James gets back to work.
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Upon popular demand, here is chapter ten of Driven Lust.

Chapter 10

Mike was the first to react to the announcement, unbuckling his seatbelt and then Jen’s. He pulled her top over her head, revealing her nipple piercings, and then instructed her to stand up.

“Mike, what are you doing?” James asked, watching his efforts in horror.

“You heard the man, Mile High Club!” Mike said, turning his attention back to the redhead. The man had the patience of a hyena on prey.

“Dude, he was kidding.” James said, looking up front for Cathleen. Mike was going to get his balls busted again. “Stop that right now!” he said, trying to get the hormonal man to give up his horny plans.

“Why? We have two hours to kill. Besides, everyone has seen us naked before.” He replied, yanking Jen’s shorts down.

“Mike, I swear, if I get my balls busted over your stupid ass, I will chop yours off myself.” James chastised, “Get her clothes back on!”

“Tell you what Jif; I’ll stop if Lisa does.” Mike said, nodding towards the back while pulling his pants down.

James turned around behind him to see Lisa with her foot on an armrest and Link eating her out. “What the… Lisa! Damn it, we just got in the air! You can’t wait two freaking hours?”

“I waited till we got in the air.” she said, not even looking at him. “That was long enough.”

James felt like the adult in a preschool recess. “Fine, I am not responsible when Cathleen finds out, you hear me?” James said, “Both of you.” and got no response.

James wasn’t going to be around when mega bomb Cathleen went off. He unbuckled his seatbelt and then Ying’s to get them out of the way of the blasting area and headed up front. Looking back he said, “I warned you.” and got zero recognition for his effort.

Maybe he could stop anyone that decided to head back there, although he wasn’t sure he wanted to after they treated him like that. Going past the partition, he saw Cathleen Joy and Vicky talking at a table. The twins were watching TV.

“You care if Ying and I join you?” James asked, before going any further.

“Not at all, come right in.” Cathleen said, waving them in.

James took a seat at the table and Ying climbed into his lap.

“What brings you to this neck of the woods?” Vicky asked, probably thinking James wanted to know about the piercings.

“Seeking good company is all.” he replied, looking out the window.

“I bet, what’s going on? The guys chase you off?” Joy asked, teasingly.

James started to reply but a cabin door opened and a flight attendant walked in carrying drinks. Cathleen introduced him, “James, this Isaac.” smiling at him, “Isaac, this is James.”

“I consider it a pleasure, sir. Would you be the James that saved my lady’s life?” he asked, offering a hand.

James studied the older gentleman, noticing he was around forty. He had a slight touch of gray in his hair but still had youthful eyes. “Indeed it is so, the pleasure is mine.” James replied, shaking the man’s hand.

“You were on the news again this morning. It seems you are quite the popular man.” Isaac informed him, “Would you like a spot of tea?” releasing James’ hand.

James tried to remember the last time he had tea and couldn’t, “Tea sounds excellent, thank you. It’s hard to avoid the news lately.” he replied. “I seem to be in the right place at the right time.”

“I’ll retrieve it for you. Good to see you Miss Ying, how are you?” Isaac asked, directing his attention to her.

“I’m really good.” She said, looking up at the man.

“I am pleased to hear it. I’ll be back in a moment.” Isaac said, and turned to go in the back.

James saw his destination and said, “They don’t want anything at the moment.” hoping to curb his tracks.

“Oh? I’m sure Miss Lisa will want her pink lemonade.” Isaac replied looking puzzled at James. Turning away, he walked past the partition.

“You certainly seem odd at the moment James. Is something troubling you?” Cathleen asked, noticing the worried look on his face.

“I left the kids to play in the back and I hope they’re not misbehaving.” James replied, knowing good and well that wouldn’t be the case.

“I’m sure they’re fine James.” Cathleen replied, sipping on her drink.

Isaac came back through the partition and stopped. James was sure he would sound the alarm, but he pulled out a small notepad and scribbled on it instead. After finishing his note, he continued on into the galley.

“So, what plans do you have for me when we arrive?” James asked, deterring from his concern in the hopes of not attracting any more attention.

Cathleen sat her drink down and clasped her hands together, “We will go to the villa and settle in. You are to meet Mr. Wilson at the commercial airport and bring him back to the villa. At some time, and I haven’t heard anything yet, Miss Moore will arrive at the municipal airport we are landing at. You are to take her wherever she needs to go, requiring your services, make sure you keep an eye on her.”

“Is that Wilson the father or Wilson the groom?” James asked, wanting as much information regarding that man as possible.

“The father James; I wouldn’t invite the offspring. He has nothing to do with our business.” Cathleen replied, suspecting his common sense.

Isaac returned with his tea and a tray of other beverages. Placing it in front of him, James thanked him for his service. Walking to the twins, he sat two sodas down with two straws then headed for the back.

“Miss Moore, who is she?” James asked, while his eyes followed Isaac past the partition.

“She is the CFO to a conglomerate of ours. The company diversification is crucial to Spenco and we want to make sure she is taken care of.” Cathleen explained. “At this time, we are not sure if her company is solid enough to buy out or if our conglomerate is unstable, due to some precarious investments. Should she relate anything regarding that aspect, I expect you to share it with me although I doubt she will. If they have investments in Wilson Holdings, it may not be a good thing.”

James thought a little more about Mr. Wilson and wondered if the man would remember him, “Do you think that Mr. Wilson would want me to transport him? We did have an issue at the wedding, if you remember.”

Cathleen smiled at that, “Yes, which is why I want you to transport him. You seem stressed about him.” smiling a little broader, “Mr. Wilson has forgotten his position and if his reasons for his recent actions aren’t explainable, I will have to take drastic measures. The fact that you are picking him up will let him know who calls the shots here. If I pull out of his company, it may affect our conglomerate as well. It’s a touchy situation, as you can imagine.”

Isaac came back through the partition with an empty tray and went directly to the galley. James was amazed at the man’s discretion and made note of it. Those people are rare to find that keep to their tasks and their own business.

“Well, one company shouldn’t be that big of a concern but I understand stabbing yourself in the back with the conglomerate. Would you happen to know the address of the villa? I would like to put it in my GPS so I can route myself from the airports.” he asked.

Cathleen motioned at Joy who pulled out a folder. “This is everything from layout to itineraries regarding the villa.” Joy informed him. “You’ll find the itinerary of all the guests Cathleen has singled out for you to transport this weekend as well. ”

James heard a scream from around the partition. Unsure who it was, he was sure it was a scream from an orgasm. He placed a hand on the side of his face to block the look of shame. Joy bit her lip and smiled while Vicky rolled her eyes.

“Just what is going on back there?” Cathleen asked with a curious look on her face, looking towards the partition.

Joy spoke up and said, “Sounds like someone is having a good time.” and fidgeted in her seat.

James watched Cathleen get up from her seat and head for the partition. There wasn’t anything James could think of to prevent her from satisfying her curiosity. He just hoped he wouldn’t be blamed and his decision to move to the front will have been a good one. But, it wasn’t like he didn’t warn them after all.

“What the hell!” Cathleen yelled, and James knew the bomb was going off now. “Come here!” he heard.

James saw Cathleen return from around the partition, towing one naked Link by the ear. Dragging him over to the table, Cathleen told him to “Park it right there”.

Taking her seat, grumbling under her breath, she looked at the startled young man sporting a hard-on. Joy got her an eyeful of pierced nipples and dick while he stood beside her.

“What is wrong with you exactly?” Cathleen began. “I must tell you what an idiot you are.” pointing a finger at him, “You can’t fuck a girl with a ring on your pecker.” she admonished, “The next time, take the damn thing out. That should be common sense to you. You’ll rip it out if anything. I know you just got it but you better deal with the responsibility of having it or you won’t have it long. Lisa is too adventurous for her own good, you need to be responsible and stop some of her crazy ideas anyway.”

Link hadn’t had the pleasure of dealing with Cathleen’s temper and he shook where he stood, “Ye... yes ma’am.” he stammered, looking down while his dick looked back at him.

“Can you believe that, I walked in right in time to catch this fuck toy trying to fit that into Lisa?” Cathleen asked, looking at the rest around the table. “Oh, and that isn’t the half of it. Wait till I tell you what else I found back there!”

Well, nobody said anything. What was there to say really? James was surprised that it was all she was concerned about since his bet was her going off on them fucking to begin with.

“Bend over.” Cathleen instructed, and Link looked around to figure out how and why. “Over the table.” she directed. Following her instruction, Link waited until everyone pulled their drinks off of it and bent over, revealing his butt plug. Pushing a button on the intercom, Cathleen said, “Isaac, bring me a spatula.”

The cabin door opened almost immediately and Isaac handed her the utensil, looking at the precarious position Link was in and raising his eyebrows. He stepped back and allowed Cathleen to stand.

‘Smack!’ the spatula sounded as it slapped into a cheek. “Now, go tell Lisa I want to see her!” she instructed, taking her seat again.

Link walked off rubbing his reddened bum, the cutout of a spatula distinctively imprinted on it, and disappeared behind the partition. Cathleen drummed her fingers on the table. There was an awkward silence in the cabin while everyone waited for Lisa.

Lisa walked in wearing her piercings and… well just piercings, “What’s up Cat?” she asked, looking at the group.

“Would you believe a pussy like Lisa’s would be able to soil suede leather and plush carpeting?” Cathleen asked no one in particular.

“What? It cleans up.” Lisa said, not seeing a problem with it.

“I have clients leaving on this plane after we land. Just when am I supposed to have the seats and floor cleaned?” she huffed, “Unless you think they wouldn’t mind sitting in your cum of course.”

“There isn’t anything I can do about it.” Lisa replied, “Haven’t you got people for that?”

“Bend over.” Cathleen ordered, still drumming her fingers, “Bend your ass over the table.” seeing Lisa at a loss.

Lisa sighed and did as she was told. James was surprised to see a butt plug in her. She had a cute ass and her pussy lips where glistening from her recent orgasm. He could barely make out her clit ring shining in the folds.

