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Georgeann fucks a biker to death
It had been almost four months since the last time I went out with Jack with out Tom. I couldn't stop talking about how Jack and his buddies had totally used, beat, tortured, degraded and humiliated me. Cy was living at our farm, in the apartment over Tom's garage. My daughters adored him and I couldn't get enough of his fantastic cock myself. So far, Beth was my only daughter that had gotten that monster dick in her holes. My sister Alice and sister in law Jodie both enjoyed romping around with the gentle giant, but couldn't take his cock inside them more than once or twice a month. He left them hurting. Hurting, but very satisfied.

Once again, just before Tom and I were leaving the house to meet up with Jack for some hot 3way sex, Tom got a call from one of his club brothers who had broke down on 19 in Hudson. Tom told me to go ahead and meet with Jack and enjoy myself. With the change in plans, I kissed Tom goodbye as he headed south. I went back inside and changed my clothes. I put on a pair of tight jeans, that I had modified, a see thru black mesh shirt that did nothing to hide my boobs, my dark nipples easily seen. I slid on my thigh high rideing boots, grabbed my leather, then went out to the garage and pulled my custom 2003 fatboy out. I rode into Gainesville, leaving my jacket open and exposeing my bounceing boobs barely hidden by the black mesh as I rode the 40 or so miles to JR's, enjoying the college kids eyes glued to my chest as I rode up 13th street thru the college.

I turned on 39th Avenue, then left on 6ht street. There was several Harleys infront of JR's, I pulled up and backed my Fat Boy next to Jacks Harley. I walked in the front door, saw Jack sitting at a table with another woman! Dam! Sparks of jealousy shot thru me. I had to laugh at myself. "Hi Sweety," I said, leaning over and planting my lips on Jacks mouth. Shooting the bitch dirty looks. "Hey, Georgie!! Umm, you look fantastic!!! Where's Tom?," he asked. "Same old shit, your stuck with me!," I said as I sat on his lap. "Oh your gonna get stuck bitch, thats for sure...Georgeann, meet Charlie, Charlie, this is Georgeann," Jack said. Charlie was tall, blonde and busty. After two rum and cokes, Jack, Charlie and I went out back and smoked a joint. Charlie was a full head taller than I was. We went back inside, drank another rum and coke, then Charlie dragged me onto the dance floor to dance a couple of fast songs, then a slow song came on and as I turned to head back to the table, Charlie grabbed me and embraced me. We started danceing, a very slow dance. Charlie pulled my head to rest between her huge firm breasts. I was getting so turned on. By the end of the song, Charlie was kissing me and I was responding. She was very dominate.

Back at the table and two drinks later, we decided to head to Jacks for some fun. Charlie mounted behind Jack and I followed Jack down 13th street, really Hwy 441, to Ocala and to his house. As I stopped my Harley next to his bike in his garage, I remembered the last time I was at Jacks place, several months before and had been brutally beaten, raped, tortured and abused. God, that was a fantastic weekend. With the sounds of our motors ticking from the heat, we all dismounted. Immediately Jack took control. "Ok bitch, strip and put this on, NOW!!," he ordered me as he pulled my dog collar out of his saddlebag. Charlie giggled as I pulled my shirt ovedr my head, then pulled off my boots, then my tight jeans. "Umm, you look so tastey," Charlie said. "On your knees cunt, now heel, you worthless fucking dog," Jack said as he led Charlie into the house, with me following on my hands and knees. I could feel my breasts swaying back and forth, adding to my excitement. Jacks Pitt Bull Oscar was jumping around, licking my face, smelling my ass and cunt, then licking my crack. "Aw my little mutt, seems your stud remembers you....time to get bred bitch," Jack said as he pulled the coffee table to the side. Jack switched on the three camcorders he had set up on tripods. He and Charlie sat on the sofa and watched the show as I knelt and knee walked to the middle of the living room floor. Oscar running around me, licking me all over, I noticed his pink doggie dick was already extended out of his sheat and was rock hard and dripping pre-cum.

Charlie and Jack began kissing, Jack pulled her top down, exposeing her huge obviously fake tits. Jack suckled on her huge saucer size nipples as Oscar was licking my mouth. I stuck out my tounge and began french kissing the playful pittpull. Jack pulled his cock out of his fly and Charlie was strokeing him as the continued to kiss but both had thier eyes on me and Oscar. Oscar pulled away from my face and went behind me and began sniffing, then licking my asshole and my cunt. I spread my legs wider, giving him more cunt to lick. I was breathing heavy, already climaxing and waiting for him to mount me. Oscar jumped up, scratching my ribs and the side of my breasts with his forepaws as he gripped me. His hind quarters began humping, I felt the pointy cock head hitting every where but the right places. Just as I was going to reach between my legs and guide him in, he hit the right spot and on the very first stroke had not only entered my pussy, but banging away at my cervex and I had 9 inches of doggie dick in my womb!! Immediately Oscar began humping like a jack hammer, driving me crazy. When he slipped out, Jack ordered me to suck Oscar. I turned around, Oscar was still trying to mount me, his hips just a pumping away. I got under him, lifted my head and took his slick dick in my mouth. Oscar humped away as his cock entered my throat. He was ramming my face, trying to even shove his hairy sheat in my mouth. My jaw began hurting as his cock swelled and the knot was getting thicker and thicker. I finally let the knot enter my mouth when it was about the size of a tangerine. Oscar stood still. I felt his knot get even bigger inside my mouth, filling every bit and still growing. It must have been as round as a orange by then, maybe bigger. Oscar started cumming, and cumming, and cumming. My throat filled rapidly, I couldn't swallow fast enough, cum was gushing out of my nose, I choked and gagged. I couldn't breath. Oscar began pulling away, his knot kept him in my mouth, finally, just when I thought I was going to pass out, Oscars knot pulled free of my mouth taking my dentures with it. My dentures fell to the floor as I began retching up a good pint of doggie cum. When I could breath again, I bent down and began licking up the wasted doggie cum and swallowing it more easily. "God, your right, she's one nasty skank!! I love it...Georgeann honey, that was one of the hottest things I had ever seen!!," Charlie said.

