My mom was 35, 5’3”, 125lbs, she had a very nice body, especially her butt, wasn’t too big nor too small. I was standing behind her. I was 15, 5’5”, 155lbs.
My dad has this tough job where he has to travel around the world. He goes away every month for two weeks. During summer two years ago, he took my mom and I with him to Delhi, India. My mom wasn’t sure if we should go, we didn’t know the language or anything there. Dad told her it’ll be ok, so off we went the following week.

Everything went good for the first seven days. On the 8th day, wasn’t good at all. My mother and I got onto a bus, it was crowded. I followed my mom as we made our way through. She found a spot at a pole to stand. My mom was 35, 5’3”, 125lbs, she had a very nice body, especially her butt, wasn’t too big nor too small. I was standing behind her. I was 15, 5’5”, 155lbs.

The ride was bumpy and loud, the bus looked old. The bus stopped and more people came on, squeezing me up behind my mom. God she smelled great, always loved the perfume and shampoo she used. Everything was innocent until I felt someone’s hand undo my pants then pulled it down along with my underwear. I couldn’t tell my mom, I was afraid we would get hurt or worse. The hand started to stroke my dick, I couldn’t help but aroused. My hardon poked my mom’s bare ass cheek. She was wearing a short skirt with a thong.

My mom turned her head to the side.

“Hon, what is that”?
“’s my penis”.
“I’m sorry, can’t help it”.
“Ok ok, try to calm down and relax”

I didn’t dare to tell her how it happened, I was scared she would freak out. The hand placed my dick between my mom’s butt cheeks. It felt great, her warmth and cheeks firmly around the head made my dick grow more.

“It’s at my butthole” she said.
“I’m sorry” was all I could say.

The hand let go of my dick and started to push me into my mom. It was very uncomfortable, my dick was really bent a lot...kind of hurt.

“Sweetie, don't push”.
“The crowd keeps pushing me”.
"Ok ok, don't worry my thong is blocking you from entering my ass."

I couldn’t believe what my mother just said. I was shocked and got turned on more by it. The pushing suddenly stopped and soon after I felt her thong strap that was between her ass cheeks slide down the tip of my dick.

“Hon, is that your hand between my legs?”
“Oh my god” she freaked.
"Mom calm down, people will notice us"
"But someone has their fingers in my vagina and your penis is at my anus...I’m scared if your penis enters me it’ll hurt. I never had a cock in my ass."
"Mom..umm...I don't know how to say this..."
"Just tell me"
"I have a big dick"
”Oh my god...what do you mean big?”
“Umm...9 inches”
“How you get that...your father’s dick ain’t even big at all. Don’t put that in’ll hurt bad”

I again could feel someone stroking my cock. I wasn’t rock hard just yet. Whoever was stroking me started to push me again.

“Baby, don’t push!”
“I’m sorry, can’t help it”.

The person gave me one hard shove, right then and there the head of my cock popped into my mom’s tight asshole.

“ hurts, it hurts” she yelped.

I was speechless, I tried to push back, but the feeling of my head in her was unbelievable and the fact it was my own mother’s asshole made me grow to my full 9 inches. The person released my cock, but kept pushing.

“Baby, you gotta stop, you’re too hurts too much...your cock is gonna rip me in two!” She cried.

On my own willingness I started to push my hard cock into my mom’s super tight asshole. I was pretty much raping my own mom at this point. Maybe it was her cries or the fact I was in her, but I was so turned on.

“It hurts, stopppp...” she cried out.

Soon after that, my cock began to slide into her ass. Her tears streamed down her face as I forcibly slid in. She was so tight and hot. I was about 7 inches in her. All she could do was hold on and cry. The person behind me grabbed my hips and began to pull me out of my mom.

“Oh god thank you...get that monster outta me” she demanded.

As there was about 2 inches left to go before my cock popped out of my mom’s tight ass. The person gave me a very hard push which made my cock slide fast and furiously in her. My 9 inch cock slid balls deep in her hot tight anus .

“AHHHHH” she cried out.
“Mom shhhh!”
“It hurts...I can feel your huge cock up near my tummy!” she cried.

I started to move my hips back and forth, sliding about 4 inches in and out of my mom’s ass. Suddenly I felt a hand caress my balls. It felt real nice and it made my orgasm build much faster.

“Baby, please...” she whimpered.

I picked up momentum and used about 7 inch strokes in and out of my own mother’s tight virgin ass. She whimpered with each thrust. The feeling was amazing, every time I slid out her anal canal would squeeze my cock and when I slid in, it would ease up giving me full access.

The realization suddenly hit me. “I’m fucking my mom in her ass!” my mind screamed.

“Mom, I’m so sorry”
“Don‘t be baby” she moaned.

The situation became just too much for me. I shoved my cock deep up in her anal canal and exploded, streams of my cum shot into her, one after another. Suddenly, I felt something at my asshole and it slid right in. It hurt real bad too.

“That’s it baby...mmm your cum is so hot” she moaned.

I guess she thought I was calling her because of me cumming, but what she didn’t know was that there was a cock up in my ass. The guy’s cock was all the way up in me, it must’ve been at least eight inches long. He started to slide in and out of my 15 year old tight virgin ass. The pain was bad but pleasure started to come and before my dick shrunk out my mom’s ass, it went hard again.

“Oh yes baby, fuck my ass again” she demanded.

Well I had no other choice but to do so and frankly, if I did, I still would’ve. Now the guy was thrusting hard up my ass. Every time he slid out, I would slide out of my mom. He thrust in, I thrust in.

“Mmmm bbbbabyyyy”

All I could do was hold on to my mom’s hips while she hugged the pole. With every thrust the pole shook. She was moaning a lot now.

“Yes baby that’s it! Fuck mommy’s ass...make me cummmmmm!”

She exploded into a beautiful orgasm, her whole body shook and her asshole squeezed my cock real tight. I couldn’t take it, the feeling of her and the big cock in me, I exploded into her yet again.

“Oh mom I love youuu” I moaned.
“Oh my god baby, I’m cumming again....I lovvvvve youuuu!” she moaned.

The guy fucked my ass even harder, two more hard thrust and then he came deep in my ass. His cock swelled up more as he shot his cum into me. The feeling of his cock that deep and the hotness of his cum made me cum again in my mom’s ass. It was just seconds from my last orgasm then I felt my mom orgasm again.

“OOOooooh baby!”

The guy pulled his dick out and left. My dick then slid out my mom’s ass. As I bent down to pull my clothes up, I noticed my cum pour out my mom’s ass down onto the floor. There was a lot. As I buttoned my pants I felt the guy’s cum leak out my asshole, my underwear was soaked.

“Lets go hon, it’s our stop”

Everyone was looking at us and whispering to each other as we walked off the bus.


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The kid fucking the mother was alright but as for the other of the kid getting fucked was just not too good.

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I quite enjoyed this story. I wish I had enough nerve to try and do something like this to someone else.

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