My daughter-in-law forced her baby into fucking for drugs and money. I stopped it. Dina now lives with me....
Loving my granddaughter, Dina Part 1

When the phone rang the caller ID read 'Dina'. My grand-daughter usually only calls me on the weekend but it was Thursday evening. Her mother, my ex-daughter-in-law, was a real bitch and never hesitated to make an extra dollar by selling her pussy... her ass and mouth, as well. Even before my son Donnie was killed, when his motorcycle hit a bridge pylon on the interstate, Tami was cheating on him.

I've always assumed that Dina was my legitimate grand-daughter, and I figured I always would. There's no telling exactly what cock actually pumped the little swimmers into Tami on the night Dina was conceived.

“Well hello, sweetheart. How's my favorite girl this morning?”

“I'm okay, grandad. I need to talk to you about something.”

“Sure, darlin', what is it?”

“Well, grandad, mom and I have been arguing a lot, lately. I'm doing good in school, but she won't leave me alone to get my homework done until she gets drunk and passes out. She's even slapped me hard a couple of times because I don't want to do some of the things she wants.”

Slapping Dina was a new one on me. I know that raising a fifteen year old girl can't be easy, but at that age, physical violence shouldn't be necessary. “Go on, sugar.”

“The first semester ended today. I want to come live with you and go to the high school there. I'm sorry, grandad, I just can't live with mom anymore.”

I could tell she was crying. I also remembered what the judge told us when Donnie's will was probated. She said that Tami had custody of Dina until the girl reached the age of fourteen, at which time she could make her own decision where she wanted to live. She turned sixreen last week.

I wasn't thrilled at the thought of the teenager living with me full time. As I said before, I loved Dina and always enjoyed her visits. “Let me talk to your mom, sweetheart. I need to hear what she has to say.”

“She hasn't been here for two days, Granddad. She's been staying out with some guys for three or four days at a time..... Can I come live with you, please?”

I made the eighty mile drive in barely an hour. Dina ran from the house and fell into my arms, bawling.

As I held her, I suddenly realized she had taken quite a growth spurt in the last four months, since I'd seen her last. Not only was she several inches taller, those tits pressing into my chest felt pretty damn good. “Dammit, Don...” I thought, “She's just a little girl, your granddaughter, too. But… if she were older and NOT related.....”

We loaded Dina's things into the pickup & headed back. I guess the stress she'd been under had worn the poor girl completely out. Within the first ten miles, she had curled up on the seat, sound asleep with her head in my lap. I continually gave her reassuring pats on the side of her pretty face, arm, ribs and hip.

After sleeping about twenty minutes, she re-adjusted her head, resulting in her chin resting on my cock. No matter how hard I tried to ignore it, the son-of-a-bitch just kept getting harder. I even found myself pushing slightly against upward, trying to force a rubbing sensation through my jeans.

Ten minutes later, Dina woke up. At first, it was as if she were trying to adjust a pillow. She pushed her hand up and down against my jeans. My dick was pleading, “YES! JACK ME OFF!”

When she realized what she was doing, she sat up abruptly. “OHHH, Sorry, Granddad.”

“It's okay, honey. No harm done.”

Neither of us talked for several minutes, then Dina told me, “Granddad, I'm sorry for putting this on your shoulders. Mom and her boyfriends have been pretty mean, lately. I just can't stand to put up with their crap, anymore. Thank you for coming to get me. Mom's gonna be pissed, but I don't care. I'm never going back there. If you decide I can’t stay with you, I’ll run away.”

We stopped to eat at a small 'mom & pop' cafe. I took the opportunity to excuse myself to the restroom, where I promptly jacked a big load of cum into the sink. “Fuck,” I mumbled to myself, “If her chin had rubbed me for a few more minutes, she'd had her pretty little face lying in a big wet spot. I don't how I'm gonna handle this hot little shit living in my house.”

