The fun continues
My watch alarm woke me up as usual at 6 Am. I squelched it quickly and untangled myself from Charlene and went to the shower. I turned on the water and felt it come up to the proper temperature then I climbed in and wet my head to shampoo my hair. I thought about what had gone on last night and what I was going to have to do tonight. I Wasn't sure I wanted to do a butt fuck of Beatrice but she wanted me to do her and I had said I would.

There was a knock on the door. I said come in. I heard the door open and foot steps to the toilet. I heard the hiss of a woman or girl pissing but had not pulled the curtain aside to see who it was. Then the person called out, "I'm gonna flush" and then I heard the sound of the toilet flushing. The water did not go super hot. Apparently they had a pressure equalizing system to prevent getting scalded in the shower. The voice had been Sabrina's.

Hi honey, how are you this morning. She said,"I missed you in bed last night." I said, "I'm sorry but your kids have needs too." She replied,"Yes I know did you do it to Charlene last night?" "Yeah, she was a tight butt fuck but she did well enough to cum." "And did you cum too Dad?" I told her,"Guys don't have trouble cumming. It's the holding it off that is hard." She then asked me,"Would you mind if I got in with you, it will save water and I need a good scrubbing."

I told her to come on in and opened the curtain at the foot of the tub for her to climb in. I had washed my armpits, groin and ass and was just doing my feet when she came in. She hands me a bottle of shampoo and says,"Would you like to do the honors? Then she slid past me, scrapping my chest with the nipples of her breasts. Just a touch. My organ began to react.

I poured about a teaspoon of shampoo into my hand and after she walked out from under the showerhead I poured it on her head and began to massage it into her scalp and let the suds flow down her long hair. I lifted the hair to the top of her head and rubbed it vigorously. She stepped into the shower spray to rinse it out. She turned toward me and walked back to me. I had filled my hand with a second teaspoon of shampoo as she rinsed and I now applied it to her hair.

It suds up quickly and ran down the wavy locks of her beautiful light brown hair. She went back under the shower head arching her back so the suds would run down her hair and not into her eyes. This made her breasts stand out even more on her chest than usual. I was sorely tempted but didn't want to start anything if she wasn't in the mood.

She froze there for several seconds under the spray. Then she said,"You are staring at them why aren't you touching them?" That was all I wanted to know. I put both hands up and put my palms to her nipples. They stood up under the very light touch and she came out from the shower spray and said, "Don't just rub me. Wash me." as she offered me a bar of soap.

I accept the bar and start to rub it over her wet body from her lovely shoulders to her still bald pussy. She turns around and I ran the bar over her back from the lovely shoulders to her slender hips. She went under the spray and rinsed off. When she came out I squatted down and washed her shapely legs and her feet. By now my cock was standing straight out from my body. I was aware of it and when she turned to me after I stood up I pulled her into an embrace and kissed her with tongue. When I broke the kiss she said "Well good morning to you too. Now it's time to get out!" She had to have felt my cock when I embraced her. She must be deliberately ignoring it.

I turn off the water. I reach out and grab a towel off the rack and dry myself off. She watches me then loudly clears her throat. I grab a second towel and dry her off too. I then dried my left foot and step that foot out of the tub and then turning I dried my right foot and stepped out completely out of the tub.

She extends a shapely leg to me and I dry it off using her towel. She steps out with the dry foot and lifts her other foot. I bend into the tub and dry the other foot and ankle. She then reached out and hugged me with those beautiful breasts pressing into my bare chest which made my cock even harder if that was possible.

We broke the hug after a long penetrating kiss and I went to her room to get a robe on. She went to the kitchen. She goes to the kitchen and makes coffee and starts to make breakfast. I go to the kitchen in my robe. She is still naked. She brings me a cup of coffee and as I sip it I realize she had put my cup under the drip outlet and this was strong coffee from the first water to go through the filter.

She comes out with a couple of plates with three slices of French Toast on each of them. She returns to the kitchen and brings out a warm container of syrup and a butter dish. I butter my French toast and pass it on to her. She butters hers as I pour syrup on mine. I pass her the syrup and she pours it. We start to eat breakfast.

I start the conversation. "It used to be when you got me hard you wanted to make me cum. Now you came into my shower this morning. Get me hard by having me wash you and don't even make a move to relieve me." She responds,"All you have to do is ask Dad and I'll do whatever you ask me to." That is a wide opened statement. "So if I ask you to bring me one of the girls from Rita's brood with butter and syrup in her pussy, you would do it?" She answered me,"If that is what you want I would go and ask the chosen girl if she would do it for you and if she consented, yes I would bring her to you."

Wow is the only thought I have at this statement. I finish my french toast and tell my loving daughter. "When you get done I'll be in your room in your bed. If you want to make love I'm waiting for you." I rise and depart for the bedroom. She puts her fork down and follows me.

