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Kim confront Bonnie and it ends up bad for one part
Kim woke slowly up of the sound her mom made, knocking on the door. Still half a sleep with only a pair of panties on, she stood up and opened the door. Her mom was a bit shocked at this as she was used to have a daughter that was really shy about showing and talking about her privates. She stood in the door for some seconds not realizing that Ron had entered the house and stood behind her seen all of Kim (except what was under her panties.
Kim: ehhhmm, what is it mom?
Ann: …ehm…,oh yea… sorry… just thought about something… just forget it.
Kim (not really opening her eyes): ye, okay then I go back to sleep
Then suddenly Ron realize he is starring at Kim’s big nice boobs, and tries to talk it away by yelling out: NO, Kim ehmmm we are late for school, you’re ready?
Kim (suddenly open her eyes wide): OH MY GOOD. (trying to cover her boobs and running up on her room again) be right there Ron sorry for what you had to see (Kim yelled in embarrassment)
Ron thought about it, but wouldn’t try to take it longer and just answered that he didn’t see anything.
Kim in the other hand tried to forget it as she took on herself the first clothes she could find. A thin white bra, the small white top she had on last night, the first panty she found was a nice white thong and back skirt. She took her spare gym bag from under her bag and tossed some of the cheerleading outfit in it, then she hurried down to Ron and they walked an embarrassing walk to school.

At School Kim had to run to her English class where every seat was taken and she had to sit down with Bonnie. It was a boring class and suddenly Kim came up with a question to Bonnie:
Kim: Why the h*** did you take my clothes yesterday?!?!
Bonnie: HAHA, because you deserve it, but how did it go last night? I mean with the football team and stuff?
Kim: EHM (suddenly getting all red)
Bonnie: You don’t need to lie; I know everything because Brock told me everything last night after he made you blow him. I mean that’s what boyfriends for, we don’t lie to each other and he told me about everything and showed me some photos (with mean look forming on her face)
Kim: No no no no no, oh my god, how many knows it?
Bonnie: right now it’s just us, and it can be that if you really want it to (with a really mean look at Kim)
Kim: OK, ok fuck, but ok what do you want?
Bonnie: It’s simple, YOU.
Kim: what do you mean? (Really nervous)
Bonnie: it is easy I want you as my slave; you do what ia tell you to and if you don’t follow the pictures are out.
Kim: No, no no forget it
Bonnie: Ok here it goes (as she takes up her computer and finds the photos of Kim
Kim realize how it all is: Ok, you got it, or well got me, im yours (red as a tomato in her face and looking down on the floor.
Bonnie: Great meet me in the girl’s bathroom after class.

After class Kim enters the girl’s bathroom still with her gym bag and school bag. While it look empty she suddenly turns around facing Bonnie.
Bonnie: Hey slave
Kim: Don’t call me that
Bonnie: isn’t that what you are? My little slave?
Kim: (stand with a bit angry and nervous face as she realize she can’t say anything against Bonnie.
Bonnie: Ok let’s start slave:
first, you will always call me mistress when nobody are around.
Second: The days with bras and panties are over. So hand them over now.
Kim knowing that she doesn’t have any other choice starts taking of her bra, under her shirt.
Bonnie: I see the shirt is a bit small; maybe it is easier if you take that of first? (with a mean grin)
Kim does as she is ordered to and takes of her shirt and bra, followed by her panty. Bonnie in the meanwhile is watching closely at Kim boobs, now standing right in front of her. She knows that everything got a time and place and it’s not time for fun know, just humiliation and rules, as she throws Kim’s panties and bra in the trash.

Bonnie than opens Kim’s gym bag and gets a huge smile on her face. As she stands up there she holds what is the nightmare of Kim. It is her vibrating eggs and controller that she fought she placed under her bed in peace.
Bonnie: Look here, look here. (With a huge smile on her face) ok from now on you are not allowed to take this out without me telling you :D
Kim with a shock on her face stars complaining, but Bonnie just takes up her phone
Bonnie: ok here it goes around
Kim: NONONONO, ok you got it.
Bonnie: “you got it?”
Kim: (red in her face whispering) I take it in.
Bonnie: I don’t think I heard you slave, and also you forgot my name?
Kim: (a bit louder this time) ok I take it in mistress.
Bonnie: take what in where slave?
Kim: ehh
Bonnie: ok so send?
Kim: No mistress, ok I will take the balls in my wet pussy and not take them out before you tell me to (she says I bit loud)
Bonnie: just what I wanted to hear, and the part with “wet pussy” hmm, so you like this? One way to find out. Turn around and bend over with spread legs.
Kim does as she is told and suddenly feels a cold hand on her pussy lips, and it sends coldness all over her body, and her nipples frieze.
Bonnie: you like that? Haha your already dripping wet, this will be a fun day she says as she suddenly press the eggs up in her pussy and takes the control and leaves to next class.
Kim realizing that Bonnie is gone looks herself in the mirror before also running to class not noticing Monique standing on a toilet in one of the toilet stalls. She had heard everything and got slowly out making sure no one else where there, taking Kim’s Panties and bra with her out.

Anybody wants more, tell me ;) I just make more if more people want it. Also I take tips on what you want more of and stuff but my English suck as you see so sorry, but ask if you need help understanding, and you are welcome to copy it and fix and/or make it better if you want just send me the new one so I can read that ;) So tell me if you want more and if you got an idea or which on where I should go now… I got some loose ends and the main story.

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