A sixth former pupil is finally about to leave high school behind and move off to college to complete his A Levels. All this 18 year old boy will miss of high school will be the female mature teachers who oversaw his developing awareness for the opposite sex. Luckily for this teenager one sexy MILFs offering of after school tuition makes sure that his last few weeks in high school will be forever remembered by him as the best education of his life......
After School Tuition

Miss Devlin Davies walked down the cream painted corridor of the high school she had taught at for four years, holding in her hand did the young teacher a set of English literature books. She was a fresh faced 30 year old who was made up to the tilt to personify any schoolboys dirty school teacher fantasy.

She stood as a buxom beauty with a voluptuous figure toppled off with a nice rounded set of breasts which showed ample cleavage to the many drifting eyes of those who were just drawn to her.

Miss Devlin had fiery reddish hair which had been dyed from its natural brunette colour to show off her current seasonal temperament and as always she wore dark leather boots up to her knees. On this particular day Miss Devlin also wore one of her most favourite dresses of a tartan dress to compliment a red blouse which was straining to contain her delicious breasts.

Most of the female faculty often spoke negatively about Miss Devlin saying how she resembled more a street hooker than a professional teacher, quite often these female faculty members would go to the corner of the staff room holding their cups of coffee and staring at her, all the while shaking their heads in disgust.

To the male faculty members Miss Devlin could do no wrong and the head master had to contend with the female teachers distaste. This headmaster of the school as much as he would have liked to could never envisage himself telling Miss Devlin to dress less sexy as your female colleagues are self-conscious of their ugliness compared to you.

Of course all the headmaster told those griping women teachers was "I will have a word" but he as headmaster like all the male teachers, the male students and the lesbian students merely stared in admiration of her pure sexiness.

Miss Devlin was all too aware of those petty colleagues of hers and she laughed off their distaste recognising their problems with her for what it was, and what it was and will always probably be no matter what she did was just plain jealousy.

It was no coincidence after all that these teachers who disliked her so were all old, painfully plain looking with saggy tits that had lost shape in the 1980s and were struggling with her presence simply because she highlighted all their physical imperfections.

Miss Devlin though believed firmly in doing a good job and looking good doing it, she was a mentor and popular with most of the girl students in the school simply because she related so well to them as she was quite young herself and this was an added problem with the jealous faculty.

It was not uncommon for Miss Devlin to offer female students advice on where to find the best bargains for clothing or how to apply certain makeup for added effect, such was the respect many female pupils had for Miss Devlin by feeling comfortable enough in asking her about these matters concerned with life.

All Miss Devlin really cared about was both her students and the maintenance of her physical attractiveness. To be by a distant mile the hottest female in a school full of young girls all of whom were 18 was a badge of honour she wore with pride.

As Miss Devlin passed student after student, the occasional teacher who was lining up their respective classes nodded to her, but everyone's head was turned by her as though her perfume took hold of their faces and like a tracker beam made them zoom on her wiggling buttocks.

After the walk down the end of the corridor Miss Devlin reached her own room, standing outside her classroom was just one boy, a boy she knew all too well, it was Clint a 6th former who at 18 was about to move off to college should he pass his examinations.

Clint had been requested by Miss Devlin to attend her free hour slot at the end of this Tuesday afternoon for a set of one on one tuition in order for him to make the most of the forthcoming examinations that should he do well in allow him to go to college to do A' Levels.

Miss Devlin liked Clint, he was a sweet handsome 18 year old kid with brown eyes who stood 5 inches above her, despite being very quiet and endearingly shy he was polite and thoughtful, an underachiever if there ever was one.

"Good afternoon Clint" "Good afternoon Miss" he replied like a robot, "I am glad you have attended" How could he not, this was like a story from some soft core pornography he would watch. Most of the time in her presence he would spend his time dreaming about her breasts, wondering about how her legs would feel slithering up near his and fantasising what it would be like to fuck her tits.

Devlin kind of understood this, she kind of knew his happiness attending her class for tuition had less to do with his love of Shakespeare or Dickens or even his own academic ambition of reaching college to do A' Levels and more to do with his carnal desire for her.

Miss Devlin opened up the door and immediately walked to her desk, Clint sat down in the front desk area and placed his bag onto the table. As Miss Devlin went through her draws looking for some pens, she noticed the windows were open and the sun was shining brightly inside, she muttered aloud "I best close the windows and lower the curtains, we do not want to be blinded here do we".

As Miss Devlin Davies set about closing the windows Clint watched her like a secretive predator studying her every move, hypnotised by her ass which swayed from left to right. Clint just was unable to contain his excitement at seeing her breasts so openly and so privately, but more profoundly it was her perfume, her sweet sensual exotic fruit scented perfume that tantalised his senses to the point whereby he had cause to be concerned as he found his erection involuntarily responding to the womanly scent of hers.

He loved it when this happened, how he struggled to keep his erection peeled, sometimes drawing the odd attention to his bulge knowing that he could entice her to think about his hard on, but she did the same did Miss Devlin when she opened her legs or scratched her boots, she knew this was amorous to him and caused him to react with nothing other luscious thoughts.

She then came near him and said "Good boy, you have your books all ready for me. It is always nice when a student prepares it tells me they are serious. Now I will just get my pen and we shall begin" as she went back to her desk to find this long lost pen of hers Miss Devlin noticed that the door was still open, she went up to it and locked it followed by lowering the curtains on the top of the door "I do not want any distractions". Within five minutes the private lesson had begun".


---- Lessoning Tension -----

Clint finished reading the sentence from a short story called "Homing in". Miss Devlin impressed by his efforts commended him "Very well read Clint. You emphasised the key words and you also paused as the full stops and commas required. Those pauses you know really are there for a purpose. Otherwise when we read we would be out of breath panting as though we had been doing some strenuous exercises and then where we be?".

Miss Devlin then placed her hand onto the book and pointed to some words as Clint struggled to contain his bugle which he had kept retained to attention since he more or less walked into her classroom. Miss Devlin herself was smitten by this youth, as just the idea of him being aroused by her was exciting in itself, of course she was just a young woman in her 30s and had taught him for a few years but she was also very conscious of body language and also had fine intuition, she knew Clint liked her a lot, maybe more so than all the other males in the school.

