The Hells Angels episodes
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If you haven't and don't feel like it: the situation is that two teenage Russian girls were abducted to Syria to force one of their fathers to toe the party line over Assad. They escaped into Turkey, but have now been chased and caught by a gang of Hells Angels. Natalya has a stolen gun, however…

Episode 13

The biker was laughing now, and turning to his friends who also started to laugh. He turned back to the slip of a girl waving a gun at him.

"Have you two had breakfast?" he asked. “Perhaps we could eat something while our mechanic fixes your bike."

He took a couple of small steps backwards and held his hands open, showing he had nothing in them.

"So how about we show you our chapter house, do you some breakfast, fix your bike, and you can tell us why two nice young ladies find themselves in the middle of nowhere pointing a gun at a postman from Idaho."

"Whatcha got to lose?" he added as the girls still refused to move. "Your bike needs the handlebars straightened out. Can you do that on your own?"

Tali could make out enough of the words to get that they were being invited to breakfast! And something about a mechanic, for their busted bike; which WAS busted! They were stranded, unless they got on the back of these Hells Angels bikes like their gangster girls, whatever they called them - fucktoy mamas or something!! Still, it was a LOT better than she’d been imagining…

The relief washed over her; then the pent-up emotion came out and she lost it. “YOU CHASED US!” she yelled at him. She tore off her helmet and hurled it at him as hard as she could, which wasn’t very hard and he just caught it easily. That made her even more furious.


Tali felt an overwhelming need to teach this grinning total bastard a lesson! His whole manner was like he was doing them a favour!

She added her left hand to her grip on the gun, like cops did on TV, thumbed back the hammer, flipped the safety catch, pointed the gun at the ground between this American’s stupid car-sized bike and the next one, and pulled the trigger.

BANG! It was loud! It had gone off slightly before she expected, but she saw the ground spurt up not too far from where she’d aimed. HA! It felt good!

“Hey!” the American’s grin had gone. “WOW, you ARE serious! OK yes we chased you, you were biking on our turf, you know? Our territory. We wanted to talk to you and you ran; we didn’t know you were girls! Wow!” He paused.

Another one of the gang was stepping forward, looking Turkish: smaller, darker and neater. His attitude told Tali he was the leader.

“You Russian?” He was more serious than the American. His English was not too bad.

Tali nodded, not giving him anything.

“OK,” he said, “I am Sa’id. No shoot, OK, we not hurt you. Breakfast, fix. OK? No problem. Respect.”

Next to her, Tali felt Lena take off her helmet and shake out her luxuriant light-brown hair; after being in the sea it was a wild, gorgeous mess, and drew all the gang’s attention. Lena stood with Natalya shoulder to shoulder, facing down this gang of Hell’s Angels.

The big American spoke up again, his grin back now: “Sa’id is the president, he’s basically saying you’re our kind of girl. We respect girls who ride bikes and carry fucking guns they know how to use and are feisty enough to fucking fire them! OK? We’re on your side. Sorry about your bike, we’ll fix it. Anything you need, just ask.” Tali still couldn’t get all the words but she grasped that they had the gang’s approval. Alright…

“Antalya, you have a gang there?” she asked Sa’id. “Our friend, lost, in Russian consulate, today?”

“Yes, Antalya Chapter - Russian consulate? OK. We ask, who knows; what look like, your friend?”

Tali gave him Katya’s description, hoping they might at least find out what had happened to her! He pulled out a phone. A PHONE!

Tali indicated the phone, asking for it, but Sa’id shook his head. “Later, maybe,” he said.

“We ride together,” said Tali definitely, gesturing. She had a sense, from somewhere, that being meek around here would just get you pushed around. Katya’s words about status were still with her, she realised. “Elena and me, your bike, smallest.” She indicated what looked like the least enormous of the bikes, to its owner’s horror.

They were shown to it anyway, Sa’id seeming amused; it was an immaculate glossy black bike called a Honda Fireblade. The unhappy owner, evidently too junior to refuse, showed Lena the electric start, held it while the girls mounted, then kicked the stand off for them. By sitting a bit to one side they could just reach the ground to keep it upright, but to be safe the Angel kept hold of the handlebars.

“OK, breakfast,” said Sa'id, “truck, bike, fix.”

He headed off down the road and everyone followed, including the girls, with just a slight wobble as Lena let out the clutch and its owner let go. Tali was totally proud of Lena as they rode on their big, fast bike in a convoy of Hells Angels!! She gave her a squeeze to let her know and Lena changed down and made a little spurt in response! It made the American grin and Tali tingle!

The chapter house was an old farmhouse, with a few bikes parked outside where they also parked up and turned off. The owner had already leaped off the back of someone’s bike and was waiting to make sure it stayed upright!

Inside the farmhouse there was a big central area with a huge wooden table that could seat something like twenty people. That was when they saw the first chapter women, who looked Turkish, but wore cut-offs and crop top t-shirts. One had some pretty decent tattoos.

"Shower?" Sa'id asked. "Now? After breakfast?". They were pretty murky, from all that had gone on, and especially their crash. Their salty hair was in desperate need of a wash too.

“Now, thank you,” said Lena, and the tattooed girl showed them a spare bedroom off the main hall. By the time they came out breakfast had been dished up and Sa’id was there motioning for them to sit either side of him.

"You friend. Work consul-ate?" he asked Tali.

“No, maybe taken there, don’t know,” Natalya fluttered a hand to show uncertainty. “She was on bike, same bike, car chased her.”

“Car of Russians?” asked Sa’id.

Tali nodded.

“Ah”, Sa’id smiled at her but changed the subject: “You young girls alone, not…so good.”

“Katya is older,” Tali explained, “she is like…mother.”

“Ah,” said Sa’id again. Tali could feel he wanted to ask more but didn’t know how, or wasn’t sure he should perhaps. All the Turkish guys seemed a bit nonplussed by her and Lena, sitting here at the head of the table either side of their president. Everyone down the table kept taking looks at them.

