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Author: male raised in a rural area with not much to do when growing up, luckily sex was a big part of life in those days.
While of average height and looks I was pretty tanned and toned due to an active outdoors lifestyle.
These stories are true and not embellished * but names have been changed as I still know some of the subjects 40 years later …

*This story is mostly true … I have just taken things a bit further than what actually happened by adding a bit of fantasy to the actual events.


I turned up at Pams sisters place on Friday night as they were finishing dinner and a few wines, OK make that a few bottles, Pam was in the shower, Margret yelled out “Pam, Guess who’s here” “be right out” said Pam.

My girlfriend Pam came out in a long T shirt and towel wrapped around her head and sat beside me.
Margret made us a coffee and as I picked ours up from the bench I noticed Bill staring at Pams legs with a hard on a mile long, I couldn’t see anything from my angle but as I sat down I whispered in Pams ear “Bill has a hardon looking at your legs” Pam slowly closed her knees then opened them again with a grin and said “I’m knickerless, no wonder … poor Bill”

We finished our coffees and headed to the lounge room to look at some pics, Pam laid me back on the couch and straddled me innocently with a couple of photo albums in her hand.

We went slowly through the albums over a few hours talking about the pics of her family in England and on holidays, Margret looked a lot like Pam in the body and did indeed have a nice bum.
Margret and Bill had gone to bed so Pam said “theres one more album of the night Bill met Margret, He was a virgin up until that night, Margret doesn’t know I found these pics so don’t ever say anything OK”
I was intrigued and agreed so Pam jumped off me giving me a flash of her newly trimmed pussy as she headed to the hall cupboard.

When Pam returned she sat astride me again and opened up the album.
The first couple of pages were of a party and it showed a bit of skinny dipping and drunken behaviour but then the polaroid pics started.
There was Margret on a beanbag with a guy between her legs pants down and a pair of knickers on one ankle, you couldn’t see anything but it was pretty obvious what they were doing.
The next pic was between her legs but this was a different guy as he was black.
The next twelve or fifteen pics showed different guys fucking Margret and some showed Margret’s smiling face, it was obvious she was loving the attention.

My boner was hurting in my tracksuit pants so I reached between our legs and pointed it upwards, Pam resumed her position but now her pussy was sitting on my length.
“Holy shit” I said, “she’s really loving it” I groaned … “who would have thought”
“Wait till you see the rest” said Pam as she pulled my waistband down and sat her naked pussy on the head of my naked cock and started to slowly slide along it.
I turned the page to a different type of pic but still a polaroid type.
I saw a bloke fucking Margret’s pussy and another girl sitting on her face with her dress up around her waist while she was kissing the bloke.
Then there was the same girl with her head in between Margret’s legs and a different bloke with his cock in between Margrets tits and into her mouth, it was huge.
There were a few more closeups of the big dick in her mouth and pussy then another with big dick in her pussy doggy style and another guy filling her mouth.

Pams pussy was sliding up and down along my length easily now, she was as wet as I was horny.

Now the pics changed again and it was a bloke being stripped and held spread eagled in the air by several other guys over the top of Margret, it was obvious by his angry red face that he didn’t want to be there.
The next pic showed another girl sitting on Margret’s lap with a short skirt and a shaved pussy showing, she was sucking the cock of the guy being held up in the air … it looked like … was it? … “my other sister Carol sucking on Bills cock” said Pam!

I groaned and tilted my pelvis then slid forward into Pams slippery depths as I turned the page.

Carol had worked her magic as Bills cock was hard in the next pic.
The guys started to lower Bill onto Margret while Carol kneeled over guiding his cock into Margret’s pussy, everyone was laughing except Bill.

The next pic showed Margret with her legs around Bill with his cock inside her, the other girl was sitting on Bills bum while another bloke was putting his cock in a still kneeling Carol.

The pics continued with a closeup of Bill’s face as he came, then Bill being held down on his back with Carol sucking him off while a different guy fucked the kneeling Carol.
Next up was Margret sitting astride Bills stiff cock while sucking off another guy, at the same time Carol squatted over Bills face and a different guy had his dick in Carols mouth.

The last pic showed the next morning asleep on a bed with Bill naked and snuggled up behind Margret while Carol laid flat on her back with one leg over Bill and Margret and the other off the side of the bed, a large pool of cum was leaking out of her pussy.

I turned my attention to Pam and started pumping hard up into her soaking wet pussy, as soon as I tweaked her nipples she came and I followed a second or two later.