She knew she excited him and she knew her body enthralled him to the point he would spend hours thinking of her, maybe even ploughing her over and over in his mind. But Devlin Davies also had something else, something which made her more astute and that was self-awareness, she understood and knew she was milking this boys infatuation with her and she liked it.

The way Devlin Davies would glide passed him, the way she would lean in close to speak to him, the way she would sit on the desk in a quite provocative pose, the way she emphasised certain words which could be construed as being sexually charged. Miss Devlin certainly knew what she was doing and loved how she could toy with this youngster as though he was clay but in her hands he would not be clay.

Clint was so distracted by Miss Devlin Davies and the way she was speaking, the way she was teasing him almost that he dropped his pen "My pen! Sorry" "It is okay Clint, you just go under there and get it" the pen had rolled from the table and went opposite the chairs they were on. Clint went from his chair and tried to reach it "I cannot get it", he then went off his chair under the table and took hold of it, but when he turned back to go back to his chair he was stunned.

Miss Devlin Davies sat with her legs wide open which amply placed her vagina on display, he saw the trimmed down pubes around of what was essentially a black see through thong and he was shaking with excitement, his eyes studied it as he found his lips getting wet, he licked his lips grinning from ear to ear, but such was the hold of this scene before him he was unable to move.

Of course Miss Devlin Davies was all too aware of what was happening under the table and remained with her legs open imagining what he was thinking, imagining what her womanhood was doing to his manly instincts "Clint" Clint shuffled around as though he was still searching for the pen "Have you found the pen" "No, I am struggling to reach it" of course he was holding it in his hand.

"Okay, take your time" he went back to studying it and moved closer to her, sitting between her legs hypnotised by her cunt like it was a television. He then saw as Miss Devlin brought down her hand and placed it on her knickers, she touched her knickers and then opened them slightly inviting his gaze even further, he did not disappoint as he went closer.

All the while Miss Devlin Davies was communicating with him via sign language almost, he merely followed her hand movements watching as she now opened up her knickers and started to rub her pussy.

He had a birds-eye view of this mature teacher masturbating right in front of him in class, he sat there still stunned, still unable to quite grasp what was happening but he did not under no circumstances want this to stop.


Clint reached out and brought his hands towards Miss Devlin's luscious pussy lips, but he hesitated naively thinking she was unaware of what he was seeing but his hesitation was no longer an issue when he felt Miss Devlin place her hands onto his somehow she found his hands under the table without moving under the table herself.

"Let me show you" Devlin said still sitting at the desk, she knew where exactly her young student was under the table. She allowed his hands to touch her pussy and stroke around her clit, then he placed his fingertips inside her pussy, he struggled to get inside as Miss Devlin was so tight.

As she gasped he pressed further inside feeling how wet and moist her womanhood was, whilst also enjoying the sensations it played around his fingertips, the wetness sent shivers up his spine and made him sigh at the aurora which was lingering all around him.

Clint felt his hands becoming so wet, and this was because Devlin was streaming from her pussy. Clint had never seen anything quite like this, just the way the pussy was receptive to each of his deep prods or soft touches, just the way the wetness flowed from his teacher and dripped down her legs dancing onto his hands, he was shameless as he took a little flick of his wet fingertips sampling her juices and it tasted like peaches and strawberries to him. "Miss Devlin tasted as good as she looked" he thought to himself.

"Clint" she gasped as he now felt his own cock screaming to be let free from his trousers, he took one hand and placed it around his member. He stroked it and tugged on it aggressively, making sure he was pleasuring himself as much as his other hand was rubbing Miss Devlin "You are doing a fine job".

After five minutes of this Devlin had stood up and Clint arose from the floor, she commanded him almost "Pull down your trousers" he willingly did so as Devlin sat on the chair pulling it near the wall and undid her blouse followed by unclipping her bra "come and stand over me", he went up to her and stood up over her as she sat down on another chair near the wall.

Clint leant his hands onto the wall almost spread eagled as Devlin used her tits to smoother his cock, she was going to titty fuck him.

There Inside her big buxom breasts Clint watched as Devlin expertly used her ample tits to smoother his cock basking his penis in her soft tits as though her breasts were dough. Then with relative ease his hard thick erect member slid up and down as he found his own hips buckling, instinctively taking over.

Devlin used her tongue occasionally when his erection reached her lips to flick around his helmet and it was during this touching of her tongue on his penis she felt his warm pre-cum. It was however the very feel of his warm member, hard and red rummaging along her chest which captivated Miss Devlin, as before her eyes she watched his member grow thicker within her bosom. becoming so strained that it turned red almost.


He placed his hands onto her hair as she began to suckle his helmet, she found herself sucking on his cock using her tongue in strobes to electrify him and send him to stand on his toes such was the sensations being experienced by young Clint.

Devlin smiled looking up at him as she studied his cock which had stains of her red lipstick over it. Devlin asked "You want to do something else handsome?" he did not respond to her instead he watched as she moved towards another table tugging his cock as she led him by his member to where she now wanted Clint to be.

Upon reaching the table Devlin sat on it and opened her legs, instantly he went on his knees, back down before her and in the middle of her open legs.

This time Clint would be using his mouth and not his virgin finger tips on her desperate for attention cunt. Clint buried his head deep inside her pussy pushing his face as far as he could in her as he used his tongue to weakly lick from the bottom of the pussy to the very top, his tongue action at this point resembling him savouring an orange. Miss Devlin moaned as she wrapped her legs around his head tightly pressing him against her pussy, Clint felt her dark leather boots press on his shoulders clutching his head.

Whether it was the feel of her leather boots or the smell of the leather emitting from those big sexy boots Clint found himself sparked into some kind of mad urge to eat her like she had never been eaten before. Clint was transformed from petty tongue licking on her cunt to using his tongue in a wild animalistic surge of splashes, Miss Devlin moaned loudly panting as she struggled to cope with how aggressive he was applying his tongue to her cunt.

Clint used his tongue feverishly lashing her pink twat to her erect clit, all the while complimenting this Clint used his hands to fondle her breasts. His wildness made Devlin feel the wildest she had ever felt, especially when he sucked on her pussy as unashamedly hovered her glorious deliciousness.

Whatever happened next was a blur to both of them, as he moved from her pussy to stand up his mouth dripping from her pussy juices. Clint took hold of his hard erect member pointing was it in line with Miss Devlin's pussy, he did not even ask permission to enter her as he was desperate to plough it inside her and she had no time for his silly questions. Instead she wrapped her legs around his ass and she pressed his hips up against her pussy. The hips of his that was being led by his ecstatic sturdy well endowed member.