As I cleaned the mess I made on the floor, Jack and Charlie undressed. Jack was naked, Charlie had left a pair of tiny blue thong panties on. Jack ordered me to suck his dick. I crawled over and began sucking Jacks much smaller cock than his dogs. Charlie was petting my hair, then reaching under me and milking my tits like I was a cow. I was deep throating Jacks familiar cock easily. "Umm, she is a good little cock suker, isn't she Jack," Charlie said as she knelt on the floor next to me, one hand on my tits, the other fondeling my ass as she rubbed her huge fake boobs on my back. Then she began finger fucking my ass and cunt, but never stopped milking my boobs. I felt her move around so she was behind me. She was rubbing her crotch on my butt, her juggs on my back and was reaching around with both hands milking each of my handful of tits at the same time. "Come on Babe, ya got to work for my load, Charlie sucked a load out of me earlier..." Jack said.

Charlie lifted off me, her hands left my tits, her crotch wasn't rubbing on my ass anymore. I felt her pokeing around my pussy, I thought she had put on a strap on dildo, Jack has a couple that I use on him, so I wasn't surprised when Charlie entered me an dbeganfucking me. It sure wasn't one of Jacks dildoes. Thi sone was about 7 inches and thin. I loved the upwards curve it had. As Charlie fucked me she leaned over and grabbed my tits again. I was cumming like crazy and building up to a huge orgasm. Jack had just cummed in my mouth and Charlie had begun to fuck me harder and faster. Then all of a sudden, she pulled back on my tits as she shoved the dildoe in as far as it would go. I wasn't prepared to feel the dildo swell and start to spasm as it shot stream after stream of hot cum into my cunt. When Charlie pulled out, I turned around. Charlie had a dick, that was no dildoe. I peeled the rubber off it, sucked her beautiful, hairless dick and balls clean, then drained the rubber into my mouth. Her cum was so tastey.

Jack made us drinks, we sat talked, drank, smoked cogarettes and a couple of joints, then Charlie and I pt on a show for Jack, with him joining us at the end. I couldn't wait for Tom to meet Charlie. During our next break, I told Jack and Charlie about Sherry, the transvestite Tom and I had met at the Parliment house back in 1979 and how we loved her petite built and long 9 inch cock. For the next several hours, the three of us had sex in various postions.

Charlie had just cummed in my ass for the second time. She glanced at the clock and said she had to leave, she had a show in Orlando at the Parliment house that afternoon. She kissed me deeply, then Jack and Charlie left me spread eagled on his bed, my wrists and ankles securely bound to each of the corners. My ass was elevated by having three pillows stuffed under my back, leaving my asshole exposed and my pussy gaping open for Jacks and Charlies pleasures. I could feel both my holes gaping open and a combination of thier cum and my juices slowly leaking out. Neither Jack or Charlie were very thick, but all the various dildos, objects and thier fisting my little cunt and asshole, had me stretched as if I had just gotten fucked by Stormy, my quarter horses huge, thick cock.

It seemed like forever before Jack rejoined me. I watched his little soft dickie bounce around as he brought out his stash. He rolled a joint and poured out a small pile of cocaine on a mirror, then sorted it into four lines. He unbound my ankles and wrists so I could sit up and stretch. We snorted two lines apiece, shared the joint, smoked a couple of cigarettes, drank a couple of beers. Niehter of us wanted to call it a night just yet, even though it was approaching 4am. He pulled out a few hits of speed, we each took a couple. Then Jack rebound my wrists and ankles and for over a hour, he assaulted my asshole and my cunt with even stranger objects, stretching me more and more, driving me crazy with lust. Jack began fisting my pussy, then adding his other fist in my ass. He was driving his one hand hard at my cervex, trying to break thru to my womb, his other hand was elbow deep in my bowels. I was climaxing non-stop. He popped two more hits of speed and fed me another two. He shoved his dick in my mouth. I sucked like a mad woman. His prick got rock hard. He laid between my legs and began fucking me, harder and faster than he had ever done before. I was screaming from the extreme extasy he was giving my hungry cunt. My climaxes were getting bigger and bigger. Jack was pounding me with all his weight. I was peeking once again as I felt Jack stiffen, gasp and his cock seemed to double in thickness as I experienced his cock throb and then begin shooting off inside me. Jack gasped again, then collasped on top of me. His whole weight was on me, a good #280's or more.

