Marta brings the band home for the rest of the summer.
Marta, my daughter and some of her friends, her band-mates, were back in town this weekend, home for the rest of the summer, all two weeks that remained. It is good to have her home, as it has been a long summer without her. They decided to go on a small tour around the midwest and play in some small clubs. Other than Aubrey, I had not met the other girls in the band. When I got home, Marta and two of the others, Aubrey and Samantha (don't call her Sam) were all out back by the pool. Its a good thing we have a privacy fence because they all were relaxing in very skimpy swim suits.

Marta plays bass in the band, she originally learned by playing double bass in the orchestra since junior high school. She's now majoring in music performance at the Jacobs School of Music at Indiana University. She's got an electric upright that she plays in the band, which she bought a couple years back by waiting tables at school. Aubrey is the drummer, she also went to the same high school as Marta, and also goes to school in Bloomington. It was the two of them that started the band called "Mortiga Hundino", it means "Deadly Bitch" in Esperanto. They play what they called "Post Punk Chick Rock". Samantha plays guitar. Marta says she is better than any guy at school. Samantha has been playing since she was 4, it was her dad that taught her from the start. Lana, the one not here, was the lead singer. Marta says she sounds like the girl from Evanesence. She's played some of their music for me, and I really like that woman's voice, so I can only imagine that Lana is just as good, if not better, from the way they all talk about her.

"Hi honey. When did you guys get back into town?", I asked leaning out the sliding glass door from the kitchen.

"Hey mom! We got in about 4 hours ago. We put some of our stuff in the garage, hope that is OK. We decided that we needed some sun and a swim. If you could listen for the door, Lana will be getting back soon. She ran out to get some equipment that needed to be repaired or replaced.", Marta said from the pool.

"Ok, will do. Do you guys have dinner plans? Or should I make enough for everyone?", wondering if I will get to spend a little time with my daughter before their show tonight.

"Yeah, if you could, that would be great.", Marta said.

"We got some extra food from the road Mrs. H.", said Aubrey. "There is some leftover steak, chicken, and veggies."

"Sure, I could make some stir fry chinese, if you want that. Or any suggestions?"

"That sounds awesome. Make a lot, were all pretty hungry. We didn't eat this morning.", said Samantha, while she was supposed to be the quiet one, I could hear her perfectly clear, even though she was the furthest away from the door. I found out later she could be a finicky eater, and just passed up on breakfast.

"Sure thing. Marta, your father should be home in an hour or so, we'll eat when he gets here.", I said.

"Great ma, let us know if you need any help, we can get the table set, or whatever you need help with. We do have to be out of here by 7:30 at the latest so we can go get setup and do our sound-check."

"Alright, I'll make sure that everything is ready.", it was only about 4 at the moment, so that would give me plenty of time to get things ready. "Where did you say you put those leftovers you brought?"

"They're in the fridge on the top shelf.", Aubrey shouted, as I walked back into the kitchen.

I started by getting the wok out and getting it over the fire. I gathered all the stuff I needed, and chopped up the veggies and beef. They actually brought a lot of stuff, and I didn't really need to make it all. I cut up all the meat they brought, and there was even some left over that I could use tomorrow, ah what the hell, I'll just make a huge batch of food and leave it for the girls for tomorrow's lunch or something. I put a pot of water on to boil for some rice, once it was boiling I then put it into the oven to finish steaming.

It was about 30 minutes later when I heard the door bell ring. I opened the door and expected to greet Lana, but all that was there was a case of beer. I was curious, and stepped outside. Just as the outside storm-door closed, I heard Lana shout, "Hey bitches, I could use some help here!", I kind of laughed a little. Just the sound of her voice saying "bitches" was almost lyrical in itself. Lana stepped around the corner carrying another case of beer. She seemed a little startled when she saw me.

"Oh, you must be Mrs. H... Please call me Lana.", setting the stuff down, and coming over to me, took my hand, and even kissed me on the cheek. "Sorry about the bitches thing, I wasn't talking about you, but you can be an honorary 'band bitch' if you want, we even got t-shirts.", she said with a smile.

I couldn't believe my eyes, she was absolutely stunning. Not just beautiful. While it was obviously not her natural hair color, the deep red was actually very attractive for me. She had it pulled back into a pony tail. Her face reminded me of someone that I met at school about 20 years ago, only shorter. This woman from my past, Katerina... or Katya, was also my one and only sexual relationship with another woman. She seduced me at school. It wasn't something that I ever expected or even looked for before or since. She just found a way into my heart. It started in the second month of the school year, and lasted the remainder of the school year. We'd spend almost every Thursday evening together talking, reading to each other, and then making love. Then she moved away, never saying goodbye. I was hurt that she left without warning, and I still wonder about her. To this day, no one knows about the affair but me and Katerina, if she is still alive.

The other obvious difference from Katya besides her hair were Lana's tattoos. Katya had no markings of any kind, not even pierced ears. Lana's work was very detailed and remarkably well done in brilliant colors. I could see there was a dragon's head popping out of her collar. The head was on her right side of her neck facing left. The mouth of the dragon was open, and spitting fire which extended around to the left side of her neck.

