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Finally here is my proper first story, please comment so I can become better and rate. enjoy
Hi, I’m Tom, and I’ve probably had one of the most satisfying sex lives ever. This sex life began in my high school years. At age 16 I had only just then gotten my first girlfriend, her name was Amanda and I being the naïve poor soul I was instantly fell in love. I thought about her all the time and tried to spend as much time with her as I possible, lucky for me she liked this. Seeing as how even though we were in the same school and grade but didn’t have a single class together it was only fair that we spend so much time together outside school.
At this stage the two biggest people in my life were my girlfriend and my best friend Megan, yes a girl. Megan and I had been friends since early childhood and so we were very close. We told each other nearly everything concerning our lives, except the really personal stuff which we never got into for some reason. Being so in love with Amanda I did not realise how much I was upsetting my best friend by sort of neglecting her for my girlfriend.
We spent all our time talking about all sorts of random stuff that we both enjoyed, but did nothing more than kiss and occasionally make out. As expected of any 16 year old boy I eventually wanted more, I wanted some more physical activity and thought she would understand but when I talked to her about it she said she’s fine with how things are.
Not wanting to mess things up I went along with it, trying not to force it but at the same time attempting to get further with her every time. At first it was hopeless but in time she started easing up, letting me touch her boobs a little, which was certainly nice and just showed how much progress I was making.
One afternoon she was over at my place and we were making out, I turned into my usual up to no good self and started gently rubbing her boobs through the fabric of her Bullet for my valentine t-shirt, usually I loved that shirt but in that moment I wished it never existed. This particular afternoon she didn’t seem to mind my advances, in fact she seemed to be getting excited. I knew to take this opportunity for it may never come again.
I slipped my hand down then under her t-shirt to her right boob which I cupped. She offered up no resistance so I started rubbing in circular motion and she moaned into my mouth. This turned me on more than anything ever had. I decided to try a step further and take her bra off, I attempted this for several minutes while trying hard not to break contact between our tongues but alas my inexperience was my downfall. She eventually got frustrated and did it herself but I did not get much of a chance to be disappointed in myself when she took her t-shirt off too.
My eyes nearly burst out of their sockets. My boner at this point was almost painful at the site of her lovely tits that seemed like they could fit just nicely in my palm. And so I reached my hand up and started rubbing her medium sized nipples as we made out some more. Her skin was so smooth in my hand as I rubbed and squeezed both her boobs.
I once again tried my luck seeing as how things were getting pretty heated and slid my hand into her pants. Her reaction was very slow because by the time she attempted to push my arm away my fingers were already on her pussy lips which just happened to change her mind and she let me at it. I started feeling around in there realising she wouldn’t actually let me take off her pants I figured I might as well make the best of it.
I could feel some hair around her pussy, I wondered if it was blond like her hair because I actually really didn’t know if she was a natural blond. After getting a pretty good feel of the outside I then slid my middle finger in but not with much ease because she was only slightly wet. This however did not bother me at the time and I proceeded to sliding it in and out best I could considering the position I was in and what little space I was given.
She started morning into my mouth with more frequency over a period of some minutes of me trying to finger fuck her until finally she froze up with this look of concentration on her face as if she were trying not to lose it. I felt some more moisture from her pussy then pulled my hand out of her pants.
‘Well that was nice’
‘Oh yeah? I’m really glad, that was my first time finger fucking anyone.’
‘Hmm not bad’
She had a smirch on her face I could only appreciate at the time being crazy in love with her at the moment and hoping to maybe get a reward of sorts. We resumed making out only with more intensity this time. This time it was her who reached into my pants which I accepted fully with so much happiness. Only that I had to take my pants off which of cause I did with much haste, my happiness was only elevated even more when I spotted an impressed expression on my girlfriend’s face for just a moment.
While shoving her tongue in my mouth she reached for my now rock hard cock and wrapped her fingers around it. But there was something strange about how she grabbed it but I didn’t think much of it at the moment for I was enjoying the feeling of someone else’s fingers round my dick for a change. I was surprised by how much better it felt. She didn’t waste her time starting to stroke it at a rather fast pace as though to get it over with.
‘Tell me when you are close to cumming okay, I don’t want any of that shit anywhere near me. You are gonna have to finish yourself off.’
‘Okay sure’
I didn’t really care at this moment I was just enjoying the feeling of her soft hands rubbing up and down my cock. And so as expected I approached blowing my load in no time but it came way quicker than I expected and I didn’t have the willpower to hold it in or even speak and I blew my load everywhere, especially on my girlfriend.
‘I’m so fucking sorry, I didn’t mean…’
And with that she quickly cleaned herself up with the nearest cloth she could find and stormed out. I felt like so much shit and I didn’t know how to fix it. That week things just got worse, she had told everyone that I tried to forced her to blow me but she refused and gave me a handjob but I came instantly everywhere. My reputation was absolutely ruined and I could only walk around the halls in shame. Apart from Megan I didn’t really have a whole lot of other friends and since I had neglected her I was scared to approach her about this but I knew she was probably the only person in existence who wouldn’t look down on me.
Megan proved to be the better friend though by coming to me first. I was at home trying to play some games and get my mind off things when there was a knock on my door, it was Megan. My parents knew her from when we were kids too so it wasn’t unnatural for her to simply come in.
‘Hey buddy, mind if I… cum in’
I caught the mockery in her statement and smiled, appreciating her attempt to cheer me up by making the whole incident a joke.
‘Do you still want to be my friend even after I stopped hanging out with you so much?’
