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Hello everyone, Aky here. So as the title says, this is 10th part of my series of stories. This series is true and it's completely based off the things that happened between me and my brother and what continues to happen to this day. Enjoy. :)
After the winter ended my brother went to an excursion with his school for a month.
He was in high school and he went with his class to Greece.

One day, I seriously can't remember, he came back from school with a big smile on his face and he was really happy for some reason.
"Hey Aky, guess what." He said happily.
"What?" I replied curiously. I better have not....
"I'm going to Greece next week with my class." He said all happy.
"Oh, cool. For how long ?" I asked him.
"For a month. It's going to be a blast." he said sitting on the bed next to me.
"That's very nice. I'm happy for you." I said. And I was really happy for him.
Then we went on talking and doing other things.

The week flew right by and it was Monday, again. I hated Mondays and I hate them now even more.
Ben packed a day before and on Monday he was going to the excursion.
When and alarm on my phone woke me up, Ben was already packed up and all ready to go.

"Morning." I said.
"Hey." He replied.
I started getting ready for school and we talked a little.
He sat on the computer chair and waited for me to get ready.

"I can't wait to go to Greece." Ben said cheerfully.
"Yeh. I'm sure you'll have a great time there." I said still yawning.
"Ye.. But I'm going to miss you." He said.
"I'm going to miss you too. But I'm sure with your friends you won't feel lonely." I cheered him up, or at least I tried to.
"I'm sure of that too, but still, no matter how how much I hang out with my friends, you're still the closest I've got." He said.
I noticed his voice changed. At first he was all happy and now his voice was trembling.
"Aww.." I managed to say.
"I'll phone you every day. I promise." He said.
"Don't be so sad." I said.
"No. I'm not. I'm fine. I really am." He replied trying to sound like he's all fine and dandy.

So, at school we said goodbye to each other and Ben got on the bus and left.

That day I was hanging out with Andy at his place and I really didn't feel alone. But......
When I came home I watched TV with my family and we had a dinner and then I went to sleep.

I changed and I laid on the bed. There was some talent show on and I watched it.
At about, I don't know, maybe 11pm my phone rang. It was Ben.
"Hey buddy." Ben said.
"Hi man. How's it going. Where are you now ? Did you arrive or you're still on your way ?" I asked about million questions at once. hehe...
"We came just an hour ago and unpacked. And, as promised, I called to see how are you." He started.
"I'm fine, I think." I mumbled.
"What, what's wrong ??" He asked me.
"Nothing, nothing. I'm really fine. I'm telling you." I said.
"Fine then. So, anything interesting happened today ?" He asked.
"Nah.. Nothing. All the same. I heard my class getting a new student tomorrow." I said.
"Oh, nice." He said.
"Yeh." I replied.
"Anyways, I'm going to go get a shower and go to sleep. Night." He said.
"OK. Bye then." I said.
He hung up.
That night I couldn't sleep at all. I was constantly turning over from one side to another.
Usually, I and Ben would sleep back-to-back or we'd cuddle.
I tried everything to get some sleep and I eventually fell asleep.

Alarm on my phone went off and I woke up.
"Good morning." I said. There was no response. "What the fuck.." I thought to myself.
I got ready for school and left.
I was really tired because I couldn't sleep until I think 4-5 in the morning.
At school I was just like a walking zombie until our councilor, I don't think I know the right word for it, but this is the closest I could get, and our teacher came in and presented us with a new student, Michael.
Michael is tall and very well developed for his age. He was lean and muscular and he had a beautiful semi-long blonde hair and very bright blue, almost green eyes. I also have blue eyes, but his were just like tiny lamps.
Our homeroom teacher, I got that from translator, let Michael choose where he would sit and he sat next to me. :O
I was like: For real ??

"Hi, I'm Michael." He said and held out his hand.
"Hey. I'm Alexa. Nice to meet you." I said with a smile and we shook hands,
"Welcome to our school." I added.
"Thanks." He smiled.
"So, where are you from ?" I started.
"I'm from England." he replied
"We had to move here because my dad got promoted and we had to move here." He added.
"No wonder he's so polite..." I thought to myself.
Then we went on talking about other things like how was in England, things to do here and such.
"I see Michael has found a friend already..." My teacher interrupted us.
"I'm sorry." He said.
"Don't be." She replied.
Yes, my head teacher is a female.
"When the class is over, I'll show you the school and I'll meet you with my friend Andy." I continued.
"Thanks." He whispered.
"It's nothing" I said smiling.
The class went by like it had never started and I went on showing Michael the school with my friend Andy.
"Hey Alexa, do you have a nickname ??" Michael asked me.
"Um, yes, I think." I was checking out his butt when he asked me.
"You can call me Aky. I added looking away.
"OK." He said.
"Do you have a nickname Michael ?" Andy asked.
"Yes. It's Mike." He said.
"Well, then. Let's go, There's a lot to see here." I added.
I showed him the school around and after the classes ended I got his phone number.

No matter how much I'd hang out with the guys from my school, at night I would feel almost depressed because I was really missing Ben's warm body on my body. It was really hard to me.
The week was real hard for me and I was on the verge of falling into depression. I'm serious. I didn't eat much, I would genuinely just come from school and lock myself in my room and not come out for a long time. I would study a little but most of the time I would just find myself sitting on the computer chair and just staring at the bed.
Folks at my house seemed to have noticed that and they started trying to cheer me up.
They wanted to take me to places but I'd always just refuse them and go back to my room.
I missed my brother a lot that time.

At school I tried not to show the signs of my, so called, depression.
In two weeks Andy, Mike and I got together nicely and we even got closer. We would do everything together, on our swimming classes all three of us would be there, we did almost everything together.