The next morning, she appeared in the kitchen wearing a long t-shirt and (I think) panties. Her nipples were straining at the fabric…I couldn’t keep my eyes off them. When she noticed me staring, she stood straighter. Taking deeper breaths forced her tits to stick out more, too. After breakfast, Dina told me she'd like to have a big talk about everything that had been going on. I agreed, but told her I had to be gone to work most of the morning. She told me that a good lunch would be ready when I got in about 12:30. I filled the pickup with gas and hit the highway.....

I pulled up into Tami’s driveway shortly after 8:30am. Her car was there so I banged on the door.

“Don! What the hell you doin’ here this time of morning? Dina’s still ‘sleep… I think.”

I pushed her half naked ass back inside and slammed the door.

“SHHHH! Your gonna wake up Jor… Joe. He’sh my boyfriend.”

It was easy to tell she was still drunk or high from last night. I grabbed her hair and threw her onto the couch.

“You stupid bitch! Dina’s not asleep. She’s at my house. You didn’t even know where your own fucking daughter was.”

When she tried to answer me, I slapped her across the side of her face and told her to keep her Goddamn mouth shut. She screamed for Joe, but whoever Joe was, he never showed.

Seeing her sprawled across the couch with one tit exposed and her robe pinned under her ass, showing her cunt hair, my cock began swelling.

“You stay right there, I’ll be right back.”

The butcher knife was easy to find. It was in the sink with some other dirty dishes. When I returned to the living room, Tami had slipped into sleep. I jerked her by the hair until she was awake and on the floor, on her knees. My hand slid under her chin and waved the knife in front of her eyes. I spoke slowly.

“You listen to me, you dope headed bitch. Dina isn’t going to live here anymore. She’s living with me and you will not… I repeat, YOU WILL NOT try to see her or even talk to her. You understand me, Tami?”

Her eyes were fixed on the knife, but she managed a slight nod.


She only hesitated a second, then slid the dirty robe off her shoulders. Even as fucked up as her life had been, she must have taken good care of her body. Her figure was damn near perfect, tits were high and firm, only a couple of small scars marked her creamy skin.

My cock fell out of my lowered zipper in front of her face. She automatically opened her mouth to receive it. I waved the knife at her again, “You bite me and I’ll slice your body to pieces before I kill you. You understand, Tami?”

She nodded as she started sucking. Her right hand went to the base of my shaft and gently jacked the portion that was too long to go into her small mouth. “What an amazing cocksucker she is,” I thought, “Why haven’t I been doing this since Donnie died? There’s no telling how many dicks she’s had stuck in her face… but this will be the last one.”

Tami sucked, licked, swirled her tongue around and would go as deep as her gag reflex would let her. She was a master, alright, and I wondered if Dina would ever be this good. Thinking of Dina began bringing me to a boiling point. My nuts began their first contractions. I laid the knife behind me and grabbed both hands full of hair.

As the first spurt of cum began to rise, I jammed all of my seven inches into Tami’s throat. At first, I think she expected me to release her, in order for her to catch her breath.
No way. I held tight and stayed lodged in her, cutting off all her breath. Panic set in and she tried to push against my hips, but it was too late. She started trying to bite, but wasn’t able to muster enough strength. The booze or dope, plus lack of air, sapped her completely. When she passed out, I let her fall.

She was still breathing when I dragged her to the bedroom where Joe was unconscious on the bed. I picked her up, laid her beside the dirty mother-fucker, and retrieved the knife. I wiped all my own prints from the handle and wrapped Joe’s fingers around it….


It was six days later, New Years Eve, when we got the call from the White City police. Tami had been found dead, her throat cut by a boyfriend whose finger prints were found on the murder weapon. Joe hadn’t been found yet, but he was definitely the only one under suspicion.

During those six days, Dina and I had several talks. For a sixteen year-old, she was very mature. She was frank with me when she told me about Tami making her lay still for one of her customers, while he took the little girl’s virginity. $50 to sell your daughter. Talk about a lowlife.

I began to wonder if I may have contracted one or more STDs from that last blow job. (As it turned out later, I’m still safe)

Back to Dina… she said she had cried with pain the first three or four times, but the fucking became easier. She didn’t use the word ‘fuck’ but that’s exactly what she meant. There were a couple of times when it had actually felt good to her. That was because the men were gentle and nice to her.

