Happiness is a state of mind. Lots of preteen pussy helps.

Strawberry (Chap 10) Happiness.

Happiness is having two girls in your bed. More happiness is having two naked preteens in your bed. Beth and Charly are lying in my bed naked. They are on their backs, side-by-side and holding hands. Their free hands are stroking their pussies. What a view as I stand over them behind their heads. Boobies are standing up and all four little nipples are poking up rock hard. The girls have their knees cocked and spread and their heads are hanging over the side of the bed with faces up and mouths wide open. Beth’s hair hangs down and Charly’s bob haircut frames her face. My cock is slowly moving in and out of Beth’s mouth.

Leaning forward over Charly, I dip my middle finger deep into her pussy and it comes back wet. So I let Charly lick her own pussy juices clean. She sucks my finger and runs her tongue down it. It gives me a tingle and makes my cock jump as I push deeper into Beth’s mouth. Beth has had my cock all the way in her mouth before; but today is the first time she has got it laying on her back. It stretches her throat open and lets me push even deeper into her. Beth looks up at me when I bottom out and I can see her throat expanding were my cockhead is. She inhaled hard through her nose and I back out slowly to give her some air. In and out; steady rhythm while I’m in heaven.

Switching to Charly, she is a bit hesitant to take my cock knowing it will probably hurt to be throat fucked. These little babes have seen in on the internet; but the porn actresses usually make a big deal out of it with streams of spit and make-up running down their faces. I won’t hurt Charly that bad since yesterday was the first day she saw a live cock. Losing her virginity made her feel good too. So Mr. Cock goes into her mouth in a nice rhythm hitting the back of her mouth with little taps. Charly settles down and I can feel her relaxing as time goes by. “Try to really relax now, babe”, I tell her as I give the first couple of harder pushes. Charly jumps a bit but does not gag much.

She puts her head further down and her hands come around behind my legs and when I push at her throat the next time she pulls on my legs and pushes her face all the way up on my cock. Her little nose hits my balls and my cock is root deep down her throat. She holds me for a four-count and then pushes me back till she can take a deep breath. OMG, Charly will be a top rated cock slut with that kind of action. “Did I do good?” she asks with a big grin. “Charly that was sweet. If we were in a porn show, I would call you a cock slut”, I say. Beth laughs and smirks, “Charly is a cum swallowing cock slut”.

Charly leans her head back down and pulls my cock into her mouth again. So I face fuck the little beauty hard till I’m ready to cum. “Get ready babe”, I shout and shoot several ropes of cum deep into her throat. Charly gags and coughs and I pull out to let her recover. Beth moves in to get the rest of my cum from my cock and Charly’s face.

“Tom, Tom”, someone taps my shoulder.

My eyes pop open and all of a sudden there are no little naked girls in my bed. It was the most vivid dream I have ever had. Shit. I’m in my bed sleeping and when I turn my head, little Brit is standing next to me. I blink my eyes and ask the only thing that makes sense, “What?” “Are you awake”, she asks. I think, “Stupid question”, but say to her “Now I am.”

Brit asks, “Will you play with me?” My eyes focus on Brit and I see she is naked. Really naked from chest down to her baby slit. “Let me go to the bathroom and we’ll talk about it”, I answer. Brit giggles and points to the tent in my sheets, “Somebody got a hard on.”

She follows me into the bathroom and watches me pee. “I saw a lady drinking pee on the internet. Do all women do that?” she asks, bright eyes looking up. I look down at her and tell her most women do not; but some get a taste for it. “Can I taste it?” she wants to know. I don’t think you need to taste pee at your age”, I say and immediately realize my mistake. That was issuing a challenge and Brit does not take kindly to challenges. She grabs my cock and licks and squeezes it and gets a few drops of pee out. Her face crunches up and she says, “Not bad. Next time I’ll get in the bathtub and let you pee on my face.” From the look on her face I think she is lying; but who knows, the little slut may just have liked her first taste of piss.

Now that I was really awake I ask Brit, “What are you doing over here and where are your sisters?” Brit laughs and tells me her sisters are all doing homework and playing so she snuck out just to see me. “You have really been ignoring me and spending time with only Beth”, she whines. I remind her that she was a bit young to be playing sex games all the time. “Yea, but I’m tired of using the vibrator. I need you, Tom”, she whines and reaches for my cock and gives it a kiss. Mr. Cock is always interested and turns half hard in an instant. Brit strokes some more and looks up at me with a grin. “Are you really going to send me away?”

When I sit back down on the bed Brit comes and stands in front of me. I stretch and peek at my watch which tells me its already afternoon. My all night session with Kelly had worn me out and I came back home to rest. As little Brit watches me I notice the changes in her since I met her a few weeks ago. Her flat chest has disappeared and little mounds are clearly visible. Small pink nipples to her mounds and I reach over and run my thumbs across them. Brit giggles and I tell her, “Wow Brit, you are developing a rack.” I heard Brit using the word ‘rack’ before and she likes it. She smiles and sticks her chest out proudly. I pull her to me and kiss and nibble her nipples and give them a couple of baby bites.

