An attractive couple begins experimenting with all sorts of different sexual experiences.
This is my first attempt at writing. All comments on how to make the next chapter better are appreciated. :)

The clock struck 12:01 AM on the new year of 2013, but all Sadie Moreau could think about was her desire to get fucked. It was her idea to bring her husband Mark out to the dance club to celebrate New Year’s, but now she just wanted to get wild out in the alley beside the downtown Toronto club. Sadie had just recently turned thirty, however her sex drive had stayed the same since her late teens, only abating when she was busy with work or stressed about life’s issues. Tonight was a different kind of horny though, this was the first time she had actually been having fun since getting the news from her doctor that she was unable to have children, and she was all the more excitable having taken a recent break from romance and sex while dealing with the news.

Sadie had been excited about tonight for the last couple of days. She really wanted to show Mark a good time for being so understanding lately about her medical news that she’d received three weeks before. She wore a revealingly tight and short red dress to make Mark as crazy and jealous as she could, then she would let him do whatever he wanted to her, but now all the stares she was getting in the club from admiring guys and girls around her had gotten her own blood so hot that she took Mark by the hand and began to lead him off the dance floor. Sadie wasn’t the most graceful person when it came to squeezing through dense crowds. Her large and firm cantaloupe sized breasts, coupled with her toned cyclist ass made it hard to maneuver in tight spaces. Her long brightly coloured blonde hair was a bit dishevelled from the grinding she’d been doing and kept getting into her incredible sky blue eyes. Both men and women in the club found it difficult not to make subtle gropes at Sadie when they saw her body, and they were all but prepared to rip off her clothes when they looked at her Helen-of-Troyesque face, that was so symmetrical and without blemish that she more resembled a perfect work of art than a living breathing human being. Sufficient to say, Mark was a lucky man as he was led from the dancing crowd.

“Sadie, where are you taking me? I thought you wanted to dance all night.” Mark asked loudly over the chest pounding bass.

“I want to get us some privacy babe, for a different kind of dance.” She replied, unsure of whether Mark heard her.

Mark could tell from the way his wife, Sadie had been dancing tonight that she was really charged up for sex. He had struggled to not get a hard-on when she had been grinding her tight butt against his thin dress pants, a struggle he had failed to overcome. At one point Sadie had been looking back at him and she was biting her plump lower lip, which was coloured pink and glossy tonight, which Sadie knew was his favourite. That had made it impossible for him not to get hard. He had told her once that whenever she looked at him that way with her lips coloured, all he could think about was putting his instantly rock hard piece in her mouth, and that he did not want to be gentle about it. He had never actually been very rough with her before, but tonight was different, and both of them knew it. Mark also couldn’t help but notice that everyone else in the club was absolutely eye fucking his wife to the bone, and he could not blame them tonight. Sadie had really been begging for it the way she was dressed. Her outfit was so tight everyone that wasn’t legally blind was able to see even the finest contour on her perfectly sculpted body, and she had just happened not to have worn a bra.

The club they were in was aptly called ‘Wishbone’, it was a more exclusive place with a fifty dollar cover and nobody was allowed in that was under the age of 25. The way this New Year’s crowd was looking at Sadie though, you could have sworn that everyone in there was just seeing their first pair of breasts. The women in the club were even brave enough to ‘accidently’ rub against Sadie as she passed by them on their way to the coat check booth, more than one got a handful of her ass. The guys weren’t shy about looking, but Mark Moreau was not a man to be fucked with. He stood about six feet four inches in his socks and had the build of Daniel Craig in the film, Casino Royale. Since Sadie and he were wed ten years ago when they were both twenty, no guy ever made a move on her. Marks’s body language and his deep navy eyes sent the message to every player in the bar that he would not be afraid to lay them out of they got too close to “his Sadie”. Marks face was pretty in a man’s way, but it was strong at the same time, somewhat like Ryan Philippe’s features, but with a much stronger jawline. Sadie appreciated Mark’s protective style of love, she also knew that he was not jealous whatsoever of women getting close to her. Mark had never got upset when girls would kiss Sadie, he often encouraged her to go along with it, but it never went further than brief heavy petting with other women.

Finally after wading about in the crowd for a few minutes, Sadie and Mark reached the coat check. The line was fifty people deep, which meant entirely too long of a wait for the mutually heated couple, truthfully neither of them needed a coat despite it being -15 degrees Celsius outside, their blood was pumping so fast throughout their body at this point from animalism that it crossed both of their minds to just have sex right then and there, but cooler heads prevailed, and they pushed to the exit after they glanced at each other. Over a hundred pairs of eyes followed them as they made their way out.

