Twin Japanese Nieces Pt13

Erin and I were both spent having just completely satisfied each other. I didn’t even feel like expending the energy to lift her off of me, I just sat down with her still in place, still fully mounted on me. Erin snuggled in against my chest when we finally came to rest on the couch. Her position kept her legs wide open with all of her weight on her crotch, forcefully holding her down onto me. She felt good lying against me. Her soft but warm body molded to my contours, effectively putting her to sleep almost immediately. I was not far behind her either. The last thing I saw was Kayko standing up with the wet towels in hand and a smile on her face as she looked down at us. She was happy that her teachings had just pleased the two people she cared for the most.

At three in the morning I was awakened by Kayko. I was still sitting on the couch with Erin on top of me, and my cock was still inside her. We had slept all night in the same position we had finished in the evening before. Kayko had thrown a lite blanket over us before she had retired for the evening, so we were both nice and warm.

“Good morning honey,” she said as she knelt on the couch beside us.

“Good morning,” I replied while stretching a bit. “Why didn’t you wake me up last night?” I asked as Erin began to stir.

“You two looked so peaceful together,” she said as she stroked Erin’s hair. “I just didn’t have the heart to separate you.”

I looked down at the face of my daughter as the first signs of life came back into her. She is absolutely beautiful, almost the exact image of her mother. She blinked her eyes several times and looked around a bit before shifting her weight a little to one side. The first thing she did was to squeeze with her pussy. When she felt that I was still inside her she wrapped her arms around me and gave me a nice hug.

“Good morning daddy,” she said as she looked up at me.

I leaned down and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. “Good morning sweetheart. Did you sleep well?”

A big smile came over her face and she squeezed me in her arms and with her pussy. “Mmmm, that was great.” She replied while snuggling against me again.

“Erin, you need to let your father up,” Kayko said as she stood up next to us. “He has to get ready because he has a plane to catch.

She was right. 3 days in Canada with Mark starts today. I kind of hated having to leave, but it would accomplish two goals. The first is the money for us. That goes without saying. You have to work if you want to live. But the second goal was a little more important, and that was to give Kayko some time with the girls. But I still hated having to leave. Erin definitely didn’t want me to leave, and her body language proved it. She clung to me, halfheartedly, as I began to move out from under her and slide her off to the side. I was not hard inside her, but my length remained pretty much the same due to her tightness, not allowing me to withdraw any. It felt like I was inside her a mile as I slowly pulled free. Erins’ body slowly yielded my sticky cock as inch after inch reappeared. With a slight pop and an audible squish, my dick came free and Erin rolled over onto the couch on her back. Her pussy was also gaping wide open just as Sakis had done, revealing the nice pink interior.

“Oohh,” she groaned in disappointment as her body was now left vacant. “Do you have to leave?” she asked as she brought her legs together and covered up with the blanket.

“I’m sorry honey,” I said as I rose to my feet. “Daddy has to work.”

“Go and take a shower while I fix your breakfast,” Kayko said before giving me a kiss.

For those of you who travel as part of your living, you can understand my plight. On the one hand I had to go, it’s my job. On the other hand, I hate leaving my wife and kids behind, especially now that I have access to all of them. It really is a heart breaking situation, and one that I am certainly not going to get over any time soon. As the water from the show rained down on me, I heard Kayko come in to the bedroom.

“Mike,” she called out. “Hurry up.”

This trip was going to suck. There is no other way to put it. With a quick towel job I walked into the bedroom. There was my beautiful Kayko, standing next to the bed in her short kimono with the breakfast tray in her hands. I already knew the drill, and I looked forward to it. I lay down on the bed in front of her right next to Saki who was still sleeping soundly. Kayko set the tray down next to me with the usual items on it. It had a flower vase with a single flower in it, a hot cup of coffee, and an empty bowl. My favorite breakfast. Kayko went through the same routine she does every time before one of my trips. She picked up the bowl and held it between her legs. With a gentle push, two hard boiled eggs dropped out of her and into the waiting bowl.

“The eggs are for prosperity and success,” she said as she placed the bowl in my hands. “But this,” she said as she knelt down beside the bed, “is for you.”

