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Kimi slipped her shoes off and settled back in her first-class seat on the Boeing 777 as the flight attendants busied themselves preparing for takeoff. She was in an aisle seat, with a window seat to her right. It was late afternoon at Dulles – most of the flight would be at night, and they would arrive at Charles de Gaulle Airport in the morning. Uncle Claude had been kind enough to invite her to his chateau outside Paris for two weeks of R&R, and had sent her a first-class ticket. “Bring all your bikinis and a cocktail dress,” he had said. “You won’t need much else. Just figure on relaxing by the pool a lot. Oh, and I’ve planned a little soiree in your honor for Saturday night.”

Kimi enjoyed her filet mignon dinner, accompanied by a few glasses of a nice Bordeaux, and was sipping a cognac when the lights in the cabin went down. The “fasten seat belt” light was off. All around her, the other first class passengers were preparing to sleep through the long flight. The flight attendants distributed blankets and pillows. Kimi had her own ideas on how she might pass the time. She was tired of charging for sex. Tonight, she was thinking it might be fun to give it away for a change.

A few hours into the flight, she undid her seat belt, got up, and walked barefoot back through the business-class cabin. She was wearing a short, low-cut, lavendar minidress with spaghetti straps. The clingy material hugged the lush curves of her body. She scanned the snoozing passengers in the sparsely populated tourist-class area, and settled on a nice-looking young man of college age, sitting in a window seat listening to music. She asked him casually if he would mind if she sat down next to him for awhile, and he readily agreed, his eyes taking in the aggressive thrust of her unfettered breasts against the thin fabric.

They chatted innocently for awhile in hushed tones, not wanting to disturb the sleeping passengers around them. His name was Michael, and he was travelling to France for Spring Break. Kimi became increasingly flirtatious as their conversation continued, and the young man willingly got into the spirit of things. She giggled at his light-hearted jokes, her hand resting on his leg, and before long she noticed happily that his cock was stiffening in his pants. After a few moments, Kimi leaned over to whisper in his ear. Her right hand, meanwhile, crawled up his thigh.

“Ummm….this is going to sound really forward,” she whispered, her tongue flicking briefly inside his ear. “But...would you like me to….suck you off?” Her fingers gently squeezed the head of his penis.

“What?” The young man couldn’t believe his ears. Was she really offering to suck his cock, right here on the plane?

“You heard me,” murmured Kimi, smiling wickedly and rubbing his cock as it sprang to full erection. “I want to suck you off. Call it a whim. Don’t worry, no one will see. We have a blanket.”

“Uhhhh…..,” he stammered, looking around. His brain was quickly being bypassed by her pleasant stroking of his rigid cock. What was the worst that could happen? “Uhhh, sure…sure, be my guest.”

“Put the blanket over your lap, and pull your pants down,” she whispered.

“Yes, ma’am,” he smiled. She sat back up, waiting for him as he arranged the blanket, struggled with his belt, undid his pants, and slid them down off his hips, along with his shorts. His six-inch cock was engorged with blood, throbbing insistently.

Kimi reached beneath the blanket and slid her fingers around his aching shaft, slowly stroking it as she looked around the cabin. "Mmmm, you sure didn't get cheated," she whispered. Her cool fingers felt marvelous against his sensitive flesh. Satisfied that nobody was looking, and that the flight attendants were occupied in the galley, she winked at him, and ducked her head beneath the blanket. He arranged the blanket to cover her head and shoulders, and stifled a gasp as Kimi’s tongue slowly encircled the circumcized head of his cock. Not wanting to waste too much time and run the risk of being caught, she slid her lips down over the head and quickly engulfed the head in her warm, wet mouth. Her head began to bob up and down, taking him deeper in her mouth, until her lips slid down all the way to the base, the knob of his cock head lodged in her throat.

