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It is about what the title says...
It was just another normal night at work. A little busier than usual, but that happens sometimes. There was a very nice looking younger black gentleman that came through my line. We chatted for a bit, then he left. That was about an hour before my shift ended. I continued with the rest of my shift, clocked out, picked up a last minute item and walked out the door. I looked in my purse for the my car keys and when I looked back up, there he was standing in front of me. We talked for a bit and then he asked me if I wanted to get some breakfast. I said yes and we wnet to a restraunt just down the road. I parked and got out of my car, met him in the parking lot and we walked in together. We sat at a booth next to a window, ordered and ate breakfast while continuing to talk the entire time. We got up from the booth, went over to the register, paid for our meal and walked out into the parking lot. Once in the lot, we continued to talk for a bit, then he asked if I wanted to go for a ride with him and talk some more. I told him no, I really needed to get home and get some stuff done and get some sleep after working all night. That was when her turned from being a nice guy into being a very aggressive and assertive man.

He took me by the arm, escorted me over to my car and said, get in and drive where I tell you to. He opened the door to the car and shoved me in. Then walked around to the passenger side and climbed in before I knew what was really happening. The reality had not set in as of yet. He said, start the car bitch and drive. So I started the car and started driving. He had me drive out of town and turn onto a deserted country road. He made me drive for what seemed like hours, it had only been about 30 minutes, before he had me pull of onto a lonely path just off of the country road. He had me park the car a little way down the path.

Thats when things started to set in to my mind. He got out of the car, walked around to the drivers side, opened the door and pulled me out of the car. He closed the door, pulled me over to the hood of the cat and bent me over the hood. He reached up inside of my top, quickly unhooking my bra and letting my huge tits free. Then he reached around to the front of me and grabbed one of my tits and squeezed as hard as he could and said, I have been waiting a very long time to be doing this to you. I am looking very forward to using your body for my pleasure bitch. Then he grabbed me by one arm and the back of my hair and moved me over to a spot that had two trees somewhat close together. He had been planning this for some time because when I looked at the trees, there were chains hanging from them and also chains wrapped around the bottoms of them. He pulled a bag out from behind one of the trees, took out some leather wrist and ankle cuffs with metal clips attached to them. Then he walked over to me, wrapped one cuff around each of my wrists and one around each of my ankles. Then he took my shirt and unhooked bra off and tossed them to the ground. He took my pants and panties off, then grabbed me and pulled me inbetween the trees. He took one of my arms and hooked it to one of the chains hanging from the trees and hooked the other arm to the other chain haning from the other tree. Then he did the same with my ankles, hooking them to each of the chains wrapped around the bottoms of the trees.

I watched as he walked back over to the bag and pulled out a whip, blindfold, ball gag, a varitey of dildo's and vibrators. a flogger and a riding crop. I immediately started to plead with him to not do this to me. He grabbed the ball gag, walked over to me, slapped me across the face and said, good sluts need to be keet quiet. Maybe this will teach you a lesson. Then he place the ball gag in my mouth and fastened it tightly around my head. He looked into my eyes and said, get use to this kind of treatment today whore, this is what you will be getting all day. Then he walked over, grabbed the riding crop and walked up behind me and started smacking my ass with the crop. The more he hit me, the more I flinched and the harder his blows were. He had my ass turning a nice shade of red when I felt him slide one of his fingers into my ass, and felt the blow of the crop immediately after the insertion. It felt so erotic and exciting, but at the same time, I didn't want his abuse. I barely knew this man and he was doing things that only someone you trust should be doing.