In the 12+ years we have been married she has always said the same thing. Now, today, she changed the routine just a little. With that said she leaned over and began giving me an incredible blow job, deep throating me straight from the get go. I almost couldn’t eat my food it was so fantastic. She pulled out all the stops and used every trick she knew to have me hard, and then shooting into her mouth in world record time. My wife is truly amazing. As she licked her lips while I tried to recover, she rose from the floor.

“I have to go and wake Mark,” she said as she turned to leave the room. “Don’t take too long with your food.”

There was almost no way for me to eat. My pulse rate must have been around 1000! I watched my wife’s beautiful ass swing back and forth as she sauntered out of the room and down the hall. Damn it! I really wanted to stay now. But with the looming departure and the necessity to take care of company business, I had to go. I ate my favorite eggs and drank my coffee. Like I said, this was going to suck. By the time I was fully dressed Kayko had come back in.

“Is Mark up?” I asked as I tied my tie.

A big smile came across her face as she licked her lips once. “Oh yes, he’s awake now.”

Kayko had awakened Mark in the same manner as she had just taken care of me, with a blow job. Poor little guy, he probably didn’t know what hit him. As I was getting ready to pick up my bags Kayko stopped me.

“There is just one more thing,” she said as she handed me the eight inch long dildo. “Give this to Saki. I will tell her who left it in her when she wakes.”

I had no time to argue. Taking the tool from my wife I walked around the bed to where Saki lay snoozing. She looked so peaceful and happy. I pulled the covers back to reveal her young body. She was still in almost the same position as when I had left her the night before only her pussy had closed up. I licked the end of the dildo a few times before reaching down and feeding it into her. She never moved. With it stuck almost completely inside her I pulled the covers back over her and gave her a kiss on the forehead.

“Good night my little pet,” I said softly before standing to leave. “I’m going to miss you.”

We met up with Mark in the living room. He and Shiori were in a deep French kiss (sort of) and they were both just a little upset. Understandable. They had just got to spend their first night together and now they were being forced apart. Hopefully this was not going to affect my business. Erin was already sound asleep again when I gave her a kiss goodbye. I was going to miss all of them very much.


There is only one nice thing about travel. Usually there is a lot of events taking place at the same time, so you wind up being somewhat distracted. The eternity on the ground turned into 5 minutes in the air before we touched down in Toronto. Mark always sticks with me if I take him traveling so customs and baggage claim was no item of concern. At the hotel he was happy to sit and watch TV and play his video games while I got the initial meeting out of the way. He’s a good kid, and I love him a lot.

That evening David stopped by the hotel with his son. The two boys took up right where they had left off the last time they saw each other while Dave and I discussed plans. Niagara falls tomorrow, followed by a baseball game. Seemed like Mark was going to have a really nice trip. Unfortunately, you know what they say about the best laid plans of mice and men? They go to shit! Wednesday at around 2 I got a call from the office while still in my afternoon meeting. There was a new development in Europe and I was booked on the 6pm flight to Boston. When I told my boss that I had my son with me he said he knew, that’s why there were two tickets. The dash was on. I called Mark on his cell phone and told him he had to come back right away. He wasn’t very happy, but he didn’t have a choice. I told David to take him straight to the airport and I would meet them all there. It would save time and ensure that we did not miss our flight. Little did I know that this would be the trend for the foreseeable future.

Three days in Madrid was first, followed by a train ride to Innsbruck and then down to Milan. Rome was also nice before we went back up to Berlin, after a side trip through the Rhine land, and then Paris. The last stop was London before the return flight home. Our little 3 day trip had turned into 22 days! And I will say this about my boy. Never once did he whine or complain about anything on the entire trip. On the trains he looked out the windows and took pictures with his camera. In Italy I let him try some wine and some different foods. Bad combination. He called Ralph on the porcelain phone for almost 20 minutes after that one. Wherever we went, we found something for him to do and occupy his time. For a 10 year old young man, he has managed to see a lot of the world and experience a lot of different places and cultures. But at the end of 3 weeks, we were both ready for home and a reunion with the girls.