Michael moaned softly as she sucked him, the warm suction of her mouth pure heaven. The excitement of the scene, being serviced by a beautiful girl he had just met, on an airplane surrounded by unsuspecting passengers -- all of it conspired to send his arousal swirling out of control. Too soon he felt his balls tingle in anticipation of unleashing a torrent of sperm into her eagerly sucking mouth. Kimi nursed hungrily on his youthful penis, her right hand sliding between his thighs and lightly teasing his balls with her fingernails. She felt his hand resting on her head, gently guiding her as her steady rhythm rapidly brought him to the brink.

“Oh god!” he whispered, his hips lurching upward, and he buried his cock deep in her mouth. His cum pulsed heavily in her mouth, and she sucked greedily as he emptied himself in copious spurts of hot, thick semen.

“Mmmmmmm…” she hummed happily as his sperm filled her mouth, her lips pursed tightly around his thick shaft to keep from losing any. She held it in her mouth until the pulses finally weakened, waiting patiently for him to finish. Then she slowly raised her head, slid out from under the blanket and smiled at him. He watched, amazed, as she slowly swallowed, making a little face as his cum slid down her throat. She reached up with her hand and gathered a rivulet of his sperm from below her lower lip, and slowly licked it from her finger.

“That was fantastic,” he whispered. “Thank you!”

Kimi smiled at him and patted his cock beneath the blanket. “Mmmm, the pleasure was all mine, Michael. Bye!”

With that, she rose from the seat, turned and walked back up the aisle as if nothing had happened.

Once again, Kimi searched the sleeping passengers in the cabin. Finally, she saw someone that intrigued her. He was a middle-aged, sandy-haired man, perhaps about 50 years old, reading a book. He was with a woman, presumably his wife, in the center section of the wide-bodied plane. The heavy-set woman was asleep, with a mask over her eyes and headphones in her ears. The seats on the other side of the man were empty.

Kimi gathered her courage and walked around to the opposite aisle, and slid into the seat next to the man. He looked at her in surprise, his face betraying just a hint of annoyance, since there were plenty of seats in the cabin and no reason for her to choose this particular one. On the other hand, she was a very attractive young lady, and he wasn’t so old and married as to not appreciate such things. "Hi!" she whisperd, smiling at him. His features softened into a smile and he said hello.

Kimi gazing intently into his eyes. She decided to waste no time and just go for it. She leaned over and brought her lips to his ear. “Look….ummm….I know this is going to sound really crazy, but I’ve always wanted to…you know…join the Mile-High-Club. Do you know what that is?"

He looked utterly shocked. "Uh, yeah, I know what that is."

"Well, would you like to….ummmm....join with me? I mean...would you like to fuck me?”

Her obscene words caused a sudden surge of arousal to course through his body, and his cock to give a powerful lurch. Was she serious? He turned to her and whispered back, his lips at her ear. Her perfume was heavenly. “You’re kidding, right?”

“No, I promise, I mean every word. You can fuck me if you want to.”

“You mean…in the lavatory?”

“No, I mean right here. Nobody will see. It’s dark. Your wife is asleep. We can put a blanket over us. Where’s your spirit of adventure?”

His eyes widened, thinking there had to be a catch here someplace. She met his gaze steadily. “But…”

She smiled and winked conspiratorially, then tilted her head up to whisper again in his ear. “I’m going to put the arm rest up, and then turn away from you. You can turn toward me, as if we were both asleep. Put the blanket over us. I’m going to take my panties off and put them in my purse. Then you can put your cock inside me, and I’ll make you cum really nice. Okay?”

He nodded dumbly, still doubting that she’d ever go through with it. Kimi glanced over at his wife, who was still sleeping peacefully, then checked the cabin to make sure no one was watching. She handed him her blanket, then raised her hips, reaching up and sliding her skimpy string-bikini panties down over her firm ass, then down her legs and over her bare feet. He watched with growing excitement as she stuffed them into her purse. Then she raised the arm rest and turned away from him, scooting toward him a little, her skirt pulled up.

