Dinner with the mothers. The mothers meet each other.

Strawberry (Chap 11) Dinner with the mothers.

Strawberry looks glamorous as she stands facing me up close and personal. Her green eyes sparkle and the pale green make-up makes them really pop. Standing on her mile-high, ankle-breaking heels brings her head to the bottom of my chin. As I look down on her, the pushup bra enhances her cleavage and a bit of sparkle make-up draws men’s eyes to her young tits. I know she has just a-cup tits, but the pushup effect still makes it look like she gained a couple of inches. We are standing in Kelly’s bedroom and Kelly is watching from across the room.

“Thank you for getting us our house back”, Strawberry says and reaches up for my head and gives me a hard kiss with lots of tongue. “Baby, thank Kelly and her mom for it”, I tell her. Strawberry turns her head, winks at Kelly and tells her with a low, sexy voice, “Oh, I’m going to thank her in a few minutes.” I repeat, “And you owe her mom, too.” Strawberry nods and smiles; she gets the message.

OMG, it makes me think about how this little darling has changed in a dozen weeks. When I first saw her that Sunday in the coffee shop, she acted like a little girl jumping into her mom’s lap. She looked to be about five feet four inches tall and now she has grown at least an inch if not maybe two.

That afternoon I saw her naked and ended up popping her very tight cherry with her naked mom in the bed, too. As she walked around, her baby bubble butt was so cute; but now her butt has gained some definition and in today’s sexy, red hot dress it is a real eye catcher. I had to laugh to myself because at the club all the waiters were their normal attentive; but a few extra guys, young and old, showed up to help Strawberry. Seemed they all hovered over her shoulders and got peeks at her tits the best they could. Yes, this red dress is a winner as it shows her figure in all the right places. This is not to take anything away from mom, Janet. The waiters were also gawking at her nice tits nearly falling out of her top.

After the two moms had told me I would be sleeping in Jenn’s house during the week and maybe spending weekends with Janet I was totally shocked. I still don’t know if Janet confessed during her bathroom conversation that I was fucking both her and her preteen daughter. Jenn looked at my face, laughed and invited Strawberry and her mom to come see her house. We left the country club and arrived at Jenn’s a bit later.

Jenn wanted to show Janet her bedroom and Kelly invited Strawberry up to her room. I grabbed a bottle of wine and followed the girls up the steps. Strawberry was in front of me and wobbled on her high heels. The good news was her ass swished back and forth and gave me a great view. Funny, a girl in a tight dress can be nearly as attractive as when she is totally nude. It reminded me of following naked Strawberry up her steps the first time and pinching her baby butt.

After Strawberry kissed me, she goes to Kelly and hugs her. “Thank you Kelly for helping mom and me with our house”, she says and pulls Kelly into a tight embrace. I’m not sure if Janet realizes that Jenn purchased her house with the club just being a front. Strawberry surely does not. While the girls are hugging, I get two glasses from a shelf and fill them with wine. Strawberry and I clink glasses and Kelly uses her bottle of sparkling water. Strawberry grins, smacks her lips and tells Kelly the wine is wonderful. Kelly shrugs her shoulders and says, “I don’t drink, smoke or do drugs. You should probably stop, too.” Strawberry shakes her head seriously ‘Yes’ and agrees.

Then she turns her back to Kelly, looks over her shoulder and asks, “Can you help me with getting my dress off?” Kelly looks at me and Strawberry both and says quietly, “I have never done it with a girl. Daddy, are you thinking about it?” I remember Kelly telling me in my apartment, “I’ll do whatever you are thinking about.” I laugh and say to Kelly, “Try it; I think you may enjoy it.”

Kelly smiles and moves in close, unzips the short zipper and pushes the red dress off Strawberry’s shoulders. She reaches around the front and hugs Strawberry to her. Kelly’s hands slide down Strawberry’s cleavage and she pulls the dress down to her waist. Her hands slide back up and she cups her hands under the red pushup bra and gives each cup a squeeze. Strawberry leans back, closes her eyes and sighs, “Yes”.

Kelly leans down a bit and kisses Strawberry’s left ear and then her right one. Strawberry lifts her arms up and guides Kelly’s mouth to her neck. Kelly’s hands have pulled the bra down and exposed Strawberry’s breasts. Her a-cups have gained more definition and the baby nipples are already hard and aroused. I move in closer and watch the show while working on the buttons of my shirt. Kelly reaches down and pulls the dress over Strawberry’s hips and lets it hit the floor. “Tom, please hang it up”, Kelly asks and I kneel down and lift Strawberry’s feet and get her shoes off. The dress is next and it goes into Kelly’s closet.

