Moving in together + Willing little sister = Endless opportunities.
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Sweet Little Sister – Part 3

That is it? That’s what my life will be like for the days to come?

I gently caressed her nude back while cradling her on my chest. My arms around her and one of my legs between hers, one of my thighs accommodated right on that warm and intimate place. She was sleeping, her face on my neck. I could feel her breathing.

She was secretly mine now. None of our parents knew it.

How could I be doing this? Ravishing her like that!? My little Carol!
Simple answer: She wanted it.
She didn’t want a big brother. She wanted a lover. She wanted to go down with me, discover how far we could go by satiating my wishes, together. Filling every single desire… So I’d need nothing else, nothing but her.

Turned out that, with my little sister pushing me like that, forcing me to access that dark part of me, that lascivious part of me, I figured that deep inside… I was craving for that.

Our plan worked out amazingly. She had a huge argument with her parents, until they find nearly impossible to keep her with them. Carol reminded them of every single flaw in their relationship, mainly, when it came to her. Finally they agreed that, if they wanted to keep things improving, having their daughter around and have their marriage back, she couldn’t stay with them, she had to live far from them as she was while living in France. The three of them were happy then. I couldn’t imagine how Carol suffered when they came to that conclusion but, really, when she came to my apartment to tell me the news, she didn’t look worried at all.

“So, now my dad will call you to assure if that’s really cool for you to have me living here,” she said temptingly throwing her arms around my neck soon as I invited her in.
“And I’m obliged to say that I am…” I teased.
“Don’t you?” She said closing her eyes and alternately kissing my lips, hard and soft… Once, twice…
“Ok, ok. I’m totally cool with that,” I said rising my hands in defeat, and then crossing my arms firmly around the small of her back. She groaned… Jesus fucking Christ… The effect that her moans have on me…

I carried her inside, closed the door with a kick and sat on the couch, putting her on my lap and we make out. As it was a hot summer day she was wearing a sleeveless white shirt and a blue summer skirt, looking gorgeous as always, her goddamn long and toned legs completely exposed to my eyes. As we were kissing I was caressing her thighs, feeling an incredible urge to move my hand up and touch her, but holding myself. She just got there and that was only the third day we saw each other as lovers.

Then that feeling came again. That same feeling I had on our first time. When we slowed our pace, she barely opening her eyes, looking into mine through her black and long lashes, I suddenly felt that she belonged to me and nothing I could do would be too much… I‘d never be trespassing. All the barriers were already down. She was making me want to rush things now… Carol was winning that fight…

My hand reached the apex of her legs and I caressed it firmly, her mouth opened, mimicking a soundless scream and she gasped at the same rhythm my avid fingers groped her.
“I want you so, so much,” she whispered, her sweet tone opposing the lust impregnated in her speech…
“Not even two days had passed since you had your first time. Do you think you’re ready to your second time?” She instantly opened her mouth in response but I swiftly put a finger over her red and full lips and made her stop “I don’t want you to rush; I don’t want you to precipitate things. We already have each other and I have to be sure that I can trust you and that you’ll always think about you first.”

Carol looked at me a little aghast and for the first time I could really see that my words were sinking in. She took a moment to think while I just held her, her delicate body against my chest, kissing one of her hands. Soon she talked again.

“Ok. Honestly, I’m still a little sore. But if you can handle to be gentle with me I’d love to go to bed right now,” and the tone of confession in her voice was amazing to hear.

That was exactly what I wanted, her being completely honest with me about how she felt. It cracked my face in a huge smile. She cringed a little and blushed scarlet, giving me a shy smile. I held her strong and kissed her. So saucy and yet so sweet.

“That’s what I was talking about. Thank you,” I said.
“So…” She said hopeful, tracing a line between my neck and my muscular chest with her finger, undoing the first button of my dark gray polo shirt.
“Let’s do it this way. I have some work to do now and I really don’t want to get interrupted by your father when I finally get to be with you. So, I’ll work and as soon as he calls, we go to bed. Fine this way?”
“Actually, no. It’s only 4PM. He can take hours to call,” she pouted.
“As I said, don’t rush things up. You’ll live here, remember? Maybe this moments of expectation will do us good,” I said blandly, then kissed her lightly and moved her to the couch, not before running the tip of my nose across her jaw line and down her neck, making her squeal “Make yourself home, as it will be, soon as I can settle things with your father.”