It was just too good to pass up, he thought, as he gazed down at her pert ass, the cleft of her dewy pussy clearly visible. He had gone a long time without sex – the spark had long since vanished from his marriage. This was a chance that may never come again in his life. Quickly, he spread the blanket over her lower body, and over his waist. He unfastened his belt, undid the button on his pants, and slid the zipper down, watching his wife the entire time to make sure she didn’t awaken. His long, relatively slim cock was stiff when he finally freed it, sticking through the opening in his shorts. He turned to face Kimi, and carefully brought the tip of his penis to the entrance to her vagina, guiding it along the length of her slit with his fingers. She was wet with excitement. He heard her moan softly as the head of his cock rubbed against her clit. Then he positioned it at her opening, and slowly slid into her as she pushed back a little, feeling it stretch her deliciously.

Slowly, silently, they moved together, both of them keeping an eye out to make sure they were not discovered. He stifled a groan as her vagina caressed and sucked on the head of his aching penis, sliding back and forth over the sensitive ridge that defined the crown. He slowly thrust into her, able to get only an inch or two into her because of their position. He ached to bury himself in her to the hilt, to flood her with the pent-up sperm accumulated over the long months without sex. He repositioned himself to penetrate her more deeply. Then he reached beneath the blanket and gently rubbed her tiny clit with his fingers as he slid in and out of her.

Kimi stifled a gasp as he stimulated her clit. She rocked back against him, fucking herself on his cock as he rubbed her with his wet fingers, feeling her own climax quickly approaching, turned on by the sheer wickedness of her actions, thrilled by her adventure. She could still taste Michael’s sperm in her mouth – now she wanted this stranger’s cum to erupt inside her pussy and bathe and soothe her with it.

A few moments later, she heard his breath catch in his throat, choking back his moan of pleasure. His cock swelled ominously at the entrance to her vagina, and she felt him thrust forward, burying it deeper into her wetly-clasping cunt. She felt her own orgasm well up and overtake her as the first copious spurt of his cum pulsed into her welcoming pussy.

“Uhhhhh!” she moaned softly as her vagina spasmed hard, clinging to his spurting cock as he emptied himself into her in thick, hot jets. His semen flooded her, filling her to overflowing as she moved back against him, her body shuddering violently as she, too, erupted in orgasm. Her pussy gripped him tightly, milking him as he finally pumped out the last of his cum into her trembling body.

It was at that moment that a pretty blonde flight attendant walked down the aisle, her eyes moving from side to side, checking on the passengers. Kimi froze, still feeling the delicious pulses of her orgasm, hoping her face didn’t give them away. The flight attendant reached the row in front of the one they were sitting in, gave Kimi a long, penetrating look, with just a hint of a smile crossing her lips…and then continued her stroll down the aisle.

When she had gone, Kimi released the breath she had been holding and slid forward, the man’s spent cock slipping free of her drenched vagina. She sat upright in the seat, her dress still up around her hips as she felt her pussy oozing cum on the seat cushion. She glanced over and saw that his wife was still snoring sibilantly, none the wiser. Relieved, she turned to the man, who had by now succeeded in getting his cock back into his pants. She smiled and leaned over to him, once again whispering in his ear.

“Thanks, sweetie, that was nice….and welcome to the club.” She kissed his ear, her breath teasing him. “Gotta go now. Buh-bye!” She stood up and slid out of the row into the aisle, and walked back toward first class, feeling a rivulet of semen oozing down her inner thigh.

As she approached the first-class galley and lavatories, the blonde flight attendant suddenly appeard and confronted her, looking at her severely. “I need to talk to you, Miss,” she said quietly.

Uh-oh, thought Kimi. She knows! She braced herself for the inevitable embarrassing reprimand, as the flight attendant took her arm and guided her into an alcove by the entrance door.

“Look…I know what you were doing back there,” she said, sternly.

“I’m sorry…” said Kimi. “I know it was wrong. It was just a crazy whim, you know?”

Kimi saw the flight attendant’s face soften into a smile. “And I thought it was sooo HOT! Was that his wife sitting next to him?”