"Hi Lana... Oh, don't worry about me, you can call me your bitch anytime," not for a second thinking what I said until after the words escaped my mouth, "if you want... well... you know what I mean.", my face turning red.

"I see where Marta gets her submissive side. A gift from mommy! Also, that little lisp thing you got working. Sexy!", she said with a devilish smile crossing her lips with a raised eyebrow. I did have a tendency to lisp now and then, but only when nervous. It was also true that I did have a submissive streak running through me, but that was something that I only explored with my husband and Katya. Neither was a domineering relationship, but she was an older experienced woman passing on her secrets to a pupil, and Frank well, he's my husband and we taught each other many things. I also found with Katya I liked to be tied up a bit, since then Frank and I have explored a little bondage.

It was then I heard Lana whistle very loudly. "Just calling my fellow bitches!", and a few minutes later, the other girls came running out to help with the equipment. I took the beer and wine into the house.

She brought two cases of beer that I had never heard of. A case of Lagunitas IPA, out of California. And one of Two Brothers, a French Ale. The wine was a brand I had never heard of. I couldn't really read the label so I had no clue how to pronounce the name. No matter, it looked like it wouldn't go along with dinner. We'll save that for later.

They finished moving everything, loading it up in the van. They all came back in. Marta asking me what she could do to help, with Aubrey in tow. Samantha and Lana both went out by the pool. I was kind of surprised to watch Lana strip naked by the pool and put on her swim suit. She seemed to not have a shred of shame or guilt. And neither did I in watching her. Not only was she beautiful, her body was amazing, and her tattoos served to highlight her body parts. I noticed that she had flames coming up from between her legs, and the dragon's wings stretched out as if in flight over the flames, it's tail wrapped around her left arm with the end of the tail coming to a point on the back of her hand. On her back was a tidal wave coming up from her beautifully shaped ass. It appeared her natural color was blond.

My husband got home a little early and introduced himself to the girls. Teasing Marta by pretending to not know her, as he shook her hand, treating her as a famous rock star. While he seemed to appreciate all of their beauty, I think he was especially taken by Samantha. He is kind of partial to brunettes, hence the reason he married me, or so he says. It was cute watching him flirt with her, stumbling a few times over his words. I think that Samantha also was kind of attracted to him as well, as she gave him a very demure smile as they shook hands. I wonder if she has a "daddy" thing that she keeps below the surface. Frank and I have a somewhat open relationship, not that we act on it much, but we do share our thoughts about who we might want to get to know. At the same time, I still have never told him about Katya, and I don't really know why.

The girls all went out by the pool. Lana, finding the lounge chair in the shade. "So, I can see you find Samantha attractive. Do you want to fuck her?", I forwardly asked him in the protection of our kitchen.

"It was that obvious... huh?", taking my shoulders in his hands, "I just hope that I didn't embarrass her in front of the other girls.", Frank said while holding me from behind and kissing my neck. "I'm not sure I would act on anything, mostly because I don't want to ruin what we have. I mean, I do love you more than life after all.", he's such a romantic, probably another reason he won't sleep with anyone else. I really think he should, and not because of Katya.

We all ate dinner and had a few beers. Frank and I decided that we would go to the show, and I was really surprised to hear just how good they were. I guess when you play as constantly as they did this summer, you can't help but get good. Marta announced a few covers from Frank and my college years because we knew them, and dedicated them to us? And Marta was right, Lana's voice was incredible. I think she might have caught me watching her a few times, as she seemed to sing to me during a couple of songs, looking me in the eyes and I could only keep my eyes locked on hers.

"Hum, I can tell who you want to fuck!", Frank said in my ear at the end of her third mesmerizing song, causing me to blush. "I didn't know you harbored a thing for women. She kind of reminds me of someone?", he stopped to ponder it a bit, "I know who, doesn't she look like Katya, your friend from school a long time ago? Whatever happened to her?"

I didn't want to let on that I thought the same thing. "Yeah, now that you mention it, there is a resemblance. I haven't seen her in years. I don't really know what happened to her.", and I didn't. "I miss our reading time together.", when actually it was the mind blowing orgasms that Katya taught me to have, but who was I to argue about her giving them to me. I later taught Frank how to do some of those things that I learned I liked.

Their show finished around 10:30, with another band coming on afterwards. The girls stayed for the second band, as they said they were really good. Frank and I decided that we should get home as he had to be up early for a meeting. As we said good night, I noticed that Samantha was giving Frank a good night kiss, a short one, but obviously showing their mutual attraction. I also noticed Frank wrapping his hand around her sphered buttocks, his hand lingering there for a good 20 seconds, while they talked about something.

"So, did you two make a date?", I teased him as he got to the door.

"No, not yet, but apparently Marta told her a while back that we have an open relationship, and she... she said she... wanted to test my waters.", Frank stammered out.

