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I was walking to work one day, my car was in the shop and I worked at the gold’s gym about 2 miles away. I was walking pretty slow, and about 200 yards away I saw a school bus pulling over and a boy about 11 or 12 got out of the bus with a back pack on, and he started walking down the sidewalk. I didn’t pay much mind but then I saw him turn into the woods. I became curious on why he would go into those woods all by his self. I wasn’t scheduled to work that day and I was just going in for extra hours. I decided to follow him. I turned into the woods and I saw him way up in the distance, I followed about 50 yards away being careful to always stay hidden incase he looked back. What seemed like forever he finally came to this little hide out I stood up on this rock and watched him. He set down his back pack and pulled out a bunch of dirty magazines. He then took off his shirt and jeans and stood there in his white briefs. His little hard on stuck out of his underwear as he was looking at one of the magazines. I found a place to lay down and I watched him as I unzipped my jeans and started rubbing my clit. He pulled down his underwear and I saw him bend over to take off, first I saw his cute little but crack then as he bent over his little asshole was showing and his balls were hanging. It was sooooo cute. I moaned to myself rubbing my clit faster.

He put the magazine in front of him and he sat down on a tree branch and he looked at his hard on and was rubbing it. Then he grabbed the back of his legs and stretched down until his tongue touched the end of his cock. I watched him as I was so turned on, I didn’t know that a guy could lick his own penis. My pussy was dripping.

He then grabbed the magazine and I could see a picture of a naked girl in the pile driver position and he started licking the page and tongued her pussy and ass. After a few minutes of doing this sperm started shooting out of his dick. He put the magazine back in his back pack, and grabbed his underwear, and put them on. As he got dressed I quickly left and started heading back toward the road.

As I was walking back my pulse was racing and my pussy was still wet. I thought that I wanted to talk to him. I looked back and saw him walking from a distance, he got closer and I walked up to him, he looked at me.

“hello” I said to him
“what are you doing out here?” I said
“I ummm am just hiking around” he said in his young squeeking voice
“me too you wanna join me?” I asked
“ok” said

I began walking back the way we both came from and I made conversation with him, I found out he was twelve and I told him that im 20. We walked on for about 20 more minutes.

“god im thirsty do you have any water.” I asked
“umm yea I have some in my backpack” he said

He put his back pack in front of him and reached in it and hid what was in it and searched around for the bottle of water.

“Here let me get it” I said grabbing the back pack away from him.
Before he had time to react I opened the back and looked inside.
“oh my god, look at all these dirty magazines” I said
His face got so red and he tried to take the bag away from me, and I pulled away not letting him.
“no I said I want to look at em” I said “can I”
“sure if you want” he said
We sat down and I pulled them out of his bag there were playboys hustlers, and penthouse. He sat across from me.
“so did you come out here to look at these” I asked
“yea I come out here this is the only place where I can be alone” he said
“can I start coming out here and looking at them with you” I said
We looked at them for a while and he showed me his favorite girl and I showed him my favorite guy. He sat with his legs together to hide his boner. We looked at a picture of his favorite girl bending over and smiling.

“What is your favorite part on her?” I asked
“I like her butt hole” he said “I think a butt hole is the nicest thing on girls”
I laughed “ I agree I think butts are very sexy have you ever seen a girls butt hole for real?”
“no I wish” he said
“well I’ll show you my butt hole if you show me yours” I said
He blushed hard “I don’t like anyone to see mine, but I would love to see yours.”
“noooo that’s not fare if you want to see mine I have to see yours” I said “I tell you what I’ll go first but you have to show me yours after”
“allright” he said after a short silence
“ok ready” I said
I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans and turned around and pulled my jeans and my panties down to the bottom of my crack and slowly bent over and with both hands I pulled my cheeks apart for about 4 seconds then I pulled them up and buttoned my jeans again. I sat down and looked at him his face was flush and he had a big smile on his face.

“did you like that” I asked
He nodded

“your turn now” I said

He very shlyly got up and pulled down his shorts and spread his ass. It looked so young and there was not any hair there yet, it was soft and looked like a girls asshole. He pulled up his pants quickly and sat down his face was beat red.

“mmm you have the cutest butt hole ive ever seen” I said trying to build his confidence. “can I see it one more time”
He smiled and blushed and shook his head. “its getting dark I need to get home so my mom don’t worry”
“oh ok” I said disappointedly
“but do you want to meet tomorrow after school and I’ll bring some more magazines for us to look at” he said
“yes id like that” I said
We both walked back to the street and we got there.
“we’ll I’ll meet you out here at the same time tomorrow ok” I said
“ok see ya” he said. We both started walking away “hey britney”
“tomorrow do you want to show each other more of our private parts?”
I smiled “sure looking forward to it”
He smiled and walked away.

The next day

I waited on a bench for him to get off the bus. It arrived and he got off and looked around curiously until his eyes met mine. We gave each other a big smile and we waited till no one was paying attention, and headed up the forest. When we got to the spot he pulled out some brand new magazines and showed them to me. He seemed to be so proud of them and he should have been cause they were good I just kept looking at them and we didn’t talk about what we showed each other yesterday. I didn’t know what was gonna happen and I was just waiting for him to bring it up. I think he was hoping I would bring it up first but I just kept cool to see how brave this boy was.
“do you want to play the same game we did yesterday” he said finally.
“and what game is that” I said
“I’ll show you mine if you show me yours” he said
“ok what do you want to see on me?” I asked
“I want to see your boobs” he said
“ok I’ll show you my boobs if you let me see your cute butt hole again because I got cheated yesterday” I said
“ok that’s fine” he said
“and this time you have to show me it for 20 seconds so I can get a good look ok” I said
“alright so its your turn to go first lets see it”
He smiled “alright” he seemed much more comfortable then he was yesterday. He got up and turned around so where his ass faced me and he pulled down his pants and his underwear and he spread his cheeks.
“ok im watching my watch and you have to stay like that for 20 seconds” I said
I moved closer to him and I stared at it
“god that is so cute” I said
20 seconds was up and he pulled em up and sat down.
“your turn” he said giggling
I smiled and I stood up and got in front of him and pulled up my shirt to where my pink bra was showing then I lifted my bra up exposing my left nipple. I only gave him a 3 second look then I pulled my shirt down.

