I wish I hadn't left California that one day but I didn't know I was a pawn in. The game...
I knew I had to leave California the moment I fought with my mom. It was the first time she had screamed at me since dad died three years ago. I packed up my things and got a plane ticket to go to Europe. I drove to the airport and got on plane flight 186. When I found my first class seat I sat down between two incredibly hot males in there early thirties. The flight attendant said that there was not going to be anyone else on the plane the man closest to the window winked at me. I smiled a little bit but went back to reading. The male closest to the aisle asked me what my name was and I said my name was Kamryn Parkson he said he was Chris. And on the other side of me was Drake. He and his friend were both 29 years old and were currently single and when I said I was 28 Chris laughed and said I looked 18 still. I blushed and called for the flight attendant to get me some champagne. When she came back and gave it to me I smelled it and saw it was more bubbly then it should be but I drank it anyway. When I finished I fell into a deep slumber.....

I woke up feeling a draft in this large open area? Where was I? Then the flight attendant came and stuck a vibrator in my pussy and smiled as she left. 10 minutes later I had orgasmed 4 times. She came back and took the vibrator out as I begged her to let me go. She then hit me across my face and stormed out leaving drake and chris to eat my pussy. Drake sucked my breasts while Chris fingered and licked my pussy. The flight attendant then took her shirt off and gave me her breast to suck as she stripped. I looked at her body noticing a big 11 inch cock instead of a pussy. She the went behind me and stuck it in me as hard as she could. I gasped and she spanked me for making a noise. After a few minutes I started riding her and asked," Miss , can I orgasm?" Before she answered I came making her explode inside me with her cum. She left me there to sleep

I woke up with nipple clamps on my pussy and hanging on a contraption. Another few people were there watching me struggle. A crowd member went behind me and put an anal plug in me with no lube. I sat obediently As my ass was being whipped big welts spread on my ass. Some one stuck a finger in my mouth and I bit on it . They slapped me in return. Next thing I knew was I was being given double penetration and sucking on a pussy in my face. All at once we all came and I was left to be kicked as the show was over. A man walked up to me and stuck a 20 dollar bill in my taped up breasts. I realized that he we actually quite handsome. In he money I saw a phone number and when I stood up on my high heels and walked towards him I kissed him. He motioned for me to follow him to his place so I told the mistress that I was going and that she would pick me up in the morning. I left in a short dress that showed my ass off.

I fucked him and fucked him and finally I orgasmed as he did a tit job. While doing so he tweaked my nipples making a drop of milk pop out. He then put his cock in his rightful place as he sucked my breasts until they were dry. We both fell asleep and I woke up to the warm sensation of an enema in my vagina and my anus. I took a swig of champagne and felt the bubbles go down my stomach. He was still asleep so I got dressed and left as I climbed into the limo awaiting me. I swore that I should have fled that night. I went back to the mansion and saw a slave girl trying to sneak out so I stopped her and brought her to my room as I sat her on my bed. I told her to run and never come back. She only was like 15 so I opened the window and she ran and held a one way ticket to America and to go to my mom with my message saying I became a sex slave. I was punished for the run away slave and almost had no food for a month. I refused to talk so she slapped my face and spat on my chest. She left me hanging with no way to eat or drink anything. Drake came in later and fed me some bread and water. I gotten thinner when I became sick and couldn't move. I was rushed to a hospital as I fell into the darkness not knowing what was to come. The doctor said that I had malnutrition and not to be underfed any more so we travelled to the farmers market and bought a lot of food for me to eat.

As soon as I was better I had my ass whipped with the riding crop and was given an enema of champagne to make me drunk. All of them shot all of their cum on me and lactates my tits as they hung As perky as ever. I was going to be sent free. I had a ticket and started to work out. I had gained 50 pounds making me a trend setting 111 pounds. I then sprinted out of my window in my old clothes I packed. I tripped as I was being chased by guards I got up and tried to keep running but my foot was completely bloody. I cried in defeat as they carried me back to the mansion and put bars on the windows. I was so scared at what she would do now that I had tried to run away. She never came in that night. When suddenly my door burst open and in came someone.......

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It sounded like your secret dream , huh ? Tell it girl, it ok, all woman want to get fucked really good it is natural. Theirs no shame in it . I would love to fuck you good like that

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