“Wow” I said “that was hot” Pam groaned “yeh” and started thrashing her fingers across her clit as she rolled straight into another orgasm.

As we drifted down from our peaks I said “but Margret is so prim and proper now, What happened?”

Pam said “Carol told me all about it one night when she was drunk, apparently it was the first time Margret had done anything like that but she blamed it on the tab she had dropped, Bill was a virgin and the guys thought it would be a laugh to take his cherry as he had always said he was saving himself for the girl he married, Margret thought she might be pregnant after that night and all the other guys would have nothing to do with her so Bill offered to marry her and she accepted”
“Margret had only had a couple of boyfriends before and it was the first time Margret had ever done anything in public like that although Carol was into that scene in a big way and partied hard most weekends”
Margret had woken up very ashamed and had a big fight with Carol about “Letting” her do it.

When the pics surfaced a week or two later Carol had fucked all the guys one by one saying she really got off on the images to trick them into bringing them out. She collected all the photos from that night because she felt guilty and gave them the album as a wedding present.

Margret turned out to not be pregnant but Bill still wanted to marry the only girl he had ever fucked, Carol tried to have sex with him several times but he always refused although he did admit to loving the bit where they made him lick Carol out after a few of the other guys had fucked her.

On Bills birthday, Carol turned up after a party and everyone was pissed so Margret told Bill he could go down on Carol and clean her out but even when he was dripping precum from being so horny he still refused to do any more than that, He wouldn’t even let Carol suck him off or give him a handjob so Carol had to call Margret in to finish the job while she sat on his face.

Not long after that Bill married Margret and its still his birthday present and special occasionally to this day.

Bill has asked, begged and pleaded with Margret to do some guys and let him clean her out but she has only done it a few times with just one guy just as an extra special present for Bill when he has been extra nice about something, Margret usually just asks Carol to come round and give him a present.

All this talk had me horny again so I rolled Pam over again and without any preliminaries slid straight in to the hilt and set up a languid pace until we came again.

We were basking in the afterglow when I heard a noise and quickly leaned down and shoved the album under the couch quietly holding still afterwards, Margret leaned over the couch “oh its you two, what are you up to?” she laughed as she stared at my bare bum between Pams legs.
Pam Grinned and said “Oh nothing, we were just talking about how you two met and got a bit carried away”
Margret went bright red and stammered “Oh you didn’t … did you?” “Yep” said Pam, “even the birthday presents, I’ve seen how Bill looks at me when he spots us together” nodding at me.

Margret lost her Redness and said “well I guess its all out in the open now, it’s a bit of a relief actually now that I don’t have to hide things” I spoke out and said “no you shouldn’t have to hide that beautiful body of yours’ as I gave her my most cheeky grin, Margret replied with a hearty smack on my bare ass causing me to pull out of Pam with a loud squelch and I fell off on to the floor.
Margret laughed as she looked at the mess on Pam and said “Bill would give his eye teeth to clean that up, especially tonight after Pam flashed him … he’s been pestering me ever since we went to bed and I was just going to have a shower when I heard the noise in here.”

“Should I ?” said Pam looking from one to the other of us “are you still horny? I said “Just the thought of it has got my motor running again” said Pam laughing.

“Why don’t you just slip in to the bed in the dark and sit on his face, he’d think it was me and I love surprising him” grinned Margret wickedly

“But what will happen when he realises” worried Pam “as soon as he tastes you he wont care about anything else” laughed Margret.

Pam’s face filled with lust and she said “alright, maybe I will” then looked at me “go right ahead, just leave the door ajar so we can hear” I grinned

Pam rushed off then hesitated at the hallway, I pulled my tracksuit pants up and both Margret and I walked up behind her and pushed.
“We both have a T shirt and no knickers on, he wont notice until it’s too late” said Margret pushing again.
Pam boldly stepped forward and walked into the room with a squeak of the bedspring a couple of seconds later, I knelt at the door and Margret pushed inside me to listen as well.
We heard a soft deep moan and a higher pitched moan straight after “didn’t take her long” I whispered into Margret’s ear
We were both a bit puzzled as we heard the bedsprings squeak in a regular way “Is she fucking him?” I quizzed, “Better not be, that’s mine only” growled Margret as she slowly inched the door open and moved forward for a better look.
I looked over the top of Margret and could just make out Pat sitting on Bills face with her T shirt covering him and she was virtually fucking his tongue, Bills cock was expanding at a rapid rate as he moaned loudly, Margret’s Pussy was right in front of me and I knew she had no knickers on under the T shirt so the thought was making me hard, I moved back a little and pulled my stiffening cock out to get it into a more comfortable place, Margret looked back at me and then at my cock in my hand, I went bright red as I realised she thought I was about to try and fuck her and started to stammer out an explanation but Margret put her finger to her mouth, her eyes softened and she lifted her T shirt up her back and turned back to watch.