As I enter the bedroom I shed the robe and drop it on the floor. Sabrina follows me in, puts her arms around my neck and pulls me into a skin to skin hug. My boner pokes her as we hug. She puts her lips to mine and slips her tongue into my mouth. Her right arm releases my neck and goes to my shaft. "Mm looks like you have a need for something I happen to have." She turns me so the bed is behind me and pushes me down on the bed. She stands up and reverses herself on the bed and says remember when we used to do this when I was kid? She starts to suck my dick and I start to eat her pussy. I also slide a finger into her vagina to stimulate her G-spot. My other hand is pressing on her abdomen outside but pressing against the finger in her pussy. My tongue is on her clitoris and I'm eating her way to heaven. We stay like this for about three or minutes and I notice she is huffing and puffing for air. She then stiffened as the orgasm overtook her. She stopped going up and down my cock while in orgasm. Then she took it out of her mouth, reversed herself on the bed. She pointed my organ at my chin and sat saddling it. "Remember when I used to rub my pussy on your cock to get you off?" she says as she begins rocking to simulate what she did back then. She continues, "But now I can do this instead." And she raised herself up and pointing my cock at her entrance, she impaled herself on me. Then she does a slow rocking motion to move me in and out of her.

I hear a toilet flush and tell her,"One or both girls are up." She says,"They know about sex so I don't care if they see this." Soon I hear steps in the hall and Beatrice walks into her mother's room and says,"Damn Grandpa, Last night you do my sister and this morning you do my mother." Sabrina answers her,"And tonight he'll do you so just leave us alone." She leaves and turns back to her and her sisters's bedroom.

Then both kids come in and just sit quietly and watch as their mother rides my cock now by pushing up and down with her legs. She's tight and I'm getting close. I tell my lover this and she tells Bea to sit on my face! Beatrice immediately complied so I start to eat her pussy and that distracts me from the pressure and friction on my prick. I feel Sabrina fall heavily on my pelvis and notice her shaking as her orgasm overtakes her again. As soon as she came back to the real world she resumed the leg presses to keep on fucking me. I put one hand on her abdomen where it was before and another to her breasts. My tongue is doing violence to Beatrice's pussy as she goes into her climax she falls forward and her hands land on my chest to brace herself. This brings her clit to my lips and I close them over it. She goes into a plateau and shakes and quakes for minute during which Sabrina has her third orgasm and I finally get mine. When Sabrina went into it I started shooting cum into her. As Beatrice came out of her orgasm she gets up and rejoins her sister in the spectator seats. Sabrina lays on top of me with her face directly above mine. "I know you are considering getting your own apartment. May I suggest you take us three with you. You can have a separate bedroom from mine if you want but I would be available and so would my girls." She says. I reply,"I think that is a good idea." She says,"I also want something else from you." I ask,"What?" "Obviously you can't give me a baby without a virtual guarantee that they will have a cleft lip and palate. So I want you to promise me that if you knock up anybody else that I get to help raise the kid." I tell her I can't promise it but I'll do all I can to make it happen.

Then it occurred to me: We need a host mother for Josh's niece's clone. So I propose it. "If you could have a baby with a guarantee it would not be cleft would you want to carry it and give it birth?" She says "yeah I would" While we've been talking my erection has been fading and it finally withdraws from my daughter's very tight pussy. She climbs off me and I get up and she shoos her girls out to breakfast. I join her and finish the girl's French Toast after reheating Sabrina's remaining slice in the microwave.

I serve the girls and bring my daughter a fresh cup of coffee. She thanks me and Beatrice says,"After watching how you made love to my sister last night I can hardly wait for you to make love to me." I tell her I look forward to making her cum by whatever method she wants me to do it. She tells me "You already proved that this morning Grandpa."

Sabrina goes to the computer and checks her e-mail. She sees the challenge of having sex with Jeff on there and asks me about it. I tell her I don't know if she can do it or not. She goes into the database to check her maximum internal dimensions against his penis size and says "He'll breach my cervix if I take his whole length in. Still that might not be a bad thing. I might have experienced that with you if you had fucked me when I was eight. Maybe I'll do it." I tell her, "If you want a rehearsal try it tonight since I'll be doing Beatrice's ass tonight."

She goes through the E-mail list to find Jeff's e-mail address and tells him to come to the apartment at 9 PM after the kids are in bed. He immediately replied with an okay as soon as she hit send. She finishes her e-mail so I step in to check mine. I have one from Beatrice's friend from Iowa. It says: I know you are a porn production company and she does not mind having sex it is just she wants to choose who with and when it happens. She included an encrypted zip file and the password is in a second E-mail. I decrypt it and find it contains pictures of her naked front and back and with her pussy closed and opened and in one picture she has her head titled back with a ruler down her throat with only 2 inches of it extending from her mouth. She says she is looking forward to meeting me and that Bea has told her much about me that she likes.

When I step back from the computer Beatrice checks her mail and her friend Courtney sent her a copy of what she sent me. She also explains to Beatrice that she lost her virginity being abused in foster care. she apologizes for not being able to do a cherry popping film. I tell my granddaughter to send the doctor a query as to whether he can restore her virginity so she can do the very profitable cherry popping film.

As she continues through her E-mails she finds one from of friend of her father who is relaying an apology for what he did to her and her sister. He also offers to forward any response she cares to make.

I advise her not to respond because if she tells them anything about what she is doing now it could lead to legal consequences for me and her mother. She says she knows but wants to respond that she has forgiven her father for what he did. I tell her that is okay.

I stand behind Beatrice as she is typing to Rita and answering the e-mails. Not having anything to do with my hands I rest them on her shoulders. After going through a couple more e-mails she says to me,"If you want to feel my little titties, it's okay with me." So I do as she says. She doesn't have much, just a bit of swelling that pushes her nipples a half inch off her chest. As I rub she lays her head over so it rests on my right forearm.

