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Finding a boy like me
I'm sorry to be so late again. Unbelievable schedule lately. I do have a bonus, though -- a short story I began which I'll post soon as The Tent.
Time to end this one, though. It's easy to let a story drag out too long, and this one is at about the limit. Thanks to all who have stuck with me this long.

If you are not into gay, or boy on boy, please do not bother reading this chapter. You'll be disappointed, I guarantee.


"What are you doing out here alone?" Jason asked. He had found me lying on my stomach on a float in the pool with my eyes closed. I wasn't the type to contemplate suicide, but I was hoping the self-immolation of a serious sunburn. I deserved it.

"Go away, Jason," I told him.

"Where's Tyler?"

"He left."


I shaded my eyes with my hand so I could look up at him. "I told him about you and me, and he left," I said.

"You didn't have to tell him," Jason said, taking a seat cross-legged on the pool deck.

"Yeah, I did. Sooner or later."

"And he's pissed?"

"Pissed probably isn't the word. Devastated is probably the word."

"Sorry, Brock," Jason said with a sad smile. "Think he'll get over it?"

"How the hell should I know?"

"I can talk to him" Jason said. "I'll talk to him tomorrow at swim team.”I'll tell him it was my fault."

I rolled onto my back. "Thanks, but I don't think that will make much difference."

"I'll get him back for you," Jason promised. "You'll see."

I closed my eyes and leaned back on the float. "I did sort of blame it on you," I confessed. "I said you collected your blackmail."

"I did."

I cracked an eye open at him. "No. You didn't. That was just my excuse."

Jason sat quietly a moment. "Did you get to have sex with him before he left?"


“Oh.” Jason shrugged. "I was gonna volunteer to suck dicks with you if you wanted."

"No thanks."

"You sure? I mean, I just promised to talk to Tyler for you tomorrow." He wriggled his eyebrows at me.

I gave him a sharp glance.

"Yeah, bad timing," Jason agreed and got up from the pool deck. "Hey! You want to head over to the motorcross park?"

It was a good idea. I could work out my frustration there and it was better than a sunburn. "Sure."

I tossed and turned that night. It was nearly three in the morning before I finally fell asleep, but I was up early to remind Jason before he left for swimming that he said he would talk to Tyler for me. I remained nervous all morning. I even thought about going to watch their swim practice, but decided to let Jason talk to Tyler first. I was tired from lack of sleep, and I had just gone to my room to lie down when Naomi knocked on my door to say my dad was on the phone.

"I left an important portfolio on my desk at the house," my dad told me. "I need you to drive it down here for me."

I glanced at my watch. It read 10:25. "This afternoon?" I asked hopefully. I was anxious to catch Jason the moment he came home from swimming. My greatest need was to find out how the talk went with Tyler. Jason would be back about noon. If I drove all the way downtown and back, I wouldn't be home before 12:30 at the earliest.

"I need it for a meeting after lunch," Dad told me impatiently. "Shit, Brock! I gave you a new car. Get off your ass and drive that portfolio down here!"

On the way out, I yelled to Alexander, "Don't let Jason leave until I get back!"

When I got to his office, my father made me join him for lunch. That wasn't as generous as it sounded. For him, it was another opportunity to preach to me as well as to show me off to other people. It wasn't that he was proud of me. He was just proud of what his genes had done.

It was 1:30 before I got home. Naomi was in the laundry room and told me that Alexander was out on errands. She had no idea where Jason was, but thought he had gone out for the afternoon. Frustrated, I plopped into a chair in the den. If we had cell phones back then, I would have called Jason. Instead, I contemplated heading out to look for him in my car. But what if the talk with Tyler didn't go well and I ran into Tyler? In the end, I was so damned tired that I decided to nap and dozed off.

I woke later to voices coming down the stairs. Jason and Tyler. Laughing. That was a good sign!

Jumping up from the chair, I went out to the foyer just as the two of them reached the bottom of the stairs. They saw me and Tyler turned instantly red. Looking downright sheepish, he headed for the door. "I have to get home," he said nervously. "I told my mom that... that I'd take care of some things." Like that, he was out the door and gone.

I turned to Jason. He was grinning. “What?" I asked him. "What happened? What did he say? Why did he leave so fast?"

