock she cooed, “I love you, I love both of you so much! Make love to me.”
Sam slowly worked her pretty pussy down my shaft, her hymen not an issue, later I discovered her new daddy, Shelly’s uncle, had been fucking her for two years now. Sam groaned taking all of me to her cervix. I could feel she had all of my 9 inches deep into her soft tight 10 year old pussy. She began riding me with a deep urgency to cum. Her waif like arms around my neck she arched backwards with her feet on the ground fucking my cock faster and harder. I could feel the back of her hair dancing on my legs as she arched further pressing her ass into my lap creating small slapping sounds at the contact. Each time she would raise up the sticky wetness would pull at my skin. She rose up beginning to bounce up and down my cock. “Wow! What a cock monster!” I said allowed her face broke open into a huge smile and she snarled deep in her throat as she tripled her effort. This beautiful milky white skinned angel with strawberry blonde hair and pink puffy little titties began fucking me like a feral cat in heat. My hands cupping a firm and bulbous ass cheek spreading them further apart with each downward impact to my lap, Sam screeched in orgasmic bliss. This tiny fuck machines pussy flooded my balls and thighs as she physically spurted waves of cum from her preteen pussy. “Holy fuck” she shouted!
I lifted Sam up and off me pulling her to her my right guiding her into doggy position, her pre-goddess ass pointing towards the sky, her arms folded, chest to the ground, her face buried, and her girl goo flushing down her thighs. I moved behind her on one knee taking an ass cheek into each hand spreading her open for a tongue lashing. Her pussy slime glistened off her little pink rosebud my tongue hungrily pushed through her tight ring. Oh she tasted so delicious! Her pussy cream mixed with nubile earthy freshness danced on my taste buds. “Dare I?” I thought. I moved up from her gripping my shaft expelling a large load of mixed saliva, girl goo, and ass juice to the head of my cock. My hand slithering it up and down my shaft I pressed my cock up to her tiny asshole. I grabbed her hips and pushed entering her ass, Sam moaned deeply all the way from her pointing toes to her mouth. Such a sound of a little girls voice oozing shear pleasure and ecstasy cannot be duplicated, she breathed in deeply filling her tiny cavity with air and as she released she took my entire cock up her ass. Sam was a natural! She met all of my forceful pulls on her hips slamming my cock in and out of her sweet little ass, the wave of animal instinct again washed over me as I began pounding her, my thighs slapping loudly with each contact to her ass. I filled her body with all my meat, slamming into her she panted and screamed her muffled cries of orgasmic joy into her folded arms. I reached down grabbing a hand full of her strawberry blonde hair pulling back arching her body more as I erupted into her filling her bowels with spunk load after hot spunk load. I pulled my cock out and jettisoned my last loads onto her back then pulling her cheeks apart I watched her little rosebud open and close leaking my cum down to her pussy and dripping to the ground, she collapsed. I in turn fell over, spent with my efforts.
After a few moments of heavy breathing the world returned to me as I lay with my two perfect angels snuggled close. Words of love danced between us as I enjoyed the reality of the turn my life had taken. I untangled myself and rose from the ground urging each girl to get dressed they moaned and grumbled as was the way of tired little girls. Slinging both duffel bags onto one arm I bent down picking up each girl then taking the suitcase handle into my hand deftly moved through the woods towards my car holding them close to me as they began slipping in and out of sleep. I deposited two sleeping angels into the back seat of our getaway car tossing their luggage in, I sat twisting the ignition firing up the motor I glanced at the clock, 1:45. A squeaky sleepy little southern voice made its way to my ears, “I’m hungry” Sam grumbled, “me too” Shelly stated with more enthusiasm. Ok girls, give me 30 minutes of highway time and we’ll stop for some food as I tossed two granola bars into the back… “ewwww, granola”! I guess the bad always comes with the good I pondered while pulling out on to the main road heading for the State line.
-to be continued… “Hotel time at the border”

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2014-11-14 23:20:00
this is not making love, this is just brutal fucking,

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2012-11-12 00:25:15

You're now officially the worst writer on the internet.

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