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Melissa finds her report and tries to punish Matt.
Melissa awoke early on Saturday morning and as the fog of sleep cleared from her mind she wondered if it had all been a dream. She walked over to her full-length mirror, pulled up her pink teddy and pulled down her white polkadot panties and examined her ass cheeks. There they were, almost completely faded by now, but she could still make out some hand-prints. She closed her eyes and imagined the damage to her reputation if the other students at Holy Submission High School found out about this. She checked herself mid-thought, "If they find out…, you mean WHEN they find out." There were 8 other students who all witnessed her spanking yesterday at detention. They were all underclass boys, freshmen and sophomores, who had no regard for a haughty senior girl's carefully crafted reputation. With the senior prom just weeks away this could wreak havoc for her socially. She imagined all the other girls in her class whom she had insulted, been snide to, mocked and castigated in an effort to make herself look the better, getting a hold of this information and destroying her reputation.

Worse than just seeing her get spanked, the detention students had been required to remove all their clothing during the punishment and so they saw her completely naked, over the disciplinarian's lap, being spanked. And then the school disciplinarian had one of the boys, a sophomore named Robert, finish Melissa's punishment by spanking her over his desk. In the middle of that punishment the disciplinarian left the room and there was no faculty supervision. Then she remembered the other boys cheering as she was being spanked by the sophomore. She remembered them getting bolder and touching her body, her breasts, and her pussy. Then the sophomore slid his cock into her and fucked her over the disciplinarian's desk. The other students all furiously masturbated to the scene, watching a bitchy senior girl being spanked and then fucked by the very underclass boys that she publicly mocked.

As Melissa remembered all the details of yesterday's humiliating detention, she bit her lower lip and slid her hand into her panties. She moved her middle finger slowly up and down her pussy lips. She felt a strong tingling sensation and then wetness. She moved her finger onto her clit and slowly circled around it as she thought about herself being spanked and fucked yesterday. Even though it was humiliating, she had never cum so hard in her young life. She remembered the lust in the boys eyes as they groped her, squeezed her ass, pinched her nipples and pulled her hair. She continued playing with her clit which was now engorged and protruding beyond her pussy lips. She moved her fingers faster and faster as she remembered the sophomore grab her hips and slide his throbbing cock in her. She had turned him down in a very cruel way at the Halloween Dance and her girlfriends all laughed at his rejection as he walked away. But now he was fucking her doggy-style! Melissa's body writhed as she orgasmed to these memories. She muffled her moans to prevent her parents from hearing her naughty behavior.

After a few minutes laying bed, Melissa recovered from her orgasm and her thoughts returned to the terrible risks that her reputation was now in. She cursed the disciplinarian for enforcing such puritanical punishment methods, she cursed the teacher who made her go to detention for missing her report… then she remembered her suspicion about her younger brother Matt. Melissa had worked hard on that report and knew that she put it in her backpack yesterday morning. When she got to class, though, it was gone. The only person who had access to it was Matt. She had left it at the breakfast table before school and had run upstairs to fetch her cosmetic case. He must have taken her report for the sole purpose of getting her in trouble at school. "That little bastard!" Melissa thought. "I am going to beat his ass if he did this."

Melissa put on her short pink terrycloth robe and fuzzy pink slippers and headed downstairs. She met her mother in the downstairs hallway. She was dressed in her workout sweats and sneakers and told Melissa that she was headed out for a run and would be back later that morning. Also, her mom mentioned that her father had to work today so he would not be back until dinner time. "Perfect" Melissa thought, "this will give me time to search the house for any evidence about my report." Melissa then headed into the kitchen and noticed her brother's backpack hanging on the wall hook. She opened it up and sure enough there was her report. The one she had worked two weeks on and the one that caused her to be sent to detention because she couldn't find it. A surge of rage ran through her body, her hands were visibly shaking as she realized the treachery that her brother had committed against her.