It was going to be sweet because my birthday was coming up on the 22nd of June and Kayko always surprised me. With our return on the 20th, we would both have the opportunity to shake off the jet lag and be ready for the bash. I was actually looking forward to turning 46. As the wheels touched down at O’Hare, I was starting to get those anxious feelings again. My dick began growing in my pants and my heart started racing while the rest of the world seemed to slow down. It was the most agonizing ride home I have ever had! Even Mark was starting to become impatient at the slowed down pace. We both wanted to be home, and right now!

When the cab let us off at the house, it was almost a mad dash for the two of us even though we were tired. We both wanted to see the girls, and fucking around out in the driveway was not part of the game plan. Besides, it was really hot even though it was in the late afternoon. Mark led the way, dragging his bags behind him. I was only a step behind when the front door burst open and the girls poured out of the house. All of them were wearing their short skirts and T-shirts, even Kayko. It was like a small tidal wave of women! Instantly Mark and Shiori were in a lip lock, hugging and kissing while Shiori cried her eyes out. The rest of the girls all piled onto me! Erin and Saki both took a side while Kayko stepped up right in between them. All I heard was “Uncle Mike!” and “daddy!” before Kayko was kissing me passionately. I threw my arms around all of them as they pressed themselves in tight against me. It was the most wonderful feeling after a long trip.

“Come on inside,” I said when Kayko finally let me up for air. “It’s hot out here.”

None of them wanted to let go of either of us, so making our way into the house was a little difficult. I had 3 women hanging on to me and only a 3 foot wide door to go through. Mark and Shiori disappeared without making a sound. I knew where they were going, straight up to Marks room.

“I have gifts for everyone,” I said once we were in the door.

“Me first, me first!” the girls both chimed in, anxious to see what I got them.

I sat down with my bag on the couch in the living room and unzipped it as the girls stood in front of me. Saki and Erin were both hopping up and down as I reached in. It was wonderful to see how happy they were.

“Erin,” I said as I pulled out the first bag. “This is for being my first girl and my first love after your mother.”

I handed the bag to her and watched as she pulled out the small box. It was from this quaint little jewelry shop in Paris that I found when walking back to the hotel. Erin opened the box and her mouth dropped open. Inside is a one half carat diamond ring with a matching pair of quarter carrot earrings.

“I love you honey.” I said while looking up at her with a smile.

“Oh my god,” she said just before she burst into tears. “It’s so beautiful!” she exclaimed as she brought a shaking hand up to her mouth. “Thank you daddy!”

She threw herself into my arms and hugged me for all she was worth. I could tell that I had just made her very happy. “Well,” I said as I took the box from her. “Let’s put it on.” Erins hand was shaking like a leaf as I put the ring on her left ring finger. It was a perfect fit. “You’re mine now.” I said as I kissed the back of her hand.

The well up of emotions was almost more than she could bear. She quickly climbed onto my lap and wrapped her legs and arms around me and hugged me as tightly as she could. Tears were pouring down her face a she cried into my chest, overcome by the joy of the moment. I hugged her back, soothing her with my calm voice and gentle rub on her back. When I looked up, Kayko and Saki were both crying too. And I had not even got to their gifts yet!

Erin finally quit crying enough to sit up and look me in the face. “Thanks dad. I love you so much!”

“I know you do.” I replied as I reached for the next bag. “Come on, you can have me later, but right now your mother and cousin are waiting.”

Erin slid off to my left and began fumbling with her earrings. She was going to look fantastic in them. “Kayko,” I said as I reached in and pulled out the next bag. “This one is for you.”

Kayko stepped up and took the bag from me. It was from a shop in Madrid called Carrera Y Carrera, perhaps some of you know of it. It is just a shade pricey, but the merchandise is unparalleled. Kayko started crying as soon as she saw the box. She had seen the store when we were in Spain a few years ago, but we didn’t have the chance to stop in. Now, as she opened the box, the look on her face was priceless. Inside is the Alegrias Maxi pendant with matching ring and earrings made of solid yellow gold with diamonds. I won’t tell you guys how much it cost because it was obscenely expensive. But let’s just say I could have bought a new Mercedes for what her gift cost. But to see the look on her face with her hands trembling and tears on her cheeks made the cost absolutely meaningless.

“Oh Mike,” she said as she put her hand over her heart and gazed at her sparkling gift. “It’s beautiful!”