Then I notice she is writing an E-mail that mentions my butt-fuck of Charlene and my eating her pussy while fucking her mother. I look at the to address and realize she is sending to a person inside the building. Such e-mails go through our internal network and never leave the building. The address is to Rita's daughter Mary and stikes me as rubbing it in that I'm staying here instead of there.

When Beatrice is done. Charlene reads her E-mails and replies to a few. One is from a customer who wants pictures. He can see them on the web site but wants his own prints and he can't download them.

I go back on the computer and ask Rita to arrange us an apartment that would adjoin her place on her floor, if possible. I tell her I want at least six bedrooms on my part of so I can add to my brood. She replies to me and says she can have a place that would connect to hers ready in a week. I tell her fine. Then I sign off.

There is a knock on the door and I do look through the peephole. I see Carey, Josh's cousin at the door. We are all naked but I don't mind and from Josh told me she won't either. Casey enters when I open the door. She sees my flaccid cock and says "Guess you got some last night." Sabrina replies,"Yeah, last night and again this morning." I go sit in the living room. Carey comes in sits down and says,"I want to get into the production of porn. I'll fuck and suck whoever I have to but I want to do it." I tell her,"I think that Josh has in mind for you to carry his Arrianna clone to term and to raise it with him." She has a ready response,"I would not show for several months and even then you can't tell me some of the perverts out there object to watching a pregnant chick like me having sex."

Beatrice gets up and goes to her and Charlene's bedroom.

I answer Carey,"I don't know they do and won't say they don't. I've never seen your body Carey so I don't know how you'll film." She had come in wearing one of our pullover nighties. She stood and pulled it off over her head and sat back down stark naked.

Beatrice re-enters the living room and goes to the TV/DVD player stand and puts a DVD she brought out of the bedroom. She turns on the TV and starts the DVD playing and I see me and Beatrice sandwiched together as I put my cock into young Charlene's ass. Carey looks at the TV wide eyed and looks at me and looks at Charlene opened mouthed. "Charles, Josh told me you didn't do anal intercourse! I guess that is no longer true.?" Charlene answers her,"It was his first time and I'm glad to have chosen to do it with him." Carey then asks "I thought there was a moratorium on production." Sabrina buts in with,"Carey, in Charles' defense he did not know he was being taped. The nanny cam in the teddy bear got him I did not know we had any DVD's for it. The girls conspired to get it on disk.

Sabrina comes into the living room and sits down as naked as she was when she was born that makes my penis start to inflate. It starts to stick straight out and Carey is starting to notice. She says,"I guess you wouldn't mind it I helped you with that thing. thing." "Doesn't matter to me Carey all three of the females I live with would be happy to take care of it." She laughs and says,"Josh would offer to help you too if he was here." I answer that and tell her,"Josh knows I oppose homosexuality as an abomination before God so he never proposed it while we were in prison." She had a ready answer for that too,"Charlie isn't fornication also a sin though and I know you aren't married to Sabrina or Charlene." I tell her,"You are correct and so was what you proposed."

There is another knock on the door. Sabrina goes to the door and sees Josh standing there. She answers the door staying behind it as she opened it. Josh comes in and see me naked with a hard on and act normal just greeting him with a Hi Josh like I used to do when we were in prison. He sits in an empty chair and asks Carey if she was their to ask for room reassignment. She said,"No Josh I just want to make some money from getting fucked. And Charles is telling me some wild story about a clone of Arriana you might want me to carry.
"So the doctor is going to do it?", he asks me. I say, "He's doing the research to find the best way to insure we get a viable clone. But he says he can and will do it. I must tell you I will pay for the one you get if you let me keep all the extra clones if we are able to produce more than one." He says,"That's fine with me."

Sabrina comes in and brings Josh a cup of coffee. He notices a rivulet of my cum draining out of her pussy and running down her leg. He puts the cup on the floor and says,"Sabrina, just stand there, okay?" He stood up then knelt in front of her and starting two inches below where the rivulet ended and then he licked straight up the leg licking up my cum as he went. I did not stop when he got to her pussy but continued to lap from her vagina until the outflow of my cum stopped. When he disengaged she said,"You lap and lick and I don't even cum. That's lousy pussy eating." Josh stands up opened mouthed. He tried to respond,"I..I..I..I wasn't trying to turn you on. I was just trying to clean you up." She took him by the hand and said,"Come on I'll take you to bed and see if you can eat me well enough."

We can hear Sabrina's panting as Josh is apparently making good on his threat of eating her to orgasm as her father did so many decades before. Carey comes up to me and kneels and starts to stroke my erection. Then she proceeded to put it in her mouth and with lips clamped hard on the hard-on and tongue on the bottom of it as she went up and down on my prick. She took me in until my pubic hair met her lips and then pulled back so only the head was in her mouth. Up and down she went for many minutes as I started to feel my jism start to rise. I hear the sounds of my daughter's orgasm and my cock starts to blow rope after rope of warm sticky cum into Carey's hungry mouth. The girls have been watching this with smiles on their faces.

Josh did not come out until we heard Sabrina cum three more times. And when Sabrina came out she had put a tampon in to prevent any accidental back flow. By that time it was nearly ten o'clock. I got up and return to the bedroom and put on some clothes. I then left and went to Rita's apartment.

Rita was alone in the living room when I arrived. She moved our conversation to her dining room and brought me a cup of coffee which I gratefully accepted. I tell her about the rape scene Amy and I did on the street set that her son recorded. And the butt fuck of charlene that the girls recorded. And since it seemed no one wanted to honor her late husband I was going to call off the moratorium after two weeeks. That would be long to enough to show my respect.