Kelly steps back and unhooks Strawberry’s bra and hands it to me; it goes into the closet also. Strawberry stands still and Kelly hugs her again and plays with her tits. Strawberry “Ooh’s” when Kelly pinches her nipples and points them at me. My pants hit the floor about the same time and Mr. Cock has made a tent in my shorts. I hang up my pants, lock the bedroom door and dim the lights. Kelly twirls Strawberry around and kneels in front of her. Her hands reach up and pull the red thong to the floor exposing young pussy which looks like it may already be leaking.

Filling more wine, I give Strawberry a second glass and watch her drink it. Kelly looks at me with a raised eyebrow. “Trust me, it definitely helps her get into the mood”, I say to Kelly. Strawberry grins, sips the wine and tells Kelly, “Let me undress you, please.” Kelly smiles and nods her head ‘Yes’ while spreading her arms. Strawberry moves around back and I hear the sound of the long zipper opening Kelly’s dress. It falls to the floor and Kelly is in a baby pink bra and thong. Strawberry’s hands come around her and she squeezes Kelly’s tits just like Kelly had done to her a few minutes earlier.

I’m on my knee in front of Kelly and put a few little butterfly kisses just above her thong. Her tummy is rock hard and flat from tennis; but I imagine I can see a tiny bit of swelling. Kelly looks down at me and says quietly, “She is going to be a very pretty girl.” Strawberry’s freckled face comes around from behind Kelly and with her mouth open she asks, “Are you pregnant?” Kelly nods and smiles. Strawberry giggles and says, “I thought your mom calling Tom ‘Daddy’ was about her, not you.” Kelly laughs and says, “It is about her.” Now Strawberry is really confused, looks at us again and says, “Oh shit, you are both pregnant. Tom knocked you both up?”

Kelly laughs, “Same night.”

Strawberry giggles some more as she pulls Kelly to her bed, “Well I’m not joining the club. Mom put me on the pill right after we met Tom.” She bats her eyes and tells Kelly, “Tom is a horny dog. You know he fucked me an hour after I met him and I was just an innocent eleven year old preteen. Took my virginity right in my mom’s bed.” Kelly laughs hard and says, “That’s not quite the way I heard the story.” The two girls hug sitting on the bed and Strawberry leans forward and kisses Kelly fully on the mouth hard. Kelly leans back and lets Strawberry maul her lips.

I sit next to the bed and watch the action close up. Strawberry is a bit rough with Kelly’s lips and they will most likely look red and bruised. Her tongue is down Kelly’s throat as far as she can get it; but Kelly grabs her hair hard and holds Strawberry captive. The girls’ white boobs are squashed between them and Strawberry straddles Kelly’s body. Strawberry’s naked ass is in front of my face and I can see her hole and pussy both slightly pulsing. Holy smokes, I’m tempted to get on top of the two of them and ass fuck Strawberry. Calm down boy and watch the fun. These two are gorgeous creatures with smooth skin that women would kill for and the show will be great.

Strawberry lets her lips slide down Kelly’s neck, first one side and then the other. Kelly seems relaxed and lies quietly until Strawberry’s lips touch her nipple. Kelly arches her back and her hand goes back into Strawberry’s hair; but more gently just pushing and guiding her mouth from nipple to nipple. Strawberry is on her knees and her legs are spread wide right in front of my face. It’s my own porn show with sound and smell. My nose moves closer to both girls and I enjoy the sweet smell of pussy from them both.

Strawberry nibbles both nipples and then I see her suck one nipple hard and her bared teeth clamp down hard until Kelly moans. I’m not sure it’s pleasure or pain. Kelly lets her do it to both nipples until she can’t take it anymore and squeals, “No more.” She grabs Strawberry’s head and pushes it south to her belly. Wow, Kelly’s nips are bruised and red and I expect they will be blue in the morning. It’s way more punishment than I would ever give her. If Strawberry bites her pussy like that we will need an ambulance.