"Well, what are you fucking waiting for? She's gorgeous, she seems to be into you, and you are fucking gorgeous too. So, go for it.", when we got home, we ended up fucking for about 45 minutes. Frank was always making sure that I had an orgasm first, and tonight I was feeling a little friskier than normal, so I asked him to pull out and cum in my mouth while I looked into his eyes, he seemed to cum a little bit more than usual, some of it landed on my forehead, but mostly on my cheeks, with a little going directly into my mouth. I then took him in and enjoyed the taste of myself on his cock. Kind of made me feel like I was 21 again, like it was when we first got married. Maybe we need Marta around more often... or maybe it was the band instead. These girls knew about fun, but they were also serious about it too.

We hopped into the shower together for a quick rinse and more kissing and fondling. I think we both slept very well that night, spooning against each other almost the whole night, as we woke up that way.

That day I only had a couple of appointments for massages, so I decided that I would be going home early. I asked Marta that morning what their plans were, and asked her if they wanted to join me for some girl time by the pool. "Thanks mom. We are planning on practicing at 3. What time do you think you will be getting home? Maybe we can spend some time together before practice.", she told me.

"Probably around 1 or 1:30.", I said.

"Great, let's have lunch, then we can go to practice. It's only a 10 minute drive to the studio, so we got a couple hours in there somewhere.", she said. They set up their equipment at the studio the night before, so they could just plug and play to rehearse.

"I will give you a call when I leave the clinic. See you this afternoon."

"Bye mom."

"Hey thanks again for everything, Mrs. H. This is just wonderful that you are letting us stay here while we're in town. You really do have a beautiful home.", said Samantha.

Aubrey echoed her thanks. Lana was still asleep, so I told them to tell her goodbye for me.

Work was pretty uneventful. I got there and the first appointment I had, she was a little early for, so I started with her about 20 minutes before the scheduled time. It also worked out that the next appointment was early, too! So with those two things done, I finished my paperwork, and called Marta. "Great mom, I will see you soon."

Driving home, I almost got into an accident, as some moron decided to try to make the light, but actually ran the light almost hitting me and two other cars. That got my heart pumping. When I got home, the girls were sitting in the living room planning what things they were going to work on. Samantha had worked out a few new songs for them to try out, and she was teaching them to Marta and Aubrey. Lana was in the bathroom taking a shower.

"Are you girls hungry? I can reheat the leftovers from last night, or make some sandwiches from the chicken you brought.", I asked sticking my head into the living room.

"Actually, the chicken sounds great. Can you make a chicken salad sandwich?", Aubrey asked. "Celery and onions?", she added.

"Make that two..., how about some Cilantro?", Samantha said.

"...that makes three votes for chicken salad.", added Marta.

"How about Lana? Does she eat chicken?", I asked.

"Of course Lana eats chicken. Lana is a voracious omnivore. She'll eat anything, including guys!", I heard over my shoulder from Aubrey. When I turned, Lana beamed a smile at me, and winked.

"I think the only thing that Lana likes more than food is sex. How many guys did you pick up with on the road? 10, 20?", Samantha said in a very sarcastic tone.

"You're just jealous cause I get all the attention. Singers always get more tail than guitar players. Always! I'm sure Robert got more than Jimmy. It's not my fault if them's the rules.", Lana said in an equally sarcastic voice.

I walked into the kitchen to get things made. "Is there any of that beer left from last night?", Lana asked, as she followed me into the kitchen.

"Yes, it's in the fridge. Please, help yourself, while you're at it, I'll take one, too.", I said while getting some dishes out of the cupboard.

"Hey, does the bitch crew want any beer?", Lana shouted in the direction of the living room.

"Yeah, bring three IPA's.", shouted Marta a half second later.

"Did you have a preference?", she asked me from the edge of the kitchen. "There's still a bunch of the brown ales, but only the three IPA's.", Lana asked me.

"Sure, I'll take a brown ale, please.", as she came over to me, opening the bottle, and handing it to me. She put her hands on my shoulders, and asked, "Is there anything you need some help with.", and started to rub my shoulders.

"Wow, you could be a massage therapist, you've got strong hands. That really feels good. Thanks. And as far as the help goes, just keep at what you're doing, it's too good for you to stop.", I said as I rolled my head around a bit.

"I've thought about doing massage. I took a couple of classes when I first got to Bloomington. But with the band and all, it's hard to really concentrate on more than the music.", as she rubbed out the tension from the drive home.

After about 5 minutes, "I don't want you to stop, but if you don't, I won't get lunch finished. Why don't you go into the living room, and I will bring everything in."

"Ok Mrs. H, I'll do anything you say.", giving me a lingering kiss on the back of my neck, causing familiar 20 year old tingles to radiate from her lips. Thoughts of Katya run through my head, then a familiar sensation comes between my legs, as the sensation echoed through-out my body.

I finished the sandwiches and took everything into the living room. The girls were still running through their new songs, "Ok, help yourselves. There's the sandwiches and some veggie sticks. Anyone need another beer?"

