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Zombies and the stories of desperate people and the sex that occurs
Ok so my old story failed so i'm trying something new based off a dream I had comment on what you think.
Welcome to my world Owen Nix, thats the name and I've lived one hell of a life. Let's begin from the start. I was born in a small town not far from where I live today. The town was Warsaw, OH but after financial problems occured we moved here in Castile, OH. It all started about 4 days ago when my brother Derek, and I were driving home from the baseball game in Louisvile when he turned on the radio. I couldn't believe what I was hearing..A zombie virus? The man's voice sounded sincere giving off directions on what civilians should do. My brother turned off the radio and turned to me.
"Just some stupid shit, its like what they did with The War of Worlds."
" I, hope so." Trying not think about it.
"Just trust me, I'm pretty tired so were gonna stop in Columbus ok?"
"Yeah it's fine." Not wanting to begin a fight, anyways he was probably right.
After about 4 hours of driving we hit Columbus, nothing really looked strange. Traffic was heading both in and out, each passing pair of headlights seemed to blend together as my eyes began to become heavy. I realized how tired I was since it was 3:00am and now I was certain that nothing was wrong.
"Don't you fuckin fall asleep, I gotta stay up so do you!"
Yeah he was definetly my brother, so for another five minutes I remained awake until we reached the hotel. My brother bought a room and we headed up towards our room. 5th floor, large room, two beds, a t.v and a very small bathroom. At that point I guess it didn't really matter, I would have slept in a barn if I had to. My brother left as we had just settled down.
"Where ya heading?"
"I gotta smoke"
Yeah he still can't smoke around his 16 year old brother and I don't blame him if mom ever found out she'd kill him. It's not something hes very proud of but yet he does it to relieve stress or just cool down after a long day. I turned on the T.V, nothing about a zombie virus.....oh well. I turned on sportscenter and fell asleep. I awoke to the sound of Derek coming in at about 3:45. I turned to see an object flying at me. Ever tried to catch something in dim lighting without your glasses? Yeah it doesn't always work out well. So they object clunked me in the head. Jesus Christ did he throw a fucking rock at me?! As I turned on the light I saw the object in fact was a gun. His paranoia got the better of him. My brother was an ex-Navy man and like most military men he was always paranoid of invasion or something to that effect. In his trunk he always kept supplies like medication, dehydrated food and water. Underneath in the secret compartment he kept 2 automatic guns and enough amunition to kill everyone in Columbus, how perfect. As I looked at the gun I didn't bother to question him, with me around he took no chances. I awoke to my brother shaking me. God what time was it, it felt like I barely rested. I rolled over to see the clock say 6:30.
"Any reason we might be waking up this early?" I asked grabbing my gun.
"Miltary style, let's get home. Double time let's go!" I followed him out the door not wanting to dissapoint my C.O.
"How'd you get the guns through here last night?" Now worried that we weren't on the run from the cops.
"I told the guy at the desk of what we had heard on the radio and he let me bring them up."
"Bullshit he wouldn't just let you walk through with loaded weapons!"
"They weren't loaded."
"Then what's this?" showing him my loaded clip.
"What I brought in before the guns."
That guy defenitly should be fired. We exited through the side exit, my brother was on guard, so I followed making sure to keep my eyes open. If this zombie virus did exist, I was not going to be killed eaisly. We walked stacked until we reached his car and we did a quick survey before getting in the car. My brother jumped on the interstate and our voyage continued once more. We passed cars pulled to the side of the road and some were driving like us, some heading towards Columbus, some heading the same way as us. It was a perfect day the sun was out, not a cloud in the sky and the temperature was perfect yet, it seemed eerie. Now my paranoia was setting in and I kenw it. Everything seemed normal yet, I was more alert than ever, gun in hand, ready for action at any minute.
"Easy, we're good as long as I keep on the road ok?" As if that was going to soothe my tensions
"We'll be good when we're home, until then my guard is on full alert." He didn't resond he knew I was not going to be persuaded.