Clint felt his cock squeezing through her pussy walls and entering with slow strides, all the while Devlin laid back moaning biting her lips as she grasped the curtains to grip as he picked up speed and his pounding of her pussy took hold. He upped his forceful thrusts and watched her tits, her large beautiful tits which only a couple of minutes previously had drowned his own cock in the most sensual and pleasurable tit wank the young boy would ever likely to have.

He kept his own momentum as the feelings around his cock from her experienced and seasoned mature pussy made his hardness never abet. His hands fondled her breasts, rubbing along them with an equal amount of tenderness and adolescent aggression which made the older teacher orgasm again.

Clint was pummelling the mature teacher whose legs were dangling over the desk she had marked so many papers on, his trousers wrapped around his ankles as he built up a nice rhythm. Clint would withdraw slowly and as he had his member outside her pussy, he would direct his penis back in and then thrust forward aggressively pressing his hips upwards, the technique made Miss Davies unable to contain herself, she had to bite her fingers to save her screaming the school down.


---- Miss Morton and Jade ----

As this was happening in the confines of Miss Devlins classroom another student of the sixth form class Clint was part of named Jade was making her way towards the Art classroom on the other side of the school to collect her coat she had absentmindedly left behind during the rush to escape from the school.
During Jades trek across the corridors of the school to get to her coat she bumped into the physical education teacher Miss Morton.

Miss Morton was a 34 year old athletic blonde haired teacher who usually wore sports dresses around the school, she like Miss Devlin came under negative scrutiny from older female faculty but not as badly as Miss Devlin as Miss Morton was usually outside the school or in the sports hall with pupils so she was mostly absent from the inner politics of the school.

"Jade" Jade stopped instantly "Why are you still in school?" rather than lie although Jade felt she ought to lie despite not doing anything wrong, decided to tell the truth "I have to get my coat from the art room" "The art room is closed. You know no students are allowed on school grounds after home time. It has gone 15:30 you should leave" "But Miss, I need my coat in case someone pinches it" "Nobody will steal your coat Jade. Just make sure you are here bright and early on Monday morning" "But Miss I really need my coat for the weekend. It is my best coat".

Miss Morton interrupted "No, I do not want to hear it. I will escort you out of the school". Jade could not understand still being treated like a child by the faculty as she was in the sixth form and at 18 was a senior in the school, but some of the teachers appeared to revel in treating the sixth formers like they were children. Miss Morton pointed down the corridor as Jade was escorted cursing in her mind the unreasonable Miss Morton.

As Miss Morton and Jade passed Miss Devlin's room both heard faintly Miss Devlin's gasps, they continued to walk two meters until both stopped. Looking at each other to see if the noise was real and had registered with the other.

Miss Morton went towards the door and looked through a gap, there she saw a naked torso of a male and Miss Devlins legs dangling over the desk, she could tell it was Miss Devlin from her shoeing attire. Miss Morton was about to tell Jade to run on home but Jade was looking through another gap and had seen it with her own eyes "She is having sex with a student" Jade stated.

Miss Morton did not want to rouse Miss Devlin's attention by giving Jade a row, yet why give the girl a row as it was Miss Devlin who was indeed fucking a student. Miss Morton went back to watching through the gap with Jade "Who is it" "Keep it down Jade" "Who is she fucking?" Jade persistently asking aloud. Miss Morton looked cross at Jade "I might have sworn Miss but look at what Miss Devlin is doing".

Both females went to looking through the gap. Inside the room Clint had stood up and turned around to face the door, he could not see Jade and Miss Morton watching him. Both Jade and Miss Morton recognised him "Clint" "Clint" each said, both females found their eyes drifting towards his erection "Wow, look at his cock" Jade said impressed.


Miss Morton found herself licking her lips but then remembered who this was and how unprofessional and wrong it was. Yes Clint was 18 and in sixth form which was technically college, this was still nevertheless a high school and he was still a student.

Clint inside the room laid onto the desk as he watched Miss Devlin climbed over him and quickly positioning herself in the reverse cowgirl position. From this point Clint begun to ride him, her face facing the door as she was ramming her ass down as Clint held onto her buttocks squeezing them tightly. Miss Devlin's tits flashing all around.

Clint moaned "Keep it down" Miss Devlin gasped as she closed her eyes. It was at this point Miss Devlin noticed someone was watching them, she though did not care at this point as she moaned bringing herself to another orgasm "I am coming.....". Outside Jade and Miss Morton were rudely interrupted by the janitor "Miss Morton" the elderly janitor said who was in his 60s, bald and slim with a rough exterior that spoke of a man who no longer shaved.

Both faced the janitor as he apologised for causing their jumpiness "I am sorry to startle you but something has happened to my wife and I am going to have to leave. I have had a phone call from her saying she is sick I have to take her to the hospital. I was going to see Miss Devlin to give her my keys so she can lock the door. The headmaster I have phoned already has suggested I find a faculty member still on site to do this, I did not know you were still on school grounds".

"No. There is no need to apologise John, I do not think Miss Devlin is in her classroom I ugh was just checking for her myself. The door is locked you see, but do not worry I will find her for you, I know she is still here as her car is in the parking lot. You just go home, I will take the keys from you. It is okay, really".

Any other day the janitor would have noticed something was a askew, from the fact Miss Morton and the female student were staring through the gaps of another teachers room to the way Miss Morton spoke hurriedly and even like she was guilty of something. The janitor though had more pressing issues at hand and made himself scarce thanking profusely the unusually kind Miss Morton.

Jade looked at Miss Morton suspiciously "Why did you not alert him". Miss Morton could not dismiss Jade as Jade had seen as much as she had "I do not know" was all she said "Are we going to go in" Jade seemingly mischievous. Both went back to the door, Miss Morton held the janitors keys at hand which also had a master key to open any door in the school.


She looked at Jade who smiled "I won't tell". They glanced through the gap as Miss Devlin who had already cum herself was weirdly ignoring whoever was watching her and her student. Instead Miss Devlin was on her knees whilst Clint laid bare buttock naked across her desk was cuming. Miss Devlin was doing all she could to make his own cuming experience a memorable one as she tickled his balls.