"No mom, just sit with us and eat.", as they started to put down their instruments and note pads. I went and got my beer from the kitchen that I left, grabbed another, and returned to eat with "my bitches", saying it under my breath and laughing to myself.

We sat there for the next hour and talked about nothing and everything. They told me about their adventures on the road, with Samantha recounting a few of the guys that Lana picked up. "And then there was the one in Denver... he was a freaking hoot, he wanted Lana to convince all of us to sleep with him at the same time. I can tell you that for me, that will never fucking happen. It's hard enough to concentrate on myself and another person, than to have to worry about someone else." For someone who is supposed to be the shy one, she did like to talk about Lana's exploits and even herself.

"By the way mom, have you heard from Mark? Isn't he working at some summer camp or something?", Marta interjected. Mark is her younger brother.

"Yeah he comes back next week. He said something about bringing someone home to meet us, but he didn't say what her name was."

"Come on mom, Mark is just one of the girls. He's into guys. He used to play with my Barbies more than I did, and to make matters worse, he spent more time dressing them than he did undressing them like most of the other guys who played with Barbie dolls. And when he did have them undressed, it was only in preparation for putting more clothes on them. He even tried to make some clothes for them for criss sake!"

"Ok, maybe so, but I guess...", trailing off, not finishing my sentence. The girls laughed. "Anyway, he comes home next week and he didn't say what the guys name was. There, you happy?", snickering along with them.

Samantha looked at her watch and said, "We'd better get going if we are going to get this rehearsal started. I'm itchin' to play!", she said in a very motivated voice.

"Ok, everyone grab your plates and take everything into the kitchen.", Marta said as she was getting up. We got everything put away, and the girls said their goodbyes and headed out the front door.

Not having that much to do that afternoon, I decided I wanted another beer and a little tube. Making myself comfortable in front, I flicked through the channels a little. As I passed by most of them, they had shit playing. But when I got to a porn channel, it had a video of two women pleasuring each other, it was very nicely done, the lighting was fairly subdued, AND it didn't have any shadows from the camera man bouncing around in the scene. Nor did it have any nefarious hands poking out from behind the camera. I think those videos are just too stupid. Anyway, I didn't really feel like watching porn at the moment, so I found a silly chick flick.

After about 30 minutes, a good way into the movie plot, the door bell rang, so forced to answer it, I got up. To my surprise, it was Lana. "Hi Mrs. H... I was wondering if I could talk with you a bit?"

"I thought you were at practice?", I asked her.

"Well, they are writing some new songs, and I usually write the lyrics and the melody from the tapes they make for me, they are really just jamming, Samantha loves to play... well, they all do... But I wanted to see if I could get you to give me a massage?", she asked placing her hand on my arm, running it down to take my hand.

"I... don't have... my table at home, but if you want, we could go down to the office... and use their room.", I offered. My heart was beating a little faster at the thought of having my hands on her body, almost reliving my time with Katya.

"Well, that wasn't exactly the kind of massage I was hoping for...", as she closed the door, and took me in her arms, kissing me very gently. "I think you are an incredibly attractive woman Mrs. H., and I would very much love to make love to you."

I was speechless, "Um, yeah... well, I guess we don't... need the office for that...", automatically answering, still kind of at a loss for words.

"Last night when I was on stage, and our eyes met, I noticed that I was getting wet with the idea of being with you. I don't really go for women all to often, just the beautiful ones, and you really caught my eye.", she said in very subdued, melodic tones.

"Um, well, but first if you could please call me Laura.", I said nervously. "It gets a little awkward having you call me Mrs. H. all the time.", and with that I kissed her a little more forcefully, almost devouring her. I don't know if she was looking for someone submissive, but I just knew that I wanted to make love "with" her, not have her "do things" to me.

Breaking our kiss. "Ok Laura, that is a beautiful name and it fits you very well. So... should we...", she stopped herself, almost waiting to see if I would take some sort of lead. I took her hand and brought her to my bed... the bed I shared with my husband.

"I want to show you my dragon. Would you like that?", she stopped me by the bed. She began to unbutton her blouse slowly, each button exposing more and more of her pet dragon. The front most talon painted directly in the middle of her chest. Each button further, she would open up her blouse that much more. As the last button was undone, she quietly pulled it open and let it fall down her arms to expose her naked torso to me, dropping her blouse to the floor.

I stepped closer to her, placing my hands on her sides, then slowly ran them up to her face, making sure to stop at her breasts and encircle her nipples, which on the closer inspection of her painted flesh, I noticed that a talon of the dragon came to points where her nipples rose out of her breasts. I lifted my hands to them to caress them firmly. I couldn't help but draw her to me and kiss her further, this time exploring her mouth with my tongue.

Wrapping my hands around her exposed body, I pulled her on top of me falling on the bed, rolling her over to my left, and landing on top of her. "I want to see more than just your dragon", blazing my gaze into her eyes, "I want to see the sources of your fire... naked... and exposed under my tongue.", I was channelling something I thought Katya might compose for me at the spur of the moment.