Strawberry moves between Kelly’s legs and pulls them wide apart. She plants a few quick kisses on her thighs and two right on her pussy to make Kelly twitch. Strawberry giggles and gets down to serious pussy licking. She uses her fingers to spread the pussy lips wide apart and inspects Kelly’s sweet spot. I wonder how often she and Linda did this before they met me. I move to the side to get a better view and watch Strawberry use long tongue strokes around the outsides of Kelly’s pussy. Then she uses long strokes from the bottom of the wet pussy up to her clit. When Strawberry spreads the pussy apart and sinks her tongue down the canal Kelly humps back and I hear her moaning hard.

Geez, even this nearly twelve year old seems to have a better technique than any guy I’ve seen in a porn flick. She has got Kelly doing pelvic thrusts just after five minutes of girl-girl action. Strawberry comes up for air, grins at me with a wet face and uses her finger tips to rub Kelly’s clit. It gets Kelly going even more. Kelly gets a finger massage for about five more minutes and I can see her clit getting red hot and hard. She humps against Strawberry’s hand and reaches down to grab her hair. “Come here”, Kelly whines and Strawberry leans forward and lets her grab her head and guide it.

Right to Kelly’s clit of course. Strawberry’s lips are on her hard clit and Kelly pushes on her head to get Strawberry moving. I chuckle and move even closer; why not. Strawberry looks up at me, bats her eyes a couple of times, and rock Kelly hard by nibbling on her clit. Kelly moans and tries to thrash her legs; but Strawberry is hanging on for dear life, sucking her clit hard. That’s when the screaming starts.

I jump up and put a pillow over Kelly’s face not wanting the mom’s to think someone is getting butchered. Kelly grabs the pillow and sobs into it. Strawberry was surprised by the scream and has pulled back wondering if she did something awfully wrong. “Don’t stop, Baby. Get her off before she dies”, I tell Strawberry and push her head back between Kelly’s legs. Strawberry spreads Kelly’s legs wide again, pulls on her pussy lips and attacks her clit again. It only takes two minutes to get Kelly humping again and we are ready for “it”.

Kelly screams into the pillow again and pussy fluid shoots out of her. Strawberry is a good girl and laps it up. Every time her tongue runs up Kelly’s wide open pussy, Kelly jerks hard. Strawberry looks at me and giggles while Kelly has the pillow pulled over her face hard. Strawberry moves back and whispers to me, “Can you finish her; got to go pee.” Sure I can.

I get between Kelly’s legs and let Mr. Cock touch her hot clit. Kelly rocks forward and Mr. Cock slides into her inviting pussy. Of course, Kelly clamps her muscles down on me as I rock deep into her. I really want to bang her hard; but a bit of common sense tells me to go for pleasure after Kelly’s giant orgasm. I watch as Kelly’s boobs sway lightly against our motion. A few minutes later, she pulls the pillow off her face and smiles at me. “Bad Daddy”, she mocks me, “you made me really enjoy that.”

I laugh at her and give her an extra hard push which she returns by curling her legs up and giving me more room to penetrate deeper. Strawberry comes out of the bathroom and for a few minutes watches Kelly with her knees pulled up high. Strawberry says in a little girl voice, “Did I do good, Kelly?” “Yes baby, you did really, really good and I want to give you a reward.” Strawberry chuckles and one eyebrow goes up in a question. “Come straddle me”, Kelly tells her. Kelly mimics Strawberry, looks at me and asks in a little girl voice, “Did Daddy imagine this?”

“Yes girls, you are my dream”, I tell them as Strawberry settles her pussy over Kelly’s mouth. Strawberry leans back and pulls her pussy lips wide apart and I can see Kelly’s tongue exploring into her slit. I watch in fascination as Kelly works her tongue expertly into Strawberry’s pink pussy and has her moaning in just a few minutes. Strawberry rocks forward so her clit makes contact with Kelly’s long tongue. I can’t see her clit but the whole scene has got me hard and near cuming. I want to last at least five more minutes while fucking my Kelly.

Kelly reaches behind her and pulls the “screaming pillow” between Strawberry and me. I hear mumbling from Kelly and figure she said, “Just in case”. Strawberry is rocking on Kelly’s mouth and I figure she will not last too much longer either. When I can’t hold back any longer I stand up on the bed and offer my hard cock to Strawberry. She opens her mouth with a big smile and I push into her. Before she locks her lips around my cock, Strawberry mumbles, “Real deep, Daddy.” Her hands come around my ass cheeks and Strawberry sinks her fingernails into me and pulls.

