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I woke up on the couch to my phone ringing. It was Byron so I immediately answered. He informed me that the team got kicked out of the tournament this morning and that they were about to get on the bus and would be back in town around six in the evening today. I told him that I was sorry that they were eliminated and would be here for the three of them when they got home if he wanted me to be. He said that hell yeah they wanted me here and that I had better be ready for them. I got very excited knowing they would be home tonight and that I would be fucked all weekend by my three black daddies.

Before hanging up Byron said that a friend of his would be coming by to drop off some booze and that I should let him in. I agreed and told Byron to hurry home and then we ended our conversation. I got up from the couch and went into the kitchen and grabbed a coke out of the fridge. I was in a t-shirt and my panties so I went back into the living room and shucked my clothes off and then headed for the bathroom. I turned on the water as hot as I could stand it and drew a tub full of hot water. I spent the next thirty minutes soaking what little soreness I had in my pussy in the hot tub as I sat and day dreamed about the night to come. I was becoming all to pre-occupied with thoughts of me and black men and them using me as they wished. I never imagined myself a slut that loved being taken by groups of men and fucked out but that was exactly what I wanted. As I soaked in the tub I thought of how I should greet my three daddies and desperately wished I had a sexy lingerie outfit to welcome them home in. Unfortunately I did not have anything like that. My folks had insisted that they did not want me taking a job while I was in school and that they would provide a small allowance for me but I was sure, even though I had no idea how much sexy lingerie cost, I did not have enough money to go and buy something nice. I did have the sexy dress that was perfect as a body hugging and low cut in all the right places type of dress, but I had worn that last weekend. I needed more clothes and hardly any money to satisfy my needs for the moment.

I got out of the tub and dried off. I had a pair of daisy dukes and a tight midriff shirt so I put on just the shorts and the shirt. I tied the shirt up in the front so that the material only covered my breasts and showed my entire torso. The daisy dukes were extremely short and fit perfectly. I went into Tom’s room where there was a body length mirror. I stood there examining myself and the clothes on my body. The shorts fit just right and even showed a little ass cheek and the top fit nicely. I have been blessed with a nice firm body that I do not have to spend hours upon hours trying to maintain, even though I am sure that would change as I got older. As I was admiring the slutty little country girl outfit and how it looked on me a loud pounding at the front door startled me. I ran from Tom’s room and went to the front door. I looked through the peep hole and saw a big dark figure. Another loud thump as I peered through the peep hole made me immediately answer the door. I opened the door and invited the man in.

“Thanks, this shit is heavy.” The man said as he entered carrying three cases of beer.

“Here, let me help you” I returned as I reached for the top case of beer and took it.

“Just set them in here.” I turned away from the man and walked through the little living room to the kitchen and then I placed the case of beer I was carrying on the bar dividing the kitchen and the small dining room.

The man carrying the other two cases followed behind me and placed his cases on the kitchen counter. I caught him scanning my ass and legs as I was reaching over the kitchen counter to place each of the two cases that he carried onto the bar.

“You must be Byron’s girl.” The man stated as he took a step back and leaned against the far counter as he took in the view of my tight ass in daisy duke shorts.

I turned around to him smiling before saying, “Yes I am. My name is Heather.” I stuck out my hand offering it to the man.

He grabbed my hand in a gentle grip “What’s up girl? I am Andy.” He offered with a big even grin on his face.
“Glad to meet you Andy. And thanks for bringing over this stuff for Byron and the guys.” I returned to him as he continued shaking my hand. I smiled at him as his eyes wandered from my torso to my breasts and then to my face.

“Yeah no problem, I got some more shit in the truck. You help me carry it in?” Andy asked as he released my hand.

“Sure I’ll be glad to.” I said as I took the lead and led us from the kitchen to through the living room to the front door, knowing that Andy’s eyes were devouring my ass as I walked in front of him.