She told me since the Sabrina seduces her Father video is selling like hot cakes she wants to use the money to put a dome over the new pool that is going in. She just wants to know if I would approve of it. I do. She says she has given orders to have the rest of the third floor made into my apartment. The girls will have their own rooms as will Sabrina and I and the rest of the rooms will available as my brood increases. With the two apartments connected I also have direct access to all her brood.

She says that Lisa remembers fondly making love to me and wants to do it again if I would do it. I tell Rita to tell Lisa i will put her on my list. Then I ask her where the kids and adults are. She told me the chow hall was setup for a brunch on the weekends so they had gone out so we could talk without distractions. There are also some public gathering rooms where people watch television with one channel showing porn all day all night but they seldom tune it in since they could have real sex anytime they want it. I mention to her that Sabrina plans to try to take on Jeff Teklemberg tonight since I am going to be with one of the girls. She reminds me we have not consummated our marriage yet. I tell her I can come over on Monday or Tuesday night if she wants me to. She says Tuesday might be better.

We discuss the production schedule she has printed from the network. she ask me why the production schedule for Amy and Sabrina's lesbian love scene is twice what is normally alloted for that. I explain that Sabrina wants me to come in near the end of it and rape her as punishment for going to the dark side. She says she thinks there should be a guy to rape Amy too. I ask for suggestions. She asks me if Josh was available. I sit down at her computer and e-mail Josh. He does not answer right away. We add some re-enactment of Sabrina's abuse staring Charlene in her mother's roll. She says I have earnings from Sabrina Seduces Her Father and she needs my bank account information. I hand her a deposit slip and she says that will do it.

If the pool is to be domed I want the dome to fill the entire gap between the building's wings and have access without having to go outside. She says it's a good idea that way she her can control access and clothing at the pool will be Optional. We work together to make a new schedule starting in another nine days when full production schedules will be the order of the day. We then mail a notice to all production people that a new schedule has been made up and posted on the server and all of them are to check it and make sure they are able to work at the times listed. By the time we have done all this it is nearly 1PM and the crew is returning

The first two to come in are Amy who is carrying Samantha. Queen, or is it Reyna comes in with Peter. The other twin is coming in close behind. Ivan comes win with Jennifer on one arm and Kendra on the other. Lisa comes in, sees me, then runs up and gives me a flying octopus hug. Fred comes in with Georgina on one arem and Helena on the other. Elizabeth and Deardra come in talking animatedly. See Lisa with her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist and say,"Careful, Dad, that one is crushing on you something fierce and would move in with you if Mom would let her." Brittany comes in alone and walks up, removes Lisa from my body and draws me into a hug and kiss with Tongue. she says that both Amy and Lisa had good things to say about my love making and she would like me to open a slot in my schedule for her.

I tell her Sabrina drained me this morning so I'm in no shape to do it. She pulls me back into a full body hug and says,"Your body says you are ready!" I then realize Lisa has induced an erection with her hugs and kisses that I can use use on Brittany. I know Sabrina has put a Cialis in my morning coffee and it must have taken effect by now. I ask her if she wants to go to a bedroom and she says it is up to me. I tell her,"Show me your room." She gets up and taking me by the hand leads me into a bedroom. I close the door behind me then Undress her as she undresses me. When we are both naked I lay her down on the bed and put my face between her legs to eat her pussy. I start running my tongue up and down her slit and she starts to breath hard. I stick my tongue in her vagina and finger her clit as she starts to gasp. With my spare hand I slip a finger in her ass and she shivered and shook as her orgasm overtook her.

I remove my tongue from her vagina and replace with with the finger that was on her clit and move the hand that was putting a finger up her ass on her abdomen pressing in on her G-spot opposite where my finger inside her was rubbing her G-spot from inside her.

She only lasted a few seconds with me doing this before she began to cum again. I kept at it through her orgasm and she stayed in that state for almost 30 seconds. When she came out of it I asked her if she was ready as my hard-on was starting to get uncomfortable for me and she nodded. So I slipped my hard erection into her cunt, sliding it into her slowly. She took me easily so I grabbed her ankles and pulling them in front of me I crossed them at my chest and put them of opposite shoulders. This caused her to tighten up and I drove my prick in and out of her slowly pushing her to another orgasm. I knew I was getting close. So did Brittany and she said,"I want to taste your cum." So as the pressure built in my balls I clamped down my pelvic muscles then pulled out of her pussy, uncrossed her legs, let them down. I raised up straddling her and sat with her breasts just touching my ass cheeks. She opened her mouth to accept my prick and when it was in she clamped her lips down on it and I released my pelvic muscles and came into her mouth. She pushed when my testicles quit pumping out cum and I backed off her face. When my prick cleared her mouth she opened and stuck out her cum covered tongue. Then she closed it and swallowed. I bent over and kissed her on the mouth. She opened to me so I slipped my tongue in and tasted my salty cum in her mouth.

We got of the bed together and got dressed. When we left this young woman's bedroom we found Lisa right at the door. She asked Brittany, "Well, how many times did you cum?" Brittany said,"Enough times I lost count, Charlie, did you count them?" I said "No but I figured I gave you three anyway." Lisa said,"You gave me more than that didn't you?" I told her,"I wasn't counting then either."

We went out to the living room and as I sat down Rita handed me a glass that looked like thick chocolate milk. She said,"It's Carnation Essentials. It will help you recharge quickly."