‘Smack!’ the spatula sounded as it slapped into a cheek. “Go clean up your mess.” she seethed, “Isaac, tell her where to find the spot and stain remover.”

Like Link, she too rubbed her reddened spatula impression on her ass on the way into the galley.

“You would think they would be a little more respectful of my property.” Cathleen huffed, shaking her head and handing the utensil back to Isaac. “You know, even Mike was smart enough to put down his shirt for Christ sakes.” picking her drink back up.

“Well, I’m sure they’ll remember next time.” James said, thinking of nothing else to come up with. He was still getting over the fact that she actually disciplined her sibling.

“I will… sanitize this madam.” Isaac said, looking at the makeshift weapon and turning towards the galley.

Joy changed the topic and said, “Did you see Link’s piercings? They looked adorable on him. Like an adornment on a Christmas tree.”

“I was too busy admiring his tight little ass, well, until I swatted it.” Cathleen laughed while the others joined in.

“Well, I think Vicky did an excellent job. What do you think James?” Joy asked.

Here James goes again, getting in a conversation over something Ying was sensitive about. “I think Vicky made Ying very happy and they look superb on her.”

“Why thank you.” Vicky acknowledged, “I had expected a negative response from you.”

“Well, I come to terms with it. Far better you than a flagrant in a parlor somewhere.” James explained, thinking it didn’t matter what he thought, the deed was already done.

“That was exactly my assessment, James. You know they’ll just go find someone to do it, far better to have a sterile clean environment you know.” Vicky commented.

“And a certified licensed doctor to administer the task.” Cathleen pointed out, nodding in agreement.

“Do you think we could see Ying’s? I bet they look fantastic on her.” Joy asked, looking at James.

James patted her rump and said, “Go ahead Ying.” and she climbed off his lap.

She leaned over the table and grabbed her ear, “Earrings.” she said, showing off the studs. Removing her top, she jutted out her breasts, “Nipple rings!” she boasted loudly, jiggling the chain she had linked between them. That brought Jack and Jill’s attention from their movie and they walked over to study Ying’s metallic collection.

Both Jack and Jill looked at Cathleen, frowns on their faces, and Jill said, “Why don’t we get to have those?” and Jack responded, “Because our mistress isn’t cool like James is.” still frowning at Cathleen.

James dropped his head in his hand again. Every time Ying does anything, the twins want the same thing. He knew that she regretted giving him Ying for just this reason alone. Waiting for Cathleen to chew him out again was all that he could do.

Cathleen smiled at Jack over her comment, “Oh, I would be happy to have Vicky give you all the piercings Ying has.” she then looked at Ying, “Don’t you have one more Ying?”

Ying shrugged her shoulders and dropped her pants. Reaching down, she spread her pussy lips and showed off her, “Clit ring.” she explained.

The twins bent down to look and saw that it was indeed a ring through sensitive flesh. Both had an appalled look on their faces. “I don’t want that one.” Jill said, frowning, “Me either.” Jack said, just as shocked.

“Well, it’s all or none.” Cathleen said, and then added, “Are you sure?”

“Ying, does it hurt a lot?” Jill asked, wondering how she could tolerate the pain.

“No, it no hurt much.” She informed her, and played with it to prove it. Cathleen looked at James with that statement, furrowing her brow at him.

“You have to be real careful not to get it stuck in a zipper.” James thought out loud, hoping it would be a deterrent.

Both twins looked at him funny then shook their heads; not letting that lead balloon fly. After they turned their attention back to Ying, James shrugged at the ever frowning Cathleen. He didn’t know what she expected him to do about it; it wasn’t his idea to begin with. But, somehow he knew, it would be his fault regardless.

“You should let them get their ears pierced Cathleen, yours are.” James pointed out. “Stabbing a needle through their nipples though… doesn’t even sound good, I wouldn’t do It.” he admitted.

Both twins looked at him amazed that a brave guy like James was worried about a needle. “Yours aren’t pierced?” Jack asked, looking at his chest.

“Nope, you couldn’t pay me to do that.” James said, and feigned a shiver. “But Ying likes pain, so don’t go by what she tells you.” shaking his head, “Think about it, a hole is put through your skin with a metal object and you don’t think that would hurt?”

“Ying, are they sore?” Jill asked, trying to get verification of James’ point of view.

“Yeah, sore.” Ying said, seeing Cathleen’s look and it wasn’t a good one, she thought better about saying it didn’t. She liked them and that was all that mattered to her whether anyone else wanted them or not.

“Maybe just my ears pierced then.” Jack said and Jill nodded in agreement.

Joy offered her agreement, “Ears are fine, but can you imagine feeling material rubbing on those all day?” looking at Ying lustily.

Ying had her solution, “Just no wear anything.” thinking, ‘problem solved’ as far as she was concerned. She was more fixated on Joy, as she ogled her new jewelry. Ying bounced them again, letting the chain swing between them and watched Joy follow with her eyes.

“I’ll let you get your ears pierced then.” Cathleen conceded, and looked leeringly at James again. “But don’t ask me about any more.”

The crisis seemed to be avoided and James felt some relief. She really made him feel like some sort of uncle or step dad to the twins, spoiling them with gifts and such. How he fell into that role baffled him a little but then realized that he assumed that role when he took their virginities. It was the classic ‘You took it, you own It.’ philosophy and the fact that Cathleen had him do it is apparently beside the point. Who knows why women think the way they do, they’ve always been a mystery rapped in an enigma to James and everyone else too.

“So, why aren’t you joining the mile high club James?” Cathleen asked, “The rest of them are.”

James was surprised she would even ask, “Because I didn’t think you would approve of it.” and added, “Besides, Ying is a little sore.” then asked, “”Why aren’t you?”

“Why, I am waiting for someone to ask of course.” Cathleen said with a smile.

“Ok, would you do me the honor of having sex on an airplane with me?” James said with his own smile.

She fluttered her eyes at him and said, “Why, I would love to!” and rose from the table. “Shall we?” and offered her hand.

“Ying, fix It.” he said, waving one hand and grabbing Cathleen’s hand with the other.

Ying jumped over to Joy, “Wait, I’m not gay!” Joy announced as Ying grabbed her top and tried to pull it over her head.

“A mouth is a mouth, doc will tell you.” James said grinning, knowing she had been ogling Ying’s breasts the whole time. Her lustful eyes where pretty obvious to him. He suspected that she had been having thoughts since she tasted Cathleen last.

Cathleen led him to the back past the over-sexed Lisa with Link in her mouth, trying to blow life back in him, and Mike with Jen between his legs, doing the same. They entered a bedroom in the rear of the plane. A small bed was there in posh surroundings.

Cathleen was in a particular mood and started ripping James’ clothes off with aggression right after the door closed shut. “Whoa!” he exclaimed, stumbling backwards from her advances. She followed, chasing him down to get his pants off. He removed his shoes in time for his pants to be stripped.

Cathleen grabbed his crotch and used her fingernails to tear his bikini underwear right in the middle. Forcing him to roll over, she did the same to his ass. ‘Another pair gone.’ was all James thought as he almost laughed out loud at her demeanor. Something had her going and he was willing to bet it was spanking asses that done it. His was included as she slapped his and said, “Roll over.” and removed her blouse, skirt, and panties. Climbing up to his head, she straddled him, lowering her sex to his mouth.

“Suck it!” she demanded as she ground her sex on his face. Like Ying earlier that day, Cathleen took what she wanted with force. He wasn’t aggressive enough for her so a handful of hair was grabbed, “Use that tongue.” she hissed, rocking on his face. James reached up behind her and unfastened her bra.

“Like that?” she asked, circling his face with her crotch and listened to his mumbled “mhm” and she gasped from the vibrations of it. Forcing his head into the mattress, settling in better, she gasped another order, “Stick your tongue in.” and he complied. It wasn’t to her liking and demanded more, “Deeper!” and sat more weight on his face.

James was amazed at the dominatrix above him. He, himself, had not seen her so dominate. His role in this play was not familiar to him but tried to follow along as she molested his mouth with her sex. Her talk excited him, however, and he was thankful for it. Not many women voice their desires and it was a turn-on for him.

Grabbing her waist wasn’t good enough and she whispered, “Tits, grab my tits.” so he raised his hands to fill them with breasts. “That’s it, now suck me deep.” she cooed, loosening her grip on his hair a little. He did as instructed and sucked her clit and hole, draining her of her excrement. She heard hi slurping and asked in pants, “You like that? Does it taste good?” and he replied his agreement in moans.

She loved the vibrations from his muffled answers and tried to get more. Reaching back, she grabbed his manhood and felt it stiffen more in her hands. “Getting it hard for me?” she asked, stroking it slowly. He rose off her to reply and said, “No, you are.” grinning. She failed to see the humor and shoved her cunt on him again, “Shut up and eat.” she hissed, pulling his head back into her and squeezing his cock.

He groaned from her manhandling although he suspected that was the wrong word to use. Her immediate response from it was evident and she squeezed him again, making him groan more. She smiled from her newfound knowledge and used it several times. She leaned forward more and said, “Tongue my ass too.” and he made his efforts successful, lapping at her clutching star. She pulled back and used him on her hole, then back even more for him to reach her clit.

She rose in her climax and at its peak said, “Take it! Suck it all!” and pumped her cunt into bliss.

James latched on to her two love handles and let her abuse him at will, sucking and tonguing where he could. Her humps turned to spasms and eventually settled into a lurch every so often. He let her catch her breath on his face. “Good boy.” she said, patting the top of his head. James barked, “Woof, woof!”

She laughed as she scooted, working her hips to his groin. She nestled his cock in her slit and asked, “You like being my fuck toy?” and smiled.

“Beat me, rape me, but don’t mess up my hair!” James said, while messing up her hair.

“Silly boy.” she replied, “You can’t rape the willing.” and guided his cock to her entrance. She absolutely loved his play, with words and deeds. He had a way of making her feel good whether she wanted him to or not. Even as he caressed her now, she was aroused by his touch. Biting her lip, she wiggled him the rest of the way in her.