It was a privileged position, she could feel. Sa’id was effortlessly the leader and to be next to him was a big sign of respect. He was quite short and slim, late thirties perhaps, with a handsome face; most of the others were bigger but he had…class. Tali liked him instinctively; he was being super respectful to her and Lena! Well he probably thought they were brave and adventurous or something! Instead of being totally naïve and just helpless and lost like they were.

“How old are you, if you don’t mind me asking? I’m Ben by the way,” the big American asked, sitting on the other side of Lena.

“We are sixteen, nearly,” said Tali, “I am Natalya, this is Elena.”

“Wow, well you sure are some girls, I can tell you,” said Ben. “Women don’t get much say in Turkey, so these guys are a bit knocked out the way you stood up to us out there. Well so am I knocked out! I wish my daughter’d turn out like you. Looking the way you do too…”

The gist was clear enough; it was all reassuring to the two lost teens and they started to relax. In fact after breakfast they went to bed for a few hours to catch up on their sleep.

Tali pulled her friend’s naked body to her, needing the warmth and intimacy, feeling it was the two of them alone in the world, needing each other’s strength. Tali was amazed Lena could just get on that huge bike and ride it! She knew the gang had been amazed too, waiting for them to drop it, with their legs barely able to reach the ground to get started, but Lena had hardly wobbled.

Suddenly she was aware of Elena’s sexuality again – Lena had just moved or breathed or something so their cuddle was sexy; had stroked her fingers over her ass! Tali slid her fingers slowly down Lena’s side, over her hip, then down towards her pussy…

Five minutes later Tali was sharing a gorgeous cum with her girlfriend. Just what she needed to get off to sleep! As she wound down she started thinking they must check with Ben about whether they should show their relationship to the gang, thing she knew she was waking from a deep sleep in the middle of the afternoon.


They might not have been criminal outlaws, but the gang were not actual angelic Angels either! The spare room had a number of peepholes in it, so that prospective new members could be monitored to ensure they were who they said they were!

Now one of the members – shortly followed by everyone else – couldn’t resist spying on the girls after they had closed the door and assumed they were in private!

That two nubile girls were naked sharing the bed, in a room that was on the sunny side of the house and hot enough for them not to be using a cover, was interesting enough; though since there was just one bed in the room that was predictable. But what really made the use of the various peep holes pretty much mandatory for the men and then women of the chapter was when the girls started to play with each other!

The members of the chapter were highly aroused! Sa’id called over his current girlfriend - the tattooed one - and they headed off to their room, leaving the door open as usual. Several of the other men paired up with women as well, and others made phone calls.

The sexy Russian teens, it seemed, had given the group all the excuse they needed for a good gang bang.

While they waited for more girls to arrive the gang produced papers, tobacco, resin and grass, and lit up…


Tali and Lena got dressed and went out into the big farmhouse refectory. Its huge table had people…well…fucking on it???

“Oh!” gasped Natalya, and the nearest guy and girl looked over: the guy was one of the Americans, not Ben but one of the others with the crazy beards. Naked.

Tali resisted the urge to flee back into their room; they needed this gang, however they behaved!

“Hey sexy n sexy,” the guy grinned at them, “look what you done gone n started.” He resumed pumping lazily in and out of the girl under him.

Just then Ben came in, also nude, a good-looking and equally nude Turkish girl on each arm. They all looked a bit drunk or something. “Hey,” he said.

“We started?” asked Tali, determined not to be fazed by the nudity, waving her arm at the sex going on all over.

“Oh, that,” said Ben, going a bit sheepish. “Well, somebody saw you, to be honest. Here, come and have a smoke, it’s great outside.”

The girls followed him out, still with the Turkish girls, to some chairs and a bench seat on the big veranda that ran all across the back of the house.

“Saw us?” Tali’s cheeks had gone bright pink, along with Lena’s.

“Well, you know, that room, it can be monitored, just in case... er…watched.”

“Watched? You can see?” Tali was aghast. Surely lesbianism was an outrage in Turkey? Outside Istanbul anyway.

“Yeah sorry,” he was at least embarrassed! “But this IS a motorcycle gang, you know, and pretty free and easy, and someone checked up on you and saw you, together, you know, and it was SO goddam sexy we all had to have a look! So then Sa’id and Cemile got started and then we all got in the mood! Which we do sometimes, it’s all part of the Hells Angels lore you know, a gangbang orgy, kinda thing…”

Ben saw the girls’ worried faces: “Hey it’s cool, we love it, OK? You two are SO fucking sexy and then TOGETHER, wow, well listen if you were special before I can tell you this gang has you as their PRINCESSES now! Babee! Here, try some of this.”

He was so sure she’d want some, and Tali was so distracted about being seen having sex with Lena, she just took the joint and copied what Ben had been doing and the Turkish girls, and took a big pull on the joint. She’d prepared herself not to choke or cough, not to let it get into her nose, and managed not to. She held it down while she passed the joint on to Lena.

Wow, it made a difference! Even just once!

Quarter of an hour later Tali and Lena knew yet another first had happened in their young lives: they were what Ben was calling wasted. Something to be proud of, evidently! They’d been joined by some others, including Sa’id and his girl Cemile.

“You girls are so cool, I gotta tell you,” Ben was still singing their praises, “you smoke before?”

“No, man,” Tali laughed.

“Well it sure suits you. You’re a bit over dressed though, doncha think?”

Tali and Lena picked up ‘dressed’. Everyone else was naked. They were in their jeans and tees. They knew what he meant! Tali stood up, swaying slightly. “OK but promise, no touch OK?” She wasn’t totally out of it!

“Nobody touch,” Sa’id spoke, in a tone of finality, a promise to her and an order to everyone else. Tali trusted him, and found herself enjoying his gaze, which WAS quite eager and admiring!

She pulled her tee up and off, with teasing slowness. She looked good in a bra, she knew. Haha she was buzzing! Next, her jeans. Lena, her gorgeous Lena, was stripping next to her! Tali turned slightly towards her as they undid their bras together and let them slide off. There were oohs and aahs of appreciation for their pert tits; finally, their panties. They were naked! There was a round of applause from the assembled gang, who seemed to have ALL come out now! God! About thirty people or something with all these women! Looking at them!

