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Sharing Bob's Wife
One of the benefits of my job is to go to at least two conferences every year. I have attended one of these conferences for several years. It is in the same city every year, so I know my way around town, the good places to eat and have fun. I never went to these conferences looking for sex, until about four years ago. That year, thing really changed.

I normally don't go to the opening sessions, because they are generally boring, but that year, the keynote speaker was the world’s foremost authority on a subject that interested me. So I broke with tradition and got there early. I usually sit in the back on an end of a row, so I can escape with little notice if the speakers are boring. This time, I got there early to get a seat. I had coffee and pastry and sat in the last row. The place filled up quickly and there were only a few seats left when a guy sat next to me and introduced himself as Bob. We talked for a while and I found out that Bob had a similar position with a company that did not compete with mine. We hit it off and we discussed the problems he was having and I gave him the benefit of my experience. This was his first conference, so I explained how things worked and which sessions and speakers were worth attending.

Unfortunately, the keynote speaker knew everything about his subject, but he could put a hyperactive kid to sleep. I suggested that we sneak out and meet some of the people that he should know. There were several vendors there and I introduced Bob to them. Most of them invited us to their "cocktail parties" later that night. Bob seemed excited about them, but I told him to be careful, because these guys were pretty sleazy.

After a break we went back in the opening session and were bored until lunch. Bob asked me if I know any good places to eat and I suggest a place down the street. As we walked out of the conference room, we were met by a very attractive young woman, who wrapped her arms around Bob's neck and kissed him very passionately. When she let him go, Bob introduced me to his wife, Cheri (he pronounced it Cherry). Then, he told her that I was going to show them a good place to eat.

During lunch Bob sat across the table from me and Cheri sat between us. Cheri seemed very young. She looked like she was 18 and Bob looked mid to late 20s. I commented that Bob must have robbed the cradle. Cheri laughed and thanked me. I found out later that she was only a couple of year younger than Bob. Cheri was tall, slender, and relatively small breasts. During lunch, she was very animated and flirty. She was constantly leaning toward me when she spoke and touched my arm. She wearing a light colored wrap-around sun dress and I had a hard time not staring at her. Bob told Cheri about the cocktail parties, but I warned him that those parties were no place to take your wife. I just told her they were very sleazy and that she would be offended. They left it at that.

The conversation turned to how long we were in town. Bob and Cheri said that they were going to do the tourist thing. They were staying until Sunday. My accounting group found out that it was cheaper for me to spend the night Friday and leave on Saturday. My flight wasn’t until late Saturday afternoon.

Bob and I went to different session after lunch, but I met up with him up for the last two speakers. When they were over, Cheri met us in the hall outside of the main conference room. She was wearing a little black cocktail dress and told us she was ready to go to the parties. I continued to protest, but she said that she was a big girl and was very open-minded. After a long discussion, I suggested that we go to one of the least offensive parties and see what happens.

I was warned about these parties by a friend, the first time I attended this conference. I went to some of them, the first time, but did not partake of any of the amenities. I never go to these parties anymore, because if you did anything bad and these parties, it would be used against you to sell their products. Bob and I were invited to 6 parties, but I was afraid to go three of them and wanted to avoid the other three. After some pleading, I took them to a party that was thrown by a guy named Arvon. He owned a company that I did the most of my business and was the least obnoxious of the group, but he would still blackmail you if he got a chance.

The party was on the third floor of the hotel. There were two medium sized conference rooms in the middle of the floor and guest rooms on the two wings on either side, but the hallways to the guest rooms on either side had temporary partitions block the hall. Arvon had one side half of the floor and Big Jimmy, another vendor, had the other half. When we got to Arvon's party, there was a large monster of a bouncer at the door. We showed out invitations and he opened the door. Inside, there were partitions blocking the view into the room where we were greeted by a very beautiful young woman, wearing the tiniest string bikini I have ever seen and 4 inch "hooker" heels. It was obvious that she had to shave or have a Brazilian to wear the bottoms. The top just barely covered her nipples. She had a really big smile and walked with her chest pushed out, accentuating her breasts. She led us into the room I went in first, followed by Bob and Cheri was last.

When we all got inside, the woman, started to introduce herself, until she noticed that Cheri was with us and her expression changed and she said, "Just a minute." She walked over to another woman in the exact same red bikini and spoke to her. She point at us and the other women nodded and walk toward us. She introduced herself as Amber and was just as barely covered as the first girl. Amber asked if she could get us anything. We all ordered drinks and Amber went to the bar. There were about a hundred men in the room, and about 20 women, all wearing the same red bikini. Cheri was the only woman in the room not wearing a bikini. Cheri got a really big smile and started giggling. She commented, "I can't believe these women were practically naked. How can they walk around like that?"

Before we could say much, Arvon came over and I introduced Bob and Cheri. Arvon, stammered a little when he saw Cheri. He wasn’t expecting a wife, because nobody brings their wives to this conference, and especially not to the cocktail parties.

After some preliminary conversation, Arvon told Bob that he wanted to show him his "line" and took him to the other side of the room. Amber arrived in just in time to give Bob his drink and then she turned to Cheri and me. She gave us our drinks, and said, "If there is anything... anything (really emphasizing “anything”) that either of you or both of you want, just ask." Then she looked at Cheri and said, "Especially you."

