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Things go all wrong for Olivia Benson in her life...
Hi my name is Detective Olivia Benson and this the story of how I became the Stabler family sex slave….

Disclaimer: I do not own Law & Order SVU, and will not profit from this story…

Hi my name is Detective Olivia Benson, I am 28 years old, I have 36dd breasts, a slightly hairy pussy, and today I am wearing a dark red thong under my blue jeans, a matching front clasp bra under my blue blouse, and I just got a domestic disturbance call but when I got there someone jumped me from behind and injected something into my arm knocking me out.

By the time I came to I was chained to the wall wearing only my bra and thong.

I looked around the room and saw Elliot naked walking towards me. I yelled out, “Oh my god Elliot what the hell are you doing?” He replied, “Turning you into my sex slave Olivia and soon you will be begging me to fuck you.” He grabbed the front of my thong and ripped it clean off.

He saw my pussy hair and said, “Oh this just won’t do, no slave of will have pussy hair, time to shave it.” He grabbed a razor & some shaving cream and shaved my pussy. He then unclasped my bra releasing my breasts. I then yelled, “Does your wife know what the hell your doing to me?

He laughed and said, “This was her idea.” He started fingering my pussy and sucking on my left nipple. After like an hour I practically yelled out, “Oh my god just fuck me already!” He positioned his cock at my pussy opening and said, “Just think, tomorrow you’ll be begging me to fuck you anywhere anytime.”

Before I could yell at him, he slam his cock into me and started fucking me hard. After 10 minutes I remembered he wasn’t wearing a condom and yelled out, “Elliot please stop, your not wearing a condom!!!” He just laughed and said, “Shut up and act like the whore you are.”

When he said that something clicked inside me and I began moaning like a bitch in heat. After 30 minutes he came inside me and said, “Time to make out after I unchain you.” He unlocked the chains on my ankles & wrists and then kissed me. For some reason I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him back.

We made out for like 2 hours before he handed me my blouse & pants and said, “Get dressed and go home, but tomorrow wear something slutty and meet me in the locker room.” I nodded my head and put my clothes on, then I left for home.

The next morning I got up and put on the sluttiest bra & panties I had which were 2 sizes too small, the shortest & tightest dress which didn’t completely cover my ass, a garter belt & stockings, some knee high boots, and a long coat to cover everything till I got to the locker room. When I got to the locker room Elliot was waiting for me.

When he saw me he said, “Take off your coat Olivia.” I slipped my coat off and it hit the floor. Elliot walked over to me and looked me over. When he was done checking me out he said, “Nice, very slutty, now bend over Olivia.” When I bent over he grabbed a needle and injected something into my ass that makes me horny & obedient.

When I stood up Elliot said to me, “We are going to lay a game, first your going to go to hooker lane and wait for me, second while your waiting your going walk & act like a hooker, third when I get there your going to offer your body to me, fourth when you get in my car your going to suck my cock while we are driving even if someone is watching us, and last we are going to have a lot of fun.” I picked up & put on my coat and left for hooker lane.

When I got there I took off my coat and walked & acted like a whore for 30 minutes before Elliot pulled up. When I got in I said, “Looking for a good fuck hunny?” Elliot replied, “You bet baby.” He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. I started sucking his cock as he drived to my place.

When we got there, he took me up stairs and said, “After I sit down you are going to give me a lap dance.” He sat down you and I sat on his lap and started moving my ass. After about 10 minutes he said, “Get up and stand still.” I got up then he went behind me and unzipped my dress pulling it down revealing my very tiny bra & panties.

Elliot then said, “Tomorrow you are coming over to my house and you are going to seduce my youngest daughter who is 18 years old and probably pretty soon you will be known as the biggest whore in New York City, but as long as you do what me and my family says for as long as we want you no one will know that you are the biggest whore in the NYC.”

I replied, “Yes master.” He then removed my bra & panties. He threw me on the bed and jumped on top of me then slammed his cock into my pussy and started fucking me hard making me moan very damn loud. After like 15 minutes I came hard on his cock and maybe 15 minutes later he came in me and if I wasn't pregnant before I was now.

After a while he left and said as he was leaving, "See you tomorrow Olivia, and again wear something slutty to the house." With that he left and I fell asleep.

To be continued…

Fyi I don’t condone anything in the story!!!

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2015-08-27 08:02:21
What the hell was that?!?! Benson and Stabler deserve better than some quickie Dom/Sub routine....she's freakin hot!

Anonymous readerReport

2015-08-05 06:41:33
This is some motherfuckin bullshit. Man fuck you. Fuck you and your whole type game. And fuck @goiko Talk about fucking my wife again nigga, I'll fuck you up. I'll choke your bitch ass on this black dick. Get the fuck outta here

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2014-08-27 19:24:19
Dude!!!!! Fuck you!!!!!! How fucking dare you bring this fandom on to this website! What the fuck is wrong with you!!!! Damn man! You fucking dick! Why couldn't you just put it on Fanfiction like everyone else? You gotta do it here man? Really? Man fuck you!

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2014-07-15 08:58:55
I think most men who watch law and ordar svu have thought about fucking olivia benson. she is so sexy.
but it's a pity you did not prolong the deion of how you degraded her

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2013-06-30 23:00:51
You did svu no justice

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