Did she want me to fuck her or did she just expect me to use the view of her pussy to beat my meat? I thought, I stared at her pussy and could see she shaved just around her lips and trimmed the side giving an uninterrupted view of her slowly opening lips, a drop of moisture formed at the junction and I though bugger it, I’m going in!

I still wasn’t sure she wouldn’t get upset but those slippery wet lips beckoned so I moved up behind her making sure I wasn’t touching her anywhere, I lined up the head of my cock with her wide open dripping lips and in one smooth movement slid about half way in until Margret jerked forward and grunted, I froze thinking Shit, I’m in trouble now as the noise made Bill sit up pushing Pam down in his lap but Margret pushed back and slowly wormed her pussy the full length down my rigid rod.

Margret still hadn’t taken her eyes off Bill and Pam, Bill stared from Margret to Pam then back again and a huge smile spread across his face as he realised exactly what was happening.

Pam was still squirming in lust and grabbed Bill’s cock and just about threw her pussy at it, Her lips had barely touched his knob before Bill twisted and held her from completing her impaling, Pam wriggled and tried to get more than a touch but his throbbing cock only grazed her pussy as Bill pried her hand from his member.
“fuck me Bill, pleeeaase “ pleaded Pam “I need your cock in my cunt … pleeeaaase”
Bill said “Sorry Pam but I don’t cheat on my wife”, “then fuck me with your tongue” said Pam so Bill laid her backwards pulling her upwards with her back arched so he could lick her out while watching me pound my cock into Margret from behind.

I could see Bill’s cock bobbing up and down and the faint light shone on his glistening knob as he watched me getting closer, “turn her over and fill her up” said Bill between strokes of his tongue.

Margret pulled forward off my cock and rolled onto her back so I slid forward and impaled her again.
Margret pulled her knees right back tilting her pelvis up as she wrapped her legs round me than reached round to fondle my balls, this put a nipple in easy reach so I sucked it in and twirled my tongue around her hard nub.

Pam groaned and started to spasm as she blasted into her orgasm, the sight of her trying to insert Bill’s whole head into her pussy along with Margret’s hand softly rubbing my balls was enough for me and I shot wad after wad deep up inside her.
“Keep going” pleaded Margret “I’m nearly there” so I kept pushing hard into her and could actually feel her pussy expanding inside until I was sure I was going to get my balls in as well, lucky I didn’t as her wall started squashing my cock as I felt her pussy ripple up and down my length when her orgasm overtook her.

Bill started thrusting into air as he watched our passionate release and he came all over Pams back from underneath.

Margret pushed me off and stood with her hand cupped over her pussy then reached out with her other hand and pulled me over to the bed beside Bill and Pam.

Margret pulled me in between her legs and slid my rapidly softening cock into her pussy again, “sorry but I’ve already cum three times tonight, I’ll need some time” I said, “don’t worry, I just want to squeeze every drop of cum out of you” she said as she set about using a combination of her hands and her pussy muscles to drain me dry.

Bills cock had completely deflated but her words had started it showing some interest again and as soon as I rolled out from between her legs he slid out from beneath Pam and crawled up on hands and knees between Margrets widespread legs and started licking her out eagerly like a little puppy.

Bill’s cock was at full attention again and Pam reach under and stroked his cock but Bill swatted her hand away, Pam grinned and did a quick reach and grab being to quick for Bill to react in time.

Pam was having a great time teasing Bill but was getting herself worked up so she slid over beside me and started playing with my completely soft dick trying to get it to rise, I twisted and started sucking on Margret’s nipple trying to get some movement happening but it wasn’t working so I pulled Pam up beside Margret and started to kiss down her body, Pam stopped me and said “no, I need more than that, I need a cock in me” “sorry” I said, it will take some time”

Pam pushed her leg underneath Bill and squirmed in underneath his body with his hard cock slowly sliding up along her inner legs as she moved into position to fuck him while he carried on licking and sucking on Margret’s pussy.

“Kiss me” said Pam to me as she continued to worm her way under Bill, as soon as she got close she tried to grab his cock and guide him in but Bill grabbed her hands and laid down on her so she couldn’t grab his dick.