Once, Mike invited me and Andy over for a sleepover.
And since I needed someone to sleep with I immediately accepted it. Andy did too.

It was Friday and me and Andy went to Mike's house. His house was huge, literally.
Maybe an hour later Ben called me.
"Hey Aky !" Ben said happily.
"Hi." I replied like I was dead.
"What's with you ?. Every time I call you, you sound like you are dead." He said with a worried voice.
"Mah. It's nothing. Just a lack of sleep. it's fine." I tried to reassure him.
"Where are you ?" He asked.
"I'm at Mike's house with Andy. We're over for a sleepover." I said.
"Oh. So, how are you guys getting along ?" He asked.
"Um. It's fine. We got a lot closer and you know what ?"
"What" He said.
"He's not straight either. I found that out yesterday on my swimming class. I asked him and he told me." I said.
"Haha. lucky you. And you said you are at a sleepover and no one’s at this home. Right ??" He teased.
"Yes." I said.
"Boy do I smell a threesome tonight." He laughed.
"Hey, stop it, you." I said and giggled a little.
"Haha. Anyways, you guys have fun tonight. Bye." He said.
"Bye. And we will, for sure." I said and hung up.

Then the night came and we played some computer games and joked around.
We had a late night dinner and we went to Mike's room.

We started changing our underwear in front of each other because we would change in front of each other in the locker room and I would always get a boner and try to hide it so that the other guys wouldn't suspect.
And, as always, I got a boner this time, but I noticed the guys had boners too.
"Wow guys, you're hard too. I always tried to hide my boners from you two so that you don't think weird of me, but since I know that you're OK with it I don't try to hide it anymore. Mike said.
To be honest, I didn’t really suspect that he'd say such a thing, but he did.
"Well, since we got that over with we can do something else than just sand with our boners." I managed to say.
We sat down, naked, on his bed.
"You know, I've never seen anyone else's penis in real life. You two have great penises. Not to mention how big they are." Mike started.
"Hmm, Mike. Your penis is big too." Andy complimented
"Really. I always thought mine was small." He said.
"Mike, how can a 6 and a half inch penis be small ??" I added.
"I don't know, I just felt like it was." He said.
"Well it isn't." Me and Andy said at the same time.
"Hey mike have you tried anything other than masturbate ?" I asked him.
"Yes. Yes I did. I would sometimes finger my butt or stick a marker or a deodorant can and pretend I'm getting fucked by someone." Mike replied.
"Ahh. You practiced." I said. "Have you ever had a blowjob ?" I added.
"No. I haven't." He said.
"Well that's about to change." Andy said.

Both Andy and I went down to his crotch. We sucked his dick real good and he came very fast actually.
His dick felt good in my mouth and it was kind of rubbery.
Then Mike sucked both of us off and it felt amazing, as always.
“It’s an awesome feeling having your dick sucked by another guy, in this case, two guys." Mike said.
"Wait till you feel how sex feels like." I said laughing.
"Yeah, it feels awesome even with one dick and when you have two dicks in your ass it feels even better." Andy added.
"You had sex you two, haven't you ?" Mike asked.
"Yes we did. Two times." I replied.
"Um... I never had sex." Mike said almost making a sad face.
"Well, if you want to, we can show you how it feels like and how it feels like to fuck someone. Right Aky ??" Andy said.
"Yes, if you want to, we can start right now." I said.
"I heard anal sex hurts a lot and you can't sit after it." Mike said.
"Well, if a guy is fucking you slowly you won't feel a thing. And you would be able to sit properly like nothing happened." I cheered him up.
"Um. I think it's OK then." Mike said.

We told Mike how to lay down and how to make it pleasurable for both sides.
Mike put a towel on the bed and laid on his stomach.
I went first and I slowly, very slowly eased my dick in Mike's butt.
Mike groaned and panted.
"Is it allright ?" I asked.
"Mmmm... Yes. It is." He replied.
"I'm going to start moving now." I told him and started moving slowly.

Mike was moaning and crying at the same time.
"Faster. Oh god... Fuck me faster. Yees !!" He was yelling and screaming.

Andy decided to join too. He went to my butt and I was in the middle. Best feeling is when you are in the middle.
After, actually a pretty long sex se managed to cum all at the same time.
Andy collapsed on me and I collapsed on Mike.
Andy rolled over to one side and I rolled over to the other side.

"Wow. That felt great."Mike said.
"It sure did." Both I and Andy replied.
"Now, Mike do you want to feel how it's like to fuck someone ??" I asked Mike.
"Yes, I do. But next morning because I feel really tired, like I'm about to pass out." Mike replied.
"I remember that feeling. But after a few times, you'll build up stamina and you won't feel light headed at all." I said.

So, we cleaned up the cum from ourselves and changed to the new underwear and got ready to sleep.
Mike was in the middle and I was to his right, Andy was on his left.
We spooned each other and finally I had someone warm on my body again.

In the morning we continued, but that will have to wait until the next part because this one got long enough.

I really hate doing cliffhangers, but I have to end this story and publish it. So, tomorrow I am going to post part two of this story and that's it.
I hope you had a good time reading this part and I'll see you in my next story. Until then bye.


2018-05-01 07:23:23
These are exceptional stories. I wish that I knew someone who was gay or curious.LOL. Keep writing. :)

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2013-03-25 22:04:47
Your so lucky i wish the new kid in my school was bi he so cute


2012-12-27 13:32:07
Duude You're so Lucky!I so envy you xD

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2012-11-10 23:44:55
Great story's keep them coming


2012-11-10 10:23:55
Um guys. I'm going to a party today and I'm afraid I won't be able to post a story today.
I'm very sorry. I'll put a stuory tomorrow, I promise you.
Hope you're not mad.
Aky. :D

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