Jade and Miss Morton watched as Clint came, his load shot in the air going across the desk and himself. Jade gasped "Amazing" she stated, Miss Morton too was impressed by the sheer force of his cum.
Miss Morton placed the key inside the lock and opened the door.

Miss Devlin stood up unashamed as Clint stood up shocked, neither made any pains to try and grab their clothing. Jade stood near Miss Morton her mouth open in shock. Miss Morton merely said "Extra sex education class Miss Devlin?".

Miss Devlin looking at Clint "It is the practical examination". Both teachers were confusing the two students. Where was the shock, where was their outrage, where on earth was the teachers being teachers for goodness sake.

Miss Morton turned to Jade "What do you think I should do Jade". Jade unsure "I don't care" "Do you want to partake in this Jade". Jade looked at Clint's naked body "Yes, I do!".


---- Two is Company.... Three is a Crowd.... Is Four a Orgy? -----

Miss Devlin finding Clints bemusement a turn on commented "She would like to try you Clint". Jade came over wearing her school uniform, her white shirt the purple tie and small navy dress with thick black socks and dark boots, Jade was more than a sexual turn on to Clint she was a fantasy walking towards him about to come true.

Jade with her greenish eyes stared deeply into his, the lust burning brightly as he smirked at her. Jade had white velvet like skin light brownish hair which was made up in a pony tail. Both students at 18 had known each other for years growing up together in the school and the oddest part of this encounter between them was neither had spoken so much as 4 sentences to the other prior to this late afternoon.

Miss Morton walked to the other side of the room watching the two students, Jade lowered her head to take in the sight of his cock "It is still so big". Clint felt as Jade stroked his member "It is still so juicy" he replied. She brought her gaze back to his "Young lust Miss Morton" Miss Devlin standing topless smiled approvingly as Jade now begun to stroke his meaty member in her hands.

Jade lent in and kissed him, he poked out his tongue and quickly found himself sparking back up with his erection, Jade was engrossed in his kissing, never had she looked at Clint as being a potential sexual partner amongst the boys in school but this was difference, he was more or less forcing himself to the front of her thoughts.

His member becoming hard by the presence of Jade. Jade placed one of her hands inside her knickers and rubbed her pussy, she followed this by pulling out her hands and stroking his cock laced as it was in Miss Devlin's juices. Miss Morton started to stroke herself whilst Miss Devlin came towards Jade, whispering in her ear.

"Jade, go on your knees and suck his cock". Jade did not look at Miss Devlin as she replied "Okay Miss". Jade was too focused in the prospect of giving Clint oral sex to hesitate, and so the young girl begun to place her tongue on his chest making circular motions between his pecks, she then kissed her way down onto her knees as she started to fondle his member in her mouth.

Her own tongue strokes were less enticing than Miss Devlin whose own womanhood and own knowledge of what she was doing was truly obvious by comparison but Jade had the schoolgirl charm, the sort of charm he had to seduce Miss Devlin.

As Jade moved her head back and forth, Clint held her brown hair moaning as she pleasured him. Miss Morton sat on the same desk Clint and Miss Devlin had just brought each other to climax upon. Miss Morton opened her legs and lifted up her dress, Jade noticed this act by Miss Morton but kept her mind focused on the cock in her mouth. Miss Devlin went beside Jade once more and raised her up "He needs to be tested by Miss Morton Jade, you did a good job Jade". "I want to suck some more" she sounded petulant.


Clint tugging his cock in front of Jade "Please" Clint asking Miss Devlin without a smile just a serious desire to not ruin this moment with Jade for him. Miss Devlin stood back silently consenting for Jade to proceed.
Jade smiled going back on her knees. She started to nibble his balls and then use her tongue to probe between his asshole and penis.

Clint held her ponytail and pulled on it which sent a physical sensation down Jades spine. "Keep sucking Jade" Miss Devlin whispered as the mature teacher went behind Clint and started to use her tongue to bathe his back in her tongue strokes.

Clint felt Miss Devlin push him back onto one of the classroom chairs as Jade slid on her knees not letting up from his helmet which was red and thick in her mouth. "Sit on the chair Clint. I have always wanted to see a boy and girl do this in my classroom". As Clint sat on the chair he opened his legs wide, Jade came between his legs and rested her hands onto his hairy legs.

She looked into his eyes smirking sometimes with his cock in her mouth "Jade...Jade" he was hyperventilating her name at this point. Exasperated by the sheer sensation tingling around his loins.
Miss Morton started to rub her pussy watching this, her erect clit so sensitive to each of her touches. Miss Devlin overseeing all this went to the classroom door and closed it from Jades and Miss Morton's appearance. She locked it and watched the show unfold.

Jade was now deep throating Clint, her mouth took all his inches and she managed to reach with her nose his pubic area. He could not believe just how much Jade was taking him inside her mouth. He felt his cock touch the back of her throat and she was heard struggling to breathe on occasion yet she continued to throw herself into it.

Jade was determined to not only please Clint as much as Miss Devlin had pleased him, she was also determined to show off her skills to the two mature teachers. Miss Devlin went to stand beside Clint and stroked his hair tenderly as Jade glanced up at her taking a break from deep throating him. Jade at this point was wanking his cock as she got her breath back.

"Look at all the saliva around your beautiful cock Clint" remarked Miss Devlin as Clint stared at Jades spit all down his cock and around the hair on his legs "You girls today Jade are so far more sexually advanced than when I was a girl". Jade kept tugging his cock which was getting bigger in her hands. Clint felt his penis go numb as Jade next stood up and pulled off her knickers "I want to fuck him Miss".

Miss Devlin glanced over at Miss Morton who was still masturbating on the desk "Go ahead Jade". Jade then sat down on Clints lap, she eased her penis inside "Are you a virgin Jade" "No" she replied to Miss Devlin who was not surprised after seeing the way she deep throated Clint.

Jade moaned as his big thick meaty cock entered her soft pink cunt, she placed her hands onto his knees as Clint held onto Jades hips, Jade was shaking her ass around in circular motions whilst Clint felt his hips spring up slamming deep inside Jade. Jade screamed, she just could not contain herself. "You have to be quiet Jade".

Jade kept screaming not ignoring Miss Devlin but unable to stop her screams, she tried to bite her lips to stop the noise she was making but it did not work, Clint could not slow himself down either as he allowed the schoolgirl to ride him, she was jumping up and down on his cock like his penis was a horse and the sweat was running down her face as Clint was open mouthed just watching Jades back and brown pony tail bop from side to side.


