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Double Dose of Bad Seed 6.7:
Three Little Words

I called Alessa as we left Melody’s to meet us at the house with the girls. I wanted Lily there to
watch Elizabeth lose her virginity and hopefully Hailey as well so they could see what it was like.
We got home and as the girls got undressed I went check the video equipment in the bedroom.

“You videoed us last night” Aunt Lisa says looking shocked.

I just laughed and ignored her as I finished checking everything. Jenny came in headed for the

“Where you headed in such a hurry you little slut” I say laughing.

“I gotta pee” she says.

“Well your forgetting your toilet paper” I say laughing as I look at Aunt Lisa.

I followed them in and Jenny was about to pull her tampon out by the little string.

“Stop, Aunt Lisa can do that” I say leaning against the door frame smiling.

Aunt Lisa kneeled down and reached out to grab the little string.

“Use your teeth whore” I say.

Aunt Lisa looks back at me for a second before she leans forward and uses her tongue to grab
the string and take it into her mouth. Taking the string between her teeth she slowly pulls down
until the bloody tampon pops free and hangs from her mouth before she spits it towards the
trash can.

She missed of course and reached to pick it up then stopped. She was learning I thought smiling
as she bent over and tried to pick it up by the string with her teeth. After several attempts she
gave up and just it the bloody tampon and picked it up then dropped it in the trash. She looked
back at me her lips smeared with blood.

“To answer your question yes I videoed last night in fact every room in this house is videoed
24/7” I say laughing as her face drops when she sees the red light blinking on the camera in the

Jenny stood up after her piss and grabbed Aunt Lisa’s head and shoved her mouth into her
bloody little pussy. I smiled as I left and headed back into the living room. Hailey was still shy
about being naked around me but when I sat down and called her over she came and sat on my

“I need you go tell your Mom and Dad to come over at 7 pm” I tell her as I rub her bald little slit.

As she jumped off my lap Alessa arrived and as soon as she was naked Lily was in my lap.

“Is it true your going to pop Elizabeth’s cherry tonight JJ” she asks as she rubs her wet little slit
up and down my cock shaft.

“Yes and you will be there to watch” I tell her.

“It’s not fair, it should be my turn I’m almost as big as her JJ” she says pouting.

“You have to take that up with your mom” I say giving her a kiss before putting her on the floor.

I had Elizabeth come sit on my lap to talk. I wanted to make sure she was ready and alright with
her parents being there.

“I belong to you husband so whatever you wish is my desire” she says nervously making my cock
grow even harder.

I leaned back in the recliner and Elizabeth laid her head on my chest and spread her little legs as
my hand slid down her shaking little body. Her bald little pussy was already wet and I could feel
the heat radiating from it before I even touched her. Lily was sitting on the couch with Alessa
giving her hell as I rubbed Elizabeth’s little slit.

“Please mommy I’ll be a big girl and not cry I promise” she says begging her mom to let me take
her cherry.

“Baby your not ready yet” Alessa tells her then gives her a kiss.

“Yes I am momma, I can take two of JJ’s fingers Elizabeth can only take one” she says defiantly.

She was right Elizabeth was squirming in my lap as I fingered her tight little pussy with just one
finger. Elizabeth was close to cumming already so I stopped wanting her ready for later. I went
into the kitchen and checked on the Jill who was cooking dinner.

We were having fish sticks, macaroni and cheese, and chocolate pudding Elizabeth’s favorite
foods for her last night as a virgin. In the morning she would be my wife and slut. Elizabeth sat
beside me during dinner very quietly only speaking a few words and barely eating any of her

After dinner Jenny, Jill, and Hailey took Elizabeth into the bathroom to bath her and dress her
for her night. Alessa sat with me on the couch as Lily stood between my legs and stretched her
little mouth around my hard cock. I rubbed Alessa’s little fat pussy as we talked.

“Your little pussy is dripping wet, looks like it needs a hard cock inside it” I say smiling

“You know it does but I can’t trade my daughter’s cherry for my needs JJ” she says frowning.

“You will” I say sliding two fingers inside her.

“Plus she’s already a little cum slut” I say holding Lily’s head down on my cock with my free

“I know JJ, she wants it but I can’t give her to you, I’m her mother” she says with tears in her

“Just take her JJ but don’t make me give her to you” she says as tears start to trickle down and
her pussy starts to squeeze around my fingers.

“That’s exactly what you will do” I say as she moans and her cum covers my hand.

Lily was a smart little shit for five and even though her mouth and throat were being stretched
by my cock she was listening as we talked. She pulled her little mouth off my cock and wiped the
spit from her chin.

“Can I call you Daddy JJ” she asks

“Ask your Mother” I say looking into her big eyes.

“I’m your little cum whore JJ, Alessa has no say in what you do with me” she says using her
mother’s name to emphasis that she was mine.