Overcome with anger she marched up the stairs straight to Matt's bedroom door which had a "Keep Out" sign on it. Without knocking she burst through the door. She was met with the sight of Matt wearing only a white tee shirt, kneeling on his bed with his laptop open, and masturbating to a porn video. "Hey, fucking knock next time" he yelled as he tried to close the laptop and cover his erect cock with his hand. Melissa had seen Matt masturbating once before and it still grossed her out. He was 2 years younger than her and a sophomore at Holy Submission High School and an all-around perverted geek as far as Melissa was concerned. He never went to parties or dated, he just sat in his room on the computer and would occasionally have some of his nerd friends over. She wondered how they were even related since he was so different from her with his scrawny appearance and lack of social awareness. But she was too angry now to concern herself with his pathetic standing on the social scale at Holy Submission High School or with the boner he held in his hand. "Did you steal my report yesterday?" she yelled at him. Matt looked at the report she held in her hands and figured the jig was up.

"Oh, ughh yeah, I guess I did" as a mischievous smile formed on his lips. Melissa's vision went red and she lunged at Matt. He tried to get away from her grasp but she had her arms locked on his torso in a second. He squealed as Melissa pulled him over her lap on the edge of his bed. She locked one of her legs around his and she pinned him face-down on the bed with her arm. Then she started to smack his ass as hard as she could, yelling at him "You fucking little brat, I'm am going to beat your ass so hard you won't be able to sit for a month!" - SMACK -SMACK. Matt started to howl in pain as his older sister slapped his naked ass full force. "You got me in so much fucking trouble, you have no idea!" - SMACK - SMACK. Melissa could see his ass cheeks turning flaming red as she reigned down blow after blow on his naked bottom. Matt was now in tears and blubbering incoherent apologies to Melissa which she was turning a deaf ear to as she focused on causing as much pain to her little brother as possible.

Suddenly Melissa heard a bang as the door to her brother's bedroom door hit the hall. "What in the Lord's name is happening here?" rang through her ears. It was her mother's shrill voice that cut through the air and made her stop mid-spank as she looked back towards the door. She saw her mom's face aghast at the sight of Melissa spanking Matt's naked ass. "What is going on here? Melissa Parker, stop hitting your brother this instant!" Melissa froze and suddenly realized how bad the scene would look to her mom.

From Melissa's perspective she had always felt her mom favored Matt, she assumed it was just because he was the youngest in the family. But unknown to both Melissa and Matt was a secret that was kept from them about their true parents. Melissa was actually the daughter of her father's first wife who had passed away shortly after Melissa was born. Her father, Mr. Parker, had then re-married to Jane and within a short time they had a baby boy, Matt. But Mr. and Mrs. Parker didn't see any value in telling Matt and Melissa that they were only half-siblings or even that Mr. Parker had been married before. But Mrs. Parker did tend to favor her own son over Melissa who was from Mr. Parker's first wife. Now, the sight of Melissa spanking her baby boy brought outrage to Jane Parker.

Mrs. Parker rushed to her son and pulled him off of Melissa's lap and sat him upright on the bed next to Melissa. She used the corner of her workout jacket to dab the tears from his eyes and then she hugged him. Mrs. Parker stared daggers at Melissa, who was suddenly feeling very uncomfortable. "Mom, he stole my report yesterday and I got sent to detention because of it" Melissa pleaded. Mrs. Parker stepped back from the bed and pulled up a chair so that she was seated directly in front of Melissa and Matt. "Matthew Parker, is this true?" she asked. Matt looked at the floor and nodded that it was true. "Matthew, why would you steal your sister's report?" Matt looked up at his mom and said "Melissa is mean to me and she tries to get me into trouble all the time. So, I just wanted to give her a taste of her own medicine." Mrs. Parker knew that there was a kernel of truth to what Matt was saying. She knew that Mr. Parker spoiled Melissa and that she had become a real bitch because of it. "Melissa, he stole your report but you have it back now. Why on earth would you spank him? It is just an assignment and you can turn it in on Monday" Mrs. Parker stated. "Mom, I had to go to detention yesterday and it was terrible and now my reputation at school might be ruined" said Melissa.