Miss Devlin could not control her own sexual attraction to Jade as the mature teacher strolled over towards the schoolgirl and lent in kissing her. Miss Devlin placed her tongue deep inside Jades throat, Jade immediately started to tongue Miss Devlin back. During their kissing Miss Devlin opened up Jades shirt moving her purple tie aside as she fondled her breasts, tweaking her nipples.

Jade had never been kissed so sensually or as passionately before, Miss Devlin delighting Jade who felt weak before Miss Devlin's tongue probing. Yet Clint kept slamming his hips deep inside Jades cunt and the rocking motions of Jade meant Miss Devlin struggled to maintain the kiss.

Clint feeling himself about to climax was overcome by a need to be standing up as came in Jade so Clint stood up forcefully holding Jade still by the hips lifting her up from her seating position with ease. Miss Devlin was taken aback as she observed Clint rush Jade over to the desk Miss Morton was masturbating on.
Jade was now strewn across the top of the desk, her breasts and hands pushing off the remaining books, papers and notepads onto the floor as Clint maintained his hip thrusts up against Jades ass as his cock implanted itself inside her pussy.

Miss Morton still kept masturbating as Jade screamed loudly right beside her. Clint was slamming his hips into Jades ass, squeezing her ass cheeks. Just the sight of Jades schoolgirl dress moving back and forth as his cock pressed in sent him into over-drive, he was literally drilling her to the point the desk was shaking. Jade kept screaming "KEEP GOING...KEEP GOING....GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

Jade yelled aloud as Clint matched her screaming by yelling how much he could not stop and then he came, the cum splashed out of his cock and inside Jades cunt, Jade was exhausted as she felt Clints warm cum bathe her pussy walls. Clint laid down over Jade trying to catch his breath.


---- Miss Mortons Physical Education -----

Such was how much effort he put into fucking Jade from behind that his legs were spent of strength. Clint tried to maintain balance but he was totally overcome with fatigue. Miss Morton appeared annoyed "This is not fair" as she stood up from the desk "He is not hard for me" "He is young and fit Miss Morton. Give the boy time he will be soon ready to perform". A confident Miss Devlin reassured Miss Morton.

Clint stood up his cock all flaccid as both mature teachers looked at it. Miss Morton held it in her hands looking into his eyes, her blue eyes full of lust. She stroked his helmet which was still wet from Jades pussy, Jades cum and also his own cum.

"You are not finished are you Clint?". "No Miss I will be ready soon". Clint felt as Miss Morton tugged on his tie, she went by his side and looked up at him. He was so much taller than her "You will be hard for me soon boy, you better be hard for me". Miss Devlin went over to Jade who was still breathing deeply over the desk somewhat dizzy. Miss Devlin helped Jade get to her feet "You look worn out Jade".

"I want him to come with me" Miss Morton telling Miss Devlin who did not appear impressed at Miss Morton being selfish over Clint "Where are you going to take him" "To my office in the sports hall" Miss Morton replied tensely to Miss Devlin. Jade had by this time got her strength back and had tidied up her clothing as well as brushing her hair with her hands to make herself more presentable.

"I think we can all agree that Clint here has used his cock on you Miss Devlin enough so you are now behind the queue. Even Jade has had him more than I. I think I am entitled to some sixth form schoolboy dick". Miss Devlin was not greedy in the slightest as she sympathised with Miss Morton "Clint has performed very well for me so yes you may borrow his services, but he does have extra tuition for his forthcoming examination".

As the teachers continued their conversations Jades mobile phone rang in her schoolbag, she immediately went to her bag as the two teachers and Clint watched her curious as to who it could be "It is my mother" reading the name of the caller Jade stated.

Jade answered still out of breath "I know I am a little late, I have just been looking for my coat. No I have not found it, it is fine ma I will get it on Monday. Yes I know I am late, fine...I will be outside. Okay...okay". Jade hung up "My mother is in the parking lot and I have to go". Jade disliking this idea as Miss Morton smiled at Miss Devlin "Would you Miss Devlin be so kind as to escort Jade off the school premises. I will take Clint into my office and uh...check him over myself to make sure he has recovered".

Miss Devlin politely accepted her colleagues request "As you wish Miss Morton". Jade picked up her school bag and looked at Clint "That was amazing, we have to do it again Clint". Clint had kept his mouth shut, just unable to appreciate his good fortune. Clint felt Jade hold his balls "We will do this again" assertively the schoolgirl said. Miss Devlin took Jades hand from Clint's balls and brought her hand to her own vagina "We all will be doing this again. To do this again Jade nobody must know, nobody at all".


"I do not think we should rule everyone out" Clint finally speaking up "What do you mean?" asked Miss Devlin "Maybe other girls Jade knows could join us. Or maybe other women teachers". Clint was bold with a smile on his face, Miss Devlin was impressed "Listen to him girls. He thinks he can fuck everyone" "I am just a woman pleaser". Clint flirting with Miss Devlin who had to break herself away from Clints charm.

"Okay, you Miss Morton have your way with this stud. I will escort Jade off the grounds" "I do not want to leave" Jade complained "Jade school is over" "But I am 18 damn it" Jade antagonised stated "You might be 18 Jade and in sixth form but you are nevertheless still someone's daughter, and if your mother walks in on this. My career will be over. So run along"

Miss Devlin said as she went to the door "What about meeting up on the weekend" Jade pleading as she and Miss Devlin walked out of the classroom. The last Clint and Miss Morton heard was Miss Devlin replying to Jade "Leave your phone number with me". Both Jade and Miss Devlin were heard walking away down the corridor.


---- Miss Morton Finally Gets Here Way ----

"Just you and me now Clint" Miss Morton smiled as she hugged him pressing her body into his, feeling his slowly getting erect penis "I see you are getting prepared for me". Miss Morton stuck her tongue into his throat. He engaged her tongue stroking with equal gusto as he placed his hands under her navy dress to feel her ass cheeks. Miss Morton did the same by placing her hands onto his own buttocks, Miss Morton was even holding onto his buttocks and using her hands to thrust Clint into her.

