Mommy's massage. Teen Kelly's mom gets a special massage.
Strawberry (Chap 9) Mommy’s massage.

It’s late Thursday afternoon and I had just returned from my apartment with Beth and her friend from school, Charly. Charly is staying the weekend next door with Beth and her two younger sisters. Beth and Charly are eleven years old and go to the same private academy. Beth had surprised me earlier today by bringing Charly to meet me. At my apartment she whispered to me that Charly had never seen a real cock. It was not much of an argument to show my cock to the pretty girl.

Charly was shy at first, but a bit of wine loosed her up and she took to sucking my cock like a champ. She had her first orgasm and ended up giving me her cherry. I can’t believe that in these few weeks, I have busted five teen or preteen girl’s cherry. And that is not counting my teen love, Kelly, whom I was on the way to see now. As I was thinking of Kelly and her mom Jenn, the thought of fucking Charly and Beth again this weekend would not go away. Maybe Saturday night.

Kelly has wormed her way into my life in a very special way. She is super smart and ever so sexy. Of course, when a girl tells you, “I’ll do everything you are dreaming about”, she really has you fairly well hooked. I have to admit I really like my preteen Strawberry and her mom; but an older teen can be interesting, particularly when she has a foxy mom.

As I drive, I think back on the famous Tuesday, when I gave her mom her first massage. I had pulled up to their house about ten minutes before our 4:00 pm date. Looking through the garage window I saw both Kelly and Jenn’s cars parked there. Good, they were both home. The door opened before I could ring the bell and Kelly greeted me with a big smile and locked her lips to mine. When we finally broke for air, she giggled and said, “Mom just got back from tennis and she is in the shower. She finally came around to getting a massage at home instead of at the club”. I just grinned and thought, “Great for me.” When I had first met Jenn the week before, I was impressed. She seemed about thirty-five years old; but had the tight body of someone who worked out every day. When she took her jacket off and revealed a nice set of tits it impressed me even more. Yes, I’m a pig and doing all these little girls has really woke up my sex appetite.

Kelly took me into the kitchen and let me mix a drink for myself; sparkling water for her. She already had a drink on a platter for her mom. I noticed it was extra tall. Kelly fixed a light snack for her mom and then took me down the hallway to the master bedroom. Holy cow, the master bedroom was huge and a walk-in closet on the left wall looked nearly bigger than my apartment. A partially open door on the right revealed the master bathroom, which was equally huge. I could hear a shower running and then stop.

“Mom, Tom is here”, Kelly told her mom and the reply was, “A few minutes.” Kelly busied herself pulling a small table next to the bed and placing towels and bottles of lotion on it. I recognized Kelly’s muscle treatment cream and remembered to keep it away from “sensitive spots”. And there were also two bottles of her blue lotion for the sensitive spots. I guessed Kelly wanted me to do a lot of work on Mom’s sensitive spots. It made me almost laugh; the message was so obvious.

I could hear a hair dryer going full blast in the bathroom while we waited. Kelly dimmed the lights a bit and made sure all the curtains were closed tight. She came over to me and gave me a big hug and kiss and whispered into my ear, “Call me if you need a hand”. She giggled as she put the emphasis on the word hand. Then she swished out the door and closed it behind her. So I sat in a chair and waited.

Jenn slowly opened the bathroom door and gave me my first look at her minus her track suit. She had a small smile on her face, her hair was curled around her face and her hand was holding a wrap-around big white towel. It covered Jenn’s big tits; but because she had pulled it up, I could nearly see her pussy. Jenn saw my eyes go from her face down to her chest and then lower. She giggled and let the towel slip down a bit to cover her pussy. “Hi Tom”, Jenn said and it came out a bit husky and nervous.

I picked up her drink and walked over and gave it to her. “Hi Jenn”, I replied quietly and waited as she sipped nearly half of her drink. My raised eyebrow made her give me a look and she smiled and said, “This is good courage”. She inhaled deeply and told me, “Well, I guess I’m ready, if I’m going to do this”. Jenn lay down on the bed on her belly and left the towel draped over her back and ass. As the towel fell off her front I got a quick peek at her nice looking tits, hanging straight down and appearing flawless.

