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We play a little... differently
The start of my relationship with my lovely girlfriend.

My friends and I go clubbing all the time. Thursday nights at a club near our college are "college" nights. Basically, in addition to the regular crowd, people age 18-21 are also allowed in, and their hands are marked so the bartenders know not to give you alcohol. Usually it's myself, my best friend Shawn, and two other guys named Darius and Terrell. My good friend Stacy and her friend Larissa. often come with us. We got to the club at around 12 and right away I noticed that barely anyone was there. But I did see two very pretty girls sitting in the VIP area so Shawn and I went to go say hello and try our luck. While my other friends danced, we were having a great time with them, and we asked if they wanted to come back with us since there wasn't much going on at the club. Their names were Rose and Sarah. They agreed, so all eight of us left and drove back to Shawn and I's place. We split the rent on a huge apartment.

By the title I'm sure you have guessed that we ended up playing strip poker. I should tell you how we sometimes play before I go on. The rules are simple. If you lose the hand, the winner decides if you take off an item of clothing, or if you do something sexual to/with someone else. However, the winner cannot be the receiver of the sexual act. When you had to do something, you kept on going for the duration of another hand. What happened in the game stayed in the game, nobody was allowed to tell anyone else what happened. (This of course doesn't count because none of you will ever know exactly who we are... :p) In previous games, we became bored pretty quickly and nobody really got down past their underwear. Tonight was different.

We're all over 19 and relatively responsible. My friends and I had a pretty simple rule. If we planned on having more than one drink, we put all our car keys away. I've been pretty drunk, but never once have I been within 10 feet of a car with more than one or two shots in me. When we got to Shawn's we put our keys away and popped open a few beers. We played some Call of Duty on Xbox while the girls talked and bet on who would win. We did that almost every night after getting back form the club. It was almost like a ritual. After we were done with that Shawn and I were surprised to find out Rose and Sarah wanted to stick around. Sarah suggested we play strip poker. We explained how we normally played and they seemed intrigued by it so we all sat down on the floor and started a game.

All of us guys are white except for Terrell, he's black and probably the funniest guy I know. Stacy is a brunette with bright green eyes. I wouldn't say her chest is huge but it definitely doesn't disappoint, and she certainly has a nice butt. Larissa is simply Aphrodite in human form. She's half Brazilian and half white. She has very dark brown, almost black hair and beautiful brown eyes. She has big boobs and a very nice butt. Rose and Sarah were both your "typical blonde" with blue eyes and big boobs.

I won the first hand with a pair of kings. Of course, Larissa's shirt was gone. I won again after that with three sevens. Naturally, Larissa's pants came off next. She looked very pretty tonight with her leather pants and sparkly top, but she looked better now. Larissa won the next two hands and I had to take off my shirt and jeans. Since there were four guys and four girls, it worked out perfectly. Each of us "picked" a girl and she stripped every time we won. It was actually pretty funny. The girls were laughing. I had been all over Larissa from the first hand. Shawn was checking out Sarah, Rose seemed interested in Terrell and Darius had always liked Stacy.

After a while everyone was down to just their underwear. I won the next hand and then Larissa became topless. By some miracle only guys won the next six hands and the girls all became naked except Larissa.

Stacy won the next hand and she looked over at me. She winked at me and said "Miles, make out with Larissa." I was very happy. I had always had a thing for Larissa, she was just so beautiful. I moved across the circle to her and started to kiss her. She got into it and pretty soon we were feeling each other up. The next hand finished and we stopped. I smiled at her and went back to my spot. Rose had won and Darius became naked. Rose won again, and it was Shawn's turn to lose the boxers. After three more hands we were all butt naked. I was getting horny looking at Larissa. We all had boners and the girls started laughing hysterically when they noticed. We never did understand what was so funny...

Shawn won the next hand. He told Stacy to sit on Darius' lap. Darius grinned. We continued playing for a half hour or so, "daring," I guess you could call it, each other to do random things like kissing upside down. Stacy won again and told Larissa to sit on my lap. She sat down facing me and put her arms around my neck, and my dick was ever so slightly touching her vagina. We started to kiss and I was enjoying it. The next hand ended and she went back to her seat. Terrel had won, and he instructed Darius to massage Stacy's breasts. I was getting really thirsty so I sat out the next hand and went to get a drink. I closed the fridge and was a little startled to see Larissa leaning over the counter smiling at me. I put my Mountain Dew down and went over to her.

