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I can think of many reasons why we shouldn't; so can you!
I think to myself that it sure was great reconnecting with a true friend and lover. This opportunity is rare in life! As we began our text banter it became very clear that we both retain our attraction and respect for one another and yet struggle with our emotions whether we dare? As we discuss the logistics it seems to build barriers that we are still willing to overcome. As you drive to our secret rendezvous you begin to doubt whether you should turn around, yet you continue your journey. As you near I become nervous like a school boy again. I am looking forward to seeing you and putting you as ease. As the wine chills and I count the minutes, you arrive!

I greet you with a smile and a long thigh hug. You feel nervous, even uncomfortable in this environment yet you are at ease with me and happy to be here. Once we cork the wine, kick of our shoes and relax on the back porch, your nerves begin to ease. We begin to talk about life events and remember good times. We have some hart felt discussions and many laughs even remembering intense drama. After another glass of wine our nervousness is gone and I think to myself, what a great opportunity to have this much needed connection with you. We are both glad we met tonight!

I propose a toast to you for being a great friend. As we sip from our glasses our eyes meet and we both smile. As I lean in for a kiss you are there with a kiss in return. The warmth of the soft kiss is a very welcome feeling and we lose ourselves in the moment. We continue to kiss as we move even closer to one another. As my arms wrap around your waist and your neck your hand caresses the back of my neck. I feel goose bumps and press my lips even closer and caress your back passionately. Our warmth and feelings intensify as we press our bodies closer and closer. We don't want to stop we just can't get enough of this heat! You move to my lap and wrap your arm around my neck and we look into each other’s eyes and resume our passionate kiss. My hands are caressing your thighs and your back. As you continue to caress my neck and my hair, you are driving me crazy!

My hands begin to move up your thighs to your waist and then to your breasts. You feel sooo good! You press even closer yet and let out a passionate sigh. I can feel your heat and you can feel mine. Our lips are locked our tongues grazing each other. Our bodies are heaving toward each other as my hand begins to unbutton your blouse to find your erect and excited breasts. Again, you sigh with desire. My pants are bulging with the friction of your thighs against mine. You move your hand down to my chest and find my erect nipples. It's my turn to sigh now. Wow, that feels incredible! You find the feel of my hand on your bare back very comforting. Your shirt is now open and I reach up to release your bra and your press your breasts against my chest. I can wait to feel your breasts against my bear chest. As your bra releases and your heaving breasts are exposed, I am reaching the peak of excitement.

We both maneuver to remove our shirts and our naked chests are touching intimately. Your skin is smooth and warm. You run your fingers lightly around by chest and tease my nipples. I sigh again. My kisses begin to move to your neck and your ear lobes. A gentle nibble and you are breathing heavy. My lips begin to move their attention down your neck and to your chest. My hand is brushing up along your still clothed thighs and up to your naked breasts. A light brush of your erect nipples finds you breathless. My tongue begins to trace a path from your neck down between your breasts. You feel my five o'clock shadow against your skin. It is rough but exhilarating. My tongue finds your erect nipples and begins to tease. Now you are starting to squirm in my lap and it is causing an amazing friction on my cock. I take your nipple into my mouth and you grab my head to pull is closer to you. I am smothered by your big beautiful breasts. We just can’t stand it any longer. We have to move to the bedroom.

We pry ourselves apart and go inside. I pick you up as your legs wrap around my waist and we resume our kiss. Your breasts are rubbing against my hairy chest and the crotch of your pants feel friction from my smooth belt buckle. You are unable to catch your breath now with that pressure on your clit. You drop your legs at the side of the bed and I begin to pull at your pants button as you unbuckle mine. We drop our pants and I remove my boxers. I notice your sexy panties as you begin to pull them down. I ask you to stop, I really like them! As we crawl, nearly naked, into bed we fall together in the middle of the bed. Our legs are now intertwined, our chests are pressed together, arms wrapped tightly and intimately as we kiss passionately. My hand moves to caress your breast and my thigh is pressing against your silky panties and your clit. You are so hot and wet.

My breath quickens as I feel your hand move down to my hard cock. You lightly graze my hardness with your nails. Oh my god, I say out loud, you are sending somewhere I've never been! You continue your caresses and I am paralyzed, it feels soooo good. You have me so excited; I have to keep it together. I think, don't let go just yet. But it feels sooooo damn good! I have to roll closer to you and I straddle your leg with my cock now pressing against your wet silky panties. I lean down to kiss you and rub my cock against you. You meet my lips with a closed mouth moan, mmmmmm! My kisses begin to wander your neck and your hands caress my hair. As I get to the nape of your neck I look up and tell you lay back now and enjoy. Your hands fall behind your head and I continue to explore your body with my lips and tongue. You continue your breathing heavy and moaning as I find each erogenous zone. I trace a trail from your neck, between your breasts to each nipple around and down along the side of each breast. I can feel your leg brush against by rock hard cock as your legs squirm. My lips begin to move further down your waist and you know where I am going. You can't wait but it feels so good.

My leg brushing against your thigh is warm and strong. As my hands are caressing your breasts, my lips find your inner thighs and my tongue traces the profile of your thighs around to your silky panties. I can't wait to taste you. My tongue can feel your clit through your panties as I graze across it. You moan intensely. My hand move down to your panties and begin to remove them. You push your hips upward to my tongue. As I feel your clit press against my tongue, my hands pull your panties off. I lean up and slide your panties down your legs and feet, to the floor. As I begin to return to you, you feel my hands caress your feet, then your knees, then your thighs moving gently and slowly. You are now breathing heavy with anticipation. You want my wet tongue down there. You want my lips against your wet lips. Finally my lips begin to graze against your mound teasing your lips. You feel me touch your clit. You begin to build toward climax. You want more! Your hips begin to thrust against my mouth. Mmmmmm, you taste amazing, I say, and my tongue goes back to your lips for more.

My tongue now moving up and down along your pussy, you find your hands caressing your breasts and your stomach. Your fingers find my hair and you pull be closer to you. You are now moaning heavily you feel you might explode. My tongue begins to quicken and you feel it flick your clit. I now press my mouth against you and my tongue strokes the length of your clit. As you feel my tongue lick up along your pussy and repeatedly stroking your clit. You feel orgasm mount closer. I just can't get enough of your pussy; I want to lick you forever. I want to feel you explode in my mouth! You moans are now quickened and loud. My rhythm intensifies and your hips begin to shake. You back is arching and I can feel your imminent climax. On more long lick with my tongue inside your lips and up along your clit, you grab me by the back of the head and push me to your mound. You convulse violently and your orgasm begins to shudder through you from head to toe. My tongue continues to move as your climax goes on for a century. You’re light headed now and can't catch your breath. I give you just a minute to enjoy the moment kissing your thighs and your stomach...

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2012-11-07 21:37:44
Gbugvtvvtvtvt tvyvyfvtrcyrv. Ytvyvytvyvytvytv tvutvt

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2012-11-07 16:28:25
My gf and I read this and she said - can we try it.
Thank you - it was our first attempt at sex togethger - we are 16 and I think we will be going further next time - she is willing but wants to be sure she is safe before we go the whole way.


2012-11-07 11:17:18
I love your story, it make me feel so wet right now

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