"So you had detention, it's not the end of the world and it is no reason to spank my son" Mrs. Parker remarked. "Mom, do you know what they do at detention?" said Melissa hoping Mrs. Parker would understand the humiliating event that Melissa endured without having to describe it in detail. "You sit at a desk and do homework for an hour after school, what is the big deal" Mrs. Parker said dismissively. "No, they spank you at detention" Melissa asserted. Mrs. Parker sat back in her chair upon hearing this. She vaguely remembered signing some admission forms for Melissa 3 years ago when she was accepted at Holy Submission High School and recalled something about corporal punishment but thought it was just an idle threat used to keep students well behaved. Matt also heard this and his demeanor changed from sulking to being keenly interested in the conversation.

"Melissa, tell me exactly what happened" Mrs. Parker said. Melissa look down and said "The disciplinarian made us get undressed. Then each of us had to lay over his lap and get a spanking." Matt could not believe what he was hearing. He imagined Melissa naked and laying over the disciplinarian's lap and getting spanked. He felt his cock filling up quickly becoming erect. Mrs. Parker was stunned at Melissa's revelation. She also imagined Melissa getting spanked naked and she started to think naughty thoughts. "What do you mean 'us'? Who else was there?" Mrs. Parker asked. Melissa looked up said "Some freshman and sophomore boys." Matt's hard-on was now raging and he tried to cover it up with his hands. Both Mrs. Parker and Melissa noticed him trying to cover his erection. Mrs. Parker was getting excited, even though she knew it was wrong. The thought of her spoiled step-daughter getting spanked naked in front of a group of freshman and sophomore delinquents was tantalizing. And seeing her son's cock become fully erect as Melissa related the details of her spanking was doubly exciting.

Melissa was starting to have naughty thoughts as she related the details of yesterday's detention to her mom with her naked younger brother sitting next to her. She saw Matt's penis quickly become hard when she mentioned she was spanked naked in front of the freshmen and sophomore boys. Mrs. Parker then pressed Melissa for more details "Did the boys watch you getting spanked?" "Yes, it was very embarrassing. The disciplinarian kept me over his lap longer than any of the boys. He spanked me and let the boys watch. I knew they could see everything even though I tried to cover up." Matt was now using one of his hands to stroke his cock. Mrs. Parker saw it and order Matt to stop it and to put both his hands by his side. Now both she and Melissa could clearly see his swollen and throbbing cock pointing up at a 45 degree angle. Mrs. Parker was having her own naught reactions to Melissa's detention. She felt herself becoming flush in the face and neck and now wanted to touch herself.

"So, after you were spanked by Brother Frank you were allowed to get dressed and leave?" Mrs. Parker queried. "No, Brother Frank said his hand hurt and he then had two of the boys hold me down on his desk while a third one spanked me." Matt could not take the incredibly exciting thoughts as Melissa related the fact that she was spanked by the boys. He grabbed his cock and started vigorously jerking it. Mrs. Parker put her hand up to her throat as she blushed a bright pink. Melissa was also getting that tingling feeling in her naughty parts as she remembered her spanking. Seeing her brother and her mom becoming aroused was making her even more excited. She continued to provide more details and watched their reactions "And as I was being spanked by the boys, Brother Frank left the room. As soon as he left the boys started touching me. They touched my butt, they touched my breasts, and they even touched me between my legs." Matt was breathing heavy and stroking his hard cock imagining the scene. Mrs. Parker was in a similar mental state as she imagined her bitchy little step-daughter getting spanked and groped by the detention boys. Now she hatched a plan that would give her great satisfaction.