Well maybe she did feel like touching, a little.

"Thanks babe!" Lena was passing a joint again.

Episode 14

Natalya was talking with the huge American Ben, having decided that he wasn’t a total bastard after all but a nice guy! He was so respectful and friendly. She picked up that he was here on some kind of holiday, and that Turkish Hells Angels also holidayed with his gang in America. She was taking the occasional puff on a joint from him, thinking that under the vast beard he was about her dad’s age, and pretty cool with the girls he had with him, whom he was touching and hugging a lot but didn’t seem to be trying to fuck - unlike his two friends who were getting busy with their girls right next to him!

Lena had been next to her talking with Sa’id and Cemile, but then Tali saw she was going inside with them! Tali thought she’d be OK: Sa’id seemed nice and she wasn’t totally wasted…still…

Natalya got up and went into the big refectory after her, to see a crowd forming round one end of the table. She eased through, finding a path clearing easily for her and pleased to find also that nobody groped her, naked though she was. She arrived at the scene of the action: Lena was lying back on the table being eaten by Sa’id! She was obviously loving it, moaning enthusiastically and spreading her lovely legs wide over the edge of the table!

Cemile was standing next to them, not joining in, and not seeming too bothered either! Tali gave her a smile; she had tattoos all over the place, they were a bit distracting, but she had an air about her that made her obviously the leader’s girl somehow. She was pretty attractive, and sort of calm and self-contained.

Tali saw a small, slightly nervous guy on the end of the little crowd, who looked familiar…ah the owner of the bike they’d ridden back! She hadn’t thanked him had she? She smiled at him and mimed riding a bike and gave him a thumbs-up.

“Tali,” she said, pointing to herself.

“Mousa,” he replied with a little smile back. He took a step towards her.

Tali was thinking Mousa was rather sweet; he wasn’t as cocky as the other guys. He was quite small, maybe that was why - why he was nervous and why she liked him. Then she saw his cock! It was huge on him! Even not quite fully hard. God! Suddenly she wanted it; listening to Lena was really setting her off!

Without trying to engage her seriously floaty brain she stepped up to Mousa and started helping herself! She ran her hands over his shoulders, into his hair, and down his sides…nice skin…

She looked at his cock again, which had to be twenty centimetres long at least, and maybe five across?!! It was fully hard now! She wrapped her hand round it…wow her hand wouldn’t even nearly go round! It pulsed in her hand, warm and sort of soft on the very outside with that firm middle. Its owner was making groaning noises, but not touching her back??

Oh! Another guy was here, and Mousa had retreated a step! This new guy was quite big; the guy she recognised had sat next to her at breakfast, and talked to Sa’id a lot.

“Hello,” she said, smiling at him. She felt like she loved everyone!

“Piruz,” he smiled back. He DID touch her, straight away, on her shoulder, and she stroked his arm back. His cock wasn’t really sticking out yet, so she put her hand round it. Wow, it swelled in her fingers! Now, just like that, it was erect, almost as big as Bruce’s had been, but this one was quite curved; it was striking how they all seemed to be different. There were a few other guys standing round her now, why was that? And what about Mousa?

She felt a light touch and looked sideways to see Cemile smiling at her: “Piruz is number two,” Cemile said, her English a bit better than Sa’id’s. “He must be before. Mousa is new; later.” She waved her hand at the others, making a fluttering gesture: “These guys: Hafiz, Kemal, Neziki…middle.”

Tali digested this information; she realised there was a pecking order; and she was what was about to be pecked! Lena too, perhaps. Hmmm. Well Sa’id would look after Lena. Piruz was pushing her shoulder slightly, towards the table. That wasn’t what she wanted. If it was Lena, or Katya, they’d be lying together, arousing each other’s pussies…

She moved sideways, evading the push, and away from the table, scattering the guys a bit. She liked that; it was like Ben had said, that she and Lena were a bit like princesses to them! Great. Even wasted she wasn’t going to be pushed around! But luckily this was SO different from the Assad business she forgot about that and thought about Bruce.

She lay down on the floor, not bothering about the dust, and beckoned Piruz down next to her. He tried to get on top of her and she pushed at him till he understood. Then she stroked him, with her fingertips, and pulled his hand down to her pussy, making movements and gestures to get him to do the same. He was a bit clueless really, but eventually he got the message and she rewarded him with some smiles and sexy gasps and murmurings. And it WAS quite sexy! His fingers were big and rough, the movements heavy and not very sensitive, but the strength in them was sexy! It felt like he could just lift her up by her pussy! In a moment she was wet and ready, her pussy tingling away.

She rose to her knees and pushed at him to roll onto his back, which he didn’t really want to do, but she changed her smile to a scowl and then he did! Hehe. She smiled again, straddled him, and lined up her wet pussy with his hard, curvy cock. What was it going to feel like? She could feel the guys and girls watching.

OOOOHHH! It was amazing, the feeling inside as she lowered herself on to it! It was big, but she was wet and ready enough. She worked her pelvis up and down, and round and round a bit to help it on its way, slapping Piruz’ hands away when he tried to put them on her hips and take charge. He looked a bit bewildered, or something, not be in charge perhaps, but he was putting up with it.

Ahhh, GOD, when it was all in and she had her clit on his bone that WAS special! Uuurrgghhh! She groaned out loud, rubbing her clit around, the feeling so deep inside her, added to her clit and this feeling of riding a big animal! Haha! She laughed out loud, looking to see if Piruz was enjoying it and thinking he was…but he looked not quite sure about something. His dignity, Tali realised hazily, thinking about boys and what they cared about, competing all the time…this wasn’t their normal way perhaps in the gang, and Piruz might be worried he didn’t look tough enough like this!! Well she didn’t want him to feel bad, for sure.

She leaned forwards and gave him a kiss, her hands on his chest. She took one hand and stroked it delicately over his cheek and into his hair, so everyone could see what a great lover he was! Actually he was quite handsome! She saw his eyes soften and was glad she’d done it. She was close to a cum already, but it didn’t feel like he was.