"Ok... I can see I might have found a worthy adversary in bed. But... just how far are you willing to take this?", she challenged me.

I kissed her gently. It was returned in kind, ten fold. We spent the next few moments exploring our lips, and twisting our tongues together. I never once thought that I would be the older woman pursuing a young girl... but Lana is no girl, at least not on the outside. Were the tattoos just a defense mechanism, a wall she built to keep others at bay, and to defend herself from outside interferences? Or was it intended to project her inner self?

Pushing myself up on my arms, I placed my mouth on one of her talons, and kissed her gently, then bit hard on it. This caused her to wince and grab my head, pulling me closer. She made a low guttural sound with her eyes closed. I began to suckle her as a new born might, wrapping my lips to cover my teeth, but keeping up the pressure on her nipple. I sucked ravenously and without guilt.

"God, that feels divinely insane... please... don't... stop... I do enjoy having my nipples ravaged.", at the same time I noticed she was now pulling and twisting on her other nipple, almost pulling it off her breast. I was encouraged and stretched the nipple between my lips almost as far as she had.

Still clothed, I positioned my hips over her leg, thrusting my right leg up against her cunt. I slowly started to fuck her leg, pushing up on my arms over her naked dragon, but staring into her eyes.

"How many feedings a day does your dragon require? May I feed her?", I whispered into her ear. I could feel her shake her head in approval. I then lifted my legs up over her body, straddling her stomach. I took her breasts into my hands, and kneaded them forcefully, making sure to pinch hard on her nipples.

I then placed my knees along side her head, with the seam of my jeans just over her mouth. Ever so slowly, undoing the belt, and pulling it out from around my waist. I then moved to release my jeans, but she stopped me cold.

"No, I must hunt for my food.", running her hand up under me around the seam of my jeans. I could feel her wrap her arm around my leg, the other hand pushing up between my legs and showing me a jack knife she seemed to have with her. Pulling the longest blade out of it, she reached up and pulled my jeans forward and began to cut the waist line.

I was both scared and turned on. Would she cut me? I doubted it, but having a sharp piece of metal near my skin both excited me as well as made me hold my breath. Her knife was sharp and cut through my pants with little trouble. Getting to the bottom of my jeans, "Lean forward so I can cut the backside now.", she said looking into my eyes holding the blade away from me. I wonder if she had done this kind of thing before, as she cut the backside she looked into my eyes the whole time, but I never once felt the blade touch my skin.

When she finished cutting them all the way through, she pulled each half down to reveal my panties. Lifting them away from my body, she cut through them with a simple swipe of her blade, a second swipe through the waistband to finish removing my panties.

"I adore your fragrance.", she said while folding the blade back into its protective covering, then tossing the blade back up on the bed.

She kissed my pussy lips softly. Pulling my pussy apart from the sides, she breathed a cool stream of air from her pursed lips onto my wet cunt. Without warning, she drove her tongue deep inside of me, causing me to close my eyes in pleasure. For as good as Frank may be at licking me, he just couldn't compete with Katya, and now it would appear he has Lana to contend with as well. I'm sure that he would love to hear how good she was at bringing me to these old familiar heights of ecstasy.

"I want you to fuck my face, use me, and when you are ready, cum in my mouth.", she said then driving back inside of me. I did as I was told, placing my hands under her head to pull her close to me. She was skillfully sucking my slit, stopping to savor my juices. Wrapping her lips around my clit, and sucking forcefully.

My hips began to rock back and forth over her mouth, our eyes holding their gaze upon each other. The sight of her head between my legs really turned me on, and I could feel myself starting to tingle all over. Every now and then my leg would twitch, and once I clamped her head between my vice-like legs, thrusting my clit up onto her nose, there was no turning back. I rubbed it there several times, as she tongue-fucked me from underneath.

Grabbing handfuls of her deep red hair, pulling her closer, I began to fiercely fuck her face in ernest, determined not to stop until I achieved orgasm. Still rubbing my clit on her nose while she attempted to tongue me, not giving her much leeway to allow her to thrust into my twat.

Heaving a heavy sigh, I took in the scene. I was straddling her beautiful face, my jeans cut neatly down the middle and pushed down to the sides, I was starting to feel myself fall over the edge. "Oh god...", and with that I pushed down on her face and shook hard. I was now pulling her hair causing her to press against my cunt. This seemed to last forever, but when I finally finished flying, I fell from her cum-douced face.

I laid down next to her and kissed her deeply, our tongues dancing with each other. My taste on her lips was intoxicating, not because I especially relished my savory flavor, but because it was on her lips.

"My god, I haven't cum like that in years, not since I knew Katya. That was just... just... amazing.", I whispered to my new lover, not thinking for a moment that there was a connection between the two of them.