After she left, Cheri looked at me and ask, "What was that all about?" I told her, "that woman just hit on us or more correctly she really hit on you."

Her jaw dropped and she just said, "Huh."

I told her that all of these women are hookers. The first girl didn't go both ways, so she went to Amber. Amber just told us that she would have sex with either one of use or a threesome. Cheri didn't believe me a first, but after looking around the room for a while, she began to believe me.

Most of the girls in the room were standing close to guys, some were kissing. There was a guy in the corner with his hands all over one of the girls. Finally, when we saw one of the girls leading a guy by the hand out a back door, she understood. I told her, that Arvon hires hooker to screw his customers. They in turn give him their business. If they don't, Arvon is not above blackmailing them. That is why I don't go to these parties.

We watched several "couples" come and go through the backdoor while we finished our drinks. That backdoor opened to the blocked hallway and lead to several guest rooms.

When Bob returned, Cheri told him that all of the girls here are hookers. Bob said that Arvon explained that to him, and said the girls would do anything he wanted. She asked Bob and me if we were ready to go to the next party. I told them that the next one was even sleazier than this one. She just giggled and said that she really had to see that.

Big Jimmy's party was just across the hall. The only other party that I would attend was on another floor and I suspected it was really bad. So I took them to Big Jimmy's. There was a bouncer at the door there too, but there was no partition. The girl that met us inside was topless and only wore panties and platform heels. She looked at Cheri and said that she didn't do girls. Cheri said, "That's too bad, 'cause I would really rock your world." The girl did a double take and took our drink orders. Big Jimmy was over as soon as the "waitress/hooker" left and he was really big. He must have weighed over 400 pounds and really had labored breathing. Big Jimmy guided Bob into a corner to show him his "line" and Cheri and I watched the action in the room. All of the girls were topless and wore a variety of panties. They were not nearly as attractive as Arvon's girls, but then Arvon pays a lot more. There was much more obvious touching and playing between the men and women in this room. Cheri seemed to enjoy the show and kept pointing out couples playing with each other. She noticed that one girl that walked by had her panties pushed to one side, exposing her pussy. Cheri blushed and covered her mouth with her hand and began really laughing.

When Bob returned, Cheri wanted to know if the next party was worse. I told her that Charlie's parties were gross. So, naturally she wanted to see more. I told her OK, but we had to get dinner after that.

Charlie’s party was in a smaller conference room on another floor. The women at this party were all completely naked and asked if you wanted to fuck before they offered you a drink. Charlie came over and spoke to Bob, but did take me to a corner, so Cheri and I walked around the room. There was no backdoor, but there were small partitioned area around the room. We watch guy grabbing and playing with the girls, and take them into the partitioned areas. There were no doors on these areas, so there were big gaps and they might as well have just forgotten the partitions. There were beds in each area and naked people having sex. As we walked about the room, no one seemed to care that we could see them and we saw some pretty strange stuff going on behind the partitions. Cheri just giggled and occasionally said, "Oh my god," when she pointed out strange sexual positions and acts.

When Bob caught up to us, I told them that I was hungry and suggested that we eat dinner. Cheri was getting a little drunk after three drinks, so we walked to the restaurant. During dinner, we had another drink and a bottle of wine with the meal.

Cheri went into great detail telling Bob about the things we saw at all of the parties, but especially the sex acts we saw at the last party. She kept say that those people, especially the girls were naked and didn't care that we saw them. She wondered what it was like to be that open and free with their body and wondered what it was like to be a hooker. I asked her which party she would work if she was a hooker. She just laughed and said she didn't know. I asked Bob which one he wanted her in and he said that last one. Cheri's eyes got really big and she almost spit out her drink.

"You want me to walk around completely naked," She asked her husband?

He said, "Why not, if our going to do it go all the way."

Bob wanted to go to a casino, because they didn’t have any where they lived, so I took them to one of the two that they have in town. Bob and Cheri went one way and I went to play blackjack. I broke even after about an hour, so I quit and went looking Bob and Cheri. I found Cheri play slots and sat down next to her. She drank quite a bit while she was gambling, and she was a little drunk. She said that Bob went into one of the poker rooms. The place was crowded, so I put some money into the machine and absentmindedly played while I talked to Cheri. I was really surprised when a bell started ringing and the light over my machine started flashing. They took me into the backroom and I had to fill out some information. After taxes, I cleared about $8,000. I took $2,000 in cash, and the rest in a check.

We found Bob in a poker room and he was down if bit. We had drinks in the bar and then walked back to the hotel and Bob had to help Cheri back to their room.

I met Bob for breakfast the next morning, but Cheri slept in and later, Bob and I had lunch together, but Cheri went shopping and wasn’t back yet. I kind of missed flirting with her, but Bob and I discussed the women that we saw the night before. He was really fascinated about what had gone on that last night.

After lunch Bob and I went to different concurrent sessions. At the break, I went up to my room to send some emails, and met Cheri in the elevator. She had just come from the pool and was wearing that same little red string bikini that Arvon’s girls were wearing last night. I had to stare; she was really sexy, even with her small breasts.