Pam wrapped her legs around his legs and was trying with no success to push her pussy on to Bill’s dick.
Bill thrust forward and said “just this OK !” and started thrusting long and deep … Pam moaned against my mouth then pulled away breathlessly and said “OK” as she pulled her knees back even further.

Bill let go of her hands and she wrapped one around his back and the other on his neck and started thrusting in time with Bills deep thrusts.

She had got him where others had failed I thought and scooted round to watch the action between their legs.

I couldn’t see anything so turned on a small lamp on the dresser and returned for a look.

I could see Bill’s big balls slapping against her arse as he thrust forward but then noticed his balls go up past her lips … Huh I questioned, and moved in for a better look and could see that Bills cock was not inside her but was sliding along her slit and over her clit so she hadn’t got him to fuck her after all!

I could see her juices pooling at the base of her pussy and slipping down over her bum hole so I reached under them and slid the tip of a finger into the pool of juice, Pam jerked and groaned a loud “Yessssss … Oh yes”
Margret leaned up and looked at me questioningly, I held up my wet finger and she smiled in relief and lay back down.

I pushed two fingers into her hole, Bill’s Balls were rubbing along the back of my hand which felt a bit weird but I couldn’t do much about that and carried on adding a third finger into the mix.

Pam was really starting to thrash around as I pushed further in, she moaned “Yes do it, do it” so I added a fourth finger and pushed against her sliding my four finger in until my knuckles disappeared from sight.

My thumb was still outside and up beside Bill’s cock which felt a bit gay to me so I slowly twisted my fingers around as I pushed them in and out until my thumb was in her bum crack, her juices were really flowing and Pam was going off.

I moved my thumb up onto her bumhole and pressed in lightly, “Fuck yes … fuck me fuck me fuck me” she said as she pushed against my thumb.
I let my thumb slide as far in as possible and started to pound my fingers and hand into her, Pam reached around and grabbed Bill’s arse and thrust hard and fast up against him so I had to hold my hand still as she fucked herself on it.

Margret surprised me by shrieking out loud as she had her orgasm and Pam moved even faster until Bill grunted and shot his cum up between their bellies then a few seconds later Pam had the most intense and prolonged orgasm ever, the juice was running all over my hand as her muscles crushed my fingers rhythmically for at least 20 to 30 seconds.

I was as hard as iron again watching all this passion around me.

Bill finally rolled off onto his back beside Pam pulling Margret to him kissing her softly, Margret looked at my hand still inserted in Pam and the large mess of cum on Pams belly and smiled at me with my cock gently throbbing up an down near to an orgasm myself.

Margret laid on her side and slowly moved down licking up the cum on Bills belly as I slowly removed my hand from Pam, “fuck that’s sore now” she said as I finished pulling out, she looked at my dick and said “Margret will have to handle that, I don’t think I’ll be able to walk for a week, that was the biggest orgasm ever” she smiled as she brought my face to hers and kissed me.

Margret smiled as I looked at her as she moved down taking Bill’s soft cock into her mouth and mouthing it gently until she had the whole thing curled up in her mouth.

I moved up behind her and straddled the leg on the bed then pushed my cock into her wet pussy slowly rubbing my balls along her leg as I fucked her slow and deep, Bill reached up and rubbed her clit as I sped up a bit, Margret grabbed my hip and pulled me into her urging me on faster as she moaned through her orgasm with a mouthful of cock.
As she finished I could feel her pussy milking me and shot my sperm as deep as I could thrust my cock inside her with a series of low moans.

Margret choked as she pulled her mouth off Bills now hard again cock.
I moved off to lay beside Pam and Bill quickly turned into a 69 and proceeded to clean my cum out and cumming into Margret’s mouth a minute or so later then he thrust a couple of fingers up inside her pussy bringing her off quickly on his tongue and fingers as he pushed a finger of his other hand into her bum.

We all drifted off to sleep in a tangle of arms and legs until sunlight washed over us the next morning.

Movement woke me and we all drifted into wakefulness, My cock was semi hard but a bit sore, Pam moaned “I’ll never be able to have sex again” as she gingerly touched herself”
“wait til you try a gangbang” stated Margret getting a big chuckle out of us all.

Bill looked a bit worried and said to Pam and I, “please don’t say anything about my …umm … fetish, it could cost me my job and I’m embarrassed enough that you two now know about it”
Pam replied “well I enjoyed it even if you did tease me mercilessly … but you can rub me off like that again anytime”

I just said “no one would believe me even if I did tell them anyway” and gave an exaggerated sad face cracking everyone up

Margret made sure we knew that last night was a special occasion and may not happen again then sent us all off to the showers.

