Samantha our Daughter and her friend Tina's sexual experiences in college.

This story is fiction and should be read as fiction. It contains hard core sex.
Consenting adults that enjoy perverted sex welcome.

Codes: M/F, F/F beast, piss, pregnancy, anal, pedo.

Author; Williamburns

After graduation our daughter and her friend left for college and was gone eleven months. The truth came out about her college education when she startled us with a phone call.

Samantha our eighteen year old daughter called saying she was
returning from college and would be home soon. The Dean recommended she take a
leave of absence or be terminated and would not able to return the following semester.

We were eager to see our loving daughter Samantha. Wondering what she had done,
or had been doing for the past eleven months. Her e-mails were very short and
never elaborated on her schooling or what she was doing for employment or even
if she had obtain a job. Samantha was asked to leave school. What reason? We
had no idea why this happened.

Eleven months ago Samantha left for college a month after graduating from high
school along with her friend Tina. Tina already had an apartment in the city
near the college. Tina's parents had taken care of the apartment for the girls.
They didn't want them to live in a dorm on campus thinking this was the answer
to keeping them save. Tina's parents were naive about their daughter's
sexuality. We knew Tina was very sexually active and knew these two girls would
be very sexually active being alone and away from home.

Our Samantha loves sex because, we as parents taught her about or family
values. Our family values contain open sex which includes incest. Samantha is
not shy about sex and would try different things when it comes to sex. Her
friend Tina is very sexual and knows about our family incest sex. Kathy and I
had Tina involved in our sex lives, since she was twelve.
We let her watch porn movies with us along with Samantha. Tina loved coming to
our home because she could act out her sexual attitude. Being naked and playing
naked with Sam was a great thrill for her. The girls were twelve at the time.
Kathy and I was having sex with Samantha since she was five. I was fondling her
cunt and letting her play with my cock. Kathy would let Sam finger her cunt and
feel her big tits. Kathy and I taught Samantha very well, she knew never to
talk about our sex to anyone except Tina. She embraced the sex we taught her
and loved having Tina as a friend to talk to about sex..

Our threesomes with Samantha started at age seven. Samantha enjoyed the sex we
taught her and took her education about sex very serious for a seven year old.
By the time she was thirteen she was fucking her classmates or having oral sex
with them. She was label by her classmates. Terms included whore, slut and a
fucking pig. Samantha at first was upset with those labels. She soon realized
then where what she was and accepted those names and the terms they meant and
continued having sex with her classmates. This continued throughout her high
school years. Tina was on the same path as Samantha Although: Tina's parents
knew nothing about their daughter's sex life.

Now almost nineteen years old and gone for eleven months and not knowing what
she had done Samantha was coming home to stay.

Part Two

I was in the kitchen when I heard the front door open and Samantha called out.

"I'm home. Mom, dad where are you?"

I stepped into the living room and my eyes popped wide and my mouth dropped
open in amazement, shocked I was. She was pregnant. Her belly was large and had
to be a least nine months pregnant.

"Hi Daddy, would you please get my suit case from the car out front."
Stepping forward putting her arms
around me kissing me on my mouth passionately.

"Please hurry daddy get my suit case. Please. My friend drove me home. She

I ran out to the car not knowing what to expect. The man was friendly. I gave
him fifty dollars for driving Samantha home. When returning with her suit case
Samantha had stripped naked. Standing naked in the living room she waited for
me to return.

What a beautiful site she was standing naked and pregnant. I handed her the
case. She opened it and handed me a tube of lube.

"Lube my asshole daddy I want you to fuck my ass. It's been so long since
you fucked me and I really missed your hard cock."

Our incest training had its perks. I didn't care that she was pregnant fucking
her was what I wanted. My cock already hard seeing her naked and to do her
asshole was what I wanted now. I would be told about her pregnancy later.

I really missed my sex with Samantha, a long eleven months since I fucked her

Taking my hand she led me into the master bedroom. Kneeling on the edge of the
bed she spread her ass wide showing me her brown bud hole.

"Lube my asshole daddy hurry I'm so horny."

I filled her asshole with lube and lubed my cock then slowly shoved my
extremely hard cock in her asshole and began to fuck her.

