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Part 2 of 3...
She comes home from work one morning. It is a nice summer morning, with the smell of flowers in the air, fresh cut grass and all of the other wonderful things about summer happening. She approaches the door to the building and out of no where, here he comes. He quickly turns her around to face him, pushes her up against the door and gives her a hard passionate kiss. When he moves his mouth from hers, he quickly puts his hand over her mouth to prevent her from screaming. He then tells her to pretend that everything is cool as they enter the building and make their way to her appartment.

He then moves his hand from her mouth and she immediately starts to beg, please don't do this to me again. He looks at her and calmly says, no, no, my pet, that is not being a good girl like I know you can be for me. Scared, she opens the door and hurries up the four flights of stairs to her appartment, once there she unlocks the door and they enter. He quickly shuts the door and locks it behind them. He then gives her a slap across the face and tells her that is for being a bad girl outside.

He pulls her close to him, lifts her head up by her chin, looks into her eyes and says, there has not been a day that has gone by that I have not thought about you slut. I have been watching you every day. Seeing you coming and going, doing all of your daily stuff, and trying to get me out of your head. Well guess what, I am not going to let you get me out of your head he tells her. Because just when you think it is safe, I will return, just like I have now and he kisses her again. She tries pulling herself away, but with no luck. He has a grip on her and is not going to let go.

He looks at her and begins to laugh and says, I see you are going to try to resist again. Didn't you learn your lesson the last time? Now I am going to have to punish you again. He pulls the rope he has in his pocket out and spins her around, grabs her arms and ties them behind her back. Then he spins her back around and says, I don't know why you have to make this difficult on yourself. He takes the knife he has in his pocket and cuts off her top to reveal her hot pink lace bra. Oh how I love to see you in sexy bra's and panties, you always have nice matching sets on he tells her.

She tries to move away when he takes the knife and moves toward her pants. He gives her a little push and she falls backwards onto the couch. It catches her off guard and she lets out a scream. He immediately slaps her across the face, then grabs a scarf she has laying on the coffee table and uses it as a gag, tying it around her mouth and knotting it in the back. He tells her, now you are going to be my good little bitch or things will only get worse for you. He then takes the knife and cuts the button off of her pants and uses the tip of the blade to unzip them. He reaches down and pulls them off of her to reveal that she indeed does have matching hot pink lace panties on.

Then he climbs on top of her, removes the gag and starts to kiss her one more time. She tries to turn her head as he does and he slaps her again. Please I want you off of me, don't do this to me again, please she begs. All this does is make him laugh, put the gag back into her mouth and say, who do you think is in charge here slut? You know I am going to take what I want, and from what I see from your hardened nipples, your body will respond to my urges once again. In her own mind, she knew he was completely right, but would never let him know.

Then as fast as he had climbed on top of her, he moved off and pulled her to her feet. Then he pushed on her shoulders to get her to kneel in front of him, he pulled the gag from his mouth, removed his cock from his pants and shoved it into her mouth before she even knew what was happening. He begins to fuck her mouth, slowly and not very deep at first so she could get use to his cock in her mouth. Just as fast as he had shoved his cock into her mouth, he started to fuck her mouth as deep as his cock would go, making her gag with each stroke in.

He holds the back of her head as he slams his cock down her throat, going harder and faster with each stroke. He looks down at her and says, I love having my little bitch on her knees in front of me with her hands bound behind her like this. Then he slams in deep, not moving back out and shoots his load deep down her throat. She is trying to pull back so she can swallow as his load shoots down, but he won't let her head move. She has to let it just slide down her throat on its own. When he has finished, he pulls out of her mouth, puts the gag back in right away and pulls her to her feet once more.

Knowing her appartment from the first time he was there, he leads her over to her table, where he then unties her arms. He has her lay across the table face down. Then he takes each of her arms and ties them to the table legs, pulls another piece of rope from his pocket and does the same with each of her legs. With her spread eagle and bound to the table, he takes his time taking off he clothes. He moves around the table to her head, lifts it up, sticks his cock into her mouth again and starts to fuck her mouth again. He makes her get him good and hard once more, then pulls out of her mouth and moves around behind her.