Kimi relaxed and smiled, vastly relieved. “Yeah…I don't think she suspected a thing.”

“Mmmmmm, did you get him off?”

Kimi giggled. “Uh-huh, did I ever…his cum is still in my pussy. Something tells me he hadn’t had sex in a long, long time,” she grinned.

“Quick…in here,” said the flight attendant. She opened the door to the lavatory, looked up and down the aisle, and pushed Kimi inside, quickly following her and closing the door behind them. “I’m Jessica. Stand up on the toilet,” she said.

Kimi did as she asked, leaning against the wall of the lavatory as she balanced herself. Given what she had already done in the air, she was pretty much ready for anything now. Jessica slid her hands up Kimi’s thighs, raising her dress up to her waist. She leaned forward and slid her face between Kimi’s legs, extending her tongue and sliding it into her vagina. She tasted the man’s thick semen on her taste buds as it flowed out of Kimi's hole. Kimi gasped as she thrust her tongue into her, fucking her with it. “Oh god yes!” she hissed. The girl’s tongue was like a live thing, reaching deep into her spermy love tunnel. She was actually sucking another man’s cum out of her vagina!

Jessica slid her tongue out and grinned up at Kimi. “Mmmmm, his cum tastes so good,” she murmured, before once again skewering her tongue up into her cunt. Kimi writhed against her invading tongue, feeling the pressure of another tremendous climax begin to build inside her as Jessica’s lewd words penetrated her brain.

Jessica, sensing Kimi’s soaring arousal, slid her tongue out of her and began fluttering it rapidly against her clit. Her hand slid up between Kimi’s legs and she thrust two fingers inside her vagina as her tongue lashed at her. Her fingers slid easily in and out of Kimi’s drenched cunt as her lips closed around her throbbing clit.

Kimi’s climax seized her almost without warning. “Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhgodddddd!!!” she groaned as Jessica sucked on her clit and thrust her fingers all the way inside her. Kimi trembled violently as she came with furious intensity, hunching against the flight attendant’s mouth and fingers. Her knees felt weak as Jessica lapped at her, her body shuddering with the aftershocks of her cum.

Slowly, Kimi descended from the peak of her climax. Jessica’s tongue continued to lovingly caress Kimi’s cleft. Finally, Kimi gently pushed her face away. “Mmmmmm….your turn, sweetie.”

Smiling up at her, Jessica helped her off the toilet. She reached down and raised her navy blue uniform dress, sliding her panty hose and panties down below her knees. Then she turned and sat down on the toilet, perching her ass on the edge of the seat. Kimi knelt on the floor. There was just enough room for her in the cramped lavatory. She raised Jessica’s legs high and held them apart as far as she could, bent at the knees with her pantyhose stretched between her ankles. Kimi gazed for a moment at her delectable pussy, with it’s little patch of silky blonde curls above, lowered her head, and slowly licked from the entrance to her vagina up to her clit, her tongue glancing wetly off the tiny bud.

“Ohhh, yesss….lick my pussy,” moaned Jessica, as she felt Kimi’s avid tongue caress her. “God, I’m so fucking hot!”

Kimi lapped at her eagerly, wanting to repay Jessica for her own shattering climax. She tasted sweet, with a hint of strawberries. Kimi pressed her legs back and thrust her tongue deep into Jessica’s recesses, stabbing into her repeatedly as she writhed, tasting her flowing nectar. Then she slid her tongue out and traced down across the sensitive divide, pressing it against the tight rosebud of her anus. Kimi’s eyes lifted to meet Jessica’s as her hands slid under her firm ass cheeks. Her tongue stiffened and she thrust it inside the resistant opening, and Jessica groaned with pleasure. Again and again Kimi fucked her tongue into her tight ass, bathing it with her saliva, Jessica’s face flushing with her building arousal. Sensing the flight attendant’s approaching climax, Kimi slid her tongue out and upward, tracing the length of her sex, and wiggled her tongue quickly from side to side over Jessica’s clit.