We dozed for half the day just watching movies, it was good to just relax for the weekend instead of driving all over the place like usual.

Carol turned up with a new boyfriend late in the afternoon … apparently this was quite a common thing as her husband did’t like the family and never came up, he was one of the guys that forced Bill to lose his virginity so Bill was quite happy to help put one over on him.

After dinner Carol was getting a bit hot and heavy with the guy and I sat there with a hard on, it was obvious Pam was not ready so I said “think I might have to hit the sack” Pam noticed my tent and rolled her eyes saying, “I’ll join you later OK hun”
I waited until no one was looking and stood up and turned quickly and walked out the door, “hey” said Carol, “don’t I get a hug”.

Damn, I stood there with my back to them but Carol came over to me and spun round in front of me hugging me tight, I was bright red as my cock was sticking straight out in a fold of my track suit pants and it went straight between her legs as she held me tight for longer than necessary, “Sorry I’m such a tease but I think its cute” Carol whispered then lifted a leg slightly trapping my penis against her crotch before squeezing her leg back together and pulling my cock forward as she moved her bum backwards

“sleep tight” she said as I pulled my dick out of her crutches clutches and winked at me, at least she stayed standing there to hide my embarrassment as I continued on to the bedroom.

As soon as I stripped I settled in to a good wank because I knew Pam was still sore from last night, several minutes later the door started opening just as I was about to dump a load so I stopped just in case.

I could make out the T shirt in the faint light and knew it was Pam, or maybe Margret, so started to build back up to an orgasm again, Pam walked over and lifted the sheet off and straddled me sinking straight down to the hilt in one go and I just let go shooting a gutful into her as she dropped down on the second stroke.
I was thankful for what she had unselfishly done for me even though it surely must have hurt her.
She kept going so I said “you can stop now if it hurts, I was just about to shoot when you walked in so I’m done now”
“what about me?” said Carol laughing at my surprised gasp, “Pat had a go at me for getting you all excited as she was too sore to take care of you and told me to get my arse in here and finish the job while she had a shower”
I was gobsmacked here I was still mostly hard with Carol slowly sliding up and down my cock, no wonder she was able to impale herself in one hit.
My cock swelled instantly so I rolled her over on her back and pounded her hard and fast as deep as I could into the velvety smoothness feeling her moving up to her peak.
Carol came fast and sharp so I slowed a bit until she started pushing back them picked up speed again and raced her to the next orgasm arriving at pretty close to the same time.
Pam sat on the edge of the bed, I hadn’t even heard her come in and said “I think someone is beginning to wonder where you are” as she nodded her head at the lounge room.

Carol gave me a peck on the forehead and skipped off out the door saying “sorry, I was just slipping into something comfortable, our room is up here”

Not even a minute later we could hear the headboard knocking on the wall as Pam cuddled me.
“can you go have a shower? all I can smell is sex and I’m still too sore to do anything about it” laughed Pam.
I headed out the door passing Carol room before I realised I was still nude and her door was wide open with the hall light streaming in, Carol had the T shirt up around her waist and the guy still had his shirt and pants on as he shoved himself deep inside her in short powerful strokes.

I quickly showered and having another quick perve as I walked past, Carol had her back arched and had a hand on each nipple squeezing herself as she laid there with her legs spread wide and her knees on the bed totally opened up to him.

I slipped into bed behind Pam and snuggled up to her with my stiffie pressed into her naked bum crack.
I kissed her on the neck and said goodnight so that she knew I didn’t want anything.
I whispered “thank you for tonight, that was very thoughtful”
Pam whispered back “that’s Ok, it was Carol fault for getting you worked up anyway” then pulled her bumcheeks apart to allow my hardon to settle right in against her bumhole saying “do you need a hand with that or can you handle it yourself”
“I don’t really need to get off’ I said “this just feels nice to sleep with”
I put some cream on my fingers then ran them over the end of my cock to give in a bit of movement and slowly moved my cock back and forth through her bumcheeks and hard up against her bumhole, it was nice but I didn’t have the energy to take it any further so I pushed the tip in a tiny bit inside her bumhole just to hold my slightly soft cock in position and settled down to sleep.