Then she sat down opposite me and told me she had met Josh and wanted to know if I'd mind branching out into the homosexual pornography business. I told her as long as it was a completely separate web site with a completely separate subscription system I would not oppose it. She said she would have one of her son's take care of it.

I told her that was fine and she could have him to the scheduling. She said that was okay if I wanted to stay in the dark about it. She called Fred over and asked him if he thought he could coordinate the schedule with my schedule so the guys that were bisexual would not be worn out. He said he thought he could do it without difficulty.

I went to their computer and logged with my login to create another database that would be the homosexual component of our operation. I also E-mailed our Japanese web designer with a contract to setup the child part of the homosexual operation. I gave rights to Fred to create entries in the database using passwords I got from him.

That was enough of the business I needed to do. The twins had come up behind me while I was working and Reyna and Queen started giggling as they realized the content of the e-mails. Then they hugged and kissed each other passionately. I turned and told them to "Please don't tease." They broke the kiss, turned to me and said,"If you want us, we can do things with you." I looked down at my crotch an replied,"I'll take a rain check"

Queen, or is it Reyna says,"I'll bet we can get you back up again." As I back out of the computer desk I reply, "Maybe so but I'm not sure I want the stress." I walk over to a chair and sit down. The twins stand in front of me. Then they pull their dresses over their heads and throw them on the floor. They are naked from the top of the heads down to their bare feet with their equally bald pussies already wet!

I put my hands out and start to finger their pussies and the two of them put their arms over each others shoulder as they start to breath hard. They kiss each other and you can see their tongues working in each others mouths. Then Queen tells Reyna "Hey Rey I think Daddy wants some of this." Then Reyna leans in and kisses me on the mouth with tongue. I start to feel my dead cock coming back to life. I tell the girls "Let's move this to a bedroom. They each take one hand and using their other hand they pickup their dresses and we go up the hallway to their room.

When we enter the room the girls put their dresses on the top of their dresser and ask me,"Daddy, do you have three coins?" I reach into my pants pocket and pull out two quarters and a nickel. I ask them, "Why three?" The answer is, "We each flip one and the odd one out gets to pick what and how to do it." I had each of them a quarter and as Rayna counts "1,2,3, go" we all toss them into the air. After each of us catch our coins we call out the results. Each little girl calls "Heads!" and I look down at the engraved image of Monticello and say,"Tails" Both girls smile and say in unison,"What do you want us to do?"

Pull my t-shirt over my head and let it drop to the floor and unbuckle my belt and let my pants drop and I step out of them. I drop my boxers off and step out. Then I sit on the bed and remove my shoes and socks.

The two precocious girls stand in front of me and I point down at my wilting prick and Reyna immediately licks is up and down then puts it in her lovely mouth and goes up and down with her tongue caressing the bottom of my prick. She pumps me four strokes then pulls off and her identical twin takes over repeating her sister's actions.

I stop them after each of them had sucked me twice and turn Reyna around and tell her to bend over. She does as I told her And I slip and finger into a very wet pussy and stroke up and down her slit. Then I put my prick into her pussy until the head vanished into her body. I pushed in until I hit her hymen then pulled and back then I started short stroking in and out of her body. Her sister is watching this with wide eyes and her mouth hanging opened.

I ask,"What's the matter?" She says,"I didn't know we were big enough to fuck like that!" I tell her, "I'm not really fucking her since I did not go past her hymen. It will come but not until she is big enough. Do you want me to do it to you too? She answered, "If she can do it, so can I" So I told her,"Wait a little while and I'll see if I can do you too."

I keep on short stroking Reyna until she stiffened and shivered in orgasm then I started to short fuck Queen the same way. I was able to maintain self control because only very short stokes were being used. Then Queen came and Reyna did too! I pulled out of Queen and asked her,"Did you cum when your sister did?" She replied,"Yeah, we are so close if we see the other twin getting turned on we get turned on too. If one cums we both cum."

The girls say,"Do you want to cum in our mouths or our asses? We are clean back there." I bent the girls over the bed and shuff my prick up Queen's ass and she took it like the pro she was and I did a couple of stokes and pulled out and went into Reyna's ass. I alternated between the girls back and forth like that and eventually I felt myself getting close. As I started to shoot my cum into Reyna's ass she stiffened and shivered into an orgasm. I again wondered how they were connected as her sister Queen also went into an orgasm at the same time as her sister.

The girl's got up and got dressed and then waited until I was fully dressed and we all walked out of their bedroom hand in hand as we had gone in. Both girls continued to Rita's front while I sat in a chair and said,"Daddy fucked us both and we love to fuck with him." She looked at me and asked,"You didn't take their virginity did you?" I answered her,"No, it was a short fuck like I did on Charlene in my testing." She said,"I never heard of that before. And while I heard about it I did not see it. " Samantha came to her mother and told her,"He short fucks me a lot and I love doing it with him."

Rita came into the room further and said,"I want to build a studio in the big room down in the basement for blue screen shots." I ask her why,"She says we can film sex then insert a background on the blue screen and make it into a different film." I tell her to, "Go ahead if the money is coming in fast enough to meet expenses and pay for the materials and labor." She tells me through active promotion of the child sites in Japan where such material is legal we are making more money now than the month before.

I go down the line of kids and give both my adapted sons and daughters hugs and I kiss my wife before leaving and heading back to my own apartment that I have with Sabrina and her daughters.