After 1 minute of kissing in this erotic pose the blonde physical education teacher had to speed things up "Put on your clothes and follow me to my room". Clint did as she asked, he put on his trousers and did up his shirt. Within a minute he and Miss Morton had left Miss Devlin's room and were walking along the empty school corridors heading towards the sporting wing of the school.

Miss Morton slid in her key to open up the large red door with the words "Female Sporting Wing". Clint like so many schoolboys often passed this and wondered about all the beauties inside coming to take off their school uniforms and don on their sporting outfits. Before Miss Morton allowed Clint to enter she turned to face him "You ready to come into the promised land".

Clint was a very quiet lad and did not say anything as he entered the girls wing of the sports section. Between the small corridor inside the Female Sporting Wing room stood the girls changing rooms was a thin door that read "changing rooms" adjacent to this was another door stood that hosted Miss Morton's office.
"Not in the office honey, go on through to the girls changing rooms".

Clint opened the door and as he walked in a strong smell of perfume hit his nostrils "How long have you been here in this school Clint" "Nearly 6 years Miss" "You will be leaving after your exams won't you" "Yes Miss, I will be going to the colleges to finish off my A Levels" "In all the time you have been in the school have you ever entered this far into the girls changing rooms" "Only in my dreams Miss".

She smiled going behind him skipping in her navy dress to stand in front of him "This is a dream come true for you" "Not even my dreams would allow me to believe something like this afternoon could ever happen". He looked around the changing rooms and saw the long benches which were underneath the hooks on the wall where countless girls had come and gone over the years".


"You are in sixth form and soon to be leaving this school so I think I should give you my own send off". Miss Morton pointed towards the shower room "Go on inside Clint". Clint begun to make his way towards the shower room when Miss Morton reminded him "Your clothes Clint...take them off. It is a rule you see Clint nobody goes into the shower room with clothing on, nobody. Not even me".

Clint kicked off his black shoes and then slid off his trousers "I could make an exception today Clint that If you keep on your tie and socks I will keep on my navy dress. How does that sound?".

Clint kept taking off the remainder of his clothing until he stood there just with the purple tie on and his socks. Miss Morton looked at him from head to toe "You have such a sexy body" she took hold of his tie and lent in kissing him. Her tongue entering his throat as he massaged her tongue with his. Miss Morton used her hands to tug on his cock feeling it grow in her hands.

After a few minutes of this passionate kissing she moved towards the shower taking him by the purple tie. Miss Morton entered the shower area and all around were 20 shower heads whilst in the back of the shower room was a large spacious bathtub. Miss Morton took off her blouse and then unclipped her white bra.

Just looking at her breasts, those tits of hers made Clint lean in and go on his knees as he begun to suckle them. His tongue caressing her nipples whilst his hands cupped those tits from below. He was literally massaging them like it was dough. Miss Morton moaned pressing her tits into his mouth. "Do you feel my nipples getting erect Clint".

Clint did not speak he kept up his passionate kissing, loving the soft feel of her pert tits "You are spoiling me" he said between suckling. His left hand then found itself creeping up her legs, stroking the inner thigh, he was at this point licking her tits as opposed to kissing them and Miss Morton just loved the sound of his slobbering tongue.

Clint placed his hands around her knickers and stroked along the front, feeling how moist and wet her pussy was becoming "Your cunt is so wet Miss" "Good boy" she used a free hand to move her knickers to the side "Put your fingers inside". Clint did as she asked ramming three fingers deep within Miss Mortons pussy.

He moved in and out without being gentle yet his roughness on her pussy was in stark contrast to the gentle almost tender affection his tongue was giving to her breasts. His free hand was by this point rubbing her ass cheeks and squeezing her buttocks from under her navy dress.


Miss Morton begun to hyperventilate as Clint got his fingers in as far as he could "You have done this before have you?" "A lot of today has been a first for me Miss". "You are doing fine". He started to next rub her clit which made Miss Morton move from moaning to screaming, biting her tongue as she leant over Clint's head, her blonde hair mingled up with his dark hair as she nibbled his ear.

Miss Morton by rolling over near his shoulder made Clint move from her tits to kissing her back, before his kissing of her back was reduced into licking her back, she had never had someone lick her back like this. Miss Morton used her other hand to rub and caress his buttocks, repaying his attention to her buttocks.

Miss Morton tensed her legs and stretched out her body as long as she could bringing up her torso from leaning over Clint. Clint knew the reason her body was arching the way it was arose from the fact Miss Morton was about to enjoy an orgasm. Miss Morton shook her head violently around as her blonde hair swayed wildly. All Miss Morton could do was gasp over and over.

Clint by this time was moving his hand over her clit at a crazy speed until she exploded all over him. Such was her the intensity of her orgasm that Clint held her up so as to not allow her to fall to the floor as her legs were beginning to buckle. Clint held her steady and rammed his tongue inside her pink wet twat allowing the cum to splash onto his face and tongue. Not phased in the slightest Clint licked at her pussy with persistence despite the eruption of juices from the fit P.E teacher.

Clint stood up holding Miss Morton whose eyes were glazed somewhat from her climax, he then rammed his tongue into her throat as she begun to kiss him tasting did she all her juices on his tongue. Clint moved around the shower block with her moving up against the wall back tracking as her white trainers avoided the wet shower floor from the shower many girls had taken a couple of hours previous.

Clint was not spared the wet floor as his socks were almost drenched, yet he was too focused on the warm from Miss Mortons mouth to care. He held her hands above her head as she was pinned against the wall. Clint then went back to suckling on her tits, licking his tongue across her nipples which were by this time as erect as her clit and his erection.

Clints erection was pressing into Miss Mortons thigh, occasionally brushing passed her soaked through knickers "You like to fuck the school teacher" she taunted him "You think you will get an A you immoral boy". Clint ignored her as he kept on suckling her nipples "God stop" she gasped such was the pleasure he was causing within her. Miss Morton's body once more tingling with the sensation of an impending orgasm and all he was doing was devouring her nipples.


Miss Morton had to push him away "Wait...." she walked over towards the shower lever and then pulled it down. Upon the lever being pulled down all 20 shower heads exploded with water as she smiled inviting him back in and he did so. Clint wrapped his hands around Miss Morton kissing her slowly, her left leg she wrapped around his buttocks "Lift me up" she whispered into his ear before going back to nibbling on his ear whilst he sucked on her neck.