"Everything's fine," Jason assured me. "We talked and I had a brilliant idea -- I brought Tyler back here after practice and got him to sex with me. I knew once he did it with me, too, everything would be cool."

Tyler saw my face go red and he lost that stupid grin.

I balled up my fist and was going to punch him right where the smiled had been, but I hit the wall instead and drove my fist right through the gypsum board.

"Holy shit, Brock!" Jason exclaimed.

I was so frustrated that I'd made a hole in the wall that I hit it again, and put a second hole, right above the first. Then I turned on Jason. He backed toward the stairs and fell back on his butt on the steps. I bent over him and grabbed his shirt.

"What the fuck's wrong with you?" Jason demanded in a high, panicky voice. "Tyler's cool with everything."

But I wasn’t. Tyler was mine. I didn’t want him falling in love with Jason! I jerked the front of Jason's shirt to pull him up to face me, but the shirt tore. Angry, frustrated, I went out the front door. Tyler was down the road on his bike. I didn't want to talk to him anyway so I took off running in the other direction.

There was a park a mile or two from our house. I didn't stop running until I got there. By then, my temper had started to cool. I realized that everything that happened was pretty much my fault, and that I was most pissed with myself; but I was also really, really pissed with Jason because behind that smile of his, I knew he must have wanted to sex with Tyler himself. Even worse, Tyler must have wanted sex with him.

My temper was nothing compared to my father's when he saw the two holes in the wall. His girlfriend, Rachael, made it worse. She was the first to see it, and Alexander said she literally howled. She called my father while he was still at the office and acted like I had messed up HER house -- My dad's girlfriends always did that. Each one thought my dad would marry them. Eventually, he did remarry, but not Rachael. The girl he wound up marrying a few years later was one year older than me. That didn't last long. He finally wound up marrying a third time, and that one seems to have stuck. Lauren is ten years older than me and evidently reminds dad a lot of Jason's and my mother.

Anyway, I was grounded two weeks, a week for each hole. That was only half of it. I was also to repair the wall -- he would arrange for a workman to teach me how and watch me, but I was to do it. Then I was to repaint the entire foyer everywhere there wasn't wallpaper, upstairs and down, so that the paint over the patch wouldn't be obvious.

I spoke to no one that night. Jason avoided me. I was tired and went to bed early. Alexander shook his head sadly when I came into the kitchen the next morning.

"Brock, Brock," he said, planting his hands on his hips. "Next time you wanna bang a wall, you come do it in my room. I won't tell anyone." He smiled. "Maybe I let you bang me."

"Morning, Alexander," I mumbled, taking a seat at the kitchen island.

Alexander came up beside me and laid a hand on my back. "I make you my special ice coffee and you tell me all that has happened to you."

He did, and I did. Alexander and I might never be lovers, but he had become my friend.

The painter my father sent arrived mid-morning. Benny was an older guy, maybe in his fifties. He smelled of cigarette smoke and was grizzly, but he seemed friendly enough. He was entirely happy to sit on the stairs and tell me what do to. He only helped when it looked like I might screw things up.

Jason and Tyler showed up after swim team and headed into the kitchen for lunch. I finished cleaning up from patching. Benny had his lunch with him, and ate while I brought in his ladder and the paint Rachael had picked out that morning. As he was opening the first can of paint, Jason and Tyler came from the kitchen.

"You have enough brushes for us to help, too?" Jason asked. Jason didn't look at me. Tyler looked, smiled wanly, then looked away.

"Sure," Benny told him. "I've got brushes and rollers."

"You don't have to," I told them.

"Yes we do," Jason told me with a serious look.

"We want to," Tyler agreed.

I smiled, just slightly, but it was enough that both of them grinned. Even if Jason and Tyler were going to be lovers now instead of me and Tyler, they were about my only friends, well, other than Alexander. I didn't want to lose them.

Benny directed the three of us, and as the afternoon wore on, things eased between us. We talked about swim team, the Yankees, any number of things, but not about personal stuff -- not about Tyler and Jason and me and where we stood with each other. We painted and I looked for an opportunity to talk without anyone else around, but none came up.

