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Chapter 1
She has sunse blonde hair, that goes half way down her back. Her ass was hudge and exactly the way I like asses. Her breast were medium size and you could tell whenshe is horny because her nipple would get hard, really hard. She was a good girl to everyone around her but today when I saw her mastubating in her bed room, she was a slut. Her name was Sara. Slutyy Ass Red Ass. She was my neighbor. We are both in 12t grade getting ready to graduate. We both decided we would take online college classes. Since college had high prices in Ohio. sarah and I were best friends. "Nathan Sarah wants you!" my sister Kayla was calling me Kayla has a big ass but small breast. She was also a brat and a bitch. She had sleepovers at Sarah's house until last night. When Kayla called Mrs.Jackson a slut. "I'm COMMING." when I went down stairs I saw Sarah out side in are back yard, in the pool. I took off my shirt and pants. "Oh yea.." I could hear her saying to herself then I jumped in with my goggles.Then I went under water she was masturbating in our pool. My dick grew harder, harder,harder, and harder. She the pounced at me underwater. My goggles were fogging up but I felt my long wet juicy hard dick into something. I went back above water and found Sarah in tears. " what do you think you were doing Sarah? I asked her then found the bottom half of her bikini underwater. "You slut!" I smacked her. She cryed saying she sorry. Then she left. As I went inside my mom asked me to go get the pizza for the Sunday night football game. She then gave me 70 dollars. I went to little cesars and order 5 5$ pizzas.Then some breadsticks and a soda. I had money left over so I went to the sex store when I walked in I heard a girl moan and a man calling her a "slut" and "whore". I came in te store the first place because I had never been in a store like this before . I soon realized the man was fucking her on ile one. I then got an idea of how I can have sex with Sarah. A sex slave . I asked a man were is the slave ile and he showed me were. I got 2 viberators one collar and a leash then I got a whip. My total was 109.98.I stared at the cash register and gave the lady my credit card. "Sir, it's invalid." I sighed . " Fine can you put these back," I then stormed out. I got home and saw the Jackson"s were over. "I got the pizza" everyone greeted me but not Sarah. Sarah got up and went to the bathroom. "I'm gonna sit this game out I'm pretty tired." "Ok honey" my mom said. Then j ran upstairs. When I passed the bathroom I heard sounds like "Ohh yes nathan" I entered the bathroom and saw Sarah rubbing her tight pussy. She had a shaved off pussy she was cuming all over my moms carpet.I stared at her. Then I grabbed her by her arm and pushed her into the shower. I turned on loud music so noone would hear her screams. Then I pinched her nipple so hard she started to cry. "Nathen Sto-" I insert my hard dick into her without a condom. You wanted this slut. I then turned her over and fucked her doggy style. "You wanted me to fuck you," I smacked her ass.Then before I new it I cumed. In her pussy. " Nathan..Wh-" I smacked her again."I know your dad Sarah, he would not he pleased if he new his little girl was masterbauting   and jumped onto my dick." I saw her starting to cry. "Please don't !" she cryed I looked into her eyes and said "fuck off whore." she pleaded me like a baby and I finally said "Sure I wont but you will be my slave." My plan had worked and finnaly I had my first sex slave."What?" she said. " My sex slave, you will fill all my needs when I wantit and were ever I want it." She nodded. "First is rules I do not have to wear a condom. Next is when we graduate you will move in with me, you call me master at all times, but when my family is around you call me Nathan. You also do not beg for sex. If you do not follow the rules you will be punished ,al-" Sarah cut me off "What will be my punishment Nathan?" she said not careing. I got my belt and whipped her ass until she cumed then I played with her Clit. " You will see." Then my mom came looking for Sarah . " Get your clothes on and go!" I ordered . "Yes master", that night when I looked at ericas window. I saw her crying then she looked at me. She then put up her middle finger and started to suck her tits. I called her and herd her moan.,"Nathan oh yes master I want your dick my pussy is so warm." she then hung up and she had the last laugh. Later on I watched some porn and made up some rules. I finally had my first sex slave. I could not wait for tommarow so I just stayed up all night long.

Thanks for reading chapter 1 um my name is Eric and I'm 18 today I wanted to wright a story so my best friend let me this is a true story and mi can't wait for the comments. Please tell what I need to improve this IS my first sex story so please no hatred。And when I sai I had a sec slave in real life Ruby likes to call me her fuck buddy but she does say master and does not follow my rules so thanks for reading!

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2012-11-10 19:18:40
well you are kiding right ? the storie line
is okay but you need to goback to Forth graed and learn how to use you,r Brain !

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2012-11-09 17:34:08
Sorry, Wasn't interested in reading it. No paragraphs, poor spelling, shocking grammar. I paid attention in school (45 plus years ago) and I don't need to be fed this rubbish. Just goes to show that iPods are crap for writing stories.


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Thanks I will try I'm on my iPod so it is very hard

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