She started to roll off to the side, pulling on him, and he got the idea and rolled over with her so he was on top. Hopefully that would be better for him. She lifted her shoulders, indicating with her eyes, then her pelvis, still with his cock in her, and after a few seconds he got the idea and put his arms under to keep her off the floor. Also now he was cradling her, holding her so he could seriously fuck her like Bruce!

Ahhhhhhh! Piruz was going a bit mad! Pounding her with his big, lean body using its strength to fuck her hard and fast, landing quite hard, pressing deep! For quite a few seconds it took her attention, the feeling of being controlled, then her pussy took over her being and she started cumming! She was so much in his grip she couldn’t arch up like she normally did, but just came in a sort of shuddering, with her pussy convulsing, her brain crammed full of ecstasy, and her mouth making all KINDS of noises while she hung on to his shoulders for dear life.

She heard Piruz grunting and felt him slow down but thrusting hard into her, pressing, then finally holding it deep in, with a long groan. He’d cum! Right, deep in her, squirting sperm. God!! She was quivering, gasping. Piruz was sweating suddenly, and so was she. Shit! Wow! That was a NEW kind of sex, definitely.

After a minute or two Natalya had wound down so she nudged Piruz to get off her and he did, rolling to the side and then standing up. One of the others immediately made to get on her but she shook her head and he backed off. She started to get up and Piruz offered his hand, so she took it, stood up in front of him and gave him a soft kiss on the lips. She didn’t feel for him like she did for Lena and Katya, or anything near, but she wanted him to feel good.

She made a smoking gesture and someone produced a joint; she took a pull, held it down, then slowly exhaled as though she’d been doing it all her life. She grinned round at the gang, feeling great.

She stood for a few moments, her mind whirling dopily with this incredible rush of new experiences. The kitchen was full of people, pretty much all looking at her! Well, alternating between her and Lena, but with Sa’id slowly shafting Lena on the table now it was Tali they were spending more time on, standing in a bit of space as she was with her slender young body on show, freshly fucked and possibly available…

She realised she’d been pretty noisy, and probably made it a bit obvious she did like sex! Even straight out of the box, as it were. Hehe. Another pull on the joint…

Were their own girls as noisy as that? Now she looked, there were a couple being fucked and she’d hardly noticed! The Turkish girls here generally seemed a bit quiet, though Cemile had a presence to her… Tali turned to the tattooed girl, who was standing next to Sa’id, looking not unconfident but a bit neglected. It was like she wasn’t allowed to leave her master’s side even while he was fucking another girl!

Tali moved across and gently nudged her way in-between Cemile and the table, to be next to Lena’s outspread thigh. She gave it a little stroke, and then Sa’id’s arm, smiling at them both; Lena was being slowly fucked as though Sa’id was going savour every second, for hours! Well he was never going to fuck a girl more beautiful, in his whole life, so that made perfect sense!

Tali moved her smile on to Cemile, whom she’d now eased away from the table and Sa’id. Cemile smiled back, a bit uncertainly; Tali thought there was a particular intelligence in her eyes, a quality that told her she could only be Sa’id’s girl. Early twenties, a rebel obviously but not exactly forceful; long dark hair, lovely lips, and amazing eyes that slanted strongly upwards. Her own height, a slightly broader frame with great shoulders, lean, nice little tits; lovely fine, light-brown skin; she was rather gorgeous…

It was rather like helping herself again, Tali mused, as she pulled Cemile to her into a kiss, hearing the gang all around gasp in a mixture of surprise and arousal. And a bit of awe! She guessed Cemile was normally off-limits to anybody! Tali looked round at Sa’id for his approval, touched his shoulder to get him to look and smile at her, then resumed her move on Cemile.

Cemile wasn’t THAT keen, Tail could feel. This wasn’t quite like any of her partners up to now, with Cemile more like submitting than actively participating. Well, Tali certainly didn’t want to make her unhappy, she’d just cuddle and caress her a bit and see. She had a idea lezzing wasn’t the normal thing in the gang, maybe more something the guys fantasised about while not really wanting their girls to be getting it elsewhere! She was realising she actually knew quite a bit about these big, hairy guys from the boys at school!

She let her mind wander while she cuddled and nuzzled the sexy Turkish girl. Piruz had been showing off to his mates, she realised, more than doing something special and intimate with her. And it had been too rough, really; she wasn’t made to be handled like that. It had been an experience and a great orgasm, but that was the last time she was doing it like that.

And if she’d let Piruz push her around, it occurred to her, it might all have gone differently: her status would’ve gone down, and then it might not’ve been so easy to stop the next guy taking what he obviously saw as his turn! God! She could’ve have gone from princess to nothing in a minute…

This princess thing. That WAS real! It was totally what Katya had said, that status was everything. With being different and sexy and everything, not being meek, a bit emotional and feisty, maybe some sheer luck that they’d been on a bike in leathers and had a gun, the preparation they’d had from their upbringing and schooling and Katya, their looks, being in shape…it had all come together.

It was something to explore, her instincts told her. Carefully, but…where were the limits? There must be limits to what this strong, aggressive gang would allow; where the princess mystique would run out of power. But at the same time, she and Lena had to keep it going, build on it even, and make the most of whatever it was.

This gang was a huge stroke of luck, really. How best to use it to get home? And it was amazing anyway, having these experiences; like growing up suddenly at warp speed. And what about Katya? Had she been caught? When would they hear? If she had, what could they do? Well once this orgy was over she’d ask Sa’id.

She opened out from Cemile and just left one arm round her sexy waist, that felt so lovely and flexible, then steered her through the gang and outside, and slowly round the messy, neglected garden in the late afternoon sunshine. The warm rays on her skin with the slight breeze made her feel SO sensual and alive. It was great to be nude outside, with nobody to see them apart from the gang - and if anybody did see they wouldn’t dare do anything! Tali felt a little thrill; she could see why this gang thing had so much appeal. Talking of which, most of the gang had come out onto the veranda to watch them walking round!