Cathleen’s nipples stroked on his chest as she made him enter her. He stroked her sides and breasts as she raised, preparing to take him on a ride to paradise. She raised and lowered a few times, getting used to his invasion. With hair in her eyes from his tousling, pointed nipples from his fondling, and moist labia from his mouth, she sat up on him and prepared for the better. Sighing, she bucked on him as he continued his roaming over her.

James enjoyed his position under her, although he was used to being in control. While she rose above him, he took initiative and bucked up to her.

Pinching his nipple, she warned him, “This is my ride.” and smiled an evil smile. With that, she bounced upon him, doing what she wanted. James pooled his memories and was reminded of the older gentleman’s wife, using him the same way. He shook the Hunt’s from his mind and focused on her beauty instead. He was caught off guard somewhat as she began to pick up more speed. He lurched a little, adapting to the change.

“Don’t you move on me.” she warned, “You’re getting me off first.” she instructed, still bouncing at a fast pace. She wanted more from him and said, “Now, talk dirty to me.” she panted, “Tell me how you like It.” tiring from her efforts.

‘Finally’ he thought, she’s giving him some leeway. “You like me groping your tits?” he asked and she responded, “Oh yeah. Squeeze them harder.” And he did.

“Do you feel my cock buried in you?” he asked and she panted, “Oh yeah.” And humped him with what energy she had.

“Fuck that pussy on me.” James said, wanting her to wear herself out. “Play with your clit while you fuck me hard.” he said, driving her faster. She reached for her sex and played, still riding his manhood.

“Are you going to make me eat your cum after you squirt on me?” he asked, knowing that would get her going.

She picked up speed at the thought and said, “You know it, I’ll fuck your face with it again.”

“Do it, make me suck you again after you cum.” He replied, pinching her nipples softly.

Her climax built again over her thoughts of domination and forcing him to suck her cum. “Oh yeah, you’re going to get it creamed on now!” she said, laying over on him. He knew she was tired and needed his strength. She slowed even as she trembled from building her orgasm.

James took the lead and pumped up to her, hands still on her tits, even though she was laying on him. He pulled his hands out and wrapped his arms around her, giving him a more solid hit on each strike. He caressed her down her back and squeezed an ass cheek while she screamed into his chest.

“You’re taking that cock now, aren’t you.” He said, giving her all he could from that position.

“Hell, yes!” she screamed, peaking at her climax. The slapping on her sex was a huge turn-on for her and she held her breath as she tensed from the orgasm. It lasted so long but she finally came down. He slowed his pounding to soft thrusting.

She let go of her control and relaxed on his chest, still panting from her efforts. He caressed her while she rested. “I’m going to start working out.” She said, still taking deep breaths.

James smiled and said, “I’m up at six and working out by seven, if you want to join me and Jill.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” she sighed, “Now, about you cleaning me up.” She said, circling a nipple with a finger.

“Are you serious?” he asked, surprised she really would make him do it. He wasn’t apposed, her cream more than covered up any taste of him. He was surprised she thought it was a good idea.

“Oh, you know it buddy.” she said, rising up to look at him, “Get that tongue in my hole.” and rolled off of him on her back.

He rose up and looked at her, “I can’t believe you really want me to.” he said, giving her the second chance to get out of it. If she still wanted it, he was going to give it to her with everything he had.

“Suck it now!” she said, and pointed at her bush, obviously, she was getting off on her orders.

James hesitated, pretending that he wasn’t so sure. He pulled back a lip to look at the moisture on her. “Do I have to?” he asked with puppy dog eyes.

“Bring your ass up here.” she said, with as straight of a face she could muster.

James knew what was coming, having experienced it from Doc Vicky the first time. He turned a 180 and faced her leg, placing his ass in striking distance. He grinned facing away from her while he wiggled his ass in front of her. James wasn’t sure when it would happen and he tensed his ass in expectation. Her patience was noteworthy as she waited for him to relax, and then let him have it, ‘Smack!’

“Get down there and suck my come off.” She ordered in a voice of authority, enjoying her role as supreme master. James played around a moment more, taking time to rub his ass and protest her punishment.

James thought for sure he was witnessing Cathleen at her most aggressive best. But he hadn’t counted on her slapping his ass one more time. She did it right when he relented and headed south. It caused his face to lurch on her sex, hitting her sensitive clit with his nose. She slapped him again, “Not there, my hole!”

James was a naively reluctant master. He had been raised to respect women, always being courteous and opening doors. Demeaning women was not in his playbook, a talent he seriously lacked. But Cathleen called that all into question when she showed him what a true master does and grabbed his ball sack. It brought fear from recognition to him, remembering the pain she caused in the past.

Making his fear come true, she said, “Do these need slapped again?” kneading on them. An evil grin crossed her face, knowing the effect she had on him as his tongue dove right in. Just to keep him focused, she used her nails and clawed his balls. This had the desired effect and he fucked his tongue into her.

James had concerns. The issue at hand was in her hands and the solution was staring him in his face. He had to please to be pleased and set to task to achieve that goal using all of his talents to do it. Fucking into her, she eventually eased her grip, reveling in his administrations.

Say what you will about James’ naivety, but he was an expert on cunnilingus. Cathleen melted from his attention and soon forgot her dominant role. His plunging was doing what she wanted for now but it wouldn’t do for long. James made sure of it as he went faster.

Looking at his red ass cheek and the hard-on he had past it made her lusted for it. His work was excellent and propelled her climax. She grabbed his ass cheek and held on, her fingers caressing his entrance there. That also added to her pleasure and she rocked her orgasm in his mouth. James, ever the gentleman, cleaned up the mess he made, slowing to just light licking.

After catching her breath while James cleaned, she patted him on his ass, “Good boy.” she cooed, and relaxed in post bliss. “Woof, woof!” James repeated and chuckled on her sex. She laughed at his play, enjoying his consent of her dominance. James was a man that aimed to please and he hadn’t disappointed her yet. He adapted very well to any demand she’s given him. Thankful to find such a diverse lover, she simply said, “Thank you.”

“The pleasure was mine.” he replied, sitting up and looking over the queen in his life.

“I had more pleasure, I can assure you.” she confessed, looking at her lover in satisfaction.

“Now, if you’ll let me, I’ll show you a technique that is bound to please.” James said with a smile.

“By all means, please do.” she said, wondering what he had in mind.

James scooted under her legs, leaving her on her back. He lay on his side and faced his crotch to hers. Grabbing his manhood, he rubbed it against her slit. Her eyes widened feeling it. She had felt it before but this was different as he ran his cockhead from clit to asshole.

James hit her sensitive areas then brought his manhood to her hole. Circling before plunging just his head in, he pulled out and repeated. She gasped at his entrance, as shallow in depth as it was. His continued torture aroused her even more. Size may not matter but girth sure does and he spread her open on each stab. He grabbed a breast and caressed her there, picking up speed with his hand thrusting his cockhead in and out. Feeding his cock into her, he brought her to orgasm with that.

Cathleen hadn’t thought she could learn any more but James kept proving her wrong. As a recluse in her protectively perfect world, she hadn’t experienced the ingenuity of a worldly man. Missionary was her most common position and everything else was new. She thought to herself as the waves of orgasm hit her, ‘My God, what he does to me is crazy!’

James knew she enjoyed his tactical play and added some zest with it. Reaching behind her leg, he fondled and pinched her clit while she bucked her orgasm on him. It forced her to last a great deal longer when he dipped to her ass with his cock and then back in her pussy entrance.

Rolling her on her side, he slipped the rest of him in her. Starting slowly, he let her have his length, over and over and over. Raising her leg for better access, he took the opportunity to service himself in her heated vagina.

She had her orgasm already and wasn’t quite ready for more, but James didn’t seem to care. He rolled her when her defenses was down and plowed into her cervix. She gasped at the impact and clenched from his thrusts. She never experienced an orgasm by lying on her side, but James made sure she had that event planted firmly in her memory.

Reaching in again, he tugged on her clit then released to explore elsewhere. Fondling her back to her inner ass cheeks, he worked his way back to her clit. Placing his fingers over her bud, he pounded faster into her. Rubbing his hand over her velvet folds, feeling his cock pumping in her, they both came in intensity, soaking the bed with their essence.

Cathleen rocked in her bliss, feeling his pounding drive her over. She came so hard; she thought she’d pass out from it. Jack and the toy lacked the beastly performance only a man could give. With even the sometimes brutal treatment, James smoothed it over with kisses. Starting at her hips and working his way up, he lavished her with kisses. Over her shoulders and on her neck, he continued till he met her chin.

“You’re wonderful.” he said, and kissed her softly on the lips. She may have her kinks in dominance but it was one of the things that made her special. James could learn to love this girl, if only from a distance.

Why he did that, she didn’t know. She only reacted to his kissing. She was in no position for relationships but isn’t that what this was? She let her heart lead her and kissed him back in kind. “Good boy.” she giggled, and rose up on her elbow, “You make a good lover.” keeping her emotions to herself.

“It takes two to tango and you’re a great partner.” James said, as he rose from the bed they shared. Offering her his hand, he helped her up on her feet.

Exiting the bedroom after dressing and entering the next cabin, the first thing they noticed was Lisa. Sitting with her arms crossed in front of her, she seemed to be grimacing for some reason.

“What’s wrong?” Cathleen asked with a concerned look on her face.

“Same thing that’s wrong with Jenny.” Lisa pouted, nodding in her direction.

Both James and Cathleen looked to the other side to see Jenny with the same look of anguish.

Looking back at Lisa, Cathleen said, “That tells me nothing.” frowning at the lack of information. “What’s wrong?”

“My nipples hurt really badly and my clit is throbbing in pain too.” Lisa informed her, and held back a tear and a sniffle.

“Well, I wonder who’s to blame for that problem.” Cathleen huffed, looking at the guilty party.

“I knew you wouldn’t care.” Lisa growled, and then moaned at her suffering breasts.

