Reading Part 1 is a must. Dina and I fuck each other's brains out in part two
Loving my Granddaughter, Dina
Part 2
In part 1 of this story, which is pure fantasy, I brought my sixteen year old granddaughter to live with me. In order to keep her, I made a bold move… I killed a whore, her mother. In a little more than a week, Dina had seduced me with her luscious young body…..
As I lay there naked with her body backed up to mine, I cautiously slid my right arm around Dina. I’d loved this precious body since the day she was born. Just a couple hours before, she’d provided her love to me in the most loving way possible… she had fucked my balls off.

I lay as still as I could for a while, then my stiff cock and the close proximity of Dina’s nipples got the best of me. My hand cupped, and lightly massaged, her fine, firm tits. When her nipples got hard, I concentrated on them until she awoke.

She turned quickly, facing me, “Now, how’s a girl supposed to get her beauty sleep when she’s getting mistreated?”

“Mistreated?” I kissed her puckered lips, “How am I mistreating you?”

With her hand on my shaft, she gave it a squeeze, “This monster keeps hitting me in the back. I need to figure out a way to settle him down, before he gets out of hand,” she was jacking up and down on ol’ Fat Boy, “or maybe I should say, ‘before this monster gets off in my hand.’”
“If there’s any way I can help you figure out how to settle him down, just let me know.”
Turning back over, she said, “Maybe if he drops a little lower, I can trap him.”
She did…..

My cock slipped into her tunnel easily. The second it bottomed out, her cunt grabbed at it. Her body became a writhing rhythm of recklessness. Jamming her ass back, clenching my dick, jerking forward at the waist, even swaying her hips up, off the bed, then back down onto it. When I knew she was about to cum, I pulled out and spun her onto her back. She spread her legs, expecting me to mount her.

Instead, I buried my face in her pussy, getting right to business. When I inserted two fingers, she started to flow immediately. I lapped up her juices like a puppy lapping milk. She bucked and thrashed and as I felt her start her peak, I pinched down hard on her nipples. She collapsed her thighs on my head and locked my wrist in her vice like grip, freezing my head and hands in place. She squirted her appreciation into my mouth and I made her pay with my tongue and fingers. I brutalized her swollen clit and pinched her nipples so hard I was afraid I was going to do permanent damage. She groaned something unintelligible and tightened her grip on my head with her thighs and my wrist with her hand. Her entire body tensed except for her pussy, which was twitching and pulsing with her waves of pleasure. And then she went limp.

At first I thought she’d fainted but I could hear her ragged breathing, so I felt like she was okay. After about 45 seconds, she took in a giant gasp of air and propped herself up on her elbows.
“Whew, Granddad,” she exhaled, “I thought I was going to pass out and die. You just about drove me fucking crazy. A couple of men have licked me a little down there, but it was just enough to slick my pussy up so they could stick their dick in me. Speaking of which, we never finished taking care of the monster. I’m kind of weak right now… thanks to you, but let’s finish what we started.”

She kissed me hard, “Thank you for that. I’ve never cum that hard, or that long. Now, fuck me, fuck me hard.”

……..Her cervix had to be getting sore. My cock had been slamming its head against it for ten minutes. I was so thankful Dina had emptied me earlier, it made me be able to last longer the second time. Soreness or not, Dina was going nuts under my punishment. She had already cum twice and was screaming out loud as her third orgasm was building.


I blasted her guts with cum for what seemed like eternity. Dina bucked upward and dug her fingernails into my ass as her eyes rolled back. She had gone silent except for gasping and mild moans. Hopefully, there would be many sessions exactly like this one in our future…. unless our incestuous relationship was discovered. In that case, I’d probably wind up getting my own ass pounded in a jail cell.

As we lay there, locked together, my dick buried inside the person I loved most…Dina whispered, “I love you, Granddad. I love you.”

I kissed her as a man would kiss the woman he loves. Our lips met, two quick touches as we looked into each other’s eyes, then our mouths locked together. Our faces crushed, tongues dueled, teeth even gnashed and our saliva drooled. Never had I felt more loved.

We fell asleep in each other’s arms without even cleaning ourselves. Twice more during the night I awoke with a massive hard-on. Each time, I managed to slip it back into her young cunt without waking her up. Satisfied it was where it belonged, I slept.

After another fantastic fuck the next morning, Dina and I showered, dressed and made the trip to White City. As Tami’s only survivor, everything she owned now belonged to my granddaughter.
I could tell something was bothering Dina and somewhere along the way, she asked me to pull the pickup over to a rest area. My expectations of an impromptu blow job went out the window when she said, “I need to tell you something important before we get to mom’s place.”