"Dam Jack!! That was some fuck!!! Jesus, You were making me cum like you never had before..ok big guy, roll off me, I can't breath," I said. Jack didn't respond. I felt his dick soften inside me, then felt him pissing inside my cunt. "Hey, now thats kinky...Umm, kinda feels really good, lover boy," I said. Still he didn't respond. Then I smelled a nasty fart or he shit himself. "Come on Jack, this ain't funny!," I said. Now I began to panic. I stayed still, tried to feel his heart beat or feel his pulse thru his dick. Nothing. Oh FUCK!!! "OH GOD!!! Please not again!!!, Come on Jack, enough, I'm getting scared....," I prayed, I begged. Dam it!! Mother fucker had a heart attack!! I hope he wasn't dead!! I knew he was, I mean, he lost his bowels and his bladder. Fuck!! He came in me, then fucking died!! I was helpless. My wrists and ankles were securely tied. I had almost #300's of DEAD weight on top of me. I couldn't roll him off, I didn't have enough free movement. I WAS TRAPPED!!! I could see the head lines in the paper..'CHEATING WIFE FUCKS LOVER TO DEATH!'

Shit, shit, shit SHIT! Minutes passed. I couldn't think of anything to do. To make matters worse, every time I moved, Jacks soft dick moved around inside my cunt and his pelvic bone moved against my clitty making me horny. I watched the windows brighten with the sun coming up. Dam, Tom wasn't expecting me home till Sunday night!! It was only Saturday morning!!! Thank God the AC was on and blowing cold. I had to piss. I had no choice but to pee around my dead lovers cock. I must have dozed off, the speed had worn off. I woke to the strangest feeling. I dreamed that Jack was alive and his cock was growing hard inside me. It was no dream. Jacks cock was becoming hard inside me, swelling and staying that way. Rigormortis, that had to be it. Oh GOD, it was morbid, but I couldn't help it. I began moving my hips up and down, moving Jacks dead cock in and out of my pussy, useing my pussy muscles to milk his shaft. I fucked the dead organ, bringing myself off. I felt so nasty, so dirty, I swore I wouldn't do it again. Ten minutes later, I was fucking his dick again. I watched the sun and shadows travel across Jacks bedroom. Dusk was falling. Time after time I used Jacks hard cock to bring myself off. I must have fallen asleep again.

I woke to the sound of wonderful music. The thunder of a Harley Davidson V-twin. There was at least three of them. I heard voices. I started screaming. A face appeared at the bedroom window. "Help me, please, Jack's had a heart attack or something....," I screamed. The biker forced the window up and crawled inside, followed by two other guys. They were familiar, but I didn't really know them, they must have been friends of Jacks that had screwed me at one of Jacks gang bangs he had given me. All three bikers laughed at my predictament, but were pretty sad about Jack. They got him up and off me, untied me. I immediately ran into the bathroom, drank a shit load of water, then showered. "What am I gonna do?," I asked the trio, "shit, I can't have my name in the paper for fucking a guy to death!!!"

"I got an idea," the one called Surfer said. We listened and well, it sounded good. Jack had a full sized blowup doll in his closet. We laid it under Jack, tied its wrists and ankles like mine had been, put the pillows under its ass, wiped some of his cum and piss inside its plastic pussy, then laid jack on top of it and placed his hard on inside it. One fo the guys, Ray Ray, went thru Jacks computer and downloaded all my videos and pictures onto the external hard drive that had lots more of my home made perverions, then he cleaned the hard drives recent lists and memories. He also discovered another hard drive filled with underage kiddie porn, most of me when I was younger, but 80%of that hard drive had kids I didn't know. I let the guys have the one of me and I took the kiddie porn shit. I also went thru Jacks collection of DVD's and VHS movies and pulled all of mine. Again, I let the trio have them. We cleaned up the extra rum and coke glasses, the beer cans, anything that I had. I told them where Jack had his stash, they took it.

Then, in the living room, away from my dead lover, I sucked and fucked all three of the bikers, telling them I really owed them. I invited them up to my farm the next day so I could really repay them. After about two hours of draining thier dicks and temporailly satisfying my sexual hunger, we called the cops saying we just got there and discovered our friend in his situation. We had to give statements to the police, then I rode my Fat Boy, with the three bikers following me to the Raven's Nest and drank several rum and cokes. I called Tom from my cell phone and he headed over to Ocala with the pick-up truck so he could haul both me and the bike home. When he arrived at the bar, he found me out back laying naked on a picnic table as several guys kept taking turns useing my mouth, asshole and pussy as a sperm bank. Tom watched for awhile, then after the guys all had one last cum, Tom took a turn, then ate out my very sore and well used pussy. Tom carried my drunk ass to the truck and we went home.

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2012-11-10 20:32:29
Well, that was fun.

Another good one from Ann.

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