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Part 3.
There were handcuffs attached to the poles of the bed. Dale and Garret took Hayly’s arm and led them to the cuffs. Of course, she tried to resist flailing and trying to get them off and away. But Dale and Garret were pretty strong, despite Garret being a bit skinny, and Dale being a big, husky guy. They cuffed her hands to the bed, and went after her legs.

“Get the fuck off me!”

Hayly thrusted her leg towards Dale’s face, almost breaking his nose on impact. He turned his head in pain, and felt his nose. Looking at his hand he saw blood.

“Fuck… you bitch!”

He raised his hand and slapped her across the face. Garret jumped at the slap, and looked surprised.
“Why did you do that?”

“She kicked me in the face man.”

“I promised I’d be gentle though dude.”

“You promised, I didn’t promise shit. She kicked me in the FACE. I’m not just gunna let her do what she wants and kick me in the fucking face.”

Dale gripped her leg tight, so she wasn’t able to move it at all, Garret grabbing the other leg and cuffing it to the bed along with Dale. Hayly’s head was turned to the side, her cheek bright red, he eyes flooding with tears.

“I feel like I’m gunna die… I don’t want this.”

Dale brought out the bag and took out a few things. A gag ball, some anal beads, and a dildo. He handed the ball to Garret.

“Put this on her.”


“Because I said so.”

Garret huffed and put it on her. Hayly began to look almost lifeless, like she was just giving up and giving in. Dale took the beads, and hand Garret the dildo.

“I’m gunna stick these in her, then you can go ahead while I strip down.”

Garret nodded and waited for Dale to go. He climb on top, leaning over her. He put the beads on the side, then taking his hands and putting them under her ass, lifting it up so he could put the beads in. Hayly kept shaking her head.

“No… please. Not there. Please God not there.”

Dale took the beads, and slowly started slipping them into her virgin asshole, one by one. The beads were a medium size, so it wasn’t enough to hurt her too bad. Hayly whimpered again, crying and screaming through the gag, but not of what was screamed or cried was understood.

“Shh, it’s ok. We’re just getting to the fun part.” Dale pet her hair and laid a bit of it a top her breast, giving it a slight squeeze. Dale hopped off the bed and motioned for Garret. While Dale had done his thing, Garret had gotten undressed; Dale was now doing the same.

Garret climbed onto the bed, sitting in front of Hayly’s spread pussy. It glistened in the light of the room, and Garrets boner became a rager. He took the dildo in his hand and pushed it right into Hayly’s pulsing cunt. She continued to shake her head and cry out of pleasure and frustration. But it just wasn’t helping.
“God… it… feels so good. But. I don’t want this… why does it have to be this way?”

Hayly stooped, and closed her eyes, clenching her hands on the cuffs; she tried to relax everything else.
“Just give in… just give in…”

Garret slowly pulled and pushed the dildo in and out of her, then leaning down to lick her clit while doing so. Hayly’s head leaned back, and she began to moan.

“Atta girl.”

Garret was pleased, and softly smiled as he continued to torture her. Dale threw off his last piece of clothing and walked back over to the bed. He walked up and leaned down towards Hayly’s face.

“How do you feel about sucking cock?”

Her eyes grew wide, panicking once more. He took the gag ball off, and climb on top of her, dangling his hard dick in front of her face.

“Suck it.”

She looked up at him, and then at his raging hard member. She gulped, and hesitant, she slowly started licking the head of his penis.

“No, none of this slow shit. I wanna fuck your mouth, stick it in.”

Hayly veered her eyes away, closing them and wrapping her mouth around his cock.

“Ohh God yes… suck that cock. Suck it good.”

Clenching her eyes again, she motioned her head a little faster, swirling her tongue around his cock and gliding it along his shaft. He took his hand and put them on her head, grasping her hair as he began to thrust his dick in and out of her mouth. Hayly began to gag, but she could handle it and just kept going.

“Oh God, yes! I’m gunna cum! Ahhhhh!”

His dick was throbbing so hard in her mouth, when suddenly it just exploded. Cum began to drip from the side of her mouth, and pulled her head away. Dale was breathing hard.

“God damn… that was good. I wonder if your ass feels just as fantastic.”

Garret pulled the dildo out of her and threw it aside, the beads as well.

“Are you ready? “

“Fuck yeah I am.”

They un-cuffed her legs and Dale slide underneath her, lifting her ass up.

“You ready for double penetration?” He whispered in her ear.

Hayly became frantic on the inside, but she knew there was nothing she could do. Garret kneeled in front of her, as Dale grabbed for his own cock.

“Hey man, lift her ass for me, I need my hands.”

Garret obliged and lifted her up. Dale took his still hard and throbbing cock, and slowly put it in her ass. As it slid in, Hayly let out a scream.

“Ahhhhh… Ahhhh no! Stop! It hurts!”

“Don’t worry, it’ll stop hurting soon.”

He thrusted it up inside her, and started fucking her ass.

“Alright buddy, stick it in.”

Garret scooted up, taking his cock in his hand, teasing Hayly’s cunt with it. He probed and rubbed his head around, then slowly stuck it in.

“Errrrrrrg! I can’t take it! Pull it out! It hurts!”

Garret ignored her cries, and started thrusting instantly with Dale. Hayly’s body was bouncing up and down as Dale continued to pound her ass. Garret continued to pound her cunt along with, furiously and fast.
“Ah… God her ass is so tight! I love it!”

“Her pussy’s so wet and tight, it’s hugging my dick. Man I can’t contain myself! Ahh man I love fucking a virgin!”

Dale’s hands where rested on Hayly’s hips, as Garret’s where on her breasts, squeezing them with every thrust he made. Hayly kept letting out her cries in pain as she clenched harder and harder on the cuffs, her wrists were getting rubbed and cut by them, which resulted in them bleeding. She leaned her head back, and continue to yell and cry.

“Stop… stop… please…”

Dale was thrusting so hard, her ass couldn’t take the blow. But he didn’t care.
“Oh man… I’m gunna cum! I’m gunna cum in her ass!”

“I’m cumming too. God dammit! Ahh this feels so good!”

Both their dicks were throbbing inside her, they both made one final thrust, and came inside her at the same time, filling both of her holes with cum. Breathing profusely, dale pulled his dick out from her ass, and slid out. As Garret did as well.

They both got up from the bed, and looked back at her. Her eyes were lifeless, and her body was weak.
“God… please kill me…”

She leaned her head to the side, and passed out from severe exhaustion.

“Hey man, we should do this every night…” Dale proclaimed.

“Are you sure? What if someone finds out?”

“No one will know….”

“I sure hope so.”

Dale and Garret began to head out. Garret left the room last. He looked back towards Hayly, almost regretting his actions as he saw her lifeless body just lying there. He shrugged it off, grabbed his clothes and left the room, closing and locking the door behind him…


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