Mr. Cock gets into the act and bounces up and hits Brit’s leg. She giggles again and whispers to me, “Do you want me to suck you off?”

No, a better idea hits me. “Do you want to know what I was dreaming about?” I ask. She shakes her head yes and I tell her to jump on the bed. I have her lie down on her back, cock her knees up and let her head hang over the side. Getting between her legs, I attack her little pussy with my tongue. May as well make her feel good; because a hard throat fuck will not feel that great.

Her pussy lips open wide and I can tell that a few weeks with the vibrator have loosened her pussy quite a bit. Brit probably gets herself off with the vibrator several times a day. May as well ask, “Brit, do you take the vibrator to school?” I can’t see her face from between her legs, but Brit says quietly, “Daddy, can you tell that from looking at my pussy?” Yea, she is using her little girl voice and calling me Daddy. Brit is definitely taking the vibrator to school and probably buzzing herself in most classes. “Yes, baby I can tell”, I lie to her and chuckle.

When my tongue hits her clit, Brits legs come around my head and she squeezes me and pounds my back with her heels. Probably something she saw on the internet. “Do me harder, Daddy”, she cries and squeezes even more. I’m glad she does not have tennis legs like Kelly. Oh shit, it reminds me that last night Kelly and Jenn sprung their surprise pregnancy on me. I’m a Daddy times two; it reminds me to be careful with Beth, Charly and maybe even Brit. Even though she is only ten, she could get pregnant if things go wrong.

However, since my face is buried in Brit’s pussy I keep on working to pleasure her like never before. Licking her little hot spot and nibbling on it the best I can does work wonderfully. Brit is moaning and jerking and she sits up the best she can and pulls my head first to her clit and then down to her soaked pink pussy. Then back to her clit. She wants me to rotate between the two spots and my tongue goes as deep as it can.

The scream finally came as she orgasms super hard. She wrenches my head up and cries, “OMG, no more” and collapses on the bed. I pull back and look at her bright red pussy. It is pulsing hard and juice runs out of her. Nothing to do; but lick the sweet nectar off her. Beth kicks my back again and whines, “Daddy, no more. You got me all sore.” I figure I did a good job. Taking a short break to let her calm down, I pour a glass of wine and hand it to her, “Sip slowly, baby.”

“Ok Brit, show Daddy what you can do”, I tell her and line up behind her head with my cock at half mast. Brit smiles, opens her mouth and pulls Mr. Cock to her face. She peels the foreskin back and licks the sensitive underside for a couple of minutes. Pre-cum seeps out of my cockhead and Beth licks and swallows. She smacks her lips and looks up at me. “That’s my good girl”, I tell her and push my cock into her mouth. With a couple of inches in her, I rock forward and start a great rhythm. Brit puts her hands on the back of my legs and pulls when I rock forward.

We do it for a couple of minutes and my cock has gotten hard and hits her throat on the down stroke. “OK Brit, pull hard”, I tell her and push my cock down her throat. I can see it expand to take my big cockhead and Brit pulls on my legs harder. As she pulls, I push and feel her throat open with a near pop. Then I slide in down to the root. Brit is impaled on my cock and her eyes a shut tight. I count to five slowly and pull back. Brit gasps and inhales hard. “You OK?” I ask. She inhales again and then nods her head. “Want to do it again?” I ask and she answers quietly, “OK Daddy.”

I’m not sure if I should, but if she wants to play in the big girl league, she will get a big cock down her throat. Plus there is a whole lot of other stuff she has probably seen on the internet which we can also do – pissing, fisting and dogs. OK, no fisting and no dogs. Where the hell did that thought come from. I got to keep her happy so she keeps her mouth shut about our sex games.

Brit pulls on my legs and my cock goes back in her mouth. On the third down stroke I say, “Now.” She pulls and I push and Mr. Cock is back in her throat. Using small movements, I fuck her throat and count to ten, and then I pull out and let her breathe. We do it again and again until I can feel that I’m close to cuming. “Brit grab my cockhead with your lips and teeth when I tell you.” She nods and a minute later I tell her, “Now!”

I can feel her teeth grabbing behind my cockhead and her lips squeezing hard. Streams of hot cum fill her mouth and Brit squeezes my ass cheeks hard. I’m spent and Brit keeps a hard grip on my cock. After a few minutes I tell her to open her mouth and show me what she earned. She jumps up on the bed on hands and knees and opens her mouth and shows me it is full of sticky white cum. “Good girl, now swallow” I say and she does. It takes her two swallows and when she opens her mouth again all my cum has disappeared. Brit giggles and says in her little girl voice, “Did I do good, Daddy?”

“Oh yes Brit, you did excellent. You get an A plus.”