“Oh, god! That’s it! That’s it!” sobbed Jessica, her body on the verge of exploding. “Lick my clit! I’m gonna cum!”

Kimi’s lips surrounded Jessica’s clit and sucked on her girlflesh as Jessica’s hand held her face tight against her. She hunched against Kimi’s mouth as her tongue lashed against her, her breathless voice rising in an anguished crescendo as her orgasm began to peak. “Oh! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!! UHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Her hips bucked upward off the seat as her body erupted in a wanton frenzy, cumming against Kimi’s eager mouth in violent jolts.

Gradually, Jessica descended, shivering in the aftermath of her climax. Her fingers caressed Kimi’s silky hair as she felt the waves of orgasm diminish, her heart rate and pulse returning to normal. “Mmmmm, that was soooo good,” she murmured.

Kimi smiled up at her. “This has been a memorable flight.”

Jessica grinned wickedly. “It’s not over yet. You better go back to your seat for now. I’ll come and get you in a little while.”

Kimi stood up, smoothing her dress, wondering just what Jessica had in mind. Whatever it was, she knew she would absolutely love it. She winked at her, opened the door of the lavatory, peeking out first to see if anyone was watching, and slipped out into the corridor. She walked back to her seat in first class and sat down, reclining the seat and closing her eyes, replaying the events of the flight thus far. After a little while, she dozed off pleasantly.

She awakened with Jessica nudging her shoulder. It was still dark in the cabin, and the sounds of the other passengers sleeping surrounded her. Jessica leaned down and whispered in her ear. “I thought you might like to see the cockpit.”

Kimi gazed up into her eyes and the two shared a knowing look. “That sounds like fun,” she said, rising from the seat.

Jessica led her to the door to the cockpit, opened it and entered, with Kimi trailing behind her. There were two men there, a tall man in the pilot's seat, and a powerful-looking black man. Jessica made the introductions. “This is Captain Davies, and that’s Captain Scott, the co-pilot. And this is….what’s your name, sweetie?”

“Kimi. It’s nice to meet you.”

“This is Kimi,” continued Jessica, smiling. “Kimi has been having quite an adventure in the tourist cabin, haven’t you, Kimi?”

Kimi giggled. “I guess you could say that.”

“So we gather,” said Captain Davies, smiling at her. “Kimi, I hope you don’t mind, but we’ve got the plane on autopilot and we were wondering if you might be up for another round or two.”

Kimi smiled. What the hell, she thought. Might as well go for the record. “Sure, why not” she answered.

“Great!” said Davies, grinning broadly. “Why don’t you take that dress off and then you can come over here and suck on my dick for starters. Someone has to stay in the driver’s seat…we have rules.”

Jessica reached behind Kimi and slid the zipper of her dress down, helping her out of it. Kimi hadn’t worn a bra, and her panties were still in her purse. Completely naked, she moved over toward the captain’s seat and got down on her knees. He had already unfastened his pants and slid them down around his ankles. His cock was stiff and standing straight up. She leaned forward, and with no further preliminaries, took the flared head into her mouth. His cock was big and thick, and her lips stretched to accommodate its girth as they slide down the shaft, her mouth bathing the head with saliva.

Meanwhile, Captain Scott had arisen from his co-pilot’s seat and was quickly removing his own clothing. When he was naked, he moved up close behind Kimi, who was now slurping happily on the pilot’s cock, her head bobbing and her tush wagging invitingly from side to side. Jessica kneeled next to Scott as he descending to one knee. She slid her fingers around his massive, ebony cock and guided it to her pussy, rubbing the head it up and down in her cleft and coating it with her wetness. Then, positioning it at the entrance to her vagina, she let go of it and he thrust forward, sinking it into her juicy cunt with one long stroke. Kimi moaned around the thick cock in her mouth as he began to slowly fuck his cock in and out of her, his balls swaying against her nakedly-exposed clit.

