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I am the boss so can enact something like a glory hole to the ladies washroom in my warehouse
The Warehouse Washroom M/F/blowjobs/peeping

I had been working at it for months. The peephole was finally completed and now the glory hole was done. I admit it was a far fetched fantasy, but what the hell, it excited me into masturbation every time I worked at it and that’s all that mattered.
I am a foreman in a huge warehouse. We hold imported goods from all around the world. Skids of Asian wicker and rattan furniture piled high everywhere with channels for the forklifts. Some merchandise almost forgotten in rows by the walls. About ten percent of the building was sectioned for the offices where all the so-called clean jobs were. With many stenos, accountants, office girls. The office closed at five pm while the warehouse was a 24 hour operation.

I schedule myself different hours and some late night shifts too. It was when I was looking to re-organize some of the traffic flow of merchandise that I got the brainwave. I was studying a plan of the old building and noticed that the offices joined against the unused part of our warehouse and the bathrooms for us and them were actually adjoining on the same wall. A men's washroom our side abutting the ladies room on their side.
I took the plans into our washroom and saw that the layouts were the same except reversed. We had four urinals on one side, then four stalls opposite a long counter with two sinks and storage. Our warehouse last stall was directly beside the women's washroom’s last stall!
The office side had another small washroom for the men too. But the large washroom accommodated the many women working in the office with seven stalls and several sinks.

My idea was simple, instead of going into our washroom and whacking off while dreaming of those chicks in the office every day, I’d take some time and carefully make a peep hole into the other side. I had lots of time and secrecy to do it. Even then it took me a long time because I had to go into the office side late night to pinpoint the peep hole in the ladies last stall and make sure it wasn’t noticeable.
On my side, I attached an old laminated safety notice over the hole in our wall, easily twisted aside to peep into the women’s area. It worked well and I could sneak into our warehouse washroom, move aside the plastic poster and see a girl at the sink. Very tiny view because of the two layers of wall to go through. I eventually removed the insulation and actually cut out the soft wall on our side, so I could get my eye right up against their wall. Wow! It worked great. It was amazing how well a tiny hole can be seen through.

Of course you know I got carried away with my new peephole and started imagining poking one in the wall within our warehouse last stall, into their office last stall. That was soon accomplished but didn’t work out too well because it seemed the girls in the office used any of their first stalls but not that last one. Nevertheless I wanted to be prepared and worked away at that wall. Finally removing all the insulation and leaving only the thin drywall with a pinhole. I could now see perfectly who was in that room by pressing my eye up to my first tiny hole and when in our last stall, could look right in to see a woman sitting on the toilet.

And you know I got carried away with my lust and couldn’t resist by then so took the next step and cut a nice round beer can sized hole in that wall. Immediately regretted how stupid it was and went into their side at night and patched the wall in their last stall, with a small piece of diamond shaped plywood. I screwed it into the wall at the top so it hung loosely over the hole, and attached a broken screw at the bottom, as if it had been screwed into the wall and had come loose. Even poked a hole where the screw might have been.

All anyone needed to do was slide the wood piece aside to look into the warehouse washroom. Of course when you are crazed sex addict, you believe that every woman in the office side is wanting to look into the warehouse toilets to see dirty old cocks! haha Nevertheless it was what I did. I could even manipulate it from our side! But I needed to hide my handiwork and attached another large flat piece of wood on our side so it would just look like repaired damage. By removing the plywood, I could stand close to that wall and slip my cock through my private glory hole! This provided me with several fantasies of having oral sex with any of the women from the office side and resulted in quick and easy orgasms for me through the day when I could slip in and imagine.

And the occasions when I brought paperwork to the offices, I checked out all the chicks working there, who by the way never gave me a second look.

So now I checked the women’s side one night, and discovered that a girl could see right into our side as well if our washroom lights were on and if I had the plywood twisted just right. It just looked like the lights were from a crack in the wall when viewed from the lady’s side. But a woman could peek in if curious about the light to see into the last stall on our side.

