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The number one reason not to do drugs.
I had had a crush on her for years, even before she was part of the popular crowd. But, of course, as she was in and I out, we had no chance. I, a slacker who was always in trouble, her an A honor roll student President, Head of the Debate Team, Head of her girl scout troup, Already having a full paid scholorship on the condition that she did well until the end of highschool. This last bit is what made this so interresting. You see, she comes from a family who could NEVER afford college unless she was on scholarship, and now..I had dirt.

While walking home yesterday, I passed a large building which was the school cafeteria and heard a few people talking behind a dumpster. Getting closer, I smelled marijuana and its all too potent aromas. Now, expecting it to be some of my friends who I could get some dope from, it was little miss perfect Halley, student President and all it entailed with quite a few of her other friends, passing around a joint and inhaling deeply. Of course, I was ready, so I pulled from my pack a video camera amnd captured gold. If only teen adolescence could win a pullitzer...

Today, I decided to call her on it, literally. Picking up the phone I dialed her number and asked to speak with her, pretending to be the Principal.

“Hello, this is Principal Howard of Devine High School, is this Hally Jean?”

“Erm, yes, Mr. Howard.”

“We...have some, rather disturbing video tape up here, might you know what it is of?”

I could hear the terror in her voice as she responded, “, idea”

“Well, at first I thought it was merely”, I said this last word with such emphasis that pride grew in my heart, “ a cigarrette, which, in itself would require your resignation and loss of scholarship, but my secretary tells me that is what they call a ‘join’ which renders suspension, can you explain yourself?”

“, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!”

“Okay, now, this isn’t Principal howard and if we play things right no one need ever know you smoked a join”


“Of course, meet me behind the school gym in an hour”, then thinking, “I will call you on your cell”

“That is only supposed to be for student council business”

With that I hung up and headed to the school.

After about an hour she came walking up, looking around and I called her cell phone, talking through a head set I had work under my hood.

“Can you hear me?”

“Yes, who is it?”

“No questions”


“None, or it is worse.”

“Now, first thing, slip your panties off under your skirt”

First, I watched her bend down, then I watched as she reached underneath her skirt and pulled her panties to her ankles and elegently slip out of them.

“Okay, you have been a good girl, now take the panties and throw them behind that bush to your left.”, and as I spoke, she did just that.

“Now what?”, she asked over the phone.

“You know what I said about questions, you must be punished. Go behind the bath house, you will find a blindfold there, put it on and wait for me.”, I said as I watched her walk behind the bath house.

As I walked behind the bath house I saw her lying behind a bush, well concealed with my blindfold wrapped around her eyes.

“Hello”, I said.

“H-ell-o”, she spoke, slightly scared and unsure.

“Good girl, but from now on you call me ‘master’, got that?” I said.

“Yes, master”, she said.

“You will delight in your pain and open yourself to me whenever I feel the need, your wants, your hopes, your dreams are nothing”, I said.

“Yes, master, I understand master”

“Now, open your mouth”, I said.

She obediently opened her mouth, unware of what I was doing as I unzipped my pants and approached her with my raging hard-on.

“Now, sit up” I said.

As she sat up I said, “You are going to suck on this like it is candy, got that?”

“Yes, master”, she said.

Then I placed my dick in her mouth and she began to work it up and down and bob on it as if it were candy as I had said, but when I neared cumming I said, “Stop, slave” and she did.

“Okay, now, I want you to get on all fours, slave” and she did. “Now, pull up your skirt”, which she did also and as easily as the first request.

I spit on my fingers as I rubbed my saliva all over her ass then placed my penis against her ass hole and said, “You will beg for this, slave”

“Please, master, please fuck my ass, Please”, she moaned and cried, quite convincingly.

“My your command” and I began pushing my dick slowly inside her ass. At first only my head would fit, but eventually I got more in. Once she started screaming I said, “Change your tone”

“Please, master, please fuck me all the way in, please master. Please, this pain is nothing to your pleasure, please fuck me, please. Do as you wish”

With this I pulled her head to my dick once I was on my knees and told her to suck, her reward for her good behavior. She bobbed her head up and down like a pro until I was about to burst, at which time I grabbed the back of her head and thrust forward, filling her mouth with sperm.

“What do you say?”

“Thank you, master, Thank you”

“That is it for today, slave, perhaps you will be free in a week, yes, I think so, Go now, slave, it pleases your master, but you are no longer a good girl. Good girls may go to heaven, but I prefer bad girls because they go everywhere else. Keep that in mind when selecting your apparel tomorrow, slave”

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2012-05-06 01:38:19
- Gorgeous pictures and again BIG tkahns for the cover photo! I've sent it out to all of our major donors and am presenting the annual report to our board of directors next week. Our staff loved the photo and I'm spreading the word in Oregon about this incredible photographer I know !

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2012-05-03 10:01:23
Leo's Mummy:Are you ?的句型我在课堂里是以 Are you a boy/girl? 来导入的,他们很容易对该句型做出正确的回答如Yes, I am. 或者No, I am not. 这样的话,再拓展到其他的Are you句型也是同样的形式。但是 Is your T-shirt yellow?牵涉到一个 形容词性物主代词 your, 简单来说,your T-shirt,说的还是T-shirt,it代表一件东西或者事物,所以回答:Yes, it is或No,it isn't.形容词性物主代词有my, your, her, his, its,their,our,比如拿一双自己的鞋子说my shoes, 再拿一双对方的鞋子说your shoes,但一定强调talk的是shoes,然后再找相关的代词来关联。这样的操练在家中还是随手可得的,而且孩子也对这些身边的事物非常熟悉。


2007-10-14 02:41:35
needs more deion other then that LOVED IT 8/10!


2007-09-04 11:53:28
i loved it omose made me cum sike it was good but could be longer


2005-04-29 22:24:16

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