Jessica slid her hand between his legs from behind and fondled his heavy balls as he thrust in and out. “Ooooh, yeah, fuck her tight little cunt,” she murmured, loving the way Kimi’s vagina seemed to cling to Scott’s big black cock, almost seeming to suck on it as he withdrew each time.

Suddenly, the door to the cockpit opened and the relief pilot, who had been sleeping in the first class cabin, came in. His eyes widening as he beheld the scene. “Holy shit! What’s all this!”

“Take your dick out and join the fun,” laughed Jessica, looking up. “Better lock that door behind you, though.”

Needing no further prompting, he undid his belt and slid his pants and shorts down, his cock already standing forth stiffly. Jessica wasted no time stuffing it into her mouth, nursing on it as if she were starved for cock. He grabbed her head and held it, slowly fucking his cock in and out of her saliva-flooded mouth.

“Who’s she,” he asked, looking over toward Kimi, who was still noisily sucking on the pilot’s cock as his cohort drove his cock into her pussy with growing urgency.

The pilot turned his head and answered. “Her name is Kimi. She’s one of the first-class passengers. We’re thinking of giving her a lifetime free pass. Ohhh, fuck, baby, suck it, just like that.”

The relief pilot watched the two other men fuck her mouth and cunt, building slowly toward their climax, then concentrated on Jessica’s exquisite milking of his own throbbing tool. Her boyish blonde hair tossed as she slurped on him, taking him deep into her throat, almost gagging on it, her cheeks hollowing around it as he withdrew each time.

Suddenly, Captain Scott threw his head back and groaned, his balls tensing and then releasing a thick load of hot cum into Kimi’s welcoming vagina. Again and again his cock flourished, sending pulses of sperm deep into her womb, flooding her until it backed up and oozed down across her clit. Her muscles clung to him, milking the last vestiges of his sperm from his cock.

Finally, he slid out of her, and smiled at Captain Davies. “Thanks, man, I’ll get back in the seat and you and Johnson can focus on the task at hand.” He brought his hand down on Kimi’s quivering ass cheek. “And thank you, Kimi, your pussy is fabulous.” He got up and slid naked into his co-pilot's seat, his cock still dripping semen.

Captain Davies lifted Kimi’s head from his cock. “How about you get on top of Johnson and give his cock a nice ride?”

Kimi nodded, lost in the fog of her arousal. She sat up and crawled over to Johnson, who was now lying on his back, and straddled his rampant cock. Slowly, she guided it to the drooling entrance to her sperem-drenched vagina, and sank down on it, burying it deep inside her. Jessica crawled behind her and pressed her face between the cheeks of her ass, parting them with her hands. She began lapping at her exposed asshole as Kimi's hips rose and fell slowly, fucking herself on Johnson's stiff tool. Kimi groaned as the flight-attendant's tongue pressed against her sphincter, forcing her saliva inside.

When Kimi's anus had become sufficiently bathed with her spit, Jessica raised her head. Captain Davies had removed the rest of his clothes and now kneeled behind her, guiding his throbbing cock to her asshole. Jessica held Kimi's cheeks apart as Davies pressed forward. She watched eagerly as he slowly penetrated Kimi's resisting ass. "Mmmm, yeah...that's it, fuck her ass."

Kimi winced in pain, catching her breath as Davies' big cockhead popped inside her tight ass. She had become more accustomed by now to anal sex, but being fucked in both her pussy and ass still made her feel like she would burst open at first. She groaned as he slowly sank into her ass, his cock barely separated from the one in her vagina. Slowly, as she began to relax and adjust to the lewd double penetration, they began to move in and out of her. She leaned forward and kissed Johnson, their tongues twining wetly, as the two men fucked her.

Jessica, meanwhile, had walked to the co-pilot's seat and had straddled Captain Scott, facing him as she sank down on his monster cock. She moaned happily as she began to move up and down, impaling herself on it's massive thickness.