He then got up “hey I got something to show you” he said
“whats that” I said smiling
Then he quickly unbuttoned his pants and pulled his underwear down till his little boner sprang out. He pulled em up quickly and turned around giggling
“hey let me see that again” I said
“ I will if you let me see your cunt” he said
“oh you want to see my cunt do you” I said
I pulled down my jeans to my ankles and stepped out of them, and sat down and grabbed the side of my panties beside my crotch.

“ok on the count of three ill pull my panties aside so you can see my cunt, and you have to pull out your boner at the same time.” I said
He nodded
“one, two, three” and I pulled my panties aside and I felt the air hitting my pussy and his boner popped out once again we both stared at each others crotches. Then once again we covered ourselves.

It got dark once again and we had to stop and we walked toward the road.

“do you want to meet again Monday after school” I said
“yep lets do it” he said
“ok have a good weekend” I said smiling

Monday after school

We met again the same way, as we walked toward the same place, on the way there he showed me his penis which was once again hard. I walked ahead of him and dropped my jeans and panties and spread my ass again for him. We got to the place.

“So what are we gonna do today?” I asked
“How about we both get totally naked.” he said
“lets do it” I said
We both took off all our clothes and we both stared at each others body’s. and we sat across from each other naked.

“do you want to play another game?” he asked
“its called I’ll touch yours if you touch mine” he said
“ok” I giggled
“ok you touch my penis and ill touch your cunt” he said
We both got up and walked up to each other and I wrapped my hands around his hard on and he touched my pussy, and stuck his finger in it. We then once again went and sat across from each other.
“So whats next” I asked
He thought for a while
“how about I get to do whatever I want to you and then you get to do whatever you want to me.” he said
“mmm that sounds fun” I said “anything goes we can’t say no”
We flipped a coin to see who goes first and he won the toss.
“ok you win so what are you gonna do” I said
“im gonna lick your cunt” he said
He came over to me and got down on his knees and spread my legs. And started licking my shaved twat, and I moaned as he ran his tongue up and down my slit. He went and sat down.
“well now its my turn, and im gonna suck your dick and lick your balls and im gonna stick my finger up your butt hole while im doing it then when I get done you have to suck on my finger.” I said
I went over and pulled his legs up and spread his cheeks, and then I gave the head of his dick a kiss and then licked it smiling at him, his mouth opened and he had an im in heaven look on his face, I then moved my head up and down and breathed on his cock teasing him. Then I grabbed his dick and started licking his nuts. Then I stuck my tongue on his asshole and circled around for a minute then I pointed my tongue and slowly inserted my tongue in his ass I had my tongue in and I moved my tongue up. Then I pulled it out and ran my tongue once more over his hole then slowly licked all the way up to the head again. Then I looked in his eyes and sucked my finger and slowly worked it in his ass then I put his cock in my mouth. “auhhmmm” he moaned. I pulled my finger out and kept sucking and put my finger up to his mouth as he sucked it. I pulled my mouth off his cock then took my finger out of his mouth.

“so now what are you gonna do” I asked
He just sat there shocked and speechless
“well what are you gonna do one more then we better get home” I said
“ok first I have to do the same thing you did to me and then instead of sticking my finger in your butt im gonna stick my penis in it, then im gonna pump it in and out till I squirt, then im gonna stick it in your mouth and get you back for making me taste mine.
“ok but I get one more after that” I said
He got up and I sat on a stump and grabbed some tree branches and lifted my legs up. He came over to me standing up and as hard as could be. I spread my cheeks so my asshole opened up and he got on his knees and licked my ass, and worked his tongue in it. Then he got back up and put the head of his cock on my brownie and pushed it in. He started fucking my asshole and I rubbed my clit and stuck two fingers in my pussy. I started screaming and I felt myself starting to cum and it came like an explosion and my pussy juices squirted out on to his stomach. I felt his cock start to lock up and it started pulsating in my ass and I could feel his warm sperm squirting in my ass. He pumped the last drop in and pulled out slowly and I squeezed his cock out hearing noises as it popped out.

“all right” I said breathing hard “now you have to put your mouth under my butt and im gonna queeze it out and you have to catch it in your mouth.”

He got on his knees and opened his mouth and I pushed it out and a load of white semen dripped out of my ass into his mouth he sucked the last of it out of my hole then I sat up and made out with him exchanging the cum back and forth till I finally swallowed it.

We both got dressed and started walking back to the road and on the way we stuck our hands down each others pants. He stuck his fingers in my pussy then he would lick the juice off his finger and right before we got back to the road we both stuck fingers in each others assholes and let the other suck there finger. As we got to the road a very cute girl was walking across the road.

“oh my god that is lisa cruger the hottest cheerleader at school” he said
“I bet you would like to stick your thing in her butt too” I said
“oh yea I want to fuck it and taste it and do lots of other things too” he said
“hmm maybe I could arrange that for us” I said

To be continued

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