I asked her where she got that bikini and she told me that she ran into Amber this morning and she told her were Arvon bought them. The bikini was her lunchtime shopping trip. Cheri said that she felt so “naughty” wearing it in public, everyone was staring at her, and she felt like she was naked. I told her that she shouldn't wear that in public. Some weird guy might drag her into a room and take advantage of her. She just laughed and said that nobody would want her. I said, "Bullshit." She put her arm around my arm and pulled me close to her until she got to her floor. I was really temped to get off there too.

The three of us had dinner again that night at a different restaurant. Fortunately, we walked to a nearby restaurant, because during dinning we finished two bottles of wine and Cheri was feeling no pain. She described her how she felt in her tiny bikini, and Bob seemed really excited about her walking around like that in public. He wanted to know if any guys hit on her. She just smiled and didn’t answer. While we were walking back to the hotel, we passed a liquor store and Bob suggested that we get a bottle and have a drink in their room. We got a bottle of bourbon and two bottles of Coke and returned to the hotel.

Bob fixed the drinks and I sat on the love seat. Cheri sat next to me and Bob sat on the bed after giving us our drinks. The conversation returned to the spectacles that we saw at the party the night before. Cheri kept saying, "Those people were completely naked,” meaning the people at the last party. Cheri asked me about the other parties. I told her that the only time I went to any of the other parties; they had live sex on a stage for everyone to see and the performers were not the most attractive people. Sometimes, there are some really disgusting stuff happening. She asked me if that was legal, and I told her no, but not one was telling the cops.

Bob suggested that Cheri show me her little bikini, but Cheri told him that we met in the elevator this afternoon when she was returning to the room. Bob seemed really interested in that and wanted to know what I thought. I told him that Cheri was very beautiful and he was a very lucky guy. Bob fixed us another drink and Cheri went into the bathroom.

Bob and I talked for a while she was gone. He said that they kind of expected the first party, but she couldn't believe that last one. Then, he leaned toward me and asked what happen in the elevator. That caught me by surprised and I just said “Huh!”

He wondered if I saw anything and did I go back to the room with her. After I told him nothing happened, and no, I didn’t go back to the room with her. He seemed disappointed.

When Cheri returned she was wearing her little bikini and she danced around the room and shook her hips and bent over and pushed her butt back at me. She kept saying that she felt “kinda wicked and naughty” and laughed. “I am starting to feel like one of those girls.”

She walked over by Bob and turned her back to him and looked at me. Bob reached up and pulled one of the bikini strings that went around her neck. Her top dropped, exposing her breasts. Then, he pulled one around her back and the top dropped to the floor. She made a half-hearted attempt to cover herself, but Bob came up behind her and pulled both strings on her bottoms. He pulled the off completely. Cheri made another half-hearted attempt to cover up.

That is when Bob said, “Now you are one of “those” girls!!!”

Cheri was completely naked and she said, “I guess I will be one of "those" girls. I looked at Bob to see his reaction. He had the biggest smile that I have seen that day.

Cheri paraded around the room naked turning around giving Bob and I a complete view of her body. She raised her arms up above her head, playing with her hair and thrust chest out and shaking her breasts.

Then, she came over to me and sat on my lap. She said that Bob has always wanted to watch her with another man. She really never wanted to do it until now. After watched those girls, she wanted to know what it was like to be naked and have an audience while she did it. She wanted Bob to watch me fuck her.

I looked at Bob and he nodded. He said that I could have her if I wanted.

I said, “Are you sure about this? I don’t want to break up your marriage.”

Bob said, “I have wanted her to do this for years. I can’t wait to see her do it.”

“I am straight, I don’t want to get into a bi thing,” I said.

Bob was said that he was straight too. He didn’t want me, but Cheri did.

I put my arms around Cheri, kissed her, and started exploring her body with my hands. Cheri returned the kisses and started taking my clothes off. Bob sat on the loveseat and watched. When Cheri got all of my clothes off, she jumped into the bed and spread her legs. I crawled between her legs and licked her sweet little pussy. She smelled so good and got wet really quickly. Her pussy was open wide and ready for my cock. Her juices tasted really good, so I licked her until she began really moaning loudly and I could taste her cum.

Then, I moved up and spread her legs as wide as I could. Kneeling between her them, I looked at Bob, who was naked and rubbing his cock. I asked him if he wanted to get a close-up look. I motioned to him to come over and sit on the bed. I took my cock and rubbed it against her pussy lips and told him to watch it go into Cheri’s pussy. He got down really close and his eyes got really wide as he watched my cock slow penetrate his wife.

I told him, “Look at your wife’s pussy. Look at my cock going into her. I’m fucking her. Your wife really is one of those girls now.”

Bob was jacking off as hard as he could and started to came, just about the time my cock got all the way inside of his wife. He stuck his cock into Cheri’s mouth and she swallowed every drop of his load. When he was done, he watched us for a while and then went into the bathroom.

As soon as he left, I lay down on top of Cheri and made love to her. I explored breasts and thighs with my hands while it pumped my cock in and out of her. I tried my best to hold back until Cheri had and orgasm and she finally came when Bob came out of the bathroom and sat on the bed and watched. After her orgasm, I knelt between her legs again and let Bob watch. When I got close, I asked Cheri were she wanted me to cum. She pointed to her pussy and said, “Fill me with your cum.”