We drove for only about 3 more hours until we hit the town.
"Full alert 200% somethings not right." My brother ment buisness so I put down my window and aimed my gun out the window.
There was nothing, sure our town was small and quiet but not even a dog was out. We pulled up to our road and there we saw the first creatures. They were soulless, ugly and bloody. My brother turned the car around and got out of the car and signaled for me to meet infront of the car.
"Ok I counted 15." My brother said whispering.
"13" I replied
"Ok even better, we don't need to cause any extra attention, hold your bullets unlesss neccesary. We move right up the street stay out of sight and on me. We'll get to Mom and Dad through the kitchen window, got it?" I nodded "Ok, then get back in the car and survey the people make sure Mom and Dad aren't there."
I followed my brother's orders and looked into the crowd of the undead praying not to see the familiar faces of my family. I jumped out of the car with a sigh of relief.
"Ok, good now on me, let's get them out of there."
We moved through the back woods, yes dangerous but hidden. We moved slowly usually waiting for about five mins before moving to a new position. We reached as far as the woods would cover us and waited for about 10 minutes.
"Ok I'd say about 20 yards seperating us from the house. You run for the door and get in, i'll provide covering fire if needed."
"Gotcha." I would be the fucking bait.
My heart stopped as I broke cover, I've never ran so fast it seemed like a blur, so much of a blur I forgot to keep my gun up. As I slowed in front of the door I opened it with my key. Yet any trouble occured but I wasn't complaining. I gave my brother the signal, he came from cover much slower than I had. He kept a steady pace refusing to lower his guard.
"Any noise?" He asked
"Not anything, I think were good." My big fucking mouth, a loud thud hit the ground and rolled across the floor above us. We weren't alone. We moved slowly checking our corners, then steps came from the steps, slow and hesitant. My brother and I readied to fire when we saw the biggest relief in our lives. My dad walked downstairs with a bloodied baseball bat. Hugs were exchanged as my mom came downstairs to join us with tears in her eyes. She embraced us harder than anytime before, hard enough to draw the air from our lungs.
"What's the situation?" As my brother finally escaped the grasp of my mother. My dad cleared his throat.
"Well as you know there is a zombie virus, no one knows how it started but like any movie if you're bitten your're good as dead. Also, heart and brain are the targets if you wanna kill'em."
"Any other survivors?" I squeaked out still suffacating.
"Yes, quite a few actually there in the community center, we were heading there last night with the pets when the things first arose and came for us. The pets are trapped in the car, surrounded by the zombies. Also the school has been transformed into a major safe house for the all the towns of Bliss, Eagle, Silver Springs, Pike, Hermatige, Gainesville and Castile."
"Ok let's get you out of here, we'll get them of the car then you guys get in and drive for the school. We'll get the survivors from the community center and we'll meet you there." My brother said without any fear.
Derek pulled me aside
"This is a suicide mission if we don't excecute understand?"
I nodded
"Ok once we clear them to the car we gotta sprint for my car. Hopefully there aren't many zombies other than these ones."
My parents came downstairs my dad holding a bat, my mom a case of water. We stacked up, my brother would lead and I would trail my mom and dad. Derek counted down and opened the door. We went through the back door in hope of less contact but it looked sure that it was going to be a conflict either way. My brother began to unload his gun into the zombies surrounding our parents' vehicle.
"Get in now! Owen get mom in I'll cover dad."
"Got it!" I echoed his call.
I sprinted to my mom's side of the car when I saw a mass of maybe 20 or 30 zombies heading our way. I opened the door for my mom with one hand while I fired with the other.
"Got'em on my side too maybe 30 or so. Get them out of here now" I yelled.
My mom got in the car with watering eyes.
"Goodbye Mom, I love you." I couldn't stop from crying either.