Cathleen continued up past the partition with James following close behind her. He was worried that Ying’s medicine wore off and would be in the same misery.

Vicky and Joy were at the table, enjoying another drink. Cathleen addressed them up on entering and asked Vicky her expert opinion.

“Ha, it’s about time. I’m surprised the local anesthetic lasted so long.” Vicky said, upon hearing of the girls’ plight. “They’re pain medicine is used up as well.”

“Is there anything you can do about it?” Cathleen asked, wanting to help them if she could.

“I’ll give them two aspirins and they can call me in the morning.” Vicky said, smiling while she rose from the table.

“Where’s Ying?” James asked, concerned for his charge.

“Um, she was in the galley I think, or at least I saw her head there.” Joy said, a thoughtful look on her face. “She got me off, then Vicky… oh; she was going to fix something in the galley.”

James shrugged his shoulders at that; she hadn’t eaten much at lunch. She was probably hungry and wanted a bite to eat. He headed for the cabin door that led to the galley of the plane. Opening the door, his attention went to Isaac as he leaned against a sink.

“Where’s Ying?” he asked, not seeing her there, checking behind the attendant.

“Now wait sir, you cannot blame me. I am the victim I assure you.” Isaac said with a worried look in his eyes.

James took a closer look at him and noticed more detail this time. His hair was smoothed back instead of parted, his shirt not fully tucked in. He wore the look of a guilty man and James wondered what he had meant. “What are you talking about? I’m just looking for Ying.” he said, and waited for some detail.

“Sir, I swear, I was just cleaning glasses when she entered.” he started, “I hadn’t expected her here. She insisted on fixing me and doing what you said but I was sure she had misinterpreted.” he paused to take another breath.

James dropped his shoulders on hearing this news and thought exactly what Isaac confirmed.

“She wouldn’t take no for an answer and had her way with me here.” Isaac explained, “I resisted as much as I could do but relented after a time when she… took me.”

James needn’t hear anymore and relieved the man of his worry, “I know and I’m sorry. She gets carried away at times. I told her to fix something and she was doing what she thought I wanted.” he explained, “Please don’t blame her for it.”

“Blame? How could I? It was me that relented to her. It’s been years since I’ve had the pleasure… but you must understand my moment of weakness.” he rambled.

His words fell on deaf ears; James knew where the blame lied. He turned his back on Isaac’s ramblings and headed for the door. Turning back to look at Isaac, he asked, “Do you know where she went afterwards?”

“No sire, I do not. She administered her… talents and left me… in disarray.” he replied and James went out the door.

It’s an aircraft after all with not too many places to go. The only place left was the cockpit so he knocked on that cabin door and opened it.

The pilot zipped up still in his chair and Ying stood up and turned. “I fix them all.” Ying said proudly and walked to her master’s side.

“Um, yes, I see that you have.” James said, not even looking at the pilot. “Good job honey.” was all he could say and left the cockpit with her.

“How are you feeling Ying?” James asked, changing the subject of her fixing everyone, “Are you sore yet from your piercings?”

“I no sore yet.” she said, her chest bouncing in pace beside him. “They tender though.” she admitted.

James led them to Vicky who was tending Jen to get her opinion, knowing she would be the next to suffer.

“She isn’t sore yet but probably will be.” James informed her, hoping Vicky could prevent the inevitable.

Vicky bent down on a knee and took a look at Ying and then looked back to James, “Her size affects the duration. She’s not half the size of the other girls.” she explained. Checking her piercings to make sure they weren’t bleeding, she rose up from her knelt position.

“Here’s a bottle of pain pills, you can give her two if they start hurting.” Vicky instructed, handing him a small bottle.

“Thank you very much.” James said, taking what she offered. He walked Ying back to the table and handed her the bottle. “If you start to hurt, take two of these.” making sure she understood.

The pilot came over the loudspeakers, “We are 30 minutes from destination. Passengers need to buckle up when the warning light comes on.”

James instructed Ying to get dressed and they readied for the landing. Everyone else got settled in and the seatbelt light came on. The pilot did an excellent job on landing as it was a smooth one.

Exiting the plane, the group met Virgil who was waiting for their arrival. “James needs to come with Me.” he said, taking a carry-on bag from Cathleen to put in her car. “Yes” she said, “James, follow Virgil; he has your vehicle and equipment.”

James waited for his briefcase to get off the plane and then followed Virgil with his case and folder in hand. Cathleen and the twins had her own sedan waiting. The rest of the group was loading into a black full-sized passenger van.

Virgil stopped to put Cathleen’s bag in her car then led him over to a black SUV. Unlocking the passenger door, Virgil pulled out a vest and handed it with the keys to him. “If ever there was someone that needed one, you would be it.” he said, “Your client is coming in on an earlier flight. You should get to the airport.”

“What, dressed like this?” James asked, sporting khakis and a pull-over. James didn’t wait for an answer and ran to the suitcases getting loaded. Getting his suit bag from the pile, he headed back to his vehicle.

“Do you have the change on Mr. Wilson’s flight?” he asked, heading to the driver side door.

Virgil followed him around and handed him the information on a Post It note, “Don’t feel bad if you hit a few pot holes with him in the car.” he grinned, “He’s not a lovable guy.”

“Yeah, we’ve met.” James said, sliding into the seat. Closing the door, James pulled out his phone and looked up the flight. ‘6:20pm ETA’ and it was five thirty already. Grabbing his bag, he laid out his clothes he planned to change into and programmed his location to the airport to the villa address in his phone.

Following its directions, James headed out to uncharted territory. He wished he had a map to get an idea where the airport and villa was but was left with what he had and hoped it was good enough for this trip.

Arriving at the airport, James had to circle once to find the short term parking. Grabbing his ticket and entering, he parked as close to the baggage claim as possible. He had twenty minutes before the flight landed and still needed to change his clothes. Hoping the walk from terminal to baggage claim would buy him enough time to change, James opened the door to the first restroom. Changing his clothes as fast as he could, he was just finishing when his phone rang.

“Where are you?” Virgil said, sounding upset on the phone.

“I’m changing clothes in the bathroom, why?” James panted from his exertion.

“He’s looking for you right now.” he said.

“I’m out of the bathroom, where is he?” James asked, leaving his tossed clothes in the bathroom and looking for some help in locating his client. Virgil placed him on hold to find out.

“He’s at the information booth” Virgil informed him after getting back to him on the phone.

James kept Virgil on the phone while he looked around for a booth. Turning a corner, he bumped into a man, causing luggage to spill from his hands.

“Excuse me sir, I apologize.” James said, and saw it was indeed the Mr. Wilson he sought that he ran in to.

“Bumbling idiot!” the man exclaimed, bending down for his lost luggage.

James bent down to retrieve it as well and almost bumped heads with the irate man. “Allow me, sir.” James said, and continued to pick it up.

“Leave it alone you fool!” Mr. Wilson demanded and James rose back up to stand.

Mr. Wilson did the same, after obtaining a grasp on his tossed luggage and noticed James for the first time. “What are you doing here?” he asked with a frown, obviously not pleased with this greeting.

“I’ve been instructed to pick you up sir. I am to take you to the villa.” James explained, standing with his hands clasped in front of him.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” he seethed, his day getting darker by the moment. “I’m still pissed at that stunt at the wedding. How did you get to be the one to take me?” he asked, hoping this was a joke.

“Cathleen Spencer sends her regards as well as me to retrieve you.” James said, speaking pleasantly as possible to the man and avoided the incident at the wedding. James still had the picture on his old phone but want going to mention it.

“That wretched woman will do anything to push me around.” he said, sighing under his breath, “She’ll get what’s coming to her.” he said, walking towards the sliding doors.

“She seems most pleasant to me sir.” James stated, knowing he bedded her not two hours ago. Why this guy would have such seething hatred baffled him a little. He figured the man had few friends and relished in having foes. It seemed to him that if your company depended on another, you would be more gracious towards them.

He leered at James and spoke low when he said, “Mark my words, she’s poison.” then said, “She’s a disgrace to her father.” and headed out the door.

“You have ill relations with the mistress?” James asked, wondering why he despised her so much.

“That crazy dame will pull her funds and leave me and my firm bankrupt.” he seethed with anger, clearly worried about his future.

“She has good business sense and I’m sure your firm does her justice.” James said, thinking the man had probably treated Spenco like a money tree to begin with and deserved no less than bankruptcy.

“Bah, she wouldn’t know, she inherited her money. Her father had the good business sense.” he said on reflection.

James was left with nothing to say other than, “I hope things improve with you.” loading his luggage in the back of the SUV.

Mr. Wilson smiled for the first time in James’ life, “Oh, I intend to see to that.” and took a seat in the back of the vehicle, waiting for James to get in.

James climbed in and started the vehicle, clipping his seatbelt together. Starting his navigation, they rolled out of the garage, paying the short term fee.

“How long have you been under her thumb?” he asked, probably curious about his relationship with her.

“I’ve been in her service for the past week.” James admitted, wondering what he would think.

The man held back from any thoughts and said, “You’ll probably regret it in the end.”

“I haven’t so far but one never knows. “ James admitted, “Are you here on business or pleasure?” he asked, just to change the subject.

“If you want to call it something like pleasure.” he said, “The spoiled witch wanted me for some reason and wouldn’t take no for an answer. I have other business here but she will be interrupting that for me. I’ll get a chance to take care of it though.”

“Why bother meeting her really?” James thought to ask, if his fate seemed so bleak.

“I want to know what she’s up to, of course.” he offered, “You always want to keep your enemies closer.”

Strong words from a man with little fire power. “How do you see her as an enemy? She has investments in your firm.” James asked, “I would think her to be an asset.”

He guffawed his response, “Her old man was an asset, she’s a liability.” he said, “Tell me, has she discussed anything about Wilson Holdings?” curious to hear any word.

“I’m afraid it is above my pay grade.” James explained, knowing he wouldn’t tell the man even if he did know.

“Bah, I shouldn’t have bothered to ask you, a driver wouldn’t know anyway.” he mumbled.