My cock slides root deep into her mouth and throat. Strawberry’s eyes pop open and she looks up at me as I take small strokes in her throat. I envision she can taste my pre-cum and some of Kelly’s pussy juices. Strawberry rocks her ass hard and I think we may just cum together. She jerks hard as her orgasm rolls over her. I can hear Kelly slurping pussy juice and moaning at the same time. When Strawberry jerks she pulls me even deeper into her preteen throat and I blast several long ropes of cum down her throat.

Strawberry’s eyes shut and she holds me tight against her while my balls empty. Good grief, I can’t believe she has not passed out; but the feeling her throat and tongue have on my cock is out of the world. Finally she releases my ass a bit and lets my cock head move back into her mouth. As she takes deep breath through her nose, she locks her teeth around my cock head and holds me captive. When I try to move forward or back, she bites down. OK, I get the message, hold still while her tongue plays with my cock head and encourages any last drops of cum to spill on her tongue.

It seems a long time until she lets me lose and Strawberry lies down next to Kelly. From her face it’s obvious she has one last load of cum in her mouth. She leans over Kelly and surprised Kelly opens her mouth. My cum dribbles into Kelly and Strawberry leans down and kisses her hard. When she breaks, Kelly swallows. “Thank you, Kelly. Can we be friends forever”, Strawberry whispers and snuggles up to Kelly. Kelly looks at me with wide eyes and I nod. Kelly whispers back, “Yes baby” and tightens her hold on Strawberry.

Holy smokes, I decide to jump into the shower while the girl rest. About fifteen minutes later, I had just gotten cleaned up, combed and my teeth brushed when the two of them storm into the shower and totally ignored me. Lots of giggling ensues and I leave while its safe. Later I hear the familiar blast of hair dryers. I sit in a comfy chair and wait to see what the girls want to do. They want to see what’s available to wear. Strawberry has her make-up kit and old clothes in the car; but it’s more fun digging through Kelly’s closet. I love their selection.

Kelly comes out of her walk-in closet in a baby blue short nighty. It looks like it may be a few years old because it’s really tight around her boobs. The length does not cover much and her shaved pussy is on display, which does look red from Strawberry’s loving. Strawberry wears a red version which fits her better. Both her boobs and pussy are covered; but the material is extra sheer, so she almost looks nude with a light red tan. I clap my hands and tell them they look amazing as they come and hug me from both sides. Kelly says, “Strawberry wants to go thank my mom. Do you think she will accept?”

I look at Strawberry who giggles quietly and tell Kelly, “I assume Jenn has never had her pussy eaten by an eleven year old minx; but put some more make-up on Strawberry and let’s go see.” The girls disappear back into the bathroom; more hair dryer noises ensue and the girls come back out another fifteen minutes later.

“Great job, Kelly”, is my reaction. Kelly has Strawberry glammed up with curly hair and pale pink eye make-up. It enhances her freckles and instead of making her look older it makes her look even younger. How would you like a session in bed with a hot, sexy nine year old? Mr. Cock twitches and yells, “Me, me, me.” I can see sparkle make-up on her cleavage. OMG, I think I see sparkle make-up on her pussy. When I look harder, Strawberry flips the nightie up and verifies it’s true. “Holy shit, Kelly. Your mom will flip and surely rob the cradle”.

We send Kelly into the master bedroom first to make sure the coast is clear. The two moms are in Jenn’s huge bed talking. I see a wine bottle on Janet’s side and sparkling water on Jenn’s. Kelly says, “Mom, Strawberry wants to thank you for helping with their house.” Jenn smiles and then her mouth drops open as gorgeous Strawberry comes through the door in her baby doll nightie. Strawberry walks up to Jenn’s side of the bed with a big smile and says, “Thank you, Jenn.” Her mom Janet watches, probably expecting what happens next.

Strawberry leans forward and kisses Jenn gently on the lips and does not break away. One of Strawberry’s hands goes around Jenn’s head to gently guide and hold her face. Strawberry’s other hand reaches for the sheet and pulls it down. Both women are naked in the bed. Jenn grabs for the sheet; but Strawberry’s hand keeps her from pulling it back up. Strawberry’s lips stay locked to Jenn with more pressure.

Kelly moves to the light switch and dims the lights some more before going to Janet’s side of the bed. I figure I better sit in the chair and watch the show.