We got out of the apartment and then Andy led the way to his truck. It took two more trips to unload all of the stuff that he had gotten for Byron and my other two daddies. We chatted while we made our trips from his truck back into the apartment. Andy was a senior and a member of the fraternity. He was one of the few members of the fraternity that was twenty one so he usually was the one buying for the guys and the party’s. We got back into the apartment and as I started putting up the booze in the fridge or in the cupboards Andy sat and chatted me up. It took fifteen minutes or so for me to put up all of the stuff Andy brought. I was excited with this man being in the apartment that I did not know and that had spent most of his visit looking at my body like I was something to be taken and devoured. I was getting turned on from the attention I was getting.

“Can I get you a beer or make you a drink?” I asked the attractive black man that had delivered the booze.

“Nah that’s ok, I got a few more stops to make.” Andy said as he started to get up.

Andy stood up and started walking for the front door. I followed behind him and was going to show him out when he turned around and smiled before saying, “Hey I gotta pick up some weed for Byron, will you be here in an hour or so?”

“I am not sure, I need to run a few errands.” I answered the attractive black man in front of me.

“Ah all right, well shit, let me give you my number and you can call me when you get back and I’ll swing by and bring it over.” Andy said as he opened the door and stepped into the doorway. “Wait, why don’t you go with me and I’ll take you to do your errands.”

I smiled at Andy but his invitation made me nervous. I thought for a few seconds and agreed to go with him. We left the apartment and I got in the truck with Andy. I was really nervous. Here I was in a truck with a man that I knew nothing about but I knew Byron so I figured him being Byron’s friend made it less risky. I caught Andy staring at my legs a few times as we drove from the campus area of our town to a dirtier and seedier part of town. We pulled up to a house that looked run down; there were a couple of guys sitting on the porch drinking beer. Andy asked if I wanted to get out and I said that I would wait for him in the truck. Andy went up to the guys and shook their hands and spoke with them for a few minutes. One of the guys took Andy inside and the other guy stayed outside. The guy that remained outside practically stared at me as I sat in the truck trying not to make eye contact with him. He continued staring my way and after a few minutes he got up and started walking over to me. My heart shot up into my throat as he slowly made his way over. When he reached the truck he looked intently at me through the raised window of the passenger door. He had a big wide smile as he seemed to like what he saw and he slowly knocked on the window.

Andy had taken the keys in with him and the windows were power operated. I gave the drug dealer at the window a nervous smile. He opened the door slowly and smiled at me with a big grin.

“Hey girl, what you sittin’ in this hot truck for?” The man asked as his eyes scanned my bare legs.
“Hi, I am just waiting on Andy.” I replied nervously.

“Why don’t you come on out and cool off? I got a beer here for ya, if you want one.” The thuggish man of at least thirty said as he took a step to the side.

I had no fucking clue what to do. This guy was older than me by ten plus years and was thuggish looking. I was nervous but also turned on. The guy inviting me to have a beer with him reminded me of Tyrone. He was gangster and knowing I was dressed like a cowgirl bar slut got me even more excited. Finally I decided that it would be better to get out and have a beer then act like a stuck up white bitch.

“Uhm, a beer sounds real good about now. Thanks.” I said and worked my way out of the seat of the truck.

I waited a second for the man to lead the way to the beer but he held out his arm offering to me to walk in front of him. I walked in front of him slowly towards the porch. As I walked toward the porch I could hear him moaning a low ‘Mmmhhmmm’, he seemed to greatly appreciate the view in front of him. I sat on the porch step as he reached into the cooler and grabbed a beer.

“Here you go girl.” The man said as he sat in his lawn chair and then handed me my beer.

“Thank you.” I said before taking a pull from the beer bottle.

“So what you doin up in this part of town?” The man asked as his eyes roamed my legs.

“I just came with Andy to get some stuff.” I answered nervously before taking another sip of my beer.

“So you with Andy?” The man asked with a devilish grin on his face.

“No, he is a friend of my boyfriends” I said taking another drink.

