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Stephanie never knew exactly how long three days could be. Seventy two hours shouldn't have felt like an eternity, but it definitely had for her. Two people had lost their jobs, one at Mason's work, and one at Stephanie's. due to their incompetence, both Stephanie and Mason had been left to pick up extra hours until new help could be brought in. Mason, normally working the 7am-3pm shift had tacked on a 3pm-11pm shift for Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. Stephanie still worked the same 2pm-11pm shift as normal, but lost her Day off on Wednesday. Due to exhaustion, the two of them had not been anywhere near intimate since Sunday afternoon.

There were times that a three day drought in their sex life wouldn't have mattered, but times had changed recently. Where they once would go three and even four or five days without sexual intimacy on regular occasion, they now rarely went five hours together without some form of sexual contact. They had recently decided to broaden the horizons of their sex life, and had been trying many things, including toy play and even a threesome. The increase in activity had given an even higher increase to their sex drive, and like addicts they continued to push their limits every chance they got.

Stephanie felt like a teenager again with the amount of sex they had been having, and loved it more everyday. But now, on their first drought since they started their new methods of play, she longed for her lovers sweet embrace. The touch of his lips against her breast filled her mind. Thinking of the feel of his tip parting the flower petal lips of her pussy drove her wild. She knew that today, Thursday, her first day off for the week would serve as the end of her drought.

When Mason's ringtone came from her phone, Stephanie found herself confused. Rarely would he call from work, opting instead to text or im so he could avoid any trouble at work. She worried something could be wrong. Maybe he finally snapped, his boss had been bothering him for months she thought as she hovered her thumb over the answer button. Maybe Mason had finally had enough and attacked him. She shuttered to think how hard it would be for him to find new work, but felt herself comforted by the thought of the time they would have together during his search.

Oops. She thought so long about what he could want, the call went to voice mail. She wanted to call him back, but worried he would get in trouble. If it was important, he'll call back she thought. Then her message tone played. Had he left a voice mail? Mason didn't leave voice mails for anyone. She checked her phone and sure enough, there was a one new voice mail message. She clicked play, and held the phone up to her ear.

"Hey baby. Sorry to tell you this, but the guy that was coming in tonight is sick, I'm pulling another double. Can't wait to see you tonight. Love you beautiful"

Stephanie's stomach felt suddenly empty. She had planned out a nice night when Mason came home. She was gonna sit him down on the couch, take off his shoes, bring him a soda and cuddle while they watched a movie. Then she planned to make a nice roast beef dinner and when they were done, head into the bedroom for some fun before falling asleep in each others arms. Now it was ruined. He had already worked forty eight hours in the last three days, now it would be sixty four before he came home. No way would he have he energy for some fun.

Stephanie messaged him on yahoo, saying it sucked that he couldn't come home right away. She missed him, wanted and needed him, but his job was keeping him away. She joked that he should quit, but secretly part of her wished he would. He apologized, told her he missed her so much and wished he could come home too, but the money was worth it. And with their four kids, the money was somewhat necessary. She knew he was right, but still hated it.

She half joked that she would just have to take care of her sexual needs herself, but Mason immediately opposed her idea. He swore that come hell or high water, he would be taking care of those needs when he left work. Part of her wanted to feel the release she so desperately longed for before then, but a bigger part wanted Mason to be the one to give it to her. She reluctantly agreed to refrain from touching until Mason got home.

Stephanie occupied herself with Facebook games and some time with the babies for a couple hours, but still that desire remained. She felt the need for release building throughout the day and longed more for Mason's arrival with each passing second. A couple hours passed and a message popped up from her lover.

"Bad news, were still on for tonight, but we might have to be quiet, Moe needs to crash on the couch tonight."

Oh hell no! Stephanie thought to herself. She replied immediately with "I don't care if he sleeps on the couch, but I'm not quieting myself or dumbing down our fun because he's there. He will just have to deal!"

Mason laughed at her response, but was happy to know she was still willing to have fun with his cousin in the next room. He remembered a time when that was an absolute no no for them, and was happy that time had come and gone. He thought for a minute before sending his response.

"My boss told me I can cut out of here at ten, I want you in the room, in a sexy outfit, cuffed to the web. Tonight, you're mine, to do with as I please."

Stephanie felt her pussy moisten at the very idea of Mason being so controlling. They had recently started having her explore her Dom side, and both enjoyed how demanding she could get, but Stephanie still enjoyed just giving in to Mason's will from time to time. She picked out an outfit she knew he liked, one she had modeled in for him a while back, allowed him to take several hundred photos in and out of. The web was a pain to get on the bed, but she got it on there snug. She climbed on the bed and positioned herself on the web several different ways trying to figure out how she would look the best for her man. Before she could figure it out, another message came through her phone.

"Wear the body stocking, and cuff yourself face down, but leave enough room for you to get up on all fours."

Stephanie was annoyed realizing she had wasted time picking out an outfit he didn't want her to wear, but followed his instructions and replied with "anything for my daddy". After getting the cuffs in place, Stephanie put on the body stocking and threw some normal clothes over it, so she could walk around the house before Mason got home.