Alessa was shocked by Lily’s disowning her so easily but also seemed a little relieved that Lily
had taken the responsibility out of her hands.

“Yes you can” I tell Lily as she starts to crawl up and straddle my lap.

“Fuck your little whore Daddy” she say holding my cock at her little virgin pussy hole.

I push up against her tight little hole as I push her little hips down. Her little pussy was dripping
wet and well lubed allowing just the head inside her before hitting her hymen. I held her there
as her little pussy jerked and quivered trying to stretch around my cock.

I released my cum shooting load after load of hot cum against her hymen before it dripped out
her little pussy and down my shaft. The feeling of the hot cum squirting against her hymen sent
little Lily into an orgasm of her own. After it subsided she started grunting as she tried to force
my cock thru her little cherry.

“Not yet my little cum whore, now clean up your mess” I say stopping her.

“Yes Daddy” she said frowning as she climbed off my cock and stood between my legs and
started licking the cum up.

“Well now I need that hard cock inside me” Alessa says thinking she was free to get me inside
her now.

“Not just yet my little whore first Lily still has to get my cock inside her all 10” inside” I say

I got up and went to the bathroom to shower, Elizabeth was still soaking in the tube as the girls
bathed her.

“Wait for me Daddy” Lily said as I stepped into the shower.

She did her best to bathe me but when standing her mouth was at my cock level so I had to sit
on the floor of the shower for her to reach my head. After my shower I just put a robe on and
went out to the kitchen to get a beer.

Aunt Judy and Uncle Tom were sitting on the couch with Aunt Lisa talking.

“Well I guess it’s time to get this started” I say having them follow me into the bed room.

Aunt Judy was definitely pregnant although only a few months when she stood up you could see
the small round belly starting to form. I also noticed she had a nice clean shaved little pussy. I
put Uncle Tom and Aunt Judy sitting in a chair beside the bed.

Elizabeth walked out the bath room nervously in a sheer white night gown that went all the way
to the floor. I was sitting on the edge of the bed as she slowly walked to me stopping in front
me. Her whole body trembled as I reached out and slid my hand behind her neck and kissed her.

After breaking our kiss my hands slid up her body from her little hips to her shoulders then
across her chest to the front of her night gown. I gripped the fabric in both hands and ripped the
gown open it spit easily all the way down the front. It fell to the floor when I released it exposing
her naked little body.

I ran my hands along her shaky little legs up to her firm flat little ass and caressed it. Smiling as I
felt the goose pimps popping up on her smooth ass. I stood up and spun Elizabeth around and
sat her on the bed. I dropped my robe aloowing my hard cock to spring out. Elizabeth looked up
at me with a nervous smile as she tucked her little legs under her ass giving her just enough
height to be eye level with my cock.

Lily and Hailey sat beside her watching closely as she took my cock in her hand and pressed her
lips to it. Her little tongue jetted out licking up the precum that had form a little drop at the tip.
After a little smile and swallow her lips parted slightly as she pressed forward taking my cock
into her wet little mouth.

The girls had coached her well as she slid down my shaft until I felt my cock hit the back of her
throat. Her gag reflex kicked in but she held my cock there as she chocked until it subsided
before sliding back up and taking in some air as her little tongue made circles around the tip of
my cock.

Aunt Judy and Uncle Tom just starred as their baby girl slid her mouth back down my cock and
forced my cock into her little throat before coming back up gasping for air. Elizabeth looked up
at me smiling as she gasp for breathe and seemed unconcerned that her parents were watching.

The girls had taught her something else I noticed as the salvia just dripped from her little mouth
as she bobbed her head up and down rapidly on my cock while her little hand followed her
mouth jacking me off. Her other little hand was busy caressing my balls until she felt them tense
up. She used both hands and grabbed my hips and forced her head down my cock. Grunting and
gagging as she forced me deeper into her little throat until my cock exploded.

The girls couldn’t teach her this part as the hot cum shot out and into her little belly she was
startled and pulled back. The second shot filled her little mouth and the third was too much and
shot out her little nose and mouth.

Lily was the eager little cum slut as always and when my cock popped from Elizabeth’s mouth
her’s was there to take the last few shots and milk it dry with her little mouth. Elizabeth smiled
up at me as she wiped a glob of cum from her flat little chest and brought it to her mouth. I
looked at her then Hailey sitting next to her. She caught the hint and held the cum covered
fingers to Hailey’s little lips.

Hailey looked at her parents nervously before opening her mouth for her sister to put her
fingers in. Her little nose scrunched as the slimy cum touched her tongue but after a second her
little lips closed around the two little fingers and she began sucking on them. The look in her
eyes said it all “A new little cum slut was born”. As Elizabeth pulled her fingers from Hailey’s
mouth with a wet popping sound she laid back on the bed.