As I lost control, I looked at Bob and said, “Man, I’m cuming in your wife.” God it feels so good inside of her.”

Cheri’s eyes got really wide while I squirted cum into her and she started to gasp. She covered her mouth and tried not to scream.

I collapsed on to her and we kiss very passionately until my cock became flaccid and came out of her. When I started to get up, she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. Then, she said, “Oh my god. I came three times!!!”

I got up and when into the bathroom to clean off. When I came out, Bob was between Cheri’s legs licking my cum out of her pussy. I sat on the bed and watched them. After a while, Bob move up on to Cheri fucked her. It was more of a fuck than making love. He kept talking about me fucking her, how much she liked it, and how turned on he was to be fucking his “whore wife”. Cheri agreed that she really liked it and was really a whore. Cheri bucked and moaned and seemed to be cumming multiple times. Finally, she collapsed and had the most amazing look on her face. Bob continued to fuck her for a while and then moaned loudly and collapsed on top of her.

Bob got up and went to the bathroom. I lay next to Cheri and fondled her and ran my hands all over her body. We kissed and touched, until Bob came out of the bathroom. Then, Cheri got up and took her turn in there.

Bob came over and sat next to me on the bed and said, “That was so unbelievable. I was so turned on, I couldn’t control myself. Cheri was so beautiful laying there naked with you inside of her. I shot my load way before I expected. Her pussy looked so delicious just spread so wide open, I just had to lick her, I can’t believe I fucked her, she was full of your cum, but it felt so good. I have never cum so much in my life.”

“Your wife is really beautiful. She has a great body. I can’t believe you let me make love to her. I don’t know how to thank you and Cheri”

“No. thank you for letting me watch. I have wanted to do that for a long time, but she was either not interested or didn’t like the guy. I was really hoping the conference would be the time she let go. Those girls at the parties really got her interested in fooling around.”

“I am glad you guys picked me to try it.”

Cheri came out the bathroom and sat between Bob and me. We talked about what just happened. It was pretty obvious that Cheri liked what happened and asked Bob if I could make love to her again this week. Bob told us both that he wanted me to fuck Cheri as much as we wanted.

Bob made drinks and Cheri and I started kissing again. She turned to me and said that I could do anything I wanted to her. I asked her if she would take a shower with me. I wanted to wash every inch of her naked body. To which she eagerly agreed. We finished our drinks and went into the bathroom. Bob followed us in, so he could watch. Cheri started the shower and we both got in. She moved under the spray and turned around to get herself wet. We changed place, but I put my arms around her and pulled her closed to me and kissed passionately. I grabbed the soap and rubbed it all over her. Then, I started with her back and rubbed my hands all over her and especially up and down her spine. Then I moved down to her butt and pulled her close, rubbing and massaging her butt checks and playing with her ass, especially that little area between her asshole and vagina. She really seemed to like that.

After a few minutes, I turned her around and began washing her front. I started with her shoulders and arms and moved down to her breasts. I massaged them and rubbed her nipples. Slowly, I moved down, over her chest, her belly, her thighs, and finally between her legs. I stood behind her with one hand moving between her breasts and the other hand massaging and rubbing her pussy. When her pussy lips opened, I rubbed her labia and up to her clitoris. We stood there for a long time, while I masturbated her. Bob sat on the edge of the tub watching every move. Finally, Cheri let out a low moan and her knees buckled. I already had my hands in position to catch her and I lowered her to the tub. I sat behind her and held her for while, until she stopped cumming. Then, we rinsed off, and I dried her. While I dried off, Bob held her close and kissed her.

The three of us walked back to the bed and Cheri pulled the covers back and jumped in. I lay next to her and Bob sat on the bed next to us. Cheri and I started kissing and touching each other. We both got really turned on. This continued until Cheri said, “Oh please,” and pulled me over her. She spread her legs and I slid my cock inside of her. We made love like long lost lover. It was tender and sensual.

I am sure that Bob wanted a replay of the first wild, carnal, exhibitionist sex, but Cheri wanted to be loved as well as satisfied. He couldn’t see our copulation from where he sat, so he moved to the foot of the bed and knelt on the floor, so he could see me inside of this wife. My second time usually takes a long time, so Cheri had two orgasms before I came. I filled her with cum and we kissed and touched, ignoring Bob, until I came out.

As soon as I rolled off, Bob mounted Cheri and made love to her as passionately as I did. I lay next to them and watched. Cheri was having multiple orgasms and loved every minute of being taken by two men. As Bob got close to coming, he moved so that he was kneeling between her legs. He lifted her them up and spread them wide and began thrusting wildly. I could see my cum oozing out with every thrust. Finally, Bob came and collapsed onto Cheri.

When he got up, I rolled over next to Cheri and gently stroked her breasts and kissed her. Cheri was breathing hard and giggling between breaths. Finally, she said that she never dreamed that she could cum that much. I was getting hard watching them fuck and listening to her talk, so I asked Cheri if she wanted more. She said, “Oh my god,” giggled, and said “OK.” I asked her to suck my cock a little, until I was really hard. Then I entered her cum filled pussy. It felt so good, I couldn’t believe it. Cheri came quickly, and lost control. She just laid there saying “Oh my god,” and giggling. She couldn’t move, and her body rock back and forth with my thrust. Finally, I came and held her close. Her only comment was, “That was amazing.”