“So, Andy getting some shit for you or for your man?” The man asked as he killed his beer and got another out of his cooler.

“He is getting some stuff for my boyfriend.” I answered with a nervous smile.

“Nice, well you know where we are so if you ever need anything, come and see me. By the way I am Little B” the man introduced himself as he got another beer out of the cooler and handed it to me.

I wasn’t even finished with the first one so I killed it and then popped the top on the second beer.

“Well thanks, I don’t usually smoke a lot but I’ll keep it in mind.” I answered as I began wondering what was taking Andy so long.

Little B asked a few more questions like how old I was and if I was going to Tech. I lied to him and said that yes I did go to Tech and that I was nineteen. I killed the rest of my beer and Little B offered me another one but I told him thank you and that I would have to pass. I heard the front door squeak open and Andy and the other man walked outside.

“Oh hey girl, sorry that took so long.” Andy said as he stood next to me on the front porch.

The pungent smell of weed rolled out of the house. Andy had been getting high as I waited outside for him.

I stood up and faced toward Andy before saying sheepishly, “Oh that’s ok.”

“Damn you been holdin out on us Andy, who is this fine little piece” the man that went in the house with Andy said as his eyes locked onto my bare torso.

“Nah man I aint holdin out nothin, this girl is with a friend of mine.” Andy returned as he wrapped his arm around my waist and started walking me back to the truck.

“Lucky ass friend, cause Goddamn.” The other drug dealer said as he watched my ass walk away from him. “Be sure to bring her back over next time you swing by I’d like to get to know this little piece.”

My heart shot up in my throat again not because I was scared but because the idea of these three men ‘getting to know me’ got my pussy wet. We got back in the truck and Andy started it up. We drove down the street before he said anything.

“Well fuck.” Andy said in a low growl.

“What?” I asked Andy not understanding.

“I shouldn’t have taken you over there.” Andy said as he took comfort in his buzz even though he seemed frustrated with himself.

“Why, they seemed cool.” I returned.

“Now I gotta find a new guy for my shit.” Andy said still frustrated.

“Why would you have to do that?” I asked not putting it all together.

“Because, you’re dressed like that and Little B and Marvin love white girls that like being around brothers. They will jack up the price next time unless I send you over there and let them fuck you.” Andy said as he looked over at me.

“As much shit as you buy from them? I doubt that.” I responded actually being turned on by the possibility.

“Shit, that’s true I buy all the shit for the frat from those two but, after the way those two were looking at you, fuck, I’ll just have to find another dealer.” Andy said in return.

“Sorry I messed that up for you.” I offered sheepishly.

“Nah it’s not your fault, I should have been thinking better than that.” He replied.

“Well that sucks, I still feel bad.” I offered to Andy.

“Ah don’t worry about it; I know plenty of dealers in this town.” Andy said with a grin. “Shit where we headed where you need to go to run your errands?” Andy asked.

“Oh that’s ok, you can take me back to the apartment.” I told Andy.

“Nah where you need to go, I don’t mind.” Andy returned.

“Well actually I left my purse at the apartment, so I’ll just have to do them later.” I said dismissing his offer to take me around town.

“All right, well I’ll swing you by there and drop you off. I gotta few more runs to make.” Andy said as he made lane changes through the street.

It took about ten minutes for us to get back to the apartment. We pulled into the parking lot close to Byron’s door and I offered an invitation for Andy to come in. I was just getting tipsy from drinking those two beers, but I was horny more than anything else from the visit to the drug dealer’s house. My urge to be used as a slut was in overdrive. He declined and said that he would see me next time he was over. He handed me the plastic bag of weed and I let myself out of the truck. I felt bad that I had made a mess of sorts for him and finally I just blurted out that he should come in and smoke some of this dope and that I would give him the best blowjob he had ever had. That changed his mind and so he parked the truck and we went into the apartment. I told Andy to have a seat and roll us a joint and I would get us a few beers. When I came back out with the beers Andy had finished rolling the joint and so I opened his beer and handed it to him. He was sitting on the couch so I sat next to him as he lit up. I took a long pull of my beer and then took the cigarette Andy passed me. I took a long drag from the joint and held the smoke in my lungs for half a minute. I hacked a little as I coughed up the smoke and handed the joint back to Andy. The pot he got from Little B and Marvin was the best shit I had ever had; it was a damn shame that Andy was going to have to find a new supplier.

