Note: ive been gone for too long!!! Its not right Dammit. Lol sorry ive been gone. I got my laptop stolen a few months ago and just finally got a phone i can type on like a computer so i can finally start writing again and i ave a few ideas and im gunna need a few models lol its kind of like Gothic Amy And Me but until then enjoy the first story of tye returning King Of Rejects.


I sat down on Bobby's bed everything was spinning and I started to feel funny I really didnt wanna go to this party tonight but Bobby insisted I planned to go knock back a few drinks smoke some weed and enjoy the night. But I could tell that there was something in this beer other than Budweiser.

I said down on Bobby's bed trying to get my head straight I heard my friend Molly talking to this guy Max outside of Bobby's room. "What was in Jimmy's drink?" Molly asked. "nothing he hasn't ever taken before" Max replied.

I felt funny my whole body was shaking I was seeing random colors and things that were not there I felt 1,000,000 miles away. After a few seconds of silence I heard Molly yell out "ACID!" "how much acid was in his beer" Molly demanded wanting to know "3 hits Max" replied "we're playing button button."

I heard Molly give a cry of anger as she stormed back into Bobby's room "Jimmy sweetie everything is going to be fine" Molly said with a worried look on her face. " do you have anyone on your phone that's willing to come and grab you and take you home?" She asked. Her voice sounded small but I answered slow and slack jawed. "N-Nicole call Nicole" I answered very dully.

I closed my eyes and let the colors dance in my mind I was trapped inside my own head it was beautiful it was like my own Wonderland but Molly's voice was booming over the clouds in my head as I heard the one way phone call go underway.

"Jimmy she wants to talk to you." I heard Molly say bringing me back to reality she put the phone to my ear to pressed it up close as i listened to Nicole's voice.

"Pretty Lady? Are you okay?" I heard Nicole ask in a quiet tone of voice. "Freaking out. Please help." Was all I said before rolling off the bed and falling on the floor. " yeah, okay. Right pass Taft Rail. you cant miss the house. You'll be here in 5? Okay we'll be outside." I heard molly's voice say as she shut off the phone.

I felt molly pick me up and drag my almost lifeless body down the stairs of the party and out the door. The room was spinning I saw smiling faces of all the people melt into one. The music changed from the poppy upbeat music I learned to hate so much to something slow and demonic.

We went outside and sat on the cool grass. I felt like i was floating on air. I closed my eyes and shook back and forth trying to remain calm. I heard a mind blowing echo making all the bright neon blues and reds in my mind do back flips.

"Pretty lady?" I heard a fimiliar voice call out. I opened my eyes and stood up looking at Nicole standing a few feet away from me. She looked hauntingly beautiful. Black and white zombie shirt and a gray tripp skirt. As much as i respected and liked her there was a small part of me that really wanted to fuck the 26 year old but it would never happen. Curse me being 17.

A gust of wind blew making me sway back and forth. I saw Nicole rush towards me but all i felt was me falling back into nothingness. I hit the ground hard but the grass and dirt never felt more.comfortable. "Help me get him into the car." I heard Nicole demand. Molly and Nicole picked me up and put me in the passenger seat of Nicole's car. I looked at Nicole as she closed the passenger door. Even though my vision is blurry I could see the outline of her body. God she was insanly hot. She had a big ass which was weird because you only read about girls with a skinny body a nice ass and a pretty big chest in stories. Its rare to see them in real life.

I stared straight ahead and let my weight fall into the passenger seat. The chains on my pants clanged like a child banging on pots and pans. The driver door opened and Nicole got in and started the car.

"You okay?" She asked. I tried really hard to speak but i couldnt make a proper sentence. "Acid...not prepaird...freaking out...things spinning." I tried go say more but Nicole shushed me. "I know what will make you feel better" she said going into her iPod and hooking it up to her radio. "Now pay attention to this song. It will calm you down a little bit." I couldnt say anything. I didnt want to waste words that would come out slurred. So i listened. The sound was weird and sort of trippy. I didnt know what to expect.

"Picture yourself on a boat on a river. With tangorian trees and marmilade skies. Somebody calls you. You answer quiet slowly. The girl with collidascope eye's."

Ahh the beatles. I pictured the song. It set my mind at ease and took away some of the panic. I could finally think a little bit.

"I cant go home." I said slowly with eyes closed. "Well no duh." I heard Nicole say. "Your staying in the guest room tonight. I'll take you home tomorrow." She exclaimed as the car engine shut off. "Welcome to casa de Nicole." She said leaving the car. I slowly opened the door and stumbled out of the car. Everything was switching from reality to the.wonderland in my mind. I couldnt tell which was real or imaginary. I took baby steps up the stairs and into the house. I walked into the living room seeing a bottle of wine and a book on the floor.