I ended up spending the night with Cheri between Bob and me. I woke up the next morning in the spoon position with Cheri, one arm under her with on hand holding one of her breasts, the other hand between her legs. I got up quietly, got dressed and went to my room before they awoke.

The next day was uneventful. I met them for breakfast and lunch, but we did not talk about the night before. After the conference, I had some work to do, so I met them later at a restaurant for dinner. I noticed right away, that Cheri was not wearing a bra and the top three buttons on her blouse were unbuttoned. She was wearing a short, but respectable skirt and heels. We had a good time at dinner; however, at the end of the meal, Bob abruptly got up and said the he had to met a friend for the evening and hoped that Cheri and I would have a good evening together. Then he left.

I was afraid that Bob was mad, but Cheri said that he has wanted her to have an affair for a long time. The thought of Cheri being naked with and giving herself to another man really turned Bob on. They talked about it a lot when the made love. Bob had been with several lovers before he married Cheri. On the other hand, Bob had been Cheri’s only lover, until last night. They both thought that wasn’t fair. She and Bob discussed it several times before, but tonight before dinner she agreed. Cheri had thought about an affair and the idea appealed to her, but she never found anyone she wanted that much until now. Cheri wanted to spend the night alone with me, if that was OK with me.

She said that she and Bob both wanted to live out fantasies this week. Bob’s was to watch her with another man, and Cheri’s to be a slut. She had several specific fantasies. One fantasy was to be with two guys, and hopefully, last night wouldn’t be the last time. I hoped that it would be that last time too.

Another was to cheat on Bob. She really loved Bob, and would never leave him, but she did want to know what it was like to be with someone else. However, it wasn’t really the same with Bob there watching. She wanted a night alone with me and Bob was all for it. Bob would go to a strip club and get really horny for tomorrow night. She wanted tonight to be totally illicit and private and share secrets that she will never tell Bob. She said, “Tonight is ours. Also, Bob wants you to join us in bed tomorrow and Friday if you like.”

On the way up to my room, Cheri stopped at her room and picked up a suitcase.

When we walked into my room, I came up behind Cheri, put my arms around her, and pulled her close to me. I kissed the back of her neck and stroked her checks and arms. Then, I began unbuttoning her blouse and caressing her breasts. She turned around and I took her blouse off and drank in the sight of her beautiful little breasts. I pulled her close again and kissed her, while I took off her skirt. She had on tiny lacy panties. I bent down and knelt before her, stroking her thighs and tracing the pattern on her panties with my fingers. Slowly, I pulled her panties down, revealing her pussy, which was opening and already moist. I kissed her pussy and stoked her ass.

Cheri walked over to the bed, pulled the covers bad, and got in. She just laid there naked while I undressed. When I was naked, I walked over to the bed and sat next to her. She sat up and I kissed and held her naked body next to mine. My hands explored and caressed her everywhere. I crawled into bed next to her and we held each other for a long time. We kiss and touched and discussed her needs and desires. Eventually, I began exploring her body with my hands, lips and tongue. By the time I was done, I had memorized every inch of her body and licked her to two orgasms. She tasted so good.

Cheri lay on her back and spread herself open and pulled me to her. I slowly entered her and we made love. I was even more tender and loving than the short time we had the night before, while Bob was in the bathroom. It was long and slow. Cheri wrapped her legs around my back and held me tightly as I thrust my cock as deep inside of her as I could get. I waited for her to cum and I filled her with my cum. Then, I held her tight, and rolled her over on top of me, holding her and stroking her back and caressing her bottom. We laid there until I came out.

We talked for a while and I asked her if she was sore after last night. She said no. I told her that I was surprised, because I doubted that she ever had that much sex before. She got up and opened her bag and got out a plastic bag. She opened the bag and brought out a dildo about the size of a normal cock. She said that she masturbates 3 or 4 times a day and Bob is good for two a night on a good night, so 5 or 6 times is about right for her.

She sat next to me and I took the dildo and rubbed it all over her body while we talked about her slut fantasies. I eventually put it inside of her pussy and slowly masturbated her while we talked.

Later I asked her about her other fantasies. She was reluctant at first; saying that she was embarrassed, but I said that she probably would never see me again, so she could say or do anything. She didn’t like that she would never see me again, and we both agreed that we would make every effort to see each other again.

I said that if she wanted me to be her lover, she should open up completely. She just laughed. I started suggesting things like bondage, and group sex, but she said no. When I mentioned lesbian, she bit her lip, but said nothing. I mentioned anal, her eyes lit up and she giggled like a little girl. I suggested several other things, but she didn’t respond to anything else.

Finally I said, “So being with a girl excites you.”

“I never said that.”

“No, but your eyes did. Have you ever done that?” She looked a little concerned, so I said, “I would love to see you lying naked on a bed with your legs spread and watch a girl lick you to an orgasm.”

She told me that she and Bob watch videos sometimes and two girls is something he likes. She noticed lately that she was getting wet watching those videos, but she wouldn’t know how to do it. Also, she would be too embarrassed to look for another girl. Besides, Bob wants big tits. She looked down at her breasts and said that she wasn’t really into that. She would feel really inadequate if she was as big as Bob wanted.