I awoke next morning feeling pretty good, my cock head was still just inside her and felt pretty nice, Pam was still asleep so I didn’t move but started to get my morning wood.
I snuggled in closer to her bum bending my cock as I did so, Pam stirred a bit and murmured “mmmm” encouraging my cock to stiffen and start pushing inside her although neither of us had moved.
The cream from the night before was still in place allowing my cock to slide slowly into Pams bum as it got harder and after about 10 minutes I was at least half way inside.
Pam started to push back and pretty soon I was up to my nuts in guts.

I lay there savouring the warm tight feeling then Pam laid a leg over my thigh and started to rub her clit with one hand and dip her fingers inside her pussy with the other, she kept it up for a while enjoying the slow build up towards our peak, next thing the door opened and Margret grinned and said “sorry, I couldn’t hear any noise so I thought you two were still asleep”
It seemed a bit strange after all we’d done together but I was highly embarrassed, here I was chockablock up Pams arse with her fingers in her pussy while her sister stood there chatting with us telling us that breakfast would be ready soon.
As soon as the door closed Pams tempo changed and she added a third finger then a fourth to her pussy and was sliding her fingers in faster and faster as she climbed her orgasmic mountain, with my embarrassment now forgotten I started to thrust hard and had a very intense orgasm shooting several strong blasts deep in her arse triggering Pams orgasm a few second later.
My cock shrank immediately as my need to pee resurfaced and it slipped out of her along with some of the cum, Pam cupped her hand over herself and gingerly headed off down the hallway to the bathroom with me right behind her.
Pam sat down letting the cum dribble from her arse while I turned on the shower, I was hopping from one leg to the other as my need to pee intensified to bursting point, “hurry up I can’t hold on any longer” I said but Pat just spread her legs wide and said “you’ll have to do it while I’m here, I can’t get up yet” so I sat down across her thighs and pushed my semi hard dick down in between her legs.
The problem was pushing it down cut off the flow and it was starting to hurt so I had to let it loose and leaned forward as far as I could to lessen the angle and finally it started to flow strongly.
Pam pushed my head back to kiss me and my dick pushed up against her pussy, “sorry” I said “I can’t help it”
“it feels so hot and kinda nice” said Pam then reached down and directed my stream straight on to her clit.
“oh oh” she moaned, “squeeze my nipples” so I rolled the erect nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, “harder” she said “harder, oh I’m gunna cum” and as my flow started to lessen she rubbed my knob on her clit to complete her orgasm.

She quickly came down and laughed as she shook the last few drops from my cock,
“my first golden shower … how disgusting” she laughed as she crinkled her nose.
“didn’t do much for me” I laughed back as I stood and stepped into the shower.

Pam joined me and we proceeded to give each other a good scrub, after a while I started to get an erection again while I ran my soapy hand all over her, I slipped the corner of the bar of soap between her legs then joked as I pushed it at her pussy “needs a clean inside and out” Pat laughed and spread her legs allowing the bar to slip inside her easily, she used her muscles to pop it out so I pushed it back in again until she was starting to pant and slide her soapy hand up and down my length.
I pushed the bar inside then stepped forward pushing my dick inside her a couple of inches as well pushing the soap right up inside her, I sawed in and out a few times feeling pretty good then I felt my dick go up alongside the soap and pushed myself into the hilt with a loud gasp from Pam “that feels so full now, my god it feels huge”
As I pulled out the soap moved with my dick and I must have hit her G spot as Pam jerked and moaned “oh yeh, that’s the spot, keep doing that”
I kept up the slow movement getting closer with the extra tightness helping things along, Pam shuddered as she orgasmed then rubbed her soapy hands over my nipples giving me the extra stimulation I needed to bath her insides with a soapy cum.
I tried to pull my softening dick out but the soap was clinging to it so Pam had to insert two fingers inside her self to push the soap up as I pulled out then she strained to push the soap out eventually squatted and strained again to finally pop the soap out.

I grabbed the flexible shower and unscrewed the head, Pam turned the water on and pushed the hose up inside her until all the soap and cum was flushed out then pushed the hose up against her bum until she couldn’t take any more and jumped on to the toilet to dump her load.
After a couple of goes she announced herself clean and we showered again and headed back to the bedroom.

“Lunch is ready” shouted Margret … oops, we had missed breakfast!

Bill smirked as we walked in to the kitchen, “sorry but its all cleaned out” laughed Pam “and besides its too sore to touch”
Margret laughed “again ? what have you been up to all morning”
“we’ve been exploring a few different things” I said with my face turning red
“tell ya later … maybe” teased Pam.


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I love good stories like this. no degrading humiliation, straight forward perverted sex : )

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