As I enter the apartment Sabrina asks me if I am exhausted or randy. I answer,"I'm not exhausted but I am also not Randy. I had no less than 3 lovers over at Rita's. Sabrina says, "You were lucky to get out with just three of them. From what I hear they are all sexually compulsive."

She starts to make a lunch. Charlene is making a salad which she serves as Sabrina makes Hot Dogs and French Fries. I start to eat the salad with the girls and then Sabrina finished the meal and brought it into the dining area. She comes to me for a kiss with brief tongue and we sit and enjoy the meal.

The conversation is mostly about the move to new quarters that will be opened to us next week. Each girl and Sabrina will have their own bedrooms and I will be in a room of my own. My room will also connect to the Rita's living room so I will have access to both households. All three of my family members are slightly concerned that Rita's family of my adapted kids will take all my sexual energy leaving none for them.

Sabrina reassures the girls she will make sure they are well served. Josh has offered to take either or both girls to watch. But knowing Josh he won't just "watch" but will act out with them.

We finish the meal and I help Sabrina load the dishwasher and we sit all afteroon watching Star Trek DVD's and sipping on lemonade. I am resting up for tonight's activity.

I realize something as we sit watching the videos. The twins at Rita's are natural blondes. Most all the other kids are red haired. Karl was red headed and so was Rita which was why their kids were red haired. So how come the twins were blond? I go to the computer and open the database. I enter the twins names and look at the parent's names and they are not Rita and Karl.

I type in the parent's names and they were married but listed their outside activities as swinging. It seems they got involved with other swingers who, feeling remorse for their adultery, elected to end it by suicide. The police had investigated after the neighbors had reported gun shots at the suburban house where they swung. The other couple, not part of our pornography organization, both had gunshot residue on their hands. The police said the man had killed the twin's mother and woman had killed the twins father. Then they had shot each other! The police said it was the strangest crime scene they could remember. The twin's parents had left the twins to Rita and Karl in their will. They had been two at the time and had already learned to give and receive oral sex, to and from both genders.

So much for Karl not wanting gay porn. I guess it was okay to have it in house as long as it was two females and it was not taped for distribution.

So the twins were not Rita's and as head of the firm I could move them into my bevy of girls at will. I may talk to them about it next time I go over there.

As I closed the database I hear a knock on the door and answer it. I find Josh standing outside and invite him in. He enters and says he has received a letter from the victim that sent him to prison. She gave him her phone number and a suggestion that she wanted to have sex with him again now that she was legal. He's brought a picture that was included with the letter. She is a milk chocolate colored black girl with a pleasant smile and a cute figure. She still has the youthful innocence that Josh found so attractive when she was seven.

He does want to call but does not know how much to tell her. I tell him to talk to her honestly but not to reveal too much about the child porn part of our operation.

I use this opportunity to explain to Josh about the Gay site we are going to be starting up. Since he is bisexual it is of interest to him. I tell him he can act in those as long as it does not interfere with any straight sex pornographic assignments. Josh leaves to call his Sara and I go back to watching videos.

After about a half hour a very happy Josh knocks on my door again. He has talked to Sara who says she likes to have sex on camera and has had sex with younger boys. She says she gets a thrill teaching kids how to do it. He asks if we can arrange transport for her. I call the company's travel agent and he sets up a buss ticket for her leaving tomorrow and arriving on Tuesday morning in Memphis, Tennessee.

He has given her my e-mail address and says I can expect to see nudes of her in my mailbox as well as a show of how deeply she can take a cock orally. When I go check the e-mail I see what she means, she's deepthroating a black cock taking no less than eight inches into her mouth and throat. I notice in the address field that Josh is receiving a copy of the same e-mail including the pictures. That is nice. Since this is his girl I will leave the arrangements between him and Rita.

When I tell him that he mentions that Rita had invited him to their apartment. I tell him to go but be ready to perform because Rita's kids are as sexually compulsive as I have ever met. He says that he will remember that.

He asks me where the girls are and I call Charlene and Beatrice and both come out wearing halter tops and short shorts. Josh smiles as they come in. In unison they asked "What?" I tell them, "Josh wants to see you." Josh tells them,"You two look good enough to eat." Both girls lay down on the living room carpet and pull down their shorts and pants and kick them off and say,"Okay"

Josh didn't need an engraved invitation. He immediately started on Charlene switching to Beatrice when she was experiencing difficulty breathing. When Beatrice reached the difficult breathing stage he switched back. He kept doing it and neither girl can cum yet for over twenty minutes. Charlene spoke up, "Josh, if you don't make me cum soon I'll ask my granddad to help." Josh looks up and says,"Want to help?" I reply simply,"Only if the girls call for it." He lapped at Charlene's pussy concentrating more effort on her clit until she quaked in climax. Then he licked up and down Beatrice's slit until she also quaked in climax. Then the two bottomless girls stood up and the two of them attacked Josh's zipper.

It yielded. Then they worked his belt loose and dropped his pants. He stepped out of them. They took his briefs off and he again stepped out.