Kayko stepped up to me and leaned over. The kiss she gave me was one of a kind. “I love you sweetheart.” I said as she looked into my eyes. She was happier than I had ever seen her except for when our kids were born. I had just touched the heart of my wife and it felt damn good. When she parted from me she sat down on the coffee table and just gazed at her gift, gently stroking it with her delicate fingers. This would be a gift that she kept forever.

“And now,” I said as I looked at Saki who was standing there with a big smile on her face. “Let’s see what I have for you.” And I pulled the last bag out of my luggage. “Come here honey,” I said as I patted my lap.

Saki stepped up onto the couch and straddled my waist. Squatting down she parked her naked little pussy directly on my cock and looked at me expectantly. Her eyes were wide with excitement and she played with the hem of her skirt nervously as I raised the small bag up in front of her.

“Did you miss me?” I asked, prolonging her excitement.

“Yes Uncle Mike,” she answered with an even bigger smile. “I missed you a lot.”

“Well I missed you too.” I said before giving her a big hug. “I found this in Italy,” I said as I handed the bag to her. “It’s something special just for you.”

Saki looked at the bag and then back up at me. “But I already have my gift,” she said while bringing the bag down to her lap. “I have you back.”

Her words were genuine, and she meant it. The gift in the bag, expensive as it is, meant nothing to her. She just wanted her uncle. “Thank you honey, that’s very sweet,” I said as I altered my approach. “But I wanted to get you something special because of how special you are to me.”

Saki looked down at the bag again before she raised it up. “It’s just for me?” she asked as she peeked into the open end to see the small box inside.

“Yes honey, it’s just for you.” I answered her. “Well? Are you going to open it?”

Saki sat for just a moment until her curiosity got the better of her. Reaching in the bag she pulled out the small purple box. Saki held the box between us and examined it from end to end before she slowly opened it. Inside is a one of a kind, handmade white gold necklace with one single word in the middle made out of solid white gold and accented by two emeralds. (The twin’s birthstone) I had it made after having visited several jewelry stores in Rome with no luck in finding what I wanted. And due to our travel dates, I had it shipped to the hotel in Paris so there would be no waiting for me. It’s a good thing I did because it showed up on the last day of our stay. Aside from the necklace there is also a white gold waist chain with an adjustable clasp for when she grows older and fills out a little more. Saki’s mouth dropped open and she began crying immediately, throwing herself against me and balling her eyes out against my chest.

“Thank you Uncle Mike, thank you,” she said over and over as her emotions poured out of her like her tears.

“What is it?” Kayko asked with her new bling dangling from her neck.

“Yea, what is it?” Erin echoed.

I took the box from Saki and removed the necklace. It was easy for me to lock the clasp behind her neck without anyone seeing it with her hair in the way. She sat up just a little and I adjusted the necklace, making sure the word was directly in the front and centered. With a quick look down followed by a kiss on the lips Saki turned around to display her wares.

Like I said, the necklace said only one word. “PET” in beautiful cursive writing. At only an inch and a half long, it was not the gaudy looking bling that your rap stars wear. The lettering was delicate and precise. Fitting for a petite young lady but still made out of solid white gold with a white gold braided chain. It looked great on her. All of the gifts looked great on the girls and I was glad to have given them.

“Thank you Mike,” Kayko said from her seated position on the coffee table. “But this must have cost a fortune!”

In actuality, it did. But there was no way in hell I was going to tell my wife that I had just spent more than $60,000 dollars on four gifts. And I am actually embarrassed for letting you guys know. But you have to understand, this IS my family. And I love each of them with a passion that goes all the way through my soul. The jewelry is junk compared to the wealth I have with my wife and kids. (Twins included) Nothing can ever replace the love and warmth that is contained within the walls of my house, ever! And the trinkets? A feeble attempt by me to show my love for them.

All of the girls piled onto me again, showering me with kisses and hugs and the occasional hand rubbing my cock. “Ok girls,” Kayko finally said, “let’s give him a chance to clean up and rest. He’s probably tired and hungry.”

She stood up and pulled the girls off me. All of them were now admiring their shiny new gifts between glances at me and the jewelry I had given them. And Kayko was right; I did want to clean up. I smelled like airplane and mild perspiration and the jet lag was gaining on me. If anything was going to happen it needed to be now.

