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Kate''s parent's lodger and his friend take advantage...
The Lodger part 1

My parents had rented the room to a university student after my older sister left home. He was a 20 year old guy studying chemistry at university, and I thought he was pretty cute - but also a bit annoying. I was also aware that it probably wasn't a good idea to get involved with a guy who was paying rent to my parents. Even though I was only 15, I could tell he found me attractive. After all I had a nice body, guys at school were always trying it on with me. I had small but nice and round size B breasts, and a nice slim waist. My hips were starting to show a good curve too, and guys really seemed to like my ass. My long dark red hair and green eyes made me look a bit different, but I was in no doubt that men like those features too!

Because our lodger - Shane, was 20 and a fairly responsible type, my parents trusted him. They were pretty relaxed anyway. One weekend they went away together, leaving me at home with Shane to look after the house. Not something most parents would do, but I'm glad they did.

Friday night was really quiet, but on Saturday night Shane had one of his friends over. We had dinner together, and I noticed that his friend Ben was looking at me at every chance he got. He thought I didn't notice when he checked out my ass as I went through to the kitchen with the pizza boxes. Shane was cute, but his friend Ben was hot! I could hear Ben talking quietly to Shane, and I snuck back to the doorway to listen.
'Shit man, she's sexy!' Ben murmured quietly.
'Yeah, but fifteen man.' Shane replied in a whisper.
'Whoa, those tits don't look fifteen, and that ass!' said Ben.
'I know man, stop talking about it!' hissed Shane. I grinned. He did think I was sexy!
'I don't know how you stand it,' said Ben, just as I stepped out of the kitchen.
'Oh, um, have you had enough to eat Kate?' stammered Ben as I went back to the lounge and sat down. He was a little bit red in the face.
'Yeah, for now thanks.' I replied. I sat there for a little while as they started to play on Shane's xbox, and then went off to my bedroom.

Shane and Ben kept playing for a couple of hours while I read, and then I had a shower and got ready for bed. I kept thinking about the way Ben was looking at me, and it got me quite excited. He was at least 5 years older than me and he thought I was sexy! I lay on my bed wearing my short cotton nightshirt and I could feel my panties getting slightly damp as I fantasised about Ben. I'd had sex once with a guy from school, and it wasn't very good - but I thought an older guy would know what to do. I wondered what it would be like.

I heard someone go into the bathroom, and I lay listening. I heard Shane's voice from downstairs, swearing at the xbox. Almost without thinking I got up and went to the bathroom door. It was just a little bit open, and I could hear Ben washing his hands. I stepped in just as he was coming out, bumping into him.
'Oh shit sorry!' I said, as he grabbed me by the shoulder to stop me falling over. He let go quickly.
'Oh, um - no problem! Ready for bed eh?' he said. He couldn't help but glance down at my breasts. My nipples were just visible as little bumps sticking through my nightshirt. I smiled at him.
'Are you looking at my tits?' I asked. He saw my smile and returned it.
'Well, yeah! They're very nice.' he replied.
'In fact the rest of you is really nice too!'
'I bet the rest of you is really nice as well,' I said. Ben looked into my eyes and licked his lips nervously.
'Do you want to see more?' I asked quietly, moving my hands down to the bottom of my nightshirt. Ben's eyes followed my hands, and I pulled my nightshirt up from where it hung halfway down my thighs. He watched as I raised it up so he could see my white panties.
'Oh shit!' he whispered. Ben stood totally still as I pulled my nightshirt up over my head and stripped it off. I grinned as I saw the effect my almost naked body was having on him, his mouth open wide. His eyes moved up from my small panties to my naked breasts. I looked down to see the front of his jeans bulging outwards.
'Am I making you hard?' I asked him.
'Umm, yes you fucking are!' he replied in a whisper. He pulled me into the bathroom and closed the door.

'Ok Kate, you've got me hard - now what do you want to do?' Ben asked.
'What should I do?'
'Do you know how to suck cock?' Ben enquired, as he began to undo his jeans. I stared as he pulled out his dick and started to stroke it. It looked huge!
'Well, I've done it a couple of times but...' I began, as a shiver of excitement ran up my spine.
'Ok then why don't you suck it?' interrupted Ben. I knelt down in front of him, staring at his dick. I reached out to grab it, my fingers only just went around the thick shaft. It was only a little narrower than my wrist.
'The guys I sucked both came really fast,' I said, looking up at Ben.
'I'm not surprised, you're so fucking hot! But I'll last longer than those kids,' he told me. I moved forward and quickly opened my mouth, taking the large, shiny head of his cock inside and beginning to suck.
'Oh my god! I can't believe you're actually doing that!' he said. I gripped his dick with both hands, sucking on the purple mushroom like head of his dick. I made a slurping noise and he laughed.
'Oh god yeah you love it!' he said quietly. It was then that the bathroom door opened.
'What the fuck?' yelled Shane.