"Fuck, her ass is tight!" gasped Davies as he worked his cock in and out of Kimi's rectum. Then he held still as Johnson thrust his dick in and out of her vagina. They took turns like that for awhile, then both men began do drive their cocks into her at once. Kimi writhed between them, another orgasm swelling within her as the two cocks sawed in and out. She was beginning to love being sandwiched this way, feeling deliciously, helplessly violated, a vessel for their spurting cum.

“Yesssss….FUCK me!” moaned Kimi as the two pilots ravaged her pussy and ass.

She turned her head and saw Jessica bouncing joyfully on the co-pilot's stiff cock, her face flushed as she neared her climax. Her blonde hair tossed from side to side as she used his cock like a dildo, fucking herself with it as her body began to convulse. Captain Scott captured one of her nipples in his mouth and sucked hard as her pussy spasmed and gripped his cock, and she screamed as he drove his hips upward, burying his cock all the way inside her and emptied a huge load of cum into her in hot, thick spurts. Her body shook violently, her pussy clenched around his pulsing cock as they came together.

Kimi's tortured body could take no more. The orgasmic cries of Jessica and the co-pilot, coupled with the twin cocks skewering into her body, drove her past the point of no return and she cried out, her body wracked with pleasure. The two men drove deep inside her and began filling her with hot, thick spurts of semen, her body milking them dry as she sobbed: "Oh god yes, give it to me, both of you, every fucking drop! Uhhhhh!"

The two men emptied themselves in her, their cocks spasming inside her and feeling the answering constrictions of her muscles around them. Finally they were spent, and the three of them collapsed together, gasping for breath. The two men slid out of her well-fucked holes, drooling semen, and Kimi rolled over on her back.

Jessica, though, had one more surprise for Kimi. She climbed off of Captain Scott's flagging cock, and crawled quickly over to her and straddled her face. Kimi slide her tongue into the blonde girl's pussy as Scott's copious cum flowed out, hot and thick. Kimi tasted it as she lapped at Jessica, who writhed against Kimi's face, cumming yet again as she bathed it with her essence and the black man's syrupy sperm.

Finally, it was over. Jessica slid off of Kimi and sat down, smiling weakly. Kimi lifted her head and looked around the small cockpit, her face pearly with sperm. “Tell me," she said casually, "does this happen on every flight and we just don't know about it?”

Jessica laughed. "No, Kimi, we don’t always get lucky enough to find someone like you. But by all means, let us know the next time you plan to fly anywhere.”

They all laughed and began putting their clothes back on, as the sun began to rise over the Brittany coastline. Kimi looked forward to a sun-drenched day lying beside Uncle Claude’s pool, sleeping it off.


2007-11-24 13:56:38
Dear Kimiko, I run a Fic Archive Site and a reader there told me that a Fic posted by one of the authors has plagairized this/your fic. and I have to agree that the two stories are Identical. Could you email me back and let me know if you've post this Particular Story to my archive, 'The Spuffy Realm'. If you haven't then I'll know that the author stole it from you and they will be dealt with properly. Thank you


2007-03-27 15:20:15
kimi, r u " suck up " from 05-06-05 ". if so u must have had run ins with " maniac " before. i cant stand the fact that ure not wtiting any more because of dweebs like him. arent most of ure comments positive? i loved this story and look forward to more of the same cumming from u. PLEASE keep writing. ure were born to be a cumslut, and please take that as a compliment!!!!. we porn freaks { and if yre reading this u ARE a porn freak, so dont say ure not } love a cumslut. u could by my cumslut, and i wouldnt even get jealous when u decide to be the star attraction at a gang bang with 100 guys lined up. im sure everyone would cum out SATISFIED AND TOTALLY DRAINED.


2006-09-08 11:16:14
I have a problem. I am now adicted to Kimi. If you ever get near Sicily I would like to have the honour of meeting you. I never met a woman (or a man for that matter) with such an erotic mind!


2006-08-30 00:59:25
Great as always. I can't believe the rating of this story. Were they reading the same story? Keep up the super writing. More on MILF also. You need to get the mom a turn.


2005-10-12 22:55:56
I really like this........... its nice and I'm wet throughly just by reading your story........

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