At first she just walked around the apartment, noticing details and, amazingly, she didn’t ask me a single question, avoiding disturbing me while I concentrated on the tons of paper over my desk. Then she walked over and stood briefly hovering over my desk.

“Appreciating the view?” I asked.
“The big tower of paper over your desk or this big and handsome black haired guy behind it?” She giggled.
“I love the way you let your hair had grown, I remember it shorter. With it covering your forehead and those baby blue eyes you look younger,” she said “Even behind a pile of work” she said like she was apologizing for the intromission.
“I’m glad, actually really glad, that you liked it” I said. So she really likes the way I look. Great.

I smiled at her and she smiled back. Then she asked:

“Can I use your computer?”
“Of course you can,” so I stood, fired up my desktop on the other room and typed the password “Here” I pulled my chair for her.
She used it quietly during ten minutes, more or less, and then she came to my room again.
“Adam, I have something to ask” and the wanton look in her eyes warned me a little about what was coming.
“Do you have a porn folder in that computer?” Holy crap…
“Why?” I asked, turning to her and trying not to get red like a tomato.
“No why, I want a yes or a no,” she grinned while scolding me.
“Yes, there is a porn folder in there, why?” I asked in a hurry.
“I wanna see it. Can you show it to me?”
“Oh… I don’t think so” Damn it! Why would she want to look into my porn stuff?
“I wanna know what kind of stuff you like” she said faking a sweet tone… That sounded absurdly tempting.
“Carol, there’s a lot of stuff I have there that I have no interest of doing… I don’t think that’s a good idea.”
“You want me to be honest with you, right? So, I want you to be honest with me. Show me, please! There’s nothing to worry about! You can trust me; I’ll not be impressed, no matter what I find there!” Holy fucking crap… There were things in that folder that… Oh hell, she’s not letting it go, I know that.

I stood and went to the other room, not saying a word – as I couldn’t think of anything to say – and she followed me. I found the folder and opened it. Almost 20 GB of sexual content of various types. I couldn’t believe I was really doing that, but I was.

“Thanks,” she said while seating, curiosity flaming in her eyes.

I couldn’t work any longer. I just stood there, leaning on the wall, while my little Carol scavenged through my darker side. I had videos of all the fetishes I was at least slightly interested in. She watched parts of them all. Some made her squeal in some parts. Some made her feel awkward as she tilted her head and I could see she was trying to figure out what was that about. At first I wanted to bury myself alive… Then I noticed she was getting really turned on, unconsciously rubbing her thighs on each other, squirming in arousal. At certain point I walked behind her and casually crossed my hands around her neck, as she rested her head on my abdomen.

She was watching a girl tied up to the wall, arms and legs spread and wearing a gag while a man, using a vibrator wand, was forcing her to have multiple orgasms.
“Would you do this to me?” She asked, not taking her eyes from the squirming girl on the screen.
“Maybe, some day, if you want” I said awkwardly “I had never thought I’d really do any of this things to someone. I was just curious.”
“I’d do most things on these videos… The sexual things, at least. I’m not very comfortable with this spanking stuff,” she grinned.
“So you’d do fisting, you are cool with gangbang and double or triple penetration, but not with someone slapping your butt” I laughed, trying to ease the tension.
“C’mon, you know I hated when someone beat me,” she said getting up, crossing her arms and looking to me “And yes, I’d do any of this things if you wanted to, but I don’t really think you’d like sharing me with anybody else, would you?”

I pulled her to my arms and held her tight “No, I wouldn’t,” and I kissed her “As I’d never force something huge as a fist into your perfect… You know,” I said in a mocking tone.

She slightly slapped my chest and we both laughed. The joke wasn’t that funny, but the easing tension made it happen. Soon I was kissing her hard, standing at the center of the room, her arms around my neck and my hands all over her.
“I can feel you under your clothes... It means our expectation moment is over, right?” now she was mocking me, while I was kissing her neck and my hands were beneath her dress, groping her tight and curvy ass.
“Yes, I think s…” I was interrupted by my mobile buzzing in my pocket.

I jumped three feet back, and then I looked at the screen: It was her father.
“Your father” I said. Damn it.
“My God! Does he have some sort of spider-sense or fuck-sense or something?” She roared outraged but grinning. I laughed and then answered it.