James didn’t reply and drove in silence. He felt he had talked enough as it was. The silence became awkward and his client grew restless. “How long until we get there?” he asked.

“ETA is thirteen minutes.” James announced, looking at his phone for navigation.

It was correct in its estimate as they pulled into a long driveway, passing servant quarters on their left, and spilling into a circular parkway right on time. As wide as any hotel, the villa sat in a garden with a fountain at its center.

James got out and opened the door for his client then stepped to the back for his luggage. Handing it to the hateful man, James stepped back in the vehicle. Pulling the folder with the villa layout, he found the garage to park. Leaving the villa and turning into the next driveway, he found the garage and parked.

Pulling out his itinerary, he looked for his next client in the list. He came across Mr. Wilson and found to his surprise his first name. ‘Clifford’ was not what he would have guessed and had his bet on ‘Richard’. That way the man could truly be blessed with a name that matched his personality. If you could call him anything by name, ‘Dick’ seemed to be very appropriate.

He found Moore on the list and saw TBD beside it. ‘That would be the one.’ he thought, and noted her first name was Gloria. He checked his phone for alerts and emails that would tell him anything about her flight.

Picking up a chartered flight was a far cry different than a commercial flight. First of all, you needed a tail number. Without it you had no chance. Secondly, if the flight was flagged private, nobody can tell you anything at all about it. Thirdly, security can be strict or lax and James remembered he drove right out. He didn’t have to worry about a gate code at least. Some hangers allowed you to pick up on the tarmac. If it was the same hanger they arrived at, he wouldn’t be able to. James figured that if there was a gate code, you could drive on the tarmac; no gate code, you were restricted to the parking lot.

Since he had no information on Gloria Moore, he sent a text to Cathleen. ‘Any info on Moore?’ he sent and waited for a reply.

’22:00’ was all she sent, which gave him some time to kill.

‘Hanger and tail#?’ he text back and received a reply immediately.

‘Fuck if I know’ wasn’t a good answer so he shut the vehicle down and got out. Placing his folder on top of his weapon in his briefcase, he prepared to head out. He wondered if Mr. Wilson wasn’t already being an ass to her.

“Hombre!” he heard from off to his right, “You not leave that there, hombre!”

A Hispanic man dressed in a thin coverall approached him. James assumed he was the mechanic. “Where would you like me to put it?” he asked, not seeing anywhere else to go.

“Egad, you’ll get oil on the floor; I have to clean it up!” he said, shaking his head at the ignorance James had.

“I’m sorry but I don’t know where to put it.” James defended, still waiting for some instruction.

“Duh! Garage” he said, “Why you so stupid?” he asked flabbergasted, walking towards James. He didn’t even come to James’ shoulders and it would take two of his width to match James’.

James furrowed his eyebrows at the man that didn’t know James to even call him stupid. James sat his briefcase down and crossed his arms, waiting for the thin man to continue.

An enlightened Hispanic stared up at James and the frown he wore on his face. “Whoa, you’re a big one.” and smiled as he said, “You have to use the elevator. I’m Carlos” he introduced and offered James a hand.

James took his time taking the man’s hand, “I’m James.” he said, “The stupid one.” and tightened his grip on the man. He was definitely a mechanic because he gripped a firm hand, but James could overpower him and proved it by tightening a little more on him.

“Oh, hehe, I know who you are hombre.” he replied, “You stopped the kidnappers, no?”

James released the man and nodded his head, “I’m the one.” he admitted.

The man took his hand back, mimicking Link, shaking life back into it. Looking at his hand to see if it was still there he said, “You have to park on the lift.” then pointed to a side which had a square pad on the ground.

“Ok, you can show me, get in.” James said, unlocking the SUV.

The man agreed and climbed in the passenger seat while James took control of the wheel.

“Just drive on the lift.” Carlos instructed, and waited until James got there. “Put it in park.” he further instructed, and reached over in front of James. Pressing a garage door opener on the visor, the pad lowered them to another level.

James found himself on a ramp leading further ahead of him, broadening with parking spots on the side. Finding one further to the end, Carlos said it was a good one. They both got out and Carlos showed him an elevator to go up. “We go to first floor.” he instructed, leading the way.

“Have you been here long?” James asked in the elevator.

“Si’ senior, all my life.” he replied. “Senior Spencer hired my Papa.”

The elevator opened up and to no surprise, James found himself in the kitchen. To make him feel somewhat at home, he met Vicky making a drink.

“Made it back already?” she asked him, putting the 2 liter back in a fridge.

“Only till ten.” James replied, “How’s everything here?”

“Busy as hell.” she said, picking up her glass. “They’re running around like cockroaches after Cathleen chewed some asses.” she laughed. “I thought she would have a stroke when she saw dishes piled up in the sink.”

“Crap, I was hoping she’d get some relief, not add more stress.” James said.

“You won’t see her lighten up until after this party is over.” Vicky conveyed.

“Where is she now?” James asked, wondering if she was with Clifford.

“The main house” Vicky said.

“The main house, what?” James asked, thinking he was in the main house already.

“You’re in the staff quarters. Get your folder and I’ll show you.” Vicky replied.

James opened his briefcase and pulled out his folder. Vicky saw his weapon uncovered. “How did you get that in here?”

James turned serious and said, “That is a very good question.” realizing that the only defense he had seen here was a mechanic. “I simply walked right in with it. Nobody stopped me.”

Vicky seemed worried, “That isn’t good, considering Cathleen was attacked.”

James was brought to mind words spoken to him earlier, ‘She’ll get what’s coming to her.’ and then, ‘I intend to see to that.’

“Ok, show me where she is.” James said, opening up the folder. Vicky explained where he was and the layout of the plan. He was in a corner of one huge square; Cathleen was in the center where he dropped off Clifford. James liked the pool and garden in the center courtyard. The garage had a second exit that led out to the beach. The main house boasted a waterfall in glass which shared water from the outside fountain. On and on, the layout showed more details to James and he wished he had one for the other estate.

“Ok, I’m going to check on Cathleen, do you know where Ying is?” James asked, hoping she wasn’t adding to the stress.

“She’s with the other guys. They’re supposed to be cleaning the ballroom.” Vicky said.

“Ok, thanks.” James replied, and headed for the main section of this elaborate estate.

Passing statues and paintings, James made his way to the front. Stopping a middle-aged woman dressed as a maid in the hall, he asked where he could find her. She directed him to the office all the way around another corner. After pointing out the door, she went on her way.

James could hear Clifford’s loud mouth from the other side of the door.

“I’m not kidding, you think you know everything but I’ll let you know one thing.” he overheard, “You pull your account, it’ll be the last thing you do!”

James couldn’t hear Cathleen’s side of the conversation but Clifford wasn’t calming down any.

“Bitch, you’ll leave it alone or die.” Clifford said which drew the line with James.

James knocked on the door as he opened it. Clifford was leering over Cathleen with his fist balled, looking back at James. Cathleen looked threatened but held her resolve.

“Hate to interrupt, everything alright in here?” James asked, watching Clifford lower his fist.

“James, we were just discussing Mr. Wilson’s recent investments and it seems that Spenco is out a great deal of money. Sadly, he doesn’t seem to know where it went or why.”

James looked at Cathleen upon that bit of news, “That is a shame. I’m sorry Wilson Holdings hasn’t kept better track of It.” looking back at Clifford as he said it.

“Yes, our shareholders will not be happy and I’m afraid I have to part ways with Wilson Holdings.” Cathleen admitted, leering at Clifford.

“I told you, you can’t pull out now. The money is already invested.” Clifford tried to explain, anger still in his voice.

“It seems to me that Spenco is the loser either way. Keeping Wilson Holdings will be like an eye sore you’d have to deal with every day they were on your books.” James offered, “Why would she want to keep you?” he asked.

“I have her money. If she wants to see any of it, she’ll do what I say.” He growled.

“How much does he have invested?” James asked Cathleen.

“Fifty million, or close to it.” Cathleen said, standing up to get away from the angry man.

James was amazed at the amount but it was still a drop in the bucket to Cathleen. “So, you’re threatening her with that measly amount?” James started, “Hardly worth fighting over, isn’t it Cathleen?”

“It is only the shareholders I am concerned about.” she explained, “The money is nothing.” walking over to James to stand beside him.

“Listen here, if you pull out, I’ll be ruined. Everyone will lose their jobs.” Clifford explained, concerned.

“Ok, appraise his business, buy it and deduct what he owes you.” James said, “That way the employees will still have a job, you’ll get some of your money back, and your stock holders won’t know the difference. If anything, Spenco will just own another business in their eyes.”

“Sell my company? Never!” he fumed, walking in circles.

“You need to face reality. If you can’t find her money, you’re going to be penniless regardless. Even worse, you may end up incarcerated.” James said, keeping Cathleen behind him.

“I told you, you’re going to regret dealing with that… woman.” he fumed, “Look what she’s doing to me!”

“I’m going to try not to do something stupid like you did to keep me from regretting it.” James said, “Cathleen, do you need me to take him somewhere?” he finished.

“Yes please, take him back to the airport. He is not welcome here after threatening me like that.” she instructed, and James escorted him out.

Karma, James seen it all the time. This was proof that what comes around goes around. It was a quiet ride back to the airport. James thought it was a waste of money to bring the man down here just to cut him loose. Companies do it all the time though. They bring an employee in to the main office and fire them, leaving them high and dry. The same applies with contractors like Wilson Holdings. But with Clifford Wilson, James didn’t feel sorry for him one bit.

“Take me to a hotel.” Clifford said, hopping into the back.

James looked at him in the rearview mirror, “She said airport and that’s where we are going.” and put the vehicle in gear and headed out.

No words were spoken as James let him out at the airport. Somehow, James had the impression it wouldn’t be the last he would see of Clifford Wilson. Checking his time, he decided to spend it at the municipal airport and headed over there.

Smart phones where awesome, James decided, as he browsed the internet. He found Gloria Moore and the company she owned. Further research showed her company planes. Looking at the picture offered he could ascertain a tail number. The first letters represent the company, the last was the number given to that specific aircraft.