"I'm so glad to be home daddy. Where's mom? I didn't see her." She
asked as I fucked her tight

"Honey she's at the store she'll be home soon." I said.

"Stop daddy. Lay on your back I want to sit on your hard cock. I want your
cock up my ass."

"Okay, baby. I know your pregnant baby."
I said showing concern.

"Don't worry dad I've done this many times already. I have been taking
cock up my ass for
the several months."

We changed positions and she lowers herself slowly on my hard cock. I'm about
seven inches
long and thick about two inches across.

Samantha sitting on my cock legs spread and straddling me she began fucking her
tight asshole. Her back to me and I'm holding on to her waist as she rode my
hard cock.

We hear the front door open. Kathy was home from the store. She saw Samantha's
suit case on the floor and called out.

"Samantha, Bob where are you guys?"

"Mom were in the bedroom." Samantha calls out.

Kathy enters the bedroom seeing Samantha and I fucking. Samantha's legs spread
wide riding my cock bouncing up and down on me. Her big its bouncing, leaking
baby milk.

Samantha is thick boned a heavy set type girl about 140 lbs with long brown
hair, brown eyes and a wide mouth. She stands 5' 8" bare foot. Her tits
are now are 36 double D's and full of milk with dark aureoles. Milk was dripping
from her nipples as they bounced and swayed as we fucked. Kathy shocked from
the site of Samantha in our bedroom. Not because we are fucking

"Oh fuck, Samantha your fucking pregnant. Who was the son-of-bitch that made
you pregnant? My darling daughter is fucking pregnant. Oh baby your tits are
leaking milk. I'll suck them and relief the pressure on your tits. You can tell
us later about how you got pregnant."

Kathy was very concerned about Samantha, but not enough to stop having sex with

"I'll tell you later mom. I'm Cuming daddy fill me with your hot cum. Fuck
me hard now."

I jammed my cock up deep in her asshole. I came in her asshole filling her with
warm sperm.

"Samantha let me finish you baby." Kathy was hot and horny and in

Kathy is very sexual, A whore really and loves cock and cunt equally. She's
fucked many of my friends and enjoys sucking cunt when we have sex parties.
Samantha knows of our parties, but never
was involved in anyway. Samantha was too young at the time to let her be
involved. So it was just Kathy and I and our sex friends.

Kathy wasn't going to let all that cum go to waste. Samantha lifted off my cock
and laid back so Kathy could devour and suck Sam's gaped asshole and drink and
suck my cum from within.
As I laid next to Samantha I could hear the slurping and moaning from Kathy as
she drank my cum from Samantha's asshole.

When Kathy finished her feeding frenzy the three of us went together and
showered. Samantha said she would reveal her secret life and tell us now what
happened in the past eleven months and how she got pregnant.

Part three.

Kathy still a little upset with Samantha's pregnancy and wanted to know how it
came about and all the details.

"Who's the father of that baby of yours? How are you going to take care of
that child Sam?" The typical questions a parent would ask.

"Mom, dad I don't know who the father is. I got pregnant in a gang bang
with Tina at a frat party. I didn't buy my birth control pills and went to this
party. I didn't think I would get pregnant I was off them for only a short
time. Anyway the party started in a bar near the campus and ended the next day
in our bedroom apartment. You might as well know Tina is also pregnant."

"Fucking whores both of you, How are you going to take care of that kid
Samantha? I asked quit upset.

"Daddy it’s a girl. You’re going to have a granddaughter. I'm sorry I
thought you would be proud to have a granddaughter. You can train her like you
and mom trained me, as you said to me years back another cunt to fuck."
Samantha was looking for help from her mother.

"Bob, your being a fucking prick right now, our daughter is in need. Yes
she fucked up by not taking her pills we made her a fucking whore and I'm proud
of her. We'll take care of you Sam and if your dad doesn't want to help well he
can use his hand if he wants any fucking." Kathy was smiling when she let
me know how it was going to be in this household.

"Okay, I agree we'll take care of Samantha and do everything possible.
Money wasn't a problem Kathy and I had very good employment.

Kathy wanted to know what happened in the past eleven months and why she didn't
write or tell us about her problem. She began to explain about why she was
asked to leave college along with Tina.