"Don't mind that just catching up on some reading." Nicole said grabbing her book. "Fifty shades of gray?" I questioned. Changing the subject Nicole took me to the spare room and sat me down on the sofa. I felt like tonight was my last night on earth. My body was heating up. I felt like i was going to melt. "You ok?" Nicole asked. I didnt answer instead i turned on the ac in the room and took off my Misfits shirt leaving me in my black tank top. "Hot." I replied. I turned around to face the bed but lost balance falling on my knees. Nicole rushed to help me. "Easy there Jimmy." Nicole kept whispering to me helping me lay on the bed. "I'll be back." Nicole exclaimed. She turned the small TV in the room to Chiller TV so atleast i was entertained. I fished another joint out of my pocket and lit it as Nicole walked in with a can of Pepsi. "One can, Drug free. I promise." She said joking about my situation. I mumbled a thanks taking a drink. I puffed the joint one more time before handing it to Nicole. She hit it and tried to pass it back but i waved my arm no. "I'll be in the living room reading. Let me know if you need anything." She said closing the door.

I laid my heavy head on the pillow trying to relax. I couldnt. I tried to watch tv. Nothing. Smoke a few joints. Nothing. Time was flying by at a rapid rate. I looked at the clock in my phone. 2:10 a.m. Hadn't it been 12:37 Only a moment ago? I had to relax and blow off steam. I knew a way how. I didnt want to but i was entering the part of tripping acid where all you want to do is cum.

I shook my shorts loose and shoved my hand down my boxers. I squeezed my dick giving it a few pumps. It felt unreal. I needed to bust. It became a goal. I kept stroking but it became painful for some reason. About 10 minutes in i had to stop. It became so painfully hard that everytime i pumped, pain shit through me.

I took my hand out of my boxers and my dick shot out through the hole in my boxers. God i never saw it this hard. Veins bulging out and the head was almost purple. I tried to stuff it back in my boxers but i heard a knock on the door. Fuck...

"Jimmy you okay?" I heard Nicole say. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. I put my knees up lifting up the covers so my hard on wasnt noticable. I basically made a tent with my knees. I closed my eyes and played dead. I heard Nicole walk slowly across the room. Everything was going okay. But i felt my feet slipping. Never wear socks on a satin bed spread.

"Doesnt look comfortable." Nicole whispered to herself. I felt her grab my feet from the end on the bed lay them straught. I felt my dick strain against the covers making an obvious tent. Once again Fuck.

I was embarassed. My only hope was to fake being asleep and chalk it up to an icsolated incident.

"Oh." I heard Nicole say in a surprised tone. Yup. Icsolated incident it is.

I felt Nicole creep closer trying to shake me awake. "Uhh Jimmy..." she started. The strong smell of wine on her breath was definate. She seemed a little drunk. "Jimmy?" She asked again getting closer. She put her hand on my blanket covered hip and shook some more. "Jiiiiimmmyyyy" she said with a drunken upbeat tone. "Shit!" I heard as i heard stumbling. I felt a hand grab the sheet and rip the down. FUCK!

I felt the cold air hit my stiff dick. I didnt know what to do so i still faked sleeping. I heard Nicole drunkingly giggle. "Some fall." She said. I heard her getting up and then silence. "Look's angry." She muttered with a chuckle. "Jimmy." She said one more time. No responce.

She repeated my name poking me in the ribs. I stayed still. She poked me in the cheek nothing. I turned my head to her and opened my eyes a little. I looked asleep but i could see a little.

Nicole looked drunk. But she looked hot. I shouldnt have looked at her. It didnt help the pain in my dick. I felt it twitch which made me arch my back and give a painfull groan. Nicole jumped back a little before looking at me.

"Jimmy...WAKE UP!!!" She screamed in my ear. Didnt phase me. "He must really be out of it." I heard her say to herself. I opened my eyes again to see her staring at my dick. She looked and at my face. What happened next was truly shocking.

Her left hand slowly crept up and brushed against my member. A little pain jolted from the touch but i remained silent. I still looked at her with barley closed eyes. Her breathing became soft. She wasnt facing me anymore. She turnded around to face only my lower half. It gave me a great view of her nice juicy ass. I felt the back of her hand brush up and down on my rod. Her hand was soft. There was no pain at all.

Her hand draged up my shaft and over my head. She made a small soft grip over my cock and pumped it slowly a few times.

" awake?" She asked not stopping her hand at all. I laid still. Feeling relaxed i just let whatever happened happen. I closed my eyes Watching the pretty colors go buy in my head. I felt her grip tighten a bit and she pumped a little faster. I wanted more. I was not only enjoying this but i needed this. I craved release.

I stirred a little bit faking being asleep. "...Ashley" I said picking a random name out of the sky. Nicole jumped a little bit stopping her hand. "Ashley. It feel's good." I said speaking lowly almost a mumble. I heard Nicole giggle. "Probably some slut from school." She said with a giggle moving her hand up and down.

