Two coworkers in a blizzard
The phone was ringing. Stephan rolled over and picked it up. He had been dead asleep when it rang. He knew it was work and that something had broken. Or more to the point somebody broke something.

"Sorry to wake you came the voice over the phone." It was Marie. One of the overnight technical staff. She was hot Stephan thought. Long dark hair and olive skin. He smiled thinking about her and felt his cock start to stir at the sound of her voice. It was always nice when he came on shift in the morning and she was still working.

"Ben wanted me to call you. The overnight transactions to the Philippines didn't run."

Stephan said, "Okay, why didn't Ben call?"

"He didn't want to be the one to wake you up."

"The little chickenshit. Well, I guess I would much rather be woken up by you. Did you resubmit the job?"

"No, Ben said to call you first."

Stephan wished for a moment he could kill people with his mind but then decided it was best that he couldn't. "Follow the directions to resubmit and I'll log in."

Stephan went over to his desk where laptop was charging. He logged into the VPN to monitor things and then fired up a few other windows to kill some time. Finally he fired up Jabber and messaged Marie.

S> It looks like it's started running.
M> Sorry about that.
S> Not your fault. Besides it's nice to hear a friendly voice.

Stephan was surfing humor sites when he stumbled on a Dilbert cartoon with the punchline, "Customer service, how may I thwart you?" He laughed and sent the link to Marie.

She responded with a Dilbert comic featuring Mordac, Preventer of Information Services. Then came a lolcat. Stephan smiled and sent back a link to a particularly hillbilly kludge. They traded pictures back and forth a bit until the job finished running.

S>It looks like it worked.
M>Sorry for waking you up like that.
S>Could be worse. I didn't have to put on pants.
M> O_o no pants?
S>No nothing. I'll see you in a couple of hours.

Stephan logged out and went back to sleep, his dreams were haunted by Marie.

That morning Stephan came into work and walked by the helpdesk. He peered over the dividing wall. He was almost 2 meters tall and heavy. He had long dark hair pulled back in a tight pony tail and blue eyes set under heavy brows. He had rugged good looks and appeared to be every inch a barbarian. He was wearing a black T-shirt emblazoned with "I'm here because you broke something." Marie was sitting at one desk watching a video on her personal laptop and Ben was sitting at the desk next to Marie.

Stephan walked around the corner and looked at Ben. Ben was tragically normal. Slightly overweight, plaid shirt, khaki pants. Shortish brown hair, dull brown eyes.

Stephan stared at Ben, "So…"

Ben stood up and said, "I have to check the server room."

"I'm sorry we woke you up." Marie said.

Stephan looked down at her and smiled. "It's okay. She was wearing a light jacked over loose t-shirt. She also had a mother of pearl pendant hanging between her breasts. Stephan wondered what her breasts would look like out of her shirt. They seemed firm. They weren't overly large but he imagined it would be nice to suck on them. He looked into her eyes and she smiled.

"What are you watching?" he asked.

"Some Rifftrax movie. It's pretty funny."

"What's Rifftrax?"

"They overdub really bad movies to make them funnier. Like MST3k."

"Which movie?"

"Manos, Hands of Fate."

"The master will not be pleased."

Marie laughed and tossed her hair back. She was still laughing when Ben came in. Stephan wandered off to his desk to begin the day. He was a senior programmer at a small financial consulting company. His job was was to keep the machines running and get the data to the analysts and the product to the customers. He had been at the company so long he would be useless elsewhere. On the other hand if they wanted to replace him they would need a half dozen people. The really sad thing was he spent most of his time slacking. He had scripts that did most of his job.

When he logged in a message popped up. It was a url from Marie. He clicked on it and was greeted by picture of an album cover. There were 4 people in matching polyester suits. It was so silly he had to laugh. He sent back a link to a photo of a guy wearing a ball cap backwards and shading his eyes from the sun. Back and forth the pictures went. All the while Stephan was wondering if Marie was flirting with him or if she was bored. She was at least fifteen years younger than the was.

Stephan stayed up late that night and logged onto the VPN under the pretext of checking on the Philippine run. He saw Marie come on and messaged her a link to the original hampsterdance page.

M>I can see that. What is it?
S>It's was the internet used to be.
M>Before porn?
S>Nothing is before porn. The internet is for porn.
M>Avenue Q. Excellent.

Stephan decided to go a bit more risque. He sent an picture of a family wearing naked fur suits. Marie sent back an album cover of a naked man holding a bass in a rather suggestive position. The exchange went back and forth. Stephan and Marie both sending links that were outside of company IT policy but at 2 am who would care.

M>So why did you log in?
S>To flirt with you.
S>Also to make sure the Philappine job ran. It's easier to stay up than be woken up.
M>I am really sorry about that.
S>It's okay. You can wake me up any time.
M>How do you like to be woken up?