I shut the door and turned to fire, tears blocked my vision. I wiped my eyes and went back to shooting, finally the car started up and moved from the driveway. As I turned there was a sight that I will never forget. My brother swarmed by zombies yelling "Forever Strong! Forever Blue!" as he fired every shot he had into the bodies of zombies. So lost in the sight I had forgotten to shoot and cleared the remaining zombies as my brother reloaded.
"Forget it! Run for it!" I yelled as i began to sprint for his car.
Again my mouth would cost us once more as I saw 10 zombies between us and the car. I began to shoot when I ran out of ammo in my clip. What Luck! I flipped my gun and began to swing. There was no way I was going to die today. I smashed two heads before I saw bullets take out the rest. I only saw my brother smile as he ran past me into the car. I jumped into the car as my brother floored it out of there.
"Too close." I sighed.
We drove about 7 blocks, until we hit the line of cars infront of the community center. As we negotiated with the door keepers we were allowed in and the faces of the survivors lit up. We were bombarded with questions until I snapped.
"Shut up!..Ok this is the situation, the schools a major safezone full of food medicine and water. We can't stay here for much longer. So we need to grab all the supplies, load them in the cars and drive to the school."
"We don't have enough cars to drive everyone." A man shouted out
"I know...." I paused to search for options when I saw a group that would work perfectly
"Ok. Swon, Nate, Bonze, Jared and Dumpy will acompany me along with a group of teenagers, we'll take the guns and walk while the young and the elderly will take vehicles. We don't need to be slowed down. Our trip starts tommorow it'll give us another day of rest. All supplies by the door, all weapons layed out for the teenagers to pick from and everyone get some rest."
That brings us up to where we are now. iIm walking aroung thinking of what I can do.
"This isn't much of a plan is it?
"No Derek, it's not but it'll get us to the next day and that's what we need."
"But isn't waiting the better option?"
"No we'll burn too much fuel, we need to We don't know what situation will come."
"Ok just be careful."
As I walked to the window in my bedding quarters, I heard footsteps.
"Hi Owen."
That voice sweet and rememberable. Had to be nobody but Sammy D. Sammy was about a 5'3 blonde girl that was the grade above me when school still existed. As I turned to greet her with a smile I realzed she was crying.
"Whats wrong Sammy?"
"I got selected to walk." Shit! I wanted it to be all boys, so that if worse comes to worse we could jump start the population again with the girls. However if we lose them it could ruin our chances of a back up plan. I grabbed her and brought her close. Her head rested on my shoulder as she soaked my shirt.
"Shhh, don't cry. c'mon wheres Dakota?" Dakota was her boyfriend and I hoped that atleast he could try to comfort her.
"He's dead! They got him!" More tears flowed from her eyes, I rubbed her and eventually kissed her forehead as she finally settled down.
"Don't worry, I'll protect you. Just don't worry!"
She looked up at me with her twinkling eyes.
"You promise?"
"I promise" At the exact moment she caught me by suprise and kissed me but I didn't dare break it. It reminded me that maybe not everything is so bad.
So tired from crying I laid Sammy down on my bed and let her fall asleep. As I turned to find who else was walking I was confronted by my brother.
"I got two more spaces left to take."
"Do you have a list of people who are walking?"
"Yeah, here."
I looked down the list of the 14 that would be walking. By some stroke of luck 12 of them were boys. I saw the other girl her name was Renae. G, she was the 5'9 athletic skinny blonde with a great ass but an annoying personality. I remembered in school how much I hated her but wanted to bang her at the same time. I put my hatred aside, I knew what had to be done.
"Take the two girls, let the boys handle themselves."
It was about 5:30 when dinner rations were served, I took Sam's and brought them to her in bed.
"Sam wake up." I said soothingly as I lightly shook her to wake her up. She woke up and smilied when she saw me holding her rations.
"Dinner already! How long have I been out?"
"About 4 hours."