“Do your legs or ankles hurt from your practice”, I asked to get her thinking about something other than being naked. “Left leg is a bit sore”, Jenn answered and I told her I would work on it second; but start with the right leg. Since Kelly loved having her ankles massaged I started there; hoping mom liked it too. With a couple of drops of lotion on her ankle, I slowly rubbed it into her skin. It only took about five minutes of massaging her foot and ankle before Jenn let out her first, “Mmm”. Well, that was a good sign.

Moving up to her calves I used my thumbs to put more pressure on her and it seemed to be the right thing to do. More “Mmm’s” from Jenn told me I was doing it right. “Yea, doing it right”, I thought, “before doing Mom for the first time in four years”. Using more cream, I worked my way up her leg until I got near “dangerous” territory. Being sensible, my hands stayed away from her pussy and I repeated the massage on her left leg. When I hit one particular spot on her calf, Jenn flinched and murmured, “Ouch”. She had a big knot in her muscles and I worked it for about five minutes, gently at first and then harder to fix the problem.

With her legs done, her arms were next. It did not take long to work from her fingertips up to her shoulders and then down the other side. We played a little “hand-sies” but kept it tame. Her curled brown hair has steaks of blond in it and covered part of her shoulders. I realized Jenn must have her hair done by an expensive salon; it nearly looked totally natural. Also, as I started on her shoulders I noticed she had just a bit of a sun tan. Jenn was obviously careful about sun exposure and did not lie in a tanning booth. Jenn’s shoulders came next and I slowly worked down to her buns, still hidden under the towel. Jenn really liked the small of her back being massaged, so I just slid my hands down further over her butt cheeks and threw the towel on the floor. Her butt was barely much whiter than the rest of her lightly tanned body. Best of all, her butt is very shapely and Mr. Cock really wants to visit it.

“Jenn, your back is done. Have another sip and I’ll do the front of your legs”, I told her and held her drink glass up. Jenn looked up at me, sat up and took her drink glass and sipped. Her tits swayed just a little as she sipped and my eyes were definitely on them. Her nipples stood up hard with small areolas. She handed me the empty glass with a smile and laid on her back. Her totally shaved pussy was right in front of my eyes. Mr. Cock twitched several times to let me know he saw it too. Her boobs stood up nicely and the skin was flawless. Gosh, I just wanted to dive into her muff. Jenn closed her eyes and did not speak. When I started on the front of her legs, she let out a fresh “Mmm”. Good.

Slowly my hands worked their way up her legs and applied lots of lotion and stretched her sore muscles. Then her arms got the same treatment. When I did her hands, I noticed Jenn was tightening her grip on my hands a lot more and giving me little squeezes. I took it as encouragement and a good sign. When I finished I put a warm towel on her and told her to relax a minute while I washed my hands.

It was time to use the blue bottles and hit her sensitive areas. I folded the towel off her chest and dripped several drops of lotion between her tits. Jenn jumped and giggled like a little girl, “That’s cold”. I laughed and told her to hang on; I would have her warm in a minute. She gave me a searching look, knowing full well I was about to play with her boobs. Jenn closed her eyes again and relaxed. My hands spread the lotion between her breasts and then moved to cup each breast. A few more drops of lotion right on the nipple shocked Jenn again; warm hands and cold lotion. A great effect. Grabbing each nipple between my thumb and fingers, I gave them a squeeze and pull. Jenn inhaled hard and kept her eyes closed.

The “Mmm’s” started seriously when I leaned over and sucked her nipple into my mouth. Jenn’s hands clutched the sheets and her pelvic rocked a bit. Ah, more good signs there was a horny woman hidden inside Jenn’s fantastic body. After about ten minutes of kissing, sucking and massaging her tits, I moved down to the more serious sensitive area. The towel came off and Jenn spread her legs wide in anticipation. Her eyes were still shut hard when my hand lotioned her mons and fingers travel over her pussy.