Hailey laid beside her sister and started sucking and licking the remaining cum from her chest. I
had to pry Lily’s little mouth from my cock pulling her little head back by her pigtail until she
finally released my cock so I could kneel down between Elizabeth’s spread little legs.

I inhaled deeply with my nose only inches from her virgin little bald pussy and savored the sweet
musky swell before spreading her little lips and driving my tongue into her little virgin hole. Her
little pussy was covered in her juices but I went straight for her little pussy hole before pulling
back to clean her little slit and suck on her little clit.

It was only a few moments before her body tensed and her cum began to flow. It took all my self
control not to lick her little pussy clean of her fresh cum but her tight little pussy was going to
need that lubrication as I kissed my way up her trembling body to her little nipples on her chest.

Hailey had licked and sucked them clean not leaving even the slightest taste of cum as I teased
her little nipples with my tongue. I kissed her passionately before sitting up and pressing my
hard cock to her little pussy. Her cum was shining on her bald little slit as I slid my cock up and
down her wet pussy coating it in her juice.

Her father, Uncle Tom was close enough to his daughter’s wet pussy to touch it. His mouth was
open and drool leaking out as he starred at my cock sliding between her wet folds.

“Looks good doesn’t it Tom, I bet you can almost taste that sweet virgin cum just smelling her” I
tell him getting only a nodding head and drool as a reply.

“I bet you would like a taste of that sweet pussy wouldn’t you” I say pulling back.

“Yesss” Uncle Tom said as he leaned in towards his daughter’s wet little pussy.
His mouth open and tongue out I let him get so close he could feel the heat from her warm
moist mound on his face before I grabbed his head and shoved my cum covered cock into his
opened mouth.

“How did she taste” I say laughing as Uncle Tom jerks his head back gaging and spitting on the

“You want a taste of your virgin little girls pussy Aunt Judy” I say just to mess with her head.

I was a little shocked when she nodded her head yes and leaned toward my cock with her
mouth open. Well I did offer so I allowed her to suck her daughters cum from my cock before
getting back to Elizabeth.

I felt sorry for Uncle Tom for some reason looking at him stare as his wife sucked my cock.

“You look like you could use a blow job Uncle Tom” I said looking at him.

He hesitantly shook his head yes after looking at Lily and Hailey.

“Aunt Lisa get your pregnant ass in here whore, Uncle Tom needs a blow job” I yell

Aunt Lisa comes out the bathroom with Jenny following right behind her smiling. Aunt Lisa knelt
between Uncle Tom’s legs and took his cock in her hand then looked at me. She had smeared
blood on her face and a brown ring around her mouth.

“I had too poop” Jenny said giggling as she stood next to me.

“Remind me later we need to have a talk about your personal hygene habits you nasty whore” I
tell Aunt Lisa as she takes Uncle Tom’s cock into her mouth.

I pressed my cock to Elizabeth’s tight little hole and began kissing her as I slowly pressed harder
until my cock slipped inside her hot little hole. The head was barely inside before it pressed
against her hymen. I kissed her and moved back and forth just a little as I waited for her body to

She was shaking uncontrollably almost going into panic mode each time I pressed against her
hymen. Her body was stiff as a board and her little pussy was squeezing so tight it hurt. I broke
our kiss and nibbled on her ear as I whispered to her.

“I love you my sweet little angel, Elizabeth” as the words left my mouth her arms wrapped
around my neck and squeezed me tight.

“I love you too” she said as her little body relaxed and her pussy went soft allowing me to thrust
into her thru her hymen and into her tight little pussy. Doc Addison was right those three little
words had a lot of power over women I think as I push into Elizabeth’s virgin womb. She wasn’t
screaming in pain but the tears were flowing from her eyes as she starred into mine.

She was lost between lust and love as I slowly fucked her with long deep strokes until she came.
I knew her little pussy was sore already and soon would be raw so as she came down from her
orgasm I released mine filling her little womb with hot cum and causing her little body to
convulse as she had back to back orgasms.

As I pulled my cock from her little pussy Elizabeth weakly sat up and took it into her mouth and
cleaned it before falling back to the bed exhausted. Aunt Lisa crawled slowly over to clean the
blood and cum from her pussy.

“I may just keep you around after you have my little whore Samantha” I say smiling as I slap
Aunt Lisa on the ass.

Hailey jumped up and pressed her lips to mine before I moved from the bed. Her little tongue
slowly pressed into my mouth before she broke the kiss.

“I’ve decided I’m going to live here” she whispered in my ear as she guided my hand to her flat
little ass before kissing me again and turning beet red and running into the bathroom giggling.

“I’ve decided I’m next Daddy” Lily says smiling as she takes two fingers from her little five year
old bald pussy and pushes them into my mouth.