The talk was short… But what was happening during the phone call…
At first Carol stood near me, teasing me, stroking all around. I tried to get away from her, but I was so turned on… At moments I felt like I couldn’t stand it anymore, talking straightly with her dad while she was all around me like a little sex devil. Soon I could only think about throwing away the phone and fucking her, hard, especially after she threw down her shirt and skirt, staying only with her white and sexy lingerie. What the hell was she thinking? I was with her father on the phone! I scowled at her and she finally left me alone just to, provocatively, lay in my bed… That light brown haired teen goddess, with that slightly tanned, slender and perfect body, looking at me as that situation was a total turn on to her. Fuck.

Her father was talking about wages, mortgages and sharing costs while I agreed almost unconsciously with him, in the mean time I was lying on bed caressing his daughter’s breasts over her lingerie, those perky breasts that fitted perfectly in my hands.

I straddled her and put a finger over my mouth signaling her to stay quiet. She nodded with arousal all over her face. I held the phone between my ear and my shoulder and skillfully removed her bra. Her breasts bounced softly, like they were welcoming me. I cupped her tits firmly, squeezing from its base to the tip of her erect nipples, which I softly pinched making her squirm…

Five minutes of talk. I struggled to say what he wanted to hear and then struggled even more not to emphasize on the fact that I really wanted her daughter living with me. It was hard to play like I was making them a favor, while his daughter willingly opened her mouth to let two of my fingers in and I used the moist of her saliva to rub her aureoles and make her nipples even more sensitive… She was squirming beneath me and fighting with all her strength not to moan, with eyes shut tight and her hands gripping tight on my thighs, when I finally managed to hung up the phone.

I leaned over her, still pinned beneath me, and put both my elbows to the sides of her head, speaking really close “You officially live with me now” then I kissed her hard, my hands on her light brow and silky hair. She reached out her hands to my hair but I grabbed them, firmly pinning them above her head. She squealed.

“What the hell were you thinking, teasing me while I speak to your father? Did France make you crazy?” I roared in a low voice while burying my face in her neck, smiling her sweet scent, and then softly biting her ear. She squealed again and then giggled.
“I don’t know… I just thought…” She barely managed to say while I nibbled and kissed her neck “You know I’m not comfortable to do anything in public,” more soft bites and more kissing all around her collar bone and breasts, more squirming and more moaning.

Then I moved down, spreading her legs with my knees but still pinning her hands up her head.
“How do I manage to be gentle with you, tease me like this?” I say while rubbing the bulge in my pants on her more sensitive place. She was looking at me in complete arousal, but caught completely off guard. She wasn’t expecting me so avid, I guess.

In a swift move I got off the bed, pulled down her panties, threw away my shirt and I got on top of her again. I never wanted to bury myself so badly in someone. I positioned myself really fast, unzipping my pants and getting ready to action, when she put both hands on my chest and said “Wait…” Her expression stopped me at presto, because for a second and for the first time, she looked scared.
“Why don’t you let me practice that thing I tried in the balcony two nights ago?” She asked.
Hmm… Not exactly what I expected, but maybe that’s better than hurting her. What I surely would do if I could enter her tight and sore little pussy now. That’s for sure.

I stood, grabbed one of my huge white pillows and put it on the floor in front of me “Here, kneel here.” She kneeled obediently while staring at my full size throbbing just in front of her face.

She took me in her small hands and promptly put me in her soft and hot mouth.
“Ohh… Carol…” I groaned soon as she started moving and I could feel her tongue working on me. She put me in and out of her, licking and nibbling, working her perfect and red lips all over my length and she noticed she didn’t need her hands, as I was hard like a rock, so she put her hands between her thighs, squeezing her gorgeous tits between her arms. Something really, really beautiful to see.

But as soon as she tried to swallow me, she choked again.
And I was really lacking patience.

“Wait babe” I said as I caressed then grabbed her hair in my hands, gripping it firmly near her nape “I’ll try something. If you want me to stop just give me a tap on my hand or on my thighs and I’ll stop, ok?”
“Ok,” she answered in a confident way.
“Right. Just relax and let me in. If I get to your throat you have to breathe slowly through your nose or hold your breath as much as you can. If you can’t breath you gotta warn me, ok?" I said calmly, but crazy to be inside of her.
“Ok,” she answered with that sweet tone I loved and then opened her mouth.

At first I kept a slow pace and she was completely at my mercy, I had one hand in her hair and the other holding the side of her head, two fingers under the line of her jaw. I could move her as I wanted and she did her best to keep her mouth open and her teeth away from me. I was moving in and out slowly, enjoying the feeling for a while. Then I thought I should try it.

“Relax now, honey” I warned before shoving myself in her mouth, forcing my path to her throat.
She shut her eyes tight, trying to fight her gag reflexes. I held there for a second then took it off.
“You ok?” I asked.
She took a deep breath and answered “Yeah… You got there,” she said wiping a single line of saliva running down her cute chin.
“Are you ready to try again? I’ll move there now” I warned.
“Yes, c’mon” she answered opening her mouth again and looking to my moist member.

I put myself inside of her again, moving slowly and enjoying her mouth, like I did before, establishing us a rhythm, then I raised her head a little and she closed her eyes before I put myself in. I forced myself in again, feeling her thigh throat around me, more than five inches of me already in. I started to move. She gagged but I held her firmly, moving in and out. She looked at me, furrowing her eyebrows in discomfort, but her hands still down. I took myself off again, loosening my grip. She looked down coughing.

“Yes,” she answered catching her breath and then opened her mouth again with tears in her eyes.
I moved in her mouth once again, faster this time, she was moaning in my dick. Then I repeated the process, raising her head a little and grabbing firmly. She was looking me in the eyes when I shoved myself in her throat again. I started moving, watching her fighting her gag reflexes and squirming a little. Her insides gripping like a vice. I increased my speed and she grabbed my thighs firmly, but didn’t tap. Soon I was fucking her throat. 8 inches of me buried inside her mouth. Tears were running down her cheeks and her eyes were a little red, but she was enduring it willingly… Just to give me pleasure… My little Carol…

Her throat tightened strongly around me, her nails almost sinking in the skin of my thighs and her eyes shut tight as ever… She went out of air. I moved faster and rougher and found my release, shoving all I could inside of her, forcing her head into me and coming inside her throat.

When I withdrew myself she put both hands on the ground and started coughing hard. I crouched beside her and caressed her back, holding her hair until the coughing stopped. Her cheeks red and moist. She looked at me, still breathing heavily, while I wiped her tears and the drool lines on her chin, caressing the soft and wet skin of her perfect face.

“So? Do I have to say I’m sorry?” I asked a little embarrassed and uncertain about how was she feeling.
“It was… Intense…” She said with a little smile.

I kissed her. I loved this girl. All about her.
“C’mon” I said lifting her limp body in my arms “Let’s do it gently now.”
I carefully laid her on the bed, took another pillow and made her lay facing down, the pillow under her hips. I positioned myself behind her, leaning to caress her hair, moving it to the side so I could kiss her shoulder and her neck. She moaned and giggled softly.
With my other hand I stroked her tight little butt then I bent one of her knees, moving it to the side of her body. She moaned for me when she felt me rubbing my head on her flower, carefully spreading her petals and feeling her hot wetness.

I pushed myself in the more gentle way I could, little by little, in and out. She groaned lovingly and I knew I was doing it just right. Soon I was moving inside of her and she was damn tight. I was trying my best to keep a slow but steady pace, cherishing and loving her instead of fucking her… To my surprise it was working way better that I thought as, a while later, I could feel her squeezing inside, building up an orgasm. I ran one of my hands down her body, stopping at her most sensitive spot and started caressing and stimulating it, my other hand caressing her hair and taking it out of hair face. Her face was sideways in the bed, her eyes barely shut and she was biting one of her fingers, moaning hard for me, her tight pussy twitching with pleasure and squeezing me inside of her. I increased my speed a little and called her name, told her to come for me. She squirmed under me and I was rough to her for a short time, just the necessary to make her come. She shut her eyes tight again and groaned louder than she ever did, almost a cry. For the first time I had made a girl have an orgasm while I was inside of her. The feeling was outstanding, all her muscles clenching around me and her fragile body collapsing in a striking turmoil of sensations… It was great to know that I caused that on her.

Then she practically fainted with me on top of her. Sweaty, numb and out of breath. Happy.

“I love you, Carol” I said while lying over her.
“I love you too… Adam…” She whispered back.

Will every day be like this?


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