God, was she turning into a bit of a showoff? An exhibitionist? It did give her a bit of a buzz to be looked at like this. With that and all the contact with Cemile, her pussy was telling her it was ready for action again. Gentle action this time though. She was older and wiser already than even twenty minutes ago!

She led Cemile back into the kitchen, followed by the ever-fascinated gang. It occurred to her that the gang probably spent a lot of time hanging around bored! Well she didn’t mind providing a bit more entertainment, did she?

Lena was STILL being slowly fucked, a spaced-out look on her face. Tali nudged Cemile to lie on the table next to Lena and along a bit, which she dutifully did, looking at Sa’id to make sure it was OK. It was. Tali’s instinct had been that getting Cemile off somewhere else, away from Sa’id, would’ve been a risk, and she’d been right. Tali pushed Cemile to move further across, then took hold of her ankles and pushed her legs wide apart. There was an awed hush in the room, as Tali looked round: there were the middle-ranking guys, Kamal and the others. She beckoned one over, bending over and waving her ass at him.

“Gentle?” she asked Cemile, who replied: “Nazak.”

“”Nazak,” Natalya repeated to the guy, who was nice-looking if a bit hairy. His cock wasn’t really hard so she stroked it lightly and it came up, quite straight with a smaller head than Piruz’ and a little bit thinner. She frigged her clit a bit to make herself really totally ready and leaned over, beckoning the guy; he at least seemed to know what he was doing as he smeared his cockhead around on her wet labia, and then eased it into her pussy a little bit at a time. This was MUCH better!.

Tali started eating Cemile as the sensations flooded out from her pussy again. It felt wonderful! The guy had a light grip on her hips and fucked slowly, not bottoming out too hard; she could feel him relishing it, maybe he was close to a cum already and trying to make it last. Well if he hadn’t fucked one of the other girls he would be well wound up!

Cemile wasn’t responding all that much, she had to admit. She licked and sucked and prodded with her tongue, but Cemile was a bit switched off. Uuurrrggghhh well she had to postpone it anyway as the guy was speeding up, obviously about to cum. Tali looked across at her lovely Lena, who was still high as a kite on sex and drugs and not being allowed to finish, and that sight added the last bit and Tali started cumming with the guy - another amazing orgasm!

Before she let the next guy start she swivelled Cemile around so she was sideways on, and started kissing her on her neck and face and lips and tits. With her right hand she started on Cemile’s pussy, bringing over some of her own pussy juice to lubricate the clit while she rubbed it. Aha! At last Cemile was starting to react a bit! Natalya waved the next guy over.

She hadn’t even noticed what this guy’s cock looked like, but it felt nice! Five minutes later and he’d cum in her, before her this time and leaving her unfinished, but straight away there was another cock in there. Meanwhile Cemile was now wet and gasping, returning her kisses and responding to exactly what she did!

Tali came with this guy, then invited another one! Her body had gone a bit mad, with Lena STILL up in the clouds and this gorgeous Cemile now sexed-up and ready to cum at any moment. The sex in her bloodstream had become a bit addictive, it was like she never wanted to come down! After the next guy she finished off Cemile, working her clit and pussy over with her fingers till Cemile was writhing around on the table with her orgasm. Gorgeous!

She asked for a joint and had a couple of draws, sharing it with Cemile, who was smiling properly now! They shared a sensual, girlie kiss then Tali invited another guy over and started on Cemile’s next cum as well. Ooooh Cemile was feeling for HER clit…

Quite a few guys, several cums and two more for Cemile later, Tali was ready for a break. Lena was still looking happy with Sa’id, though Tali had lost track of whether she’d FINALLY had a cum or not. Tali gave Cemile a last kiss, got up had a wee and a glass of water, then finding Lena had gone she went outside.

There Lena was with Ben, and his two girls still and the other two Americans. The guys were a bit tubby compared to the Turkish guys; in fact Ben had a real gut on him! They were nice though. Drinking beers. She sat down with them.

“Hey babe,” Tali was so pleased to feel Lena again, her touch and aroma and presence. It meant Lena really WAS special. It seemed there definitely was sex, which was fun and great, and then there was Lena, and Katya, and Bruce possibly; that was on another level. And she could have both!

“Ben and Randy and Phil tell me how sexy we are!” she spoke to Lena in English, not to exclude the guys. She didn’t care about the mistakes any more. In fact with all the dope and excitement she didn’t care about very much at all! Naked and multi-fucked, with these old guys shamelessly ogling her, not even bothering to keep her legs closed…

Well, she did care a bit about these guys, who’d been so nice to her! They were about her dad’s age and they felt a bit protective, as well as very keen on her; so flattering. They were the first Americans she’d met, and they were so friendly! So open and affectionate. She gave Lena a longer kiss, feeling her girlfriend quite tired, but content.

God! It was unbelievable, but that kiss was making her tingle again! On autopilot she fondled her own tit with her spare hand, bringing the nipple fully out. Ooooh, that felt nice!

The two Turkish girls had migrated onto the laps of Randy and Phil, facing out. The Americans were gazing at her and Lena, the girls looking too. It was like sex was following her around! Randy and Phil were both lifting the girls up, while the girls’ hands busied themselves down near their pussies, their little fingers round the erect cocks, lining them up. The men and girls all sighed sexily as the big guys lowered the so much smaller girls down, impaling them. The two couples started to move, their eyes shifting between each other and her and Lena.

“Er, would you girls mind if I…” Ben was indicating his cock, which was suddenly enormous! Tali stared. Ben was like 195 centimetres tall or something, 150 kilos at least, and still his cock looked big on him! She nodded and he started to play with it while he stared at her and Lena.

Tale stared back. Should she? Could she? God! Her reckless streak!

“Wait Ben,” she said, holding up the palm of her hand then going into the kitchen…there was Mousa, looking a bit forlorn, talking in a corner with a couple of guys. He hadn’t got to fuck her and she hadn’t seen him with a girl at all. She went over and took his hand, and he followed her meekly out onto the veranda. His cock was like the size just below Ben’s; and unless she was mistaken he wasn’t going to last long!

