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I was extremely disappointed by the lack of comments on my first story :( But I decided to go ahead and write this one anyway.
Sarah was grounded on top of everything. Her parents had received the call from school and her father had shouted at her and then they had grounded her. Nothing except food, sleep, and school, for three weeks. No books, no phone, no tv, no computer. Nothing.

She ran. Her parents were at work before she left for school. So she packed a duffelbag of clothes, and she ran. She knew where Josh lived so she decided to go there. She rang the doorbell but no one answered. She went around back and tried the back door. It was unlocked. She went in and tentatively said, “Hello”
No one answered.
She tried again, this time louder, “HELLO”
A dog barked from deeper in the house, seconds later three massive Great Danes were running after her out the door and they were only stopped after she managed to get over the five and a half foot fence.
She collapsed, exhausted. She looked down at her leg where it was throbbing. She saw blood and when she spread her legs there was a long thin line running down the inside of her leg. She started to cry again and then she slipped into darkness.

She woke up three hours later to the most disgusting sight. A small rat-faced hobo was jerking off in front of her. He had ripped her shirt and bra off and was stroking with one hand, and groping her breast with the other.
Before she could do anything, his cock spasmed and two thin, watery strings of cum shot out one landing on her face and a bit getting into her mouth, the other string landed on her breasts.
She groaned. He laughed and then cried out when she kicked him in the crotch. He fell over and started to crawl away but Sarah got up and began kicking him and screaming at him.
This did not go unnoticed, and a police siren shrieked and seconds later her arms were being wrenched behind her and cuffed.
“I am placing you under arrest for assault. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you”

The iron gate swung shut behind her. She had been thrown into a completely bare cell.
She had been arrested for beating up a hobo who had sexually assaulted her. This day could not get any better. She curled up into a ball but remained awake.
She stayed that way until her gate opened again and two policeman picked her up and carried her to a small room.
Two policeman sat at a table, another stood in the corner, watching.
The two guards who had brought her here plopped her into a chair facing the two men and then they left the room.

“Alright we’ll skip the niceties and just offer you a deal.” One of them said. “We will let you go, no questions asked, no charges, and you will not speak of anything we do in the next half hour or so”
This deal sounded good, but, “What’s going to happen in the next half hour?”
“We’re going to fuck you”
She gasped, “NO”
“All righty then. Joe please read us her rights”
“WAIT” Sarah screamed, “I’ll do it”
The trio smiled and began undressing. She did the same. They pushed aside the table and stood in front of her. The smallest cock was seven inches. “These guys must be on steroids” She thought with dismay.
She grabbed the cocks of two of them and the third stepped forward and placed his tip at her mouth. She opened her mouth reluctantly, and he rammed his cock inside. She gagged as he continued to pound away at her face. She remembered to continue jerking off the other two.
After five minutes of brutal pounding the cop was ready to blow, and blow he did. His cum hit the back of her throat like a tidal wave.
After she finished swallowing a quart of his cum, they picked her up and put her on the table. One of the cops slid underneath her and raised her up, before dropping her ass down on her cock. She screamed as her virgin ass was split wide.
The other two cops moved into position, one at her pussy the other to her face. They thrust simultaneously and impaled her. She fainted not long after. They continued to pound her limp body.
When she came around She was staring at all three dicks. They were pointed at her face and her mouth dropped open in surprise. They grunted and shot their cum all over her face, tits, hair, and a bit onto her cunt. A large amount was in her mouth and she spit it out. Most of it landed on her tits.
“All right then,” said the first cop, “You’re free to go”
“What about my clothes”
“Why should we care about your fuckin’ clothes?” They laughed as they left the room.
She grabbed her panties, which were intact, and her t-shirt, which, when she put it on, made her breasts extremely noticeable.

She ran out of the station.
She ran until she was back at Josh’s house. The dogs were in the yard, but she heard Josh talking to them.
She banged her fist on the gate, and the talking stopped.
“Max, Skarm, Rufus, come!” she heard Josh call.
A few minutes later the gate was unlatched and it opened. Josh was standing there in jeans and no shirt. He had a broad chest with powerful muscles.
“Josh” she gave a strangled cry as she threw her arms around him.
“Sarah?! Oh my god Sarah what happened?”
She began to cry again as he led her to his house...

To Be Continued....

anonymous readerReport

2013-06-18 04:04:32
please write part 3 plz it is great !!!!!!

Vain VillagerReport

2012-12-12 02:40:48
I liked it. However, I agree with the others (nice or not) that it is very short and needs more detail. As anon so eloquently said below, read and learn from other stories here.


2012-11-16 18:47:05
I do apologize. I forgot to say CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. When you only say "It sucks" that doesn't help me to improve the story.
The two comments about it being too short were helpful. I had not realized the story was so short.
I will be writing another story, a different one, and I ill try to make it better.
One of the reasons my stories may lack large amounts of deion is because I haven't had any real sexual experience.
So, again, I apologize.
Seriously though, constructive criticism.

anonymous readerReport

2012-11-16 13:32:03
The story is grossly pathetic..can't you fucking learn from others

anonymous readerReport

2012-11-15 11:36:35
It's kind of short...maybe next time you should try making it longer. I wouldn't say it's boring but because it's so short it loses the interest of the readers fairly quickly. I think you should try maybe just writing a new story and make it long, lots of deion, and I'm sure you will see an increase in positive votes. Your first story, for instance, was longer, more deive, more of a story line. That's why it got better ratings. This just seemed to be something you slapped together cause you were bored. Try again and im sure you will succeed.

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