Part four

"I was asked to too take a leave from school because of my pregnancy.
Really, it was because of being a whore on campus. Tina and I were doing
discussing things with a few professors as a study group. We knew it was just
so they could have sex with us. We were both pregnant already so it didn't
matter as far as sex went. Tina and I would have sex with a couple of the
professor's two, sometimes three times a week. We gave up the apartment and
moved in a dorm they provide for us."

"You girls were nothing but, fucking prostitutes selling yourself for
what? Just to get good grades
or, is it because, you love fucking so much? How many men did you fuck Samantha?" Kathy

"Totally there were seven, they help with our studies and yes I love the
fucking part also. Mr. Ben was very good had a real thick cock. Mom you would love
being fuck by him." She said.

Kathy just smiled at Samantha as Sam continued.

"I was three months pregnant when I got a job. It was through a grant
being offer for the university for aides to help out in the agricultural
department. That's what I was told. I went to see this professor Mr. Barnes who
was in charge. I asked why no one had taken this position because it was posted
for a long time. I was told the job was for sperm collecting from animals, for
research. He said most people were intimidated to masturbate animals to collect
sperm. The job paid two hundred dollars a week. I took the assignment and
agreed to help him. Tina also was involved" She said.

"Mr. Barnes showed me a movie on how to collect sperm. At first he help me
showing me how masturbate a horse cock and collect its sperm in a sleeve that
fits over its cock. Jacking off a big horse cock takes awhile. Their cock is
huge when it’s hard, very huge. Anyway, I did this several times a week, with
different horses. Then things changed one night Mr. Barnes called me in his
office. He wanted me to watch a movie. He showed me a porn movie of a girl
sucking a horse cock and swallowing its massive load of cum. This was real
exciting for me. My cunt was wet just watching her take a load of cum. That was
the first movie I ever saw like that." She said

"Did he make you suck any horse cock? Kathy asked.

"No, he didn't make me do anything, after about three weeks I went to the
stable where the horses were kept. I knew I had to shackle the horse for safety
just like when I masturbated them. I did just what the girl did in the movie. I
got naked and rub its cock on my tits and cunt. I bent over took his cock in my
mouth and began sucking his cock making him hard. About twenty minutes later he
came and filled my mouth and face with a massive load of cum. Fuck that was
really something. I choked on his load and the remainder ran over my tits and
body. It was awesome mom. Dad you always like those type of fuck films were the
girls suck dog cock and do animals. You would have been proud of me. I know you
would." She said.
I was so excited, my cock was hard, my breathe was heavy and I
wanted to hear more. My Samantha was a fucking slut. I began picturing her in
beast movies with animals.

"What else did you do for Mr. Barnes Samantha? That was so terrible; I
have to admit it’s also exciting. I wish you would have called us. I could have
come to visit you."

Kathy stood and removed her night shirt sitting down spreading her legs and
playing with her clit. As Kathy removed her shirt I did the same with my
shorts. Showing my hard cock as it stood straight out. I wanted to hear more
about Mr. Barnes and my daughter's perverted doings.
Samantha told us about Tina was part of the assignment but, her
parents cut off her funding and support when she told them she was pregnant.
They told her not to come home. They didn't want a whore for a daughter. The
girls lost the dorm apartment and had to move. They took a place on the farm
that Mr. Barnes had roomed in for months before he was assigned permanent
housing. This was perfect for the two girls. This gave them easy access to all
the animals housed on the farm. This made it easier for the girls to do their

Samantha continued telling us about her hard life on campus which I could see
as just nothing more than Mr. Barnes fucking Tina and Samantha and using them
for his perverted sex fun. In her explanation I see she was very happy and
really was enjoying herself in what she was doing.

After hearing a about Tina's dilemma Kathy made Samantha call Tina. Tina would
come live with us; we would take care of Tina and her child. I didn't approve
of this arrangement and told them we shouldn't get involved.

"Bob, you’re only thinking with the head of your cock. You just want
Samantha for yourself. You’re
jealousy because some man knocked up your daughter in fucking gang bang.
Samantha, your dad is upset about your pregnancy simple because he wanted to be
the first to get you pregnant, isn't that right Bob? You know we talk about
this before." Kathy was waiting for me to answer.