She leaned back against the wall of the house and pulled Mousa up to her, kissing him and stroking his outsize cock to its full hardness. God, it was BIG. She pulled herself up on Mousa with her hands round his neck, opening her legs, and he got the idea. Everyone was looking! Situation normal!

Mousa took hold of her under her knees, first one, then the other, and guided her wet, wide-open pussy towards his giant cockhead. Natalya peered down, knowing that earlier in the day it would never have worked, but now…aaaahhhh, it WAS going in! Ooooh she had to relax it! Mousa was starting to rock his pelvis, easing it in a bit at a time. GOD! A bit more, then a bit more…

Oh CHRIST, she was right down, her clit on the bone and the base of his cock!! She was stuffed with twenty centimetres of huge, fat cock! Mousa lifted her up a bit and started to fuck. She bit his shoulder, quite hard! He was fucking faster! God, he was bouncing her! Uuuurrrrggggghhhhh she was cumming, just like that! And so was he! Urrrggghhh! She hung on, her pussy spasming furiously for ages, feeling Mousa jerking as his orgasm gripped him too, then he was pressing in, pumping the last drops of his sperm into her, God! Then, finally he was letting her legs down, ever so gently, and his sperm was running down the inside of her thighs.

Tali got her breath back for a few seconds then kissed Mousa and went round the table to Ben. She wanted to be quick, before her pussy could shrink!

Ben looked incredulously at her as she approached, seeing her intention: “Honey are you sure? I never put this in a girl your size…”

“Try,” grinned Tali as she got on his lap, facing outwards. She could feel Ben was too desperate to argue! She lined it up and started to lower herself. ‘Maybe twenty-two, twenty-three centimetres’ she was thinking, ‘and six across’. She looked at Lena, then beckoned her over.

“Frig me babe,” she gasped as Lena knelt down, and as those wonderful fingertips started on her clit she felt desire banish the last hint of fear and her pussy opened, admitting the gigantic phallus, bit by bit. Ben, being as great a guy as she’d expected, let her lower herself at her own pace. She could feel his beard down her back, his soft belly and soggy thighs, she didn’t care. She liked him. More than the fit young guys. He cared about her, and she cared about him. She twisted her head round and managed a brief kiss on his lips.

When she looked round there was a sea of faces, all along the rail of the veranda! Everyone, the whole gang, was watching her slender little not-quite-sixteen-year-old body getting fucked by this huge older man with his colossal cock!

She started to raise and lower herself with her legs, fucking him in deeper and deeper. The sensation was incredible! She started cumming, yet again, and almost started to topple forwards until Ben held her. Then when it had subsided she started again, sinking lower and lower each time! Where the cockhead was going she had no idea, it must be somewhere up near her tummy button by now! But it felt fabulous! She felt his big hands on her sensitive tits, trying to be delicate; the hands weren’t delicate, at all, but the way he was trying was what mattered.

CHRIST! Now she was all the way down! She looked – there were a few centimetres of cock that wouldn’t go in at this angle, but that was probably just as well! She started to move up and down. She felt Ben grip her under her arms, and let him take over; partly lifting her up and down, as though she weighed nothing, and partly moving his pelvis to fuck her. Somewhere well above her right ear she could hear his breathing getting heavier and heavier.

She looked at Lena, and Lena understood, just from the look, that she needed a boost to cum again in time...oooh those talented, special fingertips! YES! Just right, that extra few seconds, as Ben was there, she could feel, tensing up, holding her harder; then she could feel his pulsing, all the way through her, as another cum surged through her brain and her pussy spasmed frantically round the giant, spurting cock…

She woke up in bed, with the room crowded with people and Lena’s concerned face a few inches away. “Babe! Are you OK? God! You gave us all a scare! That was too much babe, honestly!”

Tali felt her girlfriend lying next to her, naked of course, stroking a hand through her hair. Christ, she’d passed out! Tali snuggled up to Lena, feeling her all over. “I’m fine,” she smiled, “God, that was incredible! Did you get enough too, you gorgeous, beautiful girl?”

Episode 15

Tali drifted back to sleep, then woke to the smell of cooking; she was starving! This must be dinner, so they’d missed lunch completely! Lena was waking up too. They showered and put on their jeans and tees, and went out into the kitchen, where everyone was crammed round the big table. A little cheer went up!!

Tali hadn’t been sure what their reception would be like, with her having been SUCH a tramp and gangbanged and lezzie and everything, but it was alright! Nobody tried to grope her or anything or treat her like a tart; in fact if anything the gang seemed slightly more in awe than ever now! There were seats for them either side of Sa’id again…

“Hey how are you?” Ben, sitting next to Lena again, was asking Tali. “I really hope I didn’t hurt anything! Nobody can believe it, I gotta tell you, that you took me!”

“Oh I’m fine thanks,” Tali smiled, keeping just a touch reserved now, thinking mystique. “That was what I needed! Oh this smells great!” She smiled round at Sa’id and Piruz and the others, helped herself and started eating.

At the end of the meal she asked Sa’id if he’d heard anything about Katya. He hadn’t, but he phoned someone, talked briefly with them, then reported:

“Yes,” he said, “Antalya, consu-late, big Russian blonde. Go in. Downstairs, secret. No come back. Antalya Chapter, friend work”.

“Oh!!” She and Lena groaned together.

“She’s important to you, huh?” asked Ben.

“Important, yes!! Tali replied, “she is everything! She save us, before…Syria. And go home, Moscow…”

“You need her, to go home?” Cemile asked from further down the table.

“Yes!” Tali just about managed to stop it sounding like a wail, “she speak Turkish, know everything, she is like mum and dad. Anyway … hurt maybe, and we love her! We must go! Can fix bike?”

Cemile relayed that and there was some rapid discussion in Turkish between Sa’id and Piruz. Sa’id phoned again and had a longer conversation this time. Then he hung up and stood up, issuing instructions. Everyone else started getting up too.