By the time my Dad got home toward evening, we were done with the first coat and Benny was showing us how to clean up. Where I had punched holes, little showed. I thought it looked really good, but I think my dad was disturbed that Jason and Tyler helped and that we had done the first coat so quickly. I think I was supposed to suffer.

"You should have let Brock do this on his own," Dad told them.

"We had fun," Jason responded.

Dad remained unhappy, but nodded. "Rachael and I are going to the lake house for the weekend. We'll grab some things and leave in about five minutes. You," he said to Jason, "and Tyler are welcome to come along. We can catch supper at Destiny Steak House on the way. Just clear it with Tyler's mom."

Tyler shook his head. "I can't go." He glanced at me.

"Me either," Jason told him. "We've got a swim meet tomorrow."

"Shit!" Dad mumbled. "I forgot about your swim meet." He turned to Rachael. "We'll have put off the weekend at the lake until next week."

"Please, sugar," Rachael said, hugging onto my dad's arm, squeezing her breasts onto his bicep and her crotch onto the back of his hand. "I had my heart set on it."

My dad almost relented. If I ever wondered where I got my tendency to think with my dick, I had to look no farther than my dad. But this concerned Jason, so he patted her arm and shook his head. "We'll go to Jason's meet in the morning and leave for the lake after his last event. And we'll go to the lake next weekend as well. We can go every weekend for the rest of the summer if you want."

Rachael pouted.

Dad shot me a glance. "After you and Benny do the second coat, you can drive to the meet so you can bring your brother home, but you can't go anywhere else. Understood?"

"Yes, sir," I agreed. I was glad, actually. I wanted to bring Jason -- and Tyler -- home, and find out whether they were going to be lovers now and what that meant for me. And, truthfully, I enjoyed Jason's swim meets. What gay guy doesn't like a swim meet? Especially back when guys were still wearing briefs instead of jammers. The problem was that doing the entire second coat by myself, even though second coats go much quicker, would probably take all day.

Tyler left for home to get a good night's sleep before the meet. He shot me a smile when he left, and it made me feel awesome.

Jason went to his room and I went to mine to shower up from painting, and then rushed down for dinner. It turned out that Dad was glad he hadn't left yet for the lake. Alexander had fixed duck with cherry sauce the way my dad loved it.

Afterward, three of Dad's friends came over for pool and poker. One of them, Mark, I realized later was at least bi if not gay. He made sure that Jason and I were included in the game and even gave us small stakes for poker. He had me sit by him and the old lecher kept the side of his leg against mine the whole time.

Jason went to bed early because of the meet. Uncomfortable to be alone with my dad and his friends friends, I left and wandered to the back corner of the ground floor where Alexander had his room. I thought, if he was in, I'd see if I could get advice from him about Jason and Tyler.

He was in. I heard his laughter through the door and paused, wondering if he had someone with him. He laughed again and I heard the TV. So I knocked.

"Yeah?" Alexander called out in his Jamaican English.

"It's me, Brock," I said.

The TV went silent and a moment later, the door cracked open and Alexander peeked out. He smiled and opened the door. Alexander was in his boxers, and it was difficult to not admire his body as he let me in and shut the door. It was my first time to see him shirtless. "How is my beautiful boy this fine evening?" Alexander asked, giving my shoulder a squeeze.

"I don't know," I told him. "That's why I want to talk to you."

"Sit down here on my bed and tell me all about it, man," Alexander encouraged.

Now sitting me on his bed wasn't as suggestive as it sounds because he had only one chair and it was across the room from the bed and in front of the TV. So I sat on the bed and Alexander sat beside me.

I told him about everything that had happened with Tyler and Jason. Part way through, he stopped me. "Let me work on your hair, man" he said. "I always want to run my fingers through that hair and I be giving you a different style." He grinned. “I’m good with hair like I’m good with food.”

I gave him a cockeyed smile. "Yeah, I guess."

Alexander sat me on the floor in front of his chair, cleaned up a comb and scissors like they do at salons, and sat behind me. He played with my hair while I talked, and then while he gave advice. His advice was to wait. Wait and talk it out with them. "Don't push," he told me. "The secrets to true love be honesty and patience."

I wondered if he thought he was being patient with me.