Mr. Cock was twitching hard wanting to get to Jenn’s prize; but I made him wait. I wanted Jenn to scream her first orgasm before I fucked the daylights out of her. Spreading her pussy lips apart revealed her pink insides and her entrance to her love canal. The pink glistened wet and Jenn’s hips were moving with each stroke of my fingers into her pussy. When I got between her legs, Jenn lifted her knees and spread wide apart. I grabbed her thighs and attacked her clit with my tongue. As I thought, Jenn did not last long. Her scream came as she grabbed my head and pushed my face hard into her pussy. I tongued her as hard as I could and held on while she rocked and rocked. When she fell back onto the bed she moaned, “OMG, stop, please”. Moisture covered my face as she gave a final shudder. Jenn grinned and said, “OMG, wow”.

My pants hit the floor seconds later and Mr. Cock jumped out at the sight of Jenn’s wet and inviting pussy. She was as tight as I had expected. It felt like fucking her daughter Kelly or one of my preteen neighbors. “Amazingly tight”, I thought and pushed harder into Jenn. Like riding a bicycle, Jenn had not forgotten what to do. Her hips gave me pelvic thrusts at each down stroke and her pussy tightened on my cock when I hit bottom. Jenn grinned and “Mmm’d” and fucked me back harder and harder. This time I felt like I was not going to last too long. I really wanted her to lay back and put her head over the edge of the bed so that I could throat fuck her hard; but Jenn was having too much fun doing it the regular way.

Minutes later I felt like I was going to cum and said, “I’m going to cum, do you want to swallow?” “No baby”, Jenn moaned, “I want to feel your hot cum in my belly”. Mr. Cock did his job and shot streams of cum deep into her red pussy. Jenn locked her legs around my butt and squeezed and held me captive till I was spent and shrunk. As I pulled out of her a few drops of white cum dribbled onto her mons. I wiped them with my middle finger and held it in from of her face. Nothing like being a MILF, Jenn gave me a deep soul look grabbed my finger and stuck it into her mouth. She sucked hard and then ran her tongue down the length of my finger. It made Mr. Cock twitch and left him hoping for a repeat performance soon.

“Wow Jenn, thank you, you are amazing” I whispered in her ear and snuggled her into my arms. “OMG, I can’t believe I waited this long. Your cum is hot in my tummy”, Jenn whispered back. A minute later she asked if I would get her another drink. I grabbed my phone and sent a text to Kelly, “Baby, mom needs a fresh drink, please.” We were relaxing, leaning against the headboard with a sheet partially covering us when Kelly walked in with mom’s drink. Kelly giggled and asked, “Was the massage satisfactory? Is he everything I said?” “OMG yes Kelly; but Baby I’m not supposed to fuck your boyfriend”, Jenn said quietly and sipped her fresh drink. Kelly was wearing a white terry housecoat and she gave her mom a hug and said, “But you know I share everything with you.” Lots of emphasis on the word share. She added, “Besides, I have this for Tom”.

Kelly climbed onto the bed and stood straddling me. As I looked up at her, she released the belt on the housecoat and flung the coat to the floor. Of course, she was naked. Jenn gasped a bit and daughter Kelly said, “Be quiet and watch” as she lowered her ass down on my lap. Grinding her naked pussy into my groin we were face to face and Kelly leaned into me and gave me a long deep French kiss. After a few minutes of grinding my lap, Mr. Cock got the memo and started to rise to do his job. Kelly smiled, reached down and pushed my cock into her pussy. OMG, she was as tight as mom and intent on shoving my cock all the way up. It took a few minutes for me to get totally hard and then Kelly rode me like a wild stallion.

When I fucked Kelly the first time in my apartment she was concerned about getting cum into her pussy. She swallowed my whole load and made my day. I did not pay attention just now that Kelly was not slowing down until I was near cuming. “Kelly baby, I’m cuming”, I called and she smiled and said, “Yes, do it for me”. She pushed down hard as I pushed up hard and shot two strong streams of cum into her teen belly. In that moment you can’t think of anything else except shooting your wad. As the hot fluid spilled into Kelly she yelled, “OMG, do it harder” and then locked her lips to mine for more French kissing. Her pussy milked me hard and I just hung on for life.