"So... it was you.", emphasizing the word 'was'. "You knew my mother, didn't you?", I was shocked to hear her say those words. "She told me that had it not been for a woman named Laura, I never would have been born. She was in love with Laura, who in turn was madly in love with her husband. While they enjoyed many pleasurable exchanges of both poetry and sex, Laura", stopping for a long pause, " could never give yourself wholly to her. She also said she had no other choice than to leave without warning. It was the next spring that I was born. So... I guess I have you to thank for my being born."

Tears welled up in my eyes, as I looked at Katya's beautiful daughter. "My god, you look... just like... your face... her... like Katya. This is just...", halting for a good pause. "She left me almost 22 years ago. It broke my heart. I had no idea that she had a daughter.", my pulse pounding in my ears. "Is Katya still alive? Where does she live? Is she happy? God, you have no idea how much I miss her even now. Yes, I was then, and still am madly in love with Frank, but what Katya...", stopping to acknowledge the relationships. "What your mother and I shared was special. I just hope she can understand that I couldn't leave... Frank, nor my new born, Marta. It would have been an impossible choice. I didn't think of her as a competition with what I had, but a compliment to it... She never told me how deeply she felt. I really just thought of it as what is now called 'friends with benefits', but extremely good friends."

"It's OK Laura. Katya... my mother understood, hence her decision to leave. She met my father about two months after getting to New York city, and they married a month later. They are still together, madly in love themselves, and they are still in New York as well. They have a condo in Soho. I have two other siblings, my brother Sean Michael and my sister Laura Hane Rumovski. I don't think my sister knows she bears your name, she's only 11.", 'Hane' being my maiden name.

I kissed Lana, but I was imagining Katya. My hand was teasing her breast on the opposite side from me. As she placed her hand on the back of my head, she turned to face me. "So, where does this leave us? Were you thinking of my mother just now as we kissed?"

"I... I was... but... I want to make love to you, if you... let me... go... on.", she sat up, and then got off the bed grabbing my legs.

"You know, love and lust are just too fucking complicated to figure out, and I stopped only recently, choosing to just enjoy each experience... without the trappings of... attachments. So, while it might be my body that you touch, I don't mind it you're thinking of my mother.", and with that she threw herself on my body, kissing me and moving her knees to my sides, straddling me... pinning me to the bed.

She pushed my arms up over my head and whispered in my ear, "I think...", and then a long pause. "I want to tie you up and when I'm done... when I'm satisfied... when I'm done with you, I'm leaving you here for your husband to do with you what he will. Of course, I will leave him a note... or better yet, I will call him... on his cell and tell him myself. Would you like that? My mother told me that you were scared to say anything about your affair with her to him. At least this way you could say that you were raped, as long as... you... don't really press charges." Laughing a bit at the idea of this role playing thing we have made.

My heart was throbbing with the thought of explaining to Frank how Lana was able to tie me up, she isn't close to my size, I shouldn't have a problem beating her in a fair fight, but it wouldn't be easy. "Maybe then, we should expand our little game. Would you do me a favor and help Samantha seduce Frank? I don't mean for you to... sleep...", stopping to find my bearing... "with the two of them... just nudge them together. I guess I do have a voyeurism streak, and would love to hear his tales of sex with someone else, and I can see already that it is a mutual attraction with them." Halting at the thought of what we were planning.

"The one time", I continued, "that I slept with another man, I came home to give Frank a blow-job in the process of telling him about how John fucked my brains out and even came again in my mouth, swallowing Frank's cock whole, pumping my mouth up and down his shaft." John was someone I met through a volunteer thing I did about 10 years ago, about a year after Frank and I agreed to an open marriage. That was when we confessed to being voyeurs. One of the things I love about Frank is his huge cock, 10 inches long by 5 girth. I kind of grew up watching porn videos of women giving head, and I always thought a huge cock to be a turn on. Don't get me wrong, Frank has every good quality, but this bonus is special to me. "You know, I even told Frank that I would love to watch another woman give him head. The thought of his huge cock thrusting into another woman's mouth really turns me on." halting again. "I got it, maybe you could get Samantha to come over here and blow Frank while I am tied up here, too!"

"You know, I think I could pull that one off, be careful of what you ask for. I think Sam is pretty partial to public performance and sucking cock. I walked in on her once, and she didn't stop only to answer my question. I watched her for a few minutes, Sam looked good with cock in her mouth... And she swallows. Her then boyfriend went off and found himself someone else. A real douche. Later she told me that she ended up with a friend of her ex who had a 10 inch cock. Never walked in on him, she learned to lock the door, or maybe he locked it...", looking at her with a raised eyebrow. "...OK, I'm a voyeur too."

After several minutes, "So, then, how do we get this game started?", waiting a few seconds to gauge her reaction. "If you look under the corners of the bed... there's a strap attached to each leg of the bed." I said.

Getting up, she said "You really want to do this? You want me to tie you up... first? Or do we have sex first? Got a strap-on?", my mind tripping as if almost on LSD. Frank and I have tripped together several times... but that was long ago... and he is the only person I have done it with. It has been a number of years since I have done it, but Frank? He was a little more liberal when we were in college, but I am sure he has done it since college.