“I was having a great time dancing, but I was getting a little too hot in more ways than one to stay in there. Besides, you’ve been so great about this infertility thing lately that you don’t deserve to be teased any longer.” Sadie explained

“Hmmm, I see. To be honest I was pretty close to having you back there in front of everyone. I don’t know how you do it, Sadie, but you still make me crazy even after all this time.” Mark said as he gave her a deep kiss, with just a hint of tongue. “Let’s hurry to the car, we can come back and get our coats tomorrow or something. Right now I just want to get you in bed and do all sorts of filthy things to you.” A big smile had grown on his face.

“well, I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait that long, and I think we should start this new year with something special that will set the pace for 2013.” Sadie replied in her quiet seductive voice. Her nipples had begun to show through her dress, not from the cold but from pure arousal. Not caring if anybody was watching she took Mark’s large hand into her own small one and slowly guided him up to her upper inner thigh, which Mark immediately realized was soaking wet, even through her black lacy panties. He’d had no idea Sadie was that horny.

Still holding onto Mark’s moistened hand, Sadie led him around the side of the club. It was a well-kept place, and the neighbourhood was pretty safe, so she wasn’t too worried as she continued to guide Mark around into the closest dimly lit alley. Neither of them noticed the cold as Sadie reached under her dress and pulled down her sexy black panties that clearly showed the evidence of how wanting she was for cock. Mark, being a gentleman, kissed Sadie’s neck and lips as he lifted and sat her on a large humming electrical box of some sort. The vibration and added warmth added to Sadie’s excitement, she wasn’t sure she could maintain consciousness anymore unless Mark began to service her. Mark immediately spread her legs and began eating out her delicious and juicy pussy. He always loved licking her, she did such an excellent job of tasting and looking impossibly appetizing. Sadie moaned in the alley, quietly hoping someone would see what they were doing, while at the same time hoping not to get caught. Mark continued to trace his tongue all over Sadie while she moaned his name and begged him to be inside of her. With his mouth now covered in Sadie’s intoxicating aroma, Mark could no longer contain his now raging cock inside his pants.

Sadie stood up and bent over the electrical box as Mark undid his pants and took a condom out of his wallet.

“You’re not going to need those anymore Mark, remember? Stop fooling around and fuck my brains out. Don’t treat me like a lady tonight.”

Mark realized his old habit of reaching for a condom was now a thing of the past and immediately slid inside of Sadie’s eager and incredibly tight pussy. Mark’s cock was a respectable seven inches, which was more than enough with Sadie, who often couldn’t handle the whole thing because she was built so petite below the waist. Sadie’s internal muscles gripped onto Mark’s solid dick with more veracity then either of them had ever experienced, it felt incredible. Sadie had never felt so filled this deeply before and Mark was in complete heaven as he enjoyed his wife that had suddenly become tighter and warmer than she was as a teenager.

They began sweating as Mark fucked Sadie increasingly hard. He was surprised how well Sadie was taking him, and also that no one could hear them as the sound of Mark’s waist hitting her ass was loud enough to be heard a hundred yards away, she was also moaning his name like he was Superman with a 14 inch dick. Mark seeing how far he could push things tonight began pulling Sadie’s hair roughly and spanking her hard enough to leave hand prints for days. It was the slapping sounds that drew Rachel from across the street.

The married couple furiously fucking in the dim alley didn’t notice Rachel walk right up to them and stand behind Mark as his sweaty body kept sexually punishing Sadie’s wanting hole. Rachel waited a full two minutes before she began to remove her own panties from beneath her skimpy black dress. She moved in beside Sadie and that’s when Sadie noticed the hot young latina girl. Without speaking a word, Rachel began kissing Sadie, holding nothing back. The couple weren’t in the mood for asking questions, and this turn of events suddenly made what was already their best fuck session even better. Sadie became so wet she began noticeably dripping down her legs, and Mark could only do his best not to finish too soon. He’d always had a thing for dark skinned latina type girls, and this was just too perfect. Mark wasn’t sure Sadie would do more than just kiss this girl, even though what Sadie and Rachel were really doing could only be described as face fucking. That was already enough for him but when Rachel laid down on the electrical box in front of Sadie and spread her legs in front of her face, Mark knew he’d only last another couple minutes. That’s when mark pulled out of Sadie and used some nearby snow to quickly reduce his blood flow.

Sadie knew that Mark wanted to enjoy as much of this experience as he could, so she understood what he was doing when he took his completely engorged cock out of her quivering pussy. She had only rarely been able to cum from actual intercourse, but she felt like tonight was going to be one of those rare occasions. As Rachel lay in front of her with her legs spread and her little pussy ready to be eaten, Sadie couldn’t help herself to try something else new. Rachel didn’t have as nice a chest as Sadie, but her body was tone, her ass was perfectly shaped and her skin was a beautiful shade of light brown. Rachel’s pussy smelled great too, She had been expecting to hook up tonight and so cleaned and perfumed herself to make sure she had someone eat her out, Sadie was happy to oblige.