Andy took another drag and leaned back into the couch and I sat my beer on the coffee table and got out of my seat. I stepped between Andy’s legs and went to my knees. I slowly worked his pants open and pulled his medium sized cock out and slowly started licking his shaft. So far this was the smallest black cock I had sucked or licked on and it was at least eight inches long. I took his head in my mouth and slowly rolled my tongue over his head, making sure to hit all the sensitive spots. I slowly pushed and pulled my mouth up and down the top third of his cock. I sucked tight on his head for about five minutes, just enjoying the feel of cock in my mouth. Then I pulled off and sucked and licked his balls. I worked each ball in my mouth as I stroked his cock slowly in my hand. When I finished with his balls he lowered the joint to my lips and I took another long hit and held it. After exhaling the smoke I took him back in my mouth and started working more of his cock into my mouth and now my throat. I love the feel of a nice good sized dick as it pushes into my throat and all the nerves in my throat start reacting to the intrusion. Andy had the perfect size of cock to deep throat and I took him completely until I felt hairs on my nose. I held him as long as I could before having to pull off of him to get some air. I then went back to pushing and pulling my mouth up and down his dick as I sucked tight on him. Then I would deep throat him and repeat the cycle.

Andy smoked with one hand and placed the other hand on the back of my head as he grabbed my hair and started bucking his hips making his cock forcefully fuck my mouth and throat. For another ten minutes Andy fucked my throat or I would deep throat him. With one hard thrust he pushed his black dick all the way down my throat as he started shooting his cum. I took his load and swallowed each squirt. He handed me the joint and so I took another long drag. He started to get up but I told him to wait and I handed him the joint back and then I licked his cock and balls clean. Then I got up and sat next to him and gulped my beer down.
“God damn, you suck good dick girl!” Andy said as he started putting his cock back in his pants.
“Thanks, and I tell you what. If those dealers try to jack up the price, tell em I will suck their cocks to get the price back to square.” I responded as I took another hit of weed.
“What?” Andy said surprised.

“If they jack up the price tell em I’ll suck their cocks to get it back to where it needs to be.” I returned again.

“No way girl, those guys are gangsters through and through. They won’t settle for just a blowjob.” Andy said in a chuckle.

“Well, that was the best weed I have ever had, and I feel responsible so if they do raise the price then tell em that I’ll blow em.” I offered again.

“Nah you don’t understand those guys won’t settle for just a blowjob, and after seeing you today, shit those fools will want to take their time with you and fuck you good.

“Oh ok, well if they will settle for the blowjob I will abide them but fucking them, I am not sure Byron would want me doin that.” I answered in a bummed out tone.

“Well shit, I gotta get going girl, it was nice meetin you and thanks for the suck.” Andy said as he got off the couch and started walking towards the door.

“Nice meetin you Andy and thanks for the booze and koosh.” I said as I walked him to the door.

Andy left and I finished putting up the booze into the cupboards. It was four in the afternoon and Byron, Tomas and Roberto would be home in a few hours. I decided to have a light late lunch so I made some soup and ate that then crashed on the couch for about an hour. I woke up to my phone alarm going off. I got up and took a quick shower and as I had been instructed I stayed nude in anticipation of my Daddies’ arrival. I rolled a joint and took a few hits off of that and then my phone rang. It was Byron and he said they just got in and that they would be at the apartment in about thirty minutes. I was super horny from the koosh and the anticipation of being fucked all night long. I was anxious and eager for the guys to get home. I was so hot and ready for cock and I was aching to please myself but I resisted. Finally I heard a vehicle pull up and I ran to the window and peeked through the shudders and it was them. I raced back into the kitchen and pulled out three beers and got them ready then raced back into the living room as I heard them opening the door. Tomas was the first one through the door and I stood with nothing on but a smile and three beers in my hands.