Her hand felt amazing soft, gentle. She knew how to give a hand job. And i didnt care if the grim reaper was watching or if blood was dripping from the walls.....wait that might actually be from the acid.

"Ash..I dunno." I said eyes closed. Nicole didnt stop but i could tell she was looking at me with. "If you want can suck it." I said moving my head to the right.

"I wonder who Ashley is." I heard Nicole say. After a few more pumps she stopped. I turned my head and watched her stand up. She put her hands on her shirt and pulled it off. She was wearing this black bra that seemed to be a size to small. "So uncomfortable." She said shaking her bra off letting her massive boobs come free. My dick jumped with a jolt of more pain and i growled trying not to make alot of noise. She turned around to face me. I saw her big tits only a few feet away from me. "Poor kid, must be in pain." She said.

Nicole quiey crept on the bed bending her head down only an inch or two away from my cock. She got a little closer kissing the head of my dick. Her warm lips were heaven. I arched my hips up a little. "Ugh." Was all i could say. I heard Nicole giggle as she poked her tongue out and traced my dick all over before sending it into her mouth. It was pure heaven. Her hot mouth took me about half way. She lightly sucked and licked every part of me. The pain was gone only pure pleasure. She slid her mouth up and down on my dick going faster. I started to thrust my dick deeper into her mouth making her squeal out sexy gagging noises.

Nicole took one long final suck letting my dick pop out of her mouth. She wrapped her hand around it and started pumping up and down while her other hand reach under her skirt and shake her panties off her. She got on both knees throwing one over me. She hiked her skirt up a little inching closer to my cock.

Through the crack in my eyes i saw this amazingly sexy lady naked. Her hot pussy just inches away from my cock. I felt my cock twitch making it jump and hitting her mlund making us both moan.

Nicole wrapped her hand around my dick and pointed it straight up she hovered over it taking a minute to rub the head back and forth against her slit. And than it happened. Nicole sank down slowly sending my aching dick inside her. "Ohhhh Ashley." I said in a calm tired voice. It felt amazing. Her ass touched my pelvis and i was all the way in. She stayed there a couple of seconds just grinding back and forth on me before she started to slide up and down on me. It was pure pleasure. Her hot wet and very tight cunt milking and squeezing it for all its worth. She started to bounce a little faster on me. I couldnt take it anymore.

I opened my eyes and played it off "Ashley?" Nicole froze and stood there with my dick trapped inside her. I grabbed Nicoles arm and pulled her close to me so her big tits were pressing against my chest. I started to fuck into her with a little speed and preasure. "I always wanted to do this with you Ash," i said before putting my hands on her soft ass cheeks making them bounce up and down on my cock. Nicole.bit her lip and started to moan. I bent my head up and took one of her big round orbs into my mouth sucking on it. I wamted to do this since i met her. And well thanks to weird events its happening. Im not going to make light of the situation.

I grabbed her ass digging my nails into them. I started to fuck faster and faster until my balls were slapping off her jiggling ass. She buried her head into my neck making sweet moaning and groaning sounds. She fucked me back with equal speed the room smelled of pure animalistic lust and sweat. I heard Nicole gasping until she muttered thosd sweet words. "J-Jimmy im gunna...gunna." My hand went from her ass cheeks to her asshole. I rubbed it a few times before snaking a finger inside her making Nicole jump and scream "IM CUMMING!!!!" I felt her pussy twitch and tighten around my dick. It felt great but i still needed to cum. I held onto her as she was convulsing and started to pound into her with everything i had. Nicole bent her head down and snaked her tongue in my mouth. We kissed passionatly and i could take it anymore. I grabbed her head making the kiss more aggressive as i felt my balls tighten. I pumped a few more times the final time i buried myself in her and came.

"AhhhhAhhhhAHHH" Was all i could muster as i felt wave after wave of cum flow into Nicoles tight well fucked cunt. I lost count of how many times i came. As a matter of fact i couldnt see Nicole. She was fading to black. I think im passing out... I woke up this morning feeling a little drained. The acid was still doing its job but calmed down a little bit. I picked up my shorts and shirt and put them on. I honestly couldnt remember a thing. I remember Nicole picking me up and then nothing.

I walked out of the room and into the kitchen to see Nicole eating eggs and toast. "Morning sleeping beauty!" She said with a cheery tone. I poured me some coffee. And sat down beside her. "What happened last night? I dont remember shit." I said scratching my head. "I took you home and you passed out in my guest room. I think you were calling a girls name. Ashley?" She said and than it all came back to me. The pain the pleasure the sex...everything. i didnt bring it up though.

We made small talk and she drove me home. She parked out side and we hugged. "Hey text me sometime and we'll hang out." She said with a smile. As much as i didnt want to i had to. I looked at her with an evil smile and said "Anytime.....Ashley."


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