"Yes, your mother's partly right, I'm jealousy. I wanted to impregnate you
during spring break. We didn't have a chance to talk to you about our
plans." I said.

"Oh dad that’s really exciting. WOW! Don't worry about that if its okay
with mom you can knock me up the next time, mom you still want another
grandchild maybe this time it'll be a boy."
"Okay what about Tina what happened with her." Kathy
After her parents told her they didn't want a whore for a daughter
or her baby. She was very upset.
I had to console her, show her some love and that I cared. She told
me she was in love with me.
I was very emotional and realized I did love her also. That night
we made love really our lust for each other we just fucked. She had this double
headed dildo and we spend hours sharing that dildo in every hole. We placed it
in each other’s assholes and back and forth, we fucked until our assholes were
sore. It was so much fun. That's when I knew Tina really loved me. I told her
about us and in more detail she is willing join us if she can. Dad she wants
you to fuck her like you’re her dad. She wants to be part of our family."

I felt a very strange desire now, a lust, two young girls in my home, really
three fucking cunts. Sam, Kathy and Tina how could I resist all this sex.

"Yes, Samantha bring her here I'm so ashamed of myself for not waiting to
hear all about your
problems and your love for Tina. How upset the poor dear must be haven been
thrown out by her parents."

"Thanks dad, I love you. I knew you would understand."

Kathy just smiled knowing how much I wanted to fuck Tina. Now she would be here
for me to have my way all the time.

"Mom, when I talked with Tina she said the baby is a boy. I think you'll
love having a boy around to take care of. Think you can handle a little cock without
getting overwhelmed?"

"Samantha, Your dad and I have many friends I been servicing them for
years there's plenty of cock for me, but sucking a little one and training him
will be fun. I'm sure Tina will see how important our family values are."
Kathy making her point very firmly.

"Okay I have explain what happen next. After we moved into the room on the
farm, Mr. Barnes had me collecting dog sperm samples. They brought in fifty
dogs from the shelter.
There were all different breeds of dogs. Every night I would take ten dogs and
masturbate them and collect the sperm. After the third night I was so horny, no
one was around, it was late. I got naked and played with this boxer's cock.
Tina had told me she suck a dog cock with Mr. Barnes help so I was going to try
sucking him. He lay down and was very relaxed, a little fore play and his big
reddish cock was out of its sheath.
Oh was it big I went right down and put in my mouth. Oh it felt so
good. He filled my mouth and I suck it just like I do dad's my head bobbing up
and down on him. A few minutes later his knot tried to go in my mouth, I took
as much as I could. He erupted his sperm filling my mouth. I swallowed all I
could as I finger my cunt to a climax. I was right on the floor of the kennel.
Fuck that was hot." Samantha had a look of lust in her eyes her tit
nipples were erect, her breathe was short, She was excited just telling us
about her animal sex."

How could anyone stay in control of their emotions after hearing something so
filthy and perverted I looked over and Kathy she was fingering her cunt as I
was jacking my cock. Samantha seen I was about to cum, she quickly move to me
put her mouth on my cock and suck me. I came in her mouth filling her with a
mouth full of cum. Samantha moved to Kathy's spread legs with a mouth full of
cum and began to eat her cunt mixed with my cum. Oh how exciting and hot that
was. We had to take another break to recoup. Samantha lying on the floor legs
spread her tits leaking milk rubbing her big belly. I loved the perverted
incest sex with my family and I was anxious and wanted to know more about
Samantha and her exploits.

"Samantha what else happened? What about the dogs? What else
Happened?" I asked very excited to hear the smut she had done.

"Tina and I continued having sex with Mr. Barnes and some of his friends
especially Ben his associate. I continued masturbating the animals collecting
sperm. I jacked off several goats, a big bull and yes I fucked a couple of dogs
along with Tina. She showed me how take a dog cock in my asshole and let him
knot me. I did a Great Dane and two German Sheppard dogs. We continued sucking
the horse cocks late at night. Then we would go back to our room and fuck each
other. I love Tina, but during all this time I really wish you guys were there.
We were told we couldn't say anything to anyone about the project we help with
because there would be conflict of interest, that's what we were told."
She said.