Erin and Saki both piled onto the couch while Kayko took me upstairs. They began comparing their gifts and oohing and aahing over the others wares. It was cool to see them getting along. As we walked past Marks room it sounded like a rodeo was going on inside. There was thumping against the wall with many gasps and groans and the undeniable sound of dueling bed springs. Good for them. At least I knew no one would get hurt.

Kayko gave me a very special bath, taking extra time to clean and arouse me. Before she let me go into the hot pool she allowed me to insert the end of the hose to wash out her pussy, something that she has never let me do before. It was a nice experience to have a hand in helping my wife with something so intimate, especially since I had seen her do it hundreds of times. I was already fully hard by the time I got into the water to watch. She looked absolutely fantastic and I almost couldn’t wait to be inside her. With her last rinse completed she brought the razor, mug and brush with her into the pool. I always love feeling her slide down onto me in the hot water; it’s the highlight of the foreplay. When she starts squeezing me with her pussy, that’s when the foreplay is over. She milked me with my favorite rippling action as she shaved me. I wish you guys could experience this kind of bath. (NOT WITH MY WIFE, SHE’S MINE! So save your comments.) You have no idea how arousing it is, or how personal it is to be administered to in this fashion by someone who really loves you. It is easily as personal as making love. Only at this second I can’t move without losing a chunk of my face. There is an extreme amount of trust involved, as well as the intimacy factor. I think it is one of the elements that have made our relationship so strong, and it happens every day that I am home.

With my shave completed Kayko now got to enjoy herself with me. As soon as the razor and stuff was on the floor, she started kissing me passionately. OH! Did she ever feel good! I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her down onto me, trying to force as much of my cock into her as possible as she milked me.

“I missed you so much,” I said in between kisses.

“I can tell,” she said as she squeezed my dick really hard with her pussy. “It feels like you are in my stomach.”

“Don’t make me cum yet,” I said as she held herself in place and really started to work my cock inside her. “I just want to be inside you for a while.”

Kayko looked at me and smiled as she slowed her pace. “I was hoping you would say that. Come on,” she said as she pulled herself up and waded to the side of the pool. “You can sleep inside me for a while.”

My life is so complete that there is no way to describe it. My beautiful wife, who loves me to no end, will do absolutely anything to please and satisfy me. That simple little request, of wanting to be inside her for a while, resulted in a nice 2 hour nap with my cock embedded inside her. Kayko lay on my chest and just gently stroked my hair and face while she sucked on my cock with her pussy. Occasionally laying her head down on my shoulder so as much of her body would be touching mine. I drifted off to sleep with her quietly humming. I was really glad to be home.