After a ten second cool down session, Mark re-entered Sadie from behind. He obviously wasn’t as big and hard as he had just been before the break, but he was still able to give Sadie the fuck of a lifetime, and his cock was now cold on the surface from the snow, which sent Sadie over the edge quicker than ever before. Mark loved feeling her cum and squeeze all over his cock. He kept thrusting and put pressure on her asshole with his right hand thumb as he switched between spanking and pulling her hair with his left hand. It wasn’t long before she came again and her knees began to sag a bit. Rachel too was moaning and cumming from Sadie’s tongue work. Sadie knew exactly what Rachel wanted, and gained pleasure from seeing how much she was turning Rachel on.

Mark continued watching his wife eat out the mysterious latina for a few more minutes before he knew he absolutely had to explode.

“Where do you want me to cum, baby?” Mark asked in a voice without much breath.

“You have to finish inside of me, Mark, I’ve always wanted to feel your warm cum inside of me, now we have nothing to worry about.” Sadie replied as she looked back, her face red and sweating.

Mark finally let himself cum. He drove his cock as far as he could inside of Sadie, and simultaneously pushed his thumb deep into her ass. He released 6 cumshots inside of her clenched pussy before he stopped counting, but his dick kept twitching and emptying more cum inside of her. He stayed inside a few more seconds, enjoying his dominant position over Sadie before he pulled himself out of her, a large volume of his cream followed his cock out and spilled on the ground as Sadie remained bent over with her face hovering just above Rachel’s sopping pussy.

“What now?” Rachel asked. She still hadn’t told the couple her name.

“I’ve never had another woman lick me. I want you to eat my husband’s cum out of my pussy, and I want
you to do it laying on your back like you are.”

“Absolutely! Come sit on my face.” Rachel’s eager voice made Mark hard again.

Without saying anything else, Sadie stood up straight and then straddled the electrical box that Rachel was laying on. Sadie lowered herself over Rachel’s face with Mark’s cum still dripping out of her steadily. Rachel’s mouth was wide open catching most of it, but a few stray drops freckled her face. Sadie lowered herself until she was resting right on Rachel’s mouth. Mark was a couple feet back watching as the women shared his seed, from the tight hole of his wife to the slutty mouth of this young girl with the rockin’ body. That’s when he noticed that Rachel was reaching under Sadie and was rubbing her own clitoris.

Mark stepped closer and began kissing the back of his wife’s neck while Rachel continued sloppily tonguing her. Thinking with his dick, Mark reached down and began rubbing Rachel’s wet pussy; Rachel withdrew her own hand and allowed Mark to do the work, while they both kept working on Sadie. Growing hard and frustrated, Mark knelt down without Sadie knowing what was going on directly behind her; she was too focused on Rachel’s mouth to think about what Mark was doing. Mark took advantage of the distraction by slipping his cock into the eager crotch of the girl whose name he still did not know. He didn’t put on a condom and right now he didn’t care. All three of them were completely caught up in what was going on. Rachel wasn’t as tight as Sadie, but she was different and young and that was all that Mark needed, he began thrusting himself deep inside of Rachel as his wife continued to receive Rachel’s tongue inside of her, inches from what he was doing.

Rachel’s pussy was soft and gently grabbed at his now throbbing cock. Mark didn’t care if he got this latina girl pregnant or if he even caught something off of her, all he could focus on was the amazing feeling of both her slutty cunt and the fact that he was fucking a younger woman literally right behind his wife’s back. Careful not to thrust to hard and make Sadie know what was going on behind her, Mark quickened his pace and rushed himself to his climax. Coincidentally Rachel came at the same time, however she didn’t let on by moaning, she knew Mark wanted to fuck her secretly in case his wife didn’t agree to it. Rachel continued to lap up the sexy blonde’s cum filled pussy as she felt herself and the husband finish simultaneously. She was on the pill and had never contracted an STD, and felt pretty confident that the married guy who had just fucked her to orgasm was in the same boat. She didn’t care in any case, his cock felt great and so did the warm cum he unloaded inside of her.

Mark backed off and zipped up his fly when he noticed his jizz starting to come out of Rachel. He could tell from Sadie’s quickening breath that she was almost at her orgasm, so stealthily he picked up Rachel’s panties and put them back on her. Almost as though on cue, as Mark had finished hiding the evidence that he had just fucked the young girl and begun backing away, his wife finished on Rachel’s mouth. All the excitement caused tremors throughout her body. She dismounted Rachel and replaced her own panties.

Rachel swallowed everything that Sadie had deposited in her mouth and wiped off her face with her forearm.

“That was unbelievable.” Sadie said quietly to herself.

“It was nice meeting you guys.” Rachel said. She made a few last minute adjustments to her hair and dress then started walking down the dim alley back towards the street she had come from.

“Holy Christ, did that just actually happen? I don’t think I’ve ever had a better orgasm than the all of the ones I had tonight.” Sadie said. She fell limply into Mark’s arms.
“It’s the start of a whole new year darlin’” Mark said as he released a big gasp of air. A wide smile swept over his face.


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