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Tash sat down at the edge of the bed, wondering where Jenkins was at this time of the night. It was two hours ago he called, saying that he was stuck in traffic. It’d better be traffic he was stuck at cos if it’s something else he was doing on the side, then she’d definitely find out when he came home.

She wondered if tonite was the right time to show Jenkins the freaky side she’d always kept hidden. Their love making had not been as freaky as he’d expected, but it’d also not been boring, but tonite, she planned on making all his fantasies come through. She was wearing just her net and nothing else and the net didn’t cover her shaved pussy, but she knew how Jenkins loved to eat her pussy from behind while grabbing her ass, well, today, she planned on giving him something extra… She’s been seeing Jenkins for five months now, and she liked the fact that he was caring, had a good sense of humour, was freaky and was very open minded. He wasn’t deterred of the age diffrence between them cos everytime they were together, he always treated her like a baby..his baby. Tonite, she wanted to treat him like her man, she wanted to be dominated anyway he saw fit and even if he wanted to put his massive mandingo in her ass, she’d just get the oils and lubrication ready, cos she wanted to blow his mind away tonite…

When she heard him pull up in the driveway, she made last minute checks on the candlelit dinner she’d laid out and the scented water in the tub, “I wanna spoil my man tonight”, she said to herself as she sashayed towards the door to welcome her daddy home.

“I just wanna fuck you right away”, Jenkins said in his deep voice as he took up the image of the sexiest woman he’d ever come across. She was dressed in a net that revealed more than they covered. Her nipples were hard and poking out at him through the holes on the net, he licked her right nipple, while fondling her left breast, then she walked away from him cos she knew if she stayed one minute longer, they’d end up making out right there at the threshold. Jenkins had an insatiable sexual desire but tonite, she planned on satisfying all his desires. “Baby, we have the whole night ahead of us, let’s not rush into it, let’s get you fed and cleaned up and then who knows what else the night might bring?” She hung the question in the air as she swung her hips sensually while his eyes followed her through the house. “Wow! You’re also gonna get in there with me, right?” Jenkins asked as he watched the bubbling scented water, it looked pink, that meant she’d applied her eden fruits bath lotion in the water that made it that color. “No, daddy, I’m already cleaned and ready, if you’d come home early as you planned, then we might have showered together, so right now, that luxury has eluded you, get in there and get cleaned up, she made a mischievous laugh as she swung her hips again, noticing how hard he was getting just watching her walk away. Jenkins always commented on how endowed and thick she was and earlier when she looked herself in the mirror, she couldn’t disagree with him, she was really thick in all the right places, and at her age, she looked way better than most girls in their teens and early twenties.

“You’ve just broken the record for the shortest bath time…are you sure you even got in the tub?”..”How’d you expect me to stay there any longer when the sexiest woman in the world was naked and at arms length?” Jenkins replied to her question, as she brought out handcuffs and a long chain from the bedside drawer. “I have a surprise for you, daddy” she spoke in a voice that sounded like a whisper, but loud enough to ensure he heard it and heard it he did cos he just walked up to her, bridging the distance between them and kissed his anticipation on her lips…he was hungry for her, she felt his raging dick on her hips, but she wanted to be be dominated in the worst way. She wanted to put herself in his power and make him take rein…after all, a lil bit of pain never hurt anybody. He always wanted to take things fast while she wanted it slow at first and then the pace can be picked up later on. He always use to say “slow is when the feelings start from a hello and end in a moan and fast is when feelings start with a moan and ends with an Oh my Goddd!!” on her part, she was down for a lot of moaning, grabbing, kissing, wetness, intense desires and lots of oh my God and yes daddy! Yes daddy!! When he was hitting that spot and tonite she planned on making all that happen, a little bit of both or maybe a lot of both and all in between. “Baby, dominate me, mark me with all the fantasies you’ve ever had. I’m yours baby.” Her request seemed to have ignited something in him cos a glint came on in his eyes and he made a grin that told her that she couldn’t take her words back for right now, he was really gonna take charge. “Hmmm…baby, you’ve just issued your sentence, tonight is a night you’d never forget in a hurry, I promise you that”, he said as he walked to the the switch and dimmed the lights and then went over to the stereo, searched for the right music to play and when he finally found something he felt was fitting, she heard Trey Songz and Ludacris crooning bout welcoming her to his sex room. The room started to turn as he walked up to the bed, turned her over on her stomach, grabbed her wrists and cuffed them together and then tied her cuffed wrists to the pole she’d placed in the room two weeks ago, while warming up to this moment. He surprised her some more when he rummaged through her undies drawer and got out one of her vicky secrets thongs and gagged her with it. “Let Victoria secrets ensure you keep tonight a secret, he whispered in her ears as he blindfolded her with his silk tie. Now, she was blind and gagged and she still didn’t know what else he had planned for her. He put his hand on her back and pushed her gently down into the doggie position he wanted her to assume, she waited, with a tinge of disappointment, thinking maybe he just wanted to fuck her right away. She moaned when he just bit her inner thighs, very close to her pussy that was already starting to drip, she really wasn’t prepared for that. He then went on to tie her thighs, one at a time and even though she couldn’t see it, she felt her self very very open to his view for he tied her thighs apart to some hidden contraption she couldn’t see.