Jenn was beside us just watching with big eyes. When Kelly relaxed a bit with my cock still in her pussy, mom asked, “Baby, you know what you just did?” Kelly smiled and said, “Probably same as you. We’ll know in two weeks”. I was too dumb to realize these girls were not on the pill and I may have just become a Daddy, twice. Kelly rolled off me and put her face down to my cock and licked my clean. My poor cock could hardly stand the pain; but I leaned back and enjoyed it. Kelly looked at her mom and asked, “Want to help?” It made Mr. Cock twitch with signs of life. Kelly giggled and said, “I see your cock wants mother and daughter to suck you off. Can you go for a third time?”

I shook my head no and told Kelly that I would either have to rest an hour or they would kill me. Jenn saved me and said, “Ok let’s take a break, eat dinner and then we can see if Tom can do us both at the same time”. Good grief, mom and daughter had turned into total sluts and I was staying the night. Good for me.

Dinner was back at the country club and again I noticed that the staff was extra attentive to Kelly and Jenn. We talked about inconsequential stuff and I sort of mentioned that I was helping a divorced lady by paying her mortgage and that she had been dumped by a dirt-bag ex-husband. Kelly said to her mom, “You remember the mom you met at the school picnic with the freckle faced daughter, Strawberry?” Jenn looked at me with an arched eyebrow, “Her?” I shook my head yes and Jenn wanted to know all the details. Then she surprised me by asking, “So if she sold her house, but could still live there, that would be a really good thing?” I agreed that it would help. Jenn told me the country club sometimes made investments when they were for a good cause. She could check on it, “I know the Board of Directors.”

We got away from talking about my living arrangement before I said anything about Strawberry; but then Jenn hit me from the left side. “You know Tom, my baby Kelly is too young to marry you.” I choked on my oysters and probably looked like the deer in the headlights until Kelly saved me by saying, “But mom, I already told Tom he could be my step-daddy.” Well that shut Jenn and me both up. Kelly laughed and said, “You sure were working on it hard enough earlier. I could hear you screaming upstairs.” This time Jenn and I both just chuckled and blushed.

As we were about to leave I was waiting on the bill and mentioned it to Jenn. She said there are never bills brought to the table and I answered, “I sure like your club.” So she said, “You got that right.” “What’s that?” I asked. “My club. Tom, my husband owned one-third of the club, the golf course and the condos down by the lake. I own the second one-third and most the land surrounding the lakes.” Holy smokes, the young widow was worth at least tens of millions. My mouth hit the floor.

So back to tonight as I’m driving to my new “home” were Kelly and Jenn are waiting, I remember telling Jenn I was not sure I could grasp all that money and asked her if she was she sure she wanted me, knowing just some of my background. Fortunately, she gave no indication that I was fucking every preteen in the neighborhood. Jenn told me Kelly had good instincts with guys and if I could deal with a mother-daughter relationship, so could she. Maybe tonight I will tell her about not just renting the basement, but also the master bedroom.

When I pull into Jenn’s driveway all the lights are on like there was a party going on. The front door opens and Kelly and Jenn greet me wearing terry housecoats. OMG, they do have a sex party going on. But there is no one in the house but us three.

“Surprise, Daddy”, Kelly croons and grabs my hand. “Surprise, Daddy”, Jenn echoes and grabs my other hand. As they drag me down the hall to the master bedroom they hit all the light switches and the house goes dark. In the master bedroom they both kneel on the bed and drop the house coats. Of course they are naked and but their bodies glisten. They have oiled themselves all over.

“Do you know why girls oil their belly?” Jenn asks.

To be sexy and slippery I tell them. Both of them laugh out loud.

“Of course not, silly Daddy”, Kelly says as she stretches her arms over her head and pushes her young tits at me. They stand up perfectly and I just want to suck them more.

“It’s so we don’t get stretch marks as the babies gets bigger”, Kelly grins. When I look at mom Jenn, they both start rubbing their flat bellies.

I nearly faint. Two babies?

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