Then I ask her about anal sex. She smiled again and her eyes got big. She got up and when to her bag again. This time, she took out another bag with a smaller dildo. She said a friend told her about anal and gave her this one. When she has a lot of time alone, she really likes to masturbate anally. I asked her to show me. She got some lube out of her bag and got on her knees and bent over so her shoulders were resting on the bed. She masturbated a little and then rubbed around her ass a little. Then, she put some lube on her dildo and slowly inserted it in her ass.

While she was doing that, I asked her if Bob ever fucked her in the ass. She said, no. Bob thought that was gross and would never even touch her asshole. That is why she used the dildo. Bob doesn’t even know she has either of these things.

I watched for a while and then took some lube and put it on my cock, which was very hard by now. Then, I pulled the dildo out of her ass and inserted my cock. I slowly fucked her ass and reached around her waist and rubbed her clit until she came. Finally, I unloaded into her and we fell onto the bed.

Later we took a shower and I wash her just like I did the night before and held her when she came. When she recovered, we rinsed off and I dried her. Then, I picked her up and carried her to the bed. She laid there totally open, her legs spread open for me, her arms open wide, offering herself to me. She said, “Oh take me use me, please. I am ours totally.”

I crawled between her legs and licked her, until she was about to explode and then, I entered her. We made love slowly and tenderly. Her breathing became heavy and she moaned almost continuously. When I came, she gasped and moaned loudly and I felt her body shiver. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Around midnight, I woke up and went to the bathroom. When I came back Cheri was awake and wanted to make love again. We touched and kissed and I caressed her. When she was ready, she told me to take her, and we made love for the third time that night. We fell asleep again, this time with Cheri lying on top of me.


I don’t think either of us wanted to get up in the morning. But, Cheri put her clothes on and left. I didn’t see them at breakfast and Bob was late getting to the conference. The first thing Bob said to me when he finally made it down to the conference was, “You guys must have had a really good time last night; she was an animal this morning.”

I didn’t say anything about the last night; I don’t kiss and tell. I thought Cheri should be the one to tell him what she wanted, especially since she wanted to keep some secrets from Bob. He really pushed, but I held out.

During the morning break, I went to the Concierge. I told him that I met a young lady named Amber on Monday night at Arvon’s party and wanted to get in touch with her again. At first, he tried to tell me that he didn’t know anything about that. Before he finished, I slid my hand across the counter with the number 50 showing between my fingers. He covered my hand and slid the $50 bill out from between my fingers and looked around to make sure nobody was looking. Then he took out a Post-It note and wrote, “Amber” and a phone number.

“You didn’t get this from me.”

After lunch, I called the number and spoke with Amber. After I described who I was and who I was with on Monday, she remembered us. I told her that the woman I was with was curious about a lesbian affair and possible a three or foursome. We negotiated and I set up a “date” for Friday night at 8:00 p.m. at Bob and Cheri’s room.

The rest of the day was uneventful, but Bob kept bugging me about my night with his wife and I refused. At the afternoon break, I went out to the pool and found Cheri. She had several guys hanging around her, trying to pick her up. I bent over and whispered into her ear, “Have these guys hit on you?”

“Yeah, one guy even offered me $100.”

“What? Is that all? Do you want to know what it feels like to be a hooker?”

She looked at me and smiled. She laughed a little and said OK. I told her to leave something on the ground by the chaise lounge, because I wanted to come back and make those guys jealous. She left her purse on the ground and we walk into the hotel. Then, I came back to get the purse and almost every guy there asked me how I got her to go with me. I said, “Five grand.”

One guy said, “No way.” Another guy said, “I told you she was a pro.” I just smiled.

I told her what I said the guys at the pool, and she said, “Now they think that I am a whore?”

I told her yes, but none of them could afford her. She laughed as we went up to my room.

When we got to the room, I put a $100 on the night stand next to the bed. She looked at it and laughed. Then she pulled the strings on her little red bikini and let it fall to the floor. Then, she got into bed and I undressed. I got into bed next to her and played with her a little until she was turned on. Then, I put on a condom and rolled over on top of her. I slid my cock into her and started pumping it in and out of her. We didn’t talk, we just fucked. I do not know if she came, but she acted like it. When I came, I got up and went into the bathroom and cleaned up. When I came out she was putting on her bikini. I told her that I had to go back to the conference, so she started to leave. I told her not to forget her money.

She looked startled at first and just looked at the money on the night stand. She put the money in the little strip of fabric in the front of her bikini bottoms and we walked out. In the elevator, it finally dawned on her what she did. Her jaw dropped a little and she said, “I can’t believe it, I’m really a prostitute. I guess that I really am one of those girls.”

When the elevator door opened, she asked me if I was going to join Bob and her for the evening. I told her that I liked her better as a lover than hooker. She smiled and walked over to the pool.

At dinner, Bob press the issue with Cheri, and she just told him that it was none of his business; however, later in the meal, she hinted that she might tell him a little after dinner. Before we left the restaurant, Bob went to the restroom, and Cheri told me that all of the guys propositioned her, but none of them offered $5,000. She just laughed at them. I asked her what she would have done if someone offered $5,000. She just stopped and looked at me. She had no idea what she would have done.