She was in that exposed position for almost ten minutes and she wondered what he was doing, she was mumbling the question and didn’t even understand it herself. Jenkins just knelt at the foot of the bed, watching her exposed ass and dripping pussy, and he was so excited he didn’t know how he was gonna start exploring his darkest desires. Then he remembered the vibrator he caught her using the day he came back from the two day trip he’d gone on, she said she was missing his mandingo that’s why she’d brought it out. He went and got the blue vibrator, checked the battery and then came back and knelt on the bed, in front of her exposed rear. He smacked her hard on her ass and watched in the dim lights as her ass jiggled, he smacked her again and again on both cheeks and he loved how she squirmed beneath the stinging slaps… she was either moaning or groaning, he didn’t care after all, vicky secrets was keeping everything a secret…then he blew warm breaths on her pussy and then turned on the vibrator and inserted it deep in her soaked pussy, turning it around in her. He tied her so securely that she couldn’t even move her rear from either pleasure or pain, he brought out the wet vibrator and then turned up the speed to high and started rubbing it on her engorged clit while he kissed around her pussy, she was making guttural noises as he placed wet kisses around her pussy, then he moistened his index finger with her pussy juice and stuck it in her ass, surprising her for her ass just stayed still as he finger fucked her ass while licking her pussy and using the vibrator on her clit… Tash was feeling it deep in her stomach as her orgasm was starting to build. It really didn’t take much to make her orgasm, but right now, she just felt like she was transported to a place where she was gonna drown in her own juices…she couldn’t stay still, her hips started to move, regardless of all the contraptions that he’d done to keep her ass in place…his tongue was starting to rub on her gspot, and her clit was extra sensitive, and with an extra finger deep in her ass, she just couldn’t hold it anymore. She would have screamed if she hadn’t been gagged, so gagging her was a good thing, but since she couldn’t scream with her lips, her pussy did all the screaming for her…she squirted for the first time in her life, she squirted straight into his mouth and that still didn’t stop him , for he kept using the vibrator on her clit and licking all over her insides with a reptilian tongue that didn’t miss any part of her pink walls… she didn’t know how many more orgasms, she had, cos she passed out in a deep sleep that was instant…the sleep lasted only five minutes, for she felt the tip of his huge dick easing its way in her ass, she’d only had anal sex once that was a very long time ago and in another life when she was human, cos right now, Jenkins had turned her into an animal that lived to satisfy his fantasies…her eyes popped under the blindfold as half of his 10” dick slithered in her ass, she didn’t think she’d take it in anymore but her ass kept betraying her, for it kept taking his dick in, inch after inch till all of his dick was in her ass and the vibrator was now fully in her pussy, vibrating away. He stayed still, motionless, letting her ass get used to his huge presence… Then he started to move. She never felt so open, so in pain and so satisfied with the pain..then he applied oils on her ass, easing his movement in and out her ass, then he smacked her ass again, then reached down and took off the gag…she couldn’t scream or moan for her mouth was dry…he then took off the blindfold and when she turned around and saw him and the satisfied look on his face, she started to cum again. She was surprised she had anymore juices in her to release. He must have unlocked that fountain every woman was rumoured to have that could only be unlocked by the right man… He went in and out of her ass with a speed that could rival a ferrari on a straight road, then he grabbed her hair and released his seed so deep in her ass. If she were a field right now, his seeds would sprouted the finest roses in her. He kept cumming and cumming, she must have also unlocked a fountain in him, she thought to herself as she started to laugh hysterically… they were both shaking and cumming and Trey Songz kept repeating his ‘Welcome to my sex room’, while somewhere far away, the sun was starting to rise.
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