"Frank and I installed the straps about 2 years ago, giving up trying to explain to the kids the noises coming from our room. The straps do nothing for the sound, but it is like... I don't know... some drug or something. The first time Frank tied me down, it was for about 2 hours. He used his big cock to fuck every orifice I own. I'm sure that's part of the reason that Frank doesn't want to sleep around is because I like to fuck him at least 3 or 4 times a week, and that would be a slow week."

"You really are that open book mom told me about. Jesus, you don't hold anything back... do you? Wait... Frank still doesn't know about my mother, does he?", she stopped me.

"Well... no, I never... could bring myself to tell him about... Katya, although they did meet and might have been considered friends. I don't think Frank was sexually attracted to her. They did share some really good moments of laughter, though. I can't explain why I never said anything to him."

"So, there is something you hide. Are you a closet lesbian?", it seemed an honest question.

"No... it might have been more to do with... when I was with Katya, Frank and I were still in a closed marriage. Katya seduced me with her mind and later her body. I just couldn't get enough of her mind, and we somehow would end up in bed. I haven't had any other sexual relationships with a woman until... you. It's not something I've look for."

"Well, should I put your hesitations with Frank to rest?", Lana asked quietly.

"What do you mean?"

"Well... my mother also told me that she had a long talk with Laura's husband before she left, telling him everything that was in her head, and why she had to leave.", I laid there in utter stunned silence, almost not breathing either. Both panic and relief seemed to be competing to be the dominant emotion.

"How... could Frank... have not told me he knew?"

"How come you never told Frank... even after your open marriage?", she said matter of factly. "If we play this out, tonight might be the best time to do just that.", as she grabbed all the straps and folded them upon the bed. "I think I want to tie you up first, and then use you to make myself cum. What do you say? Are we playing? Are Frank and Samantha invited to our little party?"

My blood boiling past the point of rational thought, "Yes!", then adding " everything."

With that she began binding my left leg to the left foot of the bed, and going round clockwise until everything was secured as fast as she could before I changed my mind. Then climbed up on the bed, over top of me, knees on each side of me, her hands over top my breasts.

Starting at the top of my blouse, one by one she cut the buttons off with her jack knife. Then running the dull edge of the blade back up my belly until she got to my bra, which she severed right down the middle. "You have beautiful nipples." Flicking them with the dull edge of her blade, then she finally turned it over and passed the sharp edge over it a few times. She lowered her mouth to my breast and attacked. Almost pulling them off my breasts, my nipple between her lips, as I had done earlier.

I sighed heavily, wincing from the pain. "Arg, my nipples aren't as durable as your's appear to be, that hurt.", I grunted out.

"But I thought pain was part of this?"

"Not for me, I don't get off on pain, but bondage... being made to watch...", and with that she thrust a couple of fingers into my cunt, roughly rubbing them around my g-spot with her thumb assaulting my clit.

"Do you have a vibrator?", she asked suddenly.

"Frank and I keep the toys in the bottom of the cabinet on the opposite wall. It does have a false bottom, so you will need to lift that up.", she got up to go to the cabinet.

"So, mommy and daddy are real sex fiends, aren't they. I do have some questions for Marta about what she has heard from inside these walls. She's not shy in talking about sex, as a matter of fact would mommy like to hear about one of her daughters exploits sometime? Would mommy think badly of daughter that she fucks with women, too?" Stopping to give me a devilish smile. "Naw, I doubt mommy would disapprove, ...seeing as she is being fucked right now by one of her daughters friends."

She opened the drawer and lifted the false bottom out. "Oh my, lions and tigers and bears... oh wait, wrong movie..." Lifting out the large dildo and vibrator combo, which was actually a rubber casting of Frank's erect cock. He had it made for me for my birthday about 5 years ago. I have spent many evenings when Frank was out of town thinking of him, only to tell him about it when he got home. "What do you do with this monster? Invade small countries? Or just your own? I think this will come in handy." Also grabbing the ball gag, the blind fold, and a second smaller dildo.

Coming back to the bed, crawling up, she tossed the gag and the blind fold to the side of my head. Standing over me she began to remove her jeans. The zipper open, she began to peal back the sides, and stopped. Grabbing at her breasts, "God, I don't think I have been this excited in a while. I like the looks of you under me here, and also in thinking of how I might convince Sam to come here?.. you know... if you tell me about Frank's cock, it might be something to entice her here."

"Well, the dildo you have in your hand, it's Frank.", I said matter of factly, without hesitation.

"What? Frank uses this thing... ... up his ass?", surprisingly asking.

"No, no, it's a cast of his erection. It's about an inch longer at the base, but otherwise it's him."

"Jesus, I can see why you love Frank.", she said in such a matter-of-fact way. "He has a great personality," my knowing just how innocently charming he can be, "and a huge cock? It's a win-win situation... You won't mind if I... I mean, has anyone else other than you used this?"

"Please, I can't stop you at the moment anyway. Besides, you are supposed to be raping me, after all.", laughing at the thought of being tied up here, and her in utter abandon.