Playing with a flight tracker, he was able to pull up the history of that tail number after finding it in Paris. It never made any trips to Florida in the past and it sure wouldn’t make one tonight. So, James tried the next number after that. No luck. Then he thought to check the tail number before it. He was in luck.

The flight was due to land at ten. The flight tracker showed it in the air and coming in early. Next came the fun part of finding the hanger it was due in at. Sounds simple, right? Wrong, hangers had their own codes. Back on the web for more research, James found an airport code list and the corresponding hanger name.

What he had gathered was pretty good. General Kinetics was the company, tail numbers started with SD, the hanger the company plane taxied to most was Executive Jet and that was exactly where it was supposed to land, plus, he was tracking the flight in the air. ‘Not too shabby for a chauffeur.’ James thought.

He pulled into the hanger and parked. Walking inside, he went to the desk and enquired about the flight with a middle-aged woman who claimed she didn’t know of any flights landing tonight. James wasn’t surprised. Small airports are only notified when aircraft near and then they rush out to wave them in.

“Trust me, it is on the way.” James said, showing her his smart phone. “Now, do I pull onto the tarmac or wait here?”

Since it was late and a skeleton crew was working, she allowed him on the tarmac. James would help with the luggage.

It was a sight James always got a rush from. Watching a jet head right for you, wind kicking up dust, and the sound of the jet engines were always thrilling. James stood by the doors and waited patiently for his client. The ground coordinator guided the large private jet mere feet away from his vehicle. Throwing blocks under the wheel, the coordinator prepared the plane for disembarking.

The side door was unfolded, turning it into a stairway and his client stood at the top, surveying her location. Wearing a light jacket, high heels, and sunflower skirt, James couldn’t distinguish any facial features but at least she wasn’t overweight. She had the air of power around her and James immediately thought of Cathleen. The wind generated by the engine blew the skirt up around her hips and gave James an eyeful of panties. She didn’t bother with it, letting gravity bring it down.

He had placed his vehicle correctly. She merely had to walk down the steps and James would open the door. She descended the stairs while James opened the door and almost made it to the bottom with three steps to go. Her heel caught on the edge of the step she was leaving and propelled her at James. Regardless of royalty or upper class education, gravity can make any graceful motion an awkward clumsiness.

James caught her in the air and cradled her in his arms, “Oops!” he said, turning her feet away from the staircase and sitting her on her feet. James considered her lucky she didn’t hit the corner of the door with her head.

“Thank you so much! It was dark, I lost my footing!” she exclaimed, holding her hand to her chest and gasping air from the close call.

“Quite alright Miss Moore, my name is James and I am here to serve you.” James replied, offering her his hand. Upon accepting it, James guided her into the vehicle, letting her step on the side plate. SUVs set high and some people have trouble entering them.

James shut the door and went to assist with her luggage. His phone went off and he took a quick look. A text from Cathleen asked, ‘Where are you? Moore is in. EJ hanger.’ so he sat the suitcase down to reply, ‘She is in car.’ and sent it. Finishing his task of loading, he climbed into the driver seat.

Phone in hand, James asked, “Where would the good madam like to go?” and prepared to look it up.

“Are you familiar with the Pink Flamingo by the docks?” she asked.

“No, I’m afraid I am a stranger to this land. However, I have the means to find it for you.” James said, typing in the name and city, and thankful once again for a smart phone. The address popped right up on the first listing, offering a map as well.

“Bear with me a moment while I program the address.” James said, adding it to his navigator.

“So, from where do you hail?” she asked, James looked in the rearview mirror but only saw her silhouette.

“Virginia, miss.” He replied, and started the turn by turn navigation. Putting the vehicle in drive, they departed the small airport.

James only spoke to clients when spoken to. But Gloria Moore spoke to him often.

“Isn’t this a beautiful city?” she asked, looking out the window.

“Indeed miss; I’ve enjoyed my stay so far.” James replied, maneuvering the vehicle around a semi.

“What do you do for fun, James?” she asked, leaning in his direction.

“I spend my time in a gym and often entertain myself with gaming. ‘Fun’ isn’t an occurrence that visits me often.” he said, pulling back into the slow lane.

“Well, perhaps we can let you have some at our destination.” she offered, leaning back in her seat.

James thought it was nice of her to be lax with him, “Thank you, it would be most welcomed.” he replied.

James turned into the parking lot by the Pink Flamingo club. A couple, dressed in gothic wear crossed in front of his vehicle. Another man dressed in, of all colors, pink stood outside the doorway smoking. James didn’t look up the description of the place and now, he didn’t have to. Two girls were making out on the corner. Ever the gentleman, James asked, “Would you mind if I parked and escorted you inside?” not wanting to leave her at the front by herself.

“That will be fine.” She replied, readying for departure.

He parked close to the entrance, looking around for any threats. Stepping out of the vehicle, a young man whistled at him, “Hey good looking; want a good time?” and stumbled on passed the SUV. James knew better to respond and focused on his client. He didn’t need to get in a fight in front of her.

Opening the door, he offered his hand and helped her down. She stood to his chin and James had his first clear view of her face. Sandy blonde hair and deep brown eyes, she showed a hint of Latino in her. Offering his arm, they walked to the entrance where a man in a leather jacket with no shirt asked for a door charge.

James reached for his wallet and Gloria stopped him, “That won’t be necessary.” She said, and told the doorman, “I’m Gloria Moore.” and the man waved them on in.

A wall forced them to turn right and then left, opening into a large room filled with tables, a dance floor and disco ball. A sound booth was in the corner with a disc jockey explaining the loud music that was blaring in James’ ears.

At a loss with her intent, he could only follow her lead. Walking passed the tables and dance floor, James became aware of different sexual orientations; passing gays and lesbians, masters and slaves, and people wearing various ornaments and costumes. Why a woman of class would visit such an establishment was a puzzle in James’ view. He hadn’t experienced this type of behavior before.

They entered the kitchen and a well-endowed female closer to James’ age caught sight of them. “Gloria!” she squealed, running over to them. A brunette with Asian descent, she wore a thin top with a plunging neckline and a black leather mini skirt.

“Alex!” Gloria replied, “So good to see you!” hugging the brunette.

“My God I’ve missed you!” the brunette said, then kissed Gloria firmly on the lips. Releasing her from the harsh kiss, she stepped back and looked at Gloria. “Wow, you look great!” she exclaimed.

“Thank you! You look hot yourself!” Gloria replied, “Come, let’s catch up on things.” and led them both from the kitchen. Crossing the dance floor, avoiding the patrons dancing, they made it to the other side where a flight of stairs took them to the second floor.

A sitting area was centered at the top with a couple sitting on a couch. Neither looked happy to James and was possibly having an argument.

“What’s wrong here?” the brunette asked, seeing the same situation James did.

“Oh, my wife thought I was looking at another woman.” the man admitted sheepishly.

The wife gave him an evil leer, “I saw what I saw.” she said, and crossed her arms in front of her.

Alex waved off his statement and said, “Of course you were looking; it’s why you both came. Now, you need to make it up to her and let her get her fill too.” and then turned to the stairs again.

She went halfway down the staircase and yelled, “Steve, Jasmine! Come here.” and came back up the stairs.

A girl wearing a bathing suit with tassels draped around the cups and crotch came up with a young man wearing no shirt and pants with tassels along the pant legs. With clothes so similar, they could have been twins for all James knew. Both were physically fit and could have been models.

“Give my friends here the VIP treatment with the works.” Alex said, and both took hands of the couple and led them away.

“That was thoughtful of you.” Gloria praised.

“We can’t have frowny faces in a happy place.” Alex explained, and she continued on to the left. They walked to the end where a wall of mirrors where. Opening a mirrored glass door, James and Gloria followed Alex in.

Apparently, it was one-way glass and James had a view of not only where they came from, but the floor below as well. A thick glass desk was centered in the middle of the room with two white shaggy chairs sitting on white shag carpet facing towards the desk. A white shaggy couch aligned one wall facing the windows looking out over the dance floor. Alex took a seat behind the desk and Gloria took the seat on the left in front.

James made no attempt to sit as it wasn’t customary for him to make such a presumption. He stood with his hands folded in front of him instead.

“So, how’s business?” Gloria asked, scooting the chair closer to the table.

“We exceeded our expectations for last month and expect the same for this month.” Alex stated, looking up at James.

“Excellent, it will look good on our quarterly.” Gloria replied. “Are there any new issues we should discuss?”

Alex turned her attention back to Gloria, “Just the 200 pound gorilla you have in the room.” Alex smiled.

“Oh, I am so sorry, this is James; a loan from Spenco.” Gloria introduced. “James, Miss Alexandria Tomiko.” She concluded.

“Pleasure in meeting you, Miss Tomiko.” James said, leaning in with a hand.

“The pleasure is mine.” Alex replied, shaking his hand. James saw no rings on her finger and her last name suggested she hadn’t been married. Perhaps she had no time for romance either.

“Tell me Gloria, what service does he provide?” Alex asked, turning her attention towards her.

Gloria laughed and said, “I’m not really sure. We’ve only met at the airport.” She replied, turning to face James standing beside her. “Please tell me, what are your instructions?”

James wanted to phrase it correctly without assuming anything, “I am to service the madam in any capacity she sees appropriate.” he stated, hoping it alluded to nothing.

“My, are there any limitations?” Gloria asked with a sparkle in her eyes.

“Only those limitations you would place on me madam.” James replied, “And any that would bring harm to another.”

Alex interrupted with her own question, “So if I wanted my toes cleaned with your tongue, you would do that?” she asked, a curious look on her face.

“Yes; if the madam instructed me to do so.” James replied, hoping her question wouldn’t become a reality.

“We simply must try him out.” Alex said, looking at Gloria.

Gloria looked at Alex and said, “Yes… a must.” She replied, and then turned her attention to James, “Would you please remove your clothes. He swept me off my feet at the airport and he seems quite fit.” still looking at James.