“We go,” Sa’id said, “respect, but girls…no. Gang.” He spoke to Cemile, who relayed more:

“He say it is not for girls to rescue from a consulate, you get caught too. The gang will go with you. The Antalya Chapter go too, it is their territory. We leave in one hour, arrive in three hours, look for one hour, then two o’clock is good time!”

Tali and Lena started to thank her and Sa’id and Piruz, but Cemile cut in with a smile: “They love it, don’t worry! Boys, gang, they are excited, see?” she was amused. Tali could see they WERE excited! Well, what else did they have to do? And somewhere inside, along with the anxiety, she was excited too! God! What was happening to her?

An hour later she was sitting on a bike behind her Lena again, though this time on a Honda 600 the gang had had in a shed. The girls’ stolen 250 was too slow, Ben had explained, not fixed anyway, and the 600 was just lying around, nobody was sure where it had come from, held against a debt maybe, but no Hells Angel was going to be seen dead on it for sure! Tali liked it though: it was miles smoother and quieter than the off-roader, but smaller than the Fireblade which even Lena could see would’ve been too much for them really, without more practice. The 600 was powerful enough, and this was much fairer on Mousa as well.

So now the girls were cruising west again, but this time in a whole gang of Hells Angels! The huge bearded American alongside them was their friend now. Tali had her gun, the bank card and some Syrian cash. Well, that would have to do.

They were flying along: 150, 160 kmh! The police didn’t dare to stop them haha! Tali gave Lena a little squeeze. She was buzzing, and so was Lena. If it hadn’t been for her helmet, she’d have given her shoulder a nibble.

The plan was that the girls would ride to a street corner near the consulate, but not take part in the raid. Girls didn't do that; Sa’id had been really serious about it and so had Ben and Cemile. They could watch, but not take part.

Tali was disappointed, until the gangs met up on the outskirts of town and she saw all the weapons! Lots and lots of weapons : sawn-off shotguns, pistols, assault rifles, was all way, way over what she and Lena’d been asking for! They’d thought, innocently, that someone could sneak in or something!

But anyway there was no way she and Lena could start wimping out now, when it was all for them, even if anyone would listen! But…what WERE these guys going to do? It was so out of control!

Sa'id and Ben came over to the girls with the president of the local chapter, who just nodded at them. The girls nodded back, and then they all mounted up and headed down to the consulate.

It was in a quiet residential area, standing out with a huge wrought iron fence all around it. The gang stopped for a few seconds at the end of the street. This was as close as the girls were going to be allowed to get. Even so Natalya was jumping out of her skin to be mixed up in this - the bikes were just idling but the whole area was reverberating with the noise of their exhausts! Lights were going on in the houses!

"How you will get over the fence ?" asked Tali. Ben just smiled. A few seconds later a truck appeared with one of the bikers driving, and while the girls watched mouths agape it drove along the street, turned in and smashed into the gates! Or rather THROUGH the gates because it disappeared into the grounds of the consulate!

Ben, Sa'id and the local president had set off, and with the whole gang of bikers they followed the truck in. The din was colossal! Then there was shooting! And in three or four minutes, even through all the noise, Tali could hear the first police siren wailing in the distance!

The gang was going to have to be quick!

Tali could hardly believe these guys were actually in a gunfight! These guys she knew, and had mostly fucked even! Well, most of Sa’id’s gang at least. She was in a fever of apprehension, wondering if they’d be able to save Katya; if they’d survive, get caught, or what!

She put a hand on Lena’s arm, feeling her as tense as she was herself. Cemile was looking nervous too, worried for Sa’id.

The shooting died away, then started again. Then were some bangs; BIG bangs! Smoke billowed out from the entrance; then a couple of minutes later a car burst through the smoke!

It accelerated towards them and Natalya, suddenly realising, looked desperately to see if Katya was inside: the glass was tinted…two men in front, three people in the back…was that blonde hair? As the car drove towards them the driver saw them standing by the Honda, in their leathers and helmets… and veered towards them! The girls just got away from the bike as the car clipped it, knocking it over, then the car was gone, turning left and then right and out of sight, too fast to do anything! But Tali had seen the blonde head turn, in the middle of the back seat – it was Katya!

It had happened so fast there was no time to do anything. Another car emerged through the smoke and followed the first, but luckily this one didn’t pay any attention to them. Lena was trying to lift the bike up, but it was too heavy! Tali helped her, then Cemile joined in, the bike feeling like it weighed as much as all of them put together! After rearranging themselves they finally got it lifted up and propped on its stand. There were some scrapes…it didn’t look really damaged; but it had taken a couple of minutes - Katya was gone! They had no idea which way the car had might have gone, it was hopeless!

Tali was furious with herself for being so unready! She hadn’t even got her gun out!

There was still shooting from inside the consulate, and now the police sirens were close! She had to tell Sa’id and Ben! There was no point in them staying now, risking getting shot or arrested for nothing…

Tali let go of Lena and Cemile and ran… 50 metres, 100..she was there. She stopped running and sneaked in by a gatepost, through thick smoke, then hugged the fence as she started looking for the Angels; any of them!

The bikes were parked all over the forecourt, higgledy-piggledy around the truck, though none unfortunately on a driveway that came round the side of the house and was clear right through to the gates – where the cars must’ve come from she realised. What a pity they hadn’t left the truck more in the gateway! Too late now.

Two gang members were sitting, bleeding! It was amazing the place wasn’t full of dead bodies though. Ah there was the Antalya president! By the main entrance to the building, where things had quietened down. She ran over.

“Quick quick!” she called in English, “Police, Katya gone! Finish!”

The guy turned to her, saying something she couldn’t hear or understand. She pulled her helmet off, it was such a nuisance, and he saw she was a girl; recognised her. He was annoyed! He pushed her away, gesticulating angrily towards the gate. She repeated her message but he wouldn’t listen! Ah there was Ben! Just inside. “Ben!” she shouted.

He looked and came over, towering over everyone. “How did I guess!” he was going, while Tali was jumping up and down in frustration. Ben cleared a path for her past the president and other guys milling about and she went through, STILL trying to get her message across!