He had me take off my shirt because he wanted to trim some edges of my hair. His hands seem to spend a lot of time on my shoulders. But then he showed me what he had done, and it actually looked good. This was back during the wet-hair look and that was the look Alexander gave me. He stood me in front of the mirror in his bathroom and stood behind me, pressing his belly to my back as he gently turned my head left and right. "That's sexy!" he told me. I felt hardness against my butt.

I pulled from him and turned. "Want me to do anything with your hair?" I asked.

Alexander smiled, took me by the hand, and returned me to sit in his chair. Then he returned with clean comb and some things he said were for a black man’s hair, and he showed me things he did with his hair. I worked on it while he sat on the floor and we talked more. Alexander had nice shoulders. He was one of those guys who had to do little to keep a great build.

What I was discovering with Alexander, was the fun that having another gay guy for a friend can be, especially a gay guy with a different background. He told me about growing up in Jamaica and the sex he had with other boys from an early age. And then with girls. He told me about his family and his cousin, and how in America he sexed only with women except for his nephew, Elias, about whom he talked a lot. It sounded to me like they had a bit of a crush on each other.

"I will be with him tomorrow night," Alexander told me. "A friend has a cabin in the woods." He grinned. "Elias and I gonna enjoy that cabin."

"I should let you go to sleep then," I said, giving Alexander’s trapz a two-handed squeeze before getting to my feet.

He got quickly to his and slipped an arm behind the small of my back to pull our bellies together. "You could sleep with me," he said.

I shook my head. "Nah. Not now. Not yet. I still hope, you know, about Tyler."

Alexander smiled sadly, and on impulse, I gave him an affectionate kiss.

Alexander didn't know it was supposed to be affectionate only, and he opened his mouth, and by reflex, I opened mine, and like, instantly, his hands were inside the back of my shorts.

It has been my experience that with new male friends -- when they are attractive -- if we don't have sex right off, the friendship quickly becomes comfortably non-sexual, especially if it's a serious friendship. But once I’ve had sex with a person, even if that person becomes only a friend, there’s always some sexual tension that remains. I'd had sex with Alexander, and my body remembered his tall firm body. He had a semi, and I could feel it. My own cock stirred. But I resisted and pushed away.

"No, really," I protested.

Alexander smiled sadly again as his hands dropped to his side. The front of his shorts had tented and it was easy to see how big he was.

I laid a hand on his shoulder. "If Tyler's going to be Jason's lover now, I'll do stuff with you," I promised. "You know I like you."

He smiled and wisely said. "Even if those two be lovers now, I think you be their lover, too."

His dick had grown harder. So had mine. I didn't even try to kiss him goodnight, but instead, muttered a, "good night," and hurriedly left.

Benny arrived early the next morning. "The painter man is here," Alexander said when he knocked at my door to wake me. "He wants to start." I glanced at the clock. 7:30 AM

I groaned, but then realized that if we started early, we might finish early. I pulled on old jeans, t-shirt, and sandals and pulled open the door. Alexander was still there, holding an iced-coffee for me. "How's my fine young man this beautiful morning?" he asked with a grin and shoved the coffee at me.

"Someday, somebody's going to smack you for always being so cheerful in the morning," I told him, taking the coffee. I smiled. "But not today."

He laughed and swatted my butt as I turned toward the stairs. "You go paint walls and be happy!" he called after me as I trotted down the stairs. Benny was at the bottom. I didn't see anyone else.

"I got somethin' I wanna do this afternoon," Benny said. "I wanna get an early start."

"Sounds good to me," I told him cheerfully. "I do, too."

"I'll help you, today. "Won't take long."

"You better wait until my dad's out of the house," I told him. "He wants me to have to do this alone."

"Saw him and his girlfriend driving off with your little brother as I pulled in," Benny told me. "I won’t tell if you won’t. Unless you want to do this by yourself."

"Shit, no!"

He nodded. "Then let's get crackin'."

I'll just say that a painter who knows what he's doing -- and has tarps and a spray gun -- can easily do in a few hours what would take three times as long for three teenage boys. We were finished and cleaned up by a little after noon.

Alexander had already left for the rest of the weekend. I showered up and grabbed a bite to eat. It wouldn't do for my dad to see me too quickly at the meet.

His car was still there when I got there, so I hung back out of sight, but where I could see the pool and swimmers well enough. I caught one of the guys from out team on the way to the locker room and asked about Tyler and Jason.