James did as instructed as their eyes followed him, placing his clothes on the couch. He turned back to the women wearing nothing and took his position by his client.

“Now that is one rocking body.” Alex confessed, looking him up and down.

Gloria stared in awe for a minute but finally said, “Spenco certainly knows how to pick them.” placing a finger on her chin, “Could you turn around?” and James, knowing the routine, turned and flexed.

“That is nice!” Gloria said, and reached a hand to fondle his backside. “Work out daily?” she asked.

“Five days a week.” James responded, enjoying her caresses.

“Can you turn back around?” Gloria asked, releasing her hand from his ass.

James turned around to find Alex stripping. He just stood there, watching skin come into his eyesight. Like Ying, she had the features of an oriental goddess, only in normal size. She walked over to a wall and revealed a mirrored glass door leading to a bathroom. She had a towel when she came back in.

Gloria scooted her chair sideways for a better view, “Tell me James; are you opposed to cunnilingus?”

James was amazed at her bluntness but responded, “I am not opposed and would like to believe that I am quite proficient at It.” allowing Alex to grope and feel him.

“Good, could you service Alex for me?” Gloria asked, watching Alex squeeze his cock.

“Oh, yeah” Alex agreed, and hopped on the thick glass desk. James thought it was odd not pleasuring Gloria but wasn’t opposed to Alex at all. Dropping down beside Gloria, he faced his task in front of him head on.

Her pubic hair was not the typical curly course hair he was accustomed to. It lay flat on her mound and very thin. If this was the outcome for Ying, he thought he could enjoy it very much. He started at the bottom and worked his way over her lips. As he rose up her slit, so did her legs and she demonstrated flexibility, placing her feet on the desk.

“How does that feel?” Gloria asked, watching over James’ shoulder.

“Ah, he’s good.” Alex replied, relaxing from the attention in her hole.

“Can I help?” Gloria asked, licking her lips. James set back from his work and looked at her. Perhaps that deep kiss he saw her give earlier was a hint at her sexual orientation.

“Sure, two beats one.” Alex said, scooting further back on the desk.

Gloria dropped beside James and asked him to cover the top. He let her go where she wanted and picked up Alex’s leg, spreading her wider, standing up and bending over, he was able to lick and prod the top while Gloria took her nether.

James latched on to her clit while Gloria tongued her hole. It received a resounding response from Alex as she panted on the desk. James grabbed her other leg and put both of her knees on her chest. This gave both plenty of room to work. James went back to his neck of the woods and Gloria tended the farm below.

Alex had been in situations like this before and always enjoyed the attentions of more than one lover. But the fact that her benefactor was pleasing her with a consort was crossing reality with fantasy. Gloria knew the workings of a woman and the incredible hulk took his job very seriously as he lapped away on her clit.

Gloria was surprised at her own boldness, asking to help like that. But the sight was irresistible and she had to intervene. Tonguing Alex’s hot honey hole had been a fantasy of hers for a while and this was the perfect opportunity to make that dream come true. She was even impressed with her body guard, giving her the lead of his actions. This was going down in her memories she could use in her moments of loneness.

James found himself in the same position he and Mike was in together. This was much better with two women than it was with another man. It was even more exciting when Gloria decided to tongue Alex’s ass, causing Alex to force her pussy in his mouth. James knew her reasoning and eased up so Gloria could get better access.

Alex thought it would be better to turn over on her side, giving both a piece of her pie. James kept a leg up while Gloria took her pussy. James took her backside and went to work on her there. It might have been a slight mistake as Gloria’s attention struck a sensitive spot and she bucked into James’ prodding tongue. That made her jerk back into Gloria’s mouth and so it went over and over.

Gloria loved it; full access to pussy. Watching Alex while she moaned from the work was as big of a turn-on as she could get. That drove her to do better, wanting to taste Alex’s orgasm. She fucked her face in the delicious oriental meal intending to drive the woman over.

James found it interesting to be involved with a lesbian since Cathleen handpicked his clients. Maybe there was something more to his assignment but he didn’t bother to care at this moment. With Gloria forcing Alex’s ass in his mouth, he was busy spreading cheeks and tonguing ass to consider anything else at the moment. With the efforts of Gloria, James found himself holding her tighter as she lost control of her balance.

“I’m there!” Alex announced and writhed in their hands and mouths. James grabbed her ass, raising her off the table, and gave Gloria the best access possible while he lowered to keep on licking. Gloria took advantage and pounded her face on the pussy. James continued his search in and out of her backside. Alex tensed while her crescendo into orgasm took over. She shook in her orgasm and came in Gloria’s mouth, screaming all the while.

Gloria got what she wanted and tasted the nectar from Alex. That would be a taste to remember and she savored it in her mouth. Not wanting to give it up so soon, she kept bathing Alex with her tongue, even after James lowered her and rose to stand beside her.

“Damn Gloria, I didn’t know you liked pussy.” Alex said, looking between her legs at the head still there.

“Mhmm” she admitted with a mouthful of Alex in her mouth. She finished her cleaning and raised up from the pussy that gifted her mouth with cum. “That was absolutely delicious.” she exclaimed, and wiped the access off her chin.

James had been infected with the action and boar a serious hard-on from it. Taking notice of James’ aroused state, Alex just had to ask, “Gloria, you like dick? He’s got a good one there.” sitting up; bracing herself with her arms.

“I’m not into them very much, I’m afraid. You’re welcome to have him if you want.” Gloria answered, glancing at the length protruding beside her. The last one she had was forced on her by a very abusive man.

“Nonsense, you like dildos?” Alex asked, not believing her answer.

“I’ve had some fun with them of course.” Gloria readily admitted.

“Well, that is a living breathing dildo if ever I saw one. You need to give it a try.” Alex quipped, getting off the table.

Gloria hesitated a little but Alex made it easier. Reaching over and unzipping her jacket, both Alex and James saw nothing under it. “Naughty girl” Alex said, looking at her breasts, removing and dropping the jacket.

“James, have a seat.” she instructed and James took the chair on the right. Having Gloria stand up, she removed her skirt, shoes and stockings. Having a look at the nude business woman, he thought she had nothing to be ashamed of. But Gloria felt differently and covered her feminine parts.

“Don’t be shy, we’re all adults here.” Alex said, shooing her hands to her sides. “Now come over here and sit in his lap and shove that cock up your puss.” she instructed. Gloria was slow in her movements but turned away from James in front of him. He pulled his cock away from his stomach, pointing it straight up at the target.

Alex guided her down and James kept himself straight while Gloria lowered onto him. “God that’s big!” Gloria said, as she adapted to his girth.

“You’re just tight.” James responded, trying to give her a compliment.

Gloria wiggled a little more and said, “No, that’s pretty big.”

Alex joined in and said, “You’re just not used to it.” and winked at James with a smile.

Gloria settled at the base of his cock, still wiggling a little to accommodate him. She let out a sigh after getting comfortable with him in her. That feels good!” she said, from the unexpected sensation.

“It’s supposed to, now lean back; I want to eat your pussy.” Alex said, forcing her back on James’ chest.

James scooted closer to the edge and spread Gloria’s legs with his own. Alex sat down with her knees slightly under the chair. Leaning in, she got her first taste of upper class pussy. She moaned into it as James felt her tongue on his cock then moved up away from him.

Gloria enjoyed the attention on her clit with the man meat deep in her. She thought to try a little more and rose up then back down on it. She was delighted to find Alex’s expertise in following her moves and did it again, fucking herself with a tongue coating her pussy.

“May I caress your breasts?” James asked, not wanting to offend his client.

“Yes please” she sighed, enjoying it so far, and thrilled when he started his task. This made it better and she enjoyed the fact that she didn’t have to look at James. She was afraid his staring would be a huge turn off for her. But Alex on her sex soon made her forget her concerns regarding males.

Alex leaned back for a moment in order to give instruction, “Fuck that dildo.” was all she said, and it was enough to get Gloria going faster. Alex resumed her work and let Gloria come down to her. She’d lick and suck on each cock entry and Gloria reacted to it.

James worked her breasts, keeping up with her rising and enjoyed the tight pussy on his cock. He only wished he could see Alex at work and bet it was a lusty sight. He added pinching to his task and got a good rise out of Gloria.

Gloria was ecstatic; she hadn’t had pleasure given like this. The dildo in her pussy was warm and rigid and the breath on her sex was tingling. If she had thought for one minute a cock could feel this good, she might have tried it sooner. The mere fact that her fantasy girl was servicing her along with it made her orgasm very intense. She halted while they worked out her climax, both giving her their business.

Alex laughed with a mouthful of Gloria, knowing that just had to be good. James was smart enough to pick up where Gloria left off and was fucking up into her. Her chin was being struck by the monster balls the man meat had, slapping on each upstroke.

James was thankful for Alex as she moved her chin further up. That gave him plenty of plowing room and he took full advantage of it. He made sure not to cum, not wanting to offend the lesbian, and simply held back from erotic thoughts while his piston pumped into her sheath.

Gloria came down from her climax and rested while James slowed his pace on her. He was pretty good at reading her and slowed to a stop soon after. She sat for a minute, panting in air, while resting on the dildo’s chest. She snuggled her pussy on him and felt the depth of his meat in her.

“Come on, get up. I want to clean that cock.” Alex informed the lady. As soon as Gloria got up off his dick, Alex put it in her mouth. James let out moan, realizing what she was doing. She lapped from head to balls, removing all of Gloria from him.

Alex moved out of the way, allowing Gloria to get up. “That was one wild ride. I highly recommend it.” Gloria said, and smiled at the moist face of Alex.

“I want this piece of meat in me.” Alex said, “I can suck on your pussy too.” she explained. Getting up and walking to the desk, she sat back down on it. “Now, bring that cunt over here and let me clean it for you. James, get on the other side and fuck me while I do it.” She instructed, and then laid down on her back with her head over the edge.

James looked at the breasts sticking up in the air while black hair from her head dangled towards the floor. He paused for a second to remember that pose then walked around to the side. Finding this view was just as appealing, he nestled himself between her legs.