‘Yeah of cause man, you still my best friend. I know it was just your first love, everyone goes through that period. Just a shame yours ended too quickly’
This time I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. From then on we chatted a lot again. Things got back to how they were before Amanda. We hang out a lot more and having her in most of my classes helped me get over the whole Amanda thing rather quick.
On Friday a night my parents were going out and I asked if Megan could come over till late and possibly sleep in the guest room. The said sure and went off on their fun night which I knew they probably wouldn’t actually return from until the next day. My parents never did lose their partying spirits. Megan said she would be coming over with a surprise and I had no idea what it was until I opened the door for her and she had two 6 packs of beer.
‘Ah Meg you are just the best!’
‘I know right’
We started off the night as we normally did on our drinking nights. Watch a horrible movie we hate then comment on it, and then play some games. I would kiss her ass some, she would kick mine some, she was actually really good. But ultimately it usually came down to us just drinking and talking about random shit. What I loved about drunken Megan was that when drunk she spoke her mind and always talked about stuff she means to but she still always made the right decisions.
‘So how quick was it?’
‘How quick was what?’
‘Well the handjob of cause.’
‘You do realise she made that up right?’
‘Yeah I figured but was just wondering you know.’
‘Well she DID give me a handjob, that part was true but it was a reasonable length.’
‘Psst yeah right’
‘It’s true!!!’
‘Oh yeah? Show me then’
‘Um… hahaha. So how hard was that math test today?!’
I found all this very weird and strange because she’d never been like this but I just shrugged it off. We continued talking about random stuff but eventually after a decent amount of alcohol in our systems it came back to it.
‘Hey Meg….What did you mean I should show you how long it takes me to cum?’
‘Um… I don’t know’
‘Haha, how would I even go about doing that?’
‘I don’t know, I could help I guess hahaha’
This conversation was getting a bit exciting but I didn’t really think it was going anywhere.
‘Well if you really want to know THAT bad then sure let’s do it’
‘Okay! Take ‘em of!’
‘Haha no way I was just kidding man, what about your boyfriend?’
‘Who Josh? Nah man told you things were shit between us. Dumped his ass this morning, that guy was an asshole’
‘So you serious about this?’
‘………. Yep’
There was an awkward pause then we continued to drink a bit more. All the while I was contemplating if I should actually see if she was being serious. But Megan was not one no kid around stupidly like that, I was getting excited realising she actually really meant it.
‘Okay let’s do it. Remember it was your idea though, and you better be good.’
‘Oh you don’t have to worry about that’
With that said I started taking my pants off, in the back of my mind asking myself what I was actually doing, but went on anyways. When my pants were completely off I was actually surprised to see my cock tenting my boxers, turns out I was more excited than I thought.
‘Well come on then, let’s see that big boy’
Megan had always been outgoing which at this moment I happened to think was a huge turn on. I slowly slid my boxers down, even attempting a seductive dance but failed. We just both laughed, she was laughing until my dick came into full view then the expression on her face changed, she became more serious but at the same time she had a look on her face I had never seen before, lust.
‘Well hello there little Tom hahaha. Can’t exactly call you little now can I?’
This statement had me feeling pride but after fully realising just how exposed I was I started feeling a little shy.
‘Well is this gonna happen or can Mr.Little Tom go back home?’
She looked at it as if examining it for a bit. She came closer and this was the perfect position because she was kneeling on my bed and I was standing at the edge. When she got close enough she reached out and touched it, she run her ne finger along the base then traced a line to the head. She then finally wrapped all her fingers around it. It was then I realised what small hands she had, they just managed to wrap around. This added to a sort of squeezing effect.
She started to slowly rub her hand from the base to the head, feeling every inch of my cock as it pulsed in her hand. She seemed fascinated.
‘This certainly is a nice tool you got here sir Tom, let’s see if we can take care of it’
She increased speed with the rubbing and would on occasion stop and squeeze and at times even do a twisting motion that felt different but very nice. When I was really getting into it I felt her breath on my cock and thought there was no way she was going to do it, oh but she did. She licked the head at first and tasted the precum that was practically oozing out at this point then she put the head in her mouth and this felt better than anything I’ve ever felt.
The inside of her mouth was so warm and wet, she then licked all over the head while still rubbing her hand up and down my shaft. She then started taking more and more of my cock into her mouth until about half way then started sucking on it and I nearly lost my footing right then.
‘Holy shit that feels fucking amazing’
‘Hehe it better’
She had come up for only a second but quickly went back to attacking my cock with her mouth. She licked up and down it and started bobbing her head so she was practically fucking my cock with her mouth all the while sucking pretty hard.
She surprised me even more by starting to take my mouth deeper into her mouth until my head touched the back of her mouth, then she paused for a second as if to brace herself then I felt her throat open up and accept my cock, it was so tight this was it for me.
‘Holy shit Meg I’m gonna cum!’
When she heard this she quickly pulled back so only my head was in her mouth then she stroked my dick fast and sucked even harder than before as if she were sucking on a stroll l for a drink and she certainly got her drink. I shot spurt after spurt of globs of cum into her mouth which she quickly swallowed. I realised then just how experienced she was, just how much did I not know about this girl.
‘Wow… holy shit. That was so amazing! Where did you learn to do that?’
‘Oh, just a little practice. That wasn’t bad timing considering you just got one of the best blowjobs you will ever get. Dude I don’t know what that Amanda chic’s problem was, that cum is nice.’
‘Well there’s certainly a lot more where that came from.’
‘Well I guess I just have to empty that resource then’
‘Really? You want more? Haha cool, but I think you deserve a little something something too my lady’
I had to return the favour for her wonderful service. This was going to be a good night…..
Hope you enjoyed, chapter 2 coming up

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