Once there, he gives her ass a quick hard smack. She lets out a little squeel from the surprise of it. Then he moves her panties off to one side, rubs his fingers up and down her slit before shoving two of his fingers deep inside of her pussy without hesitation. He tells her, I knew you were a good slut, you are already nice and wet and juicy for me, he pulls his fingers out of her pussy and moves up behind her, shoves his cock into her dripping wet pussy and slams it into her. She gasps at the severity of how he slams his cock into her as he fucks her hard and fast right from the start. He tells her, I am not holding back on you, you are such a hot slut and I know your pussy is going to squirt on me. I can feel it and I also know all to well how your pussy gets when it is ready to explode those hot and tasty juices all over me.

Now cum for me bitch, he tells her. She hates to admit to herself that he excites her so much, but before she knows what has happened, her body responds to his command and she is squirting her juices all over the two of them. He bends over and whispers in her ear, that is my good little slut. Then he pulls out of her pussy and pushes his way into her tight ass. Going slowly until he is all the way in, then he starts to fuck her harder and faster. Taking whatever he wants from her and she can and doesn't want to do anything about it. Her body is controlled by him and she is enjoying it whether she wants to or not. Her body is not giving her any option.

She feels betrayed by her body, but at the same time, feels very satisfied. He can tell that her body is enjoying his abuse and proceeds to give her more. He slams his cock in and out of her tight ass. He can feel her body telling him that she is ready to release some more of her wonderful juices and he slams in harder and faster to get what he wants from her. She starts to squirt her juices down the two of them again. She feels like she is being trained as his and doesn't like that thought at all. As he shoves his cock deep inside of her ass one last time, he leans over and whispers in her ear, your body is mine, I control every aspect of your orgasms and there is nothing that you can do about it my slut.

Then he pulls out of her ass, unties her legs, then her hands and leads her into the bedroom. Once there, he lays her on the bed, removes her panties and bra and ties her to the bed. Now here is my favotite part he says, you spread eagle, laying there naked and exposed for my use. Then he pulls the bag of toys that she has hidden under the edge of the bed and opens it up. He pulls out a dildo, a butt plug and a bullet vibrator. He puts the butt plug into her ass, takes the dildo and shoves it into her pussy, turns on the vibrating bullet and takes it after her clit. It takes her body no time at all to respond to his invasion and she cums for him again.

He tells her, I love to take whatever I want from your body, it is mine to control my bitch, isn't it? She shakes her head no, but knows deep down inside that he is right and she has no control over her body under his touch. She knows that she can't keep allowing him to invade her like this, but what choice does she have? So she just lets him do to her what he will and hopes that this is the last time he will do it. He removes the dildo from her pussy and keeps the plug in her ass. Then he sticks his cock into her pussy again and starts to fuck her hard and fast, slamming into her with a need to be in control.

He keeps fucking her hard and fast, slamming in a little harder with each stroke in and out. He fucks her hard and fast, each stroke pushing in a little deeper it seems to her and before she knows it she is squirting for him again. He leans down and tells her, that is it my little slut, soak us with your juices. You make me want you more each time you cum for me he says. You are a hot little bitch and I own you right now he says. He just keeps fucking her and she cums for him again and again before he finally shoots his load deep inside of her hot wet pussy. I love the feel of our juices being mixed inside of you he tells her. The next time I come back and I will be back, you will become mine for good he says. He removes the gag and she tells him, I will never be yours. He says, oh but you alreay are, you just don't realize it yet my slut. No I am not she tells him, I will never be yours.

But deep down inside, she knows that he does control her body and he is starting to get to her mind in a way that nobody ever has before. She is scared as hell and doesn't want to ever see him again. He unties her and leaves her just as he did before. Once again she locks the door as he leaves, rushes to the shower, turns on the water, drops to her knees and cries as she tries to get him off and out of her body and mind. He has made an imprint on her this time and it scares her to think that he will do as he has told her and come back again to try to claim what he believes to be his.

Part 3 on the way....

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