After dinner, we went back to their room. Bob fix drinks and Cheri and I sat on the loveseat and made out like two teenagers. Bob asked again and Cheri stood up and told him to be patient. Then, she undressed slowly letting both Bob and I watch. When she was naked, she lie on the bed and spread her legs and began masturbating. She looked at Bob and asked if he still wanted to know what happened the night before. I thought he was going to shake his brains out shaking his head in the affirmative.

She was breathing heavily when she finally spoke, “When we got to his room, I stripped naked… and laid on the bed in front of him… and masturbated, just like I am now. When I was ready, he stuck his cock deep inside of my cunt and he fucked me. I just lie there… and let him pump his big hard cock in and out of my wet pussy… and I came… and it felt really good… and then he came… and filled my cunt with cum.” She stopped talking for a while and masturbated. Then she said, “It felt really good to have him squirt inside of me… and I told him I was his whore… and he could fuck me anytime he wanted, even after we leave here. Any time he is near our home, I am going to fuck him. I am going to give myself to him totally.”

By this time, Bob was naked and standing next to the bed masturbating. I stripped and knelt between Cheri’s legs. I spread them wide and rubbed my cock against her wet pussy. I told Bob to watch, and tilted her legs slightly, so he could get a better look. All of the time I was inside of her, I was telling Bob what I was doing and how good it felt. In addition, Cheri told him how good it felt with me inside of her and how much she liked it. She also told him that she was a whore and a slut and she like it that way.

I pump her pussy for a long time until I came deep inside of her, and I made sure Bob knew that I did. Bob immediately jumped on top of Cheri as soon as I got up and fucked his wife like and madman. She giggled the entire time he was in her, except while she was sucking the cum off of my cock. Bob came quickly and rolled off. Cheri got up and went into the bathroom to cleanup. There was a large amount of cum dripping out of her.

Bob fixed drinks and we talked about Cheri’s body and what just happened. Bob was really happy about sharing his wife and wanted to tell me what he liked, especially the feeling when he put his cock into Cheri’s cum filled pussy. Cheri joined us and told Bob how much she enjoyed being shared.

When we finished our drinks, I told Cheri that I wanted to fuck her in the ass. She smiled and eagerly agreed, but bob wasn’t too sure about it. I told him that he didn’t have to do it, just watch. Cheri when to her bag and got her bottle of lube. She rubbed my cock until I was hard and poured some of the lube on it. Then she got on all fours and poured a little more lube on her asshole. I slowly slid my cock into her and reached around her and rubbed her clit.

After a few minutes, I pulled her back toward me and we fell backwards. I was lying on my back and she was sitting on top of me with her back to me. I pulled her back to me and reached down to her thighs. I pulled her legs up and spread them wide. Bob was at the foot of the bed watching and I told him to look at her wife’s wet pussy. I told him that it was really a waste that there was nothing inside of her and he ought to fill her with his cock.

Bob hesitated for a moment, but he eventually mounted her and pushed his hard cock into her. It was amazing. I could feel his cock slide into her and I could feel him pumping her. I didn’t have to move, because he was fucking her so hard that her body was moving on top of me. Cheri was so turned on that she came several times before Bob did, and his wild crazy fucking got me off too.

Bob rolled over quickly and fell asleep, but Cheri lay on top of me for a long time. I think she continued to cum for several minute after Bob got up. The sex was so wild, that Cheri and I all fell asleep almost as soon as we rolled over.

The next morning, I got up, dressed quickly, and went to my room to dress for the day. We didn’t talk much until breakfast. Bob was really excited about the night before and was surprised that he likes the double penetration.

It was a quiet morning and afternoon. However, at dinner, I told Bob and Cheri that I had a surprise for them later and we needed to be back at their room by 8:00 p.m. or we would miss everything. All during dinner they tried to pry the surprise out of me, but I just said that they would both enjoy it. We all ate quickly and ended up in their room by 7:30.

Bob and I sat on the bed and Cheri sat between us and we both played with her, while we waited for the surprise. At first, Cheri was really anxious about the surprise; but after a few minutes of being fondled by Bob and me, she forgot about the surprise, until there was a knock on the door.

I opened the door and let Amber in. She was wearing that little black dress and 4” heels. She walk in the room, went directly to Cheri, and looked directly into her eyes. The look on Cheri’s face was priceless. She was both excited and afraid. I told Amber that Cheri had never been with a woman before, so she had to be patient.

Cheri was already turned on, so Bob and I helped her undress. She stood up and l unzipped her dress and she let it drop to the floor. Amber, slowly undressed while she watched Bob and I help Cheri. We stripped her down to just her matching pink bra and panties. Amber took off her clothes in sync with Cheri being undressed. However, she was wearing a matching black bra, panties and garter belt with black stockings. Amber took Cheri be the hand and pulled her close and gently kissed her. She continued kissing her with each kiss becoming more and more passionate. Her hands began to explore Cheri, touching her face, arms and back. At first, Cheri just stood there and looked nervous, but she soon warmed to Amber and returned her kisses with equal passion. Amber led her over to the bed and crawled over her and started kissing her deeply. Their tongues flick back and forth and Cheri pulled Amber to her.