Beatrice immediately kissed his prick right on his piss hole. Then she stuck out her tongue and licked around the head of his cock. She opened wide and swallowed his cock all the way down her throat. She continued to run up and down his cock until she tired then Charlene took over and did the same deep throat cocksucking job. She too worked hard with lips and tongue until she tired. Then Beatrice went back to him and continued with renewed vigor. She swallowed him until her lower lip hit his scrotum. Then she would pull back until only the head of his prick remained in her mouth. Finally Josh released and came into Beatrices mouth and she did not swallowed but held it until he was done. Then she stuck out her tongue to show the cum to Josh. Charlene started to say,"Hey, I want to taste him too." Then Beatrice closed her mouth turned to her sister and kissed her. You would see both their mouths open and their tongues work to share Josh's jism. Both of the swallowed some of this white stickly greasy stuff.

Sabrina turns to me and says,"If you're done watching the show, you might want to marinate the meat for Pepper steak since I'm wanting to taste your cooking again.

I get up and find a pre-stripped bag of round steak in the fridge. I add the ingredients for the marinade and put whole bag of meat and marinade into the fridge. I pull out two green bell peppers and slice them into unseeded strips. I also chop up a white onion. That brought tears. My grand daughters kissed my cheeks and licked up the tears. How sweet of them.

I go out to the living room to finish watching the current video. It is a hard core parody of Star Trek the Next Generation. The actors look a lot like the original actors but you can tell they are not. In the current scene the first officer is making love to Counselor Troy in the Where Silence has Lease episode from that Star Trek series. It is not what happened in the original but it is an Alternate ending.

The Video ends with the Captain making it with the Chief Medical Officer a redhead similar to Dr. Crusher. Now it is time for supper. Sabrina invites Josh to sit in and he asks me if there is enough for Carry too. I answer affirmatively and he goes to get her.

I start the rice and stir frying the garlic, meat, peppers and onions as Sabrina and her daughters set the table. Josh and Carry come back in and sit at the table. Sabrina asks them what they want to drink and Josh asks for a beer and Carry for a Coke so Beatrice gets the cans out of the fridge and puts them on the table next to glasses of ice.

Carry pours her Coke into the glass. Josh sips his beer direct from the can. I have a beer. Sabrina a Dr. Pepper and the children get milk.

Josh and Cary want to have more partners for their sex play. Josh asks if he can borrow one of my grandchildren for a trist but Sabrina says no. I tell him I may be able to arrange for some of Rita's brood to have sex with them. I tell them I'll look at the database after the meal to find suitable partners for them.

Cary asks me about Jeff. Says she got the e-mail and would like to know if she could be a possible receiver for his sexual attention. I tell her I'll check on it and see. Sabrina says she will let Cary know what happens tonight since he is coming in to have sex with her tonight. I pitch in with a mention of his pedophilia and that he might need a youngster naked in the room to get it up.

Cary and I talk about the pending move to another floor and asks about the possible loss of connection between them and us. I tell her not to worry about it. I can schedule sexual sessions or social events to bring us together. It is not going to be a problem.

Sabrina and Josh start to make out in the living room on one love seat so we take the other one Cary and I duplicate their actions. I'm hard but being as old as I am I am I'm not going to cum for Cary. So I tell her I don't want to fuck her but do want to eat her if she wants me to. Her shorts and panties fall to the floor. Her neck in on the armrest of the loveseat and her right leg is on the floor and her left one is up on the backrest.

I dive in eat her but slip two fingers into her pussy to press on her G-spot. My left had is on the outside of her body pressing in on the G-spot from outside. I rub, press, lick and nibble for about five minutes when Cary throws her head back and screams "Charlie I'm cumming God damn it." She arches her back and lifts her ass off the cushions and repeats the word Okay six or eight times with gradually reducing volume as her climax diminishes. Then she asks me,"What the hell did you just do to me?" I shrug and say,"I just licked and fingered you to climax." She says,"I never cum that hard for Josh so you did something different!" I tell her I just know how to turn you on. She then tells me she and Josh have been sexual daily since he got out of prison and has gotten better every time he does it but this was the first time I had made her cum and I tore her a new pussy!

Josh has been eating Sabrina this whole time and all she had was some shivering orgasms. She pushes his face away after the third one of these and said,"Let's fuck" and she gave him a gesture to make his stand up and she loosened his belt, took his pants and underwear down. He's hard but she starts to deep throat him until his prick is like rock then she shoves him down and rides him like a cowgirl. She runs up and down his cock with her labia leaning forward to make sure he hits her clit. She shudders with orgasm two more times before his pricks pumps his load into her pussy. She gets up and off of him. Kneels next to him and kiss his mouth with tongue and says thank you Josh. Then she goes to the bathroom and douches.

She leaves the bathroom door opened and we could all hear the dispenser discharge its solution and the drip of liquid as it back-flowed out of vagina. I heard the tear of the toilet paper as she cleaned her most personal part and the flushing of the toilet just before my daughter returned to me. Josh had gotten dressed and Cary had too. I went to Cary and kissed her and promised to give her more if she wanted it. She kissed me back with tongue. Then as Sabrina came in she kissed me with tongue also.

Josh and Cary said their goodbyes and left. I sent Rita a note that Josh might call, email or visit and to be ready for him. I get am immediate response that she and her sons and daughter will make sure he is well fucked before he leaves her place if he shows up.

I go and take a shower and then remember as I get out that Sabrina's daughters have been quiet and except for the meal abscent from us. So with my robe on in the living room I find Sabrina and ask her,"What are the girls doing?" She says,"I don't know." Then we go and look and both girls are in their room and they are in the sixty-nine position eating each other. When I walk in I see Charlene in climax. Stiff, shaking and arching her back but with a fist in her mouth so as to be quiet. Sabrina just looks each girl over to be sure they are okay and as we leave Beatrice starts to stiffen, quake and arch in climax.