Then he pulled his finger out of my ass, gave it a good smack with the crop and walked over to his pile of torture devices and grabbed the blindfold. He tells me as he walks back over to me, I want the element of surprise for what is coming next you workthless piece of meat and places the blindfold over my eyes. I can't see andthing and it scares the hell out of me not knowing what he is going to do next and what he might have left in that bag of his. Then all of a sudden I hear a loud crack and feel the sting of what I am assuming to be the whip he pulled out of his bag across my huge tits. Crack, another blow right across my tits, crack, another blow. By now my ass is stinging pretty good from the riding crop abuse and my tits are stinging more and more with each crack of the whip. There were 24 cracks in all, each and everyone making its way across my tits. My body was now in quite abit of pain from the toruture he was inflicting on it.

I could hear the chains that were hainging make noise and feel myself leaning forward to the point to make my ass more accessable to his abuse. He asks, has this whore ever had a piss enema? And I shook my head no. He tells me, oh you are going to enjoy this then whore. I can feel him rubbing his fingers around my asshole, then he pushes two of them right in. He is probing and stretching my hole for easier access for his cock. Then I feel two fingers from his other hand enter and feel my ass being stretched nice and wide open. Then he moves up behind me and says, this is going to feel nice and hot and uncomfortable at the same time whore. He shoves his cock into my ass and pulles out and pushes back in a couple of times. Then he grabs me by the hair, pulles my head back and whispers in my ear, are you ready for my hot piss in your ass whore? Then before I could shake my head no, he started to piss inside of my tight ass. It felt so damn hot and was getting very uncomfortable the more he released into me. He kept pissing for what seemed like forever. Then he said, relax and enjoy the feeling of having a full ass whore. I am staying in your ass for a while, so my hot piss works its magic on your ass. He just stays inside of me for several minutes, not moving because he doesn't want any of his hot piss to come flowing out before he wants it to. As a matter of fact, he shoves himself in farther to keep a nice tight plug in my ass. Then he leans over, pulls my head back by my hair once again and says, just let it all flow out of that tight ass, whore. I want to see everything you have for me along with my piss coming out of that fucking ass of yours whore. Then he smacks my ass and pulls his cock out. The next thing I know, I have fluid and whatever else flowing from my ass all over the ground. He takes what I believe to be a towel and wipes my ass and says that was so very beautiful whore.

Then he walks around to the front of me, pulls the ball gag from my mouth and inserts his huge hard cock, shoving himself right down my throat making me gag and choke. He fucks my mouth for a while, then when he has had enough, he pulls out, places the gag back in my mouth and returns to his torture devices. I feel something enter into my ass and I knew it wasn't him, it didn't feel like his cock. The next thing I know, I feel vibrations in my ass. He had inserted a vibrator. Then he went back over to the pile of things and when he came back over to me, I felt the blow of the whip again. It stung as it struck my ass. He took several more blows to my ass with the whip, making sure that each blow hit right across the vibrator as it struck.

Then he walks around to the front of me again, pulls the ball gag out once more and shoves his cock right in and down my throat. He fucks my face again for his pleasure. Pulling out just before he is ready to cum. He pulls out, places the gag back into my mouth, slaps my face and says, you do not get to have my cum yet whore. Then he goes over to his torture pile, grabs a dildo, comes up behind me, shoves it into my cunt and starts to ram me with the dildo as hard and fast as he can. He grabs the vibrator in my ass and starts to fuck my ass at the same time with it. Making me feel the need to cum. He can tell that I am getting ready to cum when he pulls the dildo out of my cunt and says, no you are not going to cum yet either bitch. He pushes the vibrator back into my ass and goes to get another toy of his choice. This time he returns to me with a remote controlled vibrating egg. He shoves it into my pussy as far as he can get it and turns it on.

Then he goes and grabs the flogger he has, comes back over and starts to smack the flogger over my ass. Then he moves a little, and starts to whip my cunt with it. Making the vibrations and the sensation of the flogger bring me closer to cumming. He plays my body like he owns it, he knows exactly what makes it excited. Exactly how much it takes to get it going. And exactly when to stop, to prevent my pleasure of an orgasm. He stops flogging my pussy, walks around to the front of me, removes the gag once again and shoves his cock in even more feverishly than before. He fucks my mouth hard and fast, making his cock plunge right down my throat with each thrust. All of a sudden I can feel his nice, warm cum shooting deep down my throat as he pushes harder into my mouth to prevent me from doing anything except swallowing his wonderful load. When he has finised, he pulls out of my mouth, replaces the gag, slaps me across the face a couple of times and says, you are a very naughty whore for making me cum before I wanted to. Now I am just going to have to punish you even more to make me hard again so I can use and abuse your cunt and ass, whore.

