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We were at a local club when you noticed me from across the room. You have such a beautiful chocolate colored skin and some amazing dark eyes that are the sexiest brown I have ever seen. You continued to watch me throughout the evening, making your way a little closer as the night progresses. When I wasn’t paying attention to you, you approached me from behind, taking your hand and slowly rubbing it across my shoulder. Your dark colored skin against my pale white skin is a very beautiful contrast. Then you lean into my ear and say that you are going to make me yours. When I tried to reply to you, you cover my mouth with your hand and tell me to take your hand and follow you out the door.

I take your hand as you lead me out of the club and to the ally way beside the club. Once there you take me by the shoulders and push me up against the side of the building, you lean down and kisses me long and deep while slowly rubbing your hand up under my dress only to discover that I am not wearing any panties. This makes you rather excited as you reach down with your other hand, unzip your pants and pull your hardening cock out of your pants. Then you lift me up off of the ground with my legs wrapped around your waist and slide me down onto your beautiful black cock.

My dress is lifted up high enough for me to see the contrast between our two skin colors and it makes me want you all the more. Deeper and deeper inside of my body. Watching as I am sliding up and down on your enormous shaft, my pussy making your cock glisten with the excitement you bring to me. You only fuck me for a little in the ally. Then you pull me off of you, put yourself back into your pants, take my hand and lead me to your car. Once there we get in and you drive us back to your place.

When we arrive at your home, you take my hand as we get out of the car and lead me up to your home. You unlock the door and open it, quickly shut it behind us, lock it and push me up against the door. You get down on your hands and knees this time, lift my dress and kiss your way up my thighs to my very wet pussy. I love watching you as you do your magic to my body. I crave your touch and can't get enough of you. All the time you are making sure that I will react like this, because you want to have me as your own.

I grab your head with my hands and hold you to my sweet spot. Your tongue probing my slit from clit to pussy and back again. Sticking your tongue into my pussy just enough to get my attention every time you reach it. Mmmmmm...It makes me push your head against me harder while spreading my legs a little farther apart. You make me so wet and all I crave is to have your huge cock in me once again. I pull your head away from my pussy and you stand up and kiss me deep and hard.

Then I drop to my knees very quicky, unzip and pull your pants down to reveal you beautiful chocolate cock. I take you into my mouth without a word and start to suck and lick your wonderful hard cock. Taking the time to savor and taste every inch of you. You taste so great with the flavor of my juicy pussy still on you from the alley. I crave to have you invade my pussy again. I stand up and you take me over to the couch, bend me over the back of it, lift my dress and shove your thick hard cock into my pussy with one swift thrust. I gasp and moan letting you know that you are in full control of the situation and you take advantage of that.

You start to fuck me slow and hard, taking nice long strokes, sliding in and out. Pulling yourself all the way out, only to slam yourself right back in. You know exactly what to do to make me want and crave only your cock. You make sure that you tell me that I am yours now and will never want another cock again. My reply back is, I am yours now and for as long as you wish. There shall be no other cocks entering this pussy from this point on, unless you approve of them first. You fuck me even harder and begin to slam into me faster.

Then you pull out and pull me into the bed room where you pull my dress to the floor, toss me onto the bed and climb on top of me pulling my legs up over your shoulders so you can get even deeper into my juicy wet pussy. You slam your cock into me as hard as you can and take the breathe out of me for a second. I can feel you in as deep as you can go. I have never felt this full before. I love the way you make my pussy feel, making it yours. My body responds very quickly to your thrusts and before you know it, I am squirting all over your rock hard cock. Making it very slippery and you slide in and out of my pussy even faster than before.

I can feel that you are starting to throb and you will very soon be shooting your huge hot load deep inside of my dripping wet pussy. I squeeze my muscles in my pussy to feel you tight inside of me and you begin to shoot your load deep inside of me. I can feel every drop enter as it shoots into the walls of my pussy. I love the feeling of your hot cum exploding deep inside of me. When you have finised unloading inside of me, you pull out, lay down beside me and pull me in close to you. You tell me that you are not going to let go of me until you have to and that you want to end every day like this with me. I tell you I want the same, you pull me even closer and we fall asleep in each others arms.

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2013-01-23 10:50:55
Read most will by pass this approach. But I thoguht it worth a shot. I am no ken doll more like a linemen for the Contains. But I and a nice guy who loves to have fun. Like I said I here's on business here for an extended period of time and would love to have someone to spend time with. I am educated and own mine business so I am basiy no flake. I love good food and drink I love music and the actual finer things in plantation chat life, but still remain down to earth. I would love to go out for a great dinner, have some nice vino and good conversation. And being a dirt bag guy if we clicked some fun associated with a different kind. I am in need of someone who likes to enjoy the fun. So if you want being doated on and treated such as a queen for and evening or even week let me know.

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2012-11-15 05:41:29
I thought it was good.

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2012-11-11 16:48:08
this is fucking pathetic!

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