"Melissa, I am sorry that happened to you. But that is no excuse for spanking my son. As the good book says 'an eye for an eye…' To make things right Matt will now spank you like you were spanking him when I walked in" declared Mrs. Parker. Matt could not believe his ears. He wanted to jump up and hug his mom! Melissa was stupefied. She saw herself as the victim here, not Matt. "Mom that isn't fair!" Melissa protested. "You brought this on yourself young lady for spanking my son. Now you will get what you deserve. Stand up and take off your robe." Melissa reluctantly stood up and untied her robe and removed it. She was now standing in her pink teddy which didn't quite cover her polkadot panties. "Now take off your teddy." Melissa was mortified "Mom, Matt will see my breasts!" "Don't back-talk me young lady! Now take off your teddy and hand it to me this instant" Mrs. Parker commanded. Melissa slowly pulled her pink teddy over her head and handed it to her mom. Matt was watching the show with immense glee and satisfaction. He never saw his sisters breasts before and now he got an unfettered view of them just a foot away. "Now give me your panties." Mrs. Parker ordered. Melissa hooked her thumbs around her waistband and pulled her panties down and handed them to her mom. Melissa felt tingling goosebumps all over her naked body as she saw her brother looking her up and down with burning lust in his eyes. And she also felt herself getting wet as this situation brought back memories of her detention spanking and humiliation.

"Now lay down over Matt's lap." Melissa could not believe this was actually going to happen. She was going to be spanked naked by her perverted younger brother as her mom watched. Matt also could not believe his luck. He was going to spank his naked older sister who had just spanked him and made him cry. This was sweet justice! Matt sat on the edge of the bed and Melissa leaned over his lap. He took one of his legs and wrapped it around Melissa's leg which forced her legs wide open. Her hip was nestled against his hard cock and he put one arm over her back and put his other hand on her gorgeous ass.

Mrs. Parker let the erotic scene soak into her mind. She was seated directly behind Melissa and had a perfect view of her ass and her pussy. "OK Matthew, you may spank Melissa now." Matt slapped his sister's ass and saw it jiggle just a little. He heard Melissa let out a little grunt. He spanked her again on her other ass cheek and noticed that he left a pink hand-print. He then started rhythmically spanking her ass, alternating cheeks. "Ha ha, how does it feel now sis. You think you can spank me an get away with it? Think again!" - SMACK - SMACK - Melissa was starting to feel her ass burning now. She gripped the bed sheets with both her hands and arched her back as Matt rained spanks down on it. As the pain increased, she started to beg forgiveness from Matt. He simply ignored her pleas and continued to exact his revenge on her ass.

Mrs. Parker could see Melissa's ass starting to glow pink as her son spanked it. She was becoming so horny that she slid her hand down her workout pants and began fingering her pussy. Matt paused from slapping Melissa's ass and started to rub it. He slowly rubbed her cheeks and then moved his hand closer to her ass crack. Melissa felt his fingers sliding down her ass. She opened her legs a bit wider and pushed her butt up higher as Matts fingers approached her pussy. Filled with a burning lust, Matt let his fingers slide onto Melissa's engorged pussy. Melissa let out a low moan and arched her back. Mrs. Parker was now masturbating herself to the scene. Her precious son was dominating and humiliating his older stuck-up half-sister and Mrs. Parker could see Melissa was loving it. Matt got bolder as he could smell the sex in the air, he slid his fingers up and down Melissa's pussy. She responded by backing her hips onto his hand. Matt then slid a finger into her pussy and slowly moved it in and out. Feeling her little brother's finger enter her pussy caused Melissa to convulse. She started to moan "Oh yes". Melissa looked back over her shoulder and saw her mother furiously masturbating and moaning as well.

Matt removed his finger from Melissa's pussy and he stood up. Melissa was laying on her stomach with her hips at the edge of the bed. Matt looked at her gorgeous body and ass and then slid his cock into Melissa's pussy. Slowly at first and then he grabbed her hips and started to pound her faster and faster. He slapped her ass and said "Now who is the little bitch!" Melissa started to convulse and her body was spasming. Then Matt grabbed her hair as he fucked her from behind and said "I'm going to blow my load deep inside you, bitch!" Melissa's eyes rolled to the back of her head as she orgasmed hard. Matt felt her pussy squeezing his cock as she orgasmed. He instantly blew his load deep inside her and collapsed on top of her in ecstasy. Mrs Parker convulsed in her own strong orgasm seeing the two half-siblings climax together.

After she had recovered from her orgasm, Mrs. Parker give one final word of advice to Melissa "If I ever catch you spanking my son again you will get more of the same young lady."


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