Brit walks to me on her knees and gives me a big hug, “I love my Daddy.” Guilt rolls over me like crazy. Either she is really honest or the little tease is a great actress. “Love you too, Princess” I croak. “But Brit baby, it still means we can’t do this every day, do you understand?” Brit looks down and says quietly, “Yes, Daddy. Are you going to forget me when you move in with Kelly?”

Now where did that come from? How does a ten year old know more about my plans than I do? When I raise my eyebrow she tells me she heard her older sister Beth and Strawberry talking that I’m spending a lot of time with Kelly. “No baby, I’m not going to forget you. We will still have our special time together.” Brit gets a wide grin on her face and gives me another big hug. I kiss her baby lips and tell her she should get dressed and sneak back home.

“OK Daddy.”

What a development; word is already out that I may be leaving. It means I better talk to the adults and get things settled. I put on my shorts, grab my phone, and a few towels and head upstairs to take a shower in Strawberry’s bathroom.

“Strawberry”, I think, “where is she anyway?”

When I walk through the kitchen, I see a note on the bulletin board. “Tom. Strawberry and I are shopping. Meet us at our restaurant at 7 pm. Got a call from a realtor with an offer on the house. Wow. Xxx”

Well, well seems as if Jenn if moving full steam ahead at buying this house and working out a deal to let Strawberry and her mom live her rent-free. Now I better get a move on with my plan. A text message goes to Jenn proposing she invite us all to the club and introduce herself as the new owner or at least a club member with some pull. A couple of texts go back and forth and dinner is set for 7 pm. New texts go to Janet telling her about the change of location. She is happy and we are set to meet at the country club.

I get to the club early and meet Jenn and Kelly at the bar. Both of them are drinking sparkling water. OMG, nine more months until two babies show up. Kelly tells me when she starts showing she may transfer school and move out of state to live with her aunt. Jenn says when she gives birth Kelly can come back and mom will claim she has two babies. Well it sure would solve a lot of problems.

With all that on my mind, I walk outside and wait on Janet who pulls up a few minutes later. Strawberry jumps out of the car and I’m blow away. It is apparent they have spent the afternoon at a salon and shopping. Her eyes sparkle with green make-up and her hair is curled with a few streaks of blond. Strawberry is dressed in an expensive looking, red hot dress which is short and shows a lot of cleavage. She is obviously wearing a fancy push up bra and looks like she gained several inches of bust. Good grief, she looks to be at least eighteen years old with long, long legs. What a glamorous transformation?

She air-kisses me to not smear her make-up and does a pirouette with her arms out. “What do you think, Daddy?” I’m speechless and tell her she is a glamour model come down from heaven. Strawberry hugs me easily and then says, “Ta, ta”, pointing at her mom Janet getting out of the car.

Wow, Janet has also undergone the glamour treatment. She wears a pale blue pants suit and shows even more cleavage than Strawberry. Her big tits push the jacket out and stretch the material of her low cut top. Her hair is curled and frames her face with sexy streaks of reddish blonde. Both of them are wearing ankle breaking high heels. OMG, it’s going to be a catfight when the women see each other. Tonight was the perfect time for these two to be glamorous.

When I usher them into the bar, Kelly comes forward and asks in an astounding way, “Strawberry?” Strawberry grins and chirps, “Hi Kelly, what are you doing here?” “We are members here”, she answers and points to her mom. Mom Jenn comes over and shakes Janet’s hand with, “We met last year at the school’s picnic.” Janet’s mouth drops open and she asks quietly, “Did you have something to do with the offer on my house?” I say, “We’ll talk about it” and usher them into the dining room.

Of course all four women were checking each other out. They knew Kelly, but it was obvious that Janet did not remember her mom. We sit at the table and waiters mob us and take our orders. The conversation turns to the house and Jenn tells Janet she has pull with the club’s directors and could get her a good price. Janet about falls out of the chair when Jenn tells her she could probably stay in the house rent-free if she negotiated hard.

All this took about twenty minutes while we drank and ate some nibble food. Jenn said she had to go to the bathroom and invited Janet along. The two women disappeared and stayed gone a long time. When they come back I see no blood on either of them; in fact they are laughing all the way back. When they sit down, Janet grabs one of my hands and Jenn the other. Jenn says, “Here is the deal Daddy. You can visit Janet each weekend, if you want, but you will stay at our house the rest of the week.” My mouth hung open and Janet adds, “Oh by the way, Strawberry and I are invited to the wedding.”

Holy shit, cut my nuts off and serve them on a platter. Here I thought I was the big stud and in a ten minute conversation in the bathroom the girls have neutered me pretty well. A smile comes across my face as I think about it. Well I still get to fuck Kelly and Strawberry, maybe her busty, horny friend Linda and the three girls next door. And Charly, if she comes to visit. Plus all the mothers, too. Janet smiles at me and I wonder if she remembers inviting Linda and her mom for our weekend sex parties. Maybe life will be awesome.

By the way, I wonder, when will Kelly’s little sister come home from her vacation?

My cock twitches as it feel happiness.

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