He goes over and grabs the whip once again and I can feel it smack in between my legs, hitting my cunt. The sting of the end of the whip makes my pussy start to get very wet. He notices that and smacks my pussy a few more times, making it wetter with each blow. He notices that my wetness is beginning to run down my legs, so he stops, moves and starts whipping my back and ass, alternating between the two with each blow. After one of his blows, he moves up behind me, shoves his now hard cock into my cunt, leans down and licks one of the strikes on my back and says, god there is nothing like the taste of blood from a well used whore. You are being a very good whore, standing here taking everything I am giving you while he rams his huge hard cock deep inside of my wet and juicy pussy. Slamming in and out as hard as he can, feeling my muscles tight around his cock. He tells me, it is time for you to cum my beautiful fuck whore and before I knew it, I had cum squirting out like never before.Just as I finished with my orgasm, I could feel him shooting a nice big, hot load deep inside of me. when he finised, he pulled out, smacked my ass a few times with his hand and removed the vibrator.

Then he grabbed the riding crop once again and and went to town on my ass again. Smacking each cheek hard and fast. Then he moves and starts to smack my swollen, wet cunt with the crop. Taking his time to make sure that he gets me nice and dripping wet again before he moves back up to my ass. He beats my ass like he hasn't touched it yet, making it sting so very bad. He stops just short of making it bleed. Then he comes in front of me, removes the gag and shoves his cock in my mouth. He tells me, suck it like the hungry slut you are. Make me hard for your ass bitch. Then he rams his cock deep down my throat and I can feel him get hard as a rock. He pulls out and replaces the gag.

He moves to the back of me and pushes his cock into my ass as hard and fast as he can. He pushes hard to get all the way in. Once he is completely in my ass, he starts to fuck me hard. Slamming in as hard as he can. He reaches down and grabs my hair, pulls my head back and says, I know what my whore likes. Then he reaches around to the front of my legs, and says, that is my good little whore, take my black cock in that tight, white ass of yours. I am almost finished with my use of you, pretty slut. Then he rams me harder. I can feel is cock slam as far into my ass as he can get. With each slam, I can feel him getting harder and going in deeper. He fucks my ass hard and fast, making sure to slam into me as hard as he can. As he slams in completely for the last time, I can feel his hot load shooting deep inside of my ass. He stays inside of my ass for awhile after shooting his load, whispering into my ear, telling me what a good whore I am to have taken him in all of my holes. Then he says, I hope my breeding session has taken and that you will be having my black baby. You will make a beautiful pregnant milf and I would be honored for you to carry my child he says.

He releases me from the chains, helps me clean up with some baby wipes he has and redresses me. He takes me over to the car and helps me into the drivers side. He walks over and gets into the passanger side and tells me to drive back to the restraunt where his car was parked.I pull up beside his car. He leans over, wraps his arms around me and says, I do really hope that your breeding will take lovely whore. I want to see you as a beautiful black baby carrying milf. Then he climbs out of my car and into his.

I leave the restraunt and drive home. I make the climb up the stairs to my apartment. Once home, I fill the bath tub with nice hot steamy water, climb in and sit and soak. I am hoping that the water will wash away anything of his cum that may still be hanging around away. I go back to normal everyday life, working and doing whatever it was I did before his use. A few weeks later, I am about two weeks late, I take a pregnancy test, it comes up positive. I go to the Dr. to get it confirmed and yes, I am pregnant. His seed took and now I am carrying his black baby.
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