"Alright then, as soon as I orgasm, I am going to stuff this beast inside you and leave you here for Frank and Sam.", and with that she removed her jeans and panties and proceeded to impale herself on my husbands preciously prepared prosthetic penis.

Starting slowly, she pushed just the head into her pussy. "I have never had anything this big inside me before, I'm not sure if I can take it all."

"You're flexible, you'll stretch. Plus the built-in vibrator helps to get you well lubed. Turn it on. It has two settings, manual and random. The random setting is wonderful because it changes things up at unexpected moments."

She removed it from her cunt long enough to find the switches on the end, and selected the random setting. It gave out a high frequency buzzing noise, which then changed after about thirty seconds to a lower pitch, and again after 15 seconds to an even lower tone. "This should be fun.", and started to push it back inside herself. She was rubbing her clit with her other hand and looking me in the eye.

She now had about a third of it inside herself, and was moaning softly. "I think you're... right. I think I might get this thing inside me, and I just... love... the random changes. Too bad a real cock can't do this. I hope that Frank isn't jealous of his little friend Frankenstein he has created here."

She got down on her knees, still straddling me. Placing the end of the dildo on my stomach, she began to pump more and more of pseudo-Frank into her cunt. She used her hands to grab and molest my breasts. Every now and then, she would shudder as I could feel the random settings change. She seemed to like it best when it went from a higher frequency to a lower one, producing a guttural sound in response.

Clutching at her own breasts now, she was bouncing up and down on me, as if in a cowgirl position. About two-thirds of the rubber cock was inside her now. With one last drop, she had the whole thing inside her. Holding there for a couple moments, she raised up, but the plastic prosthetic remained in her. Reaching inside, she extracted it from herself, and began to fuck herself with long strokes with her hand moving the tool in her.

I could see that her eyes were starting to become glazed over and she couldn't hold my eyes. Within moments she came, muttering incoherent words. "Ah, ma mia marsefusa, fuckshit take mine.", might be one translation.

She finally opened her eyes, only to laugh a little, as she also tried to speak. "Tank goo. Or... hows bout... Thank you. That was just... awesome... fucking awesome. I'm thinking of trying for another, at least the vibrating part inside me keeps on ticking, so maybe I should take a licking... And you're going to give it to me.", sliding her pussy up to my mouth and leaning forward a bit to get her clit near to my mouth. "Just hold your tongue still for a few moments, and I will rub my clit against it."

Holding my tongue solidly still, she flicked her clit against my tongue, over and over and over... changing speeds to mimic the impaling dildo. Her eyes closed, she came again after several minutes, only this time, she oozed out a white liquid in copious amounts, filling my mouth. At the same time, she shuddered deeply, her legs closing up around my head. I was holding my breath, thinking that between her cum and her clench, I wouldn't be able to breath anyway. In all the times I was with Katya, never once did either of us have such an ejaculation, our cunts were moist, but nothing like her daughter's.

"Oh my fucking god, that was just amazing.", she said in clear language, beginning to release her clench. "I don't think I have ever cum like that before.", still holding my mouth closed and trying to breath through my nose. Having no choice, I swallowed what I could, blew my nose clean, then tried to catch my breath. She saw my heightening panic, only to see my breathing a few moments later.

She got off my face, and laid at my side. "My god, I never knew a woman could cum like that before. You almost killed me.", I said jokingly. "But... I'm sure I will recover.", laughing in utter enjoyment. And with that I felt her roll on her back, a few seconds later she had Frankenstein in my puss, pumping it in and out, random changes and all.

"Now I want to fuck you with your husband's cock like you have never been fucked. Can you cum like you just made me? I think we need to find out.", looking me sternly in the eye and slowly pushing then pulling at Pseudofrankcockenstein.

I started to pull at the restraints binding my legs and arms, but there was no relief from the onslaught she was pleasuring me with. "Ah, please... not so... fast... I'm just not ready to cum yet. If you could slow... down just... a bit, it would... make it so much bet...", after a few moments, "better. Really, please... slow up!" I could feel my hips reacting, trying to move so as to slow down the effects of my lovetoy guided by her hand, but with each thrust of my hips, her changes seemed to be multiplied. And with that, I felt myself cum, both my arms and legs clenched tight against the restraints. There was no controlling my body.

After an intense pause, Lana was kissing my breasts, wrapping her lips lovingly around my nipple. All this time my eyes were rolling in my head, lids closed tightly over them. My body convulsing, I could feel my cunt clench around Lana's instrument, still moving, sliding in and out.

"Oh, fuck... please stop... really... please.", and with that Lana took her hand away, but left Frankenstein in me, pulsing away with ever changing rhythms. "No, please, take... it out... fuck, please, now.", and again I felt myself cumming with a new wave of pleasure, pulling even harder against my restraining bonds. This time, I think I blacked out because the next thing I remember was the sight of my husbands real cock impaling Samantha's pale white lips, with her on her knees. Both of them totally nude. I smiled.
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