I remember having this dream of being in a strange village somewhere in the orient. I didn’t recognize anyone around me and the buildings all had grass roofs, but the people I did see were definitely of Asian descent. It really was a nice place, but way out in the middle of nowhere. There was no power or telephones, and very little technology was visible, but it was a very friendly feeling place. The birds were singing in the trees, the sun was shining brightly on my shoulders, and there was the unmistakable smell of lotus flower coming from somewhere in the distance. As I walked down the dirt road I saw this beautiful young woman appear in a doorway. She was dressed in a white kimono with red flowers cascading down from the shoulders to the hem at her feet. Her black hair was pulled back into one large pony tail that was tied in place by a red ribbon. Her form was delicate, almost like looking at a porcelain doll with extremely fine detail. She was exquisitely stunning in appearance and she beckoned me to come in. I stepped onto the porch and got closer to her; that is when I recognized her. It was Kayko, but she appeared to be only 12 years old. She had a warm and inviting smile on her face and was holding a picture to her breast. I don’t know why I did it, but I reached out and turned the print over. It was me, from my days at Stanford. I looked into her shining eyes and smiling face as she reclaimed her photo and stepped to the side, gesturing for me to come in. I think I was at her grandmother’s house. On the floor was a sleeping mat in the middle of the room with a small vase of wild flowers sitting next to it. I stepped over to the mat and lay down, becoming instantly naked without having to remove a single item. Kayko stood at my feet and began removing the layers of her kimono, causing my dick to become hard and strain at its own skin. When she removed the last piece of clothing, she stood before me like a shining angel. I wanted her! And in a huge catastrophic fashion! There was no hesitation in her movements though they were precise and well-rehearsed. She stepped up beside me and gracefully stepped over my waist with one leg, giving me a nice view of her young pussy. Squatting down with her legs held wide open, she used one hand to guide me into her, slowly sinking down on me until her body had swallowed everything I had. The sensation was ten times more intense than anything I had ever felt before. As soon as her labia rested on my groin, she leaned forward and began kissing me while milking me inside her softness. “I am yours forever,” she said as we made slow love. “Do with me as you wish.” I wrapped my arms around her and drew her down onto me, relishing the sensations of her warm body. She made no effort to hinder me in any fashion, offering her precious gift to me in a free and willing act of submission. I could not help myself and began thrusting up into her with all of my might, literally lifting her off the ground. She never made a sound except for the welcomed moans and sighs of a woman being satisfied. If I could have, I would have stuffed my entire body up inside her; that is how intense this was. In an instant I had her on her back and was driving into her, aggressively forcing all of my length and girth into her waiting and defenseless body. She held her legs wide open and accepted what I did, offering herself completely to me for my pleasure as her ever growing wetness encouraged me on. I wanted more! I grasp her by her shoulders and pulled her down hard with each inward stroke. I was trying to pass myself completely through her body! She looked me in the eye with her warm smile and gentle eyes as my movements made her body jerk forward and back against the mat and the hard wood floor. “Cum in me,” she said softly as her body tensed up for her impending release. In an instant it seemed like my life passed before my eyes. I saw Kayko in the garden at Hirito’s’ house, I saw our kids being born, the cars, the house, laughing and crying, joy and sorrow. All flashed before my eyes as I gazed into the eyes of the beautiful woman before me. I could not even tell that I had started cumming, it was just so natural. The only indication was that her mouth opened slightly and she uttered one word. “Yes.”

I woke up to be looking down at Kayko. She was in the exact position as she was in the dream. Her legs were wide open and I was completely inside her pumping in about a gallon of cum. I had her held firmly in place with my hands on her shoulders and my raging hard on pushed deep inside her as I unloaded 3 weeks’ worth of pent up energy in one glorious orgasm. Her hands were holding me down at the small of my back and she kept whispering “Yes, cum in me baby. Ah yes that’s it, cum in me.”

I felt so complete, and alive, and so wonderful that I could not control myself. In a moment that touched my wife in a way that I don’t think even she can describe, I started crying. The release completely overwhelmed me. I buried my face into her hair as I continued cumming inside her. Kayko wrapped her legs around my back and hugged me tightly against her as my emotions went out of control. I can’t explain it, I was sobbing almost uncontrollably while my wife cradled me with every part of her body.

“That’s it baby, its ok,” she said with a soft gentleness to her voice. “I’m here baby, I’m here and you’re inside me. And we don’t have to go anywhere.”

I jerked and groaned throughout my orgasm as Kayko gently rocked me in her arms and squeezed me inside her. It was incredible!

“So,” Kayko said to me as my sobbing stopped and my orgasm faded away. “Did you have a nice dream?”

I raised my head and looked at my wife. She had a very pleasant and warm smile on her face. “Oh yes,” I said.

“I thought you might.” She replied with a coy smile on her face. “You have been making love to me for almost 20 minutes while you were sleeping. So who was she?”

I told Kayko about my dream. The house I described to her was her grandmothers with only a few little exceptions to the details. From all the years of being married to her, and hearing stories about when she was young, my mind was able to recreate the house rather accurately even though I had never been there. She looked very happy as I told her what I had seen and experienced.

“Did I say anything in the dream?” she asked me.

“Yes. You said that you were mine forever and that I could do as I wished.” I answered.

“Hmm.” She said as she tightened her legs around me. “You don’t know how true that is.”

We lay there for quite a while before she told me she needed to make dinner for everyone. I hated having to withdraw from her, but it was necessary. As she put on her night shirt I spoke to her.

“Hey,” I said as I scooted over to the side of the bed and put on my old gym shorts. She dropped the hem of her shirt and looked down at me. “I love you.” I said with a smile.

Kayko smiled really big before straddling me and wrapping her legs around my back. “I love you too,” she said.