Little slut was ready too, she laid back and spread her little legs wide and fingered her little
pussy trying to lore me in. I smiled as I leaned down and lick her little pussy and shoved a finger
in her little ass dry causing her to yelp and jump.

“Maybe I’ll stick my cock in there first” I say laughing as she runs to meet Hailey in the

My cock was hard and I had a need to fuck something hard and listen to a little begging after
being so gentle with Elizabeth.

“Lay on your belly slut its time to lose that anal cherry” I tell Jenny smiling.

Jenny looked a little nervous but excited as she laid down and spread her little ass cheeks for me
to smear on the KY jelly. I had her get up on all fours so I could fuck her good and hard. Her little
tampon string was hanging from her cunt hole.

“Dam that’s nasty Aunt Lisa get over here and pull it out whore” I say as I lube my cock up with

Aunt Lisa quickly got the string between her teeth and pulled the tampon out. Then turned with
it dangling from her mouth and started toward the bathroom. I started laughing thinking she
reminded me of a cat holding a fresh killed mouse in its mouth. I smacked her hard on the ass
causing her to yelp and drop the tampon.

I laughed again and she gave me a cold look before squatting down and bending over to take
the bloody tampon into her mouth not even bothering to try and use the string.

“It’s time for you two to leave” I tell Uncle Tom and Aunt Judy as I pressed my hard cock to
Jenny’s puckered little asshole.
Jenny bit down and whimpered softly as I pushed the head into her little ass. I left it a few
inches inside her as she adjusted and relaxed a little. Her little ass will be raw and bleeding soon
enough but I need it last long enough to fill her with cum.

“Bring my belt Jill” I called out as the girls entered the bedroom after Uncle Tom and Aunt Judy

Jill looked at me and retrieved my belt bringing it to me with a smile and long deep kiss. I
wrapped the belt around Jenny’s neck then pulled back hard as I drove my cock deep into her
little bowels. Her mouth opened to scream as my cock tore thru her ass but nothing came out as
the belt tightened around her little neck.

As I pulled back I released the belt allowing her to gasp for air before I drove back into her hard
and tightened the belt once more. Her knees were too short to touch the bed and with each
trust as I pulled the belt back her little 80 lb body was lifted of the bed. I got a good hard
rhythm going Jenny only getting two gasps of air between stokes.

Lily might have thought she was ready but as she sat watching Jenny’s body flopping around like
a rag doll impaled on my cock she was having second thoughts. Jenny’s ass was raw and
bleeding after her second orgasm and I was ready to cum. Lily had big doe eyes like her mom
but her little eye’s were about to pop out when she seen the blood on my cock from Jenny’s ass.

Jenny’s face was cover in tears but she was to busy trying to get oxygen between strokes to cry
out or complain as I pound her as hard as I could. The last few strokes her body went limp as she
passed out from a mixture of pain and lack of oxygen. I released the belt as I filled her ass with
hot cum.

The hot cum filled her bowels and leaked out snapping her screaming out of her sleep as the
cum burned her raw gaping ass. She cried and curled up in a ball as I pulled my cock from her
burning little ass. Lily was shaking when I looked at her.

“Your next right my little slut” I say reaching for Lily.

“No Daddy, Please wait,stop” she cries as I grab her little body and lift her of the ground with
one hand as she tried to run to Alessa.

I flopped her little ass on her belly and held her head by her ponytails as she flailed her little
arms and cried.

“Please Daddy no, Please” she cried as I put my fingers in the Ky jar and shoved two fingers into
her virgin little ass.

“Please stop JJ I’m begging you” Alessa says kneeling next to me crying as she begs.

“Use me, do want ever you want to me JJ, just let her go Please” she begs.

I didn’t answer her I just let Lily up and held her by her pigtails standing to look me in my face.

“Your my little whore so don’t ever tell me no again understand” I tell Lily then slap her hard.

“Y Y Yes D D D Daddy” she says with tears rolling down her face.

“Now lay on your belly and spread your little ass cheeks slut” I tell her.

Lily slowly laid down putting her face in the pillow sobbing as she reached back and spread her
little cheeks exposing her little ass to be taken. Alessa was crying and begging on her knees as I

“You can get up now Lily” I tell her.

“I’ll deal with your telling me no later at the apartment” I tell Alessa.

Aunt Lisa tried to gently lick Jenny clean when I was done but even her spit burned Jenny’s raw
little ass and made her cry out. She had a hurt look on her face as she looked up at me with tear
stained eyes. Maybe I went too far I thought but now was the time to test out my theory.

“I love you my sweet little Jenny” I whispered in her ear then kissed her softly on the lips.

Her whole little face lit up and a smile spread across her face as she laid back and closed her

“I love you too Husband” she said softly as she whimpered until she went to sleep.

Lily looked at me with tears in her eyes her little lips quivering as she gasp for air.

“D Do y you l l love me D D Daddy” she ask.

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