Moe showed up around eight o'clock, but said he was tired from work. He thanked her for letting him stay and promised to not bother anyone, then made himself comfortable on the couch and passed out soon after. Stephanie felt somewhat bothered by how quickly he passed out. Not a huge fan of Moe, Stephanie had still figured he would annoy her with songs and videos he had made and keep her occupied until Mason came home. Now she was the only adult left and still had near two hours before her man would arrive.

It wasn't easy, but Stephanie managed to control herself the extra two hours. She read a bit of one of her books, checked Facebook what seemed like a gazillion times, and put the four kids to bed just before Mason arrived. When she heard the car pull up outside, Stephanie ran into the room to strip down and cuff herself to the bed. The front door closed just as Stephanie secured the third cuff. She hadn't realized it wouldn't be easy for her to cuff herself down all the way until this very moment. She struggled to do it, but managed to slide her hand into the already cuffed fourth cuff.

Mason walked in and found Moe asleep on the couch, he laughed a bit at how early his cousin had gone to bed. Quietly, he made his way past the kids and into the bedroom where he found his beautiful bride to be in the exact position he wanted her in all day. Mason slowly undressed, stripping completely nude before climbing onto the bed. He got on his knees and made his way around Stephanie's body, running his hands over the body stocking, teasing her as he got in front of her. Mason grabbed a blanket and covered the cold metal headboard they had before sitting down in front of Stephanie.

"You said anything for daddy right?" He asked. Stephanie nodded her head up and down to answer. "Then suck." Mason instructed her.

Stephanie lowered her head down and took his semi hard cock in her mouth, licking and sucking on it. She felt so naughty as his cock started to lengthen in her mouth, stretching out toward her throat. She kept sucking for a minute before she felt Mason hands start to rub her back sensually. Maybe a minute or so later, Stephanie felt a finger slide into her moist pussy, she moaned on Mason's cock and sucked deeper before realizing that his two hands were still on her back. She lifted her head and tried to turn, but Mason stopped her. "You said anything for daddy, right?"

Stephanie nodded again, acknowledging that she had indeed agreed to this already. "Then suck" Mason said as he pushed her head back down toward his now fully erect cock. Stephanie took it in her mouth and moaned out as she felt the finger slide into and then out of her pussy again. Only a few seconds passed before Stephanie felt two extra hands on her body, firmly gripping her ass and lower back. She knew it was naughty, but definitely enjoyed the attention. She moaned loud as the mystery finger was replaced with a moist tongue that slid right into her opening before lowering down and flicking over her clit.

Knowing that the mystery person had to be Mason's cousin, Stephanie thought to herself that what Mason had said was absolutely true, the guys in his family just know how to eat pussy better than most. She started rocking her body back and forth, grinding her pussy onto Moe's tongue as she went backwards, and taking Mason cock completely into her mouth as she went forwards. The pleasure of Moe's tongue combined with the naughtiness of the whole thing set her off and it wasn't long before she was shaking and cumming on his tongue.

She stopped sucking for a minute to look up to Mason. She wanted cock inside her, wanted to be filled with it. She felt so naughty cuz she honestly didn't care who took her first. She saw the look in Mason's eyes. She knew he wanted more of her mouth. "Daddy?" She said to get his attention. Mason looked into her eyes and she asked her question. "Can he fuck me now?"

Mason simply looked to his cousin, giving him the go ahead with just his eyes. Stephanie felt her pussy pulsate as Moe's weight shifted the mattress behind her. His cock rubbed over her clit and Stephanie felt so hot feeling how hard it was for her. She started kissing Mason's tip and licking it, waiting for Moe to slide into her. He cock slid across her slit, stopping only to line his tip up to the warm opening that longed for its presence. Us tip slid in and she knew immediately that Moe had the biggest real tip she had taken. She moaned form the pleasure as his cock slid in an inch or so. Then in one thrust, he slammed into her pussy.

He was definitely the biggest real cock she had taken, but he was so wet form the licking that it didn't hurt at all. She moaned out as he started pumping into her. After taking a minute to enjoy the feeling, Stephanie looked at Mason's cock and eagerly took it into her mouth. She knew that he often times chose to hold off on cumming until he could have her pussy, but tonight, she wanted his cum in her mouth, and she was going to get it. Moe pounded her pussy hard with his thick long cock, making her cum multiple times before she felt Mason start to twitch in her mouth, she sucked harder and deeper with each thrust from the cock that was fucking her, and finally felt her lovers cock twitch as it shot load after load of cum into her mouth.

Seeing that Mason had cum, Moe started pumping as hard as he could making sure all of his cock was in her tight pussy with every thrust. Only a minute passed before Stephanie felt him grab hold of her hips and start twitching inside her. She felt the warmth of his cum as it shot inside her. A couple extra thrusts ensued, ensuring that her pussy milked his cock completely before pulling out. She looked up to Mason who smiled before looking into her eyes and saying, "now suck me hard again, so me and him can switch spots."
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