I carried her down to the kitchen with her hugging herself close to me. There is nothing I would change about my life. I helped her make our dinner. She made a traditional Japanese dish of Kobe beef with a nice mushroom sauce she found in a magazine. It was a bit of a mix of flavors, but it melted in your mouth. I made the side dishes, one of which was a large bowl full of fried oysters. Kayko always loves it when I eat them, and I think I was going to need them over the next 24 hours.

Everyone ate like food had been scarce for months. Mark and Shiori looked to be rather tired, and Shioris hair looked like it had been combed with a food processor. But the two of them chowed down on their meal in relative silence. Saki and Erin both ate will too. Saki kept getting up to serve me more oysters every time I cleared my plate. Her actions reminded me of when I first met Kayko. She always made sure I had enough to eat and that my glass was always full, but since we had the kids, that has waned.

When I finally excused everyone from the table Mark and Shiori went straight back up to his room and shut the door. Kayko looked up at the top of the stairs and smiled to herself before looking back down at her plate and shaking her head in slight amusement. Erin and Saki both went into the living room and turned on the TV. It was already a little late, but the extra time before bed time was going to be welcomed.

“Go sit with the girls,” Kayko said as she began clearing the table. “I think they need some attention.”

On the couch the two girls had left a place for me between them. When I sat down they both snuggled up next to me. “So were you two good while I was away?” I asked as I hugged them both.

“Yea,” they both replied.

“I am almost to the end of the big horse,” Saki said with a noted smile of pride.

“Me too,” said Erin. “We have both been working really hard.”

“Really,” I said as I pulled my half hard meat out of my pants. “So who wants to give me a demonstration?”

Both of the girls scrambled to get into my lap and I had to make a decision. Since Erin was going to be staying in her own room tonight and Saki was going to be staying with me and Kayko, Erin got the honors.

“Hold it you two,” I said as I stopped their attempts. I got them off the couch so I could lay down. “Erin,” I said as I tapped the end of my cock, “Right here. Saki,” I said as I tapped my chin, “Right here.”

Before you could have said Rip Van Winkle, Erin was pounding her pussy up and down my shaft while Saki ground her snatch into my mouth. The two girls were going for broke in an attempt to see who could have the first orgasm. Erin sat almost all the way down on me, leaving just an inch or so of my cock as she rode me like she was on horseback. Saki used her hands to pull her pussy wide open so I could stick my tongue up into her and get to her pink insides. Both girls were moaning as they worked themselves on me.

Little did Saki know it but I was going to make her cum first. As she wiggled her ass back and forth I stuffed two fingers up into her and began working her G spot. She froze in place for just a second as my tongue worked her clit, and my fingers worked her from the inside. It didn’t take much before she started bucking and shaking in a very powerful orgasm. She moaned and groaned as her body jerked back and forth. I didn’t slow down one little bit, even when she started trembling. I kept up my pace, holding her in a state of continuous orgasm.

Erin was riding for all she was worth as this display went on in front of her. She ground her pussy against my pelvic bone and squeezed me with her pussy only to start slamming herself up and down my shaft again. It didn’t take her long before I could feel her pussy coming to rest at my base with each down stroke. She had managed to take all of me inside her by herself.

By now Saki was gasping really hard and shuddering as wave after wave hammered her. Cum was dripping out of her hole as I continued to lick and finger fuck her as fast as possible. She gave one more violent jerk and fell forward onto the other end of the couch, curling up in the fetal position and shaking uncontrollably. Mission accomplished there, now I set my sights on Erin.

When Erin saw Saki fall over, this look of panic and uncertainty came over her as she saw me looking at her with hunger in my eyes. I didn’t give her a chance to do anything before I was up with my hands on her hips. Erin actually had a look of fright in her eyes as I stood up with her, wasting no time to hook her knees over my arms. With her legs now wide open and no way to slow me down, I began driving my cock up into her. Erins’ fingers dug into the tops of my shoulders as I pummeled her tender snatch. “Please daddy,” was all she was able to say one time before going silent. She was getting destroyed and her dad was the man on the job. I pulled down hard on her hips with each stroke as I thrust my cock into her at the same time. She was taking all of me, just like her mother does when I am trying to screw a hole through her. I was completely caught up in what I was doing and did not notice her cum running down my legs. Her mouth was open and her eyes were shut tight as I continued to make her deeper. She was going to be able to finish that horse by the time I was done with her. Erin finally went limp and released her grip on my neck, almost falling backwards onto the floor. I was now having a really difficult time holding her in place so I had to set her down. When she came to rest on the couch she was virtually unresponsive. I looked over at Saki what was still lying in the fetal position but had been watching the whole ordeal. I pulled my cock out of my daughter and grabbed Saki by the leg.