Bob and I both undressed and sat on either side of the bed, while we watched one of the most erotic displays we had ever seen. They kissed and touched for a long time and I think Bob came about half way through their first time.

Finally, Amber started kissing down Cheri’s body while she reached around her and unhooked her bra. Then, she kissed and sucked on Cheri’s tiny little tits. Amber made a big deal about how firm and sexy her Cheri’s tits were, before kissing her way down Cheri’s chest, belly, and finally to top of her panties. Cheri begged her to go further, and Amber pulled Cheri’s panties down slowly. Cheri lifted her legs high in the air, so Amber could take them off completely.

Amber stopped for a moment and just stared and Cheri’s naked body. Then, she told her how beautiful she was and started kissing her way down again. She kissed all around her mound, teasing her until Cheri begged her to do her. Amber finally buried her face between Cheri’s legs and kissing and licking her pussy. Cheri spread her legs wide and pushed Amber’s head down and began thrusting her hips to meet Amber’s tongue. I lay next to Cheri and fondled her tits and kissed her occasionally, while I watched Amber gobble Cheri’s clit and labia like a starving woman. Cheri finally exploded in one of her biggest orgasms of the week.

Amber continued to gently kiss and lick her wet pussy until Cheri caught her breath. Then, she kissed her way back up on top of her and kissed her deeply.

When she finally rolled off, I told Cheri that she had to reciprocate. Cheri looked a little unsure and said that she wasn’t sure if she could do that. I asked why, and she said something about the taste. I told her that she just had a taste of her own pussy from Amber last kiss. Amber agreed with me and begged Cheri to help her. I told Cheri that I would help her.

Amber rolled over and spread her legs and I helped Cheri take off her bra and panties. We left her stocking on. Then, I pulled Cheri down between Amber’s legs, so that her wet pussy was right at both of our eye levels. We both lay between her legs and Amber spread herself really wide open. I kissed Amber pussy and they had Cheri do it. We alternated kissing and licking her. Amber tasted really good and it wasn’t long before Cheri got greedy and wanted her all to herself. Amber patiently gave her instructions on how and where to lick and suck. I continued to lay next Cheri, between Amber’s legs, but I let her eat Amber exclusively. I rubbed Cheri’s back and butt. Eventually, I slide my fingers between Cheri’s legs and up inside of her pussy. The more turned on she got; the harder deeper she licked Amber’s pussy. Finally, Amber came. I really think that she did, because she was really wet and it took a while for her to recover.

I rolled over and mounted Cheri from behind and slide my cock deep inside of her. She was really wet and came quickly. She came a second time before I shot my load into her. By this time, Bob had recovered and pushed me aside and side his cock in to his wife.

I moved up and lay next to Amber. She looked at me and wondered who was with whom. I explain our relationship. We watched Bob and Cheri fuck like two wild animals. He called her a whore and a slut and made references to all of the time I fucked her. She in turn told him little detail and how it felt with me inside of her. She went on about how much she enjoyed cheating on him and having him watch her while she did it.

Amber really enjoyed the show they were putting on. She told me to clean up and she would fuck me if I wanted. When I returned, she rubbed and sucked my cock until I was hard and then, put a condom on my cock. She climbed on top of me and straddled my cock slowly lowering her pussy on to me. She rode me for a long time before I finally came. Then, she fell on top of me. Sometime during my being taken by Amber, Bob and Cheri move up next to us and watched. We all fell asleep in that position, Bob and Cheri next to each other next to me and Amber on top of me.

Around midnight, I woke up and rolled Amber off of me. She didn’t wake up. I went to the bathroom and cleaned up and got a drink. When I returned, Cheri was awake and we moved to the love seat to make out. She was really sad that the week was almost over and we would be going our separate ways. I told her that maybe we would meet at this conference next year. She smiled and kissed me. After making out for a while, I rolled over on top of her and she spread her legs wide for me to enter her. While we made love, she told me how much she enjoyed cheating on Bob with me and hoped that we could meet again. She really wanted to fuck me again and then tell Bob. He was really good in bed when she told him about our times together. She felt so nasty and cheap telling him about us and it really made her cum. She didn’t know if she would ever make love to him again without telling him about having my cock inside of her.

We went into the bathroom together and took a shower and I played with her naked body and masturbated her. When we got out I dried her and we walked naked back into the room. Cheri was surprised to see Bob on top of Amber, fucking her like crazy. She started to get mad, but I reminded her that she did it to him, so she should at least let him cheat once. Bob came quickly after we walked in on them.

Amber dressed quickly and I walked her out into the hall. Yes, I was naked. I paid her and she told me that she would do Cheri anytime for free, but she would charge extra for Bob.

I returned to the room, dressed, and went to my room to clean up and dress for the day.

At breakfast, Bob and I exchanged phone numbers and addresses. By lunch, Bob and Cheri were on a plane heading home.

I have kept in touch with Bob and Cheri. I went to their house once when I worked near their home and Cheri met me once in a hotel for a weekend when I was working at another nearby town. Also, we have met at the same conference for the last three years. The last two years, we shared a room. Bob still likes to watch and Cheri likes to be shared. She writes the nastiest letters describing sex with Bob after we are together.

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