"Both in finals," he said. "Jason's is coming up. Hundred meter back."

That's why my dad was still there. Jason wasn't done.

He came in third, and sure enough, my dad and Rachael left shortly afterward. I moved into the stands with our team's fans. Tyler was actually in two finals, one hundred free and two hundred medley. Second and fourth – on the medley, he didn't have much of a breast stroke.

By then the meet was about over. I waited outside the locker room -- just didn't feel like lurking inside. I was growing nervous again. The two of them came out quickly, talking animatedly about the meet.

"Hi, Brock," Tyler greeted. I thought that was a good sign. There conversation died down as I led them to where I had parked. Jason got in the passenger seat. Tyler climbed in back.

Jason got to the point as soon as I pulled out of the lot. "So," he said, "Tyler and I have been talking, and we have one question for you."

"What?" I asked.

"You told me," Tyler said from the back seat, "that you'd never stop loving me."

"You also told him,” Jason said, cocking an eyebrow at me, “that he could be your brother, too."

"Yeah," I admitted.

"Do you still feel that way about him?" Jason bluntly asked.


"You sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure," I looked in the rearview mirror for Tyler. "I'm sure!" I told him.

"See?" Jason said to Tyler. "I told you he wouldn't change his mind." He turned back to me. "Tyler's in love with you," Jason said simply. "which means he's gay AND crazy. And you're in love with him. You two are gonna be lovers and you're going to have sex. I'm cool with that. But Tyler and me are friends, and you're my brother, and I don't wanna be left out of things, including... " he said, crossing his arms and leaning back against the passenger door, "sex, at least some of the time." He watched for a reaction, but what he said didn't exactly surprise me, though I wasn't sure whether he meant sex with each of us or all together or both. The thought of the three of us having sex together started my dick engorging. Hey, I was sixteen.

I nodded. "Okay." I glanced in the rearview mirror. Tyler was watching me. I shrugged and smiled.

He smiled.

"There may be times," Jason continued, "when Tyler and I want to have sex and you aren’t around, and times when you and I want to and Tyler’s not around -- even after I have a girlfriend."

"Okay," I said again. "And times when the three of us together... "

"Yeah," Jason interrupted.

My dick had grown down my pants leg. "No one else is at the house," I said. "Not until tomorrow afternoon."

Jason grinned and rubbed his crotch. I could see the tube of his erection pointing up and over to his left hip. I glanced at Tyler in the rearview mirror.

He grinned and leaned forward from his seat to wrap his arms across my chest. "I'm sleeping over," he said in my ear, and then hugged me from behind and nuzzled into the back of my hair.

"Save it!" Jason told him. "Somebody's going to see you guys."

Tyler sat back on his seat and looked at me in the mirror. His look said he wanted me as much as I wanted him.

I pulled into the garage when we got home, scrambled out of the car and pulled Tyler out and into my arms. Our bodies and mouths met, and he was as hard as I was.

"Seriously!" Jason complained. "You aren't going to get it on out here are you?"

Without my mouth leaving his, I grabbed Tyler under the butt and picked him up off his feet. He wrapped his legs around my waist and I carried him toward the back door. Jason opened it for me.

"Take him to the den," he suggested.

So I did, and once there, I dove onto a couch with Tyler under me. His legs were still around me and his mouth barely left mine. Our pelvises ground together.

"Damn!" Jason murmured.” You guys really go at it." He watched us for a moment, then I felt him removing my sandals. He took mine off and then Tyler's. Then I felt him jerking down the back of my shorts. I lifted my hips and Jason pulled my shorts and underwear down to my knees, then all the way off my legs. I pulled Tyler's down enough to bare his cock as well, so we were bare cock to bare cock, me pantsless. A moment later, Jason, naked straddled the backs of my legs and lay his dick in my butt crack.

I glanced back at him.

"You're not leaving me out," he told me, pushing up on my shirt. Tyler helped him, and the two of them pulled my shirt off.

I pulled off Tyler's, then pushed up on my hands with Jason on my back so that I could pull Tyler's shorts all the way off. As I came upright, Jason wrapped his arms around my belly and glued himself to my backside.