“I never had an orgasm while having sex, though,” she said, “only when I masturbate.”

(Now, folks… put yourselves in my shoes. Your 16 year-old granddaughter is telling you she’s had sex with several older men… and she masturbates! Yes, guys, your dick would get just as fucking hard as mine did.)

We had gotten the school transfer done with no problem. All the school administrators knew me well and knew I’d get all the transcripts in order as soon after the holidays as I could. There were only two days left for school in our town. During the evenings after school, all Dina wanted to do was hang onto my arm, or sit beside me and lay her head on my shoulder.

The biggest problem I had was the big towel she wore around the house after her daily shower. I kept wishing and willing it to fall off. The fucking thing covered Dina from her nipples to about three inches below her crotch. I seriously thought about ‘accidentally’ snagging it, but instead, I’d just excuse myself long enough to jack off, then I’d be okay until she got dressed.


Then we got that call. After I told her what the police officer said, she used the first cuss words I’d heard from her.

“I just never figured Joe would do anything like that, Granddad. He was dopey all the time but he was nice. He never tried to fuck me, either. I’m not surprised she’s dead, though. She’s had something like that coming for a long time.”

Then she cried…….

I called the school principal and told him what had happened. He said she was excused for as long as she needed. With the holidays about to come to an end, I had no idea how long that would be.

I was just beginning to doze off at about 11pm. I felt the bed move. When I turned, Dina asked, “Can I sleep in here with you, Granddad? I feel lonely and I need you to hold me.”

“I sleep naked, sweetheart. Let me slip into some shorts.”

About that time, her arms wrapped around me… she was naked, too.

“I don’t like pj’s, either. I wanna sleep with you naked... both of us naked. Please just hold me.”

“CHRIST!! WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?” My mind was whirling.

When I pulled her close to me, her left hand went directly to my stiff cock. At first she just held it, then she began light strokes.

“Would you please fuck me, granddad?”

“Dina, we can’t…..”

“Yes we can, it’s okay. Nobody will ever know except us.”

“But no, darlin’. It’s just not…..”

My words were cut short when she rose a little, moved her leg over my body, and lowered her tight pussy onto my shaft. Right or wrong, I knew I was fucking my granddaughter… and I’d do it again… and again… and again.

Dina was smooth as silk. Her cunt was tight, yet soft. With the night light on, I watched every move as her gorgeous breasts waved, rather than bounced. She was smiling a smile that said, “I love this man and his cock.”

I was so ecstatic that I smiled back and told her, “I love you, baby.”

It took less than a minute to bring me to eruption. My balls busted a load into my girl with the force of a power washer. Cum, cum, and more cum. I thought I’d never stop, but Dina was determined to drain me, no matter how long it took. I filled her so full that semen ran back out of her pussy, then down across my balls and asshole and onto the bed. When I caught my breath, I looked up at her grin.

“Was it okay?” I knew she was joking with me.

“No, honey, it was a-fucking-mazing. But you didn’t get a chance to finish off, did you?”

“This wasn’t for me,” she leaned down and kissed me full on the lips… A delicious, long, wonderful kiss, full of tongue and a little nipping with her teeth, “It was for the only man I love, Granddad, and I got lots more where that came from.”

We both stepped to the bathroom and did a quick clean-up. Dina crawled back under the sheet with me and snuggled tightly against my body.

“I love you so much, Granddad , but I know I’m gonna miss mom. She’s been pretty bad lately, but she didn’t deserve to die.” Her voice was cracking and I felt some tears beginning to drop onto my shoulder. “I hope they hang that fucking Joe.”

She’d never know that Joe had no control over what went on that morning. I killed Tami and I’d do it again to protect Dina from what she’d been through.

I also needed to explain how important it was that nobody ever find out we were having sex. I’d go to jail, probably get killed, and she’d wind up in foster care for the next couple of years…

As if she knew what I was thinking, Dina spoke softly, “I’m on the pill, and I promise that I’ll never tell anyone about what we just did. So… There’s no need to worry, Granddad.” She was pulling, gently, on my dick, “Whenever you want more, I’m here.”

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