So one day, almost at 5 pm I was there, peeking through my original peep hole and saw a plump girl named Sally washing and primping her hair. I quickly ducked into our last stall and flushed our toilet, getting back to the first peep hole in time to see Sally listening to the sound, then quietly enter the last stall in her washroom. I also went into OUR last stall and I think we even locked the stall doors at the same time!

Now of course I had a raging hard-on from imagining what COULD happen and began whacking it. In front of that twisted piece of plywood when I heard a scrape on her side and knew she had pushed the wood patch aside. I had no idea if she had discovered her hole behind the plywood earlier. But I knew she was watching my cock now and I masturbated for her, heart pounding and thinking she was getting a cheap thrill and didn’t even know who I was! All she could see from her side was a raging cock anxious to spurt! I was getting a fabulous thrill and came in seconds. Heard the patch slide back and got to the peep hole in time to see her exiting the washroom with a glance back.

That was such a great sexy moment. I stayed late that evening to finish up some work, but also to make the peep hole larger and more disguised and to make the stall hole better and more secreted from both sides. The next day I took a late break and was in the washroom again, peeking through the peephole. Of course none of my workers bitched about me taking a crap at that time because it left them to relax without me.

Sally entered. Went about her business, washing her hands. Then she checked the door and quickly stepped into her side last stall. I was already there. Waiting with a huge hard erection, all from anticipation. I stood there slowly stroking and heard the quiet scrap of the wood patch on her side. Then leaned closer to my wall so my cock would be all visible to her curious eyes. Hard and tense. I almost came from thinking about her looking and wondered if she fingered herself there but was afraid to duck down and look!
I whacked off again for her and came in seconds. This went on for a whole week, me waiting in our washroom every afternoon and her checking her side before she went home.

Then one time I could not resist and leaned very close to the now open hole between our walls, turning my body so my cock was pointing directly at her. My heart was thumping and my cock was throbbing, because now I was acknowledging that I knew she was there! To my surprise and delight, Sally’s manicured finger came through that hole and I stared at it dumbfounded for a long moment before lust directed me in spite of the fears of losing my job.

I moved closer and brought my cock within an inch of that hole, The fingers reached out and touched it! I was stunned. No way I would have really thought a woman would ever touch me through the hole. But she did, and actually started trying to pull my cock closer until I could resist no longer and slowly threaded it through the hole. I felt her stroking me gently, with one finger at first. Then two, until her hand closed around my cock and I was in ecstasy with her action! Barely holding off cumming right away. And pressing myself hard against the wall so my whole 7 inches was pulsing on her side!

Then I felt a lick and knew it was a tongue. She took me into her mouth and began softly sucking. Letting her tongue run along the underside as she pushed her mouth over it. Even holding it all in there while it pulsed with excitement with its own excitement! It was like she loved my cock and I came in moments. Trying to suppress a moan but letting it out anyway. She stayed on it until my cock stopped pumping. I withdrew and heard her slide the patch closed. I was stunned and moved to the peep hole to see Sally rinsing out her mouth and straighten herself before leaving.

And you know my head was spinning from the reality of turning from a dream to a hard lovely lusty fact! My wild fantasy was enacted and wonderful. And became a daily thing. My 5 o'clock blow job. She never tried to fuck my cock even though I once dropped a condom through the hole. She just gave me the sweetest, most enthusiastic blowjob every day.

I never did contact her or let on that I knew it was her when I had occasion to go into the main office, not that I wasn’t trying to figure out ways to bring it up, but she seemed content with simply giving wonderful head to a mysterious cock every day. This lasted for several months until she moved on to another job. And nothing new has happened there so far.
But I keep trying. And whacking off with the memory of the lust and the hope that something new will emerge. And you know I am thankful because I worked hard to bring it about and glad I took advantage of my driven sexy fantasy!



2012-11-23 02:16:24
Fantastic story! I would love this to happen at my work!

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2012-11-09 09:22:48
very good story and a NEW one at that! well done. maybe a part two ? thanks for the read

anonymous readerReport

2012-11-08 14:14:00
Nice story. But don't end it there.

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