“Hell yes, baby girl knows what’s up!” Tomas said as he dropped his gear bag at the side of the door.

“Hi Tomas, welcome home baby.” I said as I stretched my arms out offering a beer.

Tomas scanned my naked body as he licked his lips and took one of the beers from me.
Roberto came in next and grabbed a beer and took a long pull from the bottle. He started walking past me towards his room and slapped my ass hard making me squeak and jump.

“Be right back bitch.” Roberto said as he went on into his room.

Byron came in and dropped his bag and walked to me and took his beer then grabbed me in one arm and pulled me into him and gave me a long deep tongue kiss. I sucked on his tongue as he forced his tongue into my mouth hungrily. We kissed for about a minute before he took his arm from around me then put his hand on my shoulder and pressed downwards. Taking the cue I slowly slid to my knees and brought my hands to his sweat bottoms. I slowly pulled down his pants and took a deep breath as his musky cock scent filled my nose. I took his eleven inch cock into my mouth and sucked his head and rolled my tongue over it. I spent a few minutes on his cock head and then started taking him deeper into my mouth. I pushed and pulled sucking him tight as my lips slid up and down his shaft.

“Ah fuck yeah, been dreaming of your lips on my dick.” Byron said as he placed his free hand behind my head.

I started sucking him faster and faster taking his cock head to the entrance of my throat. I was in heaven having my Daddies big black cock in my mouth and I readied myself for taking him in my throat. I took in a deep breath through my nose and then began forcing my throat down his dick. It had been more than a week since I had his cock in my throat and I was not able to take him completely. The first few times I tried to take him I had to pull off from the gag and choking reflex. On my sixth try I took it all and damn near had an orgasm as his black cock choked me. I tried to pull off of him after holding myself on his shaft but he held my head down for another ten seconds or so as I choked and gagged on his thick dick. He let me up to catch my breath and after I composed myself I went right back to sucking on his cock. Tomas joined in by getting on his back and slid his head under me and he began sucking and licking on my sopping pussy. For the next few minutes Tomas ate my pussy as I either sucked or deep throated Byron or Byron just fucked my mouth and throat.
Tomas tired of eating pussy and got up and then pulled me up at the hips and back a little. I opened my legs wide and anticipated the feeling of his thick cock pressing into my cunt.

“Nah fuck that I want in the shit first.” Byron said as he pulled me off his cock by grabbing a fist full of my hair.

“All right then spin that bitch around.” Tomas said as he grabbed my hair in his hand and pulled me around.

The rough treatment stimulated me. Byron brought both of his hands down hard in a slap on each ass cheek before he grabbed my hips in one hand and guided his long dick to my cunt with the other. Even before Byron’s cock was pressing on my pussy lips Tomas had his cock in my mouth and throat and was fucking my face. Byron slowly stroked his dick into me which brought a squeak and a long deep moan out of my throat into Tomas’s cock. My whole body quivered as Byron’s cock slid into my cunt slowly.

“As shit yeah, that pussy is nice and tight.” Byron growled as he bottomed out in my cunt and held his cock in me.

I was moaning and sucking as Tomas stroked his dick in and out of my throat and mouth. Byron started to pull his cock from my pussy and another shiver ran through my body. My clit was tingling as Byron started stroking back into me slowly. After just a few slow strokes of his long black dick into me my muscles locked up as my cunt cam all over his black dick.

“Fuck yeah, cum on that dick slut.” Byron said as he started fucking my pussy a little faster as my pussy continued contracting on his cock.