Strawberry’s hand slides up from the sheet and cups one of Jenn’s big breasts and her small fingers dance across the nipple and then back to cupping her tit. Jenn breaks the kiss and says in a husky voice, “Janice baby, I can’t do that with you. Good God, you are just a baby.” Strawberry pouts and a little tear runs down her face; the little actress is such a minx. Mom Janet leans over and whispers to Jenn, “Let her do it and get it over, otherwise, she will pester you every day.”

Jenn gives Janet a surprised look and whispers back, “What do you want me to do?” Janet laughs, “Relax and lean back and enjoy.”

Strawberry scampers up on the bed between the two moms and gives Janet a quick kiss, “Thank you, Mommy. Oh, and thank you Mommy for putting me on the pill. Did you know ‘they’ are both pregnant?” Strawberry did the teen thing and drew out the word ‘they’ in a long accusing tone. Janet’s mouth drops open as she looks at first Jenn and then Kelly. Kelly tells them all, “Shut up, Strawberry. No one can know; it’s a big secret.”

Strawberry snuggles up to Jenn and her hand disappears under the sheet which still covers her lower part, “I am really good at keeping secrets.” She pulls the sheet over her head and disappears under it next to Jenn. We see movement and then Jenn’s knees come up and a little body lies down between them. “OMG, OMG”, Jenn cries and I figure Strawberry’s tongue just buried itself in Jenn’s pussy. The sheet moves up and down with Strawberry’s head and Jenn leans back and closes her eyes tight. Like perverts we all watch the sheet even though there is nothing to see. Jenn moans and hums with the steady rhythm of the sheet and bed.

Kelly has cuddled up to Janet; but they are both just holding each other and watching. Mr. Cock wants to see what is going on and makes me pull on the sheet, slowly displaying the girls. Mom Jenn is leaning back with her eyes closed and her legs spread wide. Her boobs rock in rhythm with Strawberry’s ministrations. Her knees are cocked up high and I can see Strawberry’s tongue working on Jenn’s clit. When the sheet drops to the floor, both Janet and Kelly breathe in hard. My brain goes, “Shit, again no camera.” I do not like taking pictures with the i-phone, although the new ones have excellent cameras.

I pulled the sheet just in time because Jenn is moaning and rocking full speed, she won’t last but a few more minutes. Jenn’s hands come forward and she pulls Strawberry into her pussy hard. “OMG, OMG, I’m sorry, baby”, Jenn shouts as she lifts her ass up high and lets her orgasm roll over her. Strawberry gets a mouth full of mommy juice from Jenn until Jenn finally stops shaking and lets her head fall free. Strawberry climbs up next to Jenn and cuddles her until both of them start giggling like crazy. Strawberry looks at Jenn and uses the little girl voice again, “Did I do good, Jenn?” Jenn laughs and gives her a big kiss. Strawberry smears pussy juice all over Jenn’s face and giggles some more.

Kelly runs to the bathroom and comes back with a hot towel and cleans up Strawberry’s face and then her mom’s pussy. Jenn tries to let her do it; but stops her and whines, “Baby, I’m too sore. Don’t touch.” Kelly laughs at her mom.

Mr. Cock is feeling left out and I tell Strawberry to lie on her back. Without any foreplay I line up Mr. Cock and push into her pussy. Strawberry grins and pulls her feet up to her head, fully exposing her cunt. Then she scissors her legs wide apart and brings them back behind her head. Just like when I put the handcuffs on the girls. I fuck her fairly hard, not going for pleasure, but to just get Mr. Cock off again. We go at it for about ten minutes and Kelly gets ready for my cum by kneeling next to the bed. “Ok, Kelly, you get my cum”, is my thought; but then Janet and Jenn kneel next to her. Looks like I’m going to have to share between the three of them. They kneel with their faces up waiting for me.

Well shit, just put the pressure on me and Mr. Cock. I should just dump my load into Strawberry and let them take turns licking her clean. But I play nice and share. My first shot goes into Janet’s mouth, number two into Jenn’s mouth and number three into daughter Kelly. A little hand reaches up and grabs my cock and Strawberry gets left overs. The kitten licks my cock and when she hits the sensitive underside I yelp and jump back.

Now all four cunts giggle and laugh after swallowing. Then they turn to each other and kiss and swap. Well it looks to me like they all bonded and we will be a big happy fucking family. Fucking, being the operative word.

It reminds me again. “Kelly, when is your little sister coming home?”

Jenn gives me a look and says seriously. “No way Tom, unless you want me to use your nuts as golf balls.”

Somehow, I think she is serious.

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