Some guys were firing up the stairs and some shots were coming back – evidently the residents had taken refuge up there. She kept yelling at him and on about the fourth try Ben finally got it, and told Piruz, who was nearby. Piruz started shouting in Turkish and everyone started to move. Tali stood to one side in the lobby as Hells Angels started to run out, several having to be helped.

As it cleared she could see there was a staircase down…downstairs was where Katya had been held wasn’t it…wasn’t that what Sa’id had said? She slipped away from Ben and ran down the stairs.

There was a corridor with several rooms off; Tali just had to see where they’d held Katya, in case there were any clues! She flew in and out of each office, looking. In the third one was some rope round the legs of a chair…some other bits of rope nearby…this was it! But nothing on the desk, no files or anything…something crunched slightly under her foot and she looked – it was a little memory card, black and dusty so you could hardly see it. She put it in her pocket and carried on looking, in the desk drawers and in a little cupboard but there was nothing.

She put her gun back in her pocket and went out into the corridor. One more office. Quick, things were going quiet, like everyone had gone. Not much here either...some equipment with a screen...oh, did that mean cameras? CCTV! Recording... that was NOT good! Not with all these open-face helmets. There was a slot though...DVD? She pressed the button next to it and after some whirring a disc was ejected. She put it in her pocket.

Back into the corridor..oh shit! There were different voices now. Authoritative voices! Police!

Tali turned and ran the other way, round a corner, along…it was a dead end! Oh..that must mean Fire Exit! She pushed at the bar on the door and it opened! She heard an alarm start – it was ridiculous it hadn’t been going already! - but it didn’t matter, she was outside, in a garden, illuminated by the streetlights luckily, from the street that ran behind. She ran to the fence; it was high but she’d always been able to climb…chucked her helmet over…her trainers could grip if she used them the right way…phew…she hung off the top and dropped down the other side, rolling as she landed.

She walked away down the pavement, straightening herself out and trying not to look flustered. Christ!! And now, how was she going to get back to the others?

She heard bikes coming and looked round – Sa’id! Behind him Lena and Cemile on the Honda, and Ben behind them! Sa’id stopped and Tali quickly hopped on; he dropped the clutch and they drove off. She gave Sa’id a thank-you squeeze. He and the others had taken a risk driving round the block to see if she’d come out the back…

A left turn, away from the cops, and they were heading back to the rendezvous, she assumed.

They didn’t stay there though, it was too public obviously; as soon as they arrived the local Angels set off and they drove to the Antalya chapter house, which was a big run-down old house on the edge of town.

There was a meeting, which the girls were allowed to join in. The local president gave Tali a slow nod, which she realised was appreciation, or at least as close as she was going to get from him! Ben gave her and Lena a squeeze though, and Sa’id did too!

There was some discussion in Turkish which Cemile, who’d been allowed to stand behind them to translate, interpreted for them: “They think most likely the cars were FSB,” she said, “and take your friend to the big embassy in Istanbul. There is FSB headquarters there.”

There was some more discussion among the men. “The Istanbul embassy is very big, too big to attack,” Cemile continued, “so we cannot help you any more with that, Sa’id is sorry. You can come back with us, you are always welcome.”

Tali and Lena looked at each other. They knew they couldn’t give up on Katya now.

“Istanbul,” said Tali.

How could they get there quickest? They had to get there before the FSB moved Katya! Tali asked Cemile about it.

“Train is slow,” Cemile replied, “different trains; men… You can drive perhaps? Car? Or bike, but is 700 kilometres. Many gas station…”

Tali looked at Lena.

“I HAVE driven a car,” said Lena, a bit uncertainly, “with my dad, on a track.”

It seemed a better bet than biking, with even buying fuel being such a problem.

Cemile spoke to Sa’id, who nodded. “Car, find.” He said.

Half an hour later the two girls were sitting in a VW diesel estate, in a layby on the road north, having just kissed Sa’id, Cemile and Ben goodbye. Tali had brushed away a tear – another parting from people who’d been so sweet! She wished she could’ve got to know Cemile a bit better, especially; and from her kiss Tali thought maybe Cemile felt the same.

Anyway…it was a nice car, that could reach Istanbul without refuelling Cemile had said. It had been driven off a garage forecourt - its keys having been lifted from the key cabinet in the showroom – before having its plates swapped with a car from a nearby street. It was routine for Sa’id.

Cemile had driven it to a petrol station and brimmed it using the stolen FSB card, which fortunately had only the initials of its holder on it and miraculously had not been cancelled. While they were at it they bought food and drink, a travel rug and a road atlas, and put the card in the cash machine to withdraw 1,000 lira,

Now they were set. They’d be OK for a day at least before the police put it together, wouldn’t they? And surely even if they stopped for a sleep Katya would still be in Istanbul.

It was still dark, which made it more difficult, but with the interior light and some experimenting Lena managed to get the lights on and sort out the indicators while Natalya got the heater adjusted. Lena practiced one last time selecting reverse, then first. She let the clutch out and the car was moving!

It didn’t stall! Lena steered it out of the layby onto the road.

“Brilliant babe!” Tali encouraged her.

The engine was revving, but they weren’t going very fast. “Ooops, gears,” gasped Lena, a bit stressed out. She pressed the clutch down, shifted the gear lever, lifted the pedal again, and with a lurch the car gathered more speed. Soon she’d found third, then fourth. She practiced a shift down, then back up. That was better. The principle was the same as a bike, after all.

After a minute she went for fifth, and then they were cruising at 60! She practiced a bit of steering, side to side. Tali gave her leg a squeeze.

Tali found a map light in the roof and looked at where they had to go. The route was wiggly, but straightforward. A paper map. It was a bit weird not having her phone -normally there was hardly anything she and Lena couldn’t find out! But their phones had both been on charge in their hotel room when they’d been kidnapped, and the FSB would've taken them from them anyway.

700 kilometres. Then SOMEHOW they had to find a way to rescue their Katya, from FSB headquarters that apparently was impregnable even against the might of the Hells Angels.


I hope you're having fun so far :). I may post more chapters, and if so you'll be able to get to them with my 'gymgirl' profile link at the top of the page.

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