Gloria paused as well, looking at the same thing James did. Alex motioned for her to step forward and she willingly did. Pulling up a chair, she used it to put a foot on. She was close enough to feed Alex her sex and get a good look at her perky tits.

Alex was more than ready to get that cock deep in her. But the man had different plans and rubbed it all over her slit. He teased her so she passed it on, licking over Gloria’s slit. She didn’t take that too long and wanted more than Alex offered. Hopping closer to the desk and spreading her lips, she pushed her cunt on her mouth with force. If that wasn’t a turn-on by itself, Gloria’s making her eat pussy; the man took this moment to shove that fat cock right in where she wanted it most.

James watched the woman he considered a client take control of her desire and feed Alex. He timed it so that when pussy met tongue, pussy would also meet cock. Looking back up from his well-aimed thrust, he saw Gloria looking right at him. He winked at her and smiled then waited for her next move on the face of the oriental.

Gloria saw his deep penetration right when she gave Alex her pussy. She wondered what that would feel like and became slightly jealous of Alex. ‘Oh well’ she thought, and got to work, humping herself on the mouth of the sexy vixen. She then took notice of James advances, keeping rhythm with her own thrusting hips. She couldn’t help cracking a smile at the plot the two had against Alex.

‘What the fuck?’ she thought, ‘Did they practice or something?’ Alex flexed from both their attacks. When pussy came in one hole, so did a cock in the other. That wasn’t going to take too much to put her over in a hurry. But Gloria made sure she wouldn’t last long when she grabbed her breasts and massaged them.

James smiled with Gloria as he worked in and out, still keeping time with her. He thought to add a little more to the fire and pinched her clit with one hand. Holding it with thumb and index, he stroked it with his middle finger. That had a most serious effect and Alex moaned loudly into pussy. Gloria looked up, her mouth and eyes open from feeling the moan on her cunt, looking at James to see what he was doing, and she leaned in more to peer over.

Gloria thought something had happened to render a moan like that. Looking at James as he stroked Alex’s clit got her hotter than she could imagine. She had to get faster on the tongue with her pussy and spent her efforts humping face. Alex raised her hands and clamped on her breasts which sent chills down her back in turn. Gloria did the same for her and got to rocking in a rapid rhythm.

James thought to ask, “Can I cum in your pussy?” and Alex let out, “Uh huh, uh huh” and that permission was all he needed to send liquid fire into her. Just hearing that question and the effects of Alex’s response let Gloria climax in turn. Having two people coming on her was enough for Alex to go over.

James started first with a low growl and Gloria followed behind him with a shriek. Alex said absolutely nothing; a muffled scream into pussy could be heard. Neither one relinquished their holds, both pumped away in climax. While growls and screams went out in the room, all Alex could do was lay there and sweat.

All three eased up from their orgasm and James thoughtfully sat her ass on the desk. That would prevent any leakage she had from spilling on the white shag carpet. Gloria backed away and sat in the chair, not chancing the weakness of her knees. Alex laid there a panted, sucking in much needed oxygen.

Gloria was the first to speak, “That has to be the wildest thing I have ever done in my life.” still catching her breath from the orgasm.

“You want wild, try three people working on you at once.” Alex said, rising up from the desk.

James looked around for the towel to wipe with and found it on the credenza. Handing it to Alex, he waited his turn while she cleaned up all of her the access.

Hopping off the table, she handed the towel back to James and picked her clothes up off the floor. Gloria got dressed as well. James didn’t hesitate to ask, “May I get dressed?” and Gloria said, “Do you have to ask?”

“Yes, I am under instruction to obey you.” James said, knowing that rush of power would give her thought. “I cannot assume anything.”

She smiled and said, “I’m starting to like you James.” pulling her skirt up, “Go ahead and get dressed.”

“I want one of those.” Alex said, looking at James. James heard that before, but in a different perspective.

Gloria laughed, “Me too. Sure beats that asshole I was with.” zipping up her jacket, “Have you seen him lately?”

“Every damn weekend, he either calls or just shows up; he’s a pain in the ass. He wants to know when you’ll be back.” Alex said, getting her shoes on. “I keep telling him it isn’t my day to watch you but he knows you’ll have to come back for business some time.”

Gloria frowned, “I almost didn’t get away from him last time. That’s why I have James here.” She explained, nodding in his direction.

“If he’s as good with a weapon like he is with that gun of his, you’ll be fine.” Alex said, fanning out her hair.

James finished dressing and stood by Gloria’s chair. Alex unlocked the credenza and pulled out a large envelope. “Last quarter finals and next quarter’s projection.” she said, tossing it on the table. “You want to look the place over before you leave?”

Gloria smiled at that, “I’m afraid I’ve been too long here already. I’m sure you have everything in order.” she replied, getting up from her chair.

“Fuck” Alex said, standing as well. “That son of a bitch is here.” nodding through the one-sided mirrored door.

Both James and Gloria turned around and saw a man headed for the office. If James wasn’t mistaken, it sure looked like Clifford Wilson.

“Well hell. Here I go again.” Gloria said, backing up.

“Get in the bathroom.” Alex directed, and motioned at the door.

“Is that Mr. Wilson?” James asked, knowing he dropped him at the airport.

“That’s him, the asshole.” Alex said, “Do you know him?”

“Cathleen had me take him to the airport.” James said, as he knocked on the door.

Gloria acted like a scared rabbit, hustling into the bathroom. When she had the mirrored glass door shut, Alex walked to the office door and opened it.

“Where’s Gloria? I know she’s here.” Clifford started, looking around the room.

“You know she doesn’t want to see you. You need to get out.” Alex said, concentrating on the man before her.

Clifford noticed James and asked, “What the hell are you doing here?”

“I should ask the same of you.” James replied, not happy to deal with the man again.

“I’m here to see my… friend.” he said, still looking around. “Gloria! I know you’re here.” he called out to the room.

“You mean your ex-girlfriend you lying, cheating, son of a bitch.” Alex fumed. “Take your ass out of here.”

Clifford acted like he was going to strike her, raising back his hand and James stepped between the two.

“Does your wife know about your infidelity?” James asked, staring at him a foot away. He wasn’t big on drama and hated to walk into a soap-opera but this guy was crazy if he thought James would just stand there and watch.

He averted his eyes away from James, not answering the question, “Look, I have serious problems and Gloria can help me with them. I really need to speak to her.”

“Your problems are your own. Find someone else to solve them for you.” James said, “She isn’t interested.”

“You know I’m in trouble, I have no choice, Gloria!” he yelled again. “She’s a finance expert; she can help me get out of this, Gloria!”

“Ok, it’s time for you to go.” James said, grabbing him by the arm.

Clifford jerked it away and went passed him. “Gloria!” he yelled again, looking around the room.

Alex picked up the phone as James went back in front of Clifford, “Look, you’re just asking for more problems being here.” holding a hand up in front of him, “Don’t you think you’ve got enough of them already?” he asked.

“Boy, you’ve been a pain in my side since I met you.” Clifford seethed, “Get the hell out of my way!” shoving James to the side. “Where is she?” he asked, combing the walls for the bathroom door.

Grabbing the man by the back of his collar, James said, “You sure are hard to convince.” and swung him around towards the door. “Get gone or get hurt.” James said, following the man’s path.

Stumbling a little, Clifford regained his footing and spun back around, “Fuck you!” he proclaimed, and charged James.

James wasn’t the least bit surprised; the man simply wouldn’t walk away. Catching the man in a head lock, he turned and let the man fall, hornswoggling him to the carpet. James thought when he hit; it would leave a serious rug burn, as his head slid on the shag.

Letting out a scream of pain, Clifford found himself with James on top of him, handcuffing his hands behind his back. “Let off me!” he yelled, but got no release.

Alex stepped over to him, “We’re done. You are never allowed back here again.” and walked over to the door. The man from the front door wearing a leather jacket entered at Alex’s invitation. Helping James pick up the ruffled man, both turned him towards the door.

“Chester, get him out of here and don’t let him come back in.” Alex said, pointing the way out.

“I spend a lot of money here! I have VIP status!” Clifford yelled over his shoulder, as James and Chester hauled him out.

Clifford fought all the way, kicking and screaming profanity. James kept focused on getting him outside, not bothering to respond to his intimidations. Chester hailed a cab over and James unshackled the man. Tossing him in the back seat, James instructed the driver to take him to a hotel, knowing it was too late to catch any flights. Handing the driver a fifty for the trouble, James watched the cab drive out of the lot. Turning to Chester, James asked, “Is there a back door to this place?”

Chester instructed him where to go and James drove his vehicle to the back. Parking it by the kitchen entrance, James headed back inside. Making his way upstairs, he passed the couple that was upset earlier but seemed to be just happy on his way to the office.

He knocked on the glass door and was allowed entry. “Garbage taken out, madam.” he said to Gloria, sitting in a chair.

“Thank you James.” she replied, getting up. “I think we overstayed our welcome after that.” she laughed.

“Nonsense, it was no big deal. That creep has been a pain in the ass for too long.” Alex said, guiding her and James to the door.

James held the door, “I hope neither of you have any business with him, I suspect he isn’t long from prison.” he hinted.

Alex laughed, “Not I, his bar tab here is even paid in full.” closing the office door behind them.

Gloria smiled as well and said, “I pulled General Kinetics out when I broke up with him.” grabbing James by the arm.

James then realized that Clifford wasn’t fighting for Gloria’s affection but for her money instead. “Miss Spencer will certainly be glad to hear It.” he replied, and headed down the staircase.

Settling behind the wheel after getting his client in, James asked, “Where to madam?” readying his smart phone.

“The Spencer Villa, please.” Gloria replied, and James needn’t bother to look that up.

James let her out in the front, making sure she gained entry and then headed for the garage. It was a long day for him and he was ready to crash. Coming out of the elevator, he was met with darkness. Glancing at his phone for the time, he saw it was 1:00am.

His next concern struck him pretty hard as he asked himself, ‘Where the hell do I sleep?’

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