Tyler, on his back in front of me, kicked his shorts the rest of the way off, then let his legs fall to either side of me. His balls hung loose between his legs and his chubby pink cock pointed up his belly. I widened my knees and pushed the end of my erection downward onto the soft skin of his scrotum. Tyler wrapped his arms behind his head and wagged his hips left and right to rub his scrotum on my dick head. His eyes rose to lock on mine. Watching my face, he pulled his knees up and to the sides so that his hips rolled up and my dickhead slid down off his balls and onto the red bud of his opening.

I felt a bead of precum ease from the end of my dick, and without taking my eyes from Tyler's, I rubbed it on his rosebud. He moved his hips slightly, just enough to return the rub. I felt more precum ooze, and I looked down. My precum is viscous and had spread thickly on his pucker. But we needed more, so I drooled spit, landing it at the end of my dick, and then used my dick to rub spit and precum in. I pushed. The slick end of my dick slipped inside.

Tyler's and my eyes met again. Pushing my hips forward slowly, I eased all the way in before falling forward onto Tyler and gathering him up in my arms. Jason stayed on his knees behind me, his boner pressed up the length of my buttcrack. Oddly, I didn't resent him there. He was, after all, my brother and I genuinely loved him. It struck me that Jason being pressed behind me while I gathered Tyler under me was almost symbolic as to what was happening between the three of us -- Tyler and me close as lovers, but Jason along as a friend and my brother.

With my shaft buried balls-deep inside Tyler and me holding him, I whispered at his ear. "I do love you."

He murmured softly and rubbed the side of his face against mine. His fingers ran into the back of my hair. Behind me, I felt the wet bulb of Jason's glans probe between my butt cheeks. Like me, he was using precum and spit.

I waited for him. I had wondered if the three of us could have sex at the same time. I had heard about daisy chains so I knew three people could have oral sex at once. I had imagined a train of the three of us, but didn't know it was called that, much less if it would work. Evidently, it would.

As my brother's cock made a long, filling slide up my butt, it pressured my prostate, pleasantly. I nuzzled into the side of Tyler's neck and moaned. Jason's hips drove me firmly into Tyler, and both he and Tyler groaned as well. Jason fell forward onto me, sliding his hands under my pecs. I held most of our combined weight up off Tyler, bearing it on my elbows and knees.

"Oh, geez!" I murmured when Jason drove his hips forward again. His thrust drove me into Tyler, and Tyler made a high whimper.

The very best sex is not only driven by desire and crazy with pleasure, but it's noisy. I mean by that, the steady sighs, grunts, moans and outright exclamations which signal partners’ pleasure, encouragement, and growing excitement -- intimate sounds, affectionate sounds, ecstatic sounds. As well as the moist and staccato sounds of sex itself and the slap of skin on skin.

The three of us moved together, and by that, I mean moved together as only a sixteen-year-old and two fourteen-year-olds can move -- lithe, supple, athletic, and bonded in boy-boy affection. I was sandwiched between my brother, whom I loved, and the boy who was like me – the boy who had stolen my heart. In the midst of our writhing sex, I felt happy. The kind of happy that makes you feel like you're flying. And suddenly, too, a gut-tightening need to be one with Tyler, to drive my cock deep inside him and hold him tightly in my arms.

Tyler's fingers pulled at the back of my hair and his body writhed up against mine, as if he were as desperate to be one with me.

Jason had been driving us hard, but his hips slowed and he mouthed the top of my spine and used his hands to feel my shoulders and sides, I took over the driving, backing onto Jason's dick for that pleasurable impact on my prostate and then thrusting forward, balls deep into Tyler.

Jason moaned softly and slobbered loudly on the top of my spine. Tyler whimpered with each impact. I grunted with my thrusts. We made a sexual trio in the changing voices of youth -- sounds that would grow familiar to us over the next few years when the three of us were together.

Tyler planted his feet on the bed and drove his pelvis upward, rubbing his cock on my belly. I ground my pubic bone into his perineum. I covered is mouth with mine and felt his whimpers in my throat. Jason returned to driving, harder, faster. Between his impacts and the movements of Tyler's slender body as he ground his cock on my belly, I had no way to slow the climax I felt rising. My ballsack tightened. My pelvic floor tightened.

I arched up from Tyler with a cry.

