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Everything I am about to say is TRUE! (Names have been changed)

I was 15 at the time when this happened. My best mate, John, came over for the night. He has come over heaps of times. We just watch movies, talk, and play sports.

I had been fantasying over him for a while now. As far as I know, I'm straight but I was bi-curious. We had played truths before. We'd ask each other about masturbating, our dicks, etc etc. And every time, I could see the bulge in his pants. It looked nice.

John is cute. Blue eyes, weight average, normal short hair, tall. It was about 2am in the morning and I had gotten sick of watching movies so I suggested Truths again. We hadn't played for awhile but this was my idea of getting him horny. We asked each other the same things. His dick had gotten bigger he said. I was feeling horny. I then took a shot of asking him,

"John, I was just wondering, can I suck your dick? I really want to, I'm not gay I just want to try it. I mean we're best friends so it shouldn't be that awkward. I want to do it with somebody I know..."

He looked in the distance. Shocked by this question although I could see he was tempted.

"Um, nah sorry. I don't want my first blowjob by a dude if you what I mean."

"Well how about we play dares and see how we go," I said. "But we have to do every dare it tells us."

"Fine," he said, "but if says to suck my dick, we're not doing that."

DAMN! I thought.

I got my iPod out with the dares game and put it on superdirty. The game asked weird dares at the start than it said to take out pants off for 30seconds.

YES! I thought.

John said he needed to get hard first so I gave him a couple of minutes. When he was ready he said,

"We'll close our eyes, okay?"

He then he put his pants down and his dick popped out. OH MY GOD! His dick looked so nice. Better than on a porno. I was seeing somebody elses dick for the first time! He was circumcised and about 5 1/2 inches. I wanted to grab it there and than and suck. But he opened his eyes and realised I hadn't closed mine and put his pants back up.

I then continued to try and convince him for me to suck his dick.

"Please, I don't want my first time with some stranger" I said.

It took another hour for me to finally convince him. He said,

"Fine but not for long. And we have to have the lights off."

"Agree," I said, "Just tap my head once if you want me to stop and and tap repeatedly if you are about to cum."

I got up and DIMMED the lights so I could see his cock again. It was now 4am in the morning.

He layed down on the couch and I saw his cock growing up too his waistline. My heart was beating fast. I felt it and it was good. I took off his trousers than his pants and it shot up. It looked bigger when my head was 10 cm's away and he had pre-cum. His balls were average for his age and he didn't have as much pubic hair as me. I started to stroke and I loved it. I wanted to put in my mouth but I got stage fright! It took about two mins to convince myself to put it in.

I did. HOLY SHIT! It felt amazing in my mouth. I started to go up and down with my tongue helping. I could feel his lock and was so soft. He didn't really taste like anything. I licked the tip and than put it back in. I also had a hard-on. I put his cock all round inside my mouth and kissed his lock a few times.

John than repeatedly tapped my head. He was about to cum! I stopped sucking and took his cock outta my mouth. I forgot to jerk him off! He didn't cum and he said,

"I don't think I want this anymore."

"Doesn't it feel good?" I asked.

"It does but it's awkward."

"But, I don't know whether I like it or not (I fucking did!). Please let me keep going."

"Fine," he said.

I put it back in my mouth and tried to deep-throat but it was too big and I had a good gag-reflex. He stared to moan a bit and I felt his balls in my hand. I tickled them and cupped them in my hands. I kept going for about 3minutes when he said,

"I'm about to cum!"

I stopped and immediately began to stroke him fast. I could feel his cock moving in my hand warning me he was about to shoot and he did! His seaman shot up in the air on his shirt and some went on my hand. I kept going stroking even after he came. I than stopped and told I was going upstairs to wash it off.

I went upstairs and got a towel to wash it off. I then pulled my boxers down and my cock came out. It was only about 4inches than and I wasn't circumcised. I started to stroke it fast and I could still feel his cock in my mouth. In a matter of seconds I came. It was one of the best orgasm I have ever had! I had a lot to clean up!

I went downstairs and realised he had already cleaned up and his dick was back in his pants.

I told him I hated it and I'll never do it again. He agreed and we went to sleep. The next day it was kinda awkward between us. Although I wanked off to the thought of it 3more times that day!

I loved his cock in my mouth. And I hope I'm lucky enough to have it back in my mouth one day.

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2016-09-22 06:13:58
i love this

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2016-04-11 16:15:39
To be a good cocksucker you must swallow all the cum and also all the pee you can will have more cock than you can handle.

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2015-09-23 21:11:04
should have said I love the taste of your cock try mine now.

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2013-08-22 23:43:56
Make me hot just thinking about it I love to suck

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2013-07-15 18:26:09
i chubbed up and began to stroke. Then the UPS man dropped trousers. I was blowing him when the mailman and pool boy got naked and started to take turns sucking cock. Then my high school wrestling coach dropped his trow and hauled out his dark brown dick. Ity was dripping cum so much that we had a sump pump installed, of course the two twins who installed thew pump had big circumcised dicks.. Very suckable. An actor who was dressed like a cop and an Admiral began rimming me while baking potatoes. What an organism. I notified the Army corp of Engineers. The came out with 30 young twinks who had erections that needed servicing before and cum was pumped!! LOL I was then married to a small Bonobo chimp. We were later divorced. I hate hairy men.

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