I stood up quickly, licking my lips - my heart was about to explode out of my chest it was pumping so hard.
'Shit man, I was getting a blowjob!' said Ben.
'Fuck, what are you doing? You're going to get me in so much shit!' Shane said angrily.
'Hey, she wanted to do it!' Ben said, grinning at me.
'Don't worry you won't get in trouble!' I said, standing with my hands over my breasts, suddenly feeling slightly shy.
'Hey, maybe she'll suck your dick too?' said Ben, and he looked at me with a smile.
'You'd like that wouldn't you Kate?' he asked.
'Look, I, umm,' I mumbled. Shane seemed to realise now that he had me standing almost naked in front of him. He actually smiled now.
'Yeah - after all, you wouldn't want your parents to find out about this would you Kate?' he said.
'No,' I said. I looked back at Ben. He grinned at me.
'What he hell,' said Shane and started to undo his jeans. His dick sprang out. It was even better than Ben's, about 8 inches long and thick. It stiffened as I watched and I got back on my knees on the bathroom floor.

'Yeah what a sexy little babe, Kate!' Ben said as I grabbed Shane's dick and started to suck. I could feel my panties were quite wet against my tender pussy as I began to become more and more excited.
'Oh my god!' Shane moaned. He put his hand out and gently rubbed my hair, gasping as I sucked on his prick.
'Rub it Kate, use your tongue!' he moaned. I started to rub my tongue around the large, throbbing head of his cock. I felt a hand on my ass, and I quickly turned to see Ben behind me, his hand rubbing down my ass and his fingers moving between my legs.
'Hey, she's soaking wet!' he cried, pushing his fingers against my pussy through the wet fabric of my panties.
'What a horny little girl!' said Shane. They both laughed.
'Keep sucking, Kate!' Shane instructed, and I turned around. I took his cock into my mouth and felt him gently pushing it towards me, making the first two inches or so slide in and out of my mouth as I sucked. It felt really good. Ben's hands were now caressing my ass and his fingers rubbing my pussy. I moaned and he pressed a finger into my slit, just between my pussy lips through my panties. He then pulled my panties aside, exposing the my pussy lips and he rubbed the top of my pussy around my clit. I gasped with pleasure. He pulled me up off the floor, so now I was standing bent over forwards as I sucked Shane's dick. Shane stood back and quickly stripped off his jeans, then sat up next to the sink, naked from the waist down.
'Come on Kate, keep sucking!' he said. I bent over and started to suck his dick again.

Ben stood behind me and I felt his hands grab my panties and pull them down, sliding them down my legs until they were around my feet. I turned around, seeing that he had undressed. I stepped out of my panties and he grinned at me.
'You're feeling pretty horny huh?' he asked.
'Yes! What are you going to do?' I replied.
'I think you want me to fuck you while you suck Shane's cock!' Ben continued, stroking his dick with one hand. His other hand reached out and gently caressed my wet little pussy.
'Yeah, she wants a good fuck!' said Shane, with a laugh. Ben squatted down behind me and spread my legs with his hands. He looked at my pussy and whistled.
'Wow, what a sweet pussy!' he said, gently fingering my hot, wet slit. He rubbed upwards towards my clit, his thumb rubbing the soft flesh above my pussy which was lightly covered by my wispy reddish blonde pubic hair.
'I think this is even better than a shaved pussy!' said Ben, as he slid a finger into my vagina.

Ben stood up and put one hand on my lower back, and with his other hand he guided his throbbing, rock hard dick towards my tiny slit. I groaned as he rubbed his cock up and down my pussy, smearing my slit with his slippery pre cum.
'Oh, fuck, YEAH!' he moaned as he slowly forced his cock deep into my cunt.
'Aaah, oh my god!' I gasped. Ben grabbed my slender waist with both hands and slowly began to fuck me. Shane then grabbed my head with his hands and forced me to look back at his thick cock. I opened my mouth and he pushed me down, making me take his large prick into my mouth. I began to suck.
'Oh yeah, you love it!' grunted Ben, and he reached underneath me with one hand, rubbing my clit as he thrust his dick into my pussy. I just moaned in agreement, my body feeling total pleasure as I started to cum.
'Shit, she's fucking cumming!' said Shane, watching as I crazily sucked and licked his dick. I groaned and moaned, and then let out a loud, crazy squeal as my pussy seemed to explode with pleasure. Waves of pure ecstasy throbbed through my body as my orgasm took over. Before I knew it I was lying on Shane's thighs, my firm tits pressed against him, the side of my face pressed against his cock and balls as I panted and moaned. Ben was holding my waist, stopping me from collapsing as my legs had turned to jelly.
'Wow, I think she enjoyed that!' said Ben, pulling his dick out of my slippery little pussy.
'It must be your turn,' he said to Shane.
'Let's go somewhere more comfortable.' Shane replied, getting up.