"Oh, shit!" Jason exclaimed as my sphincter clamped on his dick. He squeezed my shoulders tightly in his hands as my rectum clinched his dick each time I squirted deep into Tyler. Suddenly I felt Jason's dick throbbing inside my rectum and that drove my orgasm long enough to feel Tyler's tight ring clamp down on my dick and squeeze with his own orgasmic emissions.

It would be rare that the three of us came so closely together, though I am convinced that bodies in sex tend to respond that way to each other. I am grateful they did so that first time the three of us were together. I have wondered if things would have gone so well for us if that first time had not been so incredible.

The finishing touch came as we lay in our stack, breath slowing, bodies relaxing. The warmth that comes in that first afterglow of sex was three-way. When Jason's flaccid dick slipped from inside me, and he started to get up, I reached back and pulled him under me, beside Tyler on the couch. My own flaccid dick slopped from inside Ty and rested where the sides of their hips pressed. Their cocks were under my hips. Our legs entwined.

I held the two of them under me in my arms and rubbed the side of my face on first one and then the other. Ty's hand stroked my side and he kissed my shoulder softly. Jason's hand squeezed the back of my shoulder and he nuzzled strongly into my neck, like a young stallion into his stronger brother. We were not simply brothers, though, no more than Tyler and I were simply friends.

"So," Jason asked quietly. "Everything's okay between us?"

"Yep, getting that way,"

"How about a swim?" Tyler asked. "I've got cum on my belly."

"I hate to think what I have on my dick," Jason said with a chuckle.

I poked his ribs. With a yelp, he tried slipping from under me and onto the floor, but I came with him, and brought Tyler with me. We rolled and wrestled, but then Tyler broke away and headed for the pool.

The sun was low and about to set when I positioned Tyler and Jason side-by-side on all fours on the pool deck. I surveyed them from behind on my knees, running my hands over their slender sides and narrow butts and firm backs. Jason leaned his head toward Tyler and they kissed as I felt up inside their legs, lifted their balls, then pulled their cocks downward, one in each hand, to milk between their legs.

When I felt my precum ooze, I chose Jason for the next round and got behind him. I wiggled my dickhead in between his buttcheeks. We hadn't been on the deck long, so we were still wet, but I added saliva anyway and eased in. My brother had a good body. Not as much of a swimmer's build as Tyler, but nice shoulders slimming to a narrow waist and a muscled butt. I admired him with my eyes and hands as I eased in.

Wrapping my arms around Jason's flat belly, I pulled him up onto his knees and then back down into my lap. He wiggled on me. Truth is, all three of us were as much bottoms as we were tops, from the beginning. He wiggled and I felt up his belly and chest while sucking and licking the skin at the back of his neck with all the fine little hairs, much like he had done me earlier.

Tyler leaned in to Jason’s lap and took Jason's dick in hand. He sucked him. I laid a hand on Tyler's butt. He belonged to me, too. Jason leaned back against me with a moan and circled his butt slowly with a deeply satisfied, "Umm."

Reaching up his front with both hands, I grabbed the fronts of his shoulders and held him down in my lap, bucking up into him with the slow rhythm of his circling. My hips rose and I went deeper. They fell and some of my cock came back out. They rose again.

Jason sighed and ran his fingers in Tyler's hair. I knew Jason liked him more than just as a best friend. After all, Jason was my brother, and I knew how to read him. And Tyler? In his mind, he now had two brothers. He had told us that much while we were still in the pool, right before I kissed him and then made my two "little brothers" get out onto the deck on all fours.

I wrapped both arms around Jason's belly again and bounced him on my cock. I wanted him to feel it on his prostate. I wanted to feel him bounce. Tyler grabbed Jason's dick more tightly to keep from being choked.

Jason climaxed sharply, arching back against me with a small yelp, all tense. And then he doubled over, pushing Tyler off his well-sucked dick because it had gone sensitive. I let Jason fall off my dick, and I thought about pulling Tyler under me, but he was already on his feet, moving around behind me.

Planting is feet outside my legs, Tyler pushed me forward onto all fours and bent his knees to line up his dick with my butthole. He spit in his hand and his wet fingers probed me. He spit again and slathered his dick. I felt his crown, then his chubby dick filling me. He grabbed the sides of my waist firmly and rocked his hips, thrusting into my butt. His balls slapped under me. It felt good and I rocked back against him.