Now Samantha's tits were leaking baby milk her cunt was extremely wet and she
was breathing heavy.
I was so in lust for Samantha. I spoke like a perverted drunken

"Honey you’re so horny why not you let me fuck you and release your horny
desires. You’re in needing baby, mom will help. Come sit on my cock lean back
spread wide I'll cunt fuck you and mom can eat your cunt and you'll clam down
then you can tell us more." I said.
Bob you’re so fucking disgusting, you’re in lust." Kathy
looked upset with me.
"It’s okay mom. I'll do it to please dad." She offers
herself to me and mom joined in our threesome.
The three of us fucked for about thirty minutes. I was fucking
Samantha slow working her up to a very hard climax. As I fucked Sam Kathy
sucked on Sam's clit. I gently squeezed Sam's tits squirting her tit milk over
Kathy's hair and Sam's big pregnant belly; it's so awesome to play with my daughter's
tits while fucking her. It's so perverted, but we made her a whore and I love
the way our family values worked out.

Samantha began to stiffen her body as her climax began. She pushed her mom's
head deep against her cunt. I too began to cum, squirting cum inside Sam's
cunt. As it leak out around my cock Kathy swallow all that came out. The three
of us were exhausted from our sex and decided to rest awhile. As we rested I
asked Samantha if there was more we should know about her college experiences.
She had more to tell us hoping we would be able understand that she did some
things that were very abnormal, perverted and disgusting. She said it was an
experiment for the professor.

Part Five

"Okay baby, tells what happened, you seem very emotional. What happen next
Samantha?" Kathy rubbing Sam's back with one hand and her pregnant belly
with the other.

I sat next to her kissing her on her cheek, my hand rubbing her inner thigh and
"Really, we believed it was an experiment. Mr. Barnes asked
Tina and I come to the farm late one night saying we could earn some extra
money. He promised us $5,000.00 if we did what he asked. We didn't know what he
wanted, but the money was some much we couldn't refuse. We agreed we needed
money at the time. As we talked Mr. Barnes offered us some wine. The three of
us drank a bottle of wine. Mr. Barnes asked us to get naked and we would do the
experiment. This is when we found out he wanted to film the experiment. He had
another Ben the other professor come in to film the experiment. We weren't sure
about being on film but, the money was great and we needed the cash. First he
gave us a shot of something to relax us. He said we would feel warm and relaxed
and even get horny. After about ten minutes. Oh God, did it ever make us horny.
My cunt started to feel real wet and my whole body warmed. I felt very relaxed
and very aroused sexually. I wanted to fuck I began kissing Mr. Barnes and
Tina. Mr. Barnes suggested that we all go to the barn. We all lay on the straw
in the barn. Ben was filming us as we fucked. I fucked scissor fucked Tina and
sucked Mr.Barnes cock. Mr. Barnes told us he took a shot of some formula he was
experimenting with. Oh, it made him cum, loads of cum, my face and Tina's
looked like we were cover in snow."

"Oh that fucking Mr. Barnes taking advantage of you girls like your some
kind animal whores. Why didn't you stop Samantha?" Kathy asking like she
knew that Samantha could stop anytime.

"Mom, both of us were so horny, it felt so good sucking Tina's cunt and
Mr. Barnes filling me with cum, I have to admit I really was enjoying all the
sex. Then we went into the enclosed laboratory. Mr. Barnes had two large cages.

He open one and told me to get inside of it. My big belly was supported by a
pad. I was on my hands and knees in the cage.
He closed the cage. It covers my back leaving my ass hole and cunt exposed. My
tits hung down like a fucking cow’s udder. My head was through an opening in
front. The metal cage was heavy and sturdy. They similar to the ones we used
for breeding uncooperative sheep that are in heat."

Kathy and I were very aroused. I was horny and so was Kathy. My cock was hard
and I began stroking myself.
Kathy was licking Samantha's tit milk and rubbing her wet cunt while we tried
to stay focused on what Samantha was saying. Samantha laid back adjusting
herself on the sofa spreading her legs so her big belly was more comfortable.

"What did you do next Samantha? Why in the cage like an animal? Tell us
baby." I asked with short heavy breaths.