Roberto walked in, after taking a shower, and dropped his sweat pants to the floor and stood next to Tomas. As Byron continued fucking my pussy Tomas and Roberto started passing my mouth and throat between them. I was so horny as I was bent over being fucked from behind as the other two shared my mouth. This was the best feeling in the world being used by my three black daddies. Byron continued to fuck my pussy harder and harder as Tom and Roberto kept asking me if I was enjoying their black cocks. In the few instances that I didn’t have a cock in my mouth I was telling them that I loved having their black cocks in my mouth and throat or I was begging Byron to fuck me deeper and harder. Roberto was the first to give me his load as I sucked on his cock. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me off his cock as his first thick load shot onto my face. I held my mouth open but the second load was a blast of cum from my lips across my nose into my eye and in my hair. The rest he shot into my mouth which I dutifully swallowed.

Roberto went and sat down after I cleaned his head of leaking cum and started rolling a joint and then Tomas immediately forced his cock into my mouth. Byron had been alternating between slow and steady to fast and hard strokes into my cunt. He brought me to two more orgasms before he buried his cock into me and shot his load in me. When he pulled out of me he grabbed my hair again and spun me around and ordered me to clean his cock off. I did and Tomas took the opportunity to mount me from behind. In one stroke Tomas buried his thick cock into my cunt as I began screaming obscenities into Byron’s cock. Byron removed his cock from my mouth and sat next to Roberto on the couch and smoked the joint. Tomas lifted me off my feet and pulled my legs wide and started bouncing me up and down his cock. I was moaning and screaming in ecstasy.

“Yeah baby, fuck me with that black dick!” I screamed as I tried to keep my balance centered.

After a few minutes of bouncing me up and down his cock he pivoted and threw me off balance so that I had to throw my hands out on the couch to catch myself. Tomas then took a few steps back as he held his hands on the inner parts of my thighs making me walk on my hands to the floor. After he had me in the wheel barrow position he started fucking me again hard and fast. He held my legs out wide as he plunged into my wet cunt. He started growling at me about how he was going to fucking use my ass, mouth and pussy all weekend. I could barely answer him and when I did it was in indiscernible pants and moans. My arms gave out and I crumpled onto my chest as my pussy quivered with another orgasm.

Tomas let one of my legs free and then the other as I lay on my stomach panting and trying to take in a good breath as my orgasm subsided. Then I felt his weight as he laid on me and then whispered into my ear ordering me to open my legs. I did as was told and instantly he had his cock in my pussy and started fucking me hard and fast. As Tomas fucked me nonstop Roberto sat in front of me and scooted close enough so that I could take his cock in my mouth. I sucked Roberto from half erect to hard as Tomas never missed a thrust into my pussy. I sucked Roberto as Tomas continued to fuck my pussy for about ten minutes before Tomas pulled out and shot his load all over my back. Byron got on his knees after going to his room and squirted some KY Jelly on my ass hole and then pulled me up to my knees at my hips. Slowly he slid pressed his cock into my sphincter as I just held my mouth on Roberto’s cock. With a sharp pain I let out a scream as Byron’s head pushed into my ass hole. Byron slowly pushed his hips into me making me take his cock in my ass slowly inch by inch. I just laid there with my hands on my ass cheeks pulling them wide as I screamed into Roberto’s cock. When he bottomed out in my ass Byron held his cock allowing my hole to adjust to the girth of his dick. Byron started rocking into me slowly pushing and pulling my ass on his cock. Roberto grabbed a fist full of my hair and pulled my mouth off his cock and then went to his knees before feeding me his cock again. This was my favorite way to get fucked, a big black dick in my ass or pussy and another one fucking my mouth and throat.

“Yeah little slut, you gonna get fucked all weekend.” Byron growled as he quickened his pace as and fucked my ass, his big strong hands gripping tightly on the sides of my hips.

“Hell yeah, we gonna fuck you till you beg for us to stop.” Roberto said as he fucked my throat.