Shane picked me up and carried me through to my bedroom. He sat on my bed and took off his tshirt as I stood in the middle of my room. Both guys were now naked, but I was still wearing my nightshirt. My body was still tingling from my huge orgasm. I stripped my nightshirt off and threw it to the corner of my room, and then turned to face Ben who was standing in the doorway. Shane stood up.
'Fuck you're sexy, Kate!' said Shane, looking me up and down. He reached out and started to squeeze and rub my tits.
'What gorgeous tits!' he whispered.
'Look at that ass, my god! That's SO hot!' said Ben, standing behind me. Shane couldn't stand it any more now, and he grabbed me. He pushed me down onto my bed on my back and spread my legs. He leaned down and started to kiss and lick my pussy. I sighed with delight. Then Shane moved up, pushing my legs apart. He quickly positioned himself and thrust his enormous dick into my pussy. I closed my eyes tight and screamed.
'Don't you like it?' grunted Shane, as he started to fuck me. He rammed his dick in and out of my tender pussy.
'Fuck yes I love it! Fuck me!' I cried breathlessly.
'You want me to fuck you Kate?' growled Shane as he pounded my tight cunt.
'Yeah fuck me! Fuck me hard!' I groaned, lost to my sexual excitement. I opened my eyes and looked up at Shane. He stared down at me with a look of passion as he thrust his dick deep into my pussy. I could feel his cock pushing up through my tight vagina, and pushing hard against my cervix, he was so deep in my small body. I turned to see Ben standing by the bed. He was holding a small video camera. My mind raced, I was horrified and turned on at the same time.
'Oh yeah, looking good Kate! Keep talking!' Ben told me.
'Oh my god!' I gasped. Shane was rubbing my clit with one hand while he pumped his dick deep into my pussy, making me groan with pleasure.

Shane took my waist in both hands now, and his face started to turn red as he slammed his dick so hard into my tight pussy. He gasped, then let out a loud groan, pulling his dick out of my cunt and grabbing it with his right hand. He stroked his cock and started to cum, the first spurt of his thick white sperm spraying powerfully through the air and landing right between my tits.
'Fuck!' he growled. I watched as Ben recorded his friend spurting thick sticky splatters of sperm all over my stomach.
'Oh shit man, look at that sexy little bitch with your cum all over her!' said Ben. Shane laughed, and stepped away from the bed. Ben handed him the camera.

Ben pushed my legs apart and rammed his cock into my pussy. Shane now pointed the video camera right at my pussy, recording the image of Ben's dick sliding in and out between my tender young cunt lips.
'Oh shit you are one hot bitch!' he groaned, pounding me. I started to cum again, and my tight pussy clenched around his dick as waves of pleasure ran through my body. I could feel Shane's cum starting to cool as it oozed down my body, and then I felt Ben quickly pull his cock from my slippery cunt.
'YEAH!' moaned Ben, jerking his cock. His cum was much thicker than Shane's and he leaned over me, his sperm dripping and splattering from the tip of his dick onto my stomach. He wiped his cock against my leg and stepped back. Both of them stood and stared at me as I relaxed, spreading out on the bed panting heavily.
'You guys,' I breathed,
'Made me all sticky!' I said, rubbing my cum splattered breast with one hand. I sat up, feeling the cum slowly dribbling down my tits and stomach.
'I think you'd better have another shower, Kate. What a mess!' said Shane.

there might be a part 2...

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2010-03-27 20:23:15
Really enjoyed the story. If it were true life you would not have the guys pulling out to shoot their cum on her belly. It just feels too good inside of a hot, squeezing pussy to pull out. Other than that you did a great job. I gave you a positive rating of course, well deserved.



2007-04-11 19:33:45
hi, I really liked it but felt it ended a bit abtubtly....there is plenty of scope for a good part 2. Ignore the dickheads.


2005-05-10 19:52:23
best ever 8=====)>


2005-05-02 23:33:24
Helena nice kept me up...i'd love to talk to you some more


2005-05-02 20:55:19
loved it

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