Clint lifted Miss Morton up her navy dress soaked through as his tie itself was clung onto his body through the weight of the water which had doused it. Clint felt his erection pressing up bending towards her vagina, the heat from her cunt was drawing his cock inside as Miss Morton use her free hands to direct his cock inside her.

Clint buried his head into her breasts as he held her way above his hips and then Miss Morton felt his penis slide inside her cunt " it..." he started to buckle upwards pressing his member inside her with the engaging motions that caused Miss Morton to be laid up against the cold peach tiled walls of the shower room.

Clint went back to kissing her mouth as Miss Morton rammed her hips down onto his cock using all her athleticism and all her nimbleness to prolong the intercourse at the awkward angle both were in. As he was pressing his cock up in the air making deep sensational contact within Miss Mortons cunt Clint felt himself lose his balance and still holding Miss Morton in the air he fell back as his feet were all tangled up.

His back slammed onto the floor of the hard shower room whilst Miss Morton fell forward along with him, whereas Clints back hit the ground first Miss Morton was propelled towards his head by the fall, luckily though neither was too hurt. In fact the intensity of their fucking continued during the fall and with this new angle of Miss Morton sitting on Clint, she was able to ride him lifting and lowering herself as the water underneath Clints body was heard splashing.

Clint watched as Miss Morton stroked her blonde hair yelling loudly as Clint took hold of her breasts by cupping them into a tight squeeze.


Miss Morton yelled as she used one hand to wave around the air as she rode her stud on the shower room of the girls changing room "Christ Clint...FUCKING CHRIST...YOU FUCKING NAUGHTY BOY...YOU FUCKING STAR....YOU STAR" as she rode his cock "I LOVE YOUR THICK COCK IN ME....YOUR TEENAGE COCK".

Clint had his tongue hanging out of his mouth unable to contain how manly Miss Mortons riding of him was making him feel. Clint could appreciate just how physically fit her body was. Miss Mortons hard muscular legs dug into his slightly hairy legs, the way she slithered along his body was given an added sense of eroticism due to the water from the showers and the slow puddles developing under Clint.

Miss Morton had pert breasts with a slim bikini approving body which had a beautiful tan, her hard body of tightness was easy enough for him to keep himself erect over and the sloshing sounds emitting from the heat developing through the contact of their genitals started to downpour into the room with a sweet succulent smell of sex.

Miss Morton yelled as she at this point was taking long slams as deep as her cunt walls would allow for his cock to enter her followed by raising herself up to pause before coming back down to repeat this process her body had naturally shuffled into. Her hip movements had gone from being quite fast and wild to being more thoughtful and slower.

"Miss Morton I want to cum in you" he felt her hands covering his hands as she helped him tightly cover her tits, Miss Morton was barely audible as she replied to him "I know y....o....u do Cli....nt...just keep fucking me...keep fucking me". Clint took charge at this point by physically concentrating all his strength into his hips as he throbbed upwards, literally causing Miss Morton to shake from the sheer force he was using to implant his thick meaty cock deep inside her wet pink cunt.

Within 1 minute Clint suddenly stopped moving so erratically as his legs all tensed up as he arched his back to force his cock further inside her pussy. Miss Morton realised he was about to cum, and as she judged the facial expression on his face she guessed the cum he would produce would possibly be a lot.


Clint groaned loudly with his mouth wide open followed by her feeling the stream of hot spunk enter her pink pussy, bathing the walls of her cunt. She could feel just how much spunk he had released as her own juices were stifled. Clint held Miss Mortons tits squeezing them so tighter than he had been before that she felt a slight tinge of pain, but the pain soon was forgotten as she came herself sending her into another catalogue of ecstasy.

"MISS MORTAN....MISS MORTAN" he yelled her name as their cums battled to pass the other. The stream of cum managed to squeeze passed his cock and out of her cunt sliding down his legs onto the floor to be mingled up with the water from the still running showers.

Miss Morton leant forward and begun to tenderly kiss Clint with her tongue exploring him with far more sensitivity than she had been before. Clint stroked her blonde hair gazing into her blue eyes during this rummage on the girls shower room floor.


---- A Bath with the MILF teachers -----

Both eventually stopped kissing as the tiredness and exhaustion took hold. Miss Morton was resting on Clints upper chest as he still laid on his back on the soaking shower room floor. The heat from the fucking had kept both slightly warm yet the longer they laid doing nothing physical other than trying to get their breath back then the heat begun to recede from their bodies as the floor noticeably became colder making both feel uncomfortable.

This quiet moment of rest however was soon interrupted as the showers all stopped running water. This did not cause the two much concern until they heard footsteps walking along the shower room floor. The echoing sound of the footsteps unmistakably was the sound of high heels. Miss Morton and Clint glanced upwards facing the bathtub in the back of the shower room to see Miss Devlin.

Miss Devlin placed her hands onto the bath handles and ran the water "You two care to join me?" Miss Devlin proceeded to take off her clothing which was all matted and quite rough from the hard fucking session she had enjoyed earlier with Clint.

By the time Miss Morton and Clint had stood up Miss Devlin stood wearing only her big thick leather boots. She was incredibly desirable just standing there inviting them towards her with her luscious eyes. Clint approached her first, Miss Devlin took both his hands softly in hers and started to passionately kiss him using her tongue.

Miss Morton checked the water temperature and then went to joining Clint and Miss Devlin by hugging Clint from behind pressing her tits into his back as she started to suckle and kiss around his neck. Clints eyes involuntarily rolled into the back of his head such was the pleasurable sensation both teachers were eliciting in him as their tongues licked all around his throat and neck, and on occasion they kissed each other.

Clint once more started to feel an erection coming on as his slowly rising penis begun to dig into Miss Devlins left thigh. Miss Morton used her hands to rub Clints balls as Clint used his hands to rub both Miss Morton and Miss Devlins clits, they were both feeling aroused and wet at his expert use of his hands.

The water in the large spacious bath was nearly full but each of the teachers and young Clint were so engrossed in their mutual masturbation of the other none noticed it would soon overflow.


Clint felt both his hands getting wetter as simultaneously both teachers came, their cum flowed onto his hands like a coconut river causing him to watch both older womens facial expressions as their legs shook under them and their panting increased in intensity until a general calmness rendered them quiet.