The double fucking continued for about five minutes before Roberto announced he wanted my pussy. Byron pulled out of my ass and laid down and I got up and squatted over him in reverse cowgirl. I slowly slid down his long cock and then rode him a few times before Roberto pushed me back so that I was laying on Byron. Roberto got between my legs and then just started to fuck me like I was the last piece of pussy he was ever going to get. I was screaming and moaning as both men fucked my ass and pussy. Tomas came over and kneeled to my side and again grabbed my hair and pulled my mouth to his dick. It was impossible to suck him properly in this position but having his cock in my mouth and the two dicks in my ass and cunt felt wonderful. I was born to have all three of my holes filled with black dick and I was in pure ecstasy. The three men fucked me for about fifteen minutes like that and almost in unison Byron and Roberto started shooting their loads of hot cum into my pussy and ass. After filling my cunt with cum Roberto got up and went to shower. I rolled off of Byron who got up and sat back down and started smoking a joint. Tomas helped himself as I laid on the floor breathing heavily and trying to recover from the fucking I just was given. Tomas lay on top of me and guided his cock into my cum filled pussy and started slamming into me. He leaned up and opened my legs wide and high as he fucked my pussy hard and fast. In about fifteen minutes, and two orgasms later for me, he lurched forward, all of his weight on my body and let his cum loads shoot into my cunt.

I just laid there moaning and panting as I tried to get air into my lungs, which was hard with Tomas’s two hundred and twenty five pounds on me. He rolled off of me and we just sat there for a few minutes. Byron passed a joint to Tomas and then it was passed to me. I took in a long drag before Byron ordered me to get up and get them a beer. I did as was told and got four beers, I took Byron and Tomas their beers and then went into the bathroom and gave Roberto his. I was about to leave the bathroom after giving him his beer before he told me to get into the shower and suck his black dick. I did so eagerly and had him cumming in my mouth in about fifteen minutes. Roberto got out of the shower and I stayed in for a few minutes cleaning the dried cum off my face, hair, body and legs. Then I got out and went and sat with my three black daddies and drank my beer before I was ordered to get them more to drink and to suck each of their cocks, again.
The rest of the night I got them drinks and made them something to eat and sucked cock or got fucked and loved every damn minute of it.

At one point Byron got a phone call from someone telling them to get to the frat house for a thrown together party. Byron told them they might try and make it by later. Roberto asked what was up and Byron said there was a party at the frat house, he said Samantha was putting on a show and they wanted us to come over.

Tomas announced, “Fuck that, they just gonna gang fuck her and I am too fucking tired to get ready just to dump a load in that bitch. Hell we got a better slut than that old hoe anyway.”

Byron returned, “Yeah I hear ya I am fucking wasted and tired so fuck that shit.”

We sat for about ten minutes more watching a basketball game on TV. Tomas finally reached his limit and announced he was going to bed, which made me sad a little. It was only ten thirty and I was ready for more dick. Tomas went to bed and after getting the three of us more beers I took the initiative and started giving Byron head. This got the party going again and in no time I was on my hands and knees taking Roberto from behind while I sucked on Byron’s cock. For the next hour Byron and Roberto fucked me in all my holes. Byron dumped his load into my ass and then he went to bed. I rode Roberto’s cock until he buried his load in me and then we smoked another joint. At mid night Roberto said he wanted to go to the frat house and asked if I wanted to come. I told him hell yeah I wanted to go and so he went and got in the shower and I joined him. We spent about fifteen minutes making out before I washed him and he got out. I washed again and douched my pussy and ass of cum and then I got dressed. The only thing I had that was sexy was the daisy duke shorts and the top I wore that day so I threw them back on.

We got in Tomas’s SUV and went to the frat house. There weren’t a lot of cars there maybe ten or so. When we went inside the front rooms were empty but we could hear some music thumping throughout the house. We made our way to the pool room where we found Sammy being double fucked on the pool table as some little blonde chick was getting a cock in each hole and taking turns on two other guys’ dicks in her mouth.

“Ah fuck yeah, about time you fuckers showed up!” Malcolm roared as he looked up from Samantha’s mouth taking his cock.