"I'm really sorry, about earlier. I promise I'll be cooperative when we walk."
"No you, won't!" Tears began to form in her eyes. "Because you'll be riding." Her smile was the brightest I'd ever seen.
"Oh how can I ever repay you?!" She asked as she hugged me
"How about you eat your rations?"
"Or maybe I do this" She pulled me down on top of her as she kissed me.
Her hand went into my pants and began to jerk me off. Oh I loved the feeling but I wasn't about to let her have all the fun. So I began to massage her lips through her tight pants. She lightly moaned into the kiss as she obviously was savoring the moment like I was. Here I was with a girl I knew I could never have in high school and now she lies underneath me whacking me off. I was ready and I took off her pants. I pulled the curtain where the opening to the rest of the survivors were so they could not see the fun that we were about to have. As I turned Sam pounced me again kissing me. I began to insert my finger when she let out a loud moan into my mouth. I broke the kiss, she was completly ready staring into my eyes with lust. She dropped to her knees and grabbed my dick out of my pants. She just stared at it for awhile, until finally she stuck out her tounge and licked from my balls all the way under my shaft to my tip. All she gave was a cute smile before she put my head into her mouth. She licked all around, her breath was enough to make me wanna cum but i had to hold out. She stopped licking and gave me another smile then se took almost my whole dick into her mouth and she vigurously sucked.About 5 minutes passed when I was on the verge.
"Sam I'm gonna cum!"
Instantly she took my dick out of her mouth, took of her shirt and rested on her heels pointing her B-cup breasts in the air
"C'mon! Cum all over me!"
How could I resist she was just to damn beautiful to deny. I quickly whacked off until I sent bursts of cum all over her breasts and face.
"I see you're still hard." Sam said with a giggle as she rubbed most of the cum on her tits into her skin and put the rest on her face into her mouth and swallowed it.
"You wanna take it?" Hoping that she was talking about her virginity I replied:
"Yes! For sure!"
I was right she bent over the bed wiggling her bare ass against me. Her ass was so round and clean, It didn't even have a blemish. I grabbed her hips and pressed my dick against her pussy.
"Please go easy." She said as she turned to me.
"I will, I would never hurt you"
I slowly entered her vagina, instantly she grabbed my pillow and began to moan into it. I couldn't wait any longer and apperently either could she as she thrusted her body into mine probing her on my dick. I fucked her but her cute face wasn't looking towards me and I wanted to see how she was reacting to her filling from my dick. So I rolled her over and removed the pillow. Her face was lost in complete ecstasy, and she couldn't help to moan. I grabbed her and kissed her as I continued to pound her pussy. Out of nowhere I felt her body shake and ripple. I couldn't help myself as I let go inside her pussy. As we both cooled down from our orgasms I heard some good news.
"Im on the pill, and I already have spermicide up there."
"You're really prepared"
"I feared the worst would come but I guess I was wrong." She said with a smile.
"I need some more sleep you don't mind if i stay here tonight do you?"
"No, not at all, Ill be right back."
I walked out and went to the bunkings that contained the walkers and gave them breifing for tommorow's journey.
"Get your affairs straiight, that means family and girlfriends. This may be the last time you ever see them again. Also if you fail to follow the plan this will be a suicide mission, so know the strategy and come prepared." I told each walker.
Some took it better than others, hell I didn't even take it all that well, but in the end we all knew what our fate held. As I returned I found Sam sleeping in my shirt underneath the covers. I walked to the other side of the bed, crawled up next to her, and wrapped my hand around her. Just as was about to daze off I heard a faint voice.
"I think I love you"
I think I love you too."
I dozed off in preperation for the next day. I could make no mistakes.
So that's the chapter things you should know
1.The times the Indented quotations that means I'm Talking.
2. Sorry If the details don't exactly spell out
3. There will be more sex eventually this was kind of an introduction chapter
4. The next chapter will be the walk and the safe house
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