My dick jutted up under my belly, and Jason, lying on the pool deck beside me, reached up to make an "O" of his hand for me to fuck. I did, banging back against Tyler and forward into Jason's hand. Leaning forward over me, Tyler grabbed my shoulders and humped. I swayed my back and moved with him. Jason milked me. It wasn't long before I shot over the pool deck. Just after I finished, I felt Tyler's dick throb and my insides grew wet.

Tyler relaxed onto me. Wrapping an arm under my belly, he pulled me onto our sides and pressed his mouth to my ear as he molded his body to the back of mine. "I love you, Brock," he whispered. “And not just because you love me.”

I reached back and patted his hip.

It was late that night when, in bed, I spooned in behind Tyler and pulled him to me so that his butt came back against my lap and flaccid dick. He nestled back against me, his back to my belly and the backs of his legs to the front of mine. With a contented sigh, I nuzzled sleepily into the soft, feathery hair at the back of his neck.

The warm, soft skin of Jason's firm butt pressed mine as he backed to me. There's something comfortable about sleeping bare butt to bare butt. Jason pulled up my bed covers and his breathing slowed almost instantly. I thought Tyler had fallen asleep as well when I whispered behind his ear, "I will always love you."

"I know," he murmured and pulled my arm more tightly around him.

Tyler and I have met others who, like us, met in high school and are still together. There aren't many, but there are others out there. Most stayed mostly faithful the whole time. In Tyler and my case, we stayed tight through high school, but never exclusive, partly because we were already sexing with someone else -- Jason. But no one else was ever for me like Tyler. And, Tyler always said that no one else was ever like me for him. I started college locally, and when Tyler graduated from high school I transferred to State and we moved in together. The night of my graduation from college, Tyler paid for a hotel room with money he had saved, and before we made love, he asked me to be his life partner. I told him we already were, but he gave me a ring and we bought one for him the next day. We spent most of the next week in bed.

The week after his graduation from college, I took us to the west coast for a week with money I saved. I called it our honeymoon.

I didn't exactly come out to my dad. He, like Tyler's mom, guessed while we were still in high school. My dad was surprisingly cool about it. Jason was the son he really cared about -- enough to worry about Jason spending too much time with us, though he never found out that Jason was our lover.

My grandfather never found out about my being gay, and when he died, he left me a large trust. Today, I head the legal department for the company he started. Tyler is an industrial architect. We each work with young men, but the only other person we allow in our bed is Jason. My brother Jason is married and has kids, but we have "poker" nights when we play no cards.

Perhaps I will add more of our story, like about when I took both Jason and Tyler to meet Carolyn, or the first time the three of us joined Alexander and his nephew, Elias, to make videos, which we still have.

For now I will close with what happened not long after that first Saturday the three of us sexed together. It was a Friday night. Jason and Tyler had traveled out of town for a swim meet and I knew they would sleep together. I got up from bed that night and pulled on my boxers. There was something I had been thinking about doing and that night seemed like the time to do it.

I went downstairs in my boxers and listened at Alexander's door. It was quiet. I tried the doorknob and it opened. The room was dark and I paused to let my eyes adjust. A little light came from under the door, but it was mainly from remembering where I'd seen it that I made my way to Alexander's bed.

Silently, I pulled back the covers and slid in. Alexander was on his side, facing away from me. I spooned him and found he was naked. My erection slid between the backs of his legs.

Alexander stirred and reached back to lay a hand on my bare hip. "Is that you, my beautiful boy?" he asked in a whisper.

"Yeah, Alexander," I told him. "It's me. I owe you."

Alexander rolled to face me and slipped an arm behind the small of my back. He locked long legs with mine, draping my boner with his balls and rapidly thickening cock. "You don't owe me," he said, "but I'll be taking it, my fine young man." I could hear the smile in his voice.

I felt for the side of his face with my palm. "You're my secret friend," I told him.

"Yes," Alexander said, brushing my lips with his, "My very fine young friend." Alexander pushed me onto my back. "You be my little brother, and now I teach you things." He kissed my sternum, and then drew his tongue down my belly.

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