“Well, just me and Heather, them other light weights already passed out.” Roberto said as he sat down in a sofa and pulled me across his lap.

Malcolm smiled big at me before saying, “Hell yeah, gotta know Heather gonna be where the black dick is.”

I laughed and yelled back over the music, “Hell yeah, you know me too well Malcolm.

We sat for a few minutes and watched Sammy and the blonde girl getting gang fucked. I was wet and ready to have a little fun myself. Watching Sammy getting fucked always made me hot and ready for my own cock.

We sat for a few minutes more and then Malcolm asked, “Well Heather you come here to get some dick or just watch real sluts in action?”

I smiled at the challenge and slid out of Roberto’s lap. I slowly swaggered over to the corner of the pool table and gave Malcolm a come fuck me look. Then I spread my legs wide so the corner of the pool table was right in my crotch and bent over at the waist and rested on my elbows.

“Malcolm, as you well know, I am as slutty as they come.” I responded in a smile. I lifted up a bit resting my hand on my hip as I arched my back and looked over to two guys that were sitting watching the show, “Which one of you is first?”

Both guys shot up like a cannon shot them off the couch they were sitting on. Then they stopped not wanting to go in front of the other.

“Fuck it I’ll take you both!” I said loudly so the room could hear me.

Most of the guys in the little pool room let out a cat call or a whistle or a hell yeah. I laid my chest on the pool table and reached back and with one hand I pulled the loose crotch of my shorts to the side. The two guys were already out of their pants approached me. I kept in my position and one of the guys pulled in behind me and grabbed my hip in one hand and started rubbing his cock up and down my pussy. As the guy behind me teased me with his cock head I leaned to my left towards the other guy and he stepped in close. I took his cock into my mouth and the guy behind me stroked his dick into my cunt. I took both cocks at each end for about ten minutes then they switched places. Both guys fucked me for about twenty minutes before shooting their loads and finished with me. The little blonde that I didn’t know her name finished up with her three and then went and sat with her boyfriend and shortly left as the guys in the room seemed only interested in fucking Sammy and I.

For the next two hours Samantha and I got fucked by seven guys. She took three on while four guys filled my holes with cock. Sammy finished with hers before the four guys fucking me finished with me. Malcolm announced that the party was over so everyone started leaving. Malcolm told Roberto and I to stay behind and help clean up, in actuality Malcolm and Roberto swapped between Sammy and I for the next hour. I cam so many times I lost count. Roberto and I went back to the apartment and smoked a joint and I sucked Roberto off and then we went to bed. I opted to lay in Byron’s bed, not knowing if I was allowed to sleep in any of the other guys beds, yet.
The following day I woke up to two cocks in my face which I hungrily sucked and was taken by them both. The rest of the day and Sunday night I was servant to my three daddies. They used me as a waitress and tipped me with loads of thick hot cum. All three of my Daddies fucked me at least five times during the day. Once again when Monday came around I was late for school but this time my parents were called. I got into a huge fight with them when I got home from school and I was told that I would not be permitted to do anything but go to school and come home until they decided my punishment was enough. Later that night I packed what I could carry into my car and left and went to Byron’s apartment. Byron said that I could stay but that I had to go to class. I told him I would and then for two weeks I was fucked every single night usually by all three of my daddies. Each night I slept in one of my daddy’s beds, never the same one two nights in a row. I was a true slut being used by three dominant black men and I was as content as I could be.

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Eat my cum you whore!

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It's good to find the fans by face book but the most important thing is:Many pepoles come to the field to support with the real sound and real watch not by online. When they play they can't see or check with the web or online, they need to see only their fans come to support them.

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说:I’ve found that it’s difficult to ralely make money off of the local menu concept outside of Northern California. It’s still pretty hard up in Silicon Valley. San Francisco seems to be unique in its wholesale adoption.


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Finally! I've been waiting for soo long. I can't wait to get into bed tonight and read all about Heathers adventures. (I'm gonna cum soo hard ;-)


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