“Come here pet,” I said as I pulled her over to me and spread her legs wide apart.

Saki made no effort to slow me down. I placed the tip of my cum soaked cock at the entrance of her pussy and buried myself into her with one long stroke. She let out a gasp and tried to close her legs around my waist but I didn’t allow it. I hooked her knees over my elbows and picked her up, holding her in the same position I had just had Erin in and I resumed my fucking. Saki just hung on as I drove into her. Her tiny was being used by a man that was easily twice her size and she could do nothing about it. And what was really unfortunate was that I was nowhere near to an orgasm. I have to say this, I admire Sakis’ endurance. I fucked her for a good 10 minutes before she finally went limp. She hung like a rag doll from her mounted position on my cock as I pulled her down hard onto me, forcing my cock as deep into her as possible. I still needed some relief, and I spotted her standing in the kitchen with her mouth hanging open and 2 fingers up her pussy.

I pulled Saki off my cock and tossed her onto the couch. She landed in a big used heap, unable to move. When I turned my sights toward Kayko she was already backing up. She knew this was going to be hard and that I was not going to stop until I was satisfied. As I walked into the kitchen she hoped up on the end of the dining room table and spread her legs wide apart. Using her fingers from both hands she pulled her pussy open, revealing her nice pink hole in a very offering gesture. I walked straight into her, literally, driving my cock into her until my nuts slapped against her ass. She said nothing. In fact, she did not make a sound until I began pile driving her with enough force to move the heavy table. When she did speak, all she did was make it harder on herself.

“What’s the matter?” she said in the sluttiest voice she had as she accepted my thrusts. “Didn’t those two little girls do it for you? Had to come and get you some real pussy?” She egged me on as her body jerked from my thrusts.

Rarely does Kayko talk dirty to me, but when she does she goes all out. Usually our love making is just that, love making. Sometimes it does get a little ‘energetic’, but usually nasty talk is not necessary. Tonight, however, she was asking for it.

“Come on big boy,” she said as she grabbed my hips with her hands and began helping me drive into her. “Hurt me with that big hard cock. Come on, stick me deep!”

That was it, no more mister nice guy. I hammered into my wife on a search and destroy mission, literally not caring if I hurt her or not. Kayko began squeezing me at the same pace I was fucking her, matching my thrusts with her contractions. After almost 5 minutes I was starting to get close, but there was still some work I needed to finish. I rammed into Kayko and scooped her up from the table, determined to finish what I had started. I carried her into the living room where Saki and Erin both still lay motionless on the couch. Kayko was working her pussy on my like crazy, sensing that I was close to popping when I pulled out of her and dropped her on the couch between to the two girls. I quickly grabbed Erin by the legs and shoved my cock back into her, resuming my pounding into her limp body. Erin didn’t move, not even when I thrust deep into her and unloaded the granddaddy of all orgasms. I could literally hear the fluids squirting into her over my gasps for air as my dick fired at maximum capacity. Kayko watched in awe as I filled our daughter up, rubbing her clit while mauling her breasts with the other hand. It felt like I came for an hour! My dick repeatedly pumped and pumped, filling my daughter’s womb and pussy to the point of overflowing.

“My gosh,” Kayko said as she watched the overflow pour out of our daughter and drip onto the floor. “Save some for me and Saki!” she exclaimed as I continued to grunt and jerk.

I felt satisfied as my cock finally started to slow down and then finally stop. It took three people, 1 woman and 2 girls to feed the beast and satisfy his hunger. I leaned forward into Erin, keeping my dick in her like a plug.

“That felt good,” I said as I looked over at my wife while still breathing hard. “I really needed that.”

Kayko looked at the two destroyed girls and then back at me before smiling really big. “Yea? Well just wait for your birthday!”

End Pt13

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