Clint was fully erect by this point and used his own hands to masturbate his cock using as lubricant Miss Devlin and Miss Mortons spunk. Both teachers watched the young teenage schoolboy still wearing his school tie wanked himself off in front of them, their eyes were wide eyed at the sight of his fully erect 8 inch penis dangling in their eyes as he stroked and squeezed doing all the techniques he had learned that turned him on.

Clint need not have worked so hard any longer as Miss Morton and Miss Devlin both went on their knees looking up at him with unashamed seduction tinkering on through their eyes. Both with their eyes centred on his penis took turns sucking on his helmet. Miss Morton was extremely dirty as when she took his cock, she lifted up his member and licked like a lolly pop his entire eight inches, moving her tongue from his balls base to the tip of the helmet and then she deep throated him.

Miss Devlin was far more precise and she opted to work specifically upon his helmet by licking her tongue tenderly around it maintaining eye contact with the teenage Clint who was captivated by her playful eyes. Miss Devlin placed both her hands onto his buttocks when she was doing this so as to only use her tongue to guide his helmet with her mouth.

After satisfaction was attained from this passing of his cock between the teachers of giving him oral sex in the girls shower room. Miss Devlin opted to climb into the full bath tub and shut off the taps. Miss Morton was next inside as both teachers swum around the bathtub which could host 10 girls.

Clint took his turn climbing over the railing with his erection still on show. He opted to sit on the rim of the bath as both women swum naked around each other in the water "Clint stroke your cock for us" Miss Devlin asked. Clint stroked his huge member showing off his muscles as he thrust his big hands from the base to the helmet.

Miss Morton imagined all the schoolboys she had had crushes on in the past and how much she would herself have fantasises about similar situations, yet Clint himself was by far the most promising young man. He just had it all, an attractive face with a big hulky athletic frame toppled off with thick meaty legs, everything the young teacher loved about young boys.

Clint finished off masturbating and then went into the water, he immediately swum towards Miss Morton and corned her against the wall of the bath. Pressing up against her feeling a very erotic sensation of their legs brushing up against each other in the water as his erect penis slid along her leg and his tongue probed her mouth, Miss Morton found herself hypnotised by the youth who felt her hands on his balls once more tugging at them.

Miss Devlin not one to be left out swum between Miss Morton and Clint so that Clints arms covered them both. Miss Devlin begun to masturbate his cock as Miss Morton tugged on his balls. All the while Clint kept using his tongue on either Miss Morton or Miss Devlin, moving between their mouths as they either used their tongue on his neck or pressed their tongues against his, pending of course just who caught his attention the most.


Clint and the teachers were engaged in this filthy position for a very long time. Each of them enraptured by this expression of natural sexual feeling for the other. Clints cock and balls were being stroked and tugged so much that they were numb to him and all he could sense from his loins was a tremendous tumult of pleasure which made him feel like he was tripping on the best drug in the world.

The two mature teachers truly knew how to please this boy, and it was not until Miss Devlin moved from the embrace and bent over the railing of the bath that Clint responded. Miss Morton kept tugging his balls and kissing around his neck as he stood up in the bath tub and placed his member deep inside Miss Devlins pussy. The pink pussy of Miss Devlin so easy to find by his cock which homed in on the delicious cunt without much effort from Clints hands.

As Clint settled on the outskirts of the cunt lips he started to ram his cock hard inside her pussy making Miss Devlin moan over the side of the bath, she screamed with each thrust of this rough youth. Miss Morton who had seen Clint on the sporting field whispered in his ear "You going to give it all you can like you do on the going to score the goal".

She just enthralled young Clint by her words of encouragement as Miss Devlin was helpless before his hip thrusts, his eight inch cock made astounding inroads inside her cunt and he slammed his hands around her ass which splashed in the water. Miss Devlin yelled "Keep going deeper you brute".

The red headed Miss Devlin with such beautiful tits felt dizzy at the sensation of pleasure as the tingling sensation crept up from her toes towards her groin once more, she found herself using her left hand to massage her clit and occasionally rubbing Clints entering and withdrawing member in order to make her next orgasm a memorable one.

Miss Morton herself buried Clints mouth in endless tongue splashes as her blonde hair cling to his wet warm skin. Miss Morton tasted even better to Clint at this point with her tongue reminding him of peaches and cream, he devoured her tongue as he and she engaged in what could only be described as an animalistic licking frenzy.

Miss Devlin kept whimpering at the sheer scale of having her ass slammed by Clint and if not for her big juicy breasts protecting her between the bath side she would be in some discomfort, as it was Clint managed to feel Miss Devlins cum explode all over his cock once more, she screeched how much she was cuming and how much harder she wanted Clint to "PUT YOUR COCK UP ME...GET AS FAR INSIDE AS YOU CAN..."

Clint had never felt so much need to satisfy these teachers with their outrageous requests, he bent his knees slightly still having to contend with Miss Mortons tongue which was glued to his own as he entered Miss Devlins pussy at a sharp 45 degree angle from below, smashing his penis more upwards into her pussy which made her shudder as the cum still left her cunt.


Clint eventually pulled away from Miss Morton as he at this point was cuming himself. Gripping Miss Devlins ass cheeks he increased his speed until stopping suddenly as the cum erupted from his manhood. Miss Morton pushed Clint back withdrawing his cock from Miss Devlin who herself spun around as both women teachers went towards his penis as they sat in the water.

Clint stood over them triumphantly almost as the cum sprayed all across their beautiful faces, covering Miss Devlins red hair and her breasts in his cum as Miss Mortons blonde shoulder length hair and blue eyes were smothered in his spunk.

Miss Morton took his cock and sucked the rest of the cum out of his penis milking his balls in the process did she to make sure she had every last drop. Whilst Miss Devlin at the same time rubbed the cum on her body shot from Clint all across her own body using it as a natural cleansing oil.

Clint breathing deeply, out of breath and so very much spent of all his sexual energies. The two teachers appeared satisfied as they looked up at him "How do you think he did Miss Morton" "I think he did a good job Miss Devlin"

"Maybe the boy needs to work more on his oral skills to truly get the grade we both know he can achieve" "He will require so much more after school tutoring I am afraid" Miss Devlin said smiling the most lustful smile he had ever seen.

"After school tutoring" Clint breathlessly said "I will take summer school if it takes getting the right grades" Both teachers laughed as they rose from the waters together and stood near Clint kissing him tenderly all around his neck to bring to a close their sexual encounter albeit for now.


Dedicated to all the MILF school teachers......

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