"Mr. Barnes closed the cage around me. He had Tina get in another cage
like the one I was in. He had it facing me and very close. It was so close I
could touch and even kiss Tina on the mouth. I did. I love Tina. I was so
excited and horny from the shot Mr. Barnes gave Tina and me. I wanted to be
fucked. I thought for a moment he was going to have a dog mount me. Then he
went out to the barn and came back with two boars fucking big hogs. I was
scared. I began to piss, that only increased my female scent for the hog. He
jump up on the cage and was trying to fuck me. He led the other behind Tina. I
don't know what happen right then to Tina. I could see the hog jump up on
Tina's cage. I couldn't move my body away from the pigs advances. Finally his cock
enters my cunt. His cork screw cock was drilling in and out of my pissed soaked
cunt. I reached for Tina's face we began kissing and tonguing each other’s
mouths while the hogs were fucking us. OH fuck, it was something exciting his
cock twisting in and out of my cunt bring me to a fucking wild hot orgasm. He
filled my cunt with a massive amount of cum. Fuck, it was hot. It was a good
hot fuck even if it was from a pig."

Samantha was so overwhelmed with excitement breathing heavy with short gasps.
She moved her ass to the edge of the couch arching her back and unleashed her
bladder pissing all over the carpet. Her piss spray was steady long and warm. She
squeezed her tits squirting tit milk in her face. Her eyes were glassy looking
like she was on drugs. She was in a state of sexual lust, a feeding frenzy of
some kind. Her hand playing with cunt as her pissed arced over the coffee table
before her.

"Yeah, Oh yeah, that was fucking filthy. I and Tina enjoyed every minute.
After Mr. Barnes lets out of the cages Tina and I suck each other’s cunts. I
swallowed all the pigs cum from Tina's cunt. Then Mr. Barnes asked Tina and me
if we would suck the pigs cock, it was still out about six inches as it laid on
its side. I suck and tongued his cork screwed cock swallowing more cum. Tina
did the other one after she watched me. Ben has it all on film. I'm a fucking
whore, an animal cunt slut. It was so fucking perverted and filthy. I....I
couldn't stop myself. It felt so good at the time. Yes, I enjoyed doing it for
Mr. Barnes." She said began to calm down after her hard climax.

Kathy was shaking trying to stand up. When she did her cunt was dripping her
wetness on the floor. My eyes were closed trying to replay the image in my mine
of what Samantha just told us. MY cock was hard and my balls ached.

"I.....I.... don't know what to say. You weren't hurt were you? My baby
fucked by a pig. In eleven months away from home you turned into beast whore.
Sucking and fucking animals. I don't care what you did. Your home now and we'll
help you Samantha. Did you get the money? The $5,000.00 or did he just use you
girls for sexual pleasure?" Kathy asked.
Samantha didn't answer. Kathy continued with some more questions.
"Is this why you girls were asked to leave college by the
Dean? He found out about the dirty filthy things that were going on in is
school. You girls sure made a mess of yourselves on campus. Will we be notified
about this scandal Samantha?" Kathy quit concerned that we might be
summoned to the school.

Part Six

Two weeks after the girls had sex with Mr. Barnes and the pigs,
Samantha and Tina were called to Mr. Barnes office. Mr. Barnes paid the girls
the money he owed them. He showed them the video that Ben his colleague had
been recorded of them having sex with Mr. Barnes and the pigs. We tried to
contact Mr. Barnes. We were told he had transferred out of the school. He took
on a new assignment overseas. We talk to Ben his colleague, very upset and
scared of retaliation from us assured us the only video that was made Samantha
Over the past months we watched it many times and every time we
view it the sex with the girls
is extremely hot and perverted. The girls had their babies and
Kathy has already been playing with little Timmy's cock and I with Jane's cunt.
Tina and Samantha are very happy living with us and enjoying our family sex.
Last night I film the three girls sharing a double headed dildo taking turns
fucking each other’s holes. Later that night, along with pleading from all of
us Kathy allowed Tina and Samantha to do a little water sports on her in the
bathtub. Kathy thought it was really awesome to watch piss come right from a
women's piss hole and the warm liquid felt really erotic.

The movie that Samantha and Tina were in Kathy and I are going to
show the movie to some of our very perverted friends at the next sex party. I
hope they will enjoy the film.

The end.
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