“Okay, baby girl, what is it?”

“I hope you don’t hate me when I tell you this.”

I watched the emotion in her face. She was distraught about something serious.

Tears began to slowly form at the corners of her eyes. She sniffed back a snub and opened her pretty little mouth. Taking a deep breath, she let out the words she hated to tell to the only person left in her life who loved her, “A couple of months ago, Mom said she had some friends coming for the weekend. One of them was a man who was rough with me. I asked her if I could come here and stay with you until they left. She wouldn’t let me… she needed my pussy for her customers. Then, Mom told me I’m not your granddaughter…”
The tears began flowing and it took a minute for her to continue. “She said she had a gang bang when daddy was out of town for a month. It must have been when he was training those contractors in South America. Anyway, she had already missed her period before daddy got home. Anyone of eleven men could be my real father.”

The crying resumed. I pulled her into my arms as she soaked my shirt with tears. When she finally composed herself enough, I kissed her lips and told her, “You are MY baby, MY Dina. You always will be MINE. You need to understand that, sweetheart, okay?”
I instructed Dina to follow my lead when we met with the police chief. We had to be able to get control of Tami’s assets with as little complications as possible. Sure enough, the first thing Chief Jones asked was her age.

“She turned 18 last week,” I answered before Dina could speak up. When he asked for proof, I simply told him we’d get it to him, and that she’d left her purse at my house.

“She was afraid of things going on here, with her mother and the boyfriends. She came to live with me a few days before Tami was murdered. Good thing she wasn’t here, Chief. Dina could have wound up dead, too.”
He agreed and allowed us entrance to the house.
“Take everything that belongs to you, young lady. I think we already took everything that can be used for evidence. By the way, one of my officers found the killer today. He was high on meth and running through the park, screaming like a girl that seen a spider. Ain’t no question on this one. He’ll probably get life.”

Dina went straight to Tami’s bedroom. The bed was covered completely with a tarp. Last time I saw it, there was a dopehead and a dead woman on it……..

“Here it is, granddad.” Dina held up a small black metal box, “Mom & Dad’s marriage license, birth certificates, all kinds of legal papers. If I’m eighteen now, we need to get these in the truck before the chief sees them. If fact, can we take the cedar chest? Daddy made it and always said it was going to be mine, someday.”

“You put the box in the truck, under the seat. I’ll get the dolly and move the chest outside. Make sure you get everything you want, honey. Once we leave, we’re never coming back. The landlord can have a yard sale with the stuff we leave.”
Chuck, my friend the tattoo artist, was a wizard with a pen, photos, and computers, too. Within two days, Dina had a birth certificate, driver’s license, and school ID that indicated her age to be eighteen. We still had all the original documentation, in case it was needed, but the police and courts would easily be satisfied with the fakes. As for myself, I began justifying in my own mind that I was now fucking an eighteen year old, with no common DNA…. Not bad for a man pushing fifty.

The Rest of the Story

Dina lived with me, slept in my bed, and lighted my day, EVERYDAY, for the next six years, until she graduated from college. The only time we used her fake ID was to send the copy to the White City Police Chief.
Joe Duncan, Tami’s accused murderer, was sentenced to life imprisonment. Thru Dina’s and his cooperation, I acquired the names of six men who had been using my granddaughter for a cum dump, since she was thirteen. All but one of them suffered mysterious, accidental deaths, but were aware of the reason for the ‘accident’ before they died. The sixth man lost his life by his own hand when he heard about his ‘associates’.
Dina’s black metal box also contained stock certificates belonging to my son, Donnie. Those were worth nearly a million dollars. Dina’s degree was in finance and she’s invested well. She now lives in a beautiful home in the next block with her husband and twelve year old daughter, Shellie.
As we were relaxing, yesterday, right after our fantastic weekly fuck and suck session, Dina kissed me like she used to do, “Would you be interested in moving in with Shellie and me? I’m kicking David’s ass out and I don’t like to sleep alone. We know each other’s bodies better than anyone else. I realize the sex won’t be as often or as tense as it used to be, but I don’t want a relationship I have to be committed to, either.”
She curled her head against my shoulder and took my cock in her well experienced hand, “Shellie’s already getting curious about sex. When it comes time, I want you to break her in, granddad. She loves you, so much.”
…….. I move in tomorrow.

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