I look at my watch and see that it is past 8 o'clock and it is time for Jeff to arrive. Sabrina goes in and takes a shower. I go in and shave at the same time since I don't want to razor burn any young girl's thighs.

There is a knock on the door and I welcome Jeff into the home. Sabrina is still in shower so I offer him a drink. Both my grand daughters come out fully dressed though still slutty. He picks up each girl in turn and kisses them full on the mouth with tongue. He says, "I'd like to fuck each of you but know if I did I would break you in two so I'll wait until you are big enough to take me. Sabrina comes out in a robe and nothing else greets him with a kiss with tongue and he asks if she wants to start now or later.

She says whenever you are ready. Charlene gets up on Jeff's lap and wiggles her but. She feels his growing organ under her. As he rises she realizes she is feeling the biggest prick she's ever been exposed to She says,"Are you going to fuck my mother with that thing?" He says,"If she wants me to and it does not hurt her too much I'm going to make love to your mother."

Beatrice comes over and asks him,"Can I see what you plan to stick her with?" He says,"Yeah, I guess so." Then he stood up, unzipped his pants reached in, and with visible pain, pulled out his huge organ. Both girl's chins dropped as they stood there staring at the erection that dwarfed normal men.

I tell the girls,"It is not nice to stare kids." They look at Jeff's face and say I am sorry. They walk to their bed room and Sabrina takes Jeff by the hand and walk him to her room I join the girls in their room and close the door. We all three get naked.

Charlene says,"Grandpa, she needs an enema first. So we go to the bathroom and with Beatrice pointing out where the equipment is I go to work to wash out Beatrice's bowels.

I put in a pint and it came out chucky and brown. I reapplied the enema with a quart of fluid. It came out liquid but still brown. I gave another quart of the saline solution into the bag and through to her bowels. This time it came out of her clear. We flushed the toilet for the third time and she wiped the clear moisture off her ass. We moved back to their bedroom.

Beatrice says,"Grandpa, I want to do it all myself. Then there was a knock on the door and ask told Charlene to let whoever it was in. She complied and I saw my daughter standing there crying. I went to her,"What's wrong." When the girls left his erection faded and now I can't get him back up!" I tell her, "The fault is his. It is not your fault." I take to two girls by the hand and bring them back to Sabrina's room with me.

Jeff is sitting on the bed. His prick looks about 4 inches long and only about 2 inches in diameter. As soon as he sees the naked three and half year old and the naked eight year old his prick starts to grow. Sabrina goes to work on him orally trying and failing to deep throat him. It is just too thick for her to get into her throat. But he is up to his full 9 inch length and 9 inch circumference. I lay down on the floor and Jeff lies on his back on the bed. Sabrina is trying to impale herself on his cock. Charlene has lubed my prick, her sister's ass and is lining my cock up with her sister's asshole as Beatrice tries to do with her ass what my daughter is doing with her vagina.

I feel rather than see my cock going into her bowels. She is taking it slow but my the head of my cock is in and she is taking me at an inch every 5 seconds or so and after 25 seconds she bottoms out against my pelvic bones.
She looks down at me with a proud smile on her race and says, See grandpa I can take in all of you! She slides slowly back up until her anal rim meets the head of my cock. It sticks there and she starts to slide back down. Now she keeps on doing it slowly speeding up and she and her mother are going at the same rate. Sabrina is watching Jeff's face. Jeff is watching Beatrice getting fucked in the ass and Charlene who is holding her pussy opened and playing with her clit.

She keeps on going and I notice she is huffing and puffing instead of breathing easily. I reach for her pussy and start to play with it and she starts to gasp for breath. Soon enough she is stiffening and quaking and she looses her footing as her climax overtakes her. She collapses backwards toward my feet and then as she starts to get back up and the climax recedes she has my penis slid out of her ass. It is still hard and still looks clean. She apologizes for losing me and start to slide back on to me and putting me back into her. It goes in easily and she immediately matches her mother's rhythm in fucking Jeff. Sabrina still does not have all of Jeff inside her about 2 inches has not gone in.

Soon she stops the rhythmic strokes and raises up so only the head of his cock is inside her then she raised both legs up so her full weight is forcing his cock into her. She stops falling down his shaft with the two inches still remaining outside then wiggles her higs and she says,"Ouch" as the head of his cock plunged past her cervix. Now she is taking eight inch stokes and I ask her how it feels. She says,"It hurt when he first went in but now it feels real good as his goes in and out." I reply,"I'm glad it did not hurt you too badly." Soon Beatrice cums again and Sabrina does too. Jeff is still hard and has not yet cum then Charlene climaxed and Jeff came at the same time! Charlene came out of her CLIMAX while Jeff was still pumping jism into my daughter's pussy.

I am playing with Beatice's clit and as she climaxes a third time I finally pump my load into to her bowels. She keeps on fucking me until my erection fades and falls out of her ass. Then lays on top of me, kissing me all over my face and saying,"I want to take you into my pussy soon Grandpa. I love you.

We all get up and walk into the girl's room and lay down on the lower full size mattress with one girl on each side of me. I almost fall asleep in the middle of a three person spoon. All of US still naked. After the girl's pass out I get up and go to the bathroom and wash my cock and balls in the shower. I get back in bed and go to sleep. I don't know who if anyone will get my morning wood but now it won't have to be washed first.

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