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There I was, setting across the table from the man of my dreams. The guy I had been in love with since 7th grade. I couldn't believe that after all these years he finaly asked me out. We talked rather nerviously through dinner. It was weird setting there with him and us not being able to talk. We had gone out to dinner many times before and had been friends for years. We always had things to talk about.

After dinner we went to a movie. He let me choose. I kinda took him off gard with my choice. He knew that I was a big one on love stories, but I chose an action movie. I didn't know that there was going to be as much "action" in the movie as there was. It seemed like every time something new happened the 2 main characters we having sex or making out. I will have to admit I was getting really honey watching them, imaging what it would be like to be with Boe. Imaging what it would be like to be with him was nothing new for me. I had been doing that for 8 years. I think the movie was getting to him a little to because he kept moving around in his seat.

After the movie he took me home. When we pulled up we both looked at the door and then at eachother. We kissed for the first time in our whole reationship. It was wonderful, a bit odd, but wonderful. Its strange kissing with one of your bestfriends. I moved back and spoke softly, "Do you want to come in?" He looked at me and said "yes". He slowly turned off the car and then we walked up to my front door. I figgited with my keys a little bit and finaly unlocked it.

We walked in and I offred him something to drink. He said he wanted water so I walked into the kitchen to get him some. When I reached into the cabnet to grab a glass, his arm went around my stomach and he gently kissed the back of my neck. It took me so off gard. I breathed in quickly. He let go of me and said, "I'm sorry Nikki, I didn't mean to... it's just that I have... I have wanted to touch you to kiss you like that, for a long time now." Hearing him say that made my heart skip a beat.

I looked up at him and said "You have nothing to apologize for. I liked it. I have wanted you to do that since I was 14." I walked up to him slowly and wraped my arms around his neck and he slowly brought his lips to mine. we kissed slowly but yet passionatly for a while letting out hands roam each others backs. I backed away slowly and lead him into the living room.
We sat on the couch and contunied kissing. He was getting braver now. He was figgiting with my the bottom of my shirt. I that he wanted to touch me more then what he had so I slowly grabbed his hand and lifted it up to my right breast. He seemed shocked by my action but didn't comaplain.

Boe started moving his hand exploring more of my breast. I myself was exploring his ass. A few seconds later I was the socked one when all of a sudden his hand had moved from the outside of my shirt to under it. I could tell that he was getting fusterated with it so I sat up quickly and discarded my shirt. He asked me if I was ok with what was going on and I told him yes. I slowly unbuttoned his shirt and removed it. I bent over and started to lick and suck on his nipple. The harded I sucked the more he pinched my nipples and fondled my breast. He finaly got brave and un did my bra. When he first touch the naked skin of my breast with his fingers I shivered. It was almost electrifying his touch.

I wanted more, I needed more. I stared to un button his pants. He grabed my hand quickly and asked me if that was something that I really wanted to do because he didn't want me to do something that I wasn't comfortiable with. I told him he it was. When I finaly had his pants off and I started to take off his boxer shorts out popped the most beautiful penis I had ever seen. Granted that I had only ever seen 2 other ones. One was tiny and the other one I really don't remember.

I had to have it. Before I even realize what I was doing I had my mouth around his penis. He breathed in quckly a little unsure of what just happened I could tell. I really don't think he thought that I would be willing to do that for him. I started bobbing my head up and down his shaft like there was no tomorrow. With one hand I had a firm grisp on his man hood and with the other I was down below playing with his balls. He moned loudly.

I started to undo my pants with my free hand, because I had to touch my self. Out of nowhere his hand comes down and starts touching me all over down there. He helped me out of my pants and then it hit me. I was about to have sex with the man of my dreams. My whole life I had been waiting for this.

Once I was out of my pants he pushed me down on the bed and pulled of my underware. He was suprised to see it freshly shaved. He said, "I guess you were expecting this." I told him no I wasn't, but that I like to be nice and shaved for own sexual habbits. I think he liked that answer cause he imadiatly went to to work on my clit. The feeling of his toung moving around brought cold shivers down my spine. His right hand was carressing my breast, playing with the nipple.

We moved into the 69 position with me over the top of him. He was doing a nice job of eating me out I thought I needed to return the fav. I again started in on his shaft. This time I was sucking harder and moving faster. He was making me feel so good I wanted to make him feel good as well. I think it was working because the faster I bobbed my head up and down the harder he finger fucked me. I didn't even realize that he even had his fingers inside me. All I knew was that I felt like I was floating on cloud nine. He had me feeling so good about myself. I finaly had enough of this I had to have him inside of me.

I think he felt the same way, that he had to be inside of me. We slowly parted and looked at each other. He took me in his arms and laid me against the bed slowly. He started to kiss my neck gently and then my mouth. The taste of my pussy still on his lips. When both of our sex juice mixed together I had never tasted anything so good in my life. It was like heaven. He slowly moved from my lips. He inched down my neck till he was in the vally of my breasts. He slowly did circles around my nipples with his toung and then sucked on each nipple. The he kissed down my stomach till he got right above my pussy.

He moved back on top of me and I felt his penis rub up against my pussy. Never in my life had I felt anything that good before. Before I even had a chance to really think about he jammed his penis inside my pussy. I felt pain like none other in that moment. It hurt but it didn't. The pain was going away rather fast because he was moving inside and out. Each time teasing my pussy. He would pull it out everytime only to jam it back in.

Boe kept doing this harder and harder till he was about to cum. My body was rocketing back and forth with his every motion. I never thought I could feel this way. Just when he was about to finish, he pulled his cock out and told me suck it. I jumpedat the chance I loved the way his cock tasted. I was stunned by what happened next.

Boe threw me back on the bed and was leaning over me. Next thing I knew I had cum all over my body and face. Some landed on my lips. When I licked them I was suprised by how well he tasted. I imidiatly started gathering it up and sucking on my fingers.

We later fell sleep in each others arms only to wake up the next morning and have sex again.


2005-08-16 10:13:03
i usually don't complain...but this story sucked.


2005-06-09 12:32:42
Too short.


2005-04-27 09:08:16
too short women. first you should have talked about how they firt met then go to present tense. 5/10

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