Stephan thought about this. While it was obvious that Marie was flirting with him, he wasn't sure how far she would take it.

S>Hot coffee.
M>I don't like coffee.
S>Blow job then?
M>Oops I am late for the computer room check.

Five minutes later Marie was back with a cyanide and happiness comic. There was none of the flirting. Stephan was horny and sleepy and there wasn't much he could do about it.

S>Up for breakfast tomorrow?
M>I have an hour drive home and I barely make it.
S>Late supper then?
M>No, but thank you for asking.

This went on for months with nothing more than close friendship. That was until the day of the snow storm. The markets stay open for bad weather, and people in Honk Kong don't understand why they can't get commodities data when it is snowing in Omaha.

It started to snow at 10 pm that night. The night shift of analysts were in. Marie was alone down in the help desk. Ben couldn't be bothered to come in. It wasn't usually a job that required two people. Stephan logged in and started sending messages back and forth with Marie. The help desk was next to the computer room and was a rather cavelike room. By 2 am there was a foot of snow on the ground. At 6 am it was over two feet and the governor closed the state.

S>Any idea of what you are going to do? It's a long way back to Lincoln and 80 is closed.
M>Really? Shit. I don't know stay here maybe.
S>How about you come over to my place? I am half a mile a way. It's a fifteen minute walk.

At 7am Stephan set out to work to pick up Marie who was still uncertain of what she would do. What should have been a 15 minute walk ended up taking an hour. When he got in he was covered with snow. He took off his long drovers coat and hung it up. He was wearing a fleece pullover and two layers of pants. He went to the helpdesk to see Marie when the power flickered and went out. The generators kicked on but they only ran the computers. The building was going to get cold mighty fast.

"Are you packed up to go?" He asked Marie as he sat down next to her.

"Yeah, but I can't leave until my replacement get here."

Stephan signed. The snow was only getting deeper. Stephan barely made it. He knew Marie would have problems. Replacements got in an hour late. Marie bundled up in her coat and followed Stephan out the door. The snow was three feet deep now and halfway up Marie's chest. Stephan waded through the snow like it was nothing. His powerful legs and thick frame pushing snow aside like an icebreaker.

Marie tried to huddle close to him but the wind was brutal. Stephan turned to face her. Her soft brown skin was turning a frightful white color. He opened his coat and then wrapped it around her. If anyone else was out looking at them they would only see a man and a large black coat standing alone in the snow.

He felt her breath on he chest. She was panting and shivering. Stephan began to regret bringing her out.

"Come on. It's not far now."

"I… I can't."

Stephan took off his coat and wrapped Marie in it. It covered her head to toe and then some and went all the way around her one and a half times. Stephan hefted her in his arms and started carrying her the five remaining blocks to his apartment.

He opened the door and carried her inside. The lights were out but the building was warm. He carried her up three floors to his apartment. He carried her into his apartment and set her down on a chair.

Stephan opened up the valve on the radiator trying to get a bit more heat into the apartment. He normally had it shut relying on heat from the other units, now he wanted all the head he could get.

Stephan start to strip Marie down until he had her down to her underwear. She had on a simple white bra and panties. Stephan stripped down to his boxers and carried her to bed. She was shaking and half away. He climbed into bed and pulled her small body onto his. He then covered her up and they slept sharing body heat.

Stephan woke up feeling a tongue gently licking his penis. His cock was growing hard and then he remembered earlier that morning. He reached down and felt Marie's head in his crotch. He started to stroke her long black hair.

Marie took the tip of his penis into her mouth and started to work around the end with her tongue. She licked and sucked on him while her hand gently massaged his balls. Stephan grabbed a handful of her hair and started to pull. She reacted to the pulling and started to suck harder driving him deeper into her mouth. When Marie felt his balls begin to pull up she pulled back, keeping only the tip of his cock in her mouth. She felt his cum flood in. Marie slip up his body until she was even with his face. She bent down and started kissing him. As she kissed him she worked his lips open with her tongue and let his cum slide down into his mouth.

They kissed sharing his cum back and forth each enjoying the warm salty taste. Stephan reached down and grabbed Marie's hips. He turned her around so that her panty covered pussy was right over his mouth. He pulled down her panties and saw a nearly bare pussy with a few sparse hairs. There wasn't any sign that she had shaved it. She must be naturally almost hairless. Stephan started licking her pussy. He explored her nether lips, pulling them into his mouth.

He could feel her start to spasm her vagina pulling at nothing, aching for something to pull into it. He stuck his tongue in and began to transfer the sperm left in his mouth into her pussy. She started to moan and worked her hips back and forth rubbing her clit over his nose. Marie was coming, her pussy juices covering Stephan's face.

When she came down from her orgasm she lay on Stephan's ample belly. She ran her fingers through his chest hair pulling at it. "Better than coffee isn't it?

"Much." He smiled.

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I agree with the other commenter, and the sex was too rushed and not descriptive enough

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