Night Camping
This is gay, guys. Don't read it if you're not into gay or boy/boy. You'd be really disappointed.

I plan for this to be 2 or 3 parts. Here's part 1...


So I was dreaming, and I was naked on my back in an operating room and two doctors were bent over my middle examining my dick from either side, and I didn't dare move because they were whispering and I didn't know what they were doing. But then I was waking up and it wasn't two doctors, but two dim figures bent over me and I closed my eyes tightly and struggled to wake up and remember where I was.

Boy Scout camp with my little brother. Oh, yeah. Mom insisted I go with them because it was a young troop and they needed some older boys and I was fourteen and technically was still a scout, though I no longer went to my own troop meetings.

I cracked an eye. The only light coming through the tent was from the exterior light at the latrine a few yards away. But it must not have been that late. I heard noises -- counselors quieting boys who were excited on the first night of camp. I always fall asleep hard and fast, so it probably only seemed like the middle of the night.

So then the two figures were the two guys I shared the tent with, my little brother Trace and his new buddy, a muscular little guy named David. That was confirmed in the next moment when I heard David whisper.

"It's big!"

"Yep," my brother, Trace whispered back.

"Does it get any bigger?"

A hand squeezed my boner. It felt like my boner and my balls were out from the fly of my boxers.

"Nope," Trace whispered. "That's as hard as it gets. Feel it."

One hand left my boner to be replaced by another with a more tentative grip.

At that point, any thought of chasing my brother and his friend back to their bedrolls evaporated from my mind. I'd never had someone else's hand on my boner.

"It's hot," David whispered. He squeezed softly. "It feels different, you know, than feeling your own."

"It's bigger, shithead."

"No, turdface, I mean, you know, it feels different. His skin's so soft but his boner's hard as shit. It feels fat."

"Shit isn't hard."


Trace shushed him. "Stroke it," he whispered.

"You sure he won't wake up?"

"Aaron sleeps through everything."

I wondered what 'everything' I had been sleeping through at home -- Trace and I shared a room. But home was on a soft bed in a quiet, cool room, and this was in a tent, on the ground, on a warm night, with Trace and David whispering over me. I was wide awake.

David's hand closed around my dick and he moved the skin up and down my shaft. "Does he always sleep on his back?"

"Yeah," Trace whispered.

I kept my eyes closed, but it wasn't easy to keep my breath regular and pretend I was still sleeping. No one else had ever touched my dick -- well, that I was awake for.

"What do you think?" Trace asked.

"It's okay." David's whisper sounded hesitant.

"You like how it feels?"

"Sort of."

Trace's whisper grew real quiet. "I've made him come."

"No, shit! Let's do it!" David said, stroking my dick a little faster.

"I don't know," Trace whispered doubtfully. "He woke up one time when I did it and I had to hide real quick under his bed."

David stroked me more carefully than I stroked myself, but it had a good feel, like he was enjoying it, too.

"Wanna know something else?" Trace asked in a soft whisper.


"I've come on him."

David didn't comment. I cracked and eye, and in the dim light saw that his jaw had dropped.

"Not shooting," Trace whispered in quick clarification. "I can't shoot sperm yet. Can you?"

"I don't know. I've never had a cum."

Trace's whisper grew quiet again. "Want me to show you what I do on Aaron and you can see if you come?"


"I gotta take off my boxers." I heard Trace shifting and I assumed he was getting naked. Then I felt him straddle the tops of my legs and I felt soft skin on my scrotum and I cracked an eye. I saw Trace lean forward, his smaller ballsack resting on mine, and he pulled the underside of my dick up against the underside of his. Holding them together in his hands, he rocked his hips forward and back. The underside of his dick slid forward and back on the underside of mine. His was smaller than mine, but definitely larger than a boy stiffy. Trace was obviously pubescent and about to get hair and have his first cum.

"How does that feel?" David asked.

"Good," Trace whispered. "I do this, too." He let go of my dick and leaned forward over me so that our dicks rubbed between us. "I like this better."

So did I. Trace's balls rubbed mine and the overall contact between our genitals was greater. Trace's belly was taut -- like me, he's a skinny guy -- and it felt good on my cock, and his cock felt good on my belly. This was like sex. It was difficult to not respond.

"I do this till I come?" Trace whispered.

"Does it ever make him come?" David asked, obviously meaning me.

"One time, but he didn't wake up."

That surprised me, because this felt good. I was finally realizing why I seemed to have more wet dreams than my buddies. I had thought I was just hornier.

"Can I try?" David asked.

"Yeah," Trace whispered, continuing his rubbing on me. "Take off your boxers."

There was a rustling sound as David evidently pulled off his underwear. Trace got off me, and David got on. His balls were warmer than Trace's, and looser. They draped mine better. He closed his hand around my dick and pulled it up to his. His dick was bigger than Trace's but not thick like mine. Like Trace had done, David rubbed his on mine, testing the feel. Then he let go and leaned forward on me and rubbed our cocks between our bellies. His bigger cock felt better than Trace’s.

He rocked and it felt good, real good. It was difficult to not rock back. As a reflex, I put my hand on David's leg. He froze. I pretended to still be asleep and let my hand fall away, but not before feeling muscles in David's leg and the smoothness of his skin.

Neither of them said anything for a moment. Then Trace whispered. "He's still asleep. I told you, he sleeps through everything."

David rocked his hips forward and back, testing. I cracked an eye but was afraid to open it too much.

David fell onto his hands, planting them outside my arms. His rocking grew steady, rhythmic. I grasped at my bedroll to keep my hands from going back onto his legs and I struggled to keep from bucking. He rocked, rubbing us together, steadily, pleasurably.

The sounds of our rubbing were faint, almost fainter than my own pulse in my ears.

"You gonna try coming?" Trace whispered.

David didn't answer. He was rocking firmly. Suddenly his breath caught and his hips drove faster. I felt warm, wet drops on my belly and chest. Knowing that David was coming made me come, too, and I bit my lip as my cock throbbed between our bellies and shot my own cum up my belly and chest. My cock continued to pulse after David’s stopped.

"Did you come?" Trace asked.

"Yeah," David whispered quietly. "I think Aaron came, too."

Fingers swept my belly. "Yeah, that's a lot of cum."

"You gonna get back on?"

"No. We better quit."

"Don't you want to come?"

"I did. I jacked off watching."

"Oh," David whispered, climbing off me. Our skin was damp with sweat from where his skin pressed mine.

David's bedroll was between mine and Trace's, and David rolled onto it. Traced crawled over both of us to get back to his.

"That was the first time you came?" Trace whispered.


"You like it?"

"Well, yeah!"

Trace chuckled out loud. The two of them grew quiet. I thought about getting up as soon as they were asleep and going to wash my belly and chest at the john. But just as I thought they might finally be sleeping, David stirred on his bedroll next to mine. I felt him come closer. I felt breath on my face, and then, softly, lips on mine.

David pressed his lips to mine for several breaths, then pulled away. He kissed again at a slightly different angle, and then again. I wondered if he was learning. I wondered, if like me, he hadn't ever kissed anybody else. The he stopped. I felt something on my belly and cracked an eye. Was it David's tongue? Did he just test our cum with the tip of his tongue?

Then he did something totally unexpected. He kissed the underside of my dick. He sat back, and through one cracked eye, he appeared to be looking me over, what he could see of me in the near dark. Then he leaned close to my face and I closed my eyes. His lips pressed mine once more, but now they smelled faintly of boy semen. A moment later, I heard him settle in on his sleeping bag.

I decided to go to sleep and clean myself in the morning. I laid my palm on the underside of my dick where David had kissed it, and I thought about what happened.

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