She whispered "what do you say we take a little break from poker and have some real fun." At that moment she stepped forward and started kissing me. We started making out and pushing each other toward my room where she closed the door and threw me on the bed. She came over to me again and we started kissing passionately. My hands caressed her breasts and wandered down to rub her thighs as she pressed on and rubbed my chest. I turned her onto her back. My lips traveled down her neck to her nipples. She moaned softly as I sucked on her breast. My right hand slid down to her pussy and I fingered her while still gently playing with her nipples with my tongue. She was getting wet. Larissa moaned a little louder and rolled me over onto my back. Her lips locked with mine again and my hands massaged her butt. Her lips glided down my body and she took my dick into her mouth. She sucked on it hungrily as my body tensed and a wave of pleasure came over me. She slowly came to a stop and turned around on the bed. I pushed my tongue into her sweet pussy as she dangled her lovely tits over my penis. She gasped in satisfaction as my tongue swirled around her pussy. I pushed her off playfully and she went back down on my penis ravenously. Another wave of pleasure came over me as I pulled open the drawer of my nightstand and felt around for a condom. She stopped, and snuggled up to me.

Her body was so warm, and she stroked my cock as I fumbled with the wrapper of the condom. She giggled, "let me." She gracefully opened it and slid it over my pulsing penis. I kissed her deeply, and pressed my penis up against her soaking wet pussy. She reached down and grabbed my cock, she slapped her pussy with it and put the tip in ever so slightly. We smiled at each other. She was ever so beautiful. Her legs wrapped around my waist and she pulled me to her, pushing my penis into her warm, wet pussy. I started pulling in and out of her slowly, as she began to moan softly. I couldn't hold myself back. I began to fuck her harder. I kept pushing my cock deep into her pussy. "Mmmmm yes Miles! Yes!" she moaned, "You feel so good inside of me, don't stop, please don't ever stop!" I pounded her pussy and I felt it clenching as she orgasmed. I slowed and kissed her neck again. She was infinitely turned on as I lightly sucked her nipples.

She pushed me off playfully and crawled onto me, She looked at me, her eyes shimmered in the dim light, and I wondered what was going on a few rooms over. They were probably all wasted having drunk awkward sex. She stared at me lovingly, and she dropped her ass down onto my super hard cock. My heart pounded as she rode me. She wailed in pleasure as I gripped her ass firmly and she pushed on my chest. Her tits bounced all around and I was mesmerized by them. "Mmmmm Larissa yes! YES!" I moaned uncontrollably. I felt my cum fly out of my penis and bulge in the condom as her pussy clenched again in her second orgasm. She kept going and my cock was still hard and feeling amazing. She came to a stop slowly, we both sighed in content. She took off the condom and sucked my penis clean. She opened a second one and slid it onto my once again pulsing cock.

"Now fuck me like you mean it" she said dirtily. I kissed her again, moving down to her sweet pussy again. She moaned and playfully pushed my head away. She smiled up at me. "I want that big cock in my wet pussy and I want it now." She was so horny. She pushed a pillow under her butt. I got up on my knees and she wrapped her legs around me again. She pulled my hips into her as my penis slid into her snug pussy. I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and began to fuck her harder and harder. My balls slapped her ass with every slamming of my cock deep into her. She was screaming uncontrollably, "Yes Miles yes! Harder! Push your cock deep into me! Fuck me Miles, fuck me right!" I kept pounding her perfect pussy as the bed creaked. I felt her orgasm for a third time. Her legs fell away from my shoulders and I fell on her as the condom filled with my warm cum. She pushed me away and ripped off my condom again to lick up every bit of my cum. I kissed her passionately. We curled up together and fell asleep.

The next morning I woke up to her stroking my dick. "Wanna go round two?" She still needed to be satisfied. I could go for one more time. I reached for a condom, but she pushed my arm away. "Sweety please, I'm clean and on birth control. Let me show you real pleasure." She got on top of me again. Her lips locked with mine as I fingered her gently. Her ass lowered onto my hard cock. It was a whole new feeling without the condom. She bounced her booty up and down at the speed of light. Her perfect breasts jiggled with the short and quick movements of her ass. It was an all new sensation and we moaned in pleasure and unison. After just 10 minutes I already had to cum. I let it gush out and fill her pussy. She stopped collapsed on me.

We cuddled for hours after that. Shawn knocked on the door. I told him to come in. He was hungover and attempted to ask what had happened last night. I told him I had the best night of my life. "Greatttt," he said. "Everyone isshh passttt out on the couch. You just stay hereee and I'll go sshober them up." He fell and passed out on the floor after after taking two or three steps towards the door. Larissa turned toward me, her beautiful brown eyes glowing. I kissed her and she turned back, pulling my body around hers. I spent the rest of the day snuggled up with Larissa. She is so perfect, and we have been together ever since.

Hope you enjoyed. I remember it all exactly. I just had to express it to someone.

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