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My name is Sami, and I am 33 years old. I have been a slave for about three years. Prior to that I was married to a nice, but VERY vanilla man. He had been brought up that having sex was for making babies, and that's it. He didn't follow that to the letter, as we did have sex occasionally...but certainly not often and definitely not very exciting. Master has asked me to write about our relationship from the beginning until now. Sharing it with you is part of the task as well. Just like any task that I do, there are rules. The rules for this are as follows:

1 - I must be naked when writing. This is not unusual as being naked at home is required at all times. I will explain why later.
2 - I must have something in one of my two holes while writing. It can be a butt plug, a dildo, a vibrator, anything of my choosing.
3 - I may not stop writing to touch myself, nor may I orgasm. Again, this is not unusual as I must have permission to do either one of these. Since Master knows that I have a difficult time controlling myself when talking or thinking about the past, he has requested that the cam be on...and the videotaping. So it is.

You're welcome to leave comments, or send a message to myself or Master John. Please understand that I'm not a professional writer, and that I'm doing the best I can in that respect. What I do write is honest and true. Not everything regarding our relationship is sexual, so not every section will be filled with sex scene after sex scene. For example, Part 1 has a lot of background information that for me is important to the relationship. As our relationship evolves, you will see that many things I write about will be sexual, and many things will be more on the taboo side of even the BDSM lifestyle.

I was 29 years old when I first started looking into the world of BDSM. I had been divorced for a couple of years, and I was very horny. So, yes, the thought of sex is what first brought me to look into the lifestyle. If you know anything about D/s M/s relationships though, you know that sex is not what BDSM is all about. I learned that quickly. I had always had a submissive personality, and it seemed like the right fit for me. I wasn't forced into it. I chose it, or maybe it kind of chose me and I accepted.

How does one find a Master? A real Master, that is. It's tough. This feeling of needing to serve someone, to please them, to submit fully to them was like this raging desire inside of me. I didn't know what to do. So I joined a couple of websites, and that was a big waste of my time. Quite honestly it was full of fake wannabe "Masters" who really only wanted to call me names, and spread my legs for them on cam. They wanted to "collar" me after a five minute conversations. That's just not how it works.

I had all but given up. I decided that I needed to just move on, and another vanilla relationship would be in my future...and then I met Him. The person that I would learn to trust enough to give myself to. I was at my Dad's retirement party. I had been drinking, as was everyone there. I desperately needed to use the bathroom, and there were two people waiting for the bathroom downstairs, so I ran upstairs to my Dad's bedroom to use his bathroom. The door was closed, and I could hear someone moving around in there. So I took a seat on a loveseat my Dad has in his bedroom to wait. I was sitting there thinking how screwed up my life had become in the area of relationships. Nobody I had met recently interested me at all. I was coming to terms of just how lonely I was.

The door opened, and there stood a man that I knew to be my Dad's good friend from high school. My parents divorced when I was young, and my Dad worked a lot when I was growing up so I didn't spend a lot of time with him during those years. I knew of this man named John, whom he had graduated high school with. I had heard lots of stories about my dad and John in their teen years, but I had never personally met John...until now. He saw me immediately. I felt my body automatically sit up a little straighter when he looked at me. As a reminder lots of alcohol was flowing at this party, and John and I both had more than our fair share. What I'm about to tell you happened, is not something that was normal for me...or honestly had ever happened to me before.

John stood at the door of the bathroom for what seemed like 20 minutes staring at me, and in reality it was probably about 5-6 seconds. He walked toward me. He stood right in front of me looking down at me, as I continued sitting on the loveseat. He unzipped his pants, staring in my eyes. He placed his hand on the back of my head, and he gently pushed his cock into my mouth. Neither of us looked away, our eyes were locked. He was pushing his cock inside my mouth slow and gentle. Each time he pushed in further and further until I felt the tip of it touch my throat. I started to gag a little, and as I was gagging I looked down. He gently squeezed the back of my head and said "Look at me." I didn't think about it, I just looked at him and let him continue to use my mouth and throat. When I gagged I forced myself to look at him, even through the water in my eyes. His body started shaking a little bit, and I could tell his cock was about ready to explode. He kept his hand on the back of my head, and as the cum burst into my mouth he pushed his cock all the way to the back of my throat. I could feel the cum filling my throat up. His moan of pleasure was the best thing I had heard in such a long time.

I had all but forgotten that I needed to pee. I couldn't believe what had just happened. John zipped his pants up, still standing directly in front of me. He bent over and kissed me on the forehead, and he left the room. I sat there trying to decide if what just happened was real, or if I made it up in my head with the help of the shots I had earlier. I walked back downstairs, and rejoined the part. I saw John over talking to my Dad, and a few guys that grew up with my Dad and John. I rejoined my friends and siblings. At about 1am I decided that I should make my way home, and my cousin was getting ready to leave who had offered to drive me home. I noticed that as we were walking down the driveway that John was not far behind us. I thought maybe he was going to say something, but he just got into a car that we had passed. The ride home was nerve racking. Thinking that I just swallowed the cum of one of my Dad's best friends. Did he like it? Would I see him again? Before I knew it I was thanking my cousin, and watching him pull down the road. I pulled my keys out of my pocket, and started toward the front door of my house when I saw a car pull back into the driveway. It was dark, and I assumed that I had forgotten something in my cousin’s car...but then I realized this was the same car that John was driving. My heart started racing, and my body tensed up. Did he follow us? How did he know where I lived?

"Sami, I hope I'm not intruding, but I'd like to talk to you."
"Not at all John. Is everything ok?" I didn't know what else to say.
"Of course, I just wanted to talk about what happened earlier. I wanted to make sure you were ok. A man the same age as your father pushing his cock in your mouth, probably doesn't happened every day." John said as he laughed a little.
Look straight at him I said, "I didn't mind it. I actually enjoyed it."
"You enjoyed it? What exactly did you enjoy?" he said as he started walking toward me.

Before I knew it he had me backed up against my garage door, and I couldn't find the words...I finally said "I liked it all".

He slid both hands up my shirt as his body held me in place. Both hands found their way to my so sensitive nipples. He was rubbing them and pulling at them through my bra. "If I asked you to take off your shirt right now, would you do it?” I started to look around. I lived out in the country, but I had a few neighbors that could see the front of my house. "Keep looking at me, and just answer the question. If I asked you to take off your shirt right now, would you do it?" I didn't think about what I was doing, I just did it. As I was pulling my shirt over my head John was unfastening my bra. Before I knew it I was standing there with my tits exposed.

"Does it turn you on that one of your neighbors could be watching us?"
"Yes." staring only at him.
"I'm going to check to see how turned on you are." John unbuttoned by jeans, and pulled the zipper down. Sliding his hand inside my panties he started to smile. "I'm pleased that you are so wet, Sami. Let's go inside."

John took my hand, and led me to the front door. I fumbled around for my keys, and finally got the door open. He followed me inside. By this time I felt pretty much sober. I think the fact that I was standing outside with my tits exposed to the world, was a bit sobering. I sat my purse on the table, and turned to face John. I was starting to get a little embarrassed about what all had happened tonight. I didn't want John to think I was this huge slut, and have him think that I do this all of the time with men. "Take your pants off" his tone sounded more like an order than a request. I didn't think about, I just felt myself sliding my already unzipped pants down to my ankles. "Panties too." he said staring at me. I slid my panties down to meet my pants on the floor.

John walked over to me, and he walked around me looking me up and down 2-3 times. He motioned for me to step out of my pants, and he leaned toward my ear and said, "Spread your legs for me Sami." I spread them. He placed one hand on my back and the other hand on my wet mound. He rubbed the outside for a few seconds, and then I felt his finger slide through my pussy lips, and straight into my hole. I gasped, and almost lost my breath for a second. "Sami, how long has it been since a man touched you here?" How long ago was it? My mind was racing. "About 4 months ago."

He started fingering me harder, pushing his finger in further and faster. I felt him slide a second finger in. It felt so good. My legs started to give out, and I was moaning in pleasure. "Hold on to me baby girl, enjoy it. I want you to cum for me." A few minutes later he said, "Good girl", and I couldn't contain myself anymore. My entire body felt this orgasm. I was shaking from head to toe. I was trying to catch my breath, and John asked me to take him to my bed. I led him through the house, down the hallway to my bedroom.

He climbed onto my bed with his clothes on, and motioned me to come lay next to him. He was lying on his side, so I positioned my body on my side facing him. He asked me to roll onto my back. He slid his hand around my stomach, and over my tits...all over my body. "Sami, what are you thinking about right now?" I blushed and said, "I don't know." But, I remember exactly what I was thinking. I was wondering if my mind was playing tricks on me, or if John was a Dominant. Was I just imagining it?

"You know I've known you're Dad pretty much my entire life, right?"
"Yes, I know."
"Does it make you uncomfortable?"
"Not really."
"Did you like it when you were told to take your pants and panties off for me?"
"Tell me why."

I instantly started crying. To this day, I'm not sure why. I think it was a buildup of months and months of frustration, and I had finally been able to release and relax tonight. "Baby girl why are you crying?" I was pretty much a blubbering mess, and I remember rambling on about wanting to serve, and please someone. I couldn't stop the words from coming out of my mouth. "Earlier tonight when you were sucking my cock, and I told you to look at me. I knew you were a submissive baby. I was gagging you, and you did everything in your power not to look away. I knew what you were. That's why I came here tonight." John was still rubbing my body with his hand. "We have a lot to talk about, but that can wait until tomorrow." He bent over to kiss me, and at the same time he slid his finger inside my pussy. My pussy was welcoming his finger by thrusting and opening up for him. He stood up, and removed his pants and underwear. "Are you on the pill Sami?" I confirmed that yes I was on the pill. He ordered me to sit up, and moved to stand in front of me. He motioned me to start sucking on his cock, which I gladly did. He was a little rougher with my throat this time. I was gagging almost immediately. John's cock was hard and wet in record time. He ordered me on my back, and instructed me to spread my legs. He climbed on top of me, and started kissing me again. In the middle of kissing me he slammed his cock inside of me.

"Oh God!!"
"How does that feel baby girl?"
"It feels sooo good. Oh god fuck me." John's cock completely filled my pussy, it was a perfect fit. He started pumping in and out. He buried his head next to my head, and he started fucking me so hard. "Baby girl you feel so good. Do you want my cum?"
"I wanna cum in your mouth. Be ready baby! It’s coming soon." He kept fucking me for just a few minutes, and before I knew it he was yelling at me to open my mouth, and he shot a full load in my mouth. "Swallow it like you did earlier." he said.

He rolled over next to me, and he held me. "I will make you mine one day Sami." Little did he know, I think he already did.

Part 2...Coming Soon

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Hi, I have read your two part story and I could not stop reading. I loved it! Please tell me more!

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I liked